Flash Review: Bite Sisters [Web Drama]

When I saw that Kang Han Na was starring in this as a vampire, I was immediately intrigued.

I’d loved her (so much!) as a ditzy ex-gumiho in My Roommate is a Gumiho, and this felt like it was in a similar enough space to tap on that same otherworldly fabulosity, while sounding different enough, to not feel like this was more of the same.

The good new is, my estimation wasn’t wrong. Kang Han Na’s role in this is similar-yet-different, when stacked up against her outing in My Roommate is a Gumiho. The not-so-great news is, this little show isn’t quite as fun or interesting as I’d first imagined.

Still, I do think there’s a niche sort of appeal to this, and I hope this quick review will help you figure out whether this one’s for you.


Three beautiful vampires (Kang Han Na, Kim Young Ah and Choi Yoo Hwa) live among regular humans. In modern day Seoul, Ji Yeon (Choi Yoo Hwa) works in an office, while Mi Sook and Yi Na (Kim Young Ah and Kang Han Na) run a clothing store named Bite Sisters.

Show is 10 episodes of about 10 minutes each.


Here are a few things that I think would be helpful to keep in mind, to maximize your enjoyment of your watch:

1. Show doesn’t tell its story in a conventional way.

What I mean is, Show mostly feels like a collection of vignettes, rather than a story with a strong narrative throughline.

2. This can make the watch experience feel scattered,

..but I feel like Show does this on purpose, rather than by accident.

3. Show vibes slice-of-life, but with a lot of polish.

I find it an interesting combination, since I feel like many slice-of-life shows have more down-to-earth production values. This show, however, is glossy and atmospheric, while insisting on a slice-of-life, anecdotal sort of approach. It’s.. different, at least?

4. The trailer indicates that there is some romance in this,

..and it’s not wrong. I just feel that I should let you guys know upfront, that the romance is quite subtle, and feels like a relatively minor arc.


1. Kang Han Na as Yi Na.

I came into this show for Kang Han Na, and mostly stayed for Kang Han Na. Because Show mostly serves up what feels like scattered vignettes, I’ll just say that my favorite little arc involving Yi Na, is the early one where she learns how to use social media, and becomes an overnight social media star. The idea of this amuses me greatly.

2. The general exploration of what it’s like to be a vampire living among humans.

Show weaves little nuggets of vampiric reflections into its slice-of-life approach, and I found those mildly interesting.

3. Show’s glossy, polished finish.

Everything and everyone is very pretty to look at, and my eyes didn’t have anything to complain about. The music’s also pretty atmospheric, which was quite pleasant.


Rather than feeling like I’ve been on journey with these characters, like I would in a regular sort of story, I feel more like I’ve been a fly on the shiny walls of these vampires for a short while, and now it’s time for me to move on.

It doesn’t feel like a great deal has happened, in Show’s 10 short episodes, but overall, it does feel like each of our vampires has made some kind of progress, in coming to terms with what it means to live among humans.

Ji Yeon continues to excel at work, and manages to fend off that content thief of a team leader, without losing her cool in the least. And, it feels like her cool-as-ice facade may have warmed up a bit, judging from the way she invites her team to eat ox blood soup with her.

Mi Sook, typically so aloof and jaded, actually becomes friends with the Cat Lady, and sits down to tea with her, after rescuing the cat from eating poisoned cat food.

And Yi Na and Sung Min (Lee Shin Young) appear to have overcome their reservations, to live and love in the moment, despite the fact that she’s a vampire, and he’s a human.

There’s no indication that this relationship will turn out any different from her last relationship (with apparently Sung Min’s last incarnation), but I think that’s exactly the idea that Show wants to put across.

You might not know what your future brings, and life might feel long and endless, but there are still small joys to be found in the day-to-day, and you can choose to embrace that happiness.


Generally feels rather scattered, but has an atmospheric sort of appeal.




You can check out this little show on YouTube here.


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1 year ago

Just finished this one (don’t know if it’s substantial enough to qualify as a drama watch for 2021), and it filled the purpose of filling in those 10 minute time slots where I can watch something (usually before drifting off to non-sleep) and was pleasant enough.

Just your average slice-of-unlife drama, I guess. 😉🍷

1 year ago

I really love Kang Han Na, but I don’t usually enjoy web dramas very much. And while I also enjoy vampire stories, this one doesn’t sound like one I would like a lot. Of course, it’s so short, it would be over before I know it if I ever decide to give it a try, hehe.

1 year ago

So, when this first floated across my radar, I perked up for the same reason as you: it had Kang Han-na starring in it. And I’ve been a big fan since Start-up, but then especially Roommate Gumiho, where she was a real bright spot.

I watched the first episode, and then put it on back burner until it finished out the run, since individual episodes are so short it didn’t seem to make much sense to watch each one as it dropped.

Anyway, this struck me in conception as basically a vehicle for KHN to swan about looking fabulous, and after watching all the episodes, I still think that’s basically what it is. And since KHN is in fact fabulous, I’m not particularly opposed. I also like Choi Yu-hwa from her role (as 2FL) in River Where the Moon Rises, so that was a bonus. All that said, the narrative in this is very bare bones; there isn’t a whole lot of actual coherent story there…

(I am tickled that KHN has finally been cast in her first actual FL role, for a saguek scheduled next year…with Jang Hyuk as the antagonist, no less. So yay for her, right?)

1 year ago

It is quite cool that you guys have your faves and check out each drama they are in ^^
Watched 2 episodes of this. Don’t know whether I will continue or not.

1 year ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thanks ^^
I finished it and I have to say you are right. I didn’t miss much. And I also didn’t like it 😂 but because eps are only 10min long, it wasn’t a waste of time.

1 year ago

I’d have considered watching for Kim Young Ah. She’s the older actress who looks a bit Chinese in the photo above. I’ve only seen her in minor roles on two shows, but she was great.

1 year ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I kind of figured that based on how hard it was to find a photo of her as she appears in the show!