Open Thread: Chuno Episodes 19 & 20

Welcome to the Open Thread, everyone! Doesn’t this screenshot remind you of the scene in episode 2, when Dae Gil goes in search of Eonnyeon? What a meaningful and poignant callback this was, I thought. 🤩

I hope you guys are ready to chat about Chuno episodes 19 & 20! Here are our usual ground rules, before we begin:

1. Please don’t post spoilers in the Open Thread, except for events that have happened in the show, up to this point. I repeat: no spoilers for future episodes please! We have quite a few first-time viewers among us, and we don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

2. Discussions on this thread don’t have to close when newer threads open, just so you know! But as we progress through our group watch, please keep the discussions clear of spoilers from future episodes, so that future readers coming to this thread won’t be accidentally spoiled. Does that make sense?

Without further ado, here are my reactions to this pair of episodes; have fun in the Open Thread, everyone! ❤️

My thoughts

Episode 19

Finally, Tae Ha and Dae Gil get over fighting each other long enough to go to Eonnyeon’s rescue, and not a moment too soon, since the officials have found out Eonnyeon’s identity, and are highly suspicious of the fact that she’s traveling with a young child.

In this scene, I’m struck by Dae Gil’s drawl, compared to how everyone else in the scene speaks in clean, clipped tones. In contrast, Dae Gil lazily slurs his words, and it makes him sound like he’s too cool for school. I love it. 😆

It’s good to see Tae Ha and Dae Gil fighting on the same side, after all the fighting that they’ve done, with each other. They’d probably never admit it, but they seem to make a pretty good team, and they trounce all the soldiers present, in pretty much no time at all.

I’m intrigued by the moment when we see Dae Gil tumble until he’s right up in Eonnyeon’s face, mid-fight. She looks startled, and starts to look away, and that’s when he reaches out and lifts her chin, so that she’s no longer avoiding his face – and then he bounds away to keep fighting. I can’t help wondering what that’s supposed to mean. It doesn’t seem likely to me that he’d need to establish his identity, so I’m taking it to mean that he’s silently telling her that she doesn’t need to avert her eyes; that she can square her shoulders and lift her chin; that essentially, she has nothing that she needs to hide.

I find it awkward but interesting to watch Tae Ha, Eonnyeon and Dae Gil go on the run together. All three of them seem so different from one another, when they’re thrown together like this. Tae Ha and Eonnyeon have a lot of unresolved tension because of the reveal that Eonnyeon was once a slave, and while they attempt to kinda-sorta talk things out, Dae Gil’s always just kind of awkwardly there, somewhere in the background (like in this screenshot above).

It’s notable to me, that it takes a fair while for Tae Ha and Eonnyeon to come to some sort of conclusion about their relationship. When Eonnyeon tries to tell Tae Ha her name, Tae Ha only responds – as he’d done earlier with Dae Gil – that he knows no one by that name. In contrast, one of the first things Dae Gil does when he hears Eonnyeon’s new name, is to go outside and write it in the sand, so that he can see it and consider it. Tae Ha can be really bull-headed. When Eonnyeon informs him that she’s concluded that she does not deserve to stay by his side, his reaction is so delayed that by the time he decides that he should stop her, she’s already left the Little Prince with him and exited the building.

To Tae Ha’s credit, though, he does seem to be doing some serious self-reflection. I like that he admits that even though he’d lived as a slave and had seen first-hand how slaves suffer, he’d never thought to imagine a world without slavery. I also like that he essentially asks Eonnyeon to wait for him, as he works on achieving a new way of thinking about the world.

Like I mentioned earlier, though, Tae Ha can be really bull-headed, and refuses to take Dae Gil’s suggestion seriously, of Mt. Worak as a safe haven. I’m quite amused that in order to force Tae Ha’s hand, Dae Gil basically grabs the Little Prince and takes off running, giving Tae Ha no choice but to follow in pursuit. Ha. That’s just the kind of street-savvy thing that Dae Gil would do. Also, I love the dissonant visual of tough, world-weary Dae Gil, holding the innocent cherub of a Little Prince.

