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1 hour ago

Greetings from India !!
First of all let me thank you for being a becon for someone like me who is new to the K-dramverse .
On your recommendation i watched “Coffee Prince” ( that too twice in quick succession ☺️. I watched a couple of them on my own, like It’s Ok to not Be Ok, Crash Landing on You, and they were good) But Coffee Prince blew up my mind through its story, superb acting, direction and last but not the least , the sizzling chemistry between the OTP.
This drama has set a standard for me now. I may not be able to watch anything below the set standard. So may I request you to please suggest some k- dramas as par with Coffee Prince.
And a small question( i hope, it shouldn’t sound stupid)… Doesn’t the name suggest the gender it is referring to in Korean language? I mean, in India , a name itself suggest whether the person is a male or a female. Can’ Kon Eun Chan ‘be a name for both male and female? Thanks .

4 days ago

– Another good 1-hour show is Swine Escape. It’s part of the 2013 MBC Drama Festival. It stars Park Ki-Woong whom I cannot stand and almost didn’t watch this because of my intense dislike for him as an actor. But I couldn’t resist the idea of a yangban being sold into slavery and feeling that oh-so-too-tight shoe on the other foot. As usual the Koreans know exactly the right amount of humor and just a smidgen of the tragedy to keep this light but still get its message across. It also features the ever wonderful Jo Woo-Jin.
I’m adding my suggestion here because I know your list is a mile long and two feet wide so don’t want you to feel obligated but I think this show did a good job for its single hour.

4 days ago
Reply to  beez

– I forgot to add, this show allllmost made Jo Woo-Jin likeable to me.

Annabeth Kerfuffle
Annabeth Kerfuffle
1 month ago

Dear kfangurl, I’ve been watching some older dramas lately, and I was wondering – how did the K-drama tropes that are oh-so-common today come to be? Was it something that happened gradually? Was there one (or a few) seminal dramas? What are your thoughts on this?