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Review: The Suspect [Guest Post]


Drum roll please, everyone! I’m excited to announce the first guest post on this blog!! Wheee!! :D

A number of you would already be familiar with Lady G, who’s an unnie on this blog. She is always such a pleasure to chat with, and always has such interesting and insightful thoughts to share that I always look forward to her comments.

When it was announced that The Suspect was premiering in New York, we all squealed out loud in envy over at our GY Running Man Squee Fest Facebook group (yes, the squee-fest is over, but the squeeing has happily continued, heh), coz this meant that Lady G would get to see this movie on the big screen. We – pretty much in unison, really – commissioned Lady G to tell us alllll about her experience of watching Gong Yoo in his first action role on the big screen.

Being the awesome gal that she is, Lady G didn’t just come back with lots of incoherent spazzes and gushes, though we wouldn’t have blamed her if she did. I mean, it’s Gong Yoo on the big screen after all. Heh.

Nuh-uh. Instead, she wrote a whole review of the movie, and here it is!

Take it away, Lady G!

Hey all! This is LadyG. I want to thank kfangurl for allowing me to be a guest blogger and give my two cents on Gong Yoo’s international smash action film, “The Suspect.” This is not a summary of the film, there are plenty of those to be found now on the web.

The cinematography is cold and blue toned-there’s no warmth here, expect maybe in a dreamy/hazy flashback with Gong Yoo in the background while his 14 year-old looking wife hangs laundry. Some critics/reviews complained that the camera work was headache inducing. But I think that was over-stated. It’s not shaky-cam, but there are a lot of cuts back and forth. Particularly with the action sequences. I guess when you need to read subtitles and watch the action at the same time it can bring on a headache. But I was fine with it after a few minutes.

Violence quota: This is a revenge action movie. There was violence, as much as a Hollywood film. I don’t know which has more, I rarely watch movies of that kind. Some Korean films tend to be brutal. But I expected as much. The violence in “The Suspect” was not just random shoot-em-ups and body counts like a lot of American films. Every act, no matter how much I personally cringed and shut my eyes, had its purpose to forward the plot.

Language: Korean. haha. But I mean foul language. I’m writing this warning for viewers like me, that don’t appreciate it and may want to know how much is in the movie. Again, it’s like Hollywood standard. The more I learn the Korean language, the more I don’t trust English subtitles. The have a habit of adding more hard core curses than is actually spoken in Korean. Also, I’m learning that the subtitling often simplifies what the character is really saying. I suppose the subbers felt that given the mood of the character or the way a line was spoken, a big curse would substitute just fine. The English flashback scene in the film is all of 2-4 minutes when GY’s character is in Puerto Rico. Gong Yoo doesn’t speak, but there’s plenty of big bad English cussing. I hate cursing no matter what, so it was annoying to read it/hear it, But ottoke? I put on my big girl panties and dealt with it.

Gong Yoo is tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome as the suspect, Ji Dong Chul. And that’s just standing there without trying to be. He’s no poser. You believe this is a man of few words and all action. Gong Yoo was so tanned in some scenes, you’d think he was mixed with Spanish, Indian, Filipino, or any dark-skinned culture. It created a rugged appearance that fit in with his strenuous, I mean STRENUOUS, past. Dong Chul went through horrific training in the North Korean army to come out as one of the best spies in the world. He was later tortured in barbaric ways and managed to escape. (No real spoilers there; if he didn’t, there would be no movie!)

The tan made him stand out against the stark grey and blue palette at times. Let’s face it, the man was shake-and-baked, fried to a crisp, sauteed ala mode!

His body and abs were ripped beyond ripped. A truly silent but deadly and efficient North Korean spy defector that could kill you with a glance.

Dong Chul is disengaged from society, and constantly watched by the Government because he is a known defector. He lives in run-down shack and speaks to no one. Inside his wall is plastered with maps, photos and lists – his plan of revenge. When you see him in action he moves with an efficiency that can be compared to a robot. This man was trained to be a terminator. But his tormented eyes reveal his humanity, he is a grieving husband and father. A human being.

 You wouldn’t want to meet Dong Chul in a dark alley.

I’ve said it in my blog comments before. Gong Yoo looks like a gorgeous cat. Yes, a cat. Even more so in this movie. And I found myself giggling about it. His moves and stunts were powerful and reminded me of a panther. I’m strange, I know. I used a picture for emphasis.

Gong Yoo probably had no more than 15 lines in the whole 2 hours and 17 minutes. But he conveyed every emotion through those beautiful and piercing big eyes – vengeance, pity, sadness, anger, and he mastered the stoic poker face. His stunts and all the fighting/martial arts sequences were amazingly choreographed. You can tell he pushed himself to the limit. Whatever the limit is that allows actors to perform their own stunts.

I really like actor Park Hee Soon. He nearly stole the entire movie as hard-nosed, cynical, but eventually sympathetic soldier/agent, Min Se Hoon. The introduction to his character on the army plane is not to be missed. Se Hoon is hot on Ji Dong Chul’s trail. (And looking hot while doing it too!) Se Hoon had a run-in with Ji Dong Chul in the past, made it out alive, and is used by shady law enforcement to hunt him down again. On a side note, the technology in this film is really modern and effective. And I was reminded of the great show and movie “The Fugitive” in the way he relentlessly hunted Dong Chul.

Se Hoon had all the best lines and comebacks. He may have been the most fully developed character because of that. He was aided along by the only comic relief character, Captain Jo, played by Jo Jae Yun. An obnoxious, but intelligent and loyal, gum-chewing soldier. 

Actor Kim Sung Kyun also gives a strong and chilling performance as a hitman/spy being stalked by Ji Dong Chul. Fans will immediately recognize him from the recent hit drama “Answer me, 1994” as the straight-laced/stuffy 19 year-old who looks 40.

It’s hard to say much about the plot without giving away major twists or the ending. Basically Dong Chul is framed for the murder of a scientist with a secret formula that the North Koreans would kill for. He is given the formula and told to “bury it” then goes on the run. But Dong Chul is also out for vengeance to find the man who killed his wife and daughter. Be prepared for major edge-of-your-seat action and some of the absolute best car chase scenes ever made.

Evidence of a fantastic car chase! The way they were able to weave through the mazes and stairwells of the Korean neighborhoods was absolutely astounding.

As an action movie, “The Suspect” rivals Hollywood films, and in my opinion is even better. But of course it adds that unique Korean flair. There’s a heart underneath the madness. It doesn’t bog you down with sentimentality and ham-over acting as many Korean films do. Except for the big villain’s obviously ‘evil laugh’ near the end. Muwhwahaha!

This is a pure revenge flick. There are no real goody-goody heroes. Everyone is an anti-hero and has their own morally grey agenda given their profession or lot in life. But they all somehow come together for a greater good – or bad. They do what they have to do.

K-Drama fans: DO NOT expect any type of cutesy romance or sweet gestures and antics from our beloved Gong Yoo. The only active female in this movie is an investigative reporter played by Yoo Da In. She helps Gong Yoo hide-out and manages to expose all the lies and secrets around him. There’s a mutual respect between them, but no love or even hinted chemistry. With all the craziness, there’s simply no time for it. I think the writers were smart to avoid a romance factor. It would have belittled Dong Chul’s mission of revenge and love for his lost wife and child. Dong Chul is a man dead to the world, taking his grief to the max. But he still has a heart underneath his stony exterior and that is made clear in a few scenes. But If you were ever in immediate danger, you would want him on your side and running to your rescue. Don’t miss that scene!

Despite the long length, you never feel bored. When the action slows down briefly, there’s still the element of intrigue to keep you on your toes.

The most memorable things about this film are the intense and wild car chases (I guess they don’t have air bags in Korea? Haha!) Park Hee Soon’s performance is award worthy, and the haunted expressions on Gong Yoo’s face will stay with you for a long time to come. (Okay, okay, and those abs.)

