1. Why this List?

So many of you have requested this, so here it is, finally.

Here’s a list of all the B-graded shows that I’ve written about on this site. I’ve included helpful little labels next to each show, to indicate the type of post it is.

The handy-dandy breakdown:

[Full Review] = Lengths will vary, but each contains a Short, Long & Final Verdict

[Flash Review] = Quick, short, spoiler-lite reviews.

2. The Rating System

Understand more about my rating system here!

I hope you guys find this list useful!

KFG ❤️


1% of Anything [Something About 1%] [Flash Review] B+

9 Seconds: Eternal Time [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

20’s [Twenty Years Old] [Flash Review] B+

20th Century Boy And Girl [Flash Review] B


A Business Proposal [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

A Dream Of Splendor [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes

A Gentleman’s Dignity [Full Review] B-

A Jaunt [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

A Piece Of Your Mind [Full Review] B+

A Poem A Day [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

A Sharply Graceful Girl [Japan] [Flash Review] B

A Thousand Goodnights [Taiwan] [Flash Review] B+

Adoring [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

After The Rain [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Age Of Youth [Hello, My Twenties!] [Flash Review] B++

Age Of Youth 2 [Hello, My Twenties! 2] [Full Review] B++

Alchemy Of Souls [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadow [Full Review] B++

Always [Only You] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

An Empress’s Dignity [The Last Empress] [Flash Review] B

An Incurable Case Of Love [Love Lasts Forever] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Are You Human Too? [Full Review] B+

Autumn’s Concerto [Taiwan] [Open Thread] B

E1-3 | E4-6 | E7-9 | E10-12 | E13-15 | E16-18 | E19-21 | E22-24 | E25-27 | E28-30 | E31-34


Bad Guys [Full Review] B+

Ballot, The [IntoThe Ring] [Memorials] [Full Review] B+

Be Positive [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Beating Again [Falling For Innocence] [Full Review] B+

Beauty Inside, The [Drama] [Full Review] B+

Beauty Inside, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Because It’s The First Time [Flash Review] B+

Beloved Eun Dong [My Love Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

Best Hit, The [Flash Review] B-

Big [Full Review] B-

Bite Sisters [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Black Knight [Flash Review] B+

Bloody Heart [Red Single Heart] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Bo Ra! Deborah [True To Love] [Full Review] B-

Bond, The [China] [Full Review] B++

Boss & Me [Shan Shan Comes To Eat] [China] [Flash Review] B

Bossam: Steal The Fate [Full Review] B+

Breakup Probation, A Week [Mini Series] [Full Review] B

Bride In Sneakers [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Bring It On, Ghost [Let’s Fight, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Bromance [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B

Business Proposal, A [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes


Came To Me And Became A Star [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Cantabile Tomorrow [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Nae Il’s Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Check Out The Event [Please Check The Event] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B-

Cheer Up [Sassy Go Go] [Full Review] B

Cheese In The Trap [Flash Review] B-

Chicago Typewriter [Flash Review] B++

Circle [Flash Review] B++

Confession [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Couple On The Backtrack [Go Back Couple] [Flash Review] B++

Crash Course In Romance [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes

Crash Landing On You [Full Review] B++

Cruel City [Heartless City] [Flash Review] B+

Cunning Single Lady [Sly and Single Again] [Full Review] B+


Dating Agency Cyrano [Full Review] B-

Descendants of the Sun [Full Review] B

Designated Survivor: 60 Days [Flash Review] B+

Devil Judge, The [Full Review] B-

Do You Like Brahms? [Full Review] B++

Doctor Cha [Full Review] B+

Dr. Romantic [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21

Dr. Romantic 3 [Full Review] B++

Dream Of Splendor, A [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2 notes


Everything And Nothing [Mini Series] [Flash Review] B+

EXO Next Door [Flash Review] B-

Extraordinary Attorney Woo [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes


Falling For Innocence [Beating Again] [Full Review] B+

Familiar Wife [Flash Review] B++

Fan Letter, Please [Flash Review] B+

Fates and Furies [Flash Review] B-

Feelings [Neukkim] [Full Review] B

Fermentation Family [Kimchi Family] [Full Review] B+

Fight My Way [Full Review] B++

Final Match, The [Last Match] [Flash Review] B-

Find Me In Your Memory [Memoir Of The Man] [Full Review] B+

Find Yourself [China] [Full Review] B+

Five Children [Five Enough] [Flash Review] B+

Flower Boy Next Door [Full Review] B-

Flower Of Evil [Full Review] B

Fox Bride Star [Where Stars Land] [Full Review] B


Gentleman’s Dignity, A [Full Review] B-

Glory, The [Part 1] [Full Review] B++

Glory, The [Part 2] Full Review] B+

Go Back Spouses [Go Back Couple] [Flash Review] B++

Go Go Squid! [China] [Flash Review] B

Go Ho’s Starry Night [Gogh, The Starry Night] [Flash Review] B+

Goong [Princess Hours] [Full Review] B+

Gunman In Joseon [Joseon Gunman] [Flash Review] B


Handmade Love [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B

Happiness [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Heard It Through The Grapevine [Open Thread] B+

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21&22 | E23&24 | E25&26 | E27&28 | E29&30

Heartless City [Cruel City] [Flash Review] B+

Heart To Heart [Full Review] B+

Hellbound [Full Review] B

Hello, Me! [Full Review] B++

Hello, My Twenties! [Age Of Youth] [Flash Review] B++

Hello, My Twenties! 2 [Age Of Youth 2] [Full Review] B++

Her Private Life [Full Review] B++

Here’s My Plan [Flash Review] B++

Hey Ana! Let’s Eat! [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Hi Bye, Mama! [Full Review] B+

History of the Salaryman [Full Review] B+

Home Sweet Home [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Hometown Cha Cha Cha [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Homme Fatale [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Hot Stove League [Flash Review] B++

Hotel Del Luna [Full Review] B-

How Long Will I Love U [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Hundred Million Stars From The Sky [The Smile Has Left Your Eyes] [Flash Review] B

Hyena [Full Review] B

Hymn Of Death [Mini Series] [Flash Review] B+


I Do, I Do [Full Review] B-

I Need Romance 3 [Full Review] B-

I’ll Find You When The Weather Is Nice [When The Weather Is Fine] [Full Review] B

I’m Dying Soon [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

I’m Not A Robot [Flash Review] B+

If We Were A Season [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

If You Wish Upon Me [Tell Me Your Wish] [Full Review] B+

Imaginary Cat [Flash Review] B

In House Marriage Honey [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Innocent Man, The [Nice Guy] [Flash Review] B

IntoThe Ring [Memorials] [The Ballot] [Full Review] B+

It’s Okay It’s Love [It’s Okay, That’s Love] [Full Review] B+

Itaewon Class [Full Review] B+


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love [Flash Review] B++

Jaunt, A [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Josée [Korea] [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Joseon Gunman [Gunman In Joseon] [Flash Review] B

Just Between Lovers [Rain Or Shine] [Flash Review] B+

Just You [TW Drama] [Flash Review] B

Juvenile Justice [Flash Review] B


Kill Me, Heal Me [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20

Kimchi Family [Fermentation Family] [Full Review] B+

King Loves, The [Full Review] B

King The Land [Full Review] B | Episode 1 & 2 notes

King: Eternal Monarch, The [Full Review] B

King’s Affection, The [Full Review] B

King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang [Full Review] B

Kiss Goblin [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+


Last Empress, The [An Empress’s Dignity] [Flash Review] B

Last Match [The Final Match] [Flash Review] B-

Lawless Lawyer [Lawless Attorney] [Flash Review] B+

Leave Me Not [Must You Go?] [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Lesson In Love [Taiwan] [Flash Review] B

Let Us Meet [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Let’s Eat [Full Review] B

Let’s Eat 2 [Full Review] B+

Let’s Eat Something, Anna [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Let’s Fight, Ghost [Bring It On, Ghost] [Flash Review] B

