Flash Review: Marry Me! [Japan]

If you’d like a quick spot of drama that’s warm, fuzzy and doesn’t require a big investment of drama hours, but still provides that sense of continuity that dramas offer, this charming little J-drama might just do the trick.

At just 10 episodes of less than 25 minutes each, this show is perfect for squeezing in an episode or two, when you have only a small pocket of time to spare, but still want to indulge in some drama feels.

Quite perfect for the festive season, yes?


Akiyasu Shin (Seto Toshiki) is a government employee who finds himself selected as a trial subject for the government’s experimental “NEET Protection Law,” which pairs single NEETs (unemployed young adults) with a single working person, for marriage.

The NEET whom Akiyasu has been selected to marry, is Sawamoto Himari (Kumada Rinka), a bit of a shut-in who’s all alone in the world, save for her cat Momotaro.


This is adapted from a webtoon, so a manga lens would work nicely with this show.

I think it’s only fair to mention that I found the first half of the show more fun to watch than the second half. To Show’s credit, though, it does spend that time in the second half, sorting out fundamentally important issues for our OTP.

In line with its webtoon source material, here are a few general things to keep in mind, during your watch:

1. Side characters tend to pop into our drama world in random-feeling ways.

2. Relationships between characters seem to solidify really fast.

3. Any and all angst is solved very quickly – often requiring suspension of disbelief.


1. Our story is quickly engaging.

I felt invested within the first episode, which is no small deal, since this means that Show grabbed my heart in under 25 minutes.

2. Our male lead is earnest and kindhearted.

Even though Akiyasu doesn’t want to get married, he does seem to feel genuinely compassionate for Himari.


In episode 1, even though Himari turned him down (and therefore put his job at risk), Akiyasu rushes with her to the vet to save her cat.

And, when he’s there, he realizes that she doesn’t know how to live for herself, and his request for her to reconsider marrying him, is rooted in a desire to help her, rather than to protect his job.

Also, there’s how he rushes back to her to confirm if she’s sure that she wants to go through with the marriage, saying that if she doesn’t want to, they can cancel it.

That’s really considerate.


3. Our female lead is endearing and adorable.

Himari is sweet and earnest, and when she smiles, she totally reminds me of k-actress Nam Sang Mi.

I found it heartwarming to witness her coming out of her shell and making new friends, and learning to enjoy life.


In episode 2, I like that Himari brightens up so much at small things like going to the home center and eating a dessert crepe.

And she’s so cute, buying matching tea cups for their new married life.


I love how she gets so much joy out of all the small things in life.

4. Our OTP is cute together

It’s quite lovely to watch our newly minted married couple get into a groove of living together and taking care of each other.

It’s very sweet to see Akiyasu becoming protective of Himari. And the way that Himari blossoms in the security of having Akiyasu by her side, is very heartwarming as well.

The shy happiness that they both show, at little couple steps like kinda-sorta holdings hands, is so charmingly wholesome too.


All’s well that ends well, of course, because, did we expect anything else, from this fluffball of a show? 😉

Himari discovers that she’s pregnant, and despite her misgivings, quickly comes to accept the idea that she’s able to be a good parent, even though she’d been abandoned by her own mother.

Akiyasu succeeds in canceling Himari’s registration as a trial subject under the NEET Protection Act, so that he doesn’t need to report on his married life any longer, and he and Himari can just be an ordinary couple.

I think it’s sweet, actually, that this has bothered him for so long, and that he was even willing to lose his job, if necessary, to protect Himari’s privacy.

Our hodgepodge gang of family and friends plans a surprise wedding-like celebration for Akiyasu and Himari for their one-year anniversary, thus giving them the wedding party they’d never had.

Himari is tearfully grateful to everyone for everything, and I am certain that she’s talking about way more than just the wedding party. She started our story as a lonely shut-in who had no one to call friend or family, and here she is now, happily surrounded by friends and family.

That’s heartwarming, even though the journey was wildly simplistic.

We get a bonus flash-forward to Himari and Akiyasu bonding with their baby, as they thank each other politely and sweetly, for everything.

Aw. I can just imagine these two polite dorks bumbling through parenthood together now, and that leaves me with a good amount of warm fuzzy feels. 🥰


Not very substantial, but light, warm and sweet, and pretty easy to slurp up.




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1 year ago

Ahh this show was so cute! It had been on my to-watch list for the longest time thanks to your review when you first posted but there’s always something else to watch right. But now as I await the next group watch I find myself reaching for these shorter ones and this was one of those. And what a lovely cute show. It was sweet and cute yet did delve into some “harder topics”. I like that it didn’t get too angsty and things got settled quickly cos I wasn’t in the mood for much angst haha. All in all it was a great recommendation and I’m grateful you shared it!

2 years ago

That’s it. I am SOLD on that adorable baby! ^^
And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like kids!…🙈
Thank you KFG, your ‘final verdict’ has never failed me…. thank you for introducing this show which seems to be a drama-equivalent for a mug of ‘post-Christmas dinner’ hot-chocolate! <3

2 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Yayy, I binged this guilt-free! ^^ There is something so inexplicably pure, wholesome and lightheartedly fluffy about this one!… I LOVED every time Himari-chan smiled. She definitely has one of the prettiest ‘sunshine & rainbows’ smiles💕 I have ever seen, just lights up the whole screen. Also, I can’t get over how much the guy looks like Yokohama Ryusei 😍 from certain angles, especially with that haircut!…
Augh, this felt like I had been hugged by 15 puppies at the same time!.. Thank you KFG! 🥰