On a random tangent, I am quite amused that our Little Prince, who’s heretofore been completely serene, even in the midst of a scary sword fight, would bawl in Dae Gil’s arms. Pfft. What is Show trying to say, that Dae Gil’s scarier than big, sharp swords? 😆

In other news, we see that even though he staunchly resists at first, Scholar Jo eventually gives in to Left State Councilor and his helper gisaeng’s persuasive talk about power, and betrays his comrades with a complete list of names. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, since the way Show’s played it, Scholar Jo’s always seemed like a rather manipulative, potentially shady sort, who would use the people around him, while justifying it all as a means to an end. Ugh. I wonder if it’s even safe for him to trust Left State Councilor, though. I mean, what’s preventing Left State Councilor from turning on him, and destroying him too?

In the meantime, our rebel slave faction gets ready for an uprising, instigated, of course, by New Guy. I’m still very suspicious of New Guy, so everything that he says, about other slaves rising in revolt once they burn down the Slave Tribunal, sounds potentially dubious, to me. Can these slaves really trust his words?

Eop Bok has a deeply caring heart, I must say. In the midst of all this talk of an uprising, he asks if they can rescue Banjjak, the girl who’d been sold in exchange for a cow. And when New Guy smilingly declines, citing that they have bigger things to accomplish, Eop Bok goes and shoots Banjjak’s oppressor, all on his own. That’s pretty darn badass.

On a completely different note, I think it’s cute that Eop Bok and Cho Bok are saving fish treats for each other, in the course of doing their slave duties. Aw. They make a cute pair, and Cho Bok’s pleased smile is worth a million dollars. 🤩

As Tae Ha, Eonnyeon and Dae Gil arrive at Mt. Worak, everyone else (that matters) seems to be heading there too. Seol Hwa’s on her way (yay, reunion!), but so is Commander Hwang (yikes).. This feels like a potential big showdown on the horizon.

In the meantime, though, I’m so impatient for Dae Gil to be reunited with Wangson and General Choi; he really – like, reallyreally! – needs to know that his boys are alive and well.

Episode 20

At first, I’d wondered why Dae Gil would’ve fallen so easily to Jjakgwi’s blows, without even reacting to the attack except to fall flat on his back, but it isn’t long before it becomes clear, from the side smirk that Dae Gil lets slip, while lying on the ground, that this was Dae Gil’s sly way of getting Tae Ha to do the work of fighting Jjakgwi, so that he could step in and be the peacemaker. Sneaky, but smart. 😏

The way that Dae Gil and Jjakgwi talk to each other, complete with OTT guffaws punctuating their every exchange, it really does feel like – narratively, at least – Show’s giving us a replacement of sorts, for Ji Ho (RIP). Besides the puffed up personalities, big talk and tall stories, both Ji Ho and Jjakgwi claim to have taught Dae Gil everything he knows. I do think, though, that between the two, Ji Ho’s far more iconic, while Jjakgwi feels like a pure comedic side character. So far, anyway.

How awkward, though, that one of the first things Jjakgwi asks Dae Gil, right in front of Eonnyeon and Tae Ha, is whether he’s still searching for the girl named Eonnyeon, after all this time. That’s.. gotta be uncomfortable, especially since Jjakgwi goes on to tell Dae Gil that he should just give it up, because Eonnyeon would’ve settled down with some other man by now. I feel like you could’ve cut the discomfort with a knife. 😬

We get the reunion between Dae Gil and his boys that I’ve been waiting for, and it’s just so gratifying to see them group hug, despite Dae Gil’s protests. My favorite moment has to be how General Choi cuts through Dae Gil’s tough facade, by straight-up telling him that he’s missed him. Aw. Nothing’s going to stop General Choi and Wangson from hugging it out with Dae Gil, and it’s so gratifying to see Dae Gil cry relieved tears. 😭 You’re not alone anymore, Dae Gil. 🥲

It’s also touching to see how grateful the community on the mountain is, towards Dae Gil, for rescuing them and sending them to Mt. Worak to live new lives. Dae Gil gruffly pooh-poohs everything, but it’s clear that it doesn’t actually mean nothing to him.

In their own quarters, Tae Ha and Eonnyeon have several important exchanges, and the most important one, I feel, is the one where Tae Ha tells Eonnyeon that it doesn’t matter what her name is; to him, she is simply his wife. Finally. I’m sure this is something that Eonnyeon’s been waiting to hear for a long time. On top of that, Tae Ha also tells Eonnyeon that one day, if they have a son of their own, they can name him Tae Won, the name that Eonnyeon’s temporarily given the Little Prince. I guess Tae Ha’s been doing some thinking and reflection, and has achieved some progress.

