Do you have a Dream Drama?

Y’know, like in your head, you have the Perfect scenario, the Perfect male lead, the Perfect female lead, the Perfect second leads, and the Most Perfect story arcs, Ever? The kind of idea that makes you go, “OMGGGG I WOULD WATCH THAT DRAMA!!!!”???

Where if you could have it your way, this drama would be filmed and produced, stat, and immediately given a time slot on a Korean network, so that the entire dramaverse would be able to inhale the awesome, in unison?

We have some, and are always cookin’ some more!

What’s our inspiration?

Sometimes a dream drama scenario is inspired by an awesome drama that we just wanna see more of.

Sometimes it’s inspired by the awesomeness of an actor / actress that we could so imagine doing a particular type of role flat-out brilliant justice.

Sometimes it’s coz there’s so much wasted potential in a disappointing drama (or dramas) that we start dreaming up an alternative, wayyy better drama for the actors/actresses/scenario.

What about casting?

Our rule is: anything goes.

The world is our oyster when it comes to casting. We can have our dream cast, even if it means it’s Jang Dong Gun (circa 2000) romancing Kim So Yeon (circa 2013).

Coz, dream dramas need dream casts – even if we have to time travel to get ’em! 😉

Index of Dream Dramas:

1. Pilot post omnibus

  • Billionaire Bistro Baby (starring Gong Yoo & Han Chae Ah)
  • Chuno 2.0 (starring Jang Hyuk & Shin Min Ah)
  • School 2013: The Adult Years (starring Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk)

2. Aurora (starring Kim Woo Bin & IU)

3. A Tale of Three Brothers (starring Lee Min Ho & his 2 real-life lookalikes!)

4. Afterglow (starring Choi Jin Hyuk & Go Ah Ra – and a star studded extended cast!)

…And more to come! Stay tuned!

27 thoughts on “DREAM DRAMAS

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  2. BE

    Sageuk: Done in a formal and old fashioned manner, and though perhaps some actors are too old for their parts, all we are looking for in casting is greatness, as in the traditional case with Shakespeare’s plays wherein the university aged Hamlet has often been played by men in their fifties. A sixteen episode–“Bang Won and Po-Eun On the Bridge. ”
    The first 8 episodes to the cliff hanger at the end, the eight days leading up to the assassination, and then the final 8 episodes beginning with the finish of the assassination at the beginning of episode 9, the eight days that follow.

    Lead–Jang Hyuk, Lee Bang Won

    Choi Min Sik–Lee Seong Gye
    Lee Byung Hun–Sam Bong
    Hyun Bin–Mu Hyul
    Kim Ha-Eun–Boon Yi
    Son Ye-Jin–Min Da Kyung (Bang Won’s wife)
    Han Ye Ri–Yeon Hee
    Song Joon-Ki–Lee Bang Ji
    Park Hyuk-Kwon–Po-Eun

    The cast and level of actors I always have wished for Jang Hyuk

    1. Snow Flower

      @BE, you are substituting Byun Yo Han with Song Joon Ki? Bang Ji is the role I always associate BYH with. I agree with you other choices.

      1. BE

        @Snow Flower: I love BYH in 6FD, but I always find his great talent is in developing character. I can hardly think of an actor so able to grow his characters over time. This would be in my mind a 16 episode JH vehicle, and Bang Ji would have a smaller role, albeit at the height of his powers in this, for which I just think Soon Jung Ki’s attitude and wit, the smirk and sharp tongue, would be a more perfect fit and serve as a better foil for the taciturn Hyun Bin’s Mu Hyul..

  3. BE

    Bawdy Comedy: About a large troupe of older down and out and younger as yet to hit the even small time performers who join a troupe attempting to recreate the kind of wandering performances of those back in the Joseon days going from one small venue to another, neighborhood parks in cities, town squares in small towns, and countryside settings in rural areas performing for the less than successful everywhere. Lots of misunderstandings, partner swapping, caught in the act errors, even perhaps some gender confusion, all played broadly.
    Large ensemble–troupe: Shin Se Kyung, Park Bo Dam, Seo Se Ji, Hwang Mi Young, Bae Doo Na, Ra Mi Ran, Song Joon Ki, Park Bo Gum, Jang Dong Joon, Ahn Je Hong, Ryeo Deok Hwan, Kim Joo Heon; troupe runners–Sung Dong Il and Jang Young Nam; troupe agent Kim Chang Wan.
    Running motif: Ra Mi Ran constantly flirting via double entendre jokes with Song Joon Ki (who gives back to make Mi Ran blush) and even bawdier jokes with Park Bo Gum who is thoroughly undone by it and cannot stop from blushing and becoming more awkward with each new and even racier joke she throws at him. Edgy and perfectly timed repartee, nagging, insulting–all goodnaturedly done but with just a little edge, highlighting each character’s obvious flaws between Sung Dong Il and Jang Young Nam’s characters. Sung Dong Il reprising his Ji Ho village square monologues done with even broader hyperbole. Song, avant guard haegeom music with Kim Chang Wan playing discordant electric guitar and Ra Mi Ran on lead vocal with all the young woman leads in k-poppy short skirts and midhriff visible outfits as back up. Sketches–mini vaudvillean comedy; mini sageuk scenes; mini gangster shorts–Song Joon Ki and An Je Hong in such doing operatic dialog with one another, and so on. Great funny erotic, relationship, and men! note sharing between Shin Se Kyung, Park Bo Dam, and Seo Se Ji.
    Guest roles with stars playing themselves: Jang Hyuk testing out whether or not he can resurrect his career as a rapper; IU trying out a whole new batch of more punk sounding music material and trying to be anonymous, but gets discovered is going to perform and attracts a myriad of young women doing funny bits; same episode Park Bo Gum totally starstruck by her and does an extremely awkward mumble with her trying to chat her up, while IU trying to be nice and living up to her sweetheart treatment of fans image has to extricate herself. So Ye Jin doing research for a movie comedy on a similar topic (super meta) finds herself hopelessly falling for Jang Dong Joon who makes her laugh so hard she cannot stop. And so on!
    Big budget, box office smash. Tell me you don’t love it.

