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Head Over Heels for: Kim Woo Bin


Many of you already know all about my fangirl love for Gong Yoo, and my pretty robust crush on Jang Hyuk. Those were the two big k-loves in my k-life for quite a nice long while, both of them occupying a sizable chunk of my fangirl heart and my fangirl mind.

And then one day – like a bolt out of the blue – Kim Woo Bin came and snuck up on me and now I’m officially head over heels in love with Woobie. ❤ I didn’t even see it coming, to be honest (sneaky Woobie).

So today I’m gonna tell y’all ALL about how I fell in love with Woobie.. Come squee, ogle & swoon with me!

Vanilla Acoustic – 대화가 필요해

Encounter 1: A Gentleman’s Dignity

The first time I set eyes on Kim Woo Bin was when I decided to check out A Gentleman’s Dignity.

After a somewhat rough and reluctant start, I found a way to enjoy the show, but didn’t take a whole lotta notice of Kim Woo Bin.

I mean, look at the poster featuring the ensemble cast. Kim Woo Bin’s not even in it, even though fellow supporting actor Lee Jong Hyun gets a spot in the lineup. That already tells you that his role is, well, really not very big.

I thought Kim Woo Bin had some nice moments in the show, like so:

But I wasn’t too taken with the crazy curly mop of a hairdo that they gave him throughout the show, and I mostly just thought of him as the requisite rebel high-schooler who nursed a crush on his teacher:

Despite the measure of squee that I’d heard around the dramaverse over Kim Woo Bin, he barely blipped on my radar here.

Of course, now with fangirl lenses firmly on, I think he looks all kind of adorable, but that’s another story and perhaps necessitates a selective second watch of A Gentleman’s Dignity, heh.

Encounter 2: To The Beautiful You

I love Japan’s Hana Kimi, so when Korea decided to make its own version in To The Beautiful You, I knew I had to check it out.

Kinda like A Gentleman’s Dignity, this was a show that I had to figure out a way to enjoy, AND, whose poster of the ensemble cast didn’t even include Kim Woo Bin. Of course, this time, Kim Woo Bin had more of an extended cameo than an actual supporting role.

Maybe it was the better hair, but I liked him better here than in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Not enough to be blown away like everyone else, but enough to understand his appeal.  Sorta. Coz the weak writing in To The Beautiful You introduced his character rather clumsily, and that bothered me.

I did find him rather interesting overall, particularly for an extended cameo lasting just two episodes. And I noticed that his screen presence was strong:

Again, my fangirl lenses have now clued me in on how handsome Kim Woo Bin is in a tux (Eeee!), so let’s take a nice long look, just coz we can:

Given that I have a general weakness for men in crisp white shirts, I couldn’t possibly leave this one out either:

Aw. Beautiful.

Looks like a re-watch of episodes 9 and 10 of To The Beautiful You is somewhere in my future too.

Blown Away: School 2013

It was only in School 2013 that Kim Woo Bin officially blew me away with his screen presence and acting chops.

I don’t know what it was – as in, why now & not earlier.. maybe there was something in the water I was drinking that day? – but when Kim Woo Bin first appeared on my screen at the end of episode 3, the potency of his screen presence made me gasp out loud. Literally. I mean, just look at him, all fierce and badass:

That’s when I realized that his screen presence is formidable.

It’s a very male, dominant, forceful, compelling, magnetic sort of presence. All he had to do was show up on my screen, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. And that, when I wasn’t even crushing on him at the time.

As the story progressed, I was really impressed with the layered nuance that Kim Woo Bin brought to his character. He was clearly full-on into his character and his delivery, and that immersion really showed, from big emotional scenes, to small subtle beats.

He was just so, so good.

Up till this show, I used to just see him as the go-to actor to play the rebellious kid, coz he’s got the total bad-boy look and vibe about him. Or maybe coz he did the bad-boy rebel so well in A Gentleman’s Dignity.

In School 2013, though, he outright blew the lid off what I’d used to think of him as an actor. I realized that he’s way, way more than the token bad-boy actor. He acted with so much nuance and brought so much intensity to the role that I found him completely masterful.

He showed so much, with so little. In some scenes, with hardly any change in his facial expression, he managed to communicate so much with just his eyes and the very minor muscle changes in his face, like he did in this scene:

It’s outstanding, and Kim Woo Bin shot up my mental list of brilliant k-actors because of this.

At the same time, I also became completely invested and totally smitten with his character’s bromance with Lee Jong Suk‘s character.

From tempestuous tension-laden scenes:

To exhilarated I-got-your-back bromantic scenes:

To the uneasy state of truce in between:

Both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk approached the bromance with bold, barefaced emotional potency, and I was completely and utterly sucked in.

Honestly, I cared more about their bromance than about many a romantic love-line that I’d encountered in other dramas. These two had me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath for them during the Oh-no-what-now stretches, and squeeing out loud at the moments of pure cute like this one:

Eeeee! I just wanted to squish them! Seriously. How adorable are they??

In the spirit of not being overly spoilery, I won’t showcase any more screenshots of them here, just in case you haven’t seen the show (it’s awesome though, so go watch it!).

Suffice to say that long after the credits rolled, these two characters and their bromance continued to linger with me. Big time. Which led me where I don’t go very often – I started hunting for interviews and variety shows featuring these two together.

Soaking Up the Awesome: Interviews & Variety

At this juncture, I think it’s important to mention that I wasn’t yet in love with Woobie. I was just really, really taken with the bromantic awesome between him and Lee Jong Suk, and I wanted to soak it all up. And I was intoxicated from all the awesome I found.

Firstly, I was very much taken with the fact that Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk were already friends, but became real-life besties during the filming of School 2013; their easy, bromantic chemistry was a true pleasure to watch. Secondly, I was also very pleasantly surprised to find that Kim Woo Bin is full of substance – way more than his roles have shown. Put those 2 things together, and I was glued to my screen, lapping up his various joint interviews with Lee Jong Suk.

I love that Woobie’s got a comfortable, spontaneous vibe during interviews. He manages to be funny, witty, thoughtful and tactful, which is no easy thing, even for a seasoned celeb.

In joint interviews with Lee Jong Suk, he often is the one who finishes Jong Suk’s thoughts when Jong Suk’s at a loss, and he does so with finesse, in a way that shows depth of thought, capacity for humor, and sensitivity and respect for others. I love it.

It also turns out that he was a much better student than the characters he’s played, and that intelligence totally shows. His answers always sound so robust, even when the questions seem thrust at him from out of the blue, and that indicates that he’s thought about a lot of these things before. He strikes me as a more thoughtful person than one might imagine him to be, given his bad-boy image.

And he speaks well. His bad-boy characters so far have been more reticent in general, but when Kim Woo Bin speaks to answer a question, you can tell that he’s articulate, confident and well-spoken. And I love that too.

When faced with a question that is offensive, he deflects it with humor, not offense. Like, he’ll laughingly say things like, “What’s with these questions?” or “That’s too much.”

And it all comes across as so spontaneous, along with the little bits of off-the-cuff humor that he throws in. All in all, I feel like I’m getting to see the real him, not a manufactured version of him. This is particularly pronounced when it’s a joint interview with Jong Suk, and I believe it’s coz their friendly rapport makes him truly relaxed.

