Dropped: Bad And Crazy

So.. 7 episodes in, I’m officially calling it quits on Bad and Crazy, you guys.

For the record, I don’t think it’s a bad show, necessarily. I just don’t think it’s a show that’s for me, personally.

I hope this post helps you to figure out whether this one’s for you, or whether, like me, you’d be better off investing your drama hours elsewhere.


I’d really wanted to like this one, y’all.

First of all, it’s from the team that gave us The Uncanny Counter, and I liked that show a lot. I was hopeful that I would like this one too, just based on that fact alone.

Secondly, I do have a fondness for Wi Ha Joon, and the idea of him being Lee Dong Wook’s badass alter ego intrigued me. I mean, Wi Ha Joon showing some swag, and some killer fight moves? Yes, please, and thank you. 🤩

Unfortunately, I find myself struggling to get into the flow, with this show.


I realize that my main struggle with this show, is its tone.

I mean, I’d kinda known what I was signing up for, when I started this show, because I’d seen a trailer, and also, I’d heard that it’s best to approach this one with a comic book lens. However, what I hadn’t counted on, was how that fever dream quality would affect Show’s dynamic, and how that would affect my personal ability, to roll with the show.

At the heart of it, I feel that this show is just a little too loud, too hyperbolic, and too OTT, for my taste.

Layered on top of that, is the fact that Show’s intense fever dream sort of approach, is very tricky to sustain. When it goes on for too long, I find myself starting to tire, because I only have so much appetite, for a sustained rollercoaster ride and the screaming adrenaline that goes with.

YET, when Show slows down to include a few quieter beats, I find the contrast too great, and I find myself feeling bored, because we’re not on a rollercoaster. It’s a conundrum, that’s for sure.

Although, like I said, could very well be a “me” thing, because there are many fans who think this show is awesome, and can’t get enough of it.


That would be two-fold.

1. I looked forward to growth on the part of our protagonist Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), to leave his sleazy dirty cop ways behind, and embrace his inner righteous hero.

2. I liked the idea of Soo Yeol and his alter ego K (Wi Ha Joon) going from almost-enemies, to becoming united, as they recognize the good in each other, or more specifically, as Soo Yeol comes to embrace K as a good part of himself.

These are the two main things that kept me hanging on, even during the times when I felt perplexed with Show’s handling.


In the interest of giving you guys a better feel for the drama, to see if this is your cup of tea, here’s a quick spotlight on some of the main things, in this show.

1. It’s a different sort of role for Lee Dong Wook. 

Soo Yeol’s a schmuck, but he’s not a detestable schmuck, in my estimation. I think it’s because we see that he’s not actually evil or malicious; he’s just very self-focused and ambitious, and is amoral as a result. He doesn’t mind doing illegal stuff, if it will further his career.

On paper that does sound pretty terrible, considering that he’s a police officer, but because Show makes sure to let us know that he’s not quite a smooth or successful as he’d like to be, it definitely takes a lot of the edge off. He’s more of a.. thwarted, derailed, frustrated schmuck. It’s like.. he’s a wannabe, rather than a legitimate powerful villain, and that makes him.. a little amusing, even?

I appreciate how Lee Dong Wook’s throwing himself into the role; there’s no vanity here, and there are times when Soo Yeol really does come off as a hapless, frustrated, defeated loser. I think this thing, where all his efforts to further his career, are actually quite fruitless, makes him more palatable as a character – or at least, more entertaining.

[MINOR SPOILERS] And of course, he’s most entertaining when he’s completely flummoxed by his encounters with K, whether it’s in slo-mo dream sequences where he’s getting beaten up, or whether it’s in encounters that feel more real and in the present. [END SPOILER]

Lest I give the wrong impression about Soo Yeol, I suppose it’s also important to mention that he’s actually really good at his job, in the way that he wants to be. I like a competent protagonist, so that’s a plus in my books.

2. Wi Ha Joon gets to be cool and badass.

The strut; the swag; the sharp ninja-like fight moves; I couldn’t help but spazz at it, can’t lie. Wi Ha Joon makes K come across as unhinged, but still in full control of what he’s doing, and what he wants to do. I find that a really interesting juxtaposition.

However, I do have to mention that I struggled with how Show also makes K very childlike.

[SPOILERS] It makes narrative sense, in that Show posits that Soo Yeol’s psychiatric problems stem from his childhood. Therefore, if K is a product of Soo Yeol’s childhood, it makes sense for him to have childlike tendencies.

