What’s Dear kfangurl?

A fairly new addition to the site, Dear kfangurl is an agony unni sort of thing, just specifically geared towards drama and fangirling.

I may not have all the answers you’re looking for, but I can certainly listen. And of course, share my own experiences and perspectives as well. Much like a friend might listen and share and chat with you over tea. 🙂

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Dear kfangurl:

…And more to come, as more questions come in!

Dya have a question?

Send me your question in the way that you feel most comfortable.

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120 thoughts on “DEAR KFANGURL

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Ahaha! Gosh, I really need to take a second look at that show – so many people have asked about this! I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting, but I do find that I need to be in the right mood for something like this, and.. well, that mood hasn’t been forthcoming. 😅

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