Flash Review: To. Jenny [Drama Special]

Thanks to all of you who recommended this short little drama special to me. It really is as endearing as you said it was, and I do like it as much as you said I would.

This is one of those times that I wish this story had a little more time to explore and tell its story. Instead of the 2 one-hour episodes we got, I think 4 to maybe 6 one-hour episodes would’ve done this story and its characters more justice – as well as given me more satisfaction. Yes, I’m being greedy, heh. 😉


Because this is a really short review, I’ve put the OST album at the end of the post, if you’d like to listen to it. Here’s Tiramisu Cake, a song that Lehar promised I would love (I do love it, thanks Lehar!).


Jeong Min (Park Sung Cheol) is an aspiring singer-songwriter who is talented, but suffers from crippling stage fright. One day he runs into Na Ra (Jung Chae Yun), the girl whom he’s had a crush on since high school, who’s now struggling to make a fresh start after the girl group she used to be a part of – Cocoa, where she used the stage name Jenny – disbanded. They form an unlikely friendship when Na Ra asks to take guitar lessons from Jeong Min.


1. The music is very good.

I am very, very impressed with the music in this show. The songs are clearly written specially for our story, and they are eclectic and heartfelt. It all feels very folksy and indie, with lashings of country soul, because some of the songs are about very mundane things like tiramisu, or pork belly, and yet manage to get under my skin. So quirky, and so good.

Both of our leads do their own singing and it appears that they both play the guitar for real as well. In particular, I think Kim Sung Cheol sounds great; his tenor voice has such a clear sort of timber that I really enjoy. I can’t tell for sure, but it also looks like he plays the piano for real too. (And he looks like he’s playing the cello for real, in Do You Like Brahms? as well, so I’m wondering at his music background. Unfortunately I couldn’t find more information about that; if you guys know more, please share in the comments!)

In my recent post about drama OSTs, Jeff mentioned that he’d love to see more dramas featuring real performances. I think this little drama special is right up your alley, Jeff! 😃

2. Our male lead is a very regular guy.

After Jesse made the remark that resulted in my post about regular guys as male leads, I’ve been more cognizant of the relative lack of male leads in Dramaland who aren’t chaebol princes or cold, perfect jerks. In this story, our male lead is a very, very regular guy. He has music dreams, but his daily life is very mundane and unexciting, he doesn’t have many friends, he has only a few followers on Instagram, and he’s very average-looking, too.

If you like seeing an average joe in a male lead role, this should work nicely for you.

3. His relationship with his sassy younger sister is endearing.

Jeong Min’s very close to his 10-year-old sister Ok Hee (Choi Yoo Ri), and confides in her regularly. Sassy lil sis dishes out advice about everything like a boss, which is quite cute, but what really gets me in the heart, is how she really does care about her older brother.

4. The main message of our story is liberating.

In the end, I like that Show’s emphasis is on our leads finding their voices, and the path that works for them, in life. I thought that was very uplifting and empowering.


1. The sound levels in episode 2 can be quite messy.

What I mean is, while I was watching episode 2, I found that sometimes the sound was very soft, like when we needed to hear our characters’ voices during certain conversations, and the sound for other things – background sounds, other conversations, or singing bits – would be disproportionately loud. I found myself adjusting my volume multiple times. I’d dial up the sound in order to be able to hear characters talking in a scene, only to find myself reducing the volume madly, when the sound level suddenly changed.

This was distracting, to say the least, and it did detract from my enjoyment. Bummer. But, I wouldn’t call it a dealbreaker, since Show is otherwise so winsome.

Note: As a caveat, I was watching episode 2 without being plugged into my earbuds, so any white noise around me (like the whirring of a fan) probably was a factor. I’ve checked the sound levels again with my earbuds in, and it does help, because the softer dialogue is much more audible with earbuds / headphones than without. I still think the sound levels could’ve been better managed, though.

2. Our story ends rather abruptly.

Again, this is not a dealbreaker, but it did feel like we ended our story rather suddenly (more details in the section on the ending).

3. It feels short, at just 2 episodes.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I think Show would’ve benefited from a little more screen time. That would’ve allowed us to explore our character arcs a bit more, and end our story, well, less suddenly.


It’s a rude shock when the Na Ra finds out that the agency is giving her song – which Jeong Min wrote for her as a gift, no less! – to agency rival Aileen (NC.A). I thought this was rather sudden, because prior to this, Na Ra’s CEO (Jo Kwan Woo) had seemed fully on board with the idea of Na Ra recording a single with the song.

It does galvanize Na Ra into quitting the agency, which I think is healthy for her, even though this does put her in a bit of a funk, where she isolates herself and hides from Jeong Min.

I thought it was really sweet of Jeong Min not to try too hard to impose his presence in her life, while still showing that he cares, by ordering food for her on the regular, with instructions to the delivery guy to just leave the food outside her door, if she says that she didn’t order it. It’s such a clear, everyday way to show her that he still cares, even though she won’t see him. Aw.

Jeong Min steels himself and signs up for the Open Mic night that Na Ra had suggested, and Ok Hee takes charge of helping him practice singing in front of people, so that he’ll get over his stage fright.

It does seem rather simplistic that Jeong Min would get over his years-long stage fright just from trying hard, but I get that he’s extra motivated because he wants to do this for Na Ra, so I’ll roll with it.

Open Mic night goes well, and although Na Ra doesn’t attend, she does learn how much of himself Jeong Min’s poured into helping her, via his Instagram account. It’s quite perfect that,  afterwards, Jeong Min shows up at the internet cafe where she works, to sing his heart out to her. It’s a gorgeous, heartfelt performance, and I feel so happy for him, that he’s even able to do this now.