Seol Hwa arrives at Mt. Worak, and greets Dae Gil with a running hug – which Dae Gil accepts, but only so that Eonnyeon can see for herself, that he’s moved on and is not still hung up on her.

I feel bad for Seol Hwa, because in this scene, it’s clear that Dae Gil’s using her to make a statement to Eonnyeon, and his heart’s not in the hug. At the same time, given the awkward embarrassment of Jjakgwi basically announcing to Eonnyeon that he’s been searching for her for years, I can understand why Dae Gil would feel like he’s needs to cut that off, the first chance that he gets. Still. Poor Seol Hwa! 💔

It’s pretty great to see Seol Hwa reunited with the boys, but the thing that strikes me most about Seol Hwa this hour, is how intimidated she is, by Eonnyeon. Just like the rest of us, she’s amazed that a slave could be this elegant (hur), and she basically can’t stop staring at Eonnyeon. What I find very poignant, though, is the way Seol Hwa does her best to mimic Eonnyeon’s genteel ways. It’s clear that Seol Hwa’s doing this, in the hopes of being more attractive to Dae Gil, and I find it sad, that Seol Hwa feels that being herself, is not enough.

This episode has felt like a respite of sorts, for our main crew, with all of them gathered at Mt. Worak, and enjoying happy and relieved reunions.

However, trouble isn’t far away, with Commander Hwang hot on their tail, and this time, with similarly garbed ninja assassins at his disposal.

This doesn’t bode well, especially since Tae Ha’s already making plans to leave Mt. Worak, under the belief that Eonnyeon and the Little Prince would be safe there. Yikes. I feel a sense of foreboding for everyone on Mt. Worak, because if Commander Hwang and his men attack, a lot of them are going to die. That would be awful, since this episode, we’ve just acknowledged their gladness at being able to live here. 😭

The Qing Ambassador’s men are on the way, though. Even though that definitely complicates matters, they want the Little Prince alive, while Commander Hwang wants him dead, so hopefully they will manage to protect him..? I feel like we need to brace ourselves, for the next episode, coz it feels like a lot is going to go down. 😬

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  1. beez

    I’ve been gone from the blog a while and come back and I have no “like” button or I surely would’ve “liked” your post.

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Welcome back, Beez!! ❤️❤️ SO GOOD to see ya! 😘 As for being able to “like” a post, I think you might need to sign into your WordPress account.. perhaps you were automatically logged out after not being online for so long?

      EDIT: Wait, that didn’t make any sense, I realize.. because your comment appears to have been made while signed in to your WordPress account. Whoops. I wonder if it’s a browser issue? Perhaps you might like to try viewing the blog in a different browser, to see if it makes a difference? 😅

  2. beez

    Hi. BE – the make up people were great for Chuno but I must add that on almost all of Jang Hyuk’s series, toward the end of the series, he looks 45! 😆 He will have bags under his eyes that are big enough that you could stamp “Samsonite” under each eye! lol Whenever I see him like that I think of him bragging about how he can go three days without sleep, which I’m sure he learned to do because of the Korean “live shoot” method.

  3. Drama Fan

    I’m still catching up. This is a dialogue between Daegil and Song Taeha from ep 20. I took it from the Dark Site but provide some variations from Viki, in some cases.

    Song TaeHa – I will leave sometime later today.

    Daegil – You have a talent for attracting trouble with your every word. Just remain here until things quiet down.

    Song Taeha – I will leave alone. I cannot keep running away and hiding my entire life. Should I not take this to the end?

    Daegil – Why is someone so eager to die in honor suddenly concerned about survival?

    Song Taeha – I learned that you can neither avoid nor refuse demise. And I also thought that trusting your cherished ones and facing your demise did not mean squandering your life in vain. [Viki – I didn’t consider it a waste to die and trust in those who are still left behind]

    Daegil – At the end, your buttocks were itching, that’s all [In the end, you’re a_hole was itching up a storm] LOL, OK, CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT HE MEANS HERE? :p

    Song Taeha: Don’t belittle me [Don’t twist my words]. Should things go according to plan, my spouse and His Highness will finally find peace.

