Flash Review: When You Love Yourself [Web Drama]

You guys. If you have 60 minutes to spare, I’d like to recommend this little web drama (6 episodes of 10 minutes each) as a strong contender for your drama spendage.

For a short little drama thing, it works out to be such a fun little watch, while also managing to be an uplifting message about self-love and self-acceptance. This one had me grinning happy grins, very quickly into my watch, no exaggeration. It’s almost like a little highway to happiness.

Totally recommend.

Psst: Link to watch is at the end of the review!

PS: I am so going to watch the second season (which is already available, yay!) – stay tuned for that review, coming tomorrow! 😉 (Update: Season 2 review is here!)


An ensemble sort of drama that focuses on self-love and self-acceptance and young romance. On the side, Show also shines the spotlight on fat-shaming, as well as on societal expectations and beauty standards.

Not bad at all, for a tiny little drama, that adds up to all of 60 minutes.


Here are a few things to keep in mind, that I think would help to maximize your enjoyment of your watch.

1. The acting leans a bit green.

This is to be expected, with such a young cast. On the upside, while it may not be the best acting ever, our cast actually does a reasonably decent job, and it’s not hard to engage with our characters.

2. The script leans simple.

This, too, is to be expected, given our short episodes and overall short running time.

3. There is some insensitivity, such as fat shaming, in our drama world.

Importantly, Show doesn’t drag it out, and even more importantly, neither does Show endorse this behavior as desirable or acceptable. The bullies get called out for their bad behavior, in the end.


1. Jung Min Kyu as Min Jae

Not gonna lie; the moment Jung Min Kyu as Min Jae showed up on my screen, I was quite taken with him. Not only does he look like he could plausibly play Lee Min Ki’s younger brother (for reals, though, look at that smile! And those lips!), Min Jae works out to be such a sweet character.


I freaking loved Min Jae’s crush on Soo Rin, and the heart-eyes that he has for her, are absolutely adorable.

On top of that, Min Jae’s a genuinely nice guy, who’s kind to other kids, whether they are popular and pretty – or not.

Also, the fact that his popularity among the girls is treated as almost an afterthought, both by him and the show, really endears him to me.


2. Sat Byeol as Soo Rin

I thought Sat Byeol’s acting leaned a little green and one-dimensional, but I really really liked her character Soo Rin.

I love that Soo Rin’s so strong and self-possessed, even though she does get derailed here and there.

Also, I love that Show doesn’t require Soo Rin to change at all, in order to be happy. That was one of my favorite things about this story.

3. The ensemble nature of our story.

I’d honestly thought that this was going to be Soo Rin’s story, from beginning to end, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was actually an ensemble sort of deal.

I really appreciated the idea, that many people struggle with self-acceptance and self-love – even the ones who look like they have it all together.

I thought the little loveline between Ju Hyuk and Gu Seul (Han Se Jin and Lee Gu Seul) was cute, even as it shone the spotlight on how we can often hurt others with our words. And, I also appreciated the inclusion of Gong Joo’s (Han Chae Kyung) backstory.

Altogether, really nicely done, for such a short little show.

4. Everything’s angst-lite

I actually really like the way Show doesn’t shy away from harder topics like fat-shaming and body image, but at the same time, uses a light hand with it all.

It makes me feel like I ate a ball of cotton candy – that had some nutritious broccoli woven into it, somehow. 😅


All’s well that ends well, in our little drama world.

Even though it leans simplistic, I like that Soo Rin doesn’t actually waver, once she decides that she doesn’t have to be skinny and pretty, in order to be happy. Additionally, I like that Soo Rin’s happiness doesn’t rest wholly on her relationship with Min Jae, even though he does bring a lot of joy to her life.

Seeing Ju Hyuk and Gu Seul as a couple was fun too. These two are a little more comical than Soo Rin and Min Jae, whom I think of as our main couple, and I just like the idea of them being happy together too.

Our final episode deals with Gong Joo’s story, and I’m glad that her story doesn’t actually involve being in a relationship with anyone.

Even though I think our two couples are adorable, I think it’s important that Gong Joo’s story drives home the message, that happiness primarily has to do with self-love and self-acceptance, more than love and acceptance from someone else.

Gong Joo’s pretty, and skinny, and admired in our drama world, but it’s poignant to see that she’s always been insecure on the inside, and more than that, is ashamed of her past, because she’d been overweight and unpopular.

I appreciate that Show has her ask herself, why she’d worked so hard to be skinny in the first place, and realize that it’s not meaningful, if her efforts are not for herself.

I love that Gong Joo realizes, as she chooses to love herself, that no one has the right to treat her badly.

Last but not least, I love that Show ends by dedicating itself to those of us who continue to shine brightly, even without perfection. That’s so perfectly warm, toasty and pitch perfect.

Ahh. How warm and uplifting this little show turned out to be. 🥰


Light, cute and uplifting, with some thoughtful nuggets on the side.




You can check out this little series on YouTube right here:

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1 year ago

Ah has no one seen this? Rare to be first to comment! Haha.

Ok honestly. After the magic of Someday or One Day I’ve not been in the mood to commit to a full show plus catching up with.. life… lol, I’ve been watching short drama things. Thankful for your list as that’s how I came across this show and thought “ah perfect 1h I can watch during lunch”.

However I didn’t expect to love it so much. ITS SO CUTE!!! I loved it within the first 10m (first episode). Yes it’s very vignette and simple but that’s all I needed. What a lovely message – to love myself as I am and shine brightly despite not being perfect. The love lines were cute and heart grabby (not bad for such a short show) and the message resonated as I’ve, erm, gained more weight than I wanted to, so it spoke to me nonetheless. I too didn’t expect it to be an ensemble but the messages it brought out through the different characters was very needed, especially Class President who looked good outside but was so insecure still.

Ah all in all what a cute little show that was so well done.
I’m certainly going to watch the second season!