1. What do the labels mean?

Here’s a full list of all the shows that I’ve written about on this site. I’ve included helpful little labels next to each show, to indicate the type of post it is.

The handy-dandy breakdown:

[Full Review] = Lengths will vary, but each contains a Short, Long & Final Verdict

[Flash Review] = Quick, short, spoiler-lite reviews.

[Dropped] = Dropped Drama

2. The Rating System

Understand more about my rating system here!

Edited to add:

3. Shows that aren’t on this list

If you’re looking for a show and it’s not on this list (like Goblin, Mr. Sunshine or Six Flying Dragons, for example), it might be in this post, or this sequel post, where I talk about dramas that I haven’t written dedicated posts for.

I hope you guys find this list useful!

~ kfangurl


1% of Anything [Something About 1%] [Flash Review] B+

9 Seconds: Eternal Time [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

18 Again [Full Review] A

1st Shop Of Coffee Prince, The [Coffee Prince] [Full Review] A

20’s [Twenty Years Old] [Flash Review] B+

20th Century Boy And Girl [Flash Review] B

71: Into the Fire [Movie] [Flash Review] A


A Bad Family [Drama Special] [Flash Review] A-

A Business Proposal [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

A Couple’s World [World Of The Married] [Full Review] A-

A Dream Of Splendor [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes

A Gentleman’s Dignity [Full Review] B-

A Jaunt [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

A Love So Beautiful [China] [Flash Review] A-

A Melody To Remember [Movie] [Flash Review] A

A Moment At Eighteen [At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-

A Piece Of Your Mind [Full Review] B+

A Poem A Day [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

A Rose And A Tulip [Japan] [Movie] [Flash Review] B

A Sharply Graceful Girl [Japan] [Flash Review] B

A Thousand Goodnights [Taiwan] [Flash Review] B+

A Werewolf Boy [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

Across The Ocean To See You [China] [Flash Review] C-

Adoring [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Advisors Alliance, The [China] [Dropped] D

After The Rain [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Age Of Youth [Hello, My Twenties!] [Flash Review] B++

Age Of Youth 2 [Hello, My Twenties! 2] [Full Review] B++

Alchemy Of Souls [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadow [Full Review] B++

All About Eve [Full Review] A-

Always [Only You] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

An Empress’s Dignity [The Last Empress] [Flash Review] B

An Incurable Case Of Love [Love Lasts Forever] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Angel’s Last Mission: Love [Dropped] D

Angry Mom [Full Review] A

Another Oh Hae Young [Oh Hae Young Again] [Full Review] A-

Answer Me, 1988 [Reply 1988] [Full Review] A

Answer Me, 1994 [Reply 1994] [Full Review] A-

Answer Me, 1997 [Reply 1997] [Full Review] A-

Arang and the Magistrate [Full Review] A

Are You Human Too? [Full Review] B+

As One [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

Ashes Of Love [China] [Dropped] D

At A Distance, Spring Is Green [Dropped] D

At Eighteen [A Moment At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-

Autumn’s Concerto [Taiwan] [Open Thread] B

E1-3 | E4-6 | E7-9 | E10-12 | E13-15 | E16-18 | E19-21 | E22-24 | E25-27 | E28-30 | E31-34


Bad And Crazy [Dropped] D

Bad Guys [Full Review] B+

Bad Guys 2 – City Of Evil [Dropped] D

Ballot, The [IntoThe Ring] [Memorials] [Full Review] B+

Be Melodramatic [Melo Suits Me] [Full Review] A-

Be Positive [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Beating Again [Falling For Innocence] [Full Review] B+

Beautiful Days [Full Review] A-

Beautiful Gong Shim [Dropped] D

Beauty Inside, The [Drama] [Full Review] B+

Beauty Inside, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Because It’s The First Time [Flash Review] B+

Because This Is My First Life [This Life Is Our First] [Flash Review] A-

Beloved Eun Dong [My Love Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

Best Hit, The [Flash Review] B-

Beyond Evil [Monster] [Full Review] A

Big [Full Review] B-

Bite Sisters [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Black Knight [Flash Review] B+

Bloody Heart [Red Single Heart] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Bo Ra! Deborah [True To Love] [Full Review] B-

Bond, The [China] [Full Review] B++

Boss & Me [Shan Shan Comes To Eat] [China] [Flash Review] B

Bossam: Steal The Fate [Full Review] B+

Boyfriend [Encounter] [Dropped] D

Breakup Probation, A Week [Mini Series] [Full Review] B

Bridal Mask [Gaksital] [Full Review] A+

Bride In Sneakers [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Bride of the Century [Full Review] A-

Bring It On, Ghost [Let’s Fight, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Bromance [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B

Business Proposal, A [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes


Call It Love [Full Review] A- | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Came To Me And Became A Star [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Cantabile Tomorrow [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Nae Il’s Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Check Out The Event [Please Check The Event] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B-

Cheer Up [Sassy Go Go] [Full Review] B

Cheese In The Trap [Flash Review] B-

Chicago Typewriter [Flash Review] B++

Chuno [Slave Hunter] [Full Review] A++

Chuno Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12| E13&14 |
E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

Circle [Flash Review] B++

Coffee Prince [The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince] [Full Review] A

Confession [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Couple On The Backtrack [Go Back Couple] [Flash Review] B++

