Dropped: You Are My Hero [China]

I know a lot of folks really like this show, so let me preface this dropped post by saying that I really don’t hate this show.

I don’t even dislike it, really.

I just.. don’t feel like I have the interest to keep going with this, even though it’s not bad, objectively speaking.

I’ll try to explain more in the post, and hopefully, this post will help you to figure out whether this one’s for you, even though I’ve decided that it probably isn’t for me.


I started out liking this one well enough, and figured that this could work as a pretty enjoyable, low-stakes, almost fluffy sort of watch.

I found the tropey rom-com stuff fairly entertaining, and I found the emergency rescue stuff reasonably interesting as well.

Unfortunately, partly due to Show’s length, and how that affects the story pacing, 10 episodes in, I find myself without the commitment to see this through for another 30 episodes.

I don’t dislike it, to be clear. I just find it rather too long for what I’m willing to invest of my drama hours right now, and I realize that I’d feel more satisfied investing those drama hours elsewhere.

Again, that’s not to say that you wouldn’t like this, so hopefully the rest of this post will help you to decide whether this is something that you’d enjoy.


The whole reason I checked out this show, to begin with, is thanks to Elaine mentioning it in response to my Reset review.

I’d actually had this show on my list for a while, thanks to recommendations by others, as well as general positive comments, but I hadn’t realized that it was Bai Jing Ting playing lead.

Well, to be fair, Bai Jing Ting wasn’t really on my radar much, until Reset. 😅

To be clear, it’s not like I’m fangirling over Bai Jing Ting or anything. It’s just that after seeing him in an almost beta male role in Reset, I found it an intriguing idea, to see him be badass, in this show.

Mild, studious-looking Heyun, as a tough SWAT Team leader? Ahaha. The idea tickled me tremendously.

And so I went and checked out the trailer (above), and was thoroughly surprised by:

1, how light and almost frothy it looks, because I’d expected Show to lean more serious based on the synopsis, and

2, how romance-heavy it looks as well, because I’d expected any romance to be secondary to the SWAT and medical stuff.

All this was more than enough to pique my interest, and get me to press play, pretty much right away.


Based on what I’ve gathered in the 10 episodes that I’ve watched, here are a few things which I think would be helpful to keep in mind, to maximize your enjoyment of your watch:

1. I do think this show benefits from being binge-watched.

I don’t have the time to binge-watch anything these days, so anything I add to my drama plate has to join a rotating roster of dramas, while I juggle my posting schedule for both the blog and Patreon, and I do think my personal situation worked against my ability to enjoy this show.

However, the way this show is set up, it’s kinda slice-of-life, and everything’s spread out over 40 episodes, so it can feel a little meandering at times.

Binge-watching can help make everything feel more condensed.

2. It’s relatively light

I think this show works well in the “I’m kinda tired and don’t want to think too hard but still want to watch some drama that engages me reasonably well” category.

Given a bit of time, the slices of life build up quite nicely, which should help you to feel more naturally interested in our characters and their journeys.

3. There’s a touch of a nationalistic vibe from time to time

..but it’s not terribly heavy-handed, nor does it happen so often that you would find it so in-yo-face.

An example of this would be the way the SWAT team announces during training, that the rifle they’re using is a homegrown item that is as good as the Russian equivalent.

4. This does lean tropey.

I think it’s good to expect it, because this is the overall feel that I’m getting, at episode 10.


In particular, I thought Mi Ka (Ma Si Chun) lending her rent money to the patient’s father felt a bit too much like a Candy stretch.


That’s pretty typical of the territory in this show, so if that kind of stuff doesn’t bother you, then this show might be a good fit for you.

I think a fluffy rom-com lens might actually come in rather useful, like when characters lean into tropey behavior so much that it defies logic.


Show’s general vibe

In effect, I feel like Show’s a hodge-podge mash-up of different shows that I’ve seen, all mixed together into one drama world. And, in principle, I don’t mind it, really.

Let me try to lay it all out for you.

The SWAT Team dude versus the doctor set-up reminds me of Descendants of the Sun, in a way, with the tough guy meeting the passionate doctor premise.

However, instead of leaning more serious like DOTS, this show feels more light and rom-com-y, kinda in the vein of Touch Your Heart.

I’m no expert on emergency rescue, certainly, but the vibe I get, is that the romance and relationship stuff is enjoying more emphasis, with this medical and emergency stuff serving more as a backdrop, with some interesting nuggets of information to glean, if you were so interested.