On top of that, he comes across as comfortably affectionate, which I really, really love. I notice that in interviews with Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin’s usually the one who will be more handsy. Like how he thwacks Jong Suk in the chest whenever Jong Suk says something to rib him. So cute!


These are 2 of my favorite joint interviews of Woo Bin with Jong Suk.

In this one, I love how Woo Bin keeps having to finish Jong Suk’s thoughts for him:

And in this one, I love their easy banter and affectionate sparring. And the hints of handsy we get from both of them:

Running Man

I don’t watch Running Man regularly, but check out episodes selectively, based on who’s guesting. Of course, when I found out that Woo Bin and Jong Suk guested together on episode 138, I eagerly eyeballed the 2 of them on my screen, practically exploding from all the cute.

I particularly loved how affectionately handsy they are with each other.

I noticed that Woo Bin’s usually the one who is more affectionately demonstrative, not only with Jong Suk, but also with Lee Jong Hyun, who acted with him in A Gentleman’s Dignity. In the speed-eating snippet on Running Man, Kim Woo Bin’s almost always got his arm hanging around Jong Suk’s shoulder, and he doesn’t hesitate to clap Jong Suk on the shoulder, or hold onto his arm, or crash into Jong Suk while cracking up with laughter. And there is nothing gay about it, either. You can easily tell that he’s just very comfortable with being affectionate, and I love that. So much.

Here’s a short snippet of Woo Bin and Jong Suk during the speed-eating segment:

Edit: The link to the full episode that I’d posted previously no longer works (sadface). The good news is, you can still watch the full episode on kshowonline here.

Falling in Love Part 1: Dreamland

In the midst of checking out all the joint interviews and Running Man of Woo Bin with Jong Suk, I was in full-on spazz mode over their wonderful bromance. I wasn’t actually crushing on either of them, although I did find Woo Bin more attractive.

And then, one morning, after gorging on the bromance on Running Man the night before, I had a dream. Of Woobie.

Those of you who’ve read my Liebster post would already know a little about the dream, but I’m going to describe it a little bit more here.

I dreamed that Woo Bin climbed through my window into my room to visit me. It wasn’t my actual room, it was some other room, which had an attached bathroom but only curtains instead of doors, and he climbed into my room to cuddle and talk with me. In bed. Swoon. ❤

The feel was cozy and unhurried, and he put his arm around me as I laid my head on his chest. I think my face was resting on bare skin, and I remember slowly tracing his bare torso and leg with my hand as we talked. We talked about the hard times he’d had, and the things he’d had to bear with because he couldn’t afford certain things. I comforted him and stroked his leg and torso as we cuddled and talked some more.

Afterwards, I asked if he would visit me again, and he said that he would, as long as my window was open. That statement felt figurative as well as literal.

Most of all, I love how the cuddling and talking in bed felt. It felt so real and so intimate. Intimate, not so much in the sexy sense, but in an emotional sense. I loved that sensation. So melty and so swoony. So lovely. ❤

When I woke up, I was completely taken with the dream, but I wasn’t yet in love. Let me explain.

I think it’s important to mention that I’m an equal opportunity k-dreamer. What does that even mean, you ask?

Well, I have k-dreams fairly regularly, and while I do dream of my k-loves, I also often have dreams where random k-people show up, and sometimes, it’s romantic. Like, I once dreamed that TOP was my boyfriend and was driving me around in his car, and then he brought me to a secret exhibition that he’d prepared for me and surprised me with it. He also kissed me on the cheek. Lovely. I also once dreamed that Lee Byung Hun showed up on a motorbike and gave me a ride.

I know, I have some pretty cool k-dreams, don’t I? 😉

So, when Kim Woo Bin showed up in my dream, I didn’t think it necessarily meant anything. Boy, was I wrong.

Falling in Love Part 2: More Interviews & Variety

I loved the dream so much that I spazzed enthusiastically and endlessly about it with my friend Michele, in the midst of hunting out more interview & variety tid-bits on Woo Bin.

And the more I found out about him, the more he endeared himself to me. By degrees. Until I suddenly found myself in unexpected serious like with him.

I totally didn’t see this k-crush coming, since I pretty much was smitten purely with the bromance between him and Lee Jong Suk. It’s just that the more I ate up the bromance, the more I saw of Kim Woo Bin, and he just impressed me more and more.

I love that he’s the outward bad-boy with a ton of substance and affection. And I think I love him all the more because he crept up on me.

Usually I start crushing on an actor because of his role, and then as I discover more of his real self through interviews, I get (mostly) disillusioned and disappointed with his lack of personality and lose interest.

In Kim Woo Bin’s case, though, the only reason I’d been checking out BTS clips of him and watching him in variety, is because I wanted to see more of his interactions with Lee Jong Suk. And along the way, he snuck up on me and stole what turned out to be a pretty whopping chunk of my heart. And I love that.

By the end of that day, I was all, Ahhhh!! Kim Woo Bin, you lovely, lovely boy. I think I kinda love you. ❤

I dived headlong into more interviews and variety, and here are some of my favorites.


I really enjoyed this interview that Woo Bin did for Again, he manages to come across as thoughtful, humble and genuine, which I love. I particularly love the bit where he addresses his parents and thanks them for believing in him:

I also really liked this clip, which shows how serious Woo Bin is about acting, and yet how modest he is about his acting ability:


I don’t follow Hwasin / Strong Heart 2, but watched episode 7 because Woo Bin guested, and what a lovely episode that turned out to be.

The topic of the day was the lies that men and women tell one another, and that led into a side topic of each individual’s struggles. The tone was honest and thoughtful, which I found really refreshing in the sea of competition- and gag-heavy variety.

Woo Bin was the youngest among the guests, and I loved that he held his own, while remaining respectful to his sunbaes in the room.

The honest sharing by everyone in the room was touching, and I was particularly moved when Woo Bin teared up while describing his early days of trying to make it as a model, where he often had to go hungry because he didn’t have money for food. Aw, poor baby..

Here are a couple of screenshots of Woo Bin during the sharing and discussion:

One of the highlights of the episode for me, was this moment, when host Kim Hee Sun asked Woo Bin how he would respond if his girlfriend were to say “I love you.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Woo Bin answered, “I love you too” while everyone else in the room squealed at how naturally it comes to him. Adorable!

I loved the entire episode, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, even.

I couldn’t find a link for the episode on YouTube, but if you live in the US, you can watch it on DramaFever here.

And if you don’t live in the US, you can get ahold of the episode and subs files here.

Other Interview Snippets

Here are some links to various interviews that I enjoyed reading:

Star1 interview: “I want to be a good person” by Actor Kim Woo Bin here

The Korea Times: Crisscrossing Runway and Screen here

Cosmopolitan interview, September 2013 here

Translated article from here

Sports Seoul: 30 Questions for Kim Woo Bin here

Perhaps my favorite bit of all, is question 19, from the last link.

When asked “What do you want your girlfriend to be like?” Woobie answered, “I want to be able to learn a lot from her. As for looks, it’s fine as long as she is beautiful in my eyes.”

