1. Why the Full List?

Because I get that some of us like to search for stuff by the show itself rather than the type of review, here’s a full list of all the shows that I’ve written about on this site. I’ve included helpful little labels next to each show, to indicate the type of post it is.

The handy-dandy breakdown:

[Full Review] = Lengths will vary, but each contains a Short, Long & Final Verdict

[Flash Review] = Quick, short, spoiler-lite reviews.

[Dropped] = Dropped Drama

2. The Rating System

Understand more about my rating system here!

Edited to add:

3. Shows that aren’t on this list

If you’re looking for a show and it’s not on this list (like Goblin, Mr. Sunshine or Six Flying Dragons, for example), it might be in this post, or this sequel post, where I talk about dramas that I haven’t written dedicated posts for.

I hope you guys find this list useful!

~ kfangurl


1% of Anything [Something About 1%] [Flash Review] B+

18 Again [Full Review] A

1st Shop Of Coffee Prince, The [Coffee Prince] [Full Review] A

20’s [Twenty Years Old] [Flash Review] B+

20th Century Boy And Girl [Flash Review] B

71: Into the Fire [Movie] [Flash Review] A


A Couple’s World [World Of The Married] [Full Review] A-

A Gentleman’s Dignity [Full Review] B-

A Jaunt [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

A Love So Beautiful [China] [Flash Review] A-

A Moment At Eighteen [At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-

A Piece Of Your Mind [Full Review] B+

A Poem A Day [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

A Sharply Graceful Girl [Japan] [Flash Review] B

A Werewolf Boy [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

Across The Ocean To See You [China] [Flash Review] C-

Advisors Alliance, The [China] [Dropped] D

Age Of Youth [Hello, My Twenties!] [Flash Review] B++

Age Of Youth 2 [Hello, My Twenties! 2] [Full Review] B++

All About Eve [Full Review] A-

An Empress’s Dignity [The Last Empress] [Flash Review] B

An Incurable Case Of Love [Love Lasts Forever] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Angel’s Last Mission: Love [Dropped] D

Angry Mom [Full Review] A

Another Oh Hae Young [Oh Hae Young Again] [Full Review] A-

Answer Me, 1988 [Reply 1988] [Full Review] A

Answer Me, 1994 [Reply 1994] [Full Review] A-

Answer Me, 1997 [Reply 1997] [Full Review] A-

Arang and the Magistrate [Full Review] A

Are You Human Too? [Full Review] B+

Ashes Of Love [China] [Dropped] D

At Eighteen [A Moment At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-


Bad Guys [Full Review] B+

Bad Guys 2 – City Of Evil [Dropped] D

Ballot, The [IntoThe Ring] [Full Review] B+

Be Melodramatic [Melo Suits Me] [Full Review] A-

Beating Again [Falling For Innocence] [Full Review] B+

Beautiful Days [Full Review] A-

Beautiful Gong Shim [Dropped] D

Beauty Inside, The [Drama] [Full Review] B+

Beauty Inside, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Because It’s The First Time [Flash Review] B+

Because This Is My First Life [This Life Is Our First] [Flash Review] A-

Beloved Eun Dong [My Love Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

Best Hit, The [Flash Review] B-

Big [Full Review] B-

Boss & Me [Shan Shan Comes To Eat] [China] [Flash Review] B

Boyfriend [Encounter] [Dropped] D

Bridal Mask [Gaksital] [Full Review] A+

Bride of the Century [Full Review] A-

Bring It On, Ghost [Let’s Fight, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Bromance [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B


Cantabile Tomorrow [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Nae Il’s Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Cheer Up [Sassy Go Go] [Full Review] B

Cheese In The Trap [Flash Review] B-

Chicago Typewriter [Flash Review] B++

Chuno [Slave Hunter] [Full Review] A++

Chuno Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12| E13&14 |
E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

Circle [Flash Review] B++

Coffee Prince [The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince] [Full Review] A

Couple’s World, A [World Of The Married] [Full Review] A-

Crash Landing On You [Full Review] B++

Crowned Clown, The [Full Review] A

Cruel City [Heartless City] [Flash Review] B+

Cunning Single Lady [Sly and Single Again] [Full Review] B+


Dating Agency Cyrano [Full Review] B-

Dazzling [The Light In Your Eyes] [Radiant] [Flash Review] A

Descendants of the Sun [Full Review] B

Designated Survivor: 60 Days [Flash Review] B+

Do You Like Brahms? [Full Review] B++

Doctors [Flash Review] C+

Dream High [Full Review] A

Dream High 2 [Full Review] D+

Dude In Me, The [Inside Me] [Movie] [Flash Review] C++


Eighteen Again [Full Review] A

Encounter [Boyfriend] [Dropped] D

Equator Man, The [Full Review] C

Eternal Love, The [China] [Flash Review] C

Eternal Love: Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms [Flash Review] A-

Ex-Girlfriend Club [Dropped] D

Extraordinary You [Dropped] D

EXO Next Door [Flash Review] B-


Fall In Love At First Kiss 2019 [TW Movie] [Flash Review] C++

Fall In Love With Me [TW Drama] [Flash Review] C+

Falling For Innocence [Beating Again] [Full Review] B+

Familiar Wife [Flash Review] B++

Fated To Love You [Full Review] A-

Fates and Furies [Flash Review] B-

Father Is Strange [Flash Review] A

Feelings [Neukkim] [Full Review] B

Fermentation Family [Kimchi Family] [Full Review] B+

Fight My Way [Full Review] B++

Final Match, The [Last Match] [Flash Review] B-

Find Me In Your Memory [Memoir Of The Man] [Full Review] B+

Find Yourself [China] [Full Review] B+

First Half Of My Life, The [China] [Flash Review] A

Five Children [Five Enough] [Flash Review] B+

Flower Boy Next Door [Full Review] B-

Flower Of Evil [Full Review] B

Fox Bride Star [Where Stars Land] [Full Review] B


Gaksital [Bridal Mask] [Full Review] A+

Gentleman’s Dignity, A [Full Review] B-

Girl Who Sees Smells, The [Sensory Couple] [Flash Review] C+

Girls’ Generation 1979 [Lingerie Girls’ Generation] [Flash Review] A-

Go Back Spouses [Go Back Couple] [Flash Review] B++

Go Go Squid! [China] [Flash Review] B

Go Ho’s Starry Night [Gogh, The Starry Night] [Flash Review] B+

Goong [Princess Hours] [Full Review] B+

Goong S [Prince Hours] [Flash Review] C+

Graceful Family [Dropped] D

Greasy Melo [Wok Of Love] [Dropped] D | Guest Review: An Alternative Lens

Gunman In Joseon [Joseon Gunman] [Flash Review] B


Haeundae Lovers [Full Review] C+

Healer [Full Review] A+

Heartless City [Cruel City] [Flash Review] B+

Heart To Heart [Full Review] B+

Heirs [The Heirs] [Full Review] C+

Hello, My Twenties! [Age Of Youth] [Flash Review] B++

Hello, My Twenties! 2 [Age Of Youth 2] [Full Review] B++

Her Lovely Heels [Full Review] C-

Her Private Life [Full Review] B++

Hi Bye, Mama! [Full Review] B+

Hidden Identity [Dropped] D

High-end Crush [Dropped] D

High School King [Full Review] C

High School Love On [Dropped] D

High Society [Flash Review] C

History of the Salaryman [Full Review] B+

Ho Goo’s Love [Dropped] D

Home Sweet Home [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Hospital Playlist [Full Review] A-