A face that has seen the worst of humanity and is full of anger and some regret for taking part in it.

It’s not a deep or profound film, but a great popcorn flick. Regardless, Gong Yoo is such a huge talent. Because his character was so darn quiet, I fancied him in a silent twenties film with pale make-up, exaggerated eyes, and wild gestures. He’d be absolutely perfect for it.

Something like this:

(That’s Sessue Hayakawa, a popular Japanese Silent film star in America. It’s a shame a lot of those films got lost or rotted away from improper handling or studio fires. I like Silent movies and would love to watch ones with real Asian stars. Not white actors with taped eyes.)

I’m not surprised that Gong Yoo’s International fan base is so huge that this movie made it to New York City. I remember reading the comments by Spanish fans salivating because he went to Puerto Rico in the summer of 2013 to film. He is now a certified action star. I can imagine the action movie scripts are rolling to his doorstep now. I would rather he do another TV drama, even if it’s action, or an action-packed Sageuk like “Chuno.” He would be fantastic!

Gong Yoo is hard to pin-down or typecast because he is constantly re-inventing himself. From jerks in his earliest films, to adorable rom-com leading men, to subtle, yet powerful dramatic actor/accidental activist in “Silenced/The Crucible,” and now a rough and sexy action star.

I can’t wait to see what he does next! Gong Yoo…Fighting!


*From the VIP Premiere of “The Suspect.”


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121 thoughts on “Review: The Suspect [Guest Post]

  1. Wheee! It’s here! Was wondering when we’d hear from you Lady G :). What a great run-down of what to expect. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m relieved to hear it does have a Korean flair and has it’s own identity beyond being a rehash of say, the Bourne films. And it sounds like it’s action well executed! So Gong Yoo doesn’t hv many lines?? That’s interesting, and it fits the character, and as we all know he is more than capable of expressing himself in other ways :D


    • LOL. Thank you. Now to be clear, I never saw the Bourne films. Maybe I should, because i heard good things about them. But I can’t say if it was a rehash or a clone of them. We’ve definitely seen this story told before, but, I will insist that the Koreans give it that special something – maybe it’s the twist upon twists they are so adept at, and the emotions, that makes it rise above the action movie muck out there. :)

      At some points you wish he would start talking, but the dead air totally fit his character. By the end, you wouldn’t want him to suddenly start spouting stuff and doing “Puing! Puing!” That would ruin Dong Chul’s epic ‘coolness.’


      • I mentioned the Bourne films coz that’s what the trailer immediately reminded me of. There’s some pretty thrilling car chase sequences in those films too, and I’d recommend watching them even if you’re not into action films. And your description of Dong Chul’s economy of movement is exactly what Bourne does too. The Korean flair does hv that emotional thing going on, and those twists, and also the absurd humour or weird comedic beats.
        And now that Gong Yoo has proven his versatility on film, I do hope he returns to dramaland soon! With something that will stretch himself in other directions. Maybe something on cable, maybe a melodrama? Something meaty, and preferably, sexy ;). But whatever, I’ll take him in anything!!


        • I will definitely have to check the Bourne films out. Wasn’t Matt Damon invited to the Premiere of The Suspect? Or they wanted him to actually appear in it? Wouldn’t that have been wild? Bourne popping up in a flashback scene-because there was the scenes that explain who these top-secret spies are worldwide. I could definitely see them saying, Jason Bourne-top spy for America, and showing a clip, then Ji Dong Chul, for North Korea.

          I was exhausted just watching Gong Yoo in action, I wouldn’t blame him if he was still sleeping off the role. lol. I really hope that after ‘Big’ he isn’t too turned off by dramas. They are like a Korean actor’s real bread and butter. I personally enjoyed ‘Big’ despite the confusion. That cemented his quirky, rom-com personality to me. And then I saw him in that long interview and he was very different, a quiet, and thoughtful type of guy and Intelligent.

          Yes, a meaty and sexy role would be great. And he needs a good leading lady. Who would you pick? I would like him to work with Song Hye-kyo. She’s gorgeous and a terrific actress.


          • Yeah, I read Matt Damon had agreed to cameo in the film or something but it didn’t work out. It totally would’ve been wild! What was the response of the audience when you watched it? Were people cheering and stuff? I remember American audiences are pretty vocal the one time I saw a movie in the US. And it was in New York too! Heh.

            Oh you know, ever since I read the news of Kim Hee Ae & Yoo Ah In doing a noona romance melo, my imagination has been working in overdrive and thinking Gong Yoo could totally do that role too if the drama skewed slightly older man. I think he’s an actor who could drum up chemistry with a potato, but Song Hye Kyo would be great indeed. Someone like Shin Min Ah too, both are impish and mischievous and gorgeous. And a role in a drama like Chuno would be awesome too! Although I have difficulty picturing him in hanbok!


            • LOL. He so can have chemistry with a potato. He should get a movie like Tom Hanks and the Volleyball Wilson. lol. I don’t think I’ve seen a Shin Min Ah drama yet, but she is beautiful. We have to see Gong Yoo in the whole nine yards, Hanbok, long hair, he already rocks the facial hair so that’s not a problem. lol

              The theater was really small, half the size of a regular or Imax theater. And there were only 2 groups of young Korean guys and gals chattering in Korean amongst themselves. I was so into it, but I really don’t remember any reactions. I know I made a bunch of oohs and ahhs, and there were bits of laughter at certain parts. I went at a weird time, the 4:40pm show. lol. I didn’t want to get home too late by myself on the subway.


          • Enticing review Lady G! As if I’m not already interested, hahaha! I want to see this right now! How long must we wait…. I’m a Bourne series fan, started off with the novels long then the films when they came out.

            Yay, that we’re on the same line of thinking. I too want GY and SHK together, I’ve actually written about that in the GY thread. We seem to be having a lot of common likes.

            Of all you’ve said, I love this the best!
            “The tan made him stand out against the stark grey and blue palette at times. Let’s face it, the man was shake-and-baked, fried to a crisp, sauteed ala mode!”


            • LOL! Thanks Kaiaraia. Now I have to check out those Bourne series. I was never a big fan of Matt Damon, I guess that’s why I didn’t bother from the beginning. But he’s cool. If I come up with another ‘dream’ drama for Gong Yoo I’ll make SHK his leading lady. :)

              That tan joke makes me laugh, it had to be said about this. Way back in 10th grade I had a funny friend who was poking fun at the gym teacher and she went on and on, calling him shake and bake, sauteed, fried, glazed, marinated, grilled, I never forgot it because I laughed so much.


  2. Wow, can’t wait to watch this movie, thank you for the review.. Cheers


  3. This is SUPER-DUPER YAY!…i am bowing my head to Lady G…y’know this past few days i keep on checking my mail if somehow there will be updates on GY and on the rest of the page of this lovely blog….i get so lonely when i found none…>.<..i am feeling so down this couple of days because i terribly miss this blog site of kfangirl…

    ….this first quarter of this month is super hectic for me that i needed to give up even to open my various account on the net and of course this site!…i am always doing outside work as of now and the worst my tab is broken…what i can do is open my inbox from yahoo mail and do some liking and write brief comments on FB through mobile…

    ….as i am going home today and as i terribly dead tired and bored…while on the bus the notification from my yahoo suddenly popped up….dannnndadadarannnn: The Suspect Review from a fellow GY lover Lady G.!!…my! oh my!… i need to visit a net shop in order to thank Lady G…..this post serves as a caffeine to me, as i am feeling so low after reading this i suddenly feel alive and restore my energy! …:)

    …. ;) THANK YOU LADY G.!…you really are a sweet one…and i truly admire your thoughtful mind… you really made your time and effort to share what you saw and experienced from watching Suspect…and this is a great post..

