Flash Review: LOVE [Taiwan] [Movie]

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!! ❤️

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day movie to watch, this omnibus movie, which is all about love, might be a good contender. Show was released 10 years ago, specifically in celebration of Valentine’s Day – which is why I thought it’d be the perfect show to check out today, in honor of the season of love.

Psst! Links to watch are at the end of the review!


An omnibus sort of story, featuring 8 main characters, as they stumble through the confusing and sometimes perplexing thing called love.


Here are a couple of things that I think would be helpful to keep in mind, to maximize your enjoyment of your watch:

1. Show can be a bit of a slow burn.

It takes a while for the various relationships and narrative arcs to be established, and it also takes a while for things to get into gear, once established. I found it worth the wait, though, so I’d say hang in there, if you find your interest slow to perk up.

2. Our characters are all flawed.

I ended up liking this a lot. Yes, this means rather messy situations, and some messed-up individuals, and it’s true that this can be a little hard to watch, at times (thus the slow burn). At the same time, for the patient, Show teases out the idea that there is love to be found, even for those of us who have made big mistakes in life, and I liked that a lot.

3. There are lashings of implausible and OTT,

..which I think would be helpful to tweak your viewing lens for. Sometimes our characters behave in somewhat odd and bizarre ways – [MINOR SPOILER] like when Vicki Zhao’s real estate agent character tries to jump a wall, because she’s forgotten the keys to the house that she’s supposed to show [END SPOILER]. I found it best to just accept these quirks as part of our story world, and roll with it.

4. Show is 10 years old,

..so the production values are not as polished as more recent offerings. I thought it was well worth adjusting my lens for it, though.


1. Our story world feels surprisingly organic.

What I mean is, the intertwining of the various narrative arcs works in a more natural manner, compared to the average omnibus sort of movie. In the average omnibus festive movie, the way characters are connected sometimes feels forced, and the passage of time also tends to feel rushed.

However, that’s not the case here. I think it’s partly because our story timeline isn’t forced to fit into a single day, like a Christmas or New Year-themed movie might be, and partly because the way the characters are connected is written as reasonably organic.

2. Lots of Pretty, among the cast.

I personally definitely perked up at the fact that our cast list features not one, but three, very handsome male leads: Mark Chao, Eddie Peng and Ethan Ruan. Verrry nice. 🤩🤩

Also, I know I’ve talked quite recently, about Dramaland becoming a lot less obsessed with shirtless scenes these days, but y’know, I’m not about to complain, that both Eddie Peng and Ethan Ruan deliver extended shirtless scenes in this movie. 😁😅

There’s Pretty among the ladies too, with Shu Qi and Vicki Zhao in particular, being well-known for their beauty.

3. Show isn’t shy about the messy.

I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating, that I think it’s a plus point, that Show features messy people with messed up priorities &/or messed up lives.

It can feel a little confronting for those of us who are more used to the relatively more cleaned up and polished corners of Dramaland, but I do think that it’s ultimately a liberating message that Show offers us: that there is healing and love to be found, in even the most messed up places, by the most messed up people.

4. Ethan Ruan as Xiao Kuan

Out of all our characters, I found myself gravitating towards Xiao Kuan the most. I have a soft spot for underdogs, and Xiao Kuan is such an earnest, good-hearted, pure soul of an underdog, that I couldn’t help rooting for him, and wanting good things to happen for him.

[SPOILER ALERT] In particular, I loved how supportive he is, of his sister’s unexpected pregnancy, promising that he will take responsibility for the unborn child, for life – and meaning it. Augh. I just love him. ❤️ [END SPOILER]


In an omnibus festive sort of movie like this one, it’s par for the course, that pretty much everything gets wrapped up in a pretty bow, and pretty much everyone gets a happy ending.

What I appreciate about the way this show handles all of that, is that, like it is in real life, some of those pretty bows aren’t so neat, and some of the happy endings for our characters, aren’t quite in the form that they might have expected.

This makes it feel more true to life and more relatable, and I feel that this is one of Show’s strengths.

I still think that the arc between Mark Na and Xiao Ye (Mark Chao and Vicki Zhao) is a little out there, and that the fake parent thing counts as weirdly off-kilter writing, but I can’t deny that the smolder that Mark Chao wears, when his character Mark is up close and personal with Xiao Ye, is pretty darn compelling.

I didn’t feel this arc as much as the other ones, but my interest level was very much sustained, thanks to Mark and his effortlessly low-key yet very present smolder. 🤩

The arc around rich older guy Chao Ping (Doze Niu – who is also this movie’s screenwriter and director, wow!) was one that I found very touching.