Hot Young Bloods [Movie] [Full Review] A-

Hotel Del Luna [Full Review] B-

How Long Will I Love U [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Hundred Million Stars From The Sky [The Smile Has Left Your Eyes] [Flash Review] B

Hwarang [Dropped] D

Hyde, Jekyll, Me [Dropped] D

Hyena [Full Review] B


I Can Speak [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

I Do, I Do [Full Review] B-

I Hear Your Voice [I Can Hear Your Voice] [Full Review] A+

I Miss You [Missing You] [Dropped] D

I Need Romance 2012 [Full Review] C-

I Need Romance 3 [Full Review] B-

I Order You [Dropped] D

I’ll Find You When The Weather Is Nice [When The Weather Is Fine] [Full Review] B

I’m Not A Robot [Flash Review] B+

If We Were A Season [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Imaginary Cat [Flash Review] B

In Time With You [Taiwan] [Flash Review] A-

Incomplete Life [Misaeng] [Full Review] A

Innocent Man, The [Nice Guy] [Flash Review] B

IntoThe Ring [Memorials] [Full Review] B+

It’s Okay It’s Love [It’s Okay, That’s Love] [Full Review] B+

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay [Psycho But It’s Okay] [Full Review] A

Itaewon Class [Full Review] B+


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love [Flash Review] B++

Jaunt, A [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Joseon Gunman [Gunman In Joseon] [Flash Review] B

Just Between Lovers [Rain Or Shine] [Flash Review] B+

Just You [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B


K2, The [Dropped] D

Keys To The Heart [Korean Movie] [Flash Review] A

Kimchi Family [Fermentation Family] [Full Review] B+

King 2 Hearts, The [Full Review] A

King Loves, The [Full Review] B

King of Dramas [The Lord of the Drama] [Full Review] A-

King: Eternal Monarch, The [Full Review] B

King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang [Full Review] B


Last Empress, The [An Empress’s Dignity] [Flash Review] B

Lawless Lawyer [Lawless Attorney] [Flash Review] B+

Let’s Eat [Full Review] B

Let’s Eat 2 [Full Review] B+

Let’s Eat 3 [Flash Review] C+

Let’s Fight, Ghost [Bring It On, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Liar Game [Flash Review] C+

Life Is Beautiful [Full Review] A+

Life On Mars [Flash Review] A-

Light In Your Eyes, The [Dazzling] [Radiant] [Flash Review] A

Lingerie Girls’ Generation [Girls’ Generation 1979] [Flash Review] A-

Little Forest [Korean Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Longest Day in Chang’an, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

Lord of the Drama, The [King of Dramas] [Full Review] A-

Love And Destiny [China] [Dropped] D

Love Cells [Flash Review] B-

Love For A Thousand More [Flash Review] B

Love In The Moonlight [Moonlight Drawn By Clouds] [Full Review] A

Love Is Sweet [China] [Flash Review] B-

Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love, The [Moonshine And Valentine] [China] [Flash Review] C+

Love Lasts Forever [An Incurable Case Of Love] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Love Me If You Dare [China] [Dropped] D

Love O2O [China] [Flash Review] B+

Love Rain [Full Review] C

Love So Beautiful, A [China] [Flash Review] A-

Lucky Romance [Flash Review] C+


Magician, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B-

Marriage Contract [Full Review] B+

Marriage Not Dating [Full Review] A

Marry Me! [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Mask [Flash Review] C++

Master’s Sun B- | That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic] [Full Review] A+

Meet Me @ 1006 [Taiwan] [Dropped] D

Melo Suits Me [Be Melodramatic] [Full Review] A-

Memoir Of The Man [Find Me In Your Memory] [Full Review] B+

Memorials [IntoThe Ring] [Full Review] B+

Memories Of The Alhambra [Flash Review] B+

Mirror Of The Witch [Flash Review] B-

Misaeng [Incomplete Life] [Full Review] A

Miss Granny [Movie] [Flash Review] A+

Miss Korea [Full Review] B+

Missing You [I Miss You] [Dropped] D

Mix [Mixed Doubles] [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] B

Moment At Eighteen, A [At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-

Money Flower [Full Review] A-

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [Full Review] C+

Moon that Embraces the Sun, The [Full Review] A-

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds [Love In The Moonlight] [Full Review] A

Moonshine And Valentine [The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love] [China] [Flash Review] C+

Moorim School [Dropped] D

Mother Of Mine [My Prettiest Daughter In The World] [Dropped] D

Mute [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

My Absolute Boyfriend [Korea] [Dropped] D

My Ahjussi [My Mister] [Full Review] A+

My Beautiful Bride [Flash Review] B

My Brilliant Life [Movie] [Flash Review] A+

My Country [Full Review] B++

My Daughter Seo Young [Flash Review] B+

My Friend Is Still Alive [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

My Holo Love [Flash Review] B-

My Husband Oh Jak Doo [My Husband, Mr. Oh] [Flash Review] C+

My ID is Gangnam Beauty [Flash Review] B

My Little Lover [Japan] [Flash Review] B

My Love Eun Dong [Beloved Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

My Love From Another Star [You From Another Star] [Full Review] A+

My Mister [My Ahjussi] [Full Review] A+

My Mr. Mermaid [China] [Dropped] D

My Prettiest Daughter In The World [Mother Of Mine] [Dropped] D

My Secret Hotel [Dropped] D

My Secret Terius [Terius Behind Me] [Flash Review] B

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] A

Mystic Pop-up Bar [Full Review] B+


Nae Il’s Cantabile [Cantabile Tomorrow] [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Nemureru Mori no Jukujo [Sleeping Jukujo] [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Neukkim [Feelings] [Full Review] B

