Liebster Shower [Round 2!]

So a funny thing happened. Liebster season snuck up on me when I wasn’t even looking.

When the first signs popped up, hinting that Liebster season was upon us again, I hardly took notice. I was all like, Well, I had a good go at that last year, and it was a heap of fun.

Surely after 9 whole Liebsters, though, no one’s going to want to ask me more questions about myself. Right?


When I wasn’t looking, those Liebsters seemed to multiply in a little room all by their sneaky little selves. Almost like they had a will all their own. And now, I have a serious heap of questions to answer *starts sweating bullets*

I plead hectic Real Life schedules as the reason that I delegated the job of answering the Liebster questions to Future Me (hey, after watching so many time-travel dramas, you gotta learn something, right?)

So here I am, Future Me (er, now Present Me?) to the rescue! Let’s see if you guys can stick with me all the way to the very end, eh? I promise to make this as pain-free as possible 😉

And, thanks to all you sweethearts who nominated me – I feel like I’ve been rained on by showers of lurve ❤

Yep, it feels like the last round of Liebsters JUST ended!

Liebster #1 – January 21st, 2014

My first clue that Liebster season was arriving was a ping on Facebook from Jaime, who hosts (is?) The Drama Noona.

Lovely Jaime is sorta new to the blogosphere, but she’s quickly racking up sunbae points even as I type this. Not only has she recently given her blog an impressive makeover, she’s putting her art school training to good use, designing cool banners for herself and others.

Over Christmas, she made this post, offering a selection of her newly-made headers to other bloggers who might like them. Coz she’s just sweet that way.

And while Jaime’s got a big noona heart, she’s got a particular soft spot for Choi Jin Hyuk. So Jaime, here’s a little sumthin’ for ya:

Mmm. Very nice indeed.

Jaime gave me what she calls an Honorable Sunbaenim Nomination. Aw. Sweet thang. She really does call me sunbae, y’know. Just some of the time 😉

And while she says that this is the kind of nomination where I don’t have to answer any questions and just wave and smile and enjoy my award, I thought I’d pick just one of her questions to answer.

So this is the one I picked:

2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

When I started the blog, I knew that I wanted to focus mainly on drama reviews, and I thought The Verdict would be an apt name for the blog. And I did call it that, actually, when I started putting the blog together on Blogger.

But then I decided that WordPress looked interesting and wanted to give it a go. I signed up for an account, all excited about getting The Verdict a home on WordPress, and.. “The Verdict” was not available. Bummer, I thought.

I chewed on my options for about a minute, and decided that The Fangirl Verdict would have to do. And that’s how The Fangirl Verdict was born.

Definitely what I would call a happy accident, coz now on hindsight, I feel like The Fangirl Verdict suits me a whole lot more. And says everything about what I’m doing here on the net. Fangirling (of course). And writing reviews (of course).

Liebster #2 – January 24th, 2014

3 days after Jaime gave me my Honorable Sunbaenim Liebster, NeeNee who hosts Asian Addicts Anonymous gave me my first non-honorary Liebster.

NeeNee is quite the sunbae around the blogosphere, having been blogging for 4 years now (wow, right?!?). What’s even more amazing is that she seems to have found the secret of bending time and space, coz she posts a heckuva lot.

More than one person should logically be able to manage, even if they decided they didn’t need a life. Or sleep.

Yet, she single-handedly churns out a plethora of posts, from recaps to reviews, and she’s taken on multiple 30-day blogging challenges (and owned them all, too). Respect, truly.

I’m pretty sure NeeNee qualifies for the blogging version of the 10,000 hours rule!

NeeNee says that she doesn’t have one particular favorite actor, but she’s named a bunch of actors that she appreciates, and I decided that this pic would make a suitable prezzie for this post.

Here’s Kang Ji Hwan, celebrating with showers of happiness, just like we are.

Well, maybe not exactly like we are. I’ve still got my shirt on. Do you? 😉

And on we go, to NeeNee’s questions:

1. What made you start blogging?

Towards the end of 2012, a burning desire to write bit me and bit me good. And I had a whole lotta drama love saved up for the 6 years that I’d been steadily consuming kdrama.

And then Stephanie asked me to write a guest year-in-review post. And she also asked whether I had a blog. And so I thought, Well.. Maybe I should make one? And here we are. Heh.

I wasn’t even fully convinced that I would blog for long, honestly. I just wanted to know what it felt like to have a blog. And now that I’ve started, I find it hard to stop. So.. I guess I’ll be here for a while yet 😉

You can check out the full story on the origin story of the blog here.

2. What keeps you blogging?

It’s a combination of the sense of community here in the blogosphere, and the feeling that I’m contributing something to the dramaverse.

I used to think that I could stop this blogging thing at any time. After all, it’s something that I started on a whim, just to see how it feels. And now that I know how it feels, I can stop. Right?

Well. It didn’t quite work out that way. Now I feel like this blog isn’t mine alone, and there are lovely readers here who love this space as much as I do. And I feel so encouraged by them when they get excited about the stuff I post.

They – you! – are the ones who make it hard to walk away. And that’s why I’m still here. That, and I still do like talking about dramas. 😉

3. Future goals (in or outside the blogging/drama-watching sphere)?

To grow up without growing old, to always love what I do and have fun while I’m doing it, and to always be happy.

Oh, and watch a lot of drama.

4. Profession? (out of curiosity, what do you do in your real life?)

I’m secretly a superhero.

To protect my superhero identity, I also go undercover to conduct training workshops to unsuspecting civilians. Shhh. Don’t tell.

5. Gateway addiction into the drama realm?

Goong. I loved it so freaking much.

6. Favorite quote? [NeeNee loves quotes from movies, dramas, literature that really resonate and hit you, you know?]

I can’t say I’ve got a favorite. But I rather like this one:

“With great power comes great responsibility” ~ Spiderman

This makes so much sense to me, not only in Real Life, but in blogging too. With this blog, I have a voice in the blogosphere, and I feel it’s important to use that voice responsibly.

7. Coffee? Tea? Neither? [I personally think white chocolate hot chocolate is the most awesome concoction as is horchata.]

Ooh. Tea. Iced Oolong. Or iced White. Or iced Rosehip & Hibiscus.

Do we see a trend?

8. Have you ever tried Calpis water [or something like it]?

No, I can’t say I have. But I hear Calpis is sour, and I love lemons. Does that count?

9. Are you proficient in more than one language? If so, which?

I can speak Mandarin & Cantonese, and sort of understand a handful of other Chinese dialects. I understand some Japanese from 2 years of Japanese lessons. But my Korean’s better than my Japanese. That I learned purely from watching kdrama. Hee.

For more on how I pick up Korean while watching drama, you can check out this post.

10. Favorite OST?

Ooh, tough one. I love so many.

Chuno‘s soundtrack is masterful, evocative and completely immersive.

And Goong‘s soundtrack is wonderfully pitch-perfect for Goong’s fantasy world. It’s light, breezy and quite addictive.

Liebster #3 – January 24th, 2014

On the very same day that NeeNee gifted me with Liebster #2, my lovely friends Drama Fan and Gumi, who host Stuck On Hyuk, gave me a Special Mention Liebster.

How sweet are they, to let me off the ho-, er, graciously excuse me from answering a whole 10 questions? 😉

As a little thank-you to the ladies, I’m gifting them with this gorgeous shot of the man around whom their entire blog revolves, Jang Hyuk.

That’s right. Theirs is an entire blog dedicated to all things Jang Hyuk, who happens to be one hawt man.

I also happen to have a robust, er, appreciation for Jang Hyuk’s fine.. talents, and you can check out my k-love post for him here.

Even though they said I didn’t have to answer any questions, I thought I’d pick one to answer anyway.

And here’s my pick:

5. What was your first Kdrama crush?

Technically, this would have to be Joo Ji Hoon, since he played the Crown Prince in Goong, and I loved that show to bits.

Coming in a very close second would be Ji Sung, coz Save Your Last Dance For Me was my second kdrama ever, and he played our suave leading man.

I’m fairly sure that I crushed on Ji Sung even more than I crushed on Joo Ji Hoon.

And then came kdrama #3, and.. Ok, I’ll stop now. 😉

Liebster #4 – January 26th, 2014

Two days later, Liebster #4 came knocking on my door, courtesy of my friend snow_white, who hosts The Drama Corner.

snow_white was one of the first friends I made here in the k-blogosphere, and has always been a pleasure to chat with.

On her blog, she posts frequent, bite-size posts which are quick and fun to read; it’s a perfect way to get in a quick dose of dramaland when you’ve got a bite-sized pocket of time.