At the same time, the elements of our male lead being tough and shouty with our female lead, particularly in our early episodes, reminds me of Pasta, where Lee Sun Gyun’s Chef character had been tough and shouty with Gong Hyo Jin’s apprentice chef character.


This part is a little startling to my eyes, honestly, but I rationalize that the shouty and the discipline is organic to the early episode setting, which is an intense training camp, meant to replicate the discipline expected of the SWAT Team.

Importantly, Show is quick to indicate to us that male lead Xing Ke Lei (Bai Jing Ting) isn’t a jerk when he’s not on duty as a SWAT Team instructor.

In fact, quite like Pasta, female lead Mi Ka (Ma Si Chun) has a nice interaction with Xing Ke Lei, and even thinks of him as a nice person, before she meets him as her chief instructor.

I think that, and the fact that Xing Ke Lei clearly has a secret soft spot for Mi Ka, helps to soften the impact of him being shouty at her for her lack of cooperation, with regards to the training camp rules.

To be fair, Mi Ka really does flout some fundamental and very important rules, with the way she goes running off during training hours without permission, not once, but twice.

She does attempt to explain that it is literally a life and death situation, but again, I concede that Xing Ke Lei’s point holds true, that order and discipline comes first, in their world, and personal reasons are not to be used as excuses to disregard that discipline.


On this point, I think Show does a good job of setting things up, so that we see and understand both their points of view. Right now, the fact that they have opposing stances makes a lot of sense.

One other drama that this show gives me echoes of, is Dr. Romantic, with the hospital scenes that we get.


Like when Mi Ka goes running back to the hospital to watch the surgery by Dr. Shao (Wang Yang), and then runs after him for an emergency consult regarding her friend’s condition.

In this scene, Mi Ka gives me flashes of Seo Hyun Jin’s character in Dr. Romantic, with her conviction that being emotionally attached to a patient is way better than being  numb to how precious someone’s life is.


Overall, it’s a vibe that I find rather pleasant, in a low-key sort of way.

Bai Jing Ting as Xing Ke Lei

It is absolutely as trippy as I’d imagined, to see Bai Jing Ting as a badass, lean, SWAT expert machine.

And, his somewhat delicate features makes it extra trippy, because that just makes the tough badassery so unexpected.

He definitely comes across as buffer and tougher, than his Heyun character in Reset, and every time he has to act all tough, I reflexively feel slightly mind-boggled, heh.

At the same time, Show does also make Ke Lei a bit of a dork, particularly when it comes to his loveline with Mi Ka.

I alternated between finding this endearing and perplexing, because Show does push it to rather unbelievable extremes. That’s when the fluffy rom-com lens that I mentioned earlier, ought to come in useful.

Ma Si Chun as Mi Ka

As long as I had my fluffy rom-com lens on, I found Mi Ka fine, as a character.

I have to say, though, that without that rom-com lens on, I found her almost too good to be true, sometimes.

But, for a rom-com heroine (where good-hearted Candy types are the norm), I found Mi Ka perfectly normal. If you get what I mean. 😅


From what I’ve seen so far, Show does put this loveline front and center a lot of the time, so if you’re signing up because you think the romance looks cute, Show does put effort into it.

Meaning, it’s not a bait ‘n switch.

Personally, I found my interest in the this loveline rather unpredictable.

Sometimes, I felt pretty into it, and then at other times, I found certain beats too cutesy or clichéd, &/or long drawn out.

The OTP chemistry is reasonably solid, from what I’ve seen so far, but the narrative hoops that need to be jumped through, to put Ke Lei and Mi Ka in the same orbit, are not my favorite thing.

Sometimes, Ke Lei’s dork tendencies perk up my interest in the OTP loveline, but again, sometimes, it feels like it’s getting to be a bit much, and that exact dork quality makes me lose interest again. Does that make sense?

All that to say, I find the OTP loveline reasonably engaging, but it doesn’t exactly suck me in, and I don’t feel 100% engaged with it.

That said, here are a few early episode thoughts about the loveline.


E1-2. In terms of the OTP set-up, I rather enjoy the hidden backstory aspect, where Mi Ka is clueless that the person who had saved her life, 2 years ago, when she’d been held hostage at that jewelry store, had been none other than Xing Ke Lei.

The fact that he knows who she is, and has a pre-existing soft spot for her, is pretty great.

The way he works to be nice to her, while still maintaining his gruff instructor persona, is quite cute.

Like how he adds on to her punishment by telling her to clean the bathroom, when all he wants to do, is give her access to the locked bathroom, because she hasn’t had a chance to shower.

I’m also curious to see how and when Mi Ka will piece together the fact that the special forces officer, whom she so admires, and to whom she owes her life, is none other than Xing Ke Lei himself.