Nice Guy [The Innocent Man] [Flash Review] B

Nine [Nine: Nine Time Travels]  |  Trading Thoughts: Nine [Full Review] A-

Nirvana In Fire [Chinese Drama] [Flash Review] A++

Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows In Chang Lin [China] [Flash Review] A

Noble, My Love [Flash Review] B


Oh Hae Young Again [Another Oh Hae Young] [Full Review] A-

Oh My Baby [Full Review] B

Oh My Ghostess [Oh My Ghost] [Flash Review] B+

Oh My Venus [Full Review] C++

Ojakgyo Brothers [Full Review] A+

One More Happy Ending [Flash Review] B-

One Spring Night [Full Review] B++

One Warm Word [Full Review] A

Operation Proposal [Full Review] B+

Orange Marmalade [Flash Review] B-

Our Times [TW Movie] [Flash Review] A-


Padam Padam [Full Review] A

Page Turner [Flash Review] A

Panda and Hedgehog [Full Review] C-

Piece Of Your Mind, A [Full Review] B+

Plus Nine Boys [Flash Review] B+

Poem A Day, A [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food [Something In The Rain] [Full Review] C

Prime Minister and I [Full Review] B-

Prince Hours [Goong S] [Flash Review] C+

Princess Hours [Goong] [Full Review] B+

Princess’ Man, The [Full Review] A

Prison Playbook [Wise Prison Life] [Full Review] A-

Producer [Flash Review] B+

Psycho But It’s Okay [It’s Okay To Not Be Okay] [Full Review] A

Put Your Head On My Shoulder [China] [Full Review] B++


Queen In-hyun’s Man [Full Review] A+

Queen Of The Ring [Three Colors Of Fantasies: Gold] [Flash Review] B


Radiant [Dazzling] [The Light In Your Eyes] [Flash Review] A

Radio Romance [Dropped] D

Rain Or Shine [Just Between Lovers] [Flash Review] B+

Reach Of Sincerity [Touch Your Heart] [Full Review] B+

Reason I’m Getting Married, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Record Of Youth [Full Review] B

Reply 1988 [Answer Me, 1988] [Full Review] A

Reply 1994 [Answer Me, 1994] [Full Review] A-

Reply 1997 [Answer Me, 1997] [Full Review] A-

Rich Man, Poor Woman [Japan] [Flash Review] C+

Rise Of Phoenixes, The [China] [Flash Review] B

Romance Full Of Life [Three Colors Of Fantasies: Green] [Flash Review] B-

Romance Is A Bonus Book [Full Review] A

Romance Of Tiger And Rose, The [China] [Flash Review] B

Rooftop Prince [Full Review] B+

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung [Flash Review] B


Sado [The Throne] [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

Sassy Go Go [Cheer Up] [Full Review] B

Secret Affair [Secret Love Affair] [Full Review] A++

Scholar Who Walks The Night [Flash Review] C+

School 2013 [Full Review] A+

School 2017 [Dropped] D

School Nurse Files, The [Flash Review] B | Guest Post: An Alternative Lens

Search: WWW [Full Review] A

Secret Life Of My Secretary, The [Full Review] B

Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel? [Flash Review] B

Secret Love Affair [Secret Affair] [Full Review] A++

Secret Message, The [Dropped] D

Sensory Couple [The Girl Who Sees Smells] [Flash Review] C+

Seven First Kisses [Flash Review] B

Shan Shan Comes To Eat [Boss & Me] [China] [Flash Review] B

Sharply Graceful Girl, A [Japan] [Flash Review] B

She is WOW [Flash Review] C+

She Was Pretty [Full Review] A

Shut Up Flower Boy Band [Full Review] A+

SKY Castle [Full Review] A

Slave Hunter [Chuno] [Full Review] A++

Slave Hunter Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12| E13&14 |
E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

Sleeping Jukujo [Nemureru Mori no Jukujo] [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Sly and Single Again [Cunning Single Lady] [Full Review] B+

Smart Doctor Living [Hospital Playlist] [Full Review] A-

Smart Prison Living [Prison Playbook] [Full Review] A-

Smile Has Left Your Eyes, The [Hundred Million Stars From The Sky] [Flash Review] B

Someday Or One Day [Taiwan] [Full Review] A+

Something About 1% [1% of Anything] [Flash Review] B+

Something In The Rain [Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food] [Full Review] C

Splash Splash Love [Flash Review] A

Star Of The Universe [Three Colors Of Fantasies: White] [Flash Review] B++

Still 17 [Thirty But Seventeen] [Full Review] A-

Story Of Minglan, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

Stove League [Flash Review] B++

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [Full Review] B

Suddenly Seventeen [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Suddenly This Summer [China] [Full Review] B++

Suits [Flash Review] B

Sungkyunkwan Scandal [Full Review] A

Surplus Princess [Flash Review] C++

Suspect, The [Movie] [Guest Review] B

Suspicious Partner [Full Review] B+


Tale Of Nokdu, The [Full Review] B

Taste of Curry, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Technicians, The [Movie] [Full Review] B

Temperature Of Love [Dropped] D

Terius Behind Me [My Secret Terius] [Flash Review] B

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms [China] [Flash Review] A-

That Winter, The Wind Blows [Full Review] C+

The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince [Coffee Prince] [Full Review] A

The Advisors Alliance [China] [Dropped] D

The Ballot [IntoThe Ring] [Full Review] B+

The Beauty Inside [Drama] [Full Review] B+

The Beauty Inside [Movie] [Flash Review] B

The Best Hit [Flash Review] B-

The Crowned Clown [Full Review] A

The Dude In Me [Inside Me] [Movie] [Flash Review] C++

The Equator Man [Full Review] C

The Eternal Love [China] [Flash Review] C

The Final Match [Last Match] [Flash Review] B-

The First Half Of My Life [China] [Flash Review] A

The Flower Of Evil [Full Review] B

The Girl Who Sees Smells [Sensory Couple] [Flash Review] C+

The Heirs [Heirs] [Full Review] C+

The Innocent Man [Nice Guy] [Flash Review] B

The K2 [Dropped] D

The King 2 Hearts [Full Review] A

The King Loves [Full Review] B

The King: Eternal Monarch [Full Review] B

The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang [Full Review] B

The Last Empress [An Empress’s Dignity] [Flash Review] B

The Light In Your Eyes [Dazzling] [Radiant] [Flash Review] A

The Longest Day in Chang’an [China] [Flash Review] B+

The Lord of the Drama [King of Dramas] [Full Review] A-

The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love [Moonshine And Valentine] [China] [Flash Review] C+