    Daegil – And why would you tell me that? As if I had anything to do with you

    Song Taeha – Don’t you wish for my spouse’s well-being as much as I do? Seeing as you and this place’s ringleader still are on friendly terms, despite all your past vicissitudes, I’m counting on you to ensure my spouse and His Highness are cared for. I trust you shall accede.

    Taeha starts to leave and Daegil calls him:

    Daegil – Oy, Nobi – Yangban, why didn’t you kill me, that day?

    Taeha – Not even once, have I ever slain any of our people. (I love Daegil’s expression here as he hears his words and processes. Well, when don’t I love Jang Hyuk as Daegil? He is always present, he reacts to every single moment even if it is very subtly)

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Ahaha! Ok, I might have an answer to your question.. Here in Singapore, there are various Chinese dialects which all essentially use the same phrase “itchy backside” to refer to someone who had nothing better to do, and therefore did something that then invited trouble. I’m guessing that this might be a similar usage. 😆

        1. kfangurl Post author

          🤣🤣 That’s a funny interpretation!! I can see how the translations would have been confusing!! I didn’t even blink when it was said, because the phrase “itchy backside” is so well-known around here. 😆😅

  4. Snow Flower

    Here is my Chuno-inspired musical fanfiction, composed and recorded today. The piece is called Written On Crumpled Paper and is respectfully dedicated to actress Ha Shi Eun.

    1. BE

      Both the frustration/anger at the repeated, all but inarticulate, effort to break through and the pathos. Almost horror in the restraint of the portrayal. It would be lovely if Ha Shi-Eun could hear this. I am certain she would be flattered to do so. Thanks so much.

      1. Snow Flower

        She does have an IG account, so I am thinking about sending it directly. Or should I try her agency first? I am not sure how to approach Korean celebrities…😊

        1. j3ffc

          First of all, what a lovely piece and so very evocative of the character. It gave me Philip Glass vibes but still so original. Brava!

          I see no down side to posting the link on her IG account. Probably much more direct than sending it to a busy management office – if she reads her comments.

          In that regard, does anybody know what show or film based in Paris is pictured there? And, oh my goodness, she was the “star” in the drama-within-a-drama “Gout Lovers” (in “Mystic Pop-up Bar”)…hilarious.

    2. kfangurl Post author

      Such elegant dissonance, Snow Flower!! That’s really hard to do, I imagine, and you put it together so eloquently! I love it. ❤️ I agree with BE, that Ha Si Eun would probably love to hear this!

      Also, you have such elegant fingers! 😍

  5. Drama Fan

    On ep. 19 we get a tidbit of backstory for our Chuno prequel, in this dialogue between Eunshil, General Choi and Wangson (some vague info but can spark our imaginations)

    Wangson: By the way, why are you looking for Daegil unni?

    Eunshil: I have my reasons. By the way, what happened between Jjakgwi ahjussi and Daegil ahjussi?
    General Choi: Jjakgwi was captured by the capital bureau, but Daegil rescued him at the last minute.

    Eunshil: Why was he captured?

    General Choi: Daegil squealed about him, telling the authorities that Jjakgwi provided stolen goods to a band of vandals.

    Eunshil: First he frames him and then he comes to his rescue?

    General Choi: He was sorry for cutting his ear.

    Eunshil: And why did he cut his ear?

    General Choi: Among the stolen goods was Daegil’s house deed.

    Eunshil: And why would a house deed be there?

    General Choi: The butcher from Sungnye Gate, stole it from Cheon Jiho

    Eunshil: And who’s that?

    General Choi and Wangson sigh deeply “It’s a long story, Uh? We’ll finish tomorrow”

    Dang! I wanted to know more! 😐

    1. Snow Flower

      General Choi’s story is much more interesting than Jjakgwi’s! Inquiring minds want to know more…I remember looking for Chuno fanfiction online, but I could not find any prequels.

        1. Ele Nash

          I write children’s fiction so don’t think I could for one minute write the swag and drawl of Daegil well or do any of the characters enough justice. I could do an angst teen yangban Daegil, though, spotty and yearning hopelessly and awkwardly for some other lady before realising he’s actually in love with the slave girl in his backyard… 😁

    2. BE

      @Drama Fan: The quarrel between Ji Ho in part concerned for Dae Gil’s safety, in part because he had to know he lost his best lieutenant allowing the deed to be stolen and Dae Gil’s fury with Ji Ho for letting it happen upon Dae Gil’s departure, not to mention the discussion between Ji Ho and Dae Gil when they had first met and Ji Ho had convinced Dae Gil to let him take care of the deed would be a pair of great dialogues.