    Sageuk with Jang Hyuk, next up.

    1. BE

      I would definitely add Kim Ha Eun to the cast, if nothing else than for avant garde hageom and girl talk scenes. Maybe to make an entire mess out of Song Joon KI.

  4. BE

    I do not usually like gangster dramas, but I can imagine a very well done and serious gangster drama played out as a tragedy maybe with a play on revenge in it about a pair of brothers who having grown up orphans on the streets of Busan and conscripted into the gang life to survive after witnessing some horrific violence to someone they cared about try unsuccessfully to extricate themselves from their gang with Yoo Ah In, Oh Jung Se, and Shin Se Kyung lead actors. Choi Min Sik, Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong, Gap Soo, and Lee Jung Eun among the supporting cast.

    I have other ideas, including an idea for a bawdy sex farce comedy, and will try to post them as time allows as well.

  5. Meong

    I always have this imagination of actor Kim Minseok play as someone who is catching ghosts in joseon era.

        1. kfangurl

          Hm.. off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other strong Kim Min Seok fan, I’m sorry to say. If I do think of someone, I’ll be sure to let you know! 🙂

  6. Lynette

    My two favorites K – actors are Shin Min a and Ji Chang Wook. Granted I only started watching K Dramas in March 2019(10 SO FAR and 2 Taiwanese Dramas), I have seen Ji Chang wook in two of them and I have to say he is extremely talented and has a swagger about him that makes me swoon. I’ve only seen Shin Min A in one Kdrama so far but she exudes this cool personality and seems like a confident woman which i like. I do not have a plot and age difference between them might be an unwelcome factor but i would like to see my two favorite K-actors(so far), act together:)

  7. rilla

    I wanted drama with park Bo gum as twins.one is intent,serious and another one as innocent like taek.

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  9. Lady G.

    Hi ladies! I really like PBG, He was great in Tomorrow’s Cantabile and terrific in I remember You/Hello, Monster. Those are the only 2 I’ve seen so far. Sometime I’ll consider him for a drama.

    Right now I’m currently drafting and working on a sequel to Afterglow, bringing back most of the old cast and introducing a new main cast. I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but the writing and story is going fantastic and Jaime from Drama Noona is collaborating with me as well. She’s awesome. It will be another epic.

    Here’s a sneak peek at the intro: (It may be altered a bit, this is just for now.)

    Title: Afterglow 2: Embers

    Embers…“The name serves as a warning sign for them. An ember may be a tiny piece of dying fire, but it’s still an active burning force that can ignite and wreak havoc again.” (Quote taken from end of Part 1)

    6 years have passed since the tragic events on the Han River Bridge between The Afterglow team and renegade Fire-starter Kwang Dae. Each member has grown and moved on with their lives. Their hopes, dreams, and goals have been irrevocably changed as they strive to make the restored Afterglow Island a safe haven, and keep those of their kind under protection.

    They are Project Ember.

    Project Ember continues to secretly help those whose lives have been forever altered with powers and abilities that in this reality would only cause panic, fear and disgust. But when tragedy strikes one of their own, they’re soon to be exposed.

    A darkness has loomed since the meteor first emanated its destructive forces. Over the decades, human lives were altered and lost, and sides had to be chosen. Now those who lurk in the shadows are ready to rise.

    They are Dominion.

    Project Ember is thrust into another fight for survival, as members are forced to choose alliances. The stakes are higher. Dominion has gained massive wealth and power with a fearless leader who cannot die and a terrifying ability to steal the youth from others. Their ultimate conquest is the world.”

  10. kaiaraiaa

    I hope Lady G does. I’m missing KSH a lot and Moonlight reminded me of The Moon Embracing the Sun so much plus these two are quite the actors–nuanced and layered. Though, in my book, PBG is not as layered as KSH yet, but with the trajectory of his acting magic, as you said, I’m sure he’ll get there in no time. He just needs a good role, excellent writer and director.

    1. kfangurl

      He’s done wonderfully in Moonlight, and I can only see him getting better from here on out. Gooo Bogummy~! ❤ I can’t wait for his next drama – I hope he gets to be melty-dreamy. I like him best melty-dreamy 😍😍

      1. kaiaraia

        We’re on opposite sides here. I love him intent, badass and smoldery. Hmmmm… a knight in shining armor….like…ahh… Aragorn in LOTR. LOL!

  11. kaiaraia

    I suddenly wanted me a drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum. I don’t care if it be a bromance like in Ouroborous or they be arch enemies. But I do wan’t it to be intense. I’m just imagining it, but am already dying of the awesome.

    1. kfangurl

      Ooh, that WOULD be pretty awesome. But then again, I’m enjoying PBG so much these days that I’d find ANYTHING awesome, as long as he’s in it, and delivering his particular brand of acting magic. 😍😍 Thanks for sharing your story idea – maybe Lady G might take you up on it sometime? 🙂

  12. kaiaraia

    I suddenly wanted me a drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum. I don’t care if it be a bromance like in Ouroborous or they be arch enemies. But I do wan’t it to be intense. I’m just imagining, it but am already dying of the awesome.

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