The Magician [Movie] [Flash Review] B-

The Master’s Sun B- | That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic] [Full Review] A+

The Moon that Embraces the Sun [Full Review] A-

The Princess’ Man [Full Review] A

The Reason I’m Getting Married [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

The Rise Of Phoenixes [China] [Flash Review] B

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose [China] [Flash Review] B

The School Nurse Files [Flash Review] B | Guest Post: An Alternative Lens

The Secret Life Of My Secretary [Full Review] B

The Secret Message [Dropped] D

The Slave Hunters [Chuno] [Full Review] A++

The Slave Hunters Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12| E13&14 |
E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes [Hundred Million Stars From The Sky] [Flash Review] B

The Story Of Minglan [China] [Flash Review] B+

The Suspect [Movie] [Full Review] B

The Tale Of Nokdu [Full Review] B

The Taste of Curry [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

The Technicians [Movie] [Full Review] B

The Third Charm [Full Review] B++

The Three Musketeers [Full Review] B

The Throne [Sado] [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

The World Of The Married [A Couple’s World] [Full Review] A-

Third Charm, The [Full Review] B++

Thirty But Seventeen [Still 17] [Full Review] A-

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake In My Life [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

This Life Is Our First [Because This Is My First Life] [Flash Review] A-

Three Musketeers, The [Full Review] B

Throne, The [Sado] [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

Thumping Spike 2 [Dropped] D

Timing [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B

To The Beautiful You [Full Review] B

To. Jenny [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Tomorrow Cantabile [Nae Il’s Cantabile] [Cantabile Tomorrow] [Flash Review] B-

Touch Your Heart [Reach Of Sincerity] [Full Review] B+

Traces Of Love [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Trip [A Jaunt] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Twenty Again [Full Review] A

Twenty Years Old [20’s] [Flash Review] B+

Two Lights: Relúmĭno [Flash Review] B+

Two Weeks [Full Review] A-


Uncontrollably Fond [Dropped] D

Under The Hawthorn Tree [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] A


Vampire Prosecutor [Full Review] A

Vampire Prosecutor 2 [Full Review] B+

VIP [Flash Review] B++


W-Two Worlds [Flash Review] B

Warrior Baek Dong Soo [Full Review] B-

We Married As A Job [Japan] [Flash Review] A-

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo [Full Review] A+

Well Intended Love [China] [Flash Review] C+

Werewolf Boy, A [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

What’s Up? [Full Review] B

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? [Why Secretary Kim] [Flash Review] B

When My Love Blooms [Flash Review] C+

When The Camellia Blooms [Flash Review] B+

When The Devil Calls Your Name [Flash Review] B+

When The Weather Is Fine [I’ll Find You When The Weather Is Nice] [Full Review] B

When We Were Young 2018 [Flash Review] B+

Where Stars Land [Fox Bride Star] [Full Review] B

Where The Lost Ones Go [China] [Flash Review] C+

White Christmas [Full Review] B-

Who Are You – School 2015 [Full Review] B

Why Secretary Kim [What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?] [Flash Review] B

Wild Romance [Full Review] C+

Wise Doctor Life [Hospital Playlist] [Full Review] A-

Wise Prison Life [Prison Playbook] [Full Review] A-

Witch’s Romance [Full Review] A

Wok Of Love [Greasy Melo] [Dropped] D | Guest Review: An Alternative Lens

Wonderful Days [Flash Review] C++

Wonderful Nightmare [Movie] [Flash Review] B

World Of The Married [A Couple’s World] [Full Review] A-



Yong Pal [Flash Review] C

Youth Record [Record Of Youth] [Full Review] B

Your House Helper [Flash Review] C++

Your Name [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] A+

You From Another Star [My Love From Another Star] [Full Review] A+

You Who Forgot Poetry [A Poem A Day] [Flash Review] B



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    Hallo there!!! I follow your reviews very closely, cause I really love how you put everything into words. Like I think if only I was as good with words as you are, your reviews are exactly how I’d put my feelings toward certain shows. Super agree with your reviews on Misaeng, Weightlifting and Reply 1988. Pretty sure, your review on Prison Playbook is also on point (haven’t watched it yet).

    Knowing that you like those kinds of dramas (thoughtful, deep and moving) I recommend you watch tvN’s Live! The lead is Lee Kwang Soo (not sure if you’re a fan of Running Man, but anyway)~ Seriously, it’s a great show — not saying it’s perfect. Sung Dong Il is there too!!! And you know how great an actor he is. It may be dragging at times, but I assure you the heart of the show is really something worth watching. Hope you do add it on your Watch list. 😀

    Keep it up!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks antitled, for your sweet, encouraging words! <3 Also, hi5, that we feel so similarly about so many shows! 🙂 If that's the case, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy Prison Playbook too 😉 Thanks for the recommendation on Live – it wasn't on my list before, but now it is, thanks to you! I hope I end up enjoying it as much as you did! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Annie, I’m sorry to say that Memory Lost isn’t on my planned list of shows. Do you highly recommend it? I’ve seen it compared to When a Snail Falls in Love and Love Me If You Dare, and both of those shows didn’t quite work for me, unfortunately.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, thanks for asking! This is the updated list of posts on this blog, but not an updated list of dramas in the dramaverse. So since I haven’t seen everything, and I also haven’t posted about every single thing I’ve seen, this wouldn’t be a complete list in either sense of the word. But if you’re looking for a post on a show on this site, if it exists, it’ll be on this list! I hope that helps 🙂

      1. KOrea.fan

        Thank You So MUCH:)
        I just wanted to watch your A rated series and wondered if there are more new A rated shows that you haven’t add!

        1. kfangurl

          Hm.. that’s a great question. There are a few dramas that I’ve seen, that I loved, that I just never got around to writing reviews for. Two that come to mind are Kill Me Heal Me, and Pinocchio. I think I would give both those shows an A or A- grade, so if you’re keen to watch all my A rated shows, I suggest adding those two to your list! 🙂 I hope that helps!