Although snow_white says she doesn’t have one ultimate bias, I feel like she’s got a soft spot for Lee Min Ho. I know she was supremely happy when he got cast with Park Shin Hye in Heirs, and that OTP kept her boat afloat all series long.

So here, snow_white. Here’s some Lee Min Ho cute for ya:

Hope you likey 😉

And now, onto snow_white’s questions!

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?

Well now. I can’t not mention Gong Yoo and Kim Woo Bin, both of whom I love and both of whom are excellent, dedicated actors.

But I thought, why not challenge myself to pick a k-actor whom I respect purely for his acting? And the name that immediately came to mind was Kim Myung Min.

The man takes method acting to a whole new level, immersing himself completely in character from start to finish. You never feel like you’re watching Kim Myung Min in character. Rather, he becomes the character.

As for a favorite k-actress, I have several whom I really like, but since I’m only picking one, I’m gonna have to choose Shin Min Ah.

She’s got a uniquely approachable yet ethereal goddess-like quality about her, and is wonderfully gung-ho in roles. You just can’t help but love her, really.

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?

I don’t watch a lot of non-kdrama stuff anymore, to be honest.. But my favorite movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally. And my favorite serial that’s non-k is Japan’s Hana Kimi, which is fantastic, campy fun. No one does live action manga like the Japanese, imo.

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

Ooh. This one’s tough.

Um.. I’m gonna go with Baby-Faced Beauty, coz I’ve often been mistaken for younger than my actual age.. Now all I need is my own Daniel Choi 😉 Although I’d rather have my own Woobie ❤ Crossover?

4. Dramas or novels? Why?

Dramas. I used to love novels, but I haven’t been reading much at all lately.

Plus dramas often come with gorgeous OSTs and novels.. don’t.

5. Which color do you like the most and why?

Red. Coz it’s bright, happy & passionate. Just like me (hur).

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads………….

This recent article about Yoon Eun Hye picking Gong Yoo as her ideal type got me and Evez talking. Evez, being quite the romantic, said it’d be nice if Gong Yoo was interested in Yoon Eun Hye too, and was just waiting for the right time to propose.

And that fired up a drama scenario in my head, where Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo play celebs like they are in real life, and they’ve worked together before. Each nurses a crush on the other, but doesn’t do anything about it except hint through the media, via articles like the one I read.

Of course, they both think the other party is just saying obligatory nice things, and that it’s all media talk.

Several years after they first work together, they get cast together again, to play the OTP of a drama. Let’s make it a rom-com. They each sign on, eager to work with the object of their respective affections, but both maintain cool, unruffled professionalism on the surface.

As they get into filming the drama, they both have to navigate the intricacies of working together – filming, interviews, photoshoots, variety appearances – all while trying to hide, yet fan, their feelings for each other.

The stolen glances, the silent squees once they’re out of sight and out of earshot of the other, and the barely controlled swoon as they get up close and personal for filming and photoshoots.


We could have Jo Jung Suk playing Yoon Eun Hye’s nervous, obsessive compulsive manager who nurses his own crush on her. And we could have Im Joo Eun play Gong Yoo’s ballsy, sharp and no-nonsense manager who nurses a secret crush on her charge as well.

Of course, eventually Jo Jung Suk and Im Joo Eun would fall head over heels in love too. Coz they would be so, SO cute together.

For more dream drama scenarios, check out my dream drama post here.

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

I’d have to say it’s been the sense of community, where we squee together as well as exchange ideas. So often, my ideas have been challenged and expanded through conversations with other bloggers and fans here in the blogosphere, and that’s just very, very cool stuff.

You guys color my drama world <3

Liebster #5 – January 28th, 2014

Two days later, I received Liebster #5 from my friend misscupcakees who hosts A Fairytale World. And whom I realize gifted me with a Liebster last year too. What can I say? I guess she loves me a lot? 😉

misscupcakees is always a pleasure to chat with, coz she’s so full of bubbly, cheery energy. And she manages to get so much drama on her screen, I don’t know how she does it.

On her blog, she covers not only kdrama, but also Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. I think she knows the secret door to the fourth dimension, seriously.

Although misscupcakees doesn’t profess to have a favorite actor, she does count Lee Jun Ki among the ones that she appreciates. So here, misscupcakees, this is a little bit of Lee Jun Ki for ya:

Mmm. Handsome, handsome man.

And now, on to misscupcakee’s questions!

1. How did you get into blogging about drama?

On a whim 😉

See answer to Liebster #2, Question 1 for more details. Or go here for the full origin story.

2. What is your all-time favourite drama trope that you can watch over and over again?

Bad boy turning over a new leaf in the name of love. I am quite a sucker for that. Or noona love. Or both, coz, why not?

3. Who is your favourite OTP and why? (I asked this during my previous Liebster Award post but it doesn’t hurt to ask it again).

The last time misscupcakees asked me this question, I answered Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na in Queen In-hyun’s Man.

This time, I thought I’d pick another worthy OTP whom I love, and that’s Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah in Arang and the Magistrate.

I loved them both immensely in this show. They were perfectly, equally matched. I never felt one was more important than the other. They were both amazing. And they had such fantastic chemistry too. Just look at ’em:


4. Who do you have the most severe SLS (second lead syndrome) towards?

Young Do in Heirs. Coz, Kim Woo Bin. ❤

5. What is your favourite MV? Link me please!

I already post drama-related MVs in my reviews, so I thought I’d go with a non-drama-related MV.

I don’t listen to much kpop at all, but I thought this version of All I Want for Christmas is You by Bom&Hi was flat-out brilliant.

They don’t change the lyrics or the tempo or even the mood of the instrumentals of the original song, but manage to change the song’s whole meaning – everything – simply by tweaking the context of the MV. And I always say that context is everything, so.. this is a perfect example.

Check it out:

6. What is one drama that you regret ever having started regardless of whether you finished it or not?

Oh my. Dream High 2. It’s.. bad. And yes, I finished it.

7. Poor girl, rich guy. Write up a drama plot revolving around them.

I’d have Sung Joon as a chaebol heir who duly puts in a suited up appearance or two at the office every couple of weeks, but spends most of his time rocking out on the drums with his band at a smoky indie club.

He genuinely loves music and wants to change the indie music scene, making it easier for indie musicians to make their music available without selling out to soulless big management companies.

Jung Eun Ji is the poor student-cum-waitress who works at the club where Sung Joon plays. She’s loud and brassy, with her Busan accent firmly in place, and exceedingly cute. She’s working to put herself through school, and puts up in a room at the back of the club.

She often yells at the rocker boys for continuing to play long after the club’s closed for the day coz she’s trying to study.

Cue rom-com hijinks as the rocker dude and the spunky waitress cross paths and bicker their way to romance in spite of themselves. Then cue lots of romantic cuteness after they fall hopelessly in love, in spite of themselves.

And then cue more hijinks as Sung Joon tries repeatedly to reveal his chaebol-ness to her, but fails in spite of his best efforts coz she thinks he’s pranking her as usual.

They eventually live happily ever after, still bickering, of course.

8. Who are some guys that you can just stare at for days and nights without having them to even do anything?

Why, Kim Woo Bin of course. ❤ Yes, yes, I know. I have a one-track fangirl mind. Let’s call it.. focus. 😉

Yep, I’ve had great difficulty tearing my eyes away from this pic. Great. Difficulty.


9. What are you currently studying/have studied etc. or what is your current job (if you are currently working)?

See Liebster #2, Question 4.

10. What are some places you want to visit (it can be fictional or not) and where in the world do you currently reside? (I know, I cheated with asking 11 questions in all but hey, rules are meant to be broken!)

Ok, so the obvious answer is Korea. In terms of travel destination, that’s my top pick.

On a fantasy note, I’d like to visit the restaurant in Fermentation Family, coz not only is it in a beautiful location:

They serve the most delicately prepared kimchi that looks out-of-this world:


Oh, and I live in Singapore.

Liebster #6 – January 31st, 2014

Three days after the last Liebster, Pops who hosts POPS MISSION gifted me with Liebster #6.

Over at POPS MISSION, Pops has a great collection of thoughtful yet humorous drama and movie reviews, along with other fun posts. And she’s also got a soft spot for Lee Min Ho.

And even though we already have a pic of him in this post, I always say that shared squee is the best kind, so what’s the harm in sharing some squee over Lee Min Ho, eh? 😉

Pops, this one’s for you:

Hope you likey.

And now, on to Pops’ questions!