Couple’s World, A [World Of The Married] [Full Review] A-

Crash Course In Romance [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes

Crash Landing On You [Full Review] B++

Crowned Clown, The [Full Review] A

Cruel City [Heartless City] [Flash Review] B+

Cunning Single Lady [Sly and Single Again] [Full Review] B+


D.P. [Deserter Pursuit] [Full Review] A-

Dali and the Cocky Prince [Dropped] D

Dating Agency Cyrano [Full Review] B-

Dazzling [The Light In Your Eyes] [Radiant] [Flash Review] A

Descendants of the Sun [Full Review] B

Designated Survivor: 60 Days [Flash Review] B+

Devil Judge, The [Full Review] B-

Do You Like Brahms? [Full Review] B++

Doctor Cha [Full Review] B+

Doctors [Flash Review] C+

Doom At Your Service [Dropped] D

Dr. Romantic [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21

Dr. Romantic 2 [Flash Review] A-

Dr. Romantic 3 [Full Review] B++

Dream High [Full Review] A

Dream High 2 [Full Review] D+

Dream Of Splendor, A [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes

Dude In Me, The [Inside Me] [Movie] [Flash Review] C++


Eighteen Again [Full Review] A

Encounter [Boyfriend] [Dropped] D

Equator Man, The [Full Review] C

Eternal Love, The [China] [Flash Review] C

Eternal Love: Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms [Flash Review] A-

Everything And Nothing [Mini Series] [Flash Review] B+

Ex-Girlfriend Club [Dropped] D

Extraordinary Attorney Woo [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Extraordinary You [Dropped] D

EXO Next Door [Flash Review] B-


Fall In Love At First Kiss 2019 [TW Movie] [Flash Review] C++

Fall In Love With Me [TW Drama] [Flash Review] C+

Falling For Innocence [Beating Again] [Full Review] B+

Familiar Wife [Flash Review] B++

Fan Letter, Please [Flash Review] B+

Fated To Love You [Full Review] A-

Fates and Furies [Flash Review] B-

Father Is Strange [Flash Review] A

Feelings [Neukkim] [Full Review] B

Fermentation Family [Kimchi Family] [Full Review] B+

Fight My Way [Full Review] B++

Final Match, The [Last Match] [Flash Review] B-

Find Me In Your Memory [Memoir Of The Man] [Full Review] B+

Find Yourself [China] [Full Review] B+

First Half Of My Life, The [China] [Flash Review] A

First Love Again [China] [Dropped] D

First Love: Hatsukoi [Japan] [Full Review] A

Five Children [Five Enough] [Flash Review] B+

Flower Boy Next Door [Full Review] B-

Flower Of Evil [Full Review] B

Forecasting Love And Weather [Dropped] D

Forest Of Secrets [Stranger] [Open Thread] A

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16

Fox Bride Star [Where Stars Land] [Full Review] B

Full-Time Wife Escapist, The [Japan] [We Married As A Job] [Flash Review] A-


Gaksital [Bridal Mask] [Full Review] A+

Gentleman’s Dignity, A [Full Review] B-

Girl Who Sees Smells, The [Sensory Couple] [Flash Review] C+

Girls’ Generation 1979 [Lingerie Girls’ Generation] [Flash Review] A-

Glory, The [Part 1] [Full Review] B++

Glory, The [Part 2] Full Review] B+

Go Back Spouses [Go Back Couple] [Flash Review] B++

Go Go Squid! [China] [Flash Review] B

Go Ho’s Starry Night [Gogh, The Starry Night] [Flash Review] B+

Going To You At A Speed Of 493km [Love All Play] [Dropped] D | Episode 1 notes

Goong [Princess Hours] [Full Review] B+

Goong S [Prince Hours] [Flash Review] C+

Graceful Family [Dropped] D

Greasy Melo [Wok Of Love] [Dropped] D | Guest Review: An Alternative Lens

Gunman In Joseon [Joseon Gunman] [Flash Review] B


Haeundae Lovers [Full Review] C+

Handmade Love [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B

Happiness [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Healer [Full Review] A+

Healer Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20

Heard It Through The Grapevine [Open Thread] B+

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24 | E25&26 | E27&28 | E29&30

Heartless City [Cruel City] [Flash Review] B+

Heart To Heart [Full Review] B+

Heavenly Idol, The [Full Review] C+

Heirs [The Heirs] [Full Review] C+

Hellbound [Full Review] B

Hello, Me! [Full Review] B++

Hello, My Twenties! [Age Of Youth] [Flash Review] B++

Hello, My Twenties! 2 [Age Of Youth 2] [Full Review] B++

Her Lovely Heels [Full Review] C-

Her Private Life [Full Review] B++

Here’s My Plan [Flash Review] B++

Hey Ana! Let’s Eat! [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Hi Bye, Mama! [Full Review] B+

Hidden Identity [Dropped] D

Hidden Love [China] [Full Review] A-

High-end Crush [Dropped] D

High School King [Full Review] C

High School Love On [Dropped] D

High Society [Flash Review] C

History of the Salaryman [Full Review] B+

Ho Goo’s Love [Dropped] D

Home Sweet Home [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Hometown Cha Cha Cha [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Homme Fatale [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Hospital Playlist [Full Review] A-

Hospital Playlist 2 [Full Review] A-

Hot Stove League [Flash Review] B++

Hot Young Bloods [Movie] [Full Review] A-

Hotel Del Luna [Full Review] B-

How Long Will I Love U [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Human Disqualification [Lost] [Full Review] A | Episode 1 notes

Hundred Million Stars From The Sky [The Smile Has Left Your Eyes] [Flash Review] B

Hwarang [Dropped] D

Hyde, Jekyll, Me [Dropped] D

Hyena [Full Review] B

Hymn Of Death [Mini Series] [Flash Review] B+


I Can Speak [Movie] [Flash Review] A-

I Do, I Do [Full Review] B-

I Hear Your Voice [I Can Hear Your Voice] [Full Review] A+

I Miss You [Missing You] [Dropped] D

I Need Romance 2012 [Full Review] C-

I Need Romance 3 [Full Review] B-

I Order You [Dropped] D

I’ll Find You When The Weather Is Nice [When The Weather Is Fine] [Full Review] B