  2. ChokoVanilla

    Heey 🙂
    First of all I want you to know that I love your reviews. I found this blog not a long time ago and I can’t stop reading your reviews.
    Anyone can see the effort and dedication you put in every entry <3 <3 <3
    Keep the good work 😀

    PD: I'll try to watch every of your A rated dramas <3

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there, ChokoVanilla!! Hi, and YAY that you found me! 😀 I’m so happy to know that you’re enjoying the reviews <3 Also, I'm stoked that you'll be checking out all my A rated dramas – I hope you'll love them as much as I did! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there siffar! Thanks for enjoying the reviews! 🙂 I’m sorry to say that I haven’t checked out Mad Dog. There are just too many dramas these days 😝

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there hrinik! Thanks for enjoying the reviews! 😘 I’ve started on Prison Playbook, and do plan to review it. It might take me awhile though, since I’m just done watching E4, and every episode is so long! 😅

  3. Carol Shibuya

    I have just finished “Prison Playbook” and I thoughly enjoyed the series. Each episode is 1 1/2 hours in length. The concept of this story interested me because my grandson is a relief pitcher in the minor leagues and has been a professional baseball player since graduating from college. On a personal level, I love baseball (the main character wore a variety of baseball caps and when I saw him wear the LA cap, I thought, that’s my team! All of the actors, majority males, were excellent. I like the fact that most of the main characters were depicted in their youth at sometime in the story.
    I’m not sure what the Korean prisons are like but the rules seemed more lenient than here in the USA. Basically the story is a bromance , as a female viewer I did like the smattering of the female roles which were woven in and out of the storyline. The majority of the actors had to cry in some point of their story and I’m wondering if there is a method to be able to start the tears flowing at just the right time? I will be interested fangirl in your review of this kdrama.

    1. kfangurl

      Glad you enjoyed the watch, Carol! 😀 I’m not an actor myself, but I think starting the tears at just the right time, is probably achieved via a mix of actual acting skills – and multiple takes, in the process of filming 😉 I’m happy to hear that show was great; I plan to start on it pretty soon myself, so I expect a review will be coming in the foreseeable future! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there hrinik! Thanks for enjoying the reviews! 😀 I have Prison Playbook pretty high on my list; it sounds like something I’d enjoy, plus it’s by the PD who did all the Answer Me dramas, which I love. Double plus! 😀 I haven’t gotten around to starting it yet, but I will, soon! 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Carol, have you watched Answer Me 1988 (also known as Reply 1988)? It’s directed by the same PD who directed Prison Playbook. I loved Answer Me 1988 a whole lot. <3 If you're in the mood for a bit of retro, and enjoy dramas that showcase not only the main romance, but also give the spotlight to friendships, family and community, I'd highly recommend it as one to add to your list 🙂

  4. Carol Shibuya

    By accident, I happened to come upon your site when looking for a review of a recent kdrama I watched on Netflix, “Nine”. This series impacted me so much that I had to find some resolution upon the ending which left me having questions. A beautiful film that I still ponder 🤔 on the meaning. The first kdrama I watched on Netflix was “This Is My Love” which I enjoyed but I don’t see a review of this drama on your list. In choosing another kdrama to watch, I will refer to your reviews which are so complete in every detail.
    Thank you….

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Carol, welcome to the blog! I’m glad you found me! 😀 I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the other reviews on the site, even though most of them aren’t as monstrously long as the Nine review! 😆

      As for “This Is My Love” – I happen to have reviewed it, woot! I realize that Netflix has a tendency to use titles which differ from the dramas’ international titles, which can be confusing. In this case, This Is My Love is more commonly known as My Love Eun Dong among international drama fans. You can find my review here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      1. Carol Shibuya

        Thank you so much for correcting the name of “This Is My Love” to “My Love Eun Dong” so I could read your review. Love your in depth reviews of the kdrama series. I especially like that within your reviews you add some of the background music that I thoroughly love to listen to, seems it is the same vocalists who do these dramas. Because I watch these kdramas via Netflix, I don’t have access to the other films you review. I did watch a Taiwanese drama at first thinking it was Korean, “Someone Like You” which seemed to have very similar scenarios to the Korean dramas, I think that was why I enjoyed it. These actors from South Korea have the best hairstylists, their hair styles suit them so well. One more question, what does OTP mean?
        Warm regards, Carol from California, USA

        1. kfangurl

          I’m glad you enjoyed the review of My Love Eun Dong, Carol! 😀 And, I’m really pleased to know that you enjoy the music in the reviews too. <3 To answer your question, OTP refers to One True Pairing. So the main couple of a drama's loveline is often referred to as the OTP. You might enjoy this glossary that I created some years ago, with lots of input from blogger friends and readers. 🙂

          1. Carol Shibuya

            Unfortunately “Answer Me” isn’t listed in Netflix but I will send them a request since it was released in 1988. I never would have guessed what OTP meant & I will now refer to your glossary. One other question, when I read the subtitles on the kdramas, I have difficulty keeping their names correct, do they refer to the person w/ last name first in the audio vs in the subtitles?
            Thank you for your reply.😍

            1. kfangurl

              Ah, I’m sorry to hear that Answer Me 1988 isn’t on Netflix. Just to clarify, the show wasn’t released in 1988 but in 2015/2016. Most of the story is set in 1988 though, which is why 1988 features in the title. Since you are in the US, you would be able to watch Answer Me 1988 on Dramafever and most likely on Viki as well. I hope that helps! 🙂

              As for your question about the subtitles, it’s hard for me to say, since I don’t watch the shows on Netflix and therefore am not familiar with Netflix subtitling convention. If the subtitles follow the dialogue, though, then it would be last name first, before given name – if the characters are being addressed by their full name. Otherwise, they would be often addressed by their given name, with the gender-neutral suffix “-sshi.” For example, “Eun Dong-sshi,” which would be the equivalent of saying “Ms. Eun Dong.” Additionally, characters may often be addressed by their job title. So a character who is a teacher might be addressed as “songsaengnim” instead of their names – and if the subtitles simply state their names instead of the title which they were addressed with in the scene (which does happen with some subtitling convention, like with DramaFever), that can be confusing for viewers. I hope that helps to clarify! 🙂

  5. antitled

    Hello! Have you watched Gu Family Book by any chance? Just curious what your thoughts are regarding that Show. 🙂 I love reading your reviews by the way! It’s refreshing to see someone with the same taste in dramas. Though I see you have more patience for other dramas than I do. Keep it up! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there antitled! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the reviews, and how cool, that we have similar tastes in dramas! 😀 To answer your question, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t watch Gu Family Book, as the premise didn’t really grab me. 😛

  6. Tyty

    Please please give While You Were Sleeping a chance. Ive always been reading your reviews and blogs in silence but rn my fingers just cant give it a hault. I am also constantly checking if you already did but it seems like you havent yet. I know you are not in joining the bandwagoon or not sure what is your reason but jebal? Cos I really want to hear from you and influence my thoughts about the drama as Id always love you to do with your blogs. I need to know if its worth the A and my judgements are logical as well.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Tyty! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the reviews. 🙂 In terms of While You Were Sleeping, I wasn’t planning to watch it because I wasn’t too interested in the premise, and I’d also heard mostly underwhelmed reactions from viewers, and that didn’t make me more interested in checking it out. But, your comment has intrigued me some, and I plan to at least check out the first couple of episodes, to see if the show grabs me. Let’s see how that goes! 🙂

      1. GiFTest1985

        Hi there .. Please forgive me to bluntly comment here.