At the same time, this childlike bent does give rise to narrative arcs that I didn’t enjoy so much. Like K’s innocent crush on Soo Yeol’s ex-girlfriend Hee Gyeom (Han Ji Eun) is a bit too exaggerated. Also, K’s lack of self-control, thus giving rise to embarrassing situations for Soo Yeol, wasn’t one of my favorite things either. [END SPOILER]

3. I feel rather indifferent towards Han Ji Eun’s character Hee Gyeom

Han Ji Eun’s also in a very different space in this drama, compared to the last few shows I’ve seen her in, like The Witch’s Diner, My Roommate is a Gumiho, Lovestruck in the City and Be Melodramatic.

Here, she’s neither shy and reserved, nor hypersexy; she’s a badass cop with a passionate personality, and with sharp fight moves that she doesn’t hesitate to break out, when she feels they’re needed.

That said, I have to confess that I find myself not quite feeling her character, most of the time. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel like I want her to pop more, on my screen. As far as I can tell, it feels like she’s supposed to be the straight guy to Lee Dong Wook’s character, but I’m not really feeling it.

4. The connection between Soo Yeol and K

I really like how both Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon manage to channel such a similar brand of chaotic energy, that I can plausibly believe that they are both playing the same character. I thought that was very well done.

I also like the shift in how Show portrays scenes where K is present, by the episode 4 mark.

Instead of seeing K through the entire scene, we now get shots of Soo Yeol interspliced with shots of K performing the same movements, and the resulting effect is pretty cool.

I’m impressed that Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon manage to perform their fight scenes, such that they both exude the same energy while delivering the same movements. I imagine that’s hard to do, and they pull if off really nicely.

The other thing I like, is how Soo Yeol and K are more cooperative with each other by this point in our story, and even work as partners.

Of course, there are teething problems, like [SPOILER] K giving all of Soo Yeol’s slush money away, while Soo Yeol goes berserk at not having enough money to pay rent for his fancy apartment, and Soo Yeol then trying to sneak in some shady dealings to store up some slush money – only to have K sneak in later, to bust the whole thing apart. [END SPOILER]

I have to admit, though, that I like the idea of all this, more than I do the execution. There’s something a little OTT about the execution, that’s not really doing it for me. Like, I feel like Soo Yeol’s a little too aggrieved, and K is a little too little-boy gleeful, and that perplexes me.


..I found that I didn’t care much, really, about what happens in our story world, despite the silver linings.

I even found myself not really keeping track of side character names, because, not only do most of them get killed off anyway, I found that I didn’t have a lot of interest, in what happens to everyone.

Also (and this is a pretty big thing, actually), I find that I’m not into Show’s brand of humor, which tends to lean broad, and also, occasionally manic.

Show does serve up a couple of nice-ish twists within its first 7 episodes, that kept me interested enough to keep going, at least for a bit, but that didn’t quite prove to be enough, unfortunately.


It was when I was about a third of the way through watching episode 7, that it suddenly clicked for me, that I am simply not invested in this show or these characters.

I also found the scene, where Soo Yeol and K are stuck in the delivery van, and K is very exaggeratedly thirsty, and insists on drinking water despite Soo Yeol’s protests, thus leading to Soo Yeol having to relieve himself into the bottle which had contained the water, rather too crass for my liking. 😬

Along similar lines, I also realize that just about everything, and just about everyone, in this drama world, is just too in-yo-face, loud and OTT for my taste.

I do like the glimmers of bromance between Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon, and the glimpses of growth in Soo Yeol, but to be brutally honest, it’s just not enough to outweigh the stuff that’s not working for me personally.

I’m a little bummed that this one didn’t work out for me, but it’s nice to know that, 1, lots of other people enjoy this show, and 2, Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon are clearly having a whale of a time, making this drama together.


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Melissa Berberich (Moeberb)
Melissa Berberich (Moeberb)
4 months ago

I’m a complete sucker for Dong Wook since watching him in Guardian with Gong Yoo. I absolutely adored B&C to the extent that I found this article while looking to see if we’re getting a second season.

Yes, it’s OTT. It’s supposed to be. And yeah, K’s nuts with zero impulse control. That’s because he does all the things that Su Yeol is too proud or scared to do.

If you’re looking for a suck you in, deep plot, life changing drama, it’s not for you. If your in the mood for some quirky fun, peppered with typical Korean humor, and a few great (though freaking frustrating) mysteries, please check it out and sick around for all 12 episodes. I promise, it’s worth it.