1. Which drama character would you marry in real life?

Choi Han Gyul, Coffee Prince. I want that smitten face to be from thinking about me. ❤


2. What actors/actresses do you love so much that you would watch a totally terrible drama just because they were in it? Any examples?

Oh my. I watched One Fine Day (a totally terrible drama) for Gong Yoo. Twice.

And I watched Heirs for Kim Woo Bin. All of it.

3. Did you have a moment in your drama watching history when you just suddenly realised you were totally hooked?

Hee. When my sister and I stayed up way past our bed-time in order to watch one more episode of Goong. And then one more. And then one more.

I plead first drama love/insanity.

4. What do your friends and family think of your obsession? Do they know?

Mostly they look at it with a mix of eye-rolling & amusement. They indulge me when I talk about drama. To a point.

Of the few people in my Real Life who know about this blog, only a tiny percentage of the few actually bother to check it out.

5. Do you have a favourite drama kiss scene?

I probably have several. But the one that comes to mind right now, is at the end of episode 12 of Big, where Gong Yoo kisses Lee Min Jung. It’s so gentle, so tender, so full of wonder.

Review: Big

I melt. And swoon. ❤

6. What is it about your favourite drama that makes you love it so much?

Gosh, it’s tough picking favorites!

I love Life is Beautiful coz it’s heartwarming, fuzzy, cozy goodness folded into a lovely drama package. I love Coffee Prince coz it’s just so well-written, so well-acted, so well-paced and so addictive. And I love Goong, coz being my first kdrama, it gives me so many feels.

For more thoughts on what makes drama crack stay cracky for me, you can check out this post.

7. Why did you start a blog?

The how of it all was a spontaneous sort of thing. The why? It was to see what having a blog felt like. And to give my drama thoughts a voice to be heard.

Go here for the full origin story.

8. Have you ever walked up to a non drama viewing family member or friend and started singing ‘Almoost Paraaadise” at them?

I’m gonna hafta say no. Phew. Otherwise I might be writing this from a mental institution.

9. What is your guilty pleasure drama?

Hee. That would either be Playful Kiss, coz it’s such a happy, simple world, despite its (rather huge) flaws.

Or Chuno, coz I first tuned in to this masterpiece just to gawk at the shirtless men. 😉

Ahem. You can hardly blame me, right?

10. Tell us 5 random facts about yourself (presuming you haven’t done this already)

(1) I learned Chinese calligraphy for a year in school. I was terrible at it, but it fixed my Chinese handwriting good and proper. Suddenly with a normal pen (instead of a calligraphy brush), my Chinese characters actually became pretty. Go figure.

(2) I nearly became a lawyer. My parents tried talking me into accepting a place at law school coz of the prestigious career they felt it would give me.

Thank goodness I came to my senses in time. I would’ve been miserable in law school. And probably a terrible lawyer too. Plus, most lawyers I know don’t have a whole lotta drama time.

(3) Before I went all into drama, I went through a beauty phase where instead of drama, I was super interested in all things beauty. As a result, I now have way more makeup and skincare than my face can accommodate. Oopsie.

(4) My body temperature is slightly higher than most people. I think it might have to do with my high metabolism. It’s one of my secret superpowers. Metabolize! And I’m hungry again.

(5) I was super shy as a child. So shy that I didn’t dare talk to other kids. Or accept party hats at kids’ parties. Now I talk to strangers as an integral part of my job. What a turnaround. I am still an introvert at heart though.

Liebster #7 – January 31st, 2014

On the same day, I received a Special Mention Liebster from the sweet apqaria who hosts Crush On Da-hae.

Yep, apqaria’s blog is all about Lee Da Hae. Talk about focus and dedication 🙂

This is for you, apqaria:

What a pretty pic.

And although apqaria’s Special Mention Liebster means I don’t have to answer her questions, I thought I’d pick one anyway.

I decided this one would be fun:

2. How many dramas can you watch at the same time?

I totally used to be a one-drama-at-a-time kinda gal. I felt that watching anything more than that would dilute the drama experience for me. Such a purist, eh?

Now, though, I have about 7 – yes, SEVEN! – dramas going at the same time. I don’t watch all of them evenly though. I sometimes will leave a few on the backburner for a while as I watch the rest, and then come back to the backburner dramas when the mood strikes.

I guess I’m better at multitasking than I thought. 😉

Liebster #8 – January 31st, 2014

Also on the same day, I was notified of Liebster #8 by Kelly of kellykdramafantasy.

To be honest, this is my first time meeting Kelly, so I don’t know a whole lot about her yet. Although, I do know from her Liebster post that she’s currently crushing on Kim Soo Hyun.

So here, Kelly. A little bit of delicious Kim Soo Hyun for you:

Mmm. Naise.

And onward, to Kelly’s questions!

1. If you can be a female drama lead in any drama, who would it be?

I’m gonna stick with last year’s answer to this question. I wanna be Lee Min Jung in Big. Coz she gets to be kissed in wonderful, epic fashion by Gong Yoo. ❤

2. What would you do if a banana you are about to eat comes to life and begs you for his/her life?

I’d set it free in the wild. But my dog would probably eat it before it got too far. She loves bananas.

3.What is your all time favourite song to sing at the karaoke?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It’s a happy song. I think.

4. What subject are you majoring in and do you know what you want to be in the future/what is your occupation?

See Liebster #2, Question 4.

Oh, and I majored in English Language and English Literature.

5.If the world ends in a week, would you still watch dramas for the remaining time or would you think that it’s a waste of time?

Hmm. I’d probably spend more time getting Real Life stuff in order. But depending on what I was watching before I found out the world was going to end, I might make some time for it 😉

6. Do you believe in supernatural beings such as ghost, gumiho, aliens, etc.?

Um. Yes to supernatural stuff. No to gumihos, aliens etc.

7. What influences your choice in picking a drama to watch?

Primarily whether the scenario sounds interesting. Next, I’d be interested in the casting too. And then who’s writing/directing.

Of course, if Kim Woo Bin’s in it, I’m in for the long haul. Come what may. Coz I love my Woobie ❤

8. What is the earliest memory you can remember?

I was probably about 4 and my parents had brought me to a chicken farm along with a group of other friends.

The chicken feathers made me sneeze and sneeze and I couldn’t see straight coz I was too busy sneezing. I grabbed tightly onto my mother’s hand and wouldn’t let go till we got out of the chicken area.

It was only then that I realized everyone was laughing coz I’d grabbed onto some other lady’s hand instead of my mom’s. In my defense, I couldn’t see coz I was sneezing so hard. Plus she smelled like my mom; I think she was wearing the same perfume.

Afterwards, I felt traumatized at all those adults laughing at me. I was a super shy kid, remember?

9. What food out of any dramas you’ve watched do you want to try?

There’re lots of Korean restaurants and eateries in Singapore where I live, so it’s not been hard translating drama greed into Real Life food experiences.

Bibimbap was the first, and Korean BBQ pork remains one of my faves.

I’d really love to try all the fantastic looking kimchi in Fermentation Family, though. It all looks so good. Drool.

10.What would you do if you have amnesia? (kinda like making up your own story involving amnesia)

Wow. I can’t think of a story, really.

What I would do, if I did actually wake up with amnesia one day, would be to read through my journals to find the people I trust the most, and then ask them about my life.

And then I’d watch all my favorite dramas again. Coz when else can you feel the magic of experiencing your favorite dramas for the first time, all over again??? 😀

See? There’s a silver lining to everything. Heh.


Phew. That was a whole lotta stuff about me, wasn’t it? For sticking with me through all 8 of these, I’m sending you big hugs. Thanks, you guys ❤

If you’re up for still more stuff about me, you can check out my first Liebster post here.

If your head starts to hurt partway through, though, you might wanna pace yourself. Coz I found this little nugget of wisdom which you might find useful:

You’ve been warned. Hee. 😉


So here’s where I’m changing up the rules and doing whatever I want. Just coz I can.

Instead of 10 questions for 10 bloggers, I’m going with 3 questions for 5 bloggers. Coz, why not?

And get this:

1. You can totally take these any way you want. You can make a post, or update an existing post, or answer the questions in the comments section here, or just smile and wave and accept your awards. How cool is that?

2. Everyone can play! Even if you don’t blog, feel free to share your answers with everyone in the comments. I thought of this coz when Liebster season started, Evez asked me if this was only for bloggers, and I realized that it’d be fun if everyone – not just bloggers – got to play.

In no particular order, my nominees are:

Musings of a Twinkie

A lovely little community that’s run by Grace, supported by her lovely minion Jules, mawiie and NewKdramaAddict. Musings boasts a wide variety of posts, from recaps to movie reviews to news tid-bits to a regular eye-candy section, so there’s always a little something for everyone.