Omomo! How sweet is that?? Swoooonn~~ THUNK.

Head Over Heels In Love

By this time, I was head over heels in love with Woobie, and as all determined fangirls do, I set out to watch him in everything I could lay my hands on.

Uh-huh. Even Runway Cop:

Where Woobie’s appearance is so fleeting that if you blink, you might miss it:

I know. I wish I could find a better screenshot too. But that’s the best I could find, and I’ve already deleted my copy of the movie coz I don’t see myself watching it again, Woobie or no.

The Things I Watch for Woobie: White Christmas

I also resolved to watch White Christmas, despite my aversion to scary shows.

In my mind, I’d thought that White Christmas was a really scary show, since most people I know advised not to watch it alone &/or late at night.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a lot less scary than I’d imagined.

Another big plus was that Woobie was quite wonderful in it.

I really enjoyed Woo Bin’s portrayal of Mi Reu, who was intensely intimidating, affably adorable and badass brilliant all at the same time.

I loved how Mi Reu could, in the blink of an eye, go from this:

To this:

And yes, I loved the little flash of shirtless that we got as well:

The only thing I hoped was that Woobie didn’t actually have to make real cracking sounds with his jaw. Coz, badass as that made him look, I worried for his jaw. 😛

Here’s a quick taste of the Mi Reu awesome:

The Things I Watch for Woobie: Vampire Idol

Vampire Idol is a show that I’d originally wanted to watch based on the general good reactions that I’d read, about how it was a lot of campy, ridiculous fun. But after I heard that it got unceremoniously sliced in half due to poor ratings and that the series had a dangling ending, I’d given up the idea.

That is, until I fell in love with Woobie. That changed everything. Coz now I just had to watch it, sliced in half or no, and with lack of English subs to boot.

Thankfully, I can read Chinese, so I’m making do quite nicely with Chinese subs.

I’m not even halfway through the show as I type this, but I will say that it is lots of campy nonsensical fun, and Woobie is hilariously adorable at times.

I love that his character is a hopeless romantic, and falls in love with a bunny mascot because she gave him a present (a balloon, hee!) and took a photo with him. He doesn’t even realize that there’s a girl inside the mascot costume, and it’s all kinds of adorable and hilarious:

I’m going real slow on this one, so that I have fresh Woobie on hand even while waiting for his next projects to go live.

Yes, I’m going to watch Heirs, even if it turns out to be a stinker. [Edit: Yes, I watched it all. Review is here.]

And you can be sure I’m keeping my eyes peeled for Friend 2 as well. I mean, look at him, all sharp and handsome in that suit:

Squee!! ❤

A Growing Photo Collection

Of course, while all that drama watching was going on, I also managed to amass quite a lovely collection of Woobie photos, which I’ll gladly share a sampling of with ya.

I’m splitting them into several different looks, for our easy enjoyment.

Gentle Giant

One of the things I really like about Woobie is how his real-life personality seems quite shy and gentle. It’s extra fascinating to me, given that he basically made his name playing fierce bad-boy rebel types.

Fierce &/or Broody

Of course, we know that he’s fully capable of putting on his fierce or broody face when needed, and these are some of my favorites.

Sharply Suited

Perhaps one of my favorite looks on Woobie, is the sharp suit. It’s partly because of his height (6’2, or 1.88m, baby!), but it’s also a lot to do with how he carries it. And he carries it gorgeously well. I think I might hyperventilate just a little, if Woobie showed up in front of me in a sharp suit. Or melt into a puddle. Or both.

Although, 2 days after my first dream of Woobie, I had another dream of him, and he did show up in a lovely sharp suit. Not only that, he was my boyfriend too! Ahhh.. My lovely dreamscape, how much do I love thee, for bringing me Woobie? ❤

Gorgeous, gorgeous man. ❤

In Model Form

Of course, we can’t forget that modeling is a big part of Woobie’s career, and was what got him interested in acting in the first place. I don’t like every single thing that he has had to wear on the runway – they make him wear some really weird avant garde stuff sometimes! – but here are a few of his modeling shots that I do like.


One of the things I find quite fascinating about Woobie is that he used to be really, really skinny. That’s possibly part of the reason why all his classmates were disbelieving when he said in school that he aspired to be a model.

But Woobie’s worked really hard to beef up, and here are some of the results.

I’m looking forward to even more tantalizing shirtless pix, as he continues to work out and bulk up 😉 Goooo, Woobie!

Sporty & Athletic

Just a little more evidence of Woobie’s sporty side.. And I must say, those very firm biceps had me rather mesmerized 😉


Because bromance is such a large part of how I fell in love with Woobie, and because the bromantic photos are just so cute and so much fun to look at, here’s a nice sampling of Woobie-Jong Suk pix.


Of course, Woobie can be plenty adorable on his own too.

I mean, just take a look at this face:

Love, love, LOVE. ❤

And check out the cute here:

Casual Candid

This is another one of my favorite sorts of Woobie pix: the candids. Or at least, the casual shots that appear candid.

It’s a mix of cute and cool, and I love it coz it makes me feel like I’m getting a closer glimpse of Woobie the person.

Gasp! Phone Invasion!

Y’know, despite my years of fangirling, no k-love has ever managed to make it onto my phone. Not even at the height of my fangirl love for any of my major k-loves.

I just thought it was, well, kinda undignified. Coz in my mind, that’s something mostly reserved for screaming teenage fans.. Or so I thought.

Ha. Watch me eat my words now, coz Woobie’s invaded my phone good and proper, and has usurped wallpaper status on a permanent basis. Just take a look at the various ones I’ve had so far:

Yes, I know. That’s a lot of wallpaper. And a lot of words to eat.

What can I say? I love having a little bit of Woobie gazing at me out of my phone at any given moment.

Can you blame me, though?

Look at that smolder:

And just look at that adorable smile:

Sigh.. Sometimes I think Woobie’s just plain beautiful.

Just look at this:

And this:

Melt, and melt.

Lovely, lovely Woobie.. In my dreamscape, you’re all mine ❤

EDIT: Speaking of dreamscape, check out our epic dream drama, starring the Woob here!

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390 thoughts on “Head Over Heels for: Kim Woo Bin

  1. ..yeah…they did as much as seeing the four gorgeous guys having fun i felt that it was scripted after all…but then they got what they want and that is to make Woobie pisses off…since he is the well-known star among the four they are testing Woobie’s patience…seeing Woobie in irritating face makes me want to comfort him though…LOL!..

    ..and him doing the Mnet gig…he’s just so good looking!…he carries himself well even in hosting…i can see a multi-talented Woobie…<3


    • Aw. Yes, I felt bad for Woobie that they were ribbing him quite a lot. It would’ve felt less all-against-one if someone else had been on the receiving end at some point, but it was always Woobie that they were scheming against, and I felt sorry for my Woobie boy..