We see that Jeong Min and Na Ra start broadcasting their music together on SNS, and while the growing ‘likes’ populate their screen, we cut away to behind-the-scenes footage. Like I said, the ending feels rather abrupt, but I really do like the idea of Jeong Min and Na Ra feeling free to make music on their own terms, him no longer a prisoner of his stage fright, and her no longer feeling at the mercy of an unfeeling and cold agency. Sing loud and fly high, my baby birds. 🎵🎶


Sweet, cute & poignant. Packs a lot of feels into its short run-time.




Here are both episodes, so that you can dip your toes in, right away!


22 thoughts on “Flash Review: To. Jenny [Drama Special]

  1. Lehar

    I know i feel so bad 😅. I am going to finish it . She was a high school student so yes it didnt work for me …not bothered by age gap but yes underaged. I think I will stay with jdramas this nov . “Marry me” is another sweet one with shorter length and weekly .

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Ahh, I see what you mean. I think the high school age didn’t bother me because in Joseon times, she would be of age to marry. At least, I think that’s why it didn’t bother me. It’s also possible that I was just giddy to have Kim Seul Gi and Doo Joon in lead roles on my screen. 😅

      PS: Thanks for the recommendation on “Marry Me” – I just looked it up and realize that it’s a contract marriage story, which I do have a soft spot for. I’ll add it to my list. Thanks! ❤️

      1. Lehar

        I didn’t know that (About the marriage age ) so thank you. I wonder what is legal age to marry in korea(by international standards) . I love Kim Seul Gi too. I hope she gets main lead roles as well. it is rather sweet and simple..there are less of kdrama-tropes. But “cherry love” is what you will find amazing . It is damn cute .

  2. Lehar

    I love your flash reviews !!!!
    this one is great . I am glad you liked the song . I hear that and opening song from time to time.
    I like seeing short dramas too but they all didn’t work for me. I actually was not able to like splash splash love and few others. But to.jenny was nice although i still have to complete 2nd episode .
    And please consider adding “30sai made dotei dato mahotsukai ni narerurashii” to your watch list. It is sweetest drama i have seen this year. Just 30 mins a week and it is so refreshing. It is still ongoing .

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Oh! What a surprise that you haven’t finished this one yet, Lehar, since it was your recommendation that pushed me to finally check it out! 😆 I hope you’ll like the second episode when you get around to finishing it! I loved Splash Splash Love so I’m a little bummed that it didn’t work for you. 😢

      Thanks for the J-drama recommendation, I’ve put it on my list for later! 🙂 Sweet, with short episodes, is a promising combination!

  3. Reaper

    I really wanted to watch this one even before your review but now I want it even more. Sadly no access in Europe.

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Try the Opera VPN hack, Reaper! Download Opera as your browser, and use the built-in VPN. You should be able to access it with your location set to Americas or Asia. 😀

  4. Snow Flower

    Started it today while waiting for Kairos subs, and love it! I already have Tiramisu Cake stuck in my head.

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Ah! That’s so cool, Snow Flower! 😀 I’m so happy that you’re loving it. And YES, Tiramisu Cake is such an earworm! I’ve had it stuck in my head most of today! But I also love the last song of the show, which I’m sure you’ll get to soon enough! 😉

      1. Snow Flower

        This drama had me at the very first song (Ha Ha). Kim Sung Cheol is such a good singer. I read that he started as an actor in musicals, so no wonder he does such a great job playing a musician in this drama.

        1. kfangurl Post author

          Ohh!! Did he start as a musical actor?? That explains a lot! 😀 No wonder he sounds so good! 🤩 Thanks for clueing me in, Snow Flower! ❤️

  5. Kay

    Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed this sweet little drama too. I also would have liked a few more eps of it to go just a bit more in depth. It was a nice little ray of sunshine 🙂

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Yes, it was a nice little ray of sunshine indeed! 😀 I think a few more episodes would’ve made this perfect. At just 2 eps, everything feels a little too fast and compact. Plus, I just want more time to listen to the music in this show. Kim Sung Cheol is so good! 🤩

      1. Kay

        I loved the music too! It just complimented everything so well. I definitely wish it was longer, but they did well with the 2 eps they had. I don’t watch a lot of movies and short dramas because there isn’t usually enough time for me to get invested in the story and characters. So I’m always impressed when I come across ones that are able to do it like this one 🙂

        1. kfangurl Post author

          I know what you mean, Kay! That’s why I don’t often watch movies and shorter dramas too; so often, I feel like I’m watching a highlight reel instead of a proper story. But I’m trying to keep an open mind, coz there are those that do it very nicely. And, I’m so pleased that I didn’t end up missing out on this one. The music alone makes it worth the while, really! 🤩

  6. Cristina Benedetti

    I love all of your reviews…but the recent ones about short web dramas are particularly dear and important to me….keep up the good work!

    1. merij1

      As Cristina says, it’s good to have a secondary list of these shorter shows to complement the long ones. Thanks, KFG!

      As someone who loves playing guitar but is prone to crippling stage fright, I feel this guy. And no, practicing would not have been enough to get past it.

      1. kfangurl Post author

        Ooh, then you’d find this little drama especially relatable! 😀 Also, yes, some suspension of disbelief is required around how he overcomes his stage fright, but otherwise, this one is pretty delightful. ❤️ I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    2. kfangurl Post author

      Aw, thanks Cristina, it’s good to know that these little drama reviews are valued as much as their longer cousins! 😉 Thanks for enjoying them! ❤️


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