    <3<3<3 i love the last paragraph of your post: Gong Yoo is hard to typecast in a role…yes he is!….as he aged he continues to polish himself as a man and as an actor. GY is readily taking risk and continue to grow that's why we remain to love this man and i am so much happy to his new endeavor and hoping more big things to happen on his career…and now that his movie is being acknowledged in the US how about him do a Hollywood movie with American actors?…like Lee Byung Hun and Rain….wouldn't you like that idea gals?…


    • Aw. Sweet, dear evez. ❤ I’m sorry you’ve been feel a little down lately.. The festive season and new year has meant that most people have been busier than usual and that’s meant generally quieter days on the blog. I’m just now back from a super hectic week in HK myself. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to give the blog some TLC and bring you guys a new post or two.. And hopefully everyone else will be properly settled into the new year soon, so that the shared squee can continue, and bring you some sunshine ^^


      • ..and thanks for the comforting words….<…and honestly i get so jumpy when i don't see any updates from this blog!…i am hearing my thoughts saying: ahhhh chincha!…maldwonde!…

        …i don't like this blog to be soundless at all so thank goodness Lady G. is sweet enough and shared her post on our man and i am feeling delighted about it…and YAY that you are coming back ;) <3


        • D’aw. Knowing that you’re eagerly waiting for updates definitely motivates me, evez! ❤ I’ve got a couple of reviews waiting to be written/finished – hopefully I’ll be able to finish those and put them up within the next couple of weeks!

          The soundlessness was really a combination of festive busy-ness for everyone, and my own very hectic work trip. We should be back to our regular programming now ;)


          • oh?…you have another review coming up?…that would be nice!… ;), so that’s why you’ve been away from your blog for awhile…well, i do understand how busy you are on work and keeping this blog to have something new is not that easy..i understand how tedious it is to choose the review materials and gather your thoughts to write especially when you are tired and has a lot of things to make up for,..just take it easy and don’t stress yourself so hard…

            we are just here waiting….as always!..<3<3<3 ;)


            • Hee. Yes, I have a bit of a backlog, actually. I’ve finished Heirs, Master’s Sun and my rewatch of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I want to write reviews for all 3 shows, but have been really busy. I was away for work for a very full and hectic week, and am now in recovery mode. My brain’s a little tired still, but I hope to make progress on the reviews next week ^^ Thanks so much for your patience!! ❤❤❤


              • I couldn’t take Heirs. :/ After the 2nd episode I bowed out, but checked in for KWB’s scenes. I look forward to reading all those reviews. I skipped Master’s Sun because I don’t like ghosts or much supernatural stuff. I do love So Ji Sub though. Not a big fan of GHJ. And S scandal was one of my earliest K-dramas, my second, because I was still just watching Song Joong Ki dramas. :) It was really good. But I don’t care much for the gender bender genre.

                Congratulations on getting an official URL! If any K-drama blog deserves it, it’s this one! :D


                • LOL!…i understand why you don’t like Heirs Lady G. and Kfangirl is right when she said it’s underwhelming that 20-episode drama don’t have depth at all…it’s a good thing the castings made so adorable that you forgot to focus on the story itself..hahahaha…and YAY that KWB steals your attention and randomly see his episodes…for me Young Do rawks!… :)


                  • I Love Lee Min Ho too, but I just did not feel him in this role. It was like he was sleepwalking through it. I’m so beyond Teen Angst though, and it was painful to see PSH’s pained expressions every minute, even when she was being courted and kissed. ugh.


                    • ohh?..i have in the same opinion with you with regards to PSH, i don’t know why the writer has to overexpose how much PSH’s suffer and feel over her poverty through facial expression a lot of times…LMH’s gorgeousness has just wasted from this drama as well as the other castings and sometimes i feel that his character as Kim Tan was overpowered by the second lead KWB as Young Do…and as much i love Choi Jin Hyuk i don’t want to see him in a state of being lonely and seriousness… i want him in a drama with rom-com genre.


                    • Evez! Choi Jin Hyuk’s starring in a new rom-com, so your wish is coming true! ;D Emergency Couple promises to be lots of bickering fun, and he’s acting opposite Song Ji Hyo, who seems perfect for the role ^^


                    • Choi Jin Hyuk in a rom-com as the lead. Check! I’m watching “Emergency Couple” right now and he is so fantastic. It’s really good so far!

                      Not a big fan PSH really. I had to laugh at all the viewer reviews about her painful expressions with her kisses. She really doesn’t know how to in any of her dramas. lol


                • D’AW!! Thank you, Lady G!! ❤ That is really sweet of you to say! Things are finally settling, with the new URL, so all should be running as it should now! I’m relieved that the teething issues aren’t huge, and that it’s been a mostly smooth transition! :D

                  I can’t blame you for dropping Heirs.. It was NOT a good drama by any stretch of the imagination. I was in it for the long haul only because of my Woobie love. And for that, I wasn’t disappointed, coz Woobie was pretty excellent. Everything else, though, was mostly underwhelming. So.. unless you’re a big KWB fan, I guess there’s no loss to missing Heirs. Or Master’s Sun, for that matter. It was good, easy fun, but not a must-see kinda drama either. I would consider SKKS a MUCH more enjoyable watch than either of those shows, tbh. Sometimes it’s the older dramas that really remind me of why I love kdrama to begin with. I’m hoping that dramaland will bring back the good stuff this year, and YFAS is starting us off in a very promising way indeed! ^^


              • wow! so you are re-watching SKKS?… i suddenly miss SJK you know i can’t focus watching drama nowadays, though i manage to watch 2 episodes at a time…as i required to wake up earlier due to work, i cut the time of my viewing habit..>.<…so sad, coz i received a lot of dvd of K-drama as a gift. I don't know when can i start to marathon them. LOL!


                • No I’m not rewatching that Drama. I have so many others I’m watching right now. New ones like My love from another star, The Prime Minister and I, Golden Rainbow, there are more coming out I can’t miss- like Emergency Couple. I love Choi Jin Hyuk. I’m also hooked on a Chinese drama called Palace. It’s like a time-traveling, historical version of BOF. But more serious. Although a lot is ridiculous. I prefer it much more to that. I’m becoming a big fan of Feng Shao Feng.

                  and I practically marathoned Full House Take 2 just last week after watching the original. It was so fun, I thought I wouldn’t like it at all but I couldn’t get enough of it. I liked the 1/2 hour format too. I’d like to own certain K-dramas on DVD, but I would need a region free DVD player, and the DVDs themselves are so expensive at times. But I’m happy to pay a subscription to drama fever and watch from there. Or even Netflix has some.


                  • ahh?..that SKKS is for kfangirl, i am sorry that i press the reply button to you…hahaha…here goes my scatter-brain again…though thank you for replying….i like also My Man from Another Star and Prime Minister and I, i heard and read some good reviews about that two dramas… I don’t know about Jung Il Woo’s Golden Rainbow…i love JIW, how is Golden Rainbow going? it good? all i know is that JIW is playing as a prosecutor again from this drama.

                    If you are marathoning Full House 2 it’s must be good? it good as the Full House of SHK and Rain?

                    Happy marathoning on your dramas and fighting!…LOL!


                    • I found full house 2 very cracky. LOL. So I guess that’s why I got addicted. I really loved the leading lady’s character, and the foppish No Min Woo totally grew on me. Full House the original had so much promise and a beautiful, talented cast but for me it went nowhere. They fought wayyyyy too much and it was tiring. And the romantic scenes shoved in the last episode were lame.


                    • Jumping in here just to say that I SO agree about the original Full House! I haven’t seen FH2 so I can’t comment on that, but I do share the feeling that FH was tiring past the half-way (three-quarter-way?) point. I found Rain way too shouty and I felt like we got so little romance overall.