  6. BE

    I had a bit less to say about these two episodes.
    I do not understand the why of DG & TH combat at the close of 18, beginning of 19, though I liked Dae Gil’s quip about shaking arms, and it is quite the mystery then how the fellas went from stupid macho ego bs to brothers in arms. I did think the chin lift was pretty much what chin lifts are generally–“take heart! I’m bad; he’s badder; you are safe.” Dae Gil at his best.
    Inre Scholar Jo–there is a certain archetype to his character in these kinds of stories–the betrayer who does so because he is frightened or his family is threatened, usually given some slack and sympathy as a result, and then there are those like Scholar Jo who become betrayers for purposes of personal ambition, and those guys become infamous for centuries. Although a minor character, like Han Seom’s heroic retreat from Commander Hwang on the beach, Scholar Jo’s betrayal has an element of epic poetry to it that seems (guys like him) essential to the genre.
    While the main action appears to be slowing down, and with the exception of the reunion, almost static, a kind of putting people in their places so whatever happens next will happen, the scenes with Eop Bok and Cho Bok are, for me at least, generating more buzz buzz as they go on. As they should: slavery is poison ring in this telling, the pivot upon which everything else whirls out of balance. I like the ascension of these characters, who while not the main leads, personify the why of all the other action. And yet…young guy is just a bit too glib, and one cannot help but feel, mmmn, slavery went on in Joseon for a couple centuries beyond this, and maybe there were some valiant slave rebellions, but hard to imagine any ended well.
    Of course, the reunion was wonderful, the General, Wang Son–side kicks are a staple, it seems, of sageuk story telling, but these two guys are especially magnetic, each in their own way. And it gives us one more scene to sympathize with Dae Gil.
    Once again, early on in the series, one can understand why there is a Team Tae Ha contending with Team Dae Gil, but by this point it really is hard to deny that both Jang Hyuk’s emotional range as an actor, and the way the writer has presented Dae Gil, that there is simply more there there to the guy. I particularly liked the scene in which while Eon Nyeon newly reunitied and trying to come to grips with Tae Ha’s revelation about Eon Nyeon’s former slave status and her remorse at not being completely open with Tae Ha, how Jang Hyuk as Dae Gil, far stage left continues to enact his character in such a way that as someone watching he holds more of my attention than they do, though their discussion is so important.
    As an aside, there is a lot of talk early on about how young Dae Gil really looks so much younger, but for the past few episodes, who ever is doing make up for Jang Hyuk, giving him that leathery look, is doing a wonderful job of aging his face. He looks like a man in his forties quite often in many of those scenes.
    I love Seol Hwa, but I almost feel embarrassed by her trying to mimic Eon Nyeon. It is the first time in the series that I have found her to be a pitiful character.
    Eon Nyeon, on the other hand, and Led Dae Ha enacting her character keep growing in my appreciation, and I really think that she would have commanded more respect in this role had they not gussied her up, kept every hair in place, and face made up the entire time. That is, she could have played Eon Nyeon with the same amount of dignity and elegance, and for me at least it would have been more impressive without the unreal outer appearances. I especially liked the warm way she spoke with Seol Hwa.
    Yes the Commander’s character arc is growing in stature vis a vis the whole, but I still find the guy despicable, even if he is becoming epically despicable, that is, as large as the whole story is large. I want him to get his just desserts, and wouldn’t it lift our spirits and Jjang Gwi’s character in the telling if he might be the instrument of Hwang’s violent and deserved retribution (krochee, krochee), but I am afraid given the tragic drift of this story, such may not be the case.
    4 episodes to go, all our heroes more and more isolated…something tells me…

    1. Ele Nash

      He looks so tired! Poor Daegil has been through a lot. I know we all feel it, but can I just say that I adore Daegil’s actions and complexities but I think they wouldn’t be so compelling if played by any other actor. I love, love, love Jang Hyuk 😍