        I just finished While You Were Sleeping. To be honest, I also lose interest from the premise. However, with my love power toward LJS and even greater boredom toward myself, I started watching the show and got hooked on it unexpectedly. Actually, I came here to check your review after finishing the show. If you haven’t watched the show yet, I would like to encourage you to start watching it. Pleaseeee =D Furthermore, as I saw you gave I Hear Your Voice an A+, you definitely don’t want to skip While you were sleeping with all your might. =P

        P.S. If you happen to enjoy the story along the way, I bet you would love the finale.

        1. kfangurl

          Hi there, thanks for the recommendation on WYWS. 🙂 I did give it a try, based on someone else’s recommendation, but unfortunately, I found that I wasn’t feeling it, in the first 2 episodes, and didn’t have the interest to continue watching. 😛 Maybe some other time I might give it another try, but my first attempt just didn’t work out, sorry to say.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there hrinik! Glad you’re enjoying the reviews! 🙂 To answer your question, I haven’t seen Tunnel, unfortunately, but I did start on Signal. I drifted off after about 3 eps coz I was busy and not quite in the right mood, but I do plan to go back to it 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi Sharon, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen Circle, and so won’t be reviewing it anytime soon. It’s on my vague list of “stuff to check out – someday” at the moment, so it might be quite a while before I am able to review it! 😛

  7. fernanda

    Have you seen Chicago Typewriter? Or Six Flying Dragons? Both aren’t very romantic but I really think both are worth the watch.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there fernanda, I haven’t seen Chicago Typewriter yet, but it’s on my list of dramas to check out. As for Six Flying Dragons, I watched about 30 or so episodes, but never really got into it, sadly. :/

  8. hrinik140

    I REALLY LOVE YOUR REVIEWS, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. By the way, have you seen Gap Dong or Strong Women Do Bong-soon? I really recommend those two dramas.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the reviews! 😀 I haven’t seen Gap Dong, but I have watched SWDBS.. I do plan to write it at least a quick review sometime soonish! 🙂

  9. Nureenn

    Hello! Thank you for the reviews sweetie. It really helps! I think we have a sort of same preference when it comes to drama.

    Like you, I really do take into account like all aspects and not just famous actors. Keep up all the hard work!
    Kudos girl!

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks Nureenn! Glad you’re enjoying the reviews! I haven’t posted in a while, but I hope to get back to posting reviews sooner rather than later! 🙂

  10. Gayo

    Hi! I love your reviews!! Lots of insight were put on each review and it just helped me so much on deciding which dramas to watch on top priority! I would love to hears your thoughts about Remember: War of Sons, if you’ve ever watched it. Thank you so much!

  11. bluelemon

    Have you watched Pinocchio? I would to hear your thoughts about thus kdrama. Looking forward for your future review about Pinocchio 🙂

  12. martin fennell

    Powerful opponents
    I thought the chemistry between Chae Rim and Lee Jong Hyuk was terrific, and they both excellent performances. I found some of the things that Kang Soo Ho
    did in pursuing Cha Yeong Jin, a little on the creepy side eg the bus episode.
    The little girl (and I can’t find out who the actress’ name was) was great too.

  13. jenny

    hey! I was wondering whether you could give me your recommendations with regard to the following dramas. 🙂 AND ALSO WANTED TO ASK YOU WHETHER THERE WERE ANY DRAMAS SIMILAR TO/ON PAR WITH HEALER BECAUSE THAT IS HONESTLY MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!!
    1. Kill me Heal me
    2. Reply 1988
    3. Reply 1997
    4. Phantom
    5. Coffee Prince

    THANKS <3
    love your reviews by the way!

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there Jenny, I loved R88 & Coffee Prince, and really really liked KMHM. I’d recommend all 3 of those without hesitation. I did like R97 very well, but it’s my least favorite of the Reply series, so I’d sooner recommend AM94. 😉 I didn’t watch Phantom, so I don’t have an opinion on that, unfortunately.

      As for a series similar to Healer, I don’t know if that exists, sadly. But in terms of shows that I’d rate as around the same league as Healer, I do have several. I love C-dramas Nirvana In Fire and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, and kdramas Secret Love Affair, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, AM88 and Oh Hae Young Again. They are all different, but generally, I loved all of these shows & would recommend them. I hope that helps! 🙂

      1. nadeum

        I watched Nirvana in Fire because of your A++ rating and it didn’t disappoint. And that’s an understatement! I love love love everything about NIF. I actually regret finishing the show in just a week and I still can’t move on so am re-watching now. We have the same tastes in dramas. Reply 1988, Weightlifting, and Oh Hae Young Again are also on the top of my list. I’m going to try watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms! Thanks so much, chinggu. Keep writing. You’ve got great reactions and you write so well!

        1. kfangurl

          OMG, you finished NIF in a WEEK?!?? How did you ever do that, it’s such a long show! 😳😱 I can totally understand the inability to move on too, as I felt the same when I finished NIF. So many people I know have gone back to rewatch it too! I went right back to E1 when I got to the end, and even though I didn’t complete my rewatch, the first 17 eps were quite revelational to me, after understanding the whole context. So many little details started clicking into place! So yes, definitely worth a rewatch – or several! 😉

          Yay that you’re going to try Peaches.. it’s a very different show than NIF, but if you’re in the mood for romance, it delivers very well. 🙂

          PS: Thanks for the encouragement on the writing! 😀 I’m really happy that you’re enjoying the posts!

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Priya, I’m gonna hafta sheepishly admit that I haven’t finished Goblin yet. I paused my watch because I was starting to feel distracted amid the show’s slow pace, but I also realize that this show is meant to be a slow, thoughtful, introspective sort of watch. So I will definitely go back to it, but when I’m in a mood more suited to appreciate what the show has to offer. Right now, I think I’d give it a B+, but that’s just based on the 10-ish episodes I’ve seen so far, and could most definitely change when I actually do finish my watch. I hope that helps! 🙂

      1. priya

        thank you so much dear! 🙂 it really helped! 🙂 any idea how is my lovely sam soon? what rating you would give that?