                      In its context, though, I can totally see why audiences loved FH as much as they did. In the climate of an overload of tear-jerker melos where a happy ending was a rarity, I can see why FH would have been a breath of fresh, addictive air. It’s light, cute and perky. Everything a melo isn’t. Watched on its own, though, the repetitiveness and shoutyness really got to me. I think it’s similar, with AGD. I didn’t love it like most folks did, but seeing as how it aired in a sea of melo, I can see why people flocked to it for respite and relief. That’s my thought anyway!


                    • Putting it in that context it makes sense why it was beloved for the time. I didn’t know the types of K-dramas that were out at that time. So I guess this would be considered light hearted ‘fun.’ The arguing was not too fun after a while. It makes me wonder if Emergency couple is going to be like that. But the drama is already very good with a lot of supporting characters to diffuse that tension.


                    • Yes, isn’t context everything? It makes SO much more sense why people loved FH so much, given the steady diet of melos that they’d been served for so long. I did find the bickering cycle repetitive and boring in FH. And to a lesser extent, in Can’t Lose as well, which was also about a divorced couple forced to face each other again in a work context. I hope Emergency Couple manages to find that fine balance between playing the bickering for laughs, and overdoing it. Coz overdone bickering is never fun, I’ve found. Fingers crossed!


                • Oh, you received lots of DVD box sets as presents?!? :D What sweet friends you have, evez! And even though it sounds like you’re busy, you’re still managing 2 eps at a time, which is very decent, imo. That means you take only 8 days to finish a 16-ep drama, and that’s pretty fast!

                  Yes, I did rewatch SKKS, and it was a LOT of fun! I loved it even more on the 2nd watch than the 1st! And Song Joong Ki is simply marvelous. So cheeky and so adorable! Definitely a show that deserves a spot on my All-Time Faves list! ^^


                  • Yup!…they know that i am a K-drama addict and oftentimes i joke them that i prefer to receive a K-drama dvd than anything else..hahaha… ;) 2 episodes at a time is not a bad idea but sometimes it takes time for me because there will be another one on queue… and i get so prettily excited and anxious about what will happen on the next episodes.

                    And re-watching SKKS is definitely’ll get to see the bromance part of Yeo-rim and Geol-Oh…and aren’t SJK and YAI so great portraying their respective role in that drama?… I also like Jun Tae Soo’s role , Ha Ji Won’s brother in real life who portrays Ha In-Soo. I thought of him as a good one portraying a character of strict leader of the student in that drama as well.

                    I thought of re-watching TGL, MNKSS and Gong, i suddenly miss Hyun Bin, Ju Ji-Hoon and Cha Seung Won, i also want to re-watch the first saguek drama i watch Jumong…recently, i managed to re-watch my favorite episodes from GY’s Coffee Prince,,heh!…while i still await for GY’s movie to be available on the net CP will fill my longing for GY in a drama.


                    • Giggle. That’s very smart of you – planting kdrama gift ideas in your friends’ heads way in advance! XD I hope they got you some good ones! :D

                      Oh yes, rewatching SKKS was heaps of fun! I super loved all 4 of our main characters – even more than I did the first time around. So perfectly cast, and so earnestly played. I’m so glad I revisited the show coz now I appreciate it even more!

                      Aw, I feel ya. There are so many dramas that I would like to rewatch too, but just haven’t gotten around to. And then there are so many newer, shinier dramas that beckon at me enticingly, that it’s hard to make time for a rewatch. If Michele hadn’t picked SKKS for our skype squee dates, I’m sure I wouldn’t have rewatched SKKS so recently! Maybe if you’re introducing a friend to kdrama, that would be a good excuse for a rewatch? :D


              • Kfangurl… amidst all these reviews to want to write, please don’t forget your Coffee Prince review. I’m anticipating that! :-)


                • I haven’t forgotten, kaiaraia, I promise!! :D It’s high on my to-do list – I checked out just a few minutes of it while I was in Japan, and got so sucked in. It really is an excellent show! I hope to get on my rewatch and have the review out within the first quarter of 2014. Hope I’m not being overly ambitious! :P


                  • yeah…with the newer good dramas to watch on it is really hard to include the re-watch of the classic dramas you have. Like what we always complain: “so many dramas too little time”… i just wish that there will be 8 days a week LOL! for the accommodation of other K-drama re-watch.

                    and i received some good k-drama dvd but some are just not so good..i did tell my friend the title of the drama i want but when they couldn’t find the one i told them they would replace it with another one…but it is just fine coz i got it for free!!!LOL!..:)

                    so i have to say to myself “fighting to me”…with all the enticingly dramas on the net plus the dvds i received i don’t know now when to start!…my head is tilting on many things right now. >.<…


                    • It’s a busy month indeed! If your head’s tilting, mine’s so light it’s floating from lack of sleep beating deadlines. So was I this past weeks and will be for the next months to come. I wonder… I didn’t had any such problems losing sleep marathoning dramas, heh! :-) I was debating whether I should check out new posts or update myself on GY for precious precious time. I’m here, so you know the answer. I’m glad I did. I saw Angelie’s screencaps on Big’s making and GY and the kids warmed my heart. It did, big time! Now, with those images firmly planted in my mind, I might have trouble concentrating with my work. Hahaha! Anyways, I’m super charged already for the week ahead.
                      If you haven’t seen it, visit
                      this . It’s an FB group though so you’ll have to join first.


                    • Hee. So if you had a time machine, not only would you stalk GY, you’d make time for more dramas! XD It’s true though.. I’ve got way too many dramas on my list to ever finish watching them all. And new ones keep coming out that I keep falling more and more behind! >.< I suppose this is a happy problem? Too many dramas is better than not enough dramas?

                      Aw I think DVDs take quite a while to come out. I remember when SKKS first came out, I went to the DVD shop to ask for it coz I wanted to buy it for a friend, and the shop people told me it wouldn't be out for quite a while. That could be why your friends couldn't get you the dramas you originally wanted. It's sweet of them to pick out kdrama DVDs for you even though they don't share your k-passion. You've got sweet friends evez! :)


                    • YAY!..if i have that time machine i’ll be dead enough to utilize it to the fullest….and that will include visiting all of you…and go tag everyone to places where our k-love is..LOL!…i’m pretty sure it will be a GREAT fun kfangirl Jjang…you being the leader of this awesome blog… :)

                      kidding aside, like what kaiaraia mentioned, hope you’ll be able to include CP in your reviews, i know it’s kinda hard and how hectic your schedule is….but we’re here hoping for it and it would be nice reminiscing CP and how GY was back then through your review…<3<3<3


                    • Lol at you madly time-traveling everywhere to visit us all, evez! XD You really are so cute!

                      And yes, a review of CP is firmly on my list of stuff to do. I hope to rewatch it and write it a proper review in the not-too-distant future. I guess we’ve got some CP-related GY spazzing ahead of us! ^.~


    • aww, thanks for the backstory of how you opened this post, Evez. :D It made me feel good. But I also feel bad your electronics are broken. I hope things get up and working for you again soon. I knew the moment I sat down in the theater I was going to write a review and get it to you GY fans somehow. Kfangurl is so cool, I didn’t even have to ask her for this, she messaged me about doing a guest post, because I had left an epic long comment on one of her GY blog posts. LOL. So instead of that, she suggested I beef it up with pics, and I beefed up the text as well. And here we are with the review.

      Most of the review was written on the subway ride home! I had to get my thoughts down as fast as possible. I wasn’t lying when I said the most memorable things in this film are Park Hee Soon, Gong Yoo’s face and the car stunts. After that, the story starts to fade bit by bit.

      I liked writing that last paragraph too. It hit me on the train how he’s a bit like a chameleon actor. Always changing his image. Who knows? He might try for a villain next. Though I’d much rather a heroic Saguek with a happy ending. :D or an adult romantic comedy.

