So I had a reader request for a rating system across all the reviews, and I really liked the idea. I realized it’d be helpful for readers who’re looking for a show to love, but hesitate to dive into actually reading reviews.

This is part of the reason that I tried out this rating system in my 2014 Year-in-Review post. Most folks seemed to like it, and just as importantly, I feel like I can work with this, so here it is! I hope you guys find it helpful. 🙂

TIER A: You Grabbed Me

Basically a “Tier A” drama is a show that grabbed me; my attention, my heart, and sometimes, even a little bit of my soul.

These dramas may not be perfect (there probably isn’t such a thing as a perfect drama, is there?), but they’ve accomplished the most important thing of all. They sucked me in to their narrative worlds, and left me wanting more after each episode.

TIER B: Some Adjustments Needed, But I Liked You

A “Tier B” drama is a show that I might’ve had to make major lens adjustments for, but which I managed to enjoy quite well, for all its flaws.

How much I like a Tier B drama varies; it can range from “Ooh, I liked it a lot!” to “Quite alright, though not terribly exciting.” The key to this tier is, the dramas didn’t quite grab me enough to get into Tier A, and at the same time, they didn’t force me into the Land of Meh either (otherwise known as “Tier C”).


Pretty self-explanatory, really. Tier C dramas basically disappointed me, or didn’t work for me whichever way I adjusted my viewing lens. Generally underwhelming, is what I’d call it.

TIER D: Dropped / Disappointing / Dislike

This is an additional tier that I’m adding, on another reader’s suggestion.

Even though I’ve learned to drop a show if I really dislike it, I do have a couple of reviews on the site which were written earlier, when my completist streak was stronger. Which is why a Tier D show could be anything from a show that I dropped, to a show that I really, actively disliked.

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