Outside Seoul

Not only does Amanda regularly churn out insightful, fun reviews, she often comes up with wonderful concept posts which run the gamut from sharply profound to side-splittingly hysterical. Always a great read.

Creating Volumes

Betsy is one of my favorite people in the blogosphere, and I had so much fun with her on our first Trading Thoughts post. (More to come, we promise!) She’s insightful, profound, sweet, and has a wonderful way with words.

She writes lots of reviews and reaction posts & I love reading her stuff. Sometimes I wish I watched more drama, so that I could read everything she writes. But I’m a spoiler-phobe, so I sometimes save some of her posts for later.

Or dodge like a ninja through ’em, just to get a feel for how she feels about a show.

Obsessive Compulsive K-Drama Watching Disorder

DDee’s blog is a lot like her: fun, eclectic and interesting. You never know what you’re gonna get, but it’ll definitely be a fun ride.

– DramAdrenaline

Sarah’s got a great writing style that I really like. The first time I poked around her blog, I knew that she’d be fun to read.

At the moment she’s making a couple of changes on her blog, so expect to see reviews coming soon – spoiler-free versions will be available too. Whatever she decides to write, though, I’m sure it’ll be great to read.


1. For some people, kdrama literally saved their lives. What does kdrama mean to you?

2. Which is your favorite comfort-food drama? Your go-to drama when everything feels bleargh and you just wanna feel better?

3. Who’s your favorite kdrama character and why?

And! Here’s a final word of wisdom that I learned from writing this post!

Heh. So even if answering more questions feels like a tough journey, you’ll eventually get there. One step at a time.

Thanks, everyone. Kisses & hugs to ya ❤

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9 years ago

And finally I’m able to read your Liebster post! 🙂 And I finally finished mine! Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely nomination. (Now I totally picture you all dodging and weaving through my posts, like a post-reading badass. 😉 ) Also! I totally love your drama idea and when I achieve world domination I shall make it so. 😛 (Seriously, I would love to see Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye team up again — they were so awesome together. And Lim Ju-eun and Cho Jung-seok as 2nd leads… sign me up!)

9 years ago
Reply to  BetsyHp

Lol. Yes, I am a post-reading badass ninja – at least some of the time 😉 And YAY that you love my drama idea and the casting with it – now I MUST support your efforts in achieving world domination! ;D

ChubbyDimpled Muffin
ChubbyDimpled Muffin
9 years ago

I love reading these! Congratulations kfangirl! I love your new DP, it is really cute.

9 years ago

Aw! Thanks Muffin! I’m super glad you enjoyed the read – you guys are super sweet, to indulge these all-about-me posts that pop up! XD Yay that you like the new DP! I thought our blue-haired girl was ready for a makeover 😉

9 years ago

OTL I’ve been away from your blog for too long! The comments add up so quick it’s hard to follow them sometimes OTL And WordPress gets kind of glitchy on my computer sometimes and the… what do call it? The layering thing that happens when you reply? It doesn’t show up sometimes so I get all confused about who’s comments are whose OTL And I’m socially phobic*, so commenting at all can be really scary. Thus, since I’m currently in a pretty hardcore hermit phase right now, I’m only going to answer the questions you asked (even though I’m not much of a drama blogger).

1. For some people, kdrama literally saved their lives. What does kdrama mean to you?

Umm, well, K-Drama was a way to get me out of my shell, I guess. The only reason I’m as sociable as I am is because I try and maintain a presence on blogs and other online things. Because of some drama characters being so emotionally strong and crazy optimistic, I’ve actually evaded suicide because I don’t really have an awful life compared to some characters (and real life people) out there. Then, because of dramas, I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be a filmmaker and now I can’t end myself! I have too many movies and dramas to make!

I’m also agoraphobic** in real life (and socially phobic, which Google says means “(other than agoraphobia) [an irrational fear] associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others”) and, as of writing this, I haven’t left my house in about a week. My record is not leaving for a solid month. If my parents weren’t disabled, I would probably leave the house even less often. (By-the-way, they’re not in wheelchairs or anything – they just can’t [read: aren’t supposed to] lift more than 5-10 lbs/~2- ~5kg and my dad can’t walk for very long distances.)

I usually get out and about at least once a week because I have to go with my mom to the grocery store (which is conveniantly located directly across the street. Not that I’ve ever walked across the highway-style road thing to get there – ’cause holy shitszu, I’m not crossing that road and potentially getting squashed by a semi-truck! I’m also not going to the store by myself so people can judge me on which brand of chips I decide to buy. Eeeeehh, I’m stressed just thinking about this QQ;) or go with them to their doctor’s appointments.

My mom went to the store by herself today and was only supposed to get laundry detergent, a box of pasta or two, and fettuccine sauce. She came back with enough groceries for the next two weeks and a bunch of stuff to re-organize the house with. OTL Thus, I have to go with her so she doesn’t buy our weight in food, cleaning supplies and other household items. My mom would be wonderful as an Army base cook, I swear. You guys know that running gag in the Reply 1990’s series where the mom over-cooks? I couldn’t laugh at that because it was too much like my own mom. OTL She really does make these huge vats of food. Really awesome deliciously mouthwatering homemade my-mom-should-seriously-open-her-own-business-or-something food buuuuuut, it’s usually too much for us. Needless to say, I rarely ever half to make my own breakfast or lunch.

This suddenly got really long. OTL In conclusion, K-drama is how I stay connected to real life in troubled times, how I make new friends and stay semi-social, is possibly one of the reasons I’m even alive and actually have a career path laid out for myself (a goal to keep myself moving forward in life and something to stay preoccupied with), and ultimately just keeps me from actually going insane.

*takes a long breath and crawls back into hermit shell*

2. Which is your favorite comfort-food drama? Your go-to drama when everything feels bleargh and you just wanna feel better?

Hana Kimi. Or really any other Japanese live action that’s based on a light-hearted manga. K-drama remakes of those shows tend to get too drama-ey for me sometimes. (Let’s not even mention Taiwanese dramas. They get so real-life horrible so fast. Eeeh! OTL)

3. Who’s your favorite kdrama character and why?

Uhhhhhh… I have to choose?! Sam Dong in Dream High? If I ever get around to watching Flower Boy Next Door, I’ll probably scarily relate to Dok Mi. OTL So, she might become a favorite? Nakatsu in Hana Kimi is just hilarious. Akira in Nobuta wo Produce was my favorite character for a very long time. (Why are all these Japanese? OTL)

* Social Phobia – a deep fear of being negatively evaluated in social situations/being negatively perceived by the public in social settings.
** Agoraphobia – an irrational fear of crowded and/or public places resulting in not leaving a safe place

9 years ago
Reply to  Joey

Aw yeah, it’s great that kdramas can work to give us a sense of perspective, even in the midst of the fantasy. I know that’s what Goong did for me when I was going through a really tough time; it gave me an outlet and a sense of perspective. And for you, it’s great that dramas have even given you a dream to work towards! That’s pretty awesome any way you slice it ^^ And even if dramas hadn’t given you a dream, I would definitely vote against the suicidal thoughts. You deserve to enjoy your life and make it happy one 🙂 That, and we actually like having you around 😉

I giggled at your mom’s tendency to overshop and overcook – that really does sound like the mom in Answer Me 1997!! I guess it’s a lot less funny for you, since you’re living it, and not just watching it on your screen! On the upside, I guess you’ll never go hungry? 😛

Oh gosh, I love Hana Kimi too!! 😀 It’s such a fun, lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek show; you can’t help but laugh at its silliness. It’s one of my faves. And indeed, no one does live-action manga like the Japanese. You’re so right that the k-versions tend to go a bit heavier.

Y’know, I suspect you’re right, you’d probably relate quite a bit with Dok Mi in FBND. Maybe it’d be a good thing to check it out. By the end of the drama, she’s come out of her shell some, and that might be a great experience for you, even if it’s vicarious ^^

Joey, fighting!! *fist pump*

Drama Fan
9 years ago

Great post as usual kfangurl! How can you find just the perfect comic to accompany your statements? it is awesome! Even your Liebster posts are masterpieces I have to say! I think your award acceptance post, deserves another award 🙂 Anyway! Thank you for the Jang Hyuk pics! I had not seen the first one ever! beautiful! Im adding it to my collection and the Daegil one well, I’ll never get tired of looking at it. Thank you for mentioning us, for supporting us, and just for being you. Thank you!