I’m Dying Soon [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

I’m Not A Robot [Flash Review] B+

If We Were A Season [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

If You Wish Upon Me [Tell Me Your Wish] [Full Review] B+

Imaginary Cat [Flash Review] B

In House Marriage Honey [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

In Time With You [Taiwan] [Flash Review] A-

Incomplete Life [Misaeng] [Full Review] A

Innocent Man, The [Nice Guy] [Flash Review] B

Inseparable Bros [Movie] [Flash Review] A

IntoThe Ring [Memorials] [The Ballot] [Full Review] B+

It’s Okay It’s Love [It’s Okay, That’s Love] [Full Review] B+

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay [Psycho But It’s Okay] [Full Review] A

Itaewon Class [Full Review] B+


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love [Flash Review] B++

Jaunt, A [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Josée [Korea] [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Joseon Gunman [Gunman In Joseon] [Flash Review] B

Just Between Lovers [Rain Or Shine] [Flash Review] B+

Just You [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B

Juvenile Justice [Flash Review] B


K2, The [Dropped] D

Kang Deoksun’s Love History [Drama Special] [Flash Review] A-

Keys To The Heart [Korean Movie] [Flash Review] A

Kill Me, Heal Me [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20

Kimchi Family [Fermentation Family] [Full Review] B+

King 2 Hearts, The [Full Review] A

King Loves, The [Full Review] B

King of Dramas [The Lord of the Drama] [Full Review] A-

King The Land [Full Review] B | Episode 1 & 2 notes

King: Eternal Monarch, The [Full Review] B

King’s Affection, The [Full Review] B

King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang [Full Review] B

Kiss Goblin [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+


Last Empress, The [An Empress’s Dignity] [Flash Review] B

Last Match [The Final Match] [Flash Review] B-

Lawless Lawyer [Lawless Attorney] [Flash Review] B+

Leave Me Not [Must You Go?] [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Lesson In Love [Taiwan] [Flash Review] B

Let Us Meet [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Let’s Eat [Full Review] B

Let’s Eat 2 [Full Review] B+

Let’s Eat 3 [Flash Review] C+

Let’s Eat Something, Anna [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Let’s Fight, Ghost [Bring It On, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Liar Game [Flash Review] C+

Lie After Lie [Full Review] B+

Life Is Beautiful [Full Review] A+

Life On Mars [Flash Review] A-

Light In Your Eyes, The [Dazzling] [Radiant] [Flash Review] A

Lingerie Girls’ Generation [Girls’ Generation 1979] [Flash Review] A-

Little Forest [Korean Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Little Women [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Longest Day in Chang’an, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

Lord of the Drama, The [King of Dramas] [Full Review] A-

Lost [Human Disqualification] [Full Review] A | Episode 1 notes

Lost You Forever [China] Episode 1-4 notes

LOVE [Taiwan] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Love All Play [Going To You At A Speed Of 493km] [Dropped] D | Episode 1 notes

Love And Destiny [China] [Dropped] D

Love Between Fairy And Devil [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

Love Cells [Flash Review] B-

Love For A Thousand More [Flash Review] B

Love In Contract [Full Review] B | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Love In The Moonlight [Moonlight Drawn By Clouds] [Full Review] A

Love Is For Suckers [Full Review] B | Episodes 1 & 2 notes

Love Is Sweet [China] [Flash Review] B-

Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love, The [Moonshine And Valentine] [China] [Flash Review] C+

Love Lasts Forever [An Incurable Case Of Love] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Love Like The Galaxy [China] [Full Review] A | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

Love Me If You Dare [China] [Dropped] D

Love O2O [China] [Flash Review] B+

Love Rain [Full Review] C

Love So Beautiful, A [China] [Flash Review] A-

Love To Hate You [Flash Review] B+

Love You Give Me, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

Lovers Of The Red Sky [Dropped] D

Lovestruck In The City [Dropped] D

Lucky Romance [Flash Review] C+


Mad For Each Other [Full Review] B++

Magician, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B-

Makanai, The: Cooking for the Maiko House [Japan] [Full Review] B++

Marriage Contract [Full Review] B+

Marriage Not Dating [Full Review] A

Marry Me! [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Mask [Flash Review] C++

Master’s Sun B- | That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic] [Full Review] A+

Meet Me @ 1006 [Taiwan] [Dropped] D

Meet Yourself [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-4 notes

Melancholia [Dropped] D

Melo Suits Me [Be Melodramatic] [Full Review] A-

Melody To Remember, A [Movie] [Flash Review] A

Memoir Of The Man [Find Me In Your Memory] [Full Review] B+

Memorials [IntoThe Ring] [The Ballot] [Full Review] B+

Memories Of The Alhambra [Flash Review] B+

Miracle In Cell No. 7 [Movie] [2013] [Flash Review] A+

Miracles of the Namiya General Store [Namiya] [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Mirror Of The Witch [Flash Review] B-

Misaeng [Incomplete Life] [Full Review] A

Miss Granny [Movie] [Flash Review] A+

Miss Kim’s Mystery [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Miss Korea [Full Review] B+

Missing You [I Miss You] [Dropped] D

Mix [Mixed Doubles] [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] B

Modern Girl [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Moment At Eighteen, A [At Eighteen] [Full Review] A-

Money Flower [Full Review] A-

Money Flower Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 |
E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

Monster [Beyond Evil] [Full Review] A

Monthly Magazine Home [Dropped] D

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [Full Review] C+

Moon that Embraces the Sun, The [Full Review] A-

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds [Love In The Moonlight] [Full Review] A

Moonshine And Valentine [The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love] [China] [Flash Review] C+

Moorim School [Dropped] D

More Than Friends [Full Review] B

Mother Of Mine [My Prettiest Daughter In The World] [Dropped] D

Move To Heaven [Full Review] A

Move To Heaven Open Threads: E1, 2, 3 | E4, 5, 6 | E7&8 | E9&10

Moving Episode 1-2 notes

Mr. Bad [My Villain Boyfriend] [China] [Full Review] B

Mr. Queen [Full Review] B++

Must You Go? [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Mute [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