        1. kfangurl

          My Lovely Sam Soon is a pretty good watch, for a kdrama classic. When I watched it, I liked it quite well but didn’t love it as much as most other folks. I remember finding Kim Sun Ah’s character a little too brash, and I also remember feeling quite uncomfortable at Hyun Bin’s character making out in a big way with the second female lead (it broke kdrama convention to an uncomfortable degree, for me). The humor was also a little too broad for my taste. Overall, I’d give it a B. Most other folks would think I’m mad for not giving it an A though, because it’s such a beloved classic. 😛 I hope that helps!

          1. priya

            thank you so much dear! 🙂 your reviews are my first reference before i watch any Korean drama! Your reviews so very perfect! 🙂

      2. Arabella Victoria

        Kfangirl – I started watching Goblin today and I’m currently on the second episode. I find myself distracted by the huge age difference between the male and female leads. She’s supposed to be a Senior in high school (who looks a lot younger) and he’s a 30-something year old man. I don’t know if I can get through the remaining episodes even though I am a fan of Yoo In-na.

        1. kfangurl

          I have to confess that I had similar struggles with Goblin, and ended up stalling at E10. I haven’t gone back to it yet, and currently don’t feel particularly anxious to pick it up again either. One of my main issues with this show, aside from it’s slow pace, is the odd OTP pairing. Not only is the age gap uncomfortably large, I personally didn’t feel chemistry between the leads. Sadly, I don’t have any other Yoo In Na show to recommend, since you’ve already seen My Love From Another Star and Queen In-hyun’s Man. I didn’t love her other shows that I did check out. That said, lots of folks enjoyed The Greatest Love, where she plays second lead. I personally didn’t take to The Greatest Love coz I couldn’t jive with Show’s humor and I don’t personally care for man-child type male lead characters. But, lots of other folks loved that show, so you might too? 😅

  14. Ann

    I’ve two things to say..one:wooow! I didn’t realize u have this list and since I love ur reviews, this makes things so much easier. 😁 two:wooow still! youve got a pretty hectic schedule girl–you’re. So.in.demand.I say this after reading most of the comments! Have you seen the Hollywood movie ghost? I feel like us readers are ghosts and just found out that u r Whoopi Goldberg and u can really see us and hear us so we’re flocking you😂😂😂 may u never tire ! Fighting!😘😘😘

    1. kfangurl

      Hehe, I’m so tickled by the Ghost reference – I’m glad you found this list, Ann, and that you find it useful!! 😀 I’m juggling a lot of Real Life commitments of late, and also, finding that quite a few dramas aren’t really capturing my interest – that’s why the reviews on the blog have slowed down for a bit. But, I’m still here, and will post whenever inspiration strikes! 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there hyesung, sorry for the late reply. Among the shows you mentioned, I like Tomorrow With You the best – so far. I like both leads and it’s turning into an interesting time travel tale, though the romance angle seems less strong. Introverted Boss is compelling for Yeon Woo Jin, but I’m finding Park Hye Soo hard to like. I didn’t check out Missing 9, but have heard lots of disgruntled reactions to it, and don’t plan on watching it, despite my affection for Jung Kyung Ho. I hope that helps! 🙂

  15. Viola

    Hey kfangurl,

    Going through the list, I’m a tad surprised to find City Hunter missing.

    Any plans on writing it? If not, do or did (coz love for dramas can change!) like(d) it?

      1. kfangurl

        Hi there Viola, thanks for asking – I did very much enjoy City Hunter. I just watched it before starting this blog, and never got around to writing it a review. I am unlikely to write it a review, unless an urge to re-watch it strikes me, but I will say that I think that’s my favorite show of LMH’s to date. I generally feel indifferent towards him, but actually found him compelling and rather melty in City Hunter. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi Juna, yes, this is my updated list. I update with each new post on the site. That said, I do fall behind on reviews and other posts, so it’s possible I’ve seen a show that isn’t listed. If you’re curious about whether I’ve seen a particular show that isn’t listed, feel free to ask! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hm.. I can’t quite say yet, I have to confess. I’ve seen only 2 episodes of this, and I liked E1 more than E2. I think if Korean Funny (broad and rather slapsticky) appeals to you, and you don’t mind a male lead who’s more of a man-child, you might like it. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      I’d say the shows have very little in common, actually. Besides sharing the same timeslot, both being fusion sageuks, and both having the word “moon” in their titles, there is nothing else that is similar between the two shows. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is the better executed show, and is full of cuteness and feels, while Scarlet Heart is poorly written and rather disjointed and jerky to watch as a result. You can check out my review of Scarlet Heart to get a better idea of what that’s about; I will have a review of Moonlight up soonish as well. 🙂

  16. hyunju

    Aye Fangirl, you mind if i ask if these are worth watching as well?
    1. Bring it on Ghost
    2. Uncontrollably Fond
    3. K2
    4. Cinderella and the four Knights
    5. Kill Me Heal Me
    6. Healer
    7. Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    8. Love in the Moonlight
    9. Jealousy Incarnate
    Your Reviews give off a very good judgement and very detailed at that. So, could you rate each if its a go or pass?

    1. kfangurl

      Hi hyunju, sorry that this reply is coming so late. Since you posted this comment, I’ve managed to post a review or two, so you can check those out. In fact, I’ve already written posts on a few of the shows on your list.
      Since you requested it, here’s my recommendation:
      1. Bring it on Ghost – Go. Not bad, pretty cute.
      2. Uncontrollably Fond – Pass. I dropped this.
      3. K2 – Pass. I’m not loving it.
      4. Cinderella and the four Knights – Go, if you’re in the mood for fun fluff.
      5. Kill Me Heal Me – Go, Ji Sung is brilliant in this.
      6. Healer – Go, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.
      7. Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Pass, unless you love Lee Jun Ki, in which case, watch it for him.
      8. Love in the Moonlight – Go, SO CUTE.
      9. Jealousy Incarnate – Go, if you’re in the mood for a long-ish romance. A bit slow, but it’s ok.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  17. Chrisabelle

    Unnie! Have you watched age of youth? It’s a really good drama, i totally recommend!! If you have watched it, please do a review! I love your reviews its the bestt

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Chrisabelle! I have to confess that I haven’t managed to check out Age of Youth yet 😛 It’s totally on my list though! I plan to check it out soonish, and once I do, I will write about it! Thanks for the recommendation, and for your patience! 🙂

  18. becauseofJUNA

    Ohhh.. why haven’t you done a review on Doctors yet? I’ve been waiting for a review to see if it is a must watch. What I watch depends on your reviews.