9 years ago
Reply to  Drama Fan

Aw! *blush* Thanks Drama Fan! You are so kind, to say this post deserves an award 😛 I don’t know about that, but I’m really glad you enjoyed the read!! And the comics too! Aren’t they the cutest?? I couldn’t resist putting them in. ^^

Yay that I could add a JH pic to your collection!! I really do love that picture, it’s gorgeous. It captures him in one of his thoughtful moods, which I find very alluring and attractive 😉 Also, you girls are doing such a great job of keeping track of this fine man, how could I not support you, right? ;D Hee.

Lady G.
9 years ago

This was a pleasure to read! I always enjoy learning more about one of my favorite bloggers. Congratulations on winning the Liebster. 😀

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Aw, thanks Lady G!! Yay that you had fun reading this – I wrote and wrote and wrote, and realized how exhausting it can be, talking about yourself for hours on end. It’s a relief to know you guys aren’t exhausted reading it! XD

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Lady G. summed it all but I’d like to come back on three things that caught my attention (among all the interesting things you wrote, those three are certainly not the most noteworthy but that’s how my brain works, I’m afraid) :

1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ? You don’t venture outside KDrama Land? So you don’t know, to name a (very and recent) few : Sherlock, My Mad Fat Diary (UK), Real Humans (Sweden), Breaking Bad, Game of thrones (USA)????? Andeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2. You were a make-up geek, I’m still one ! \o/ I have so much bookmarks in my browser of “Beauty Gurus” Youtube channels, it’s embarrassing (and let’s not talk about that mini closet of mine full of enough make-up for 1001 lifes, if more)

3. Shipping (my husband) Yoo with YEH again? Don’t get me wrong, I love YEH (and that pic with both of them is so lovely it hurts) but what was done is not to be done anymore and I’m all for novelty. And also totally biaised by what I’m currently watching i.e. “Empress Ki” and “You From Another Star” and I was wondering how great that would be to watch Gong Yoo matching up his game with the one of an actress with strong backbone/ experience/charisma/whatever such as Ha Ji Won or Sassy Girl. And, what is not to spoil anything, who obviously knows how to choose good projects. Just sayin’…(that “Big” and “I miss you” were so-so and “Mirae’s Choice” a disaster)

So you are a super-heroine who majored in English Literature ? No wonder why your posts are so entertaining and smooth to read. Keep it up !

9 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Oh and thanks for the RSS button ! Your over-cover activities are on my radar now, watch out ! ;)))))

9 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Oh, you’re very welcome! And yay! I’m happy to be on your radar, asotss! 😀 Undercover or otherwise ^.~

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  asotss

I would also like to see Gong Yoo in a cool project with a strong female actress like Ha Ji Won or Jun Ji-hyun. I I like Lee Da Hae and would be interested to see them together too. I also thought Mi Rae’s choice was a disaster and I really looked forward to it because of Lee Dong Gun. 🙁
The only character I really liked in that was the 2nd lead girl played by Han Chae Ah. She’s a great actress too and that led me to creating my dream Rom/com drama with her and Gong Yoo on this blog. LOL
I meant to go into details about this liebster post too, but my time is limited with so many distractions in the home these days. So I summed it all up like that. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Nothing wrong with being concise, that’s a real savoir-faire I’d love to master 😉
Oh yes, Lee Da Hae and her elegant features ! She would definitely form an interesting pair to watch with Gong Yoo. And Han Chae Ah is not bad either. I like her since Gaksital where she was fabulous being pretty toxic (and what a wardrobe !). Let’s see if our wishes come true…

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

@Lady G….I LIKE TO SEE JUN JI-HYUN WITH GY..please!…JJH is gorgeous and like GY she aged sophistically…i go crazy with this actress on her current drama with KSH…. am thinking this couple will have the best chemi on screen… ^^ ..and i agree with you that Mi Rae’s choice was a big failure as a come back drama of Lee Dong Gun honestly, i did finish the 16-episode because of him and Jung Hyong-Wa…..and this one was not a good choice for JHW either….i am thinking though that if he had chosen Heirs over this drama as the second lead, he won’t be able to give justice to Young Do’s portrayal…Kim Woo Bin is just so good in it…:)

9 years ago
Reply to  evez

Butting in here just to say, for sure Young Do would’ve been a completely different character in Jung Young Hwa’s hands.. Much milder, less fierce, and probably a lot less interesting. In my completely Woobie-biased opinion, heh 😉

9 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Giggle. Yes, I’m a superhero and I majored in English Language and Literature. XD I never imagined my superhero-ness and English majors would be put to use for kdrama blogging, but I’m glad you feel it’s working out 😉

And, yes, I really don’t venture outside of kdramaland very much anymore. I think it’s partly time – I can barely keep up with the dramas that I want to watch, never mind blog about them – and it’s also partly interest.. Even though Hollywood used to be a staple part of my diet in my pre-kdrama days, these days, they just don’t appeal to me much anymore. I often start a movie during a flight, just to see, and more often than not, I surrender partway through and watch an episode of drama on my ipad instead 😛 Maybe that’ll change for me again sometime, but for now, it’s dramaland for me, baby!

Eeee!! You’re a makeup geek?!?? 😀 I so know how you feel! I am still subscribed to quite a few beauty channels on YouTube, but rarely have time to keep up with all of their videos. I do love Lisa Eldridge though. She’s such a pro. And such a nice lady too. I’m still trying to make a dent in all the skincare and makeup I’ve got in my drawers.. and am now wondering if I should toss some of it out just to make myself feel better about the reduction in clutter 😛

You’re so right about YEH’s unfortunate drama choices of late. I didn’t like I Miss You except for the early episodes of dreamy Yoo Seung Ho, and I did hear about Mirae’s Choice being really bad. But she did share fantastic chemistry with GY in Coffee Prince, so if a good script came along, I would love to see her get out of her drama rut and really knock it out of the ballpark! ^^ Of course, a GY pairing with Ha Ji Won or Jeon Ji Hyun would be interesting too. Heck, I’d just like to see GY back in dramaland; I promise not to be picky about his leading actress. Well, not too picky anyway! ;D

9 years ago

Ha ha!! Gosh you have had to answer so many questions!!! I am very very impressed! What a great fun read!!
Well thank you for indulging my many questions even though you have done so many already and I must say I am liking these presents you are giving out; Lee Min Ho!!! Yay!
Speaking of Lee Min Ho I just watched a tiny bit of ine of his first dramas Mackerel Run….its pretty weird to see him playing such a cartoonish character with his face doing such weird expressions! But it was fairly fun too! Don’t know if I would finish it or not yet though, even though it also has Moon Chae Won in it too!!
Oh and by the way, just so you know, I frequently sing Almost Paradise at my husband…..I don’t think he really likes it very much but it doesn’t stop me!!!! Mwhahahaha **evil laugh**

9 years ago

Aw, YAY that you enjoyed the read, Pops!!! 😀 And of course I enjoyed picking presents to give out too, heh. So much ogling to do, to pick the best prezzies.. The hardship! XD

Ever since I saw LMH in City Hunter, I’d put Mackerel Run on my list of shows to check out, but never got around to it. I’d be interested to know how far you get with it! Plus it’s always novel to see today’s big stars in earlier roles.

And Lol at you, torturing your husband with Almost Paradise! XD I think he’s passed the test. Any man who can endure repeated assault by Almost Paradise is most certainly a keeper, imo 😉

mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)

I suspect that has more to do with the fact that it’s hard to get topless LMH photos than it has to do with you not trying to. (ask me how I know! ^.^
LOLs take care!

9 years ago

HAHA. Point duly taken! XD Shirtless pix of LMH are of relatively lower supply than some other k-celebs. This is true. I would say it couldn’t hurt to keep searching, but my affection for LMH has waned since Heirs. I’ll wait for him to blow me away in some other role, and by then, perhaps the shirtless pic supply would’ve come in? ;D Lol.

mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)

Lovely chat on Twitter today . And I think you totally deserve your Liebster nominations, although I think the ‘one topless man per nomination’ system might have something to do with it. Keep on blogging!

9 years ago

Giggle. I protest. Hey, it’s a core part of my blog’s fangirling theme.. I fangirl when I’m not writing reviews. I’m just staying true to my audience? Plus! Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho and Lee Jun Ki were fully clothed. As was Kim Woo Bin & Kim Soo Hyun. See? I don’t ONLY feature shirtless men.. 😉

Totally fab chatting with you today too!! I am always extra excited to meet talented writers in the k-blogosphere (coz, lovely things for me to read!), and you were my Big Treasure Find today ^^ Fighting, mywebfoot!! *fist pump*

9 years ago

HAHAHAHA I have to laugh because you’re right in that my blog is just like me in one way–ALL OVER THE PLACE! You’re just way too kind and too sweet to say it plainly :). But in truth my blog is way more interesting than me in RL. So big slobbery smooches to you for the nom, and in such stellar company too! I’m extremely honoured my dear! But you might just break the record for most noms evar, and all of them well-deserved!