My Absolute Boyfriend [Korea] [Dropped] D

My Ahjussi [My Mister] [Full Review] A+

My Ahjusshi Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16

My Beautiful Bride [Flash Review] B

My Brilliant Life [Movie] [Flash Review] A+

My Country [Full Review] B++

My Daughter Seo Young [Flash Review] B+

My Friend Is Still Alive [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16

My Happy Home [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

My Holo Love [Flash Review] B-

My Husband Oh Jak Doo [My Husband, Mr. Oh] [Flash Review] C+

My ID is Gangnam Beauty [Flash Review] B

My Journey To You [China] Episode 1-3 notes

My Liberation Notes [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

My Little Lover [Japan] [Flash Review] B

My Love [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

My Love Eun Dong [Beloved Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

My Love From Another Star [You From Another Star] [Full Review] A+

My Lovely Liar Episode 1-2 notes

My Mister [My Ahjussi] [Full Review] A+

My Mister Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16

My Mr. Mermaid [China] [Dropped] D

My Name [Full Review] B+

My Perfect Stranger [Full Review] B++

My Prettiest Daughter In The World [Mother Of Mine] [Dropped] D

My Roommate Is A Gumiho [Full Review] B++

My Secret Hotel [Dropped] D

My Secret Terius [Terius Behind Me] [Flash Review] B

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] A

My Unfamiliar Family [Full Review] B++

My Villain Boyfriend [Mr. Bad] [China] [Full Review] B

Mystic Pop-up Bar [Full Review] B+


Nae Il’s Cantabile [Cantabile Tomorrow] [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Namiya [Miracles of the Namiya General Store] [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Navillera [Full Review] A+

Nemureru Mori no Jukujo [Sleeping Jukujo] [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Neukkim [Feelings] [Full Review] B

New Life Begins [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

New Year Blues [Korea] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Nice Guy [The Innocent Man] [Flash Review] B

Nine [Nine: Nine Time Travels]  |  Trading Thoughts: Nine [Full Review] A-

Nirvana In Fire [Chinese Drama] [Flash Review] A++

NIF Open Threads: E1-3 | E4-6 | E7-9 | E10-12 | E13-15 | E16-18 | E19-21 | E22-24 | E25-27 | E28-30 | E31-33 | E34-36 | E37-39 | E40-42 | E43-45 | E46-48 | E49-51 | E52-54

Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows In Chang Lin [China] [Flash Review] A

Noble, My Love [Flash Review] B

Nothing But You [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

Number Of Cases [More Than Friends] [Full Review] B


Off The Course [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Oh Hae Young Again [Another Oh Hae Young] [Full Review] A-

Oh My Baby [Full Review] B

Oh My Ghostess [Oh My Ghost] [Flash Review] B+

Oh My Venus [Full Review] C++

Oh! Master [Oh! My Ladylord] [Dropped] D

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble [Taiwan] [Full Review] B++

Ojakgyo Brothers [Full Review] A+

Okay! Madam [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Old Enough [Japan] [Reality] [Flash Review] A-

One And Only, The [Dropped] D

One Day Destruction Came To My Door [Doom At Your Service] [Dropped] D

One More Happy Ending [Flash Review] B-

One Spring Night [Full Review] B++

One Sunny Day [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

One Warm Word [Full Review] A

Only You [Always] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Operation Proposal [Full Review] B+

Orange Marmalade [Flash Review] B-

Our Beloved Summer [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Our Blooming Youth [Full Review] B-

Our Blues [Full Review] A- | Episode 1 notes

Our Times [TW Movie] [Flash Review] A-


Pachinko [Full Review] A- | Episode 1 notes

Padam Padam [Full Review] A

Page Turner [Flash Review] A

Panda and Hedgehog [Full Review] C-

Piece Of Your Mind, A [Full Review] B+

Please Check The Event [Check Out The Event] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B-

Please Send A Fan Letter [Flash Review] B+

Plus Nine Boys [Flash Review] B+

Poem A Day, A [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

Positive Physique [Positive Constitution] [Be Positive] [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food [Something In The Rain] [Full Review] C

Prime Minister and I [Full Review] B-

Prince Hours [Goong S] [Flash Review] C+

Princess Hours [Goong] [Full Review] B+

Princess’ Man, The [Full Review] A

Princess’s Man, The Open Threads: E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24

Prison Playbook [Wise Prison Life] [Full Review] A-

Producer [Flash Review] B+

Psycho But It’s Okay [It’s Okay To Not Be Okay] [Full Review] A

Put Your Head On My Shoulder [China] [Full Review] B++


Queen Cheorin [Mr. Queen] [Full Review] B++

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1 year ago

Please post a review for The legend of the Blue Sea

1 year ago

have you watched You Are My Glory, Chinese drama?

2 years ago

No review for The Untamed?! I would really love to hear your take on it 🙂

2 years ago

Hi Fangirl!

I love your site and use it as a guide before I dive into a particular drama. I’m just wondering if your ever considered adding a feature where the titles are sorted by grades (A titles, B titles…dropped titles). This makes it so much easier to determine which group of shows to watch first.


2 years ago

I just finished watching the 8 part J drama “The Many Faces of Ito” on Netflix, and it was better than I expected! I came here to look for it. Gonna try some more J dramas.

Romantic Starfish
Romantic Starfish
2 years ago

Yes you should definitely check out Chocolate! One of the dramas that really touched me. Love your reviews and agree with your ratings.

1 year ago

Ha. Thank you for recommending Chocolate! KFG’s not a big fan of Ha Ji-won, but I keep working on her to give this touching show another try. I think she watched the first episode.

2 years ago

Could, would you consider doing a review of My Shy Boss (Introverted Boss), which is available at Netflix? Maybe it’s available at other sites, but I know it isn’t at Viki.

I’ve watched this K-drama a couple of times and really enjoyed how the female lead starts out for revenge with her boss but begins to change and realize there is much more going on than what she originally thought. The interaction between her and her boss was very interesting for me to watch as a viewer.