      I LOVE the idea of any of my favorite Korean stars doing American films too. I’ve never seen the ones with LBH or Rain, and Jang Dong Gun did an wild western/Martial Arts one recently with Kate Bosworth as his leading lady.


      • The Warrior’s Way! I saw that movie! I though it was really good, actually. Also, a kpop star is in that movie. One of the twins (or both…) from BOYFRIEND! One/both of them plays a younger version of Jang Dong Gun’s character. Apparently they were child actors before becoming trainees and eventual Idols.

        Just a little trivia for you. xD


        • The Warrior’s Way was on Netflix for a long while and now that I was ready to watch it, they took it off. grr! Thanks for the trivia, I don’t know much about K-Pop, but I did hear of the ‘Boyfriend’ band.


      • :) and i want you to know that your review made me so happy :) …honestly, i have read a brief review from another blogger….and you’re so sweet to give your thoughts constructively about this film…yours is written more compassionately..<3

        …it's OK if this film just made to entertain or ogle you with GY's glorious looks and physique. Given that this movie lacks profoundness but i am thinking i love all Bourne series because of Matt Damon and how it engaged me because of the intense and spontaneity of action scenes…i guess it's the same with this movie as well…

        …my thoughts, though i haven't seen the movie yet and have seen bits from teaser only, i believe GY did give his best and justification on his role as Dong Chul…


        • I think that’s the conceit of the American critics when they watch foreign films. They make every foreign film out to be a masterpiece and so ‘profound’ and spectacular. When they aren’t always. lol. The Suspect was a spectacular action film. It had bits of depth here and there, but the genre was strictly action. And you are right, I believe GY gave it his all in this, he worked with what he had, the writer’s didn’t give him much of a script, so he had to emote through his actions and facial expressions. That takes a lot of talent to me.


          • I’m with you on that when you said American critics make their film extraordinaire when in fact it does not…i guess it is just for promotional matters.. :)

            Give Matt Damon a chance if not for him the movie will surely tempt you to watch the sequels..though the last Bourne movie didn’t starred Matt Damon, this time it’s Jeremy Renner, some part of that last Bourne was filmed here in the Phils..

            And like what kfangirl wish, my wish and i guess everyone as well is to see him again in a 16-episode drama..and Song Hye Kyo being GY’s partner will be great. The question is will that happen?

            I’d love to see him doing sageuk…among the batches of k-hunk i love only GY hasn’t done that…Binnie is doing one right now so i’m still waiting for GY’s turn. something like Chuno thing?or something like Jumong…i remember how i love the first man in saguek costume and Song Il Guk really looks great on that drama and his portrayal for the role awed me.


            • I would definitely love to see GY in something like Chuno or Jumong. I love SIG’s role in that. He’s wonderful. I’m just getting sidetracked from watching it. I saw bits of him in Kingdom of the Wind too, and I think when I watch it I’m gonna love that too. I like his look in that one very much.


      • I so want him to be a villain and in a sageuk too! Didn’t I just say we share a lot in common? How about a role like Prince Daeso of Jumong? By the way, have you finished watching it? Or as Min Joon-gook of IHYV. That would be superb.


        • Oooh, real villainy! We do think a like. GY as a heartless killer. yikes! First I’d like to see him tackle some meaty good-guy roles too. Errr, I put Jumong aside for now. I’m on episode 31. There’s just so much more to watch these days.


          • Good guy roles… hmmm… I just finished viewing Tree With Deep Roots. wonderful… except I did not like the ending where almost everybody died. I think he’ll rock a role the likes of King Lee Do. :-)


            • Aw. I was sad at the ending of Tree too, but y’know, bittersweet is the way of most sageuks :/ I thought it was brilliantly written though – I need to give that a rewatch sometime, to appreciate it all over again. And maybe even write a review ^^v


            • Yeah, that ending on TWDR devastated me. I figured because it was based of a book and a mix of real history. So the fictional characters, not the King, were expendable. :p


  4. I love Korean action films. Especially revenge films. They just do those so well – probably better than any other country I’ve ever watched. I want to be in oneeeee OTL Too bad I’m not Korean… Or even Asian. OTL If they ever need a white kid with blue eyes and brown hair who looks about 13 OTL but can handle the violence and stuff (’cause I’m actually 18 in real life), I AM HERE AND READY! Just teach me Korean and we can get this movie making party started! Just don’t expect me to know anything about weapons. Or cars. Or, violence of any kind, really. Except what I learned in an US Army self-defense class at school once. And the only thing I remember involves the nose and if done correctly, your attacker will either be dead or suffering from some kind of brain injury…

    Moving on from horrible violence: my favorite revenge flicks have been Ahjussi (aka: The Man From No Where), Old Boy (it was remade into a less than stellar American version starring Josh Brolin. Ehh, they tried. It just didn’t live up to the original) and The Chaser. Be careful of Old Boy, though. It gets very creepy, very fast. I still haven’t recovered from the ants. Nor do I think I ever will. *shudders*

    And, yaaaaayy, Lady G! I’m so jealous of you being able to see the movie. Augh. I saw the posts and I was like “OO But I like the movies. *puppy eyed pout-y face*” I will be streaming it later, though. Mwuhahahaha.

    And my cats don’t like Gong Yoo, apparently. First, my cat Willow (a short-ish legged yellow tabby with white feet and white under her chin) kept meowing ever other sentence. I had to take a momentary break from reading the review because she wanted lurves (aka: petting/rubbing her until she was satisfied). Then my dad woke up and came out and saw rolling around on the floor with the cat talking in a very high voice. OTL He just blinked and went to the bathroom. Then another cat named Furby (because she has big eyes and ears xD who is also yellow but has waaaay more white on her) jumped up on my desk chair and sprawled out. I am now kneeling on the floor typing this. What a cat wants, they get. *Sigh* It’s so demanding having cats as pets.

    (And this is completely irrelevant but the Oscars were just nominated like, 2 minutes ago. I can’t believe Tom Hanks was looked over for his performance in Captain Philips. I am very happy that Alfonso Cuaron has been nominated for Best Director for Gravity! And Jared Leto has been nominated for Dallas Buyers Club. I thought that was a great performance. I’m really shocked that The Butler didn’t get a single nod. Not even in the Golden Globes!)



    • Great comment, Joey! Thanks. I saw The Man From Nowhere, because I’m a sucker for movies where the big hero has to protect the little girl. Which is basically what he did throughout. Eventually though I found myself fast-forwarding on Netflix because it was a little much for me. But I was a good film. Even if the violence gets brutal and all that, depending on the viewer’s taste, you can’t deny the excellent filming techniques, the story-lines and plot twists and they are masters of the action in many ways.

      I’ve seen Korean films with people of other races (Check out My little Hero.) Or watch the K-drama, Tamara of the Island- I haven’t seen that but I heard it’s cool. But yeah, you would have to learn Korean to at least be considered.

      That’s so funny about your cats. Maybe they saw that panther picture and got jealous. I’m actually allergic to cats big time! But they are beautiful to look at.

      Wow, you keep up with the movies. I don’t think I know anything about Hollywood anymore. It’s all K-drama, Asian dramas and movies. :p


      • >//< Thanks! I just spilled my thoughts. I was afraid I was going to type waffles in there somewhere because my mom was making waffles for everyone. (Which is rare – she never eats breakfast. Or, at least, making food for herself to eat as well. She makes breakfast for the family occasionally but, I'm the only one in the family who religiously eats breakfast everyday, so my breakfast is usually whatever we had for supper the night before.)

        Yeah, I agree. I think there's just something about Asian cinema that gets action right. Maybe it's because the cultures have roots in martial arts – which are like choreographed dances, in a way, so the directors and cinematographers just know the right angles and lighting and stuff that looks good and brings you into the film?