Also, I do appreciate the touches of dork that we are already seeing, in Xing Ke Lei, when it comes to Mi Ka.

E3-4. The growing understanding between Xing Ke Lei and Mi Ka is also quite nice to see. His gaze is following her a lot more noticeably, which is also nice.

E7-8. Ke Lei is such a dork for not realizing that Mi Ka’s transfer to the ER means that she wouldn’t be eating those KFC breakfasts that he keeps sending to Neurology. 😂

E9. Ke Lei being Mi Ka’s secret landlord is definitely meant to be cute and funny, but it’s not really working for me, somehow. I find this arc rather try-hard, to be brutally honest. 😝


The secondary OTP

At around the episode 3 mark, I found my interest picking up around the secondary loveline between Shu Wen Bo and Ruan Qing Xia (Chen Hao and Jiang Pei Yao).


I found it quite cute and amusing, that she would go from being annoyed with him, to delighted by him. And the fact that he’s so robotic and clueless, also makes it quite entertaining.

However, once she decides that she likes him, the way she goes about trying to capture his heart, is rather cringey, to be honest.

And, at episode 9-10, where she’s colluding with Wen Bo’s mother, to make this loveline happen, I find myself cringing even more.

That does not seem very feasible nor romantic, to be honest, and I find myself willing the antics to stop, please and soon. 😅


The hospital &/or emergency rescue cases

There are legit times when I find myself more interested in the actual hospital cases, than in Ke Lei’s romantic interest in Mi Ka. How unexpected, since I’d signed up for the romance.

The hospital cases give me Dr. Romantic vibes, and the way Show has unexpected situations, like the emergency surgery in the elevator in episodes 5-6, ties it up nicely with the emergency rescue theme.

Director Shao and his rogue twin surgeries at around the same point in our story, does also remind me of Kim Sabu from Dr. Romantic, which I mean in a good way.

So, surprisingly enough, I found myself perking up more at the actual hospital &/or emergency cases, than at either of the lovelines.

Who woulda thunk it? 😜


Like I said, I don’t hate this show. Heck, I don’t even dislike it.

It’s just that I find myself dragging my feet between episodes, when it comes to pressing “play.”

When time goes by after I’ve ended an episode, I find my interest to progress to the next episode fading instead of growing stronger.

I do think that if I had the luxury of binge-watching this one, that that might just solve a lot of my issues around waning interest.

Coz, when you binge-watch something, you don’t leave yourself much time to think.

However, as it stands, I actually took wayyy longer to go from episode 9 to episode 10 than I think is healthy.

By the time I convinced myself to hit “play” on episode 10, I had to peep at episode 9 first, just to remember where I was at, with our story.

That’s a sure sign that this one’s not engaging me the way I want it to.

And, with 30 more episodes to go (so many!!), I honestly think that I’d be happier investing those drama hours elsewhere.

It was low-key fun while it lasted, but I honestly don’t think this one’s for me, after all – smoldery badass dorky Bai Jing Ting or no. 😁

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8 months ago

Hi! I’m one of those who really like and enjoyed this series :). I find the acting of the cast very natural and authentic, the story is engaging, and I like the chemistry of the cast, especially that of our main leads, Bai Jing Ting and Ma Si Chun. Both their characters are smart and good-looking.  Aside from that, BJT as Capt. Xing Ke Lei is cool, brave and charismatic, yet he can be child-like, sweet and swoony. MSC as Dr. Mi Ka is also funny, dedicated, sincere and an overall positive/cheerful person. 

I like how the drama shows the life of SWAT and doctors, not just those related to their work, but also their personal lives and relationships. As for those scenes related to their profession, I find them realistic, such as the surgery scenes, rescue operations, etc. So overall, this is a really good and enjoyable watch for me :).

eda harris
eda harris
1 year ago

a little late to the party, but i just finished it (with difficulty).
well… i had to get it out of my system, because of bai jing ting. although i do like him a lot, i think he was wrongly casted, not because of acting but because of his body frame – i just could not see him as a SWAT captain, even that he definitely has some muscles.
the FL, unfortunately did not do anything to me, so that was a disappointment. she looked pretty much like in the drama love me if you dare, as if it was the same character.
the drama itself, i would call it a vacation drama, it’s not horrible, and does not require brains. it’s the best to watch when a break is needed from serious stuff or simply a distraction from life, or even as light entertainment.
by episode 10 it looked like it’s not going anywhere and i was ready, so ready to drop it. but curiosity kept me there, curiosity to see both couples to get to a destination called A KISS. and then, i already invested so much, that i simply stayed. there were a few cute moments, many boring stuff and nothing really to get involved in – a vacation.