Just a hopeful suggestion. I imagine you have a lot going on. Thanks for offering us such a wonderful review site to come to! 🙂

2 years ago

No review on Empress Ki? Yes, 51 episodes long historical drama, seemed like a great idea for winter hibernation, and it turned out to be chock full of wtf! moments….and Ji Chang Wook galore.

2 years ago

I just watched 100 Days My Prince and absolutely loved it. I went online to find similar opinions, but I was surprised to find very few reviews online. And yet, it is one of the higher rated % dramas. If you loved The Crowned Clown, I think you will love this drama too.

Carol Shibuya
Carol Shibuya
2 years ago
Reply to  Mag

Yes, normally I’m not in to historical Kdramas but I did enjoy the characters & although offhand I can’t recall their names I liked the actor who was the FL adopted father also the actor who played the FL brother. Mesmerizing facial features & eyes that drew you in to his character especially warning his black mask! And the younger actress who played the FL’s younger self. I remember her in “Mr. Sunshine”.

2 years ago

Please review Watcher (with Seo Kang Joon).

2 years ago

Hello! Thanks for all your hard work! Your writing is so excellent and your reviews are a joy to read.

2 years ago

Hmm, some of the dramas I was curious of your review are not here: Arsenal Military Academy, The Untamed and Lost Romance. Maybe, next time I will get lucky. Been a fan like since forever!! 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Oh wow! You actually read my post and replied to me! I am flattered! lol!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jc

I too was hoping to hear her review of The Untamed! I just finished it and don’t know what to do with myself now – if anyone has a recommendation please share!

2 years ago

Dear Kfangirl, how is it possible that you have not watched/reviewed the critically-acclaimed crime/suspense drama SIGNAL? Not only did it win the Baeksang for Best TV Drama, Best Screenplay, and a host of other awards, it is arguably the most intelligently written and one of the most riveting Korean dramas EVER.
Please please please make a full review soon, i beg thee!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  daeche_uju

@daeche_uju – I agree with your assessment of Signal. That rare story where you don’t know what’s going to happen next and yet you know the writer has it all under control and he/she knows where it’s all heading. No small feat when dealing with time travel.

Prashil Prakash
Prashil Prakash
2 years ago
Reply to  beez

‘Signal’ is really one of my favourite shows of all time! (I call it my “kdrama hall of fame”, lol)

Another show that comes close in somewhat similar catagory is “Live” starring Sung Dong-il and Jung Yumi.

Sadly I don’t see many reviews of that show which is pretty disheartening.
It’s an absolute Gem. Combining the slice of life and some serious Police story elements so well.

Prashil Prakash
Prashil Prakash
3 years ago

Hi kfangurl!

School Nurse files(Jung Yumi) is finally out!
I hope you watch it soon.

It’s a very weird and quirky show, leans a bit into artsy catagory.
It’s Pretty far from our usual kdrama
It’s short (only 6 episodes of 40 minutes each)

I hope you catch it!
Cheers! 😊

3 years ago

Hi..I was wondering, haven’t you reviewed Goblin here? I was hoping to hear what you thought of it since I really enjoy reading your opinions. (and also I mean, Gong Yoo, so I’m surprised it isn’t here.)

3 years ago
Reply to  Oyster

Hi Oyster, I’m sorry to say that I never made it to the end of Goblin. I think I stopped at around E10. I just couldn’t get into it, and yet, for GY, I didn’t want to officially drop it. So.. I have no post on Goblin, and only vague good intentions about giving the show another try – someday! 😅

1 year ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Given that it’s Gong Yoo, I am shocked, frankly. However my wife had the same reaction, finding GY too aloof to fully enjoy and pretty much only liking Lee Dong-wook’s Grim Reaper character . I keep trying to get through Goblin on my own.

3 years ago

I enjoy reading your reviews so much! Please do one for while you were sleeping! 😍

3 years ago

Hi, Kfangurl! I really love your reviews in different kdramas. You have an exceptional talent in spotting things in different scenes and I’m really digging on your works. May I ask for a review for Doctor John too? I know medical dramas are not your cup of tea but I also know you love Ji Sung. Thank you again for your reviews. I often read your reviews after watching the dramas.

3 years ago

Hi again

Loved your review on legend of yunxi….. C-

I felt the same, what a waste of time watching it…..
I couldn’t go past 18 episodes

petit poisson
petit poisson
3 years ago


I can recommend you 2 TW dramas which are My lucky star and Back to 1989. I think my lucky star is my most favorite TW drama ever, good actors, good storyline and love line, reasonable people and no one is extremely good or bad.

About back to 1989, the man lead is so handsome and a good actor too, the story is also meaningful 🙂

Hope to read your review about these 2 dramas one day 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  petit poisson

Hi there petit, thanks for the recommendations. 🙂 I did try watching Back to 1989 some time back, but it didn’t stick. I think I dropped out at around the halfway point. I do agree the male lead is handsome though! 😉 I looked up My Lucky Star, and wow, it’s from 2007! That’s quite a long time ago! I’ll keep it in mind for the next time I’m in the mood for a bit of retro drama. 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

New Taiwanese drama on Netflix is Victim’s Game, which is a murder/forensics, 8 episodes. Wow it’s impressive so far.

3 years ago

hi, i just saw that you didn’t finish goblin but you didn’t fully drop it yet. hope you can find the motivation to finish it! it’s really good. perhaps, did the age gap disturb you?

3 years ago

hi! just curious, did you ever make a review for goblin?

Lily H
Lily H
3 years ago

Thank you for all your superb and insightful reviews. I just finished watching the drama SECRET LOVE AFFAIR. I agree with your rating of A++. It is one of the most beautifully shot kdramas that I have come across. I went away with a lot of thoughts.
I have also enjoyed the other Ahn’s drama “One spring Night”. His dramas are really unique…..almost like art.