Lie After Lie [Full Review] B+

Little Forest [Korean Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Little Women [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Longest Day in Chang’an, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

LOVE [Taiwan] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Love Between Fairy And Devil [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

Love Cells [Flash Review] B-

Love For A Thousand More [Flash Review] B

Love In Contract [Full Review] B | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Love Is For Suckers [Full Review] B | Episodes 1 & 2 notes

Love Is Sweet [China] [Flash Review] B-

Love Lasts Forever [An Incurable Case Of Love] [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Love O2O [China] [Flash Review] B+

Love To Hate You [Flash Review] B+

Love You Give Me, The [China] [Flash Review] B+


Mad For Each Other [Full Review] B++

Magician, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B-

Makanai, The: Cooking for the Maiko House [Japan] [Full Review] B++

Marriage Contract [Full Review] B+

Marry Me! [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Master’s Sun B- | That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic] [Full Review] A+

Meet Yourself [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-4 notes

Memoir Of The Man [Find Me In Your Memory] [Full Review] B+

Memorials [IntoThe Ring] [The Ballot] [Full Review] B+

Memories Of The Alhambra [Flash Review] B+

Miracles of the Namiya General Store [Namiya] [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Mirror Of The Witch [Flash Review] B-

Miss Kim’s Mystery [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Miss Korea [Full Review] B+

Mix [Mixed Doubles] [Japanese Movie] [Flash Review] B

Modern Girl [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

More Than Friends [Full Review] B

Mr. Bad [My Villain Boyfriend] [China] [Full Review] B

Mr. Queen [Full Review] B++

Must You Go? [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Mute [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

My Beautiful Bride [Flash Review] B

My Country [Full Review] B++

My Daughter Seo Young [Flash Review] B+

My Friend Is Still Alive [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16

My Happy Home [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

My Holo Love [Flash Review] B-

My ID is Gangnam Beauty [Flash Review] B

My Liberation Notes [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

My Little Lover [Japan] [Flash Review] B

My Love [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

My Love Eun Dong [Beloved Eun Dong] [Full Review] B-

My Name [Full Review] B+

My Perfect Stranger [Full Review] B++

My Roommate Is A Gumiho [Full Review] B++

My Secret Terius [Terius Behind Me] [Flash Review] B

My Unfamiliar Family [Full Review] B++

My Villain Boyfriend [Mr. Bad] [China] [Full Review] B

Mystic Pop-up Bar [Full Review] B+


Nae Il’s Cantabile [Cantabile Tomorrow] [Tomorrow Cantabile] [Flash Review] B-

Namiya [Miracles of the Namiya General Store] [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Nemureru Mori no Jukujo [Sleeping Jukujo] [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Neukkim [Feelings] [Full Review] B

New Life Begins [China] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

New Year Blues [Korea] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Nice Guy [The Innocent Man] [Flash Review] B

Noble, My Love [Flash Review] B

Nothing But You [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-2, 3-4 notes

Number Of Cases [More Than Friends] [Full Review] B


Off The Course [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Oh My Baby [Full Review] B

Oh My Ghostess [Oh My Ghost] [Flash Review] B+

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble [Taiwan] [Full Review] B++

Okay! Madam [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

One More Happy Ending [Flash Review] B-

One Spring Night [Full Review] B++

One Sunny Day [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Only You [Always] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Operation Proposal [Full Review] B+

Orange Marmalade [Flash Review] B-

Our Beloved Summer [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1 notes

Our Blooming Youth [Full Review] B-


Piece Of Your Mind, A [Full Review] B+

Please Check The Event [Check Out The Event] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B-

Please Send A Fan Letter [Flash Review] B+

Plus Nine Boys [Flash Review] B+

Poem A Day, A [You Who Forgot Poetry] [Flash Review] B

Positive Physique [Positive Constitution] [Be Positive] [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B-