      Yes, BE, as soon as Eunnyeon got the little prince in her arms, she became so much purposeful and more beautiful because of that agency. If only they’d trusted Lee Dahae more to show this side without making her constantly ‘look’ beautiful. We might have rooted more for Eunnyeon in the way we do for Seol Hwa, who also is beautiful but in an earthy, relatable way – though actually she never looks terribly grubby either 😁

      My favourite comment this time actually comes from Eunnyeon, how the name-that-isn’t-a-name given to the Prince will be remembered but their names, spoken aloud, yearned for, given with care or ownership, or as a way of reinvention, will be forgotten. I found that both sad and somehow reassuring. I thought it was great that it came from a thoughtful Eunnyeon, whose slave name has been bounced around the peninsula in desperation by Daegil for ten years, but hidden by her and replaced – a source of shame. It puts life in perspective, especially when Taeha is at last acknowledging her past self and claiming slave Eunnyeon is his wife too.

      I’m so worried about Hwang on his way up the mountain… 😬

  7. Ele Nash

    Only watched episode 19 so far but I just wanted to comment on the bit where Daegil tilts up Eunnyeon’s chin. Isn’t this the first time he’s seen her since realising little prince isn’t hers and Taehae’s son but the Prince they’re trying to protect? So, if right, I took it to be Daegil saying: “Are you still my Eunnyeon?” Like after the hurt he’d felt seeing her looking like she’d married and had a child has abated and now he wants to see if she really has gone from him. This makes the scene in the barn shed even more, as kfangirl says, awkward as there, in talking things over with Taehae, she says the slave girl Eunnyeon is dead. Ouch! When I first watched Chuno last year, I thought Daegil missed an opportunity when he’s outside writing her new name in the dirt and Eunnyeon leaves. Taehae so annoyed me to let her and I thought: Daegil, run after her! Show her you love her no matter what her name, no matter what her station! But he only looks at her with this scorching painful scowl and then Taehae finally comes to his senses and races after her. This watch, I realised better, I think, that when Daegil goes outside, he’s mourning Eunnyeon’s ‘death’ by acknowledging her rebirth and new name. He’s mad that in being born anew, she’s completely beyond the Daegil of today, the snarky slave hunter, when the boy he had been would have been a good match for this new woman. It’s really an ouch feeling. 😢
    Anyway, I know Wangson and Choi surviving was a little controversial but how much am I looking forward to episode 20 and their reunion with Daegil? Um, A LOT!!!!!!! 😉

    1. Drama Fan

      There are so many ways to interpret these scenes, right??? I love that and I love all the theories Ive read so far. I have a bit of trivia to share, that moment Daegil touches Unnyun’s chin was ad libbed by the actors, it was not on the original script. So! If one day I meet Jang Hyuk and my korean is good enough Ill ask him what he meant there! Lol (dreaming) I read it as “We are working together, Taeha and me, we’ll get you out of here, dont worry and dont avoid my gaze, you are no longer my slave” Remember that their last encounter was him being super cruel with her and full of hate so I figured it was his way of reassuring her he is on their team, do not fear me.

      1. Ele Nash

        Ooh, I love trivia, Drama Fan! Thanks for sharing – and I’d be impressed if you could actually speak if you ever meet Jang Hyuk as I’d be an embarrassing squibbling mess 😳
        I think you’re right that he’s in part reassuring Eunnyeon but he might have drawled a “relax, I’m an awesome fighter, doncha know!” Touching her so tenderly (when he’d previously struggled to even touch her shoulder to move her out his way) gave me the impression of hope in him. 😢

        1. Drama Fan

          Lol! I actually met him at a fan meeting and that is exactly what happened. I was a stunned embarrassing mess 🙈 So this idea of me meeting AND talking to him is a pure fantasy 😋

      2. BE

        I saw the gesture as an unpremeditated, straight from the heart, without thinking kind of thing, not so much as something with a reference to his previous meeting, but just how he simply feels for her emerging thus in the heat and immediate danger of their situation. That the scene was improvised, thus, makes perfect sense, as to me it was a in that isolated moment, true to that moment, kind of thing.

        1. Drama Fan

          Yes! true. It does feel more like a spontaneous, natural thing that just happened in the heat of the moment. Love it! Btw @BE I also feel that Unyunn would’ve been much more appreciated had the director not insisted on keeping her “look” so pristine and “ideal”.