        I've seen Tamra, the Island! (Or, well, half of it… I'm at episode 8 of the Director's Cut.) I've got a list, actually, of dramas and films with foreign actors/actresses in it. 2009 and 2010 was a huge year for foreigners in K-Dramas. It’s actually kind of daunting as a person who wants to go into film and television as an actor and writer… What if I missed my year?! OTL (So, yes, that means I have hope that one day I can be a foreign *cough white cough* actor in some Asian dramas.)

        As for a list, in 2009 there were: Tamra, the Island w/ Pierre Deporte (also known by his Korean name Hwang Chan Bin); Assorted Gems (aka: Jewel Bibimbap) w/ Michael Blunck; High Kick Through the Roof w/ Julien Kang (who’s Korean-Canadian mix). In 2010 there was Jejoongwon w/ Sean Richard (he’s credited as Sean Dulacke in some of his work – Dulacke being his surname and Richard being his middle name), Ricky Lee Neely, and Catherine Baillie. There’s another movie somewhere with this younger guy (I think he’s European?) who was on one of those Beautiful Foreign Girls Chat show episodes (I don’t know the title) who was in a movie. He played the neighbor or something to the main family in the movie – something like they were trying to bridge the gap between modern times and traditional culture because the lead girl (daughter?) was going to marry or not marry… I have no idea. I just remember reading an article about it.

        I’m also allergic to cats. Not major allergies to where I have to go to the hospital or anything, but I do stayed sinus-ey most of the time. OTL I love them too much to get rid of them just because I have the sniffles 24/7. I think they were just jealous of me hogging the computer. They wanted to see Gong Yoo abs, too! xD

        Well, like I said before, I want to be a filmmaker for my career so, you got to keep up with this kind of stuff, I guess? It also helps me feel more rooted in reality to keep up with stuff happening in my country, real time, you know? And, pop culture just interests me on this weird level. I don’t really care about it (because I don’t want to know about their personal lives, because I know it has to be ridiculously annoying for them) but at the same time, you’ll see me on the couch, everyday, watching entertainment news shows. OTL (And GMA was on with their Oscar Nominees announcement special thingy, so… That helps! xD)


        • I hope you achieve your dream too, Joey!! Go make American cinema & TV as addictive and compelling as our beloved kdrama! :D

          PS: I love cats too! My dog Cookie would probably be horrified to know that, heh.


        • Wooow, you know your stuff, Joey! I hope you fulfill your dreams of acting and writing. Hey, maybe you can write some cool K-dramas with a mixed cast. I was looking up some of the actors you mention, I’ve know of Julien Keng and I LOVE Ricky Lee! Gorgeous men and if given a chance, I would love to see them lead a drama.

          Mmm, waffles…I shared a waffle with my friend out for breakfast on Tuesday. It was kind of blah, not crispy enough. I love them with fruit, the whip cream and syrupy nuts. Delicious.

          I found this article from 2009-the year you mentioned, and it’s about foreigners in K-dramas. That’s cool.


          • I remember reading that article! Dramabeans are like Drama Gods, aren’t they?

            Waffles are delicious. I don’t like them soft, either. Crispy! They must be crispy! xD

            I’d like to see them come, west, actually. Asian representation is awful in the U.S. You’re either not represented or mis-represented. OTL Being white really sucks sometimes. I want to empower minorities (being a minority, myself – not racial, obviously, but in gender and sexuality) but being white could make it worse. I just imagine the backlash from other Asian-Americans relating me to people who are “wannabe Asians”. I mean, I wouldn’t mind. I could be a drama actor then and not stand out that much xD, but everyone should be able to watch television and see people who look like them and come from similar backgrounds as them. (Though I disagree that people can only relate to people who are the same race, same economic class, etc. We foreigners wouldn’t be watching dramas if that was case!) OTL It’s a long process that’s gonna take a long time to re-do.


  5. A really good and detailed review which doesn’t give anything crucial away. Thank you LadyG! :)

    I’m definitely going to watch this at some point, though it probably desn’t look as good in my TV. Action movies are really made to be watched on a big screen. I’d forgotten that Park Hee Soon is also in this. I love the guy! He’s such a scene staler.


    • Thanks, Timescout. I’m sure there are other reviews out their now spoiling away the film. I’d hate for movies to be spoiled. I didn’t even watch clips of ‘The Suspect’ before I went. It’s true, nothing so huge looks as good on the TV. I recently watched the epic disaster K-movie ‘The Tower’ on Netflix (with a 25 inch Computer screen) and it was so intense I had goosebumps and even cried in scenes. It should have been watched in the theaters. I can definitely understand why they didn’t show it in NYC. It just brought back major memories of the Twin Towers and September 11th.

      But you know what, I was all the way up on the 6th floor of this GIANT AMC theater in Times Square. You can get so lost in there. And it felt like I was in half a movie-theater. Sure it was a big screen, but the truly huge I-Max like screens are all reserved for the American films. So that was a bit disappointing. But it was still good to see it that way.


      • I am sometimes glad I was too young to really remember the 9/11 attacks. It’s terrible and I hate that it happened with everything I am, but I am glad sometimes that I can watch movies and television shows and feel more disconnected from it simply because I only remember seeing it on my TV screen (after the fact. It was on the news being replayed) and being shocked and my parents being devastated. I was 5 or 6 at the time, so I just remember tiny details that have been reinforced over the years of having to watch clips every year since it happened at school. The whole schedule was redone so we could pay tribute to it.


        • Despite the Tower movie taking cues from the real tragedy, it was a fantastic. Thrilling, sad in places, and the effects were so good, even though the budget was not so high. It’s on Netflix now.

          I was working in downtown Brooklyn in a school. So we had to make sure all the kids and we also had mentally disabled adults, get on the buses. We had no idea what was happening except for radio reports, but if you came out of the building you could see everything across the river. Our building was between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. We didn’t even know if the bridges would be hit since there were attacks all over the country. I know for myself, I prayed and managed to keep calm and calm others, and man the switchboard with terrified parents calling in. Very scary and sad day. Two days later going to work was very surreal. A dark, rainy day. You could hear a pin drop on the bus and subways, everyone was in this lost fog and so quiet. I always say, I forget what I had for lunch 2 days ago, but I remember everything I did from the moment I got off the train until the end of the day. One of those things you never forget.


          • Wow. Being so far away from the US, I can only imagine what it must’ve been like to have been there when 9/11 happened. Your description, though, just gave me the chills. And gave me fresh new empathy for an event that’s been talked about so much that it often loses its impact. I always knew you rawked, Lady G ❤


            • I always wondered what was the reaction from people in other countries that day. Seeing that Tower movies gave me major goosebumps, and because the action took place inside the building with fires breaking out and everything, it allowed me to imagine the fear of many of the people inside. That made me cry watching it. I stopped the movie halfway and had to finish it a few days later. It was that intense.

              I know there are 1000’s of stories out there, “Where were you on 9/11?” I started work at 7:45 I remember it was the brightest beautiful day too. Crisp air, and blue sky, everything. I remember walking past a school bus that broke down and the driver cussing trying to fix it. And then when the planes first hit, a co-worker ran off the elevator nearly screaming because her husband worked there. But he made it out okay. At first we didn’t know what was happening. We thought a plane crash. Then, a few minutes later the other one hit and we knew it something more. When we had to work the switchboard we had the radio playing the reports and I remember the announcer nearly crying as he said the first building collapsed. A few minutes later my friend came off the elevator. Now she’s a dark olive toned Spanish girl, but she was white as a sheet. Because she had seen it fall directly from outside.

              It’s funny because I never really noticed the towers much. Even though I’m from NYC, I’m not one of those touristy types that has to visit skyscrapers, etc. I’ve never been on the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire State building, etc. I guess I took them for granted. But after 9/11 I didn’t want to be around any buildings, and Liberty was closed for a long time anyway. It took me a long time to even want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge again.