Prime Minister and I [Full Review] B-

Princess Hours [Goong] [Full Review] B+

Producer [Flash Review] B+

Put Your Head On My Shoulder [China] [Full Review] B++


Queen Cheorin [Mr. Queen] [Full Review] B++

Queen Of The Ring [Three Colors Of Fantasies: Gold] [Flash Review] B


Racket Boys [Full Review] B++

Rain Or Shine [Just Between Lovers] [Flash Review] B+

Rainless Love in a Godless Land [Taiwan] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Rational Life, The [China] [Full Review] B+

Reach Of Sincerity [Touch Your Heart] [Full Review] B+

Reason I’m Getting Married, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Reason We Can’t Sleep, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

Reason Why I Can’t Tell You, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Reborn Rich [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1, 2 & 3 notes

Recipe For Farewell [Full Review] B++

Record Of Youth [Youth Record] [Full Review] B

Red Single Heart [Bloody Heart] [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Reincarnation Love [Mini Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Review Notebook Of My Embarrassing Days [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Rise Of Phoenixes, The [China] [Flash Review] B

Romance Full Of Life [Three Colors Of Fantasies: Green] [Flash Review] B-

Romance Of Tiger And Rose, The [China] [Flash Review] B

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim [Open Thread] B++

E1&2 | E3&4 | E5&6 | E7&8 | E9&10 | E11&12 | E13&14 | E15&16 | E17&18 | E19&20 | E21

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3 [Full Review] B++

Rooftop Prince [Full Review] B+

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung [Flash Review] B

Run On [Full Review] B


Sassy Go Go [Cheer Up] [Full Review] B

School Nurse Files, The [Flash Review] B | Guest Post: An Alternative Lens

Scripting Your Destiny [Full Review] B+

Secret Life Of My Secretary, The [Full Review] B

Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel? [Flash Review] B

See You In My 19th Life [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 & 2 notes

Seobok [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Seven First Kisses [Flash Review] B

Shan Shan Comes To Eat [Boss & Me] [China] [Flash Review] B

Shanai Marriage Honey [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Shark: The Beginning [Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Sharply Graceful Girl, A [Japan] [Flash Review] B

Shining For One Thing [China] [Full Review] B++ | Episode 1-2 notes

Silent Sea, The [Flash Review] B-

Sisyphus: The Myth [Full Review] B-

Sleeping Jukujo [Nemureru Mori no Jukujo] [Japan] [Flash Review] B+

Sly and Single Again [Cunning Single Lady] [Full Review] B+

Smile Has Left Your Eyes, The [Hundred Million Stars From The Sky] [Flash Review] B

Something About 1% [1% of Anything] [Flash Review] B+

Sound Of Magic, The [Full Review] B

Soundtrack #1 [Mini Series] [Full Review] B++

Star Of The Universe [Three Colors Of Fantasies: White] [Flash Review] B++

Start-Up [Full Review] B

Story Of Minglan, The [China] [Flash Review] B+

Stove League [Flash Review] B++

Strange Lawyer Woo Young Woo [Full Review] B+ | Episode 1 notes

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [Full Review] B

Suddenly Seventeen [Chinese Movie] [Flash Review] B+

Suddenly This Summer [China] [Full Review] B++

Suits [Flash Review] B

Sunset In My Hometown [Movie] [Flash Review] B++

Suspect, The [Movie] [Guest Review] B

Suspicious Partner [Full Review] B+

Sweet Home [Flash Review] B+

Swordsman, The [Movie] [Flash Review] B


Takane And Hana [Takane to Hana] [Japan] [Flash Review] B

Tale Of Nokdu, The [Full Review] B

Taste of Curry, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Technicians, The [Movie] [Full Review] B