It would be awesome if you have the time to review ENCOUNTER, a most recent drama starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. It is a beautifully shot drama with gorgeous sceneries and also evocative dialogues.
I hope to read your review on this drama some day.

Thank you once again. I will look at all your other reviews too and give you any feedback if I have any.

regards Lily

3 years ago
Reply to  Lily H

Hi there Lily, welcome to the blog! 😀 I’m pleased to know you enjoyed the review of Secret Love Affair! It really is beautifully done, and very special. <3 I'm sorry to say, though, that Encounter didn't work for me, despite its popularity. I did write a post on why I dropped it, which you can check out here.

You can also browse my Full List of drama posts here. I hope that helps! 🙂

3 years ago

Hello! I’ve always relied on your reviews to find good shows to watch. I realised we mostly have a lot of common opinions and taste, even when it comes to some detailed parts of the show. So I only watched those in your A or B list and not bother with others. And also I love your writing! I’ve recently watched Mr Sunshine on a friend’s recommendation and quickly wanting to check your opinion about the show, but I couldn’t find it. Really hope you could write full review on this drama. Dying to read it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Oniiion

Hi there Oniiion, thanks for enjoying the reviews; I’m glad! 🙂 I’m sorry to say, though, that I didn’t manage to finish Mr. Sunshine. I did write a short blurb about it in my 2018 year in review, which you can check out here. It’s not a full review, but I hope it helps. 🙂

3 years ago

Please review Empress Ki

3 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Hi there Rebecca, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have immediate plans to watch Empress Ki, so I won’t be able to post a review about it. 🙂

3 years ago

did you watch vagabond? if you did, could you write a review

3 years ago
Reply to  idk

Hi there, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen Vagabond, so I won’t be able to post a review on it, at the moment. Sorry about that! 🙂

3 years ago

Hi Kfangurl!

I often browse your list of reviews to choose my next drama to watch. One show I didn’t see on your list is Miss Hammurabi. I just finished watching and think you would enjoy this show quite a bit! It’s nothing crazy, no overdramatic drama. It’s a slice of life for a judge and has really like-able characters. Please give it a try when you have a chance!

Thanks for all the great reviews!

3 years ago
Reply to  DS

Hi there DS! Thanks for the suggestion.. I don’t generally gravitate towards legal dramas, but I do like slice of life. Maybe this might work for me despite being a legal drama? I’ve added it to my list to check out, for now. 🙂

3 years ago

Hi kfangurl…
You know i love your reviews.
There is a show i just finished… Its so adorable , you have to watch it…. A thing called first love (China.)
I know you dropped it after episode 1 , but if possible ..
Try watching it again….
Its gets adorable with each episode, and quite different i feel.
Hope you can give it a try…

3 years ago
Reply to  Basima.s.h

Hi there Basima, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I’m.. intrigued, that you loved A Thing Called First Love so much.. I might give it another try, but no promises, because it was quite an effort for me to get through just E1. 😛 But if it gets more adorable with each episode, then it might be worth it..! 😅

3 years ago

You don’t have a review for Goblin?

3 years ago
Reply to  asyashadow

Hi there asyashadow, I’m sorry to say that I never finished Goblin because I wasn’t able to get into it. I haven’t officially dropped it either, which is why there isn’t a Dropped post listed. I have vague intentions to giving it another try sometime, but in the meantime, you’re right, there’s no available review for Goblin, I’m afraid. 😅

3 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I see. I was just curious. I love your reviews. Some of it is similar to mine. 😊 Thanks for you reply.

3 years ago

Please do a review of Itaewon Class ♡ im soooo curious as to what you think of Show ♡

3 years ago

Hi there lily, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I do have firm plans to check out Itaewon Class, so I think I should be able to post a review, at some point! 🙂

3 years ago

Happy new year! A little late but sincere. I’ve just seen Chocolate and I really liked it. I always read your reviews and I think you may enjoy this one. Great actors, a lovely main story and several interesting secundary caracters and plots, with important messages. Thank you for your hard work!

3 years ago

Hi there Guadalupe! Thanks for the recommendation. I was going to give Chocolate a pass coz I’d heard that it was unreasonably tragic and sad, but since then I’ve heard some good things, and your suggestion prompted me to download it to try. I hope I’ll like it as much as you did! 🙂

3 years ago

Would be interested to see your review of _Heroine Disqualified_ with Mirei Kiritani and Kento Yamazaki

3 years ago
Reply to  Becca

Thanks for the suggestion Becca. I’ll add it to my list for when I’m in the mood for Japanese, but fair warning that it’s been a while since I’ve felt like watching a Japanese show. 😅

3 years ago

you should really try dr romantic (also known as romantic doctor teacher kim). if i remember correctly medical dramas aren’t your preference? you should still watch it, i was s o l d from the first episode. cute loveline. and seo hyunjin’s inside 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  hyunyeet

Thanks for the suggestion, hyunyeet.. I’ve heard good things about Dr. Romantic. You’re right that medical dramas are not my thing. But I won’t rule out checking out Dr. Romantic sometime, since I’ve heard so many good things about it! 🙂

3 years ago

Unnie please review when the camellia blooms 🥰🥰 it is a really warm story, with some thriller elements and an overall a slice of life mood. It’s really good!

3 years ago

I’m currently watching Camellia, and am a little over halfway done, so I think a review should be coming up in the foreseeable future, so do look out for it! 😉

3 years ago

Hey there. I really love reading your reviews and look forward to comparing your thoughts with mine after finishing a show. No review for What Happens to My Family? Was looking forward to reading your review. 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Trina

Hi there Trina, I’m sorry to say that I don’t currently have plans to watch What Happens To My Family. If I do eventually watch it, I’ll be sure to post a review! 🙂

3 years ago

Hi!! I was wondering whether you had any drama recommendations that were similar to Healer or Weightlifting Fairy. I agree with your opinion on SO MANY dramas, I really trust your opinion hehe KEEP UP THE HARD WORK :)))

3 years ago
Reply to  Jenny

Hi there Jenny, thanks for enjoying the reviews! <3 Unfortunately I can't think of a show that's similar to Healer, since it's quite unique and special to my eyes.. A distant contender might be City Hunter, if you haven't seen it. It's on the action-packed side too, but I found the romance in Healer much more engrossing. A pretty good retro one is Time Between Dog and Wolf. It's a little dated looking, but it's an emotionally satisfying ride, though I think the romance is not a main story arc as well.