    1. kfangurl

      Ah, that’s because I am behind on Docs, and have yet to watch the last 2 eps. I’d say.. it’s not a must-watch. I liked the first 6-7 eps a lot, but then things got pretty slow and boring once we got stuck in the hospital stuff. Some endearing characters though, so if you’re in the mood for a medical drama that feels quite slice-of-life, you might still enjoy it. I still plan to finish it and write about it, but for now, I hope this helps! 🙂

      PS: They do spend a lot of time cutting into skulls and showing surgery stuff. Just FYI, in case you happen to get queasy!

  19. Jay

    Hey there!
    I highly recommend Pinocchio! I don’t see it on your list but it is without doubt the best drama I’ve watched in recent years!!! It’s got a fantastic plot and lots of chemistry that still makes me swoon 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Jay! Thanks for the recommendation – I’ve actually already seen Pinocchio, and I really liked it. I’d rate it an A drama, even. It’s not on this list coz I’m completely backlogged, and I can’t keep up with the reviews. 😛 It’s definitely a drama I’d like to review. Hopefully later this year when my schedule frees up a bit. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  20. niks

    I really love your blog and i hope that you can keep reviewing dramas so wel!! Just a thought, have you watched empress ki? Its honestly quite interesting!!

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there niks! Aw, what a sweet message to leave – thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy the site and the reviews! 🙂 Yes, I do plan to keep at it.. I’m in my busiest month of the year work-wise, so postings for June might be a little limited. But it’s not coz I’ve given up! ^^

      I haven’t gotten around to Empress Ki, but I’ve had it recommended to me by JCW fans upon my JCW Pure Pretty post. I’ll make a mental note to check it out sometime! 🙂

  21. Em

    I think you will rate Please Come Back, Mister pretty highly. I’m thinking at least A. A+ in my book (and I’ve watched a ton) Also, I feel that You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly was really awesome but a lot of people missed that show. There was a lot of funny scenes and also moments that made my heart truly ache. I hope you give these two dramas a chance!!! 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Em! Welcome to the blog, and thanks for the recommendations! 🙂 I’m currently on E5 of Come Back, Mister.. I do like it, so I’m curious to see how this one turns out. I’ll keep You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly as an option for when I’m in the mood for a family drama. They are so high commitment! 😛

  22. mizzmunie

    Omg.. I just loveeeee your review especially on oh my ghostess!! I do think that it is sooo frustrating that the real character of na bong sun is somehow disappeared throughout the drama.. T_T Keep writing.. Would live to read more reviews in the future..

  23. ahmed

    hey kfangurl , hope you are having a good new year
    its my 2nd time to post here but I’m a regular visitor
    have u seen cruel city? how was it?
    also have u seen 1 litre of tears?

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there ahmed!! Nice to see you around here again! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!

      I’ve seen both shows, and both are worthy watches in their own right. Cruel City is very dark and moody, and quite violent and bloody at times. If you’re in the mood for something noir, it’s a good watch. It took me quite a long time to get into the show and its characters, since noir isn’t my thing, but I must say that by the time I reached the end, I actually felt sorry to leave the show behind. Jung Kyung Ho is fabulously badass in it, and that’s another plus point!

      1 Litre of Tears made me cry, but in a good way. Such a moving true story of a young girl’s fight to live her best life, even when she’s dealt with a disease that will inevitably shorten it. Moving and inspiring, and definitely worth the tears, I say. 🙂

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  25. R.K.

    Is there “You’re Surrounded” review? Because it’s a good cop show though there are some flaws regarding some relationships not explored/developed enough such as Seo Pan-suk’s ex-wife who easily forgives (and forgets) on what had happened to their son.

    Anyway, it’s a good show if anyone likes teams who stick together though each of them are meeting for 1st time unlike Mrs Cop where some members knew (and worked with) each other before rookies came into their department.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there RK! Welcome to the blog! 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to watch You’re All Surrounded, which is why there’s no review for that show. If I do manage to check it out, I’m more than likely to write about it, but I can’t make any promises, since my watch list is a mile long and I never seem to quite make a dent in it! It’s good to know that you enjoyed the show though 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Sabrina! Welcome to the blog! 🙂 Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoy the reviews – it does motivate me to keep on writing ’em. To answer your question, yes, I have seen Kill Me Heal Me (really liked it!) and I do intend to write it a review. It’s just that I seem to be forever backlogged.. I can’t seem to keep up with the writing! It’ll come though, and hopefully in the not-too-distant future too! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there Angela, Secret Garden’s not on the list coz I never got around to reviewing it. This isn’t a full list of dramas out in dramaland, but more of the full list of shows that I’ve written about on this site. Which excludes all the shows I haven’t seen, and a lot of the shows that I watched before I started this site. Secret Garden falls into the second category. I hope that helps to clarify! 🙂

  26. Nancy Chua

    Not that I’m in any way demanding , but I hope for this list to continue to be longer and faster hahaha, this has become my kdrama bible. once again , thank you so very much for sharing your precious time in sharing reviews with us. you are very generous and i feel spoilt by you, truly , love you lots.

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! Your comment totally made me giggle, Nancy! XD Thanks for your encouragement, it’s so nice to know that you’re looking forward to more reviews! Real Life demanded my undivided attention for a stretch, and it’s taken me a while to get back into the writing zone. I’ve just posted a new review (yay, me!) – I hope that you enjoy the read! 🙂 I’ve got more reviews waiting to be written, and will try to post more. I must warn that I’ll be traveling a fair bit for work in the next 2 months, so gaps in posting are to be expected. I will do my best to keep up, tho! Fighting, me! ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, A! I don’t have immediate plans to review You’re Beautiful, but I’m completely aware that I might get inspired at some point, to write one. I guess that means my answer is an admittedly vague “Maybe?” 😛

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, welcome to the site! 🙂 Technically, since you took the time to leave a comment, it doesn’t count as sneaking anymore! 😉 Reviews.. I have so many that I wish I had the time and mental bandwidth to write. I’m sure we’ve seen at least some of the same shows, just that we didn’t happen to review the same ones – yet!

  27. Nancy Chua

    bravo , throughly enjoying your blog , I hope you make an in depth about Lee Byung Hun , he’s my ulitmate fave , swoon

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks for enjoying the blog, Nancy! 🙂 I won’t say never to a spotlight on Lee Byung Hun, though it definitely has to be when I’m inspired coz the research needed to curate the best photos takes many hours. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there, pinkpandom! Yes, I plan to write a review for Pinocchio! It’s going to take me a while though.. I plan to write a review for Healer first, then go back to Pinocchio. I hope you find it worth the wait! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thank you dewaani!! 😀 It took hours to overhaul, but now I’m really pleased that I did. I feel like the site’s been spruced up, somehow! ^^


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