              Every time I think back I get the chills. Here’s a picture of where I used to work. The school has since moved to another part of brooklyn. We were in the building with the blue awning. This street is very famous, a lot of tv shows like to film, they filmed a part of the movie “I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry” with Adam Sandler, the Law and Order series was always filming downtown too. The view is magnificent, that’s the Manhattan Bridge towering over everything, but if you walked down to that corner you would hit a pretty park and the river, and look to your left you would see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Island.

              That’s the Empire State building framed in the arch of the Manhattan Bridge. Now I know what my friend saw that day because the Twin Towers were right in front of the Empire building and just fell so fast. There’s tons of live footage of it all happening on Youtube. It’s really hard to watch.


              • I was on my way home from school when a classmate texted me of that news. I thought she was just joking, so I called her. I remember being stunned upon her confirmation. I was speechless and felt kinda numb for quite some time. Yeah, I’m on the other side of the world but it was just shocking, plus I have a lot of countrymen in NY too.


            • And thank you for thinking I ‘rawk’. LOL. :)


              • Of COURSE you rawk, Lady G. There was never any question about it!

                And oh dear. I can only imagine how horrified your friend was, to have witnessed the tower come down – it’s no wonder she was as white as a sheet. :/

                The events of 9/11 played on national TV here, and the coverage was pretty extensive. I think responses were varied, depending on how quickly the reality of it sank in for people. For me, it remained a surreal thing for quite a while. It almost didn’t feel real, it was all so outrageously extreme. But it WAS real, and soberingly so. Your sharing and descriptions definitely make everything around the 9/11 events feel so much more vivid and closer to home, after the news coverage and articles and stories had long become somewhat faded memories. That was a sad day for the world indeed.


                • Thank you. <3 :D

                  It's true, the coverage and articles eventually fade for everyone. It's like the Titanic, many more years from now it will become one of those huge tragedies of the past. Thanks for sharing what it was like from your perspective. Somehow in the Asian countries- the cities, anyway, like Seol or Tokyo, I'm imagining those big electronic billboards airing all the action and the burning buildings and then the towers collapsing as people are watching from the streets.


                • I live in Georgia, so the coverage was extensive but… I just remember sitting on my dad’s lap and he had just come home from work (he was working at the Toyota factory near where we lived). We had been in school and we were let out early. As a six-year-old, the only thing I really remember was every morning we watched a video while singing the national anthem and after the attack, the video was different. I don’t remember how it was different but, something about the video they showed us every morning was. I think it may have been the jets. There were 5 that flew over and then it was only 3 or something… I know my teachers were devastated that day and some took days off afterwards.

                  I didn’t really understand just how horrible it was until the movie with Nicolas Cage came out. He played a firefighter that had to pull people out of the wreckage.

                  After that, we (my class) watched videos of the towers falling every year on September 11th. The schools held long moments of silence and we watched testimonies about it from police officers and firefighters who were there and saving people. By the time I was a freshman, I was desensitized to it. Woo, towers fell and lots of people died – I’m hungry. Can we please go to lunch now?

                  I’m a horrible person.

                  It was then that our teachers started showing us homemade videos that the people inside took on their cell phones and they started telling their own stories about where they were and what it was like to see it happen. One of my teachers was teaching in New York when it happened and had a relative that was at the towers. He was supposed to go to the towers that day, but he didn’t. I remember he sat there in silence and just said, “Because my kids were sick, I couldn’t go when I was supposed to. Because I was late, I lived.” (Or, something along those lines.) We were older and we could watch the real footage without teachers feeling like they were going to scar us. I’ve seen documentaries, I’ve heard cell phone calls, 911 calls, the documentary about the memorial they built, loads of stuff on it. I’ve seen movies made about the people who survived, and the rescue workers who were there. I’ve seen movies in the point of view of the people who did it, the people who took down the planes, bombed The Pentagon and flew threw the towers.

                  I still feel horrible for not really having any strong feelings about it. Like, I’m not deserving to be a human being because I don’t feel anything in my gut when I watch the footage. I feel sad, but not grief. The most I ever felt was when I saw the movie w/ Nicolas Cage and I heard the 911 calls. Those were hard to swallow, but I didn’t cry like my teachers did. I don’t know. My generation is probably the most desensitized of all the generations before us and it’s awful.

                  I almost don’t want to post this comment because it makes me seem like an awful human being without emotions. I’ve heard my classmates mock the attack and make jokes about it! I’m going to stop typing now.


                  • Aw. Thanks for posting Joey, even though you felt that it’d make you seem like an awful human being. I just want to say, you’re NOT an awful human being.

                    We all get desensitized with over-exposure, and it’s not a reflection of you as a sad human being. Rather, it’s a reflection of a sad world, where terrible things happen so much that people actually get desensitized to it. My co-trainer was talking about this exact same phenomenon the other in class, about how sad it is, that we can get desensitized to war, coz so many people die everyday. But because it’s flooding the news and the media, people eventually are so crowded with the “noise” of it all that it stops hitting home. It takes a pretty incisive story to cut through that noise and make it all real again, and that’s what Lady G’s story did for us.


                    • True, overexposure, even through media alone, lessens the impact of something which would have a rather strong one. And also the right circumstances play a role too. Being just 6 when it happened, it is understandable why you, Joey can’t feel as much. Take cancer as an example. We almost everyday hear of cancer and oftentimes we don’t realize how real it is until circumstances change, say when someone we know is inflicted with one.


  6. Thank you Lady G for the review, it was just enough not to spoil the story (someone gave me very obvious clues to who is Na Jung’s husband in Reply 1994 and I’m irritated because I’m only on episode 8).

    It will be interesting watching GY do a role where he doesn’t talk much. A huge part of why I love him so is that he gets some really appealing lines and he delivers them so charmingly well that it often causes a self-fanning moment. It will be a new experience watching The Suspect.


    • Muffin, he has already done a movie where he had only one line, Mr. Gam. He played a baseball player and he rocked it. He’s not a lead there, he was on the other side of the fence, but he had good exposure. Its difficult to find on the net… perhaps we could ask dramafire to upload it.


      • Oh really kaiaraia?! It sounds interesting. Yes I could go ask dramafire to upload it.

        I promise evez, I won’t say a word! ^^ I love that Go Ara put aside her “image” for this role because she’s did an awesome job playing Na Jung.


        • yeah!….the poodle looked hair did have a good transformation of Go Ara….and she’s wonderful..


        • @chubbydimpledmuffin….as if everyone in the dramaland doesn’t know about it?…of course they do!…i am just kidding when i said don’t spill it…R94 has been favorites of many in fact even the Park sisters (Dara and Bom)of 2NE1 are talking about it…


    • …ssshh!…don’t spill it @chubbydimpledmuffin..LOL!..YAY! you’re on episode 8 of Reply 1994….i adore that drama…and Go Ara’s portrayal of the role as Na Jung is great…when i first saw Go Ara here i didn’t recognize her at all , i always see her with long hair and sometimes with colored one.


  7. i’m a big fan of gong-yoo. where can i see this movie?


    • Hi gongi! Welcome to the site! I’m sorry to say that the movie isn’t yet available online. The only reason Lady G was able to watch the movie and review it, is coz it premiered in New York where she is. The rest of us who don’t have The Suspect at a movie theater near us need to wait patiently for a while more.. :)


  8. I watched it last night, all by myself😄… Looooveeee looooooveee ji dong chul, i wish i could give him big power hug especially in the last scene. (I feel like i’m watching another Bourne movie).