      I’m actually pretty impressed at Woobie’s performance hosting Mnet. It takes quite a bit of confidence and personality to host something like this, and it’s kind of a more “switched-on” sort of personality than his usual interview persona, where he’s more measured, thoughtful and mellow. I like how he manages to be more “switched on” and yet it still feels true to his usual personality. *proud of my Woobie*


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  3. enjoy another vid from the play boyz and Woobie as host at Mnet countdown…he’s too good looking wearing a white long-sleeved shirt rolled halfway onto his arms…


    • Aw, thanks for these, evez!!! What a treat, to see more of the Play Boyz together! 😀 Although, poor Woobie.. they keep on pranking him, don’t they??? On the one hand, I guess it means they like him? Coz don’t people usually prank people they like? I hypothesize it might also be driven by a little bit of envy too, based on what they said “movie stars are different” – though I could be wrong. In any case, it was nice to see a little more of the boys’ rapport as they hung out together, and that’s such a rare thing.

      Also! It’s nice to see Woobie doing his hosting gig for Mnet! I think he does a nice job of it, adding some energy to his speech patterns without morphing into a different person. And yes, he looks delish in that crisp white shirt!! You know me and crisp white shirts on handsome men! ;D Swooonn~~


    • This reminds me of a video I’ve seen before where he was the emcee. What’s cute about it is that he danced while the artist was performing. Forgot what it was.


      • Omo! He DANCED?!??? @.@ I’m just imagining the adorkable awesome!! He doesn’t strike me as the dancing type, his body doesn’t have the fluidity that I associate with dancers. So in my head, his dancing is a little stiff and awkward, and completely adorable! XD


  4. that kaiaraia shared that still photos of Woobie… i couldn’t help but remember the e12 of Heirs….we all knew Woobie as a young man with full of charms…and seeing him as Young Do in Heirs makes me want to love him more over Kim Tan….i want to see him with Eun-Sang with more romance that of Kim Tan why is that?…despite the fact that Young Do is a second lead here i want the writer to give Young Do a credit…something like Eun-Sang would fall in love with him as well…and that she will be having a hard time in choosing between Kim Tan and Young Do…hahaha!…could that be happen?…you know in most k-drama i’ve watched second lead male always suffer and it feels like they are doom forever…in this case i don’t want that to happen to Young DO!…nooooo please noooo!…LOL!… 😉
    ..for more Woobie goodies hope you enjoy these…see him having fun with the rest of his buddies: Soo-Hyuk/Joong hyun/Sung Joon/Young Kwan…they are adorable here 😉 …and a trailer from his movie..


    • OMGGGG. THANK YOU, evez!!! 😀 😀 😀 I love, LOVE, LURRRVE the Play Boyz outing!!! Besides the obvious Woobie factor (he’s SO cute!!), there’s also the reunion of the boys after White Christmas, and that just made my day. Seriously, seriously made my day. Coz while I didn’t exactly love the dark tone of White Christmas, I loved the characters and their rapport, and it was SUCH a treat to see them together like this, having fun and goofing around and hanging out together, doing boy things and just generally having a good time. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I think I’m going to update my White Christmas review with these as bonus videos, seriously. It’s too good!! 😀

      And how much do I love that the show keeps referring to Woobie as Topstar! XD I mean, I don’t know if he’s legitimately a topstar yet, since he’s also widely known as a rookie (ish), but I just LOVE that a program would refer to him as Topstar Kim Woo Bin, coz they’re acknowledging his amazing progress and popularity, and that just makes me happy ^^

      I tried to watch the MBC video, but it’s been blocked already *sadface* I should’ve watched it sooner, when you’d just posted it, but I was busy and now that I’m trying to watch it, I can’t. Boo.

      As for Young Do.. I’m hoping that the story gives him credit too. Plus a part of me is hoping that the writer will pull a switcheroo and make Woobie lead instead. Coz I do think Young Do is so much more compelling a character than Kim Tan. Chances are slim, of course, but I can’t help hoping. In any case, lots of people are sitting up and taking notice of Woobie, so yay. And more and more people are calling for him to have his own lead role soon, which I am SO looking forward to, too!!


      • The White Christmas boys are so cute.

        Some more Woobie stills, just in case you haven’t s seen them.

        A Wobbie fanvid.


      • YAY!…glad you like it…i really enjoyed watching the vids of the PLAY BOYZ as well…they are so much fun to watch!..when i came across that vids i really have a good time ogling and witnessed their camaraderie outside work and doing just outdoor funs…i love it when they tease Woobie as a big star…like what you said he is still a rookie and yet they acknowledged him as a big star already,,,oh too bad you can’t open the MBC vid anymore..y’know this copyright thing makes me crazy!…they posted it for public viewing and yet prohibits from sharing and blocked it..and don’t you find him so delish in a fancam wearing a shade and cap?…i enjoy it with the background song “I’m Officially Missing You”…

        On Young Do…well you’re suggestion is quite fun and awesome…though unlikely to happen i’ll go for it as well…hahahaha!!…poor Kim Tan…oh my!….LMH is one of my k-cutie but honestly, watching them both in Heirs makes me leaning on Young Do more…Woobie got a jaded character in Heirs and yet i feel that he is overpowering LMH….so imagine if it’s Jung Hyong Wa has taken this role?….i would not feel the same hahahahaha!1!…Woobie is simply enigmatic!…<3 😉


        • Oh yes, Woobie is adorable in the fancam!! His quiet shy nature comes out when he repeatedly chews his lip while he awkwardly hangs around, waiting. So cute!! 😀

          As for Young Do.. To be honest, I don’t particularly ship him with Eun Sang.. I think he and Rachel make a much more interesting pair. But if that’s what it takes to move him into 1st lead, I’d take it, for the satisfaction of seeing him swoop in to pull a switch!

          And now that you mention it, evez, I can’t imagine anyone else but Woobie play Young Do. I just can’t imagine Jung Yong Hwa playing this role. And now as I think upon each of Woobie’s roles to date, I realize that he consistently makes the role his own. I can’t imagine anyone else playing his roles. He IS Mi Reu in White Christmas, and he IS Heung Soo in School 2013. I just can’t imagine those roles played by anyone else, and that’s a pretty huge accomplishment for any actor. Ahhh. So proud of my Woobie ^^


          • ..yep if it JHW doing the second lead for Heirs?…definitely i would lean to LMH of course!…Woobie is good…he really is! no question about it…as a rookie he shines and that huge accomplishment is due to him..


            • Aw, I hafta agree!! I think Woobie’s doing a wonderful job making Young Do an interesting, complex character – more complex, probably, than what is written for him on paper. And yes, I do think that if I were watching a version of Heirs with Jung Yong Hwa playing against Lee Min Ho, that I wouldn’t be so firmly on Young Do’s side as I am now 😛 Simply coz I think Jung Yong Hwa would’ve made Young Do a very different character.


        • It is a blessing JHW dropped out of Heirs. 🙂 He has Mirae’s Choice anyways.


    • Swoon. Swoonswoonswoon. He looks so deliciously, casually charismatic & badass. I’m soakin’ it all up, and hopefully-maybe-just-maybe, I’ll have sweet Woobie dreams tonight! ❤ THANK YOU, for the lovely Woobie goodies!! 😀


  5. yeah! count me in to that happy problems…i’m yearning to that happy problems always!..LOL!


