Early Access: Rainless Love in a Godless Land [Taiwan] Episode 1

Hi everyone!

Today, I thought I’d share my episode 1 notes on Rainless Love in a Godless Land! It’s a show that I couldn’t not check out, because it’s from the same good folks who brought us the amazing Someday Or One Day. 🤩 And, I was wondering if you’d like to join me on the journey!

These are my episode 1 notes, exactly as they appear on Patreon, ie, without screenshots (I’m saving those for the actual review). I hope you all enjoy, and I hope you’ll consider joining us over on Patreon, for the rest of the discussions! ❤️

Episode notes:

E1. I was a little thrown by Show’s first 15 minutes; not gonna lie.

In those 15 minutes, Show goes heavy on the mysticism in our drama world, and I honestly felt quite adrift. Everything felt so unfamiliar and alien, as Show leans into the mythology, and the magic of gods and Kawas, Kawas being spirits who are put on earth to be blessings to humans.

However, thankfully for me, after the first 15 minutes, our drama world feels a lot more familiar, with us being introduced to our female protagonist, and her daily life as a tour guide. This felt a lot more like what I’ve become accustomed to, in Taiwanese dramas, and that definitely added to my sense of comfort.

Even the cartoony office antics felt welcome, because those are things which seem to be hallmarks of just about every Taiwanese drama I’ve watched – not that I’ve actually seen that many.

It’s just that in each one that features any kind of office setting, the office stuff consistently vibes OTT and campy, as if it’s a taboo to remind Taiwanese drama audiences of what it really feels like, to go to work. 😅

Before I go any further, I think it’s helpful to say that I actually ended up liking this episode more than I thought I would. The first 15 minutes threw me so much, that I wondered whether I’d picked the wrong show to watch next. I even paused the episode just to see what other show I could consider, from my list, to take this one’s place, if I ended up not taking to this first episode.

Happily, I actually found this episode quite intriguing and enjoyable after all, and at the end of episode 1, I’m genuinely curious to see what else Show serves up, in episode 2. Meaning, if the first stretch of the episode throws you like it did me, do give it a chance, coz it could actually turn around.

Another thing that I think is helpful to know upfront, is that Show is reportedly pretty accurate in its portrayal of Taiwanese indigenous culture. The mysticism that Show delves into, comes from the Amis people, including the concept of Kakarayan as a creator god, and Kawas as spirits who bless.

This is all completely new to me, as I have no prior exposure to the Taiwanese indigenous culture, and that’s also part of the reason I was rather thrown at first. Also, when it comes to stuff related to the mysticism in our drama world, Show tends to use what I assume is the Amis indigenous language as well, which does not sound at all like Mandarin or Taiwanese.

In fact, when I started the episode, and the voiceover started in the Amis language, I triple checked my video, to make sure that I didn’t somehow end up with the wrong dub. 😅 I did get the hang of it partway through the episode, and it no longer threw me as much, whenever Show switched away from Mandarin, to the indigenous language of the Amis people.

So far, I’m pretty intrigued by our story set-up, where Kakarayan has decided to evacuate all the Kawas from the earth, because humans have treated the earth so carelessly, and therefore, he intends to withdraw his blessings from mankind.

Our male protagonist is Orad, the Rain God, whose role is to be Kakarayan’s messenger, to carry out the evacuation of the Kawas. And of course, things get complicated when Kawas are unwilling to leave because of bonds that they’ve formed with humans.

AND, it also looks like it’s going to be complicated by the fact that Orad himself appears to have a personal connection with Tiendi, our female protagonist.

I mean, I didn’t finish Goblin, but the set-up does strike me as having echoes of Goblin, with a male supernatural being having an emotional connection with a female human. However, I’m pretty sure the similarity ends there, because Tiendi isn’t Orad’s bride or anything.

In fact, at the end of the episode, we’re told that Orad’s been Tiendi’s guardian angel of sorts, since she’d been a child.

I find it very poignant, actually, that Orad is the only one between them who actually has memories of their past interactions, because he’s obligated to wipe her memories each time they interact.

Also, I find it an interesting idea, that those glitches in our human experience, where we suddenly forget what we were thinking, is explained as instances where a god has wiped our memories.