Tell Me Your Wish [If You Wish Upon Me] [Full Review] B+

Terius Behind Me [My Secret Terius] [Flash Review] B

The Ballot [IntoThe Ring] [Memorials] [Full Review] B+

The Beauty Inside [Drama] [Full Review] B+

The Beauty Inside [Movie] [Flash Review] B

The Best Hit [Flash Review] B-

The Bond [China] [Full Review] B++

The Devil Judge [Full Review] B-

The Final Match [Last Match] [Flash Review] B-

The Flower Of Evil [Full Review] B

The Glory [Part 1] [Full Review] B++

The Glory [Part 2] Full Review] B+

The Innocent Man [Nice Guy] [Flash Review] B

The King Loves [Full Review] B

The King: Eternal Monarch [Full Review] B

The King’s Affection [Full Review] B

The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang [Full Review] B

The Last Empress [An Empress’s Dignity] [Flash Review] B

The Longest Day in Chang’an [China] [Flash Review] B+

The Love You Give Me [China] [Flash Review] B+

The Magician [Movie] [Flash Review] B-

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House [Japan] [Full Review] B++

The Master’s Sun B- | That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic] [Full Review] A+

The Rational Life [China] [Full Review] B+

The Reason I’m Getting Married [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

The Reason We Can’t Sleep [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

The Reason Why I Can’t Tell You [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

The Rise Of Phoenixes [China] [Flash Review] B

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose [China] [Flash Review] B

The School Nurse Files [Flash Review] B | Guest Post: An Alternative Lens

The Secret Life Of My Secretary [Full Review] B

The Silent Sea [Flash Review] B-

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes [Hundred Million Stars From The Sky] [Flash Review] B

The Sound Of Magic [Full Review] B

The Story Of Minglan [China] [Flash Review] B+

The Suspect [Movie] [Full Review] B

The Swordsman [Movie] [Flash Review] B

The Tale Of Nokdu [Full Review] B

The Taste of Curry [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

The Technicians [Movie] [Full Review] B

The Third Charm [Full Review] B++

The Three Musketeers [Full Review] B

The Tuna And The Dolphin [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

The Uncanny Counter [Full Review] B++

The Witch’s Diner [Flash Review] B

Third Charm, The [Full Review] B++

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake In My Life [Japan] [Flash Review] B-

Three Musketeers, The [Full Review] B

Timing [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B

To The Beautiful You [Full Review] B

To. Jenny [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Tomorrow Cantabile [Nae Il’s Cantabile] [Cantabile Tomorrow] [Flash Review] B-

Touch Your Heart [Reach Of Sincerity] [Full Review] B+

Traces Of Love [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

Train To Busan [Movie] [Flash Review] B++

Trip [A Jaunt] [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

True Beauty [Full Review] B+

True To Love [Bo Ra! Deborah] [Full Review] B-

Tuna And The Dolphin, The [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B

Twenty Years Old [20’s] [Flash Review] B+

Two Lights: Relúmĭno [Flash Review] B+


Uncanny Counter, The [Full Review] B++

Uncle [Full Review] B-

Upcoming Summer [China] [Movie] [Flash Review] B+


Vampire Prosecutor 2 [Full Review] B+

Vincenzo [Full Review] B++

VIP [Flash Review] B++


W-Two Worlds [Flash Review] B

Warrior Baek Dong Soo [Full Review] B-

What’s Up? [Full Review] B

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? [Why Secretary Kim] [Flash Review] B

When I Fly Towards You [China] [Full Review] B++

When The Camellia Blooms [Flash Review] B+

When The Devil Calls Your Name [Flash Review] B+

When The Weather Is Fine [I’ll Find You When The Weather Is Nice] [Full Review] B

When We Were Young 2018 [Flash Review] B+

When You Love Yourself [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B++

When You Love Yourself 2 [Web Drama] [Flash Review] B+

Where Stars Land [Fox Bride Star] [Full Review] B

White Christmas [Full Review] B-

Who Are You – School 2015 [Full Review] B

Why Secretary Kim [What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?] [Flash Review] B

Witch’s Diner, The [Flash Review] B

Wonderful Nightmare [Movie] [Flash Review] B

Would You Like A Cup Of Coffee? [Mini Series] [Flash Review] B+



You Are Closer Than I Think [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B+

You Who Forgot Poetry [A Poem A Day] [Flash Review] B

You’re Pretty, Oh Man Bok [Drama Special] [Flash Review] B++

Youth Record [Record Of Youth] [Full Review] B


Zombie Detective [Flash Review] B


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