I really appreciated that Chao Ping’s love breakthrough, has to do with realizing that wanting the best for Zoe (Shu Qi), is the best way to love her, even if that best has nothing to do with him. That’s one of the most selfless acts of love we see in this story world, and I found this very touching.

I also appreciate that it’s Chao Ping’s selfless push, that nudges Zoe towards actually taking action, when she sees Xiao Kuan again, at that wedding reception.

The impromptu proposal and exchange of vows, with the makeshift rings, is cute and all, but more than the happiness of this couple per se, I’m just so thrilled for Xiao Kuan, that his dream girl – the love of his life – is back, and he gets to be happy with her, finally. Aw.

I also thought it was a pretty great callback, that when Xiao Kuan promises to take care of her, Zoe echoes Xiao Kuan’s earlier words to her, that she doesn’t accept support – only love. That’s honestly pretty perfect. ❤️

The other arc that I found very touching, is how the messy love triangle gets resolved.

I’d honestly had my doubts about how this one would work out, considering the fact that Yi Jia (Ivy Chen) is pregnant with her best friend’s (Amber Kuo) boyfriend’s (Eddie Peng) baby. I’d found it hard to imagine a scenario where these relationships could be salvaged – and yet, Show manages it.

I like that Ah Kai finally faces up to the responsibilities of fatherhood, and I’m glad that he and Yi Jia decide that they will co-parent the baby, without being involved in a romantic relationship with each other. And, I’m glad that Xiao Ni (Amber Kuo) not only finds it in her heart to forgive Ah Kai and Yi Jia, but even goes so far as to ask to be the baby’s godmother.

Ah, wow. That is deep, y’all.

There’s so much forgiveness and grace in this picture, and it blows my mind that it’s forgiveness and grace, that has allowed a uniquely beautiful and blended family, to come out of what had looked like an irrevocably messy situation.

I love this idea, that love can conquer even the biggest and deepest of sins, and I’m so glad, that this is the thoughtful, uplifting, profound note that Show leaves us on. ❤️


A bit of a slow-burn, but works out to be earthy, warm and relatable, overall.



You can check out a subbed trailer on YouTube here.


You can check out this movie on OnDemandChina, or Viki.


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mon mor
mon mor
1 year ago

A question about accessing dramas? When MDL says a drama or movie is on Netflix, where in the world is that? Does not seem to be North America. I am suffering from drama fatigue but can’t find where I was posting about that.

mon mor
mon mor
1 year ago
Reply to  mon mor

Viki shows all the Korean dramas they have. I can’t figure out how to search Netflix successfully other than knowing a title.

1 year ago
Reply to  mon mor

@mon mor – I don’t know if this will help because it’s for North America and I don’t know where you are:

Here’s the link to all Korean dramas on Netflix at any given time. Netflix code for Korean dramas https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/67879

Although one thing I hate when searching Netflix for Korean dramas is if I’ve sat there for 30 minutes looking at show “posters”, then I want to go back through to pick something that I saw earlier, the posters images change to different scenes or actors from the show! That makes it harder to choose if you’re not looking for something specific or don’t know the title.

All shows by categories that your Netflix app won’t show you:

How to search by code

The cool thing about the above “how to” is that I saved it years ago and when I opened it just now, they’ve updated it with the latest info.

1 year ago

So I watched Ethan Juan in Cupid’s Kitchen and he was great in that. So this I am definitely going to check this one out!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shahz

Shahz – I am going to check this out.

1 year ago
Reply to  phl1rxd

It is a really nice and simple show but engaging. Also Song Zu Er is in it( Sanli The Bond) and they are both lovely in it.
And I don’t think you saw but I left you a message on Patreon on Crack of Dawn( crime drama) it is on YouTube after Avenuex reviewed it. I started watching it and it really interesting. Just wondered if you had chance to check it out?

1 year ago
Reply to  Shahz

Shahz – no, I have nor watched it. I am in a lull right now, not being being to catch up on unfinished dramas due to a mental block, so I will definitely check it out.

I am a lot behind right now and am not able to check Patreon out as I usually do. I am going to check both of them out. Thanks a million Shahz!!

1 year ago
Reply to  phl1rxd

Well we miss you over at Patreon! Do let me know your thoughts once you give them a look. I immediately thought of you when I started Crack of Dawn!

1 year ago

Fangurl – just checked out the trailer and this demands to be watched, like right now! Everybody looks so young in the poster…

1 year ago
Reply to  phl1rxd

Fangurl – I honestly would never have found this without your post. Thank you. I enjoyed this lots. My favorite part was the Mark Chao and Vicki Zhao arc. I saw Ethan Juan in Legend of Fu Yao last year and he left a great impression on me. I felt that he stole the spotlight. There is an sincere goodness about him that is so nice.
Thanks again!