Of course, it’s also playfully ironic, that Tiendi is being positioned as a flaky, superstitious sort of person, by the people around her, who treat her stories of the supernatural with lots of skepticism, when in fact, she really is the one interacting with the gods.

On a side note, I find it kind of cute that Tiendi’s name, Hsieh Tiendi, literally means “thank the heavens and the earth.”

Because this show comes to us from the makers of Someday Or One Day, part of the fun for me this episode, was to pick out familiar faces from the Someday Or One Day alumni.

I kinda love Alice Ke in this, as our Cloud God; she’s so sassy and devil-may-care, as she does her own thing, and goes her own way, never mind what the other gods say. It’s also kind of trippy to see Yan Yu Lin as Wisdom God, after seeing him play Creepy Psychiatrist in Someday Or One Day.

And then there’s Zheng You Fei, who had played little Yuxuan, who plays little Tiendi here.

It’s all pretty fun and rather trippy; I feel like my drama worlds are colliding. On that note, I’m told that Greg Hsu has a small role in this as well, and that it’s best not to look up cast lists to find out what that role is. So, fair warning, you guys. 😉

I don’t quite fully get the magic that’s at work, that puts a drunk Orad and a drunk Tiendi in the same space, in her apartment, but y’know, the promise of an emotional connection between them, really does pique my interest. I kinda love the idea that the stoic Rain God, who’s intent on carrying out his mission to evacuate all the gods and Kawas, has a soft spot for a human, in spite of himself.

And, that epilogue, where we see that he’d been the one to heal Tiendi’s arm of what would have been a terrible burn, does lean quite precious, because this is where we see Orad actually smile an unguarded, carefree smile, when he’s typically impassive and detached.

Color me suitably intrigued; I’m genuinely curious to watch episode 2.

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1 year ago

Andddd, Taiwan dramas add another dreamy ML on my list of fictional but swoon-worthy men… Orad! <3 Ugh, Orad from the ‘past‘ breaks my heart into literal pieces.😭 Three Phoenixes Production has now done it for the third time [1. In Time With You and 2. Someday or One Day…]

Let me just quickly say this, Rainless Love is *everything* I wanted Doom At Your Service, and even Goblin to be… and it turned out to be even more! I mean we all love suit/coat wearing brooding Immortals, who walk the streets of a metropolis with a giant umbrella all melancholically, but w/o the need of trying ‘too hard’ to sound ‘too wise & profound’
It’s so lovely to see creepy Psychiatrist as a lovable Prof/ Wisdom God here. It’s also lovely to see the whacky fortune-teller from SD1D as the FL in this one, though I despise her hairstyle (I have seen it work on other actresses, but it’s weird on her!) 😛

>>I don’t quite fully get the magic that’s at work, that puts a drunk Orad and a drunk Tiendi in the same space<<
I’m pretty sure Tienti has the powers to beckon her Guardian Angel at her will. There is a really funny scene in the early-mid episodes that show us the ‘inconvenience’ Orad sometimes faces, as a result! xD

Like birdie pointed out below, Shi Shi’s song is lovely and has also made a permanent spot in my playlist.

KFG, a lil’ pointer you might find helpful… Each episode opens with a nugget of the Amis legend, which you probably would have suspected, would tie into our bigger story eventually. They are shown to us un-chronologically so that they don’t ‘spoil‘ the episode we’re watching or make it predictable. Since you’re recapping, you might find it super cool to see a legend in say ep 3, unfurl in ep 9, and likewise. ^^

1 year ago
Reply to  CarpControl

– Thank you for the tidbit on the opening with the nuggets on the Amis legend.

Mini Spoiler Epi 2
The second one did not seem to fit the episode 2.

1 year ago

Loving this one so far still after Episode 2! Hoping the Show stays solid like Some Day or One Day did 🙂

1 year ago

I was so excited about this one so maybe my expectations were too high and it had a great start but it totally lost me and it baffles me that the writers of someday or one day were the same ones who wrote the entirety of Rainless. Maybe coming up with the idea but the execution…not done well. I also didn’t love the female lead, possibly because Alice Ke is so charismatic the FL seemed more dim. I will say ShiShi’s Rainless Love song is still on my playlist and I adore it. I caught a live on her IG page while the show was airing and she sang it sitting on the couch tapping her fingers and it was STUNNING.