1 year ago

I did watch this one at the time it aired and I did finish it, but reluctantly. My summary, with spoilers deleted, is as follows:

First 10 Eps very well done and easy watching.

Second 10 Eps covered a lot of territory.

Eps 21-30 were, in the main, frustrating – a lot of fast forwarding on my part.

Eps 31-40 had pointless stories, but got back on tract towards the end.

1 year ago

I felt the same as you did, and honestly I felt little bit more validated because a lot of people love it, which is great, and when I shared my thoughts I was told: kfangirl says you need to manage your viewing lens! 😆 (I was like; I know! Heh)
But honestly, there’s a limit to even adjusting your lens! Hahaha.
I thought the chemistry was really nice between both main and secondary couples, and the actors were soild and very nice looking as well! The story was cute enough and generally there wasn’t much to be complained about comparatively?
Maybe that’s what made me extra picky. Since it already showed it had potential to be so much more? Or something. No matter how nice of a watch it was, I felt like there was no need to watch the whole thing. Because I was intrigued enough I did pick random eps every 5 eps or so and made it to the end.
I still couldn’t quite articulate why, so it was really great to read what you had to say about it instead🥰

1 year ago

Yes this show definitely needs to be binge watched. I started this one coz I was just looking for an easy watch (plus Bai Jing Ting is handsome) and gobbled up the first 1/3 of the show.. couldn’t stop binging it! I do like adorkable yet suave guys I admit. Plus the DotS vibe felt quite nostalgic for me since it was one of my first few dramas.

But after that I kind of dropped off for a while and when I came back it was more of a slog, unfortunately, as KFG experienced – felt a bit slow and meandering at times. Plus some of the plot points were not exactly logical. (Ok I must admit to being in a semi rut nowdays – I start shows so well and then halfway through I get bored) so maybe it’s me and not the show!

Nonetheless it was an easy watch (treat it as a romance slice of life with some incredulous situations) and it’s an enjoyable watch.

Thanks to KFG for trying (and for writing a dropped post!) so that I knew this one even existed!

Last edited 1 year ago by MC
eda harris
eda harris
1 year ago

thank you KFG for bringing it to my attention – i did not hear about this drama.
but.. i can not skip on this one. i usually go by this principle -i’d like to see at least one of the actors/actresses that i love or have an interest to see more of. or the director/screenwriter that i appreciate. well, in this one we have bai jingting, whom i love, love, love. i am surprised that you wanted to see how he’s going to be a “badass”, as in reset he plays a very different character. but he was an amazing “bad ass” in the rise of the phoenixes, that is where i fell in love with his acting, looks and… all else. he truly was one of my favorites in that drama.
then we have ma sichun, who i felt had more potential than she was given in love me you if you dare, but it was difficult to shine next to wallace huo or wang kai. nevertheless it did generate enough interest in me, so i am eager to see her in this one.
and then there is wang yang, whom i saw in perfect couple and liked his acting. i also saw him in joy for life, which was less interesting to me than the first one, but still, i am really willing to see him again.
so that makes it 3 actors, more than even my requirement. that is why it is a go for me.

1 year ago

I also left it after about 10 episodes!

In Cdramalnd I recommend Octogenarian and the 90s and I Will Find You a Better Home, two gems that few have talked about. I also recently loved the fluffy/silly/goofy Sweet Sweet.

1 year ago

I’m enjoying this one, because it’s easy on the brain and heart, and has some pretty likable characters. There have been trials and tribulations, and likely will be in the future (I’m halfway through), but no real angst, so far. I’m watching a few others that fill my angst quota, so I appreciate that.

I agree that watching it quickly helps to keep the pace up. With 40 episodes (I’m halfway through), and no super substance, just – mostly – interesting vignettes and a few interesting love lines – there’s not a strong through line that sustains interest between episodes. I’ve paused for a bit, to catch up on some other shows, and while I look forward to returning to it, Show doesn’t compel me to. But, I am interested to see how everyone is doing in that drama-land.

Like KFG, I’ve found many of the medical and rescue stories surprisingly engaging. I do like stories of competence and dedication and people pulling together for the cause!

mon mor
mon mor
1 year ago

I enjoyed this show up until the middle or so. When the earthquake scenario sets in (shades of DOTS), I felt bored and the nationalistic vibes wer stronger and less palatable. I was disappointed and stoppe watching.

1 year ago

Too bad you didn’t like this one.