  6. It is raining men here! LOL! The good thing about that happy problem is you can always come back.


    • Ooh.. Not just ANY men too, coz it only rains very, VERY SPECIAL men up in here! ;D I do love that it always feels like I’m swimming in a sea of GY & Woobie goodness ❤

      Playing catch-up is exactly what I’m planning to do today, actually!! I’ve missed lotsa tidbits & conversation threads in the last day or so while I was prepping the giveaway announcement post.. But like you said, the great thing is everything’s always there, so I can always go back & see what you ladies have been up to while I was gone ^.~


  7. yep!…kfangirl’s blogs are so busy that it rains so much goodies and comments from you and the rest of us…..a fun way to spazz and share good things all the time!…<3


    • Ahh! I love that analogy, of it raining GY & Woobie goodies around here!! 😀 It reminds me of that song “It’s raining men” LOL! And yes, I do love that so many lovely tidbits get shared here, that it sometimes feels like it’s pouring & we can barely keep up!! XD Definitely a HAPPY problem, I say!! ^^


  8. Look what popped up on the Drama fever blog tonight. Of course I thought of you! 😀


    • Ahhhh!!!! So much Woobie awesome!! I’m reveling in the sea of Woobie goodness! THANK YOU, Lady G!! ❤❤❤ LOVE IT!! 😀 That lollipop gif is YUM! He makes even sucking a lollipop look badass! ;D


      • hahaha!! I like the top gif. Lots of cool pics in that post. I have Gentleman’s dignity up next to watch since I dropped ‘Lawyers of Korea.’ I love you, Ryu Soo Young and I really like Lee Sung Jae, but that leading actress, Lee Soo Kyung, annoys the snot out of me. ughh!


        • Thanks for sharing. I had fun watching the pix.


        • ..thanks for sharing this Lady G!…i’m pretty sure kfangirl puddled to the floor!…Woobie is really that ulzzang!..we have GY goodies on the other page and now we have another page of delicious Woobie!…rawr!!!…i i love no. 3,4,8 and 11…..<3


          • LOL. I’ve never seen a blog with more comments than Kfangurl’s! There’s so much to squee and spazz about on almost every post.


            • I DID puddle to the floor, evez – coz I LOVE me a sea of Woobie!! And wow, Lady G, thanks!! That means a heckuva lot coming from you, since you’re such a seasoned and experienced netizen *adds tidbit to mental treasure box* I’m SO glad you ladies enjoy hanging out here ❤❤❤


        • I do love the top gif too!!! 😀 So off-handedly cool!

          I didn’t love AGD like so many other people did, and unlike everyone else, I was really annoyed with the female lead character. But Woobie is cute in it.. at least, that’s MY silver lining! I’m curious to know how you find AGD, let me know how it goes!! ^^


          • I will! I have a feeling the female lead will annoy me too. Is she a naggy ahjumma? LOL. Those are the worst.


            • No, not a naggy ahjumma, so maybe that’s a plus point in your books? 😉 I found the female lead character far too ditzy and I felt she had wayyy too much aegyo for a character in her 30s. I also had issues with her odd posture, like her butt stuck out very unnaturally or sth, but then, no one else in the dramaverse seemed to notice it, so maybe it’s just me 😛 Or maybe you might notice it, and then I’ll know it’s not just me..! Lol.


              • You never know with the implants these days!! LOL. Oh no, that’s the opposite side of the coin I loathe, grown women with the aegyo. Seriously, leggo the aegyo, it just isn’t cute! I’ll let you know if I notice. ha!


                • Gosh, Ikr?!?? I once saw a documentary of a guy who loved the sculpted look but hated exercise, so he had all manner of implants done to achieve it. Biceps, triceps, abs, the works. Creepy. :S

                  In the case of AGD’s female lead, though, I think it was more a posture thing. I felt like she was sticking her butt out to a crazy extent. Maybe someone told her that was the best way to achieve the coveted S-line? Oh dear. Now you’ll probably be totally unable to look away from her posture while watching AGD – oopsie! But then again, it might prove a worthwhile distraction from the aegyo? 😛

                  Seriously, though. LOTS of people love her, and love AGD. I’m probably in the minority here, having issues with the show and the actress etc. You might end up liking it way more than I did! ^^


                  • Eww! I know which guy you refer to. He wants to be a living Ken doll. SMH.

                    I watched the first episode of AGD and I kind of get what you mean. She does act like a teenager. Though I’m 33 and sometimes I still do, haha! So far I actually like her. Still, the Aegyo act will start to wear thin soon.

                    Butt, (haha pun!) I guess The whole butt thing started from the first episode with the red wool dress and I believe he said the most funniest and provocative thing to her: “Your butt remembers what I did last Spring” bwhaha.

                    Jang Dong Gun looks really handsome, but scary thin here, I just want to give him 3 cheeseburgers. :/ He looks like he was feeding off a liquid diet, not just trim, but no muscle tone or anything. Not cool. I recently read he’s about to become a father again. That’s sweet. He looks much better these days.

                    The men are all so funny! And it’s great to see Lee Jong Hyuk play against type, he’s usually the serious dude. So I love that aspect of it. I laughed aloud with these guys a lot. Their bromance will probably keep the whole thing afloat for me.


                    • Right? That living ken doll thing is just so creepy. It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from, it’s that morbidly fascinating :p

                      Y’know, thinking about it, I don’t have issues with a 30-something woman acting like a teenager coz that can have very positive connotations – having energy, passion and enthusiasm, for example. For me, the issue I had with her is that she was ditzy to the extent of appearing.. developmentally challenged. The way she spoke sometimes was a lethal combination of ditzy bimbo mashed up in the worst way possible, with developmentally challenged kid with speech issues. It drove me batty.

                      And yes, JDG’s extreme skinniness and sallow pallor just did not look healthy or appealing to me. I did love the smoldery eyes that he turned on at times though. Very nice indeed. And the nonsensical bromantic antics among the 4 guys were fun to watch, once I succeeded in convincing myself these weren’t actually supposed to be grown men, lol :p


                    • I’m sad to say I gave up on AGD after 2 episodes of her ditzy bimbo mash. I don’t blame the leading men at all, they were terrific and acted appropriately inappropriate for their ages! haha. And Woobie, can’t forget him, he was excellent. But then I realized the story didn’t captivate me. I skipped around to the end.
                      I was willing to give her benefit of the doubt. I figured because the lead male was a cold, world weary playboy, they needed that bubbly, ‘innocent’ woman to bring him out of his shell. But it just seemed awkward every time given her age and profession as a teacher. I was mad that her high school students were more mature than she was. She’s all over her bed whining, kicking and screeching, or hitting her head at the table and pulling at her hair like a 4-year old, putting on that pouty ‘aegyo’ voice you warned me about. That turned me off super fast. Sad to say, I’ve worked around mentally disabled people for a number of years and even they didn’t resort to those things every minute like she did!!
                      Yes, yes, despite the skinniness, JDG’s eyes are just dreamy! I fell into them. 😀 I need to find another drama with him fast! lol


                    • Ah, yes. AGD doesn’t have much of a story, really. It’s more like a bunch of anecdotes strung together by atmosphere. You kind of need to be in a particular mental space to consume this drama – at least, that’s how it worked for me. Once I dialed my expectations to simply almost-mindless entertainment for just before bed, I was much better able to enjoy the show, even in the face of the terrible aegyo.

