What are Musings posts?

Essentially, when something or someone inspires me, and I end up with a lot of thoughts, is when a Musings post happens.

The topics are pretty wide-ranging, and I talk about anything from fangirling, to blogging, to the k-fandom at large. I guess the only thing these posts have in common is that I’m thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts. And as I’ve found, when the thoughts come, they don’t come alone. They bring their friends and have a big ol’ party, heh.

As you can see, the Musings posts don’t happen all that frequently, but they do happen, and sometimes when I least expect it too.

Index of Musings posts (in chronological order):

…And more to come, as inspiration strikes ❤️

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3 years ago

Hi Kfangurl. As per your recommendation, I’ve started watching Arang and the Magistrate. I’m still in the initial stages, but I’m enjoying the ride quite nicely. For different reasons than I usually do though. There seems to be no rules to this place and all sorts of random things are just happening at the moment. Still finding my feet😄 But what really stands out for me in this, is the acting. The cast is just amazing and everything they do, I just find super satisfying 😄. I don’t know if it’s the director that’s so good?? Yoo Seung ho. Omo, I don’t know where to start. He just has this cool wisdom with a twinkle in his eye thing going.😁 Really wishing for many scenes with him in. Shin Min Ah, is just always great, so she’s spot on as usual. So too for Yeon Woo Jin. Love him. Did I mention how great the cast is? They can probably just sit there doing nothing and I’ll watch them😃. Not really. Lee Joon Ki is super cool. I know I said that he’s an annoyance to sift through, but I totally take that back. He’s a really gifted and beautiful actor. One of those who have little spare pockets of tears they can just sprout at the drop of a hat. There’s few things I find more satisfying than a convincing cry 😃 and I must say in Korean drama there is plenty to go about. Kim Soo Huyn same, also Yoo Seung Ho. Not that he’s cried in this, but he’s just super capable in that department. I say, if an actor feels conflicted about using fake tears because of their ethics or something 😄, just do it. Crying without tears is not nice to watch. 😃 Anyway, do they have some sort of crying school where they teach little Korean child actors, because even the tiny little one’s are just great. Anyway, my ‘musings’ are just veering off into weird land now😄. Point is: love Lee Joon Ki and rest of cast of Arang and the magistrate. Everyone!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  carulhein

Ah, that’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Arang and the Magistrate – and that Lee Joon Ki is now officially out of your bad books! 😉 The actors are all excellent, and as for no rules in the story, I do recall that there were rules. Just that the rules in the fantasy world are different. But in terms of staying consistent with those rules, I thought the show did a very good job of it. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your watch! 😀