  8. j3ffc

    So much did feel like the calm before the impending storm. I have to admit that I teared up a bit at the Chuno reunion. I am still so worried about those guys with what’s obviously about to descend upon them. For a moment, I expected that Darth, um, Commander Hwang, was going to seek directions at the monastery (where I was looking forward to some kickass monk action).

    I am still a member in good standing of the Seol Hwa fan club and was so happy to see her show up for the reunion (and bringing news from far away). I took her mimicry of Eonnyeon – fantastic screencap, by the way – less as an attempt to win over Dae Gil as trying to get out from under her own past (along with her denial at being a “song-and-dance girl”). All things considered, I was so impressed at how easily the two women entered into conversation with one another (considering how long it took for Dae Gil and Tae Ha to “use their words” instead of blades and fighting).

    But for me, the most surprising revelation was the statement by Tae Ha that he has never killed a citizen of Joseon – presumably apart from soldiers and police officers. Maybe this is why Commander Vader, er, Hwang, is still alive? In which case, principles be darned. I want that dude gone.

    Buckling up for the next two weeks!

  9. Snow Flower

    Jang Hyuk is always great with children actors. I thought that Dae Gil holding the little prince (and making him cry) was so awkward, but also so much in character.

  10. Trent

    These were a couple of great episodes. Things are really starting to come together, all the threads that have been spun out over almost twenty episodes now being woven towards a conclusion. I still don’t really dare hope for a conventional happy ending, but stuff is definitely happening, and I do predict a bang-up final four eps.

    The family reunion with the bros was great, including Daegil dressing Wangson down for being a dumb a** and going and poking the hornet’s nest when he (Daegil) told him not to…

    And finally…I’ll just own up to it. I think Seol-hwa might be my favorite character in this thing. She’s got guts, tromping off through the wilderness to find her crew, and her orabeoni. That whole imitating Eunyeon bit at the end was sad but also really touching. Please please please, show, don’t let her die at the end of Commander Hwang or one of his ninja-dude’s swords…

  11. Snow Flower

    These two episodes feel like the calm before the storm, or like chess board being set for the endgame. After the emotional toll of Episodes 17 and 18, this is a welcome break.

    Tae Ha seems to be impressed with Dae Gil. He does not completely understand him, but is willing to listen. TH is still struggling with EN’s true identity, but he is slowly making progress.

    Dae Gil lifting EN’ chin felt like a sign of reassurance: “We are here to protect you, so stop being afraid.”

    I liked how Dae Gil wrote EN’s new name in the sand. He has no problem with her dual identity, she is still the woman he has always loved.

    The reunion of Dae Gil with General Choi and Wangson is the emotional highlight for these episodes. The reunion of Dae Gil and Seol Hwa was heartbreaking to watch. I thought Dae Gil was trying to show Eon Nyeon that he had moved on, but she did not seem convinced. And poor Seol Hwa, caught in the middle, not minding being used. Such a great scene!

  12. Drama Fan

    Yessss Chuno thread! My favorite moment of the week! I still need to catch and come back up but quick reactions to your post Kfangurl 1) Daegil IS too cool for school obviously! 😀 (I love this man and his drawl) 2) My favorite thing these eps? the BROMANCE! That reunion between Daegil, General Choi and Wangson has got to be my absolute most favorite moment in the entire drama (which is filled with such epic moments, so this means A LOT!) I just, it was so genuine and beautiful and so needed!!! I needed Daegil to have some relief and happiness for at least a moment 3) The birth of Taeha and Daegil’s bromance, this is when it begins, and I love those two as a team so much 4) SeolHwa and Unnyun’s relationship also begins, and I also love that. So much character growth still to come! (no spoilers) 5) While I loveeee Taeha and Daegil beginning to team up, seeing Daegil as a third wheel, is the most heartbreaking thing. Jang Hyuk plays that pain of unrequited/impossible/forbidden love too well 🙁 My poor heart! P.S I read Daegil’s hug to Seolhwa as both trying to let Unnyun know he has moved on, both for her own sake, as a selfless act, but also, isn’t there a hint of pride there? like, hey, I also got someone ok? Daegil and his mixed emotions, I feel I can always read his scenes two or three ways. Either way, Seolhwa is obviously being used (although this is one sort of used, she’d probably still “take” gladly. I know I’d volunteer! 😀 )

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