                      I suppose it’d be challenging to get your hands on another JDG drama, considering that before AGD, the latest one was AAE, in 2000! All his other shows are even earlier than 2000, and those old shows are notoriously hard to find. On the other hand, you might be interested to check out his movie Friend, since Friend 2 (with Woobie!) is coming out soon? At a vintage of 2001, I’m thinking he wouldn’t yet look so skinny in that either ^^


                    • Wow, seriously, he didn’t do any dramas after AAE? Boo! Actually there’s a really interesting cowboy/Asian fantasy flick on Netflix with JDG and Kate Bosworth. The Warrior’s way. I might check that one out. But since you suggest Friend I’ll give that a look too. Thanks!

                      I’m having K-drama fatigue right now. Everytime I try and start an old one I get bored and annoyed. I decided to just focus on the new ones that have episodes coming out each week. And catch up on some J-drama viewing, and maybe K-movies.


                    • Yeah, no. JDG became more of a movie star, so it was a huge, HUGE deal when he came back to dramaland with AGD last year.

                      I’m planning to check out Friend, which is not only the precursor to Friend 2 (Woobie on my screen!), but is also an iconic Korean movie.

                      Drama fatigue.. Oh oh!! COFFEE PRINCE is your answer, Lady G!! It’s GOOD. When I have drama fatigue & then dip my toes into CP, I realize all over again why I love kdrama. It’s so well-written and well-paced and well-executed. And it’s the rare kdrama out there directed by a woman. The difference in her touch is quite distinct, I think you’ll like it! 😀


                    • I wish Netflix carried more of his films. They have a decent selection of K-movies, but not nearly enough. I was mad they removed Chuno! I loved the subs on that. Not too difficult and not too easy. Drama Fever subs try to translate it into serious ‘Ye olde English’ and it’s like what the what?? LOLOL.

                      I need to clear out all the old drama choices and just start fresh. CP is a good place to start to get back on the K-drama gravy train.


                    • Oh, I haven’t seen the Netflix subs for Chuno (can’t access Netflix from here).. but they do sound decent! DF’s recent reputation is for over-simplified subs, so I suspect the Chuno subs are from the early DF days when they got fansubbing groups to agree to allow them to use their work. I believe the Chuno subs that DF is using were done by Mr. X, who famously used very exacting olde English-esque translations to bring out the full flavor of the original dialogue. Those are the subs I’ve got as well, and while it took some getting used to, I did come to appreciate the flavor and nuance it added to the entire Chuno experience ^^ Those subs wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea for sure, especially those who don’t do well with olde English! 😛

                      Yeah, I’ve found that when drama fatigue occurs, it’s usually coz I’m surrounded by meh dramas. A good direction to take is exactly what you said – clear away all the middling, meh dramas, and sink your teeth into something good. And I do believe in the power of CP and the power of GY, to put a drama-happy smile on your face! ;D


                    • LOL. I will keep your suggestion firm in mind. Thanks for the olde English explanation! I noticed it on some of the older dramas, like Kingdom of the Wind. But it’s not so bad. At first it took me by surprise. But sometimes there are some words used that were so out of date you needed a dictionary.


                    • Lol! That is true!! There were times when I really did not understand the words being used in the Chuno subs! I wonder if Mr. X had to use a dictionary to come up with those words, or if his vocabulary is really that extensive? XD


      • Hey hey, just found this! More Woobie Gif Goodness, and LMH.


        • Eeee!!! Thank you, Lady G!! Woobie in motion is always, always a good thing. Especially when said motion includes the cool raising of one brow! *loves* LMH ain’t too bad himself too! ^.~


  9. …oh i could feel your sentiments towards Woobie’s jaded character in Heirs…i guess this is one of the drawbacks when a drama is star-studded…Heirs is a 20-episode drama and half of it was already telecast and yet it seems that the Young Do’s character has not yet fully intensify…..i guess same with the lead Kim Tan…we only see bits of each character, i don’t know how this drama gonna progress on the next 10 episodes…..i’m afraid to see this whole drama hanging ’til it ends…let’s hope it’s not…well, seeing many eye candy is a good thing though…. 🙂


    • It’s rather disappointing that at the halfway mark, so many characters still feel underdeveloped, and yes, I’m thinking that’s partly to do with the very large cast of characters. I also think it’s a writing flaw. I mean, I’ve watched other ensemble type dramas, and those felt well-handled (Dream High, Shut Up Flower Boy Band) both story- and character-wise. I guess it’s not impossible to work with a large cast. But it does take skill and care, and I don’t quite see or feel it, in Heirs. So many characters feel 2-dimensional still, and the story seems to want to go everywhere, but isn’t quite going anywhere. I’ve heard some rumors about plot developments going forward that hint at birth secrets & bromance, and I’m wondering how I feel about that. I mean, I do want things to move along better plot-wise, but I do wonder at how coherent this will turn out. I mean, I LOVE the bromance in School 2013, and mostly, it’s because the rift felt real, and the resolution felt earned.. In Heirs, the rift feels a little like a big-deal-about-nothing, and the resolution, if it happens within the next few episodes, may likely feel overly convenient. I hope I’m wrong, of course. And for Woobie’s sake, I’ll stay tuned to find out. ^^


  10. …and oh…e9 and e10 of Heirs…more Woobie goodness…Young Do’s character is getting to my nerves….you’ll see more revelation on why Young Do is like that, unconsciously, he begins to like the female lead…oh boy!…i like Woobie’s outfit here…the way he carries himself is just so eye catching….stunning aura+good acting skills=winner…i don’t know how you see him here but to me he is just so fine in doing his character.. 😉


    • Heirs is driving me batty with its idea of romance AND its idea of character development. But I hafta stick up for Woobie and say that he’s really making the best of what’s written for him, bringing whatever nuance and layers possible, to a character who’s really not very well fleshed-out even halfway through the drama. I think I’m gonna have to re-watch School 2013 after Heirs is over, to smooth over any frazzled nerves over the lackluster characterization of Woobie’s character in Heirs.

      But I have to agree with you, evez. Woobie looks real fine in that leather jacket. He looks so cool and so badass at once, and so very handsome. He wears it very well indeed ❤


  11. Hello kfangurl,

    I really, really, really love your blog, and I think it is my 1st time commenting here. I came here in April (or was it in May?) and read your review of Gaksital, which honestly blew me away. Well done, *claps while standing.* I loved that it was extensive, passionate and well written. Thank you so much for doing all that work and gracing us with such a wonderful piece to read.

    As someone who LOVES to write, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you are not afraid of words and you write, write and write away. I am the same way, and I TOTALLY love that about your blog. You are thorough and extensive, and unabashed in your fangirling. I know I have used the word “love” a lot, however, I do LOVE that about your blog, your writing, and your personality. I am the same way, and so it is really nice to come across people who are like that.

