Flash Review: Home Sweet Home [Drama Special]

If you’re looking for a quick drama snack that’s big on wholesome, heartwarming feels – for the Thanksgiving holidays, perhaps? – and have just 1 hour and 8 minutes to spare, this little drama special might do the trick nicely.

By the way, this is not to be confused with KBS’s 2016 drama special of the same title, or with upcoming drama Sweet Home.

(I know, what is up with all the similar drama titles, right? So confusing!)


Soo Ah (Lee Joo Young) is an architect who aspires to one day own her dream home, but reality is a lot harsher than her dreams. When her boyfriend Yoo Chan (Kim Jin Yeop) proposes, Soo Ah is overjoyed, and sees this as her chance to finally realize her dream.

But.. things don’t quite go as she hopes or expects.


1. Our story feels relatable,

..and our characters’ struggles feel quite universal.

2. Our central theme is heartwarming,

..and a little thought-provoking too.

3. The acting feels solid.

Compared to the web dramas that I’ve watched recently (like Timing and Mute), our actors are more experienced, and it shows.

4. I like Lee Joo Young,

..and I found it a refreshing change to see her in a more “traditional female” sort of main role, after her less traditional role in Itaewon Class (where, for the record, I thought she was freaking awesome).

5. This is my introduction to Kim Jin Yeop,

..and shallow me that I am, I found him very cute, and he made his character very agreeable and endearing.

See? CUTE. 😍


1. This is, again, one of those times when I feel that a little extra screen time wouldn’t have hurt.

I would have liked to understand Soo Ah and Yoo Chan better, and I would have liked to see more of the family dynamics on both sides as well. I think a 2-episode length, similar to To. Jenny, would’ve worked nicely.

2. The secondhand embarrassment &/or vicarious dread

..of being found out can be a little strong at times, as Soo Ah does her thing. I could have done with a touch less of this, but then again, I have a fairly low threshold for secondhand embarrassment, heh.

3. I would’ve liked the ending / resolution to have had more screen time.


To be honest, the more Soo Ah got into using Joo Yeon’s (Han Jae Yi) apartment for her own purposes, the more I got Parasite vibes, and that made me increasingly uncomfortable, because it was quite excruciating, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

(Clearly, my nerves don’t do well with this kind of dramatic tension, heh.)

I’m happy and relieved that Show doesn’t drag this out longer than it does, and I’m also relieved that Show doesn’t go dark-crazy on me, a la Parasite.

I like that Joo Yeon gets her wake-up call, and proceeds to set things right, starting with ‘fessing up to Joo Yeon.

It’s poignant to see that ultimately, Joo Yeon doesn’t have such a perfect life either, and that serves as a big lesson to Soo Ah as well.

Understandably, Yoo Chan is very upset with Soo Ah for her deception, and it’s implied that he and Soo Ah break up. Soo Ah goes house hunting again, this time for an apartment where she can live on her own, and finally finds the one that feels like home.

I’m glad to see that Soo Ah is finally learning to be content with what she has in life, and it’s just bonus, that Yoo Chan comes back into the picture, still a bundle of affectionate warmth, ready to put things behind them, and reconcile. Aw.

For a short little drama special, I’m pretty impressed that Show’s able to tease out strong themes like shame, contentment and forgiveness.

Overall, a heartwarming little watch that feels quite perfect for the holidays.


A nice, compact serve of heartwarming, contented feels.




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3 years ago

The way you describe this show … It should be right down my alley. But I always have my problems with this short dramas. These one or two episode dramas or those dramas that have 10-20 min per ep are ususally shot like dramas but are shorter than a movie which makes it hard to put everthing in it.
I feel like if they are shot like a movie they would be more my style. I don’t know if I can get the point across here ^^
On top of that I am not a big fan of Lee Joo Young and I have no idea who Kim Jin Yeop is ^^