    • Good for you Balingling! For the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait. :-)


    • Eee! How exciting for you, ling! You got to see sweaty action GY on the big screen! Larger than life! Being badass! D’aw. I’m happy for ya. If the movie had come to a cinema near me, I would’ve gone to see him on the big screen too :)


      • I know kfangurl, though my friends here cannot believe that i watched a movie by myself. But it’s GY’s movie who knows when is the next time we will gonna see him in the big screen😄😍


        • Aw! Don’t feel weird! I kinda like going to the movies by myself, once in a while ^^ I first went to the movies by myself when I was about 17, and wanted to see a movie that I didn’t think my friends would appreciate. I liked the experience a lot! :D


          • Actually it’s my second time, but i wish i watch Kim Woo Bin’s movie (Friends) last month😔.


            • GAH. You mean Friend 2 opened near you?!?? Omo. That is so awesome, that it made it all the way to you! :D It’s too bad you didn’t make it out to see it, but on the upside, at least you don’t have big Woobie love like I do..? You managed to see GY, and that’s your priority, right? ^^


              • Oh yah FRiend2, I have to go to NEw Jersey that time but i thought I could watch it there with my cousin (who also looooovvve GY she is the one introduced me in the KDrama world😄) but we didnt get the chance to check it. My love for woobie ….. Hmmm, pretty sure not big as yours😄, but at the end of Heirs im on team Young Do😄😄


                • Aw how fun, that you and your cousin share GY love AND kdrama love!! :D I think that’s awesome. It’s too bad you girls didn’t get to watch the movie together, but I’m sure there’ll be other chances, what with Hallyu taking over the world & everything ;)

                  And YAY that you were on Team Young Do!! Although I’d agree with you that your Woobie love hasn’t quite reached the depth of my Woobie love, hee ^.~ When you start dreaming of Woobie that’d be a different story, hee.


                  • Wahahahahhaha, Im not dreaming about Gongy or woobie but the kdrama world totally taking over my life now. Everytime i finished a drama another klove on my list…. Aigoo😄
                    I just finished Answer me 1994, oh myy i love Jung woo😄😄😄


                    • Well. If you’re not dreaming of them yet, then you’ve still got room to grow, ling ;) Just don’t tell them Real Life peeps, they’ll think we’re absolutely nuts! XD

                      I feel ya – so many swoony male leads out there! I often come away with a bit of a crush. Whether that crush stays or goes really depends on how much substance I find beyond the role. Or on how quickly I move on to my next crush, ha. R1994 is on totally on my list, and I’m eager to see if I’ll join you on Team Jung Woo ;)


                    • My friends thinks that im a bit nuts😄, but who cares the joy,fun and tears that the kdrama gives thats all that matters to me, hehehehehe.
                      After watching R1994 i feel like jung woo’s character is similar to Gongy’s character in Coffee Prince.


                    • Aw. It’s ok, ling. WE don’t think you’re nuts ^^ Roundabout these parts, you’re perfectly normal. With room for growth, even. Heh. ;)

                      Ooh, that’s a nice connection! I loved GY in CP, so I’m even more curious now about Jung Woo & R1994! :D


          • Watching movies alone… I did that too with Her Alibi (starring Tom Seleck and Paulina Poriskova). I was just in junior high then. Though I prefer to watch with like minded friends, you know, so we could squee long before the watch. Heh!


            • Well, shared squee definitely has its benefits!! :D That’s why I started watching some of my drama with Michele while connected on Skype, so that we can squee together as we go. It’s been good fun! Being an introvert at heart, though, I do enjoy alone watches too, and that still includes the occasional movie ^^


            • I still feel weird watching movies in the theater by myself. There is a nagging, lonely feeling that strikes you. Especially in Times Square, I sort of felt like a chicken without a head wandering around trying to find a place to have a quick lunch before I went in. All these big, family, friends style restaurants and you have to go in like, “table for one, please.” lol. Even though I’m a native New Yorker, Manhattan does that to me!

              But it’s Gong Yoo (a few months ago it was me alone going to see Jang Hyuk’s “The Flu” all the way in Queens) Sacrifices must be made! LOL When I really like an actor and must see something, I just get up and go and don’t bother telling anyone. Sometimes it’s a real pain in the butt to get a group together. I’m very introverted at times, so I don’t mind. I know for sure, I like watching dramas all alone. Unless it’s with my sister, who is starting to love them. I like to watch her reactions because she’s a bit of a drama queen herself and she gets all loud and emotional. LOL.


              • Just jumpin’ in to say, watching dramas with your sis sounds like a hoot! :D I’m sure she makes drama time even more entertaining, just by being herself, and that’s just so awesome! ^^


    • Awesome! I felt the same way. He really needs a hug!


  9. ..oh my!…i really envy LADY G. and now that Balingling had watched it i’m now super-duper envious!..i just wish that the availability of GY’s movie on the net will be on the sooneeest!….arrrgghhh! >.<


    • I know how you feel, evez! Dramas get subbed a lot quicker than movies.. Movies take a lot longer to sub, for some reason. We shall just have to be patient – and keep ourselves occupied with other k-goodies as we wait! ;)


      • and i feel so agitated that all the reviews and spoilers of the movie are now on the net and we could not savor or see how it is really..though Lady G. has given us a good review of the movie but seeing it with yourself thus will give a different view and flavor of the movie…more so, it is unalike when you viewed it in a theater than on a 21 inches monitor….so lucky are those who watched it in a movie house…


        • Right evez! They make us all the more excited and less patient. Just like what this review did to me.


          • @kaiaraia..thanks for the shared link, i enjoy reading the review..but with all those reviews and spoilers on the net nothing can void my eagerness on watching the movie myself….you know this feeling…ahhhhhhhhh….*deep sighing****>.<…


        • Of course ideally we’d get to see this on the big screen. Boo that it didn’t open at theaters near us! But I’ll take being able to watch it on my computer screen as the next best thing, anytime! Right now, it’s not yet available online, so we’ll just have to exercise our patience! >.<


          • …oh…seeing it on big screen is a different thing though, but anyway…patience, patience and more patience and to be able to watch it even on a 21-inch monitor is the next best thing indeed…i already asked a friend to have it downloaded for me when it is already available ha!…i just bought a 16gb USB to accommodate Suspect and Friend 2…LOL!…


            • Ooh, talk about being prepared – you’ve already got the hardware ready! ;) And 21 inches isn’t too shabby.. my screen is 13 inches and all my dramas & movies still look great. I ❤ my Mac ;)


  10. How come I just read this??? Someone please slap me!! Oh I can’t wait to watch this, but where can I watch it?. Thank you Lady G for the great review. And Gong Yoo really does looks like the black panther. Hahaha.


    • Yes, isn’t the black panther comparison just uncanny?!?? I tell ya, Lady G has a talent for spotting similarities like that. I never would’ve noticed otherwise. And now that she’s got a comparison pic all laid out, it’s kinda hard to UNsee it, eh? ;)

      As far as I know, the movie isn’t available online yet.. So at the moment only those who have a theater showing it nearby can see it. Guess we’ll have to distract ourselves with other lovely k-things as we exercise our patience ^.~


    • I never got to reply to this comment! Thank you HADF (I’m so lazy I had to acronym your name! haha) I’m glad you agree about GY’s resemblance to those gorgeous feline creatures! LOL. I haven’t seen this movie made available anywhere online yet.

      The Suspect will be released in July and is available for Pre-order on Amazon.


  11. I was looking this over and just realized when I wrote about the character of Park Hee Soon, I kept calling him ‘See Hoon’ Ughhh! I’m so bad at editing myself. :p LOL.


    • Oopsie, I didn’t catch that either. I just did a check, and you weren’t far off. Park Hee Soon’s character’s name is Min Se Hoon. That’s probably what you meant to type, and I’ve corrected the post to reflect that :)


  12. Thanks so much for a spot-on review of the film. I’m such a Gong Yoo fan! I’m watching it…yet again!.. on You’re right about the car chase…wasn’t it electrifying?! Thanks so much for the post! Please check out my blog called “k-drama-report”. I talk a little about GY and other hunky Korean actors!


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