    Thank you for your thread on KWB, who I am getting to know better. I did see him in AGD, and though I found him to be good there, I didn’t think much of him at the time. I am currently watch Heirs (I have not watched School 2013 yet, I know 😦 ) and I am just in love with KWB’s acting in that drama. Oh, the things this man does with his voice, eyes, his eyebrows, the crinkling of his nose (swoon and nosebleed, 🙂 ), etc…
    And as you have mentioned, his intensity, his presence, his charisma, his gravitas (yes, he has it), *Sigh* I really wish I could sit down with him and ask him how does he do it, like really? And where does he go, to pull that stuff? And as you mentioned (and as I have gathered) he has not acted for very long.

    Reading quickly your thread on KWB (I will have to come back and read it thoroughly), made me realize what an awesome guy he is behind the scenes and in real life. I know a mom whose son goes to the school where the filming takes place in Heirs, and she spent 2 days on the set, when they were filming. She said that the consensus on the set is that KWB is the most personable actor in that cast (are we even surprised at this point? …Err… No????!) He will sign anything, and take pictures with anyone. LMH doesn’t take pictures, I am assuming he must have some restrictions placed on him. I love that KWB is emotionally intelligent as well, and that he has great people skills (Yay!!!!)

    I am going to stop for now, before I write a whole book on your blog :-). I just wanted to say “Thank you!” for all that you do, and to encourage you when you feel overwhelmed about maintaining this blog. I personally appreciate it, and I know I am not the only one.

    Have a wonderful day :-), and please continue to bring your joy to the blogosphere.

    P.S.: I also LOVE that you respond personally to the comments left to you. I look forward to your response 🙂


    • Wow, Ivoire, thanks for all your kind words of appreciation and encouragement! That’s really sweet of you to say. *bashful* I never intended to get this wordy when I first started the blog, but of late, brevity has kind of deserted me a little, heh. Given how long some of my reviews tend to get, I am continually moved that so many people are happy to invest the time to read them, especially in the prevailing online climate of fleeting attention spans. I’m always so glad to meet like-minded fans who aren’t afraid of wordiness and bring several chunks of their own wordiness to the blog ^^ Welcome to the blog, Ivoire! You – and wordiness in general – are welcome here 😉

      YAY that you’re getting to know KWB.. Isn’t he so, so lovely??? Sigh.. The more I get to know about him, the more I love him, seriously. And if you want to see more of him being amazing, you just hafta, HAFTA check out School 2013, Ivoire! If you think that he’s great in Heirs, you’ll be pleased to know that he’s even more flat-out BRILLIANT in School 2013, and I’m not even exaggerating as a fangirl would. I say that objectively, since I hadn’t even fallen for him yet, when I watched & reviewed School 2013!! He will completely blow you away, I guarantee it. The only problem with that, though, is afterwards, you’re almost sure to have a serious case of KWB-craving. 😛 If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to inhale anything and everything he’s ever appeared in, and as we know, Woobie’s filmography is still in its early growth stages, so pickings aren’t as much as I’d like.

      How awesome is that, that you actually know someone who visited the set and saw Woobie in action??? *spazzes at the thought* And I’m not surprised at all, really, that Woobie’s so personable and friendly. Based on the various interviews and footage I’ve seen of him, I feel like he’s a really genuine guy. I love how thoughtfully candid he is, giving answers that betray a ton of intelligence & substance, while managing to remain respectful and tactful. It just seems to come so naturally to him, and I LOVE THAT. Another thing that I really, really love about him, is his friendly affectionate bent. Sweet, adorable, lovely Woobie ❤

      PS: LMH doesn’t take pictures? How odd.. I thought most k-celebs tend to be quite picture-friendly. Y’know, to please the fans & all..


    • Hello Ivoire! Welcome to Kfangirl’s blog. I’m a regular here, chatting and sharing here and there. Hope to hang out with you.

      Though Woobie has not been acting on screen for long, I’ve read that he had taken acting lessons early on in his modeling career to become more effective. So, I’m thinking that must have been where all his intensity in expressing emotions quietly was honed.


      • D’aw ❤ Every time you welcome someone to the blog, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Coz it feels like you’re being the unnie/sunbae around here, and I LOVE IT. Thanks for helping everyone feel at home, kaiaraia. ❤ The unnie/sunbae status is totally well-deserved ^.~

        Oh yes, Woobie took some acting lessons while modeling, coz he felt it was a necessary skill to help him move to another level of modeling, and it was during the lessons that he started to love acting. I do believe the lessons helped him in terms of acquiring skill.. When I think about it, I believe it was really his role in School 2013 that really was the breakthrough for him, in terms of unlocking his talent. He was very decent in roles before this, but it’s only in School 2013 that he makes this huge quantum leap and becomes totally nuanced, amazing and brilliant and makes my head spin.

        I’m so glad he’s found a way to tap into his talent, coz really, I think he’s sooo talented. So much of what he does can’t be taught in an acting class (coz, if it could be taught in an acting class, wouldn’t we be seeing many more capable actors? :P)


        • Whenever I see someone new commenting, I get so excited and I can’t help but welcome them. 🙂

          I agree. One can only learn so much from a class. There’s got to be some innate talent.


          • Giggle. You sound even more excited than me, which is super cool! ^^ And oh yes. Innate talent, and that X-factor that just screams star quality. Which Woobie’s got lots of, in my super biased fangirl opinion 😉

            Hope everything’s ok for you over there, kaiaraia.. That’s some typhoon you guys faced. The fact that you’re still coming online means you’re ok, which, yay! I hope everything else is ok too. Hugs ❤


            • So thoughtful of you, thanks. Yes, its a super typhoon, the strongest ever. It’s a blessing for us, Metro Manila was not directly hit. The Visayas region though was not so lucky. Many provinces have been declared under state of calamity. 😦


              • 😦 I’m so glad you’re ok and that where you are wasn’t directly hit. At the same time, what an awful thought, about all the provinces which now need to recover and heal. Words escape me. Let’s continue to cling to hope, knowing that this awful season too, shall pass. And tomorrow shall be a better tomorrow. Hugs & love to you & all that’s yours, dear kaiaraia ❤


  12. …hahaha!…LJS is Woobie’s other half!…hey, i laugh loudly!!…you know Woobie is very candid in saying that he really feels LJS…i guess not as RL partner but as a bestie…y’know?…bromance is really that in the k-ent world and it happens not only with them…i think those are they’re saying “aegyo” thing among besties… i think that bromance thing between them is less extreme to compare it between Yunho and Jaejoong(TVXQ members) closeness… 😉


    • Oh yes, both Woobie & Jong Suk are very candid about their friendship and bestie status, & I love that. They don’t try to hide their closeness, neither do they seem to exploit it for fan attention. They just seem so natural and uninhibited about it, like they couldn’t care less what people are saying or not saying about their friendship. I like that.

      Y’know, I don’t really follow much kpop, so I had to google the thing about Yunho & Jaejoong and, er, yeah. It’s definitely more extreme closeness (I saw pix of them kissing?? O.o) than what Woobie has with Jong Suk.