Ooh that Big kiss though, was truly knee-buckling wasn’t it?? Oh so tender, and delivered only in the way Gong Yoo can and always does. *faints*. I wish the drama as a whole was as good as that kiss! And I too started imagining things when I’d read about that ideal man pick of Yoon Eun Hye. I’m totally on board for your dream drama with them! ARGH it’s almost so darn perfect you wonder why the heck dramaland hasn’t already green lit this like NOW. Although I know in RL the likelihood of them getting together is nil, and I definitely don’t ship them, but as far as dramaland pairings are concerned for me, those two are among the all-time bestest of the best. And I’d love to see them working together on a good drama again. What are the chances though, right?

9 years ago
Reply to  DDee

Aw, I don’t think of your blog as all-over-the-place; I think of your blog as eclectic and full of little surprises. I never know what I’m going to learn, or what you’re going to feature. It keeps me on my toes 😉 Plus I really enjoy your writing too. Definitely a nomination well-deserved. ^^ And lol, I dunno about most noms evar, but it definitely made me sweat when I realized that this year, instead of 5 questions per nomination, someone had changed it up to 10! (TEN! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT??) When I did the mental math I nearly keeled over. Ha.

Oh yes, all the wasted potential in Big. That Kiss was well worth it though. As was GY’s impressive performance. And TOTALLY, I’d love to see that GY & YEH dream drama! Not quite enough to start writing a fanfic myself (heh) but definitely enough to squee as I entertain the scenario in my head. How amazingly cute would they be, being all coy and shy around each other, then silent-squeeing around the corner? GUH. Too good!

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Shucks stoppit too much can’t take it *cannot compute*. You’re way too kind!

Oh was it 5 questions before? HA I think peeps just get carried away and become fangirly of their fave bloggers and want to know more of them. It’s certainly fun reading all these though, so as a reader I don’t complain.

YES that coy and shy thing, and being hyper-aware of each other’s presence, must be mandatory in the drama!! Since they did it so well in Coffee Prince. Hmm some extended lingering kisses when the director yells ‘cut’ too ;P. And cameos frm former co-stars Gong Hyo Jin & Kim Sun Ah, playing his ex and his sunbae respectively. He’ll talk KSA’s ear off and she’ll be like, eye-rolling and tell him to shut it. Hahaha. There’ll be a scene where all 3 gals get together and dissect in graphic detail GY’s performance in their kissing/bed scenes on purpose just to needle him. And he’ll be like, hey I’m good! I’ve been voted best kisser by netizens so many times!! Oh my the meta possibilities are endless heh.

9 years ago
Reply to  DDee

I speaketh the truth, chingu 😉 And yes, it was 5 questions last year, so there was more room to breathe, to give more fleshed out answers to each question, and really explore dream dramas that we were asked to write. Now, at double the number of questions, it’s actually a lot harder. They are fun to read, though. No arguments there!

Gah, yes on the extended lingering kisses.. Neither of them hears the director yell ‘cut’ coz they’re too busy drowning in the swoon of it all, while their brains are racing with a myriad of thoughts, which we get to hear in intercutting voiceover. “Can she tell that I’m way too into this?” “I hope he doesn’t think I’m being too eager.” “Her lips are so soft.” “He smells so amazing; I could drown in his man-scent.” “Wha..? When did the director yell ‘cut’? I’m sure I didn’t hear anything..” Hee.

And yes, the meta! That would be so much fun! Of course, we’d have YEH secretly blushing her face off during the dissecting scene while furiously taking mental notes in her head. For.. just in case. All of which we’d get to hear, of course. OMG. THIS WOULD BE SO. MUCH. FUN. TO WATCH!!

9 years ago

<3 your comics you posted.

9 years ago
Reply to  jnewin

Hee. Glad you liked ’em, jnewin! Here’s one more, as a bonus 😉

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago

Sunbaenim!!! *showers with sparkles and confetti and smooches* Awwww thank you for including me in your amazing Liebster Part Deux post! This is my first ever round of Liebsters and I am having so-so-so much fun reading about everyone! But wow they do sort of multiply without making it very obvious they’re breeding. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life and blogging time and drama needs to answer our questions!!

I’m certainly no Sunbae yet, I’ve got a long journey ahead of me yet! But I do feel more solid in my place within the blogverse thanks to some great support here in the dramaland community! I’m super happy that you like the makeover for The Drama Noona. It’s slow going making new headers, but I am pretty darn happy with the results so far!

*swoons* Choi Jin Hyuk! *fans self* What was I doing? Was I saying something? Where am I?

Ahem… I’m better now…

I love the name of your blog. It is the perfect descriptor for what you do here! Loads of squee and fangirling in all shapes and sizes. Along with a very healthy dose of verdicts and views on dramas that have helped loads of us newbies find our feet in dramaland.

Thank you again Sunbaenim!

9 years ago

Aw, you’re very welcome Jaime! 😀 I couldn’t not include you, when you were the first to think of me this round of Liebsters 😉 And yes, those sneaky little buggers breed so quietly and yet so speedily. You look away for just a bit and BAM! they’ve multiplied! XD I kinda just got another nomination this morning, but have no bandwidth to look at it until this busy week is over. I.. am a little afraid of what I’ll find once I have the time to peek in that little room where I’m confining it for now XD

Your blog makeover is going swimmingly from what I can see – The new theme looks nice and clean, and the headers are looking good! Your PhotoShop skills are definitely all coming back to you ^^

The blog name’s really grown on me over time, even though it wasn’t my first choice. I now think that “The Fangirl Verdict” has a much softer sound to it than “The Verdict,” which has a much more masculine sound to it. I’m so relieved I couldn’t have what I originally wanted, heh. With a name like “The Verdict” I think we might’ve seen a lot less fangirling around here.. And who wants THAT, right? 😉

And I’m glad you like that bit of Choi Jin Hyuk. I picked him out just for you. I have a weakness for men in crisp white shirts. A vest is a bonus. As is the kind of intent, meaningful look he’s wearing ;D

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

How could I not nominate you! When I was floundering around in the beginning there you offered kind and constructive advice that helped me to find my footing. And from there I’ve felt more and more confident about this whole blog thing. You are a wonderful force here in the blogverse!

I know what you mean! I just received another award… which brings me to seven… seven! That just totally blows my mind. I cannot even process that there are so many folks out there that liked my stuff enough to bestow their love on me in the form of a Liebster! Wow… I hope your award doesn’t get to happy and explodes into several more, because answering all those questions is draining! However, you are so well loved and adored and respected I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more in there when you look.

Thank you! With the addition of my blogroll and a few other little things the makeover is now complete. I feel like a lead actress in a drama. I stumbled into the show unkempt, messy, and all over the place. The chaebol has taken me in and sent me off to a designer beauty salon to give me just the right look to fit in. Hahah ok… so maybe that’s my imagination running wild. I’m really pleased with this round of headers. I found my grove again!

Oh I don’t know I think fangirling was bound to happen lol! Though the Fangirl Verdict does promote it a lot more than The Verdict would have.

We share that weakness. A man in a crisp white shirt is downright sexy. That picture certainly did the trick to make me fangirl hehe… and I’m going to be using it for a header when I get back to making them! Which means most of my headers at the moment are Choi Jin Hyuk lol.

9 years ago

Aw, thank you! I don’t think I’ve been described as a wonderful force before. That feels.. sweet, lovely and sorta.. powerful. Y’know, all superhero-like 😉

Wow, congrats on your 7 nominations! That’s fantastic, that people are reading and appreciating you. It just means you’re pretty awesome ^^ Coz honestly, people don’t stick around on blogs they don’t enjoy. Keep on doing what you’re doing.. I believe you’re on the right track! As for my Liebster.. while I was busy he went and cloned himself, so I’ve currently got 2 more waiting in the wings. It’ll be a while before I can get to them though, so let’s see if they’re alone when I next look in on them, or if they’re having a tea party with new friends, ha.