As for Weightlifting Fairy, if you're looking specifically for the campus romance part of things, you could try Age Of Youth, or if you don't mind high school, Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up) is quite enjoyable too. If you don't mind C-dramas, A Love So Beautiful is quite special and has a touch of Weightlifting Fairy as well as a touch of Playful Kiss about it. Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a slice-of-life sort of campus romance, which I found pretty enjoyable too. I hope that helps! 🙂

3 years ago

Wow, these are some really honest reviews!! I have doubts whenever my friends suggest new kdramas to watch mostly because popular dramas are waaaaaay overrated. I do enjoy great storylines with great acting and a well developed character. Currently watching Vagabond, still ongoing but far beyond expectations! I recommend it 100% I just hope they don’t mess up the ending. Thank you for giving your time and effort on these reviews! I trust your list whenever I want to watch a new drama haha

3 years ago
Reply to  Kylacruz

Thanks for enjoying the reviews, Kyla! 😀 I don’t have current plans to check out Vagabond myself, but I’m glad you’re enjoying your watch! <3

4 years ago

Annyeong! Hope you’ll soon decide to watch HOSPITAL SHIP and write a review about it (Please please please do! 😄). I’ll be awaiting your honest view of the Show (hopefully, you’ll love it as I did). Looking forward to more extensive reviews from you. I don’t mind reading lengthy write-ups when they are really well-written and certainly well-thought-out just like yours. Hwaiting!

4 years ago
Reply to  자낼

Hi there 자낼, thanks for enjoying the reviews. <3 I'm sorry to say that I don't have any immediate plans to check out Hospital Ship. If I do watch it sometime, I'll be sure to write about it though. 🙂

4 years ago


4 years ago
Reply to  antitled

Hi there antitled, I’ve watched it actually, you can find the review here. 🙂

4 years ago

Hi! Your reviews are so well articulated and apt! I love coming back to your review after watching a drama to compare it to your lens. Also, if you have the time I would highly recommend Mr. Sunshine. It’s a beautiful and intense story.

3 years ago

Hi there, thanks for enjoying the reviews. 🙂 Unfortunately, Mr. Sunshine didn’t end up working for me. I stuck with it for about 14 eps, but never ended up loving it like everyone else, which is when I gave up. 😛 I’m glad to hear that you loved it tho! 🙂

4 years ago

Where is dazzling

4 years ago
Reply to  Prat

Hi there Prat, Dazzling is listed as The Light In Your Eyes, its other title. You can find it here.

4 years ago

Hi kfangirl, I’ve just discovered your site by reading your review of Money Flower. Thoroughly enjoyed the piece and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.

You probably have a number of shows you’ve been suggested to watch but if I may suggest a couple more would be Stranger Directed by: Ahn Gil-Ho; Yoo Je-won and Life Written by: Lee So-yeon. These two dramas touch on a part of the world that I’ve never seen on screen before and it has impacted on the way I view humanity.

I hope you have the opportunity to watch it. Mary

4 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Hi Mary, welcome to the blog! I’m glad you found me! 😀 Thanks for enjoying my Money Flower review; I loved that show and Jang Hyuk in it. <3

Thanks for the drama suggestions.. I've got Stranger on my list, because so many folks were raving about it. I intend to check it out sometime this year, so I hope you won't have to wait TOO long for a review! 😉 As for Life.. I've been hedging on that one because medical dramas are really not my thing, and I haven't yet met a medical drama that I actually enjoyed. I figure that if I end up loving Stranger, then I'll think about giving Life a go, since it's by the same writer. 🙂 In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy poking around the site! You can browse the Full List of reviews/dropped posts here. <3

2 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I dropped Money Flower half-way because Jang Hyuk was the only good thing in it, and sadly that wasn’t enough for me.
But I’ll join in to say that Stranger is worth watching. It’s the kind of show that keeps a viewer engaged throughout the show without too many ridiculous/over the top twists and turns. Not to say that there aren’t twists and turns. FL and ML are just superb (especially FL actress, love her in The Kingdom as well). And I don’t usually watch crime/police dramas. The ones, that I did watch and enjoy, include Signal and Live, and I think Stranger is slightly better than both of them.

4 years ago

Hi, I haven’t written in a while but I still drop by and read your reviews! I recently finished a Mandarin drama called ‘My Little Princess’ and while it’s not without flaws, I really enjoyed it and I think you might too! It takes a spoiled, rich girl who is normally the antagonist or second lead in a drama and make her the lead, which leads to some interesting u-turn on the usual tropes. Not to say there aren’t the usual cliches, but it’s still a fun watch and the chemistry is sizzling! If you have the chance, give it a go 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  bleudonne

Hi bleudonne! I looked it up, and it does seem like something I might like – I think I’ll put it on drama nightcap duty, starting tonight! 😉 Thanks for the recommendation! <3

4 years ago

Hey, I’ve just finished The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and was wondering if you have seen it too . It may not be for everyone but I LOVED IT and this might be my new favorite K-Drama alongside I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio. Love your reviews btw ☺️

4 years ago
Reply to  hrinik140

Hi there hrinik! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I’ve been wondering whether to check out The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.. I’ve heard so many good things, but I also know it’s dark melo, which isn’t usually my thing. I might have to dip my toes in, just to see – hopefully I’ll like it as much as you do! 🙂

4 years ago

Hi there!