5 months ago

Your contrast of the intense fever dream with the “boredom” of the quiet beats was so helpful. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t connect with this one (and I only made it through ep3), but that hit the nail on the head for me. Too much whiplash. And so much crazy that I just couldn’t connect with the characters or even the plot well enough to hold on. It felt like I was hanging onto the back of K’s motorcycle without any motivation other than I just didn’t want to die. So I’m giving up without guilt. Life’s too short for a fever dream that doesn’t include Junho. 🤣

8 months ago

It looked to be a good drama bu t they messed it up. Didn’t know what was going on. Had so much potential. Lee dong wook needs to find better scripts eventually.He was awesome in Strangers From Hell. Try to like this guy but most of his work is just meh.Both of the main lead tried the best in this one. And the villain russian girl was so good.

11 months ago

i personally loved the show.

11 months ago

Just finished the series and I loved it! It’s totally fun when you don’t want something too serious or overly romantic. I loved the character development. I would recommend the show for some light-hearted entertainment!

Ms Witty
Ms Witty
11 months ago

I actually love the show, its quirky, over the top, funny… Got hooked after first 5 minutes. It just hits different! Soooo would have loved to see more!

1 year ago

You mirrored every one of my thoughts about this drama. Dropped it on episode 7 to watch something much better: “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”. I thought I was really going to like “Bad & Crazy” and did fall for the crazy split personality mystery in the early episodes, until I realized their characters were beginning to blend, and it was then that my interest began to fade. I thought about going on just to see if there would be a scene at the end where the psychiatrist has Soo Yeol say goodbye to K, like the drama “Kill Me Heal ME” did when Ji Sung as Cha Do Young said good-bye to each of his split personalities, the hardest being the bad boy ‘Seung Gi’ who loved our female lead Oh Ri Jin, played by Hwang Jung-eum. Very emotional and it’s still one of my favourite kdramas. For me, ‘Bad and Crazy’ veered away from character layering for much too long so that we could be impressed by car and motorcycle chases, knife fights, murders and intricate plot twists. It felt like the writer was just moving characters from one scene to the other, but never really showed us much interacting with each other in a meaningful way. Too much yelling instead. And as of episode 8, it seemed like this drama would just turn into a police procedural, which isn’t my genre unless there’s depth of character. I know I’m dropping this just as the characters go deep, but sadly it’s been too little, too late, and I’m not that invested in any of the characters. Even the romance lacks chemistry which is a surprise for me because Lee Dong Wook can ‘smolder’ when needed. Likely the writer has to wear that too. And since Netflix oftern likes to choose dramas better suited to american audiences than korean, I’m thinking that likely I distanced myself faster because I was missing the emotional underpinnings that korean writers do so well. Kim Se Bon who wrote “Bad..” is credited with the last 3 episodes of “The Uncanny Encounters” after writer Yeo Ji na quit. I also read an article saying that the ending was not as popular compared to te rest of tge series. But that’s all conjecture for “Bad 7 Crazy”…because I didn’t finish watching to the end.

1 year ago

Dropped after 20 min of ep one. I really wanted to love this one cs of the actor that also was in the movie midnight. Loved his craziness but this show it’s just too boring.

1 year ago

I’ve always liked Lee Dong Wook and have a recent fondness for Wi Ha Joon (because of 18 Again) but, surprisingly, I dropped Bad and Crazy earlier than you did—at around episode 2 or 3.

Reading your review now, I think I want to scrub through some of their moments together (when they’re cooperating already) but the story and all the other supporting characters aren’t for me too.

1 year ago

I’m currently at episode 10 and stalling. I tell myself that there are just 3 more episodes to go, but as you say K, I don’t really care about those characters. Now, objectively, it’s not a bad show and the acting is good (OTT, of course, but imo in a funny kind of way). But at some point (ep.8?) we kind of forget everything about the drugs network and we get into a complicated story about teen murderers, gaslighting and Soo Yeol’s back story. It isn’t bad per se, it just feels unconnected to the show as it was so far. Anyway, I’ll still watch it to the end, I think, but I can totally get why someone may decide to drop it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Natalia

I think you hit the nail on the head, Natalia. Episode 8 was the final straw for me when I said to myself “we seemed to have a long way from those insane moments earlier in the show of chaos and mayhem – when are going to get back to that?” I then found myself going “ho, hum” and realised I had been treading water for at least two episodes at this point. Yes, the acting is good, some of the characters are wasted, despite excellent performances (boss drug lady) and I think “eye candy” could have been handled so much better.

1 year ago

It actually gets good in episode 8, with the actual Suoyeol/K backstory and the child murderers. Unfortunately the boss story turned a lot of people off.