I love the chaebol analogy of your blog makeover, coz really, so many makeovers in dramas are at the behest of a male chaebol lead. In this case, since I encouraged you to try WordPress, and because I told you how to make your blogroll, I sorta-kinda feel like the chaebol in question, HAHA! XD

And having most of your headers featuring Choi Jin Hyuk.. it’s only right, since you’ve got such a huge soft spot for him. I have a fair number of Woobie headers myself 😉 Wouldn’t you be surprised if it were any other way? ;D

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Well you are a superhero, your Liebster post says so! And I believe it’s true. You’ve been a positive force for many a blogger, I’ve talked to a few of them myself!

Those crazy little Liebsters multiplied since last time, they’re up to 8 now lol! Though I think the storm has passed for me at least. I can’t imagine anyone else who might give me one. Aww thank you chingu!! I do feel a lot more sure of what I’m doing with the blog and it is extremely amazing to see all these people that I read and explore their blogs honoring me with these awards! It is a lovely feeling. Oh wow, your Liebsters are busy bees aren’t they! Hopefully those two keep themselves out of trouble and you don’t find another room full of them when you check back in!

HEHE! My analogy would totally make you the Chaebol in question! Omo that is just the best ever, I’m giggling over that! Thank you for advising me to come over to wordpress and teaching me the ways of the blogroll!

Indeed I am not complaining at all. I actually want to do a better search for pictures of Choi Jin Hyuk heh because I think I need just a few more headers with his face so I can drool… ahem I mean gaze affectionately at him.

9 years ago

Wow, 8 Liebsters!! Congrats, Jaime!! 😀 Although yes, they really are a lot of work! XD I think the storm has passed for me too.. The 2 that I left to their own devices have been behaving quite nicely.. I just need to get to them. I’d like to finish my review of Master’s Sun before I do that, though. Let’s see how productive I manage to be this week!

And Lol! If I’m your chaebol, does that make you my Candy? Bwahaha!! That’s just hilarious! XD I’ve never had a Candy before – nor been a chaebol, come to think of it! I guess anything is possible in dramaland! ;D

Oh, and your headers are looking great, Choi Jin Hyuk-focused or otherwise. Keep up the awesome work! ^^

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I’m extremely shocked at the number of Liebsters too! I surely feel the love of the blogverse and really loved being able to reciprocate that throughout blogs that I adore. Well that’s good! I’m glad those two Liebsters didn’t misbehave while they were locked away. Hopefully that means you’ve weathered the storm! Though I do look forward to reading your answers 🙂

LOL I suppose it does! HAHA I’ve never been a Candy before nor had a Chaebol! This is a quite lovely development! Hehehe Indeed anything is possible in dramaland!

Thank you so much! I still feel so rusty when making headers, they don’t look nearly as cool when their done as they looked in my head haha. But practice makes perfect so I just need to keep on working at them.

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I spoke too soon, the amazing people at Lore in Stone Cities just nominated me again! hahaha

9 years ago

Congrats on your growing stash of Liebsters!! 😀 Looks like you’ve got quite the clone-me party going on in your Liebster cupboard, lol! I still haven’t quite gotten around to my additional Liebster answers.. I’m thinking sometime this week, maybe. We’ll see, I’ve got an unexpected review cooking, which I want to finish before I get to the Liebsters ^^

Practice TOTALLY helps in the header-making. I feel like I learn something new with almost every new header I make, so that keeps me happy and really quite thrilled the whole time. I love the sensation of learning something new 😀

And, now that you’re my Candy, I guess I ought to shower you with lots of fancy dates and Meaningful Necklaces. Y’know, when I’m not wrist-grabbing you or making you cry. XD

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thank you! I hope that your two remained as two and have not multiplied. I finished answering my last one and went back to the post and made it prettier with pictures. I figured that it was much too long, a wall of text, and it needed something to break it up. Time is of the essence these days and I was surprised that I was able to get the post done! I hope that you get the time as well. Oh I’m excited to read your unexpected review too!
I feel the same way with headers. Each one teaches me something. I do try to do something new, it doesn’t always work hehe. But I like to try and see if I can better my skills each time. It is the best when I learn something new and I can repeat it! Lol
HAHAHA!!! I’m going to love this bit, being your Candy! Though I suppose I’m going to have to disobey your orders and do things my way no matter what and of course end up needing you to save me in the end. All the while melting the ice in your veins. Hehehe.

9 years ago

HA. I am SUCH a procrastinator, Liebster season is pretty much over, and I still haven’t updated the post. Ack. I’m terrible. I will get to it. Someday. 😛

Well. You certainly have your Candy work cut out for you! XD Consider the ice in my veins duly melted – I will come to your rescue, Candy Girl! I’ll throw my driver to the curb and come rushing to your aid after making a screeching, dangerous U-turn in Gangnam 😉

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I have one more Liebster that arrived! It has been a week and I still haven’t gotten to it, I feel so bad. I hope to answer the questions after I’m done with comments. And I’ve taken way too long to get to my comments too.

Omo this means that we can now live happily ever after in your giant mansion! I could get used to this life with my Chaebol and being a Candy! hehe

9 years ago

Wow, congrats on all the Liebster love, Jaime! You’ve certainly made quite the splash in your first couple of months in the blogosphere. Very nicely done; sunbae is proud of ya 😉

If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t gotten to my 2 extra Liebsters yet. STILL. I know. I’m terrible. But I make you feel better, don’t I? Ha. See, my procrastination is good for something! XD

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I am just amazed at the love of the blogsphere. The fact that so many people put me up for a Liebster… yeah it is totally mind boggling.

On top of that being so new, I mean I started the blog in November 2013! That is just wow I can’t even comprehend it all lol. Aww thanks Sunbaenim!! That means a lot to me!

I only just finished my Liebsters so don’t feel too bad! I’m sure that your fans will wait patiently, we know how long answering Liebsters can take!

9 years ago

Aw. You are too kind, Jaime. I readily admit that it’s not that Liebsters take that long to answer.. I’m simply procrastinating 😛 Drama time and answering comments and keeping up with the blogosphere at large are foremost on my mind right now. I guess as with dramas it’s also a mood thing? Like, I’m out of things to say about myself? Liebsters make one talk about oneself a HECK of a lot! XD

9 years ago

Yes, you are very much loved. I really enjoyed reading your answers. (:

Yep, you know you are hooked when you can just watch and watch hours on end! It looks like you have really fallen for Young Do! You are always on about him. Yep, you’ve fallen for him hard! I love him too but I didn’t fall for him as hard. I think it is going to take a long while before you have severe SLS towards anyone else. Btw, thank you for Lee Jun Ki!

It’s no wonder you majored in English and English literature. Your writing is beautiful and you always write amazingly 5000+ words post! I love reading them! Keep this up! You will forever have my support (:

9 years ago
Reply to  misscupcakees

D’aw. That is so sweet of you, misscupcakees! Thanks for your encouragement and support! 😀 As someone who enjoys writing, it’s extra heartwarming when someone says their writing is beautiful. Thank you, dear. ❤

Hee. I really used to marathon dramas for hours on end. I would rewatch shows that I loved, over and over, until the next show swept me off my feet. Good times 😉 Now tending to RL and blogging needs means fewer hours to watch drama for hours on end, but I still love my dramas.

You’re right – I’ve fallen hard. For Woobie ❤ Usually with SLS you root for the 2nd lead to get the girl, but in Young Do’s case, I honestly didn’t care who got the girl. KWB made Young Do interesting and sexy & I just wanted him on my screen, being interesting. Honestly, though.. Woobie could play any role and I would be glued to my screen, heh.

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Isn’t it? But really, your writing is truly amazing.

I know, that’s real life for ya! I used to be able to watch so much dramas and marathon them but now there’s RL and I don’t have that much on opportunity to do so! 🙁 But I will still fit some dramas into my life because I won’t be me without dramas.

Ahahaha! Me neither. Heirs was just horrible in the romantic development between the three leads. Those, admittedly KWB had more chemistry with PSH than LMH did. I’m pretty sure he has a drama coming up soon!

9 years ago
Reply to  misscupcakees

Pshaw, you’re so sweet, misscupcakees. Thank you ❤ I enjoy writing, and it makes me happy to know that people enjoy reading what I write. And it does encourage me to keep writing some more too! ^^

Yes, making time for dramas is the story of so many of our lives! Although, another reader on the blog actually had to go cold turkey while preparing for her exams. I think she gave up dramas for several months at least. Eek. The horror! XD

I hafta agree, KWB’s chemistry with PSH was pretty clear. Some of the Heirs press conference pix were good evidence of that!

Like this:

And this:

I’m probably biased in saying this, but I think KWB would probably be able to conjure up chemistry with almost anyone. 😉 I haven’t heard of a new drama yet – the key word being YET! – for KWB, but I’d love to have him on my screen again for at least 16 eps! 😀

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Me too, I love blogging because I know that there are people who appreciate what I write and that makes me happy (:

Blogging and dramaing is time consuming but you have to learn to balance it with RL.