So recently I have been very into melodrama kdramas (I recently finished “Just Between Lovers”). Do you have any drama recommendations for me on what to watch next?

4 years ago
Reply to  veewang426

Hm.. have you watched My Mister? Loved that one. Money Flower is excellent too. For something a little older, One Warm Word is very good. I hope that helps! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thank you for your recommendations! I will definitely check them out!!

Marie Ana
Marie Ana
5 years ago

Im so excited to discover that the the shows on your A list are among my all time favorite. I also share your love for Goong (the OTP moments I am still rewatching from time to time) and Coffee Prince (I have rewatched in full for the nth time). Cheers!

4 years ago
Reply to  Marie Ana

Ooh, hi5 Marie Ana! 😀 I love Goong, and always will. It was my gateway into kdramas. And I loved Coffee Prince, so much. I still have good intentions of writing it a review – someday! 😉

5 years ago

Have you seen Come and Hug Me. Just finished it and I loved it , was wondering about your opinion.

5 years ago
Reply to  hrinik140

Hi there hrinik! I’ve been hearing mixed reactions to Come And Hug Me. Some folks love it unconditionally, while others remarked that the show didn’t have a satisfying ending. I’m not sure whether to give it a try, because it does sound awfully angsty 😛

JS de Guia
JS de Guia
4 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Hi! I just finished watching come and hug me I feel that is sooo underrated. I can see why some were dissatisfied with the ending. For me, the best possible ending happened mid the last episode. Though I just feel that the flashbacks were overused. I think I saw some flashback scenes as many as four or even seven times throughout the drama. So, I must say 40% of the whole are just flashbacks. 🙁 Nonetheless, the acting of actors was specially commendable. The plot is A for me too.

4 years ago
Reply to  JS de Guia

Thanks for the quick insight on Come and Hug Me, JS.. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, and rate it highly! I haven’t seen it myself, although I had vague intentions of checking it out. Maybe it’s time to pop it back on my neverending watch list..! 😛

5 years ago

What are your thoughts on the new Chinese Meteor Garden?

5 years ago
Reply to  Fanatically

Hi there Fanatically, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t checked out the new Chinese Meteor Garden. Even though I loved the J-version and got sucked in by the K-version when it aired, I feel like I’ve moved on from this story now, and am unlikely to be watching this newest version. I’ve heard that lots of folks are enjoying it though! 🙂

Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
5 years ago

OMG, I just finished watching Episode 6 of “Mr. Sunshine” & now I have to wait another week for Episode 7, not fair. Maybe it would be better to wait until all of the episodes have been downloaded on Netflix so one can proceed on to the next episode. What a beautiful film & I like how they use flashbacks as to who the characters are in the beginning and now in the present, very well done. The scenery is beautiful and such tension between two of the characters w/ just a pulling of her skirt material on her expensive dress…..so suggestive (Episode 5).
Thank you for the suggestions Fangirl for the Netflix recommendations, they are now on my que.

5 years ago

Hi there Carol, sounds like you’re very much enjoying Mr. Sunshine! I haven’t started on it myself, but I’m encouraged by the positive reactions I’m hearing! I personally don’t have Netflix, so I’m unable to help with your request – but I see that Antitled has already supplied you with her list, which is great! I have to agree with Antitled, that I very much enjoy the sense of community you guys are building, on this site! 😀

5 years ago


Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
5 years ago
Reply to  antitled

I agree w/ you Fangirl, “Mr. Sunshine” is excellent but we have to wait for new episodes only on the weekends here in the States. I just finished watching, “Goodbye Mr. Black”, I loved it, the lead actor was also in “Nine” & he is soooooo handsome. I can’t remember his name, I always get the Korean names mixed up even when I’m watching a kdrama & thinking to myself, “Now who are they refferring to?” Question: Is there any way you can list your top rated movie reviews of those featured on Netflix? This is my only way of watching these dramas.
Thank you from Southern California, Carol Shibuya

5 years ago

Soooo trueeeee </3 EPISODE 5 IS HEREEEE. I'm torn between watching it to know what's happening ASAP and not watching it until all episodes are out (coz you know… IT HURTS TO ALWAYS WAIT AFTER A NEW CLIFFHANGER. I CRY)

Hmmmm… I've only watched (finished) a few Korean stuff on Netflix also. Some dramas I tried to watch at least for 3 episodes but gave up either because the acting was too flat for me or the writing was too cheesy. BUT what I did finish are reaaaally good. <3 Here they are in no particular order (it's hard to pick a favorite):
1. Misaeng
2. Live
3. Age of Youth (Hello, My Twenties on Netflix)
4. It's Okay That's Love
5. Prison Playbook
6. And!!! If you're game for anything and if you haven't yet, watch Busted too! It's A-grade ingenious; combining drama, suspense, and variety show into one. I daresay no one has ever attempted that EVER.

That's everything… and now, I'm gonna watch Nine because you said it's good! HAHAHA thank you Carol~ I love the sense of community this website has given us fangirls!

5 years ago
Reply to  antitled

Hey there antitled, thanks for the tip, I’ve got Mr. Sunshine on my radar, and am waiting for a bit longer, before diving in. 🙂 It’s great to know that you’re loving it so much that you’re in a capslock frenzy! 😉

Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
Carol J Rathbun-Shibuya
5 years ago

I recently finished watching (via Netflix) the Chinese action packed crime drama and romance series, “When A Snail Falls In Love”. The series doesn’t appear to be in your reviews, but I would recommend the series to you & your viewers who like an action film, romance and beautiful cinemaphotography all rolled up into a series. It appears that there is a Season 2, but not offerred at this time on Netflix.

5 years ago

Hi there Carol 🙂 Funny you should mention When a Snail Falls in Love.. I did try watching that show some time back, but I didn’t end up finishing it. Somehow it just didn’t work for me the way it worked for so many others. I might write it a Dropped post sometime, but after having left it for many months, I still have no desire to go back to it, so I doubt I will check out Season 2! 😛