Ahahaha, yeppp! He would have made a better pairing with her than LMH. What a waste of them as the OTP.

Hehehe, maybe! Whoops, I actually made a mistake. There’s no word on his upcoming drama yet but he does have a movie coming up this year.

9 years ago
Reply to  misscupcakees

Ha, balancing blogging and watching drama with RL is an on-going challenge for the best of us! I hope to find a better balance this year, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s likely to be a work in progress in the long term.

And yes! Woobie’s got a movie lined up! Which I’m happy about, but I hope he won’t stay away from dramaland. Much as I understand the prestige of movies vs dramas, I much prefer him on my screen in a drama. 16 hours of Woobie. At least. Daebak ❤

9 years ago

Loved your answers 🙂

About Lee Min Ho….yeah…I do love him a LOT but I haven’t seen all of his dramas and even dropped some….so I guess, he is not enough to make me continue a show (LOL)….after my Heirs craziness ended, now my opinion about that drama has also changed a bit….haha….

so basically, there are lots of actors who I really love (LMH, Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jong Suk, Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Myung Min, Jae Hee, Kim Woo Bin, Park Ha Sun, Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Gong Yoo, etc, etc, etc but I can’t call any one of them an ultimate bias….) But Lee Min Ho is the most favorite 😀

Wow….I love Shin Min Ah and Kim Myung Min!!

9 years ago
Reply to  snow_white

Yay that you enjoyed my answers, snow_white! And Lol at you changing your opinion about Heirs, coz I remember you really enjoyed the show as it aired. ^^ I think you were one of the few people I know who were so forgiving of the show. And now that I know you’ve dropped other LMH dramas in the past, I’m even more surprised at how you enjoyed Heirs in spite of its flaws. Maybe it was the combination of LMH and PSH rather than just LMH’s singular appeal? 😉

And yes, Shin Min Ah and Kim Myung Min! I think it’s genuinely impossible to dislike Shin Min Ah.. She’s just got such an earthy yet ethereal vibe about her. Approachable goddess is how I tend of think of her. And Kim Myung Min. Gah. He’s just so good. And dedicated to a scary degree. Like that time he lost a boatload of weight over the course of filming Closer to Heaven coz his character was ill. It gives me chills to see stills of how emaciated his body got towards the end of filming. >.<

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I know!!! He looks so thin in the stills of that movie! He is such a dedicated actor….I have seen him in only King Of Dramas but I really want to watch Bad Family too….
Shin Min Ah oozes gracefulness and she has that beauty…you know…like when you see her…you just feel so calm and peaceful…and a natural actress without any over-the-top expressions and all….

About Heirs….actually my enjoyment was a mixture of so many things…yes, the LMH-PSH combo, then I got possessive about it as most of the viewers were against it (LOL),,,,and it was fun in parts and I was shipping the leads so much…even in RL….but now I’m so over it! You might have experienced this….when the fangirl in you takes over the sane viewer’s place….something like that….I still think it was an okay show…sporadically good but the overall package was only mediocre….it was more like watching LMH and PSH (oh so gorgeous) for me rather than Tan and ES (who were annoying more often than not!!)

9 years ago
Reply to  snow_white

Gah. I know. I feel like he sort of put his health in danger by going so full-on with his weight loss. That’s literally dedication to a scary degree. *shudder*

You should totally check out Bad Family, when you’re in the mood for a bit of slightly slower-paced comedy. The rag-tag family concept is heartwarming, and Kim Myung Min is so funny as gangster. It’s just so very different from his roles in KoD and Beethoven’s Virus. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a KMM fan ^^

I get what you mean about being “possessive” of a show. Or of an idea. Sometimes we get caught up in disagreements and argue for the sake of winning, rather than for the sake of clarity and understanding. At least, I know that sometimes happens to me. I can see why that might’ve happened for you, since you were so happy when your dream OTP actually got cast, only to hear so many people dissing the show. I’m sure it helped your viewing experience that you were thinking of them as LMH and PSH rather than Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Coz I have to agree, both Kim Tan and Eun Sang could get really annoying as characters!! XD And about changing your mind after the show’s wrapped, you know what they say, hindsight is always 20-20. Plus, a fangirl always has the right to change her mind! ^.~

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Actually I wanted to use protective but I used possessive instead…lol… 😀

9 years ago
Reply to  snow_white

Tee hee. Protective works too. And suits you more as well. It’s more.. nurturing ^^

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl


9 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS! I think there’ll be more coming!

9 years ago
Reply to  kaiaraia

Thanks, dear kaiaraia!! Indeed, I do feel loved. But eek. I hope they do stop breeding at some point, coz it’s a scary number of questions! XD

9 years ago

🙂 I had fun reading on this Liebster thing!..and congrats for being nominated…and thank you for remembering the link i shared over GY’s page on FB… I am super delighted that you include GY and YEH as your dream casts in a drama..let’s hope it will come true…seeing a comeback OTP for this two lovely k-celeb is great… <3 c",)

9 years ago
Reply to  evez

Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed the read, evez!! 😀 And of course I remembered the link you shared.. That conversation we had really got my imagination going, and now I wish we really could watch that drama! And we already know that GY and YEH share mad onscreen chemistry, so what could go wrong? 😉

9 years ago

Awww, yeah! Grace is going to be so touched by the shout-out! I’m going to tell her (because she’s so busy she barely has time to check out blogs). You see, in addition to my ninja and minion duty, I’m also her occasional secretary/personal assistant 😉

I really love these Liebster Awards posts! I know they are probably a pain to write for you (look at all those questions!) but they are really fun for us to read 😉 Not that we are stalkers (I’m not, at least LOL), but it really gives us the opportunity to know more about the person behind all these awesome posts!!!

I’ll come back to answer the questions later just for fun later! See ya then! *jumps out of a window*

9 years ago
Reply to  Mawiie

Giggle. You surely do have a very eclectic and full portfolio! Minion, some-time secretary/PA, ninja AND maknae? AND budding clay artist too? How do you make time for it all? ;D

I’m glad you enjoyed the read! It did get challenging at times – some of those questions are TOUGH! – but it’s all good now. (Pain always lessens with hindsight, doesn’t it? Heh) And yes, I agree that it’s actually really nice to find out more about the people behind the posts. I’ve learned a heap about everyone from reading the Liebster posts, and that’s always cool. As an aside, though.. Don’t ninjas automatically have a bit of a stalker about them? Coz of all that stealth training? ^.~

YAY that you’ll be back to answer the questions; I’d love to hear your answers. Feel free to jump back in the window anytime! 😀

9 years ago

Congrats !! you deserve it dear but I think you need to search for the number of liebster nominations record if exists because I think you will break it really soon 😀

Oh and Da-hae in Pink, that is one of my favorite pictures of her ^^ thanks dear for this and for answering that question. I actually applaud you and all other drama fans who are able to watch that big number of dramas at the same time. I think my brain cells and my weak fan heart won’t ever be able to endure it <3

9 years ago
Reply to  apqaria

LOL! Gosh, I don’t know about a Liebster record.. That sounds like a scary number of questions! XD But thanks lots for congratulations, indeed I feel much loved ❤

Aw, I think we all consume dramas differently. There’re definitely pros to watching just one drama at a time too. Like, being completely immersed in the show’s world, and caring only for those characters. In some ways – for some shows at least – I think it does intensify the viewing experience ^^ Perhaps I just have many moods and want a drama for every mood. That, and I guess I’m greedy. Hee.

9 years ago

🙂 Yes, you are very much loved! I can totally understand hectic real life keeping you away from the blogosphere on occasion. And thank you for that wonderfully, happy shower picture 😛 I do like him…I’m still trying to recall the first drama I ever saw him in…

9 years ago
Reply to  NeeNee

Aw, thank you! I do feel the lurve! ❤ And yes, Real Life has been hectic. Particularly with my sister, bro-in-law and brand-new nephew visiting for the Lunar New Year festivities. It’s like festivities leveled up! XD

I remember first seeing Kang Ji Hwan as 2nd lead in Save Your Last Dance For Me. And then I saw him in Be Strong Geum Soon. He was likable in both roles, so I watched Exhibition of Fireworks, partly for him and partly for Han Chae Young. Ugh. Big mistake. Hated that show. >.< But it didn't stop me from checking out Coffee House and Lie To Me, where he demonstrated his very competent kissing abilities 😉 He's an interesting actor. Eclectic and interesting. ^^