      • …so you’ve seen it yourself ..the Yunjae couple…y’know when the group is still intact, rumor says that there is really something between Yunho and Jaejoong which i find absurd….i think those things are just for promotional thing and nothing else…..they just made it more thrilling for viewing…i don’t know how SME handle that and just let it go that way…..anyway the group has parted ways…TVXQ(Changmin and Yunho) and JYJ(Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun) …

        ..with Woobie and LJS, they’re just really that close….i think they’re started it way back in their modeling days until they made a drama together…it’s fun seeing them so close and supporting each other like siblings.. 😉


        • Really, there were rumors that Yunho & Jaejoong were an item? It sounds like something that the rumor mill would churn out, just to fan the imaginations of fans who ship them. Considering how the fanfics always skew towards members of bands romancing one another – altho, for the life of me, I can’t see how this is hot, coz if you’re sweet on Oppa, wouldn’t you rather imagine him making out with you instead of his band buddy? – I can see why SME would allow/encourage these rumors, to feed the frenzy.

          Now that I think about it, I’m SO glad that that isn’t the direction that Woobie’s friendship with Jong Suk is taking. I like them fine just the way they are: dorky and affectionate with each other, without any faux romance. I’d rather fantasize about Woobie makin’ out with ME, thankyouverymuch! XD


    • Eeee!! How adorable is Woobie?? And how adorable that bestie Jong Suk is there to support him! 😀 Although, I do think it was a little, er, *much* for the writer to refer to Jong Suk as Woobie’s “other half” coz, isn’t that, y’know.. ME??? ^.~


  13. …oh …so much for our GY on premium postings,,,but i never forgotten this Woobie of yours of course…trailers of e9 and e10 shows the badass Young Do having a fight scenes with Kim Tan…pretty engaging and exciting…


    • Woobie’s rockin’ the badassery, and I’m quite transfixed to him on my screen. I do want the writing around his character to get fleshed out further, though. The writing for Young Do is a little too flat for my taste so far.. I’d like something a little less.. subtle, in terms of Young Do’s layers. C’mon, writer-nim, you can do it!!


  14. hahahaha!…i have many K-hunks on the list…classifying them into groups…LOL!…the more the merrier….that’s why i’m having a drama battle watch nowadays on the netz…Heirs/Marry Him if You Dare/Medical Top Team… the dvds i just recently acquired….ahhhh!..k-drama addiction…why?…the K-ent has swallowed me up kaiaraia…;) no time for RL partner!…LOL!


    • Giggle. At you and your harem of k-hunks, evez.. All classified into groups & everything!! XD I can just imagine you flippin’ through a catalogue in your princess lair, as you summon them one by one, depending on your mood for the day..!! 😉


      • and in my harem of k-hunks there is one special and outshines the rest….Gong Yoo is the name!…the most beautiful man in my eyes…hahahaha!..


        • Of COURSE he’s outshining the rest of your harem, evez. It’s fabulous, fabulous Gong Yoo!! 😉 He can be all low-profile & media-avoidy, but when he shows up, he just takes your breath away and you forget there’s any other k-hunk in that harem 😉


    • May I recommend Basketball?

      Who needs a RL partner when you’ve got your harem! hahaha


  15. @kfangirl: I’m happy you’re happy. Found this over that link Lady G. shared in IHVY page.

    @evez: Can’t just help recognizing talented, lovely people, right? Yet, just like you, am a faithful GY lover. Wouldn’t hurt to have some boylets on the side though. 🙂


    • Ooh, lovely Woobie!!! ❤❤❤ THANK YOU, kaiaraia!!! So much Pretty!!! 😀 😀 😀 Savin’ these for more ogling and gazing. Yes, I store up Woobie goodness. Like a bear stores up fat for winter XD

      BOYLETS, kaiaraia?!??? XD HAHAHAHA!!! That’s so cute! Although I just can’t think of Woobie as a boylet, try as I might. He’s too.. large 😉


    • @kaiaraia …ooh! boylets on the side….hahaha!’s slang word ….isn’t that word coined from the gay’s lingo?…is it more of a gay i right?…


  16. …from the other page we swoon over GY madness and here is another…Woobie’s!oh my!…this blog site of yours are truly captivating…..two of your k-loves are receiving a lot of acknowledgment from fangirls …woot!..woot!…woot!….<3

    e8 of Heirs shown a great acting skill of Woobie being a badass Young Do…and from kaiaraia's shared link looks like your boy is heading to that kind of role now….see that fierce look?…ahhh this boy continues to give me a *deep sigh*…but nothing could take me away from GY of course!..LOL….Woobie is so great in suit, even in red and white…i love Woobie's hand i'ts long and pinkish…that's what i notice when i watch Heirs…in contrast with the hands of GY…long and tanned..

    imagine him as your boyfriend…..thoughtful and with a good sense of humor….you'll never get a dull moment of this boy kfangirl… 😉


    • Giggle. Yes, both GY and Woobie are vying for my attentions, now.. What with GY’s fanmeet and his movie coming out, and Woobie in Heirs and Friend 2.. I have no complaints whatsoever! Somethin’ delicious from both of my boys at any given time, whenever I look at the k-media. Excellent! *nods approvingly*

      Yes, Woobie does badass really, really well.. I want his roles to show him as MORE than a badass though.. Sorta like School 2013, where he got to show layers and layers of character, even amid the badassery.

      Me, imagine Woobie as my boyfriend? Why yes, I’ve got that covered, and indeed, he’s an excellent fantasy boyfriend. Y’know, when I’m not dating fantasy GY..!!! XD


      •’re right kfangirl…crazy me…but my timeline pix on fb has been quite active in rotating array of k-hunks….hahahaha!!..gosh..i thought those gorgeous k-hunks is just enough to invade my mobile…but it’s not!… i have to show them off….LOL!…;)

        ..and we’re also vying for it!…be it Gong Yoo or Woobie…fine, let’s take it to the chorus!….squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!….hah!…it’s so good to be a fangirl…


        • Hahaha!!! I thought Woobie invading my phone was a big deal, but you’ve gone one further evez, having your harem of k-hunks do rotation duty on your FB timeline! XD No wonder your friends are shaking their heads.. But it’s ok.. We understand.. I bet you’re not the only one too! Plus, a fangirl has her rights.. to have her k-harem on display! ^.~


    • Wow, kaiaraia!!! 😀 😀 😀 What a lovely, lovely prezzie for a lovely, lovely day!!! THANK YOUUU ❤❤❤ So much Woobie goodness, I’m soaking in what feels like a whole ocean of it!!

      I’d seen the trailer, and some of the stills, but there’s so much here, in terms of goodies I hadn’t come across!! ^^

      Isn’t it just so him, to be all fierce and badass onscreen, then be all warm, gentle & adorkable behind the scenes?? That’s my Woobie.. ❤ I love what he said when he was asked about possibly being typecast, that it’s every actor’s job to create different characters. To me, that IS a mark of a great actor, to be able to make characters feel distinct and different, even if they appear similar on paper. I’m so looking forward to seeing him in Friend 2!!

      And that Ceci video – LOVE IT!!! 😀 He reminds me of some kind of vampire prince, the way he’s styled and how he comes across. So cool & languid, & charismatic & mysterious & broody, with just a hint of a smile playing about his lips. Ahhhh!!! Gorgeous!!!

      *swims happily in the sea of Woobie* ❤


  17. Hey, thought you might like, or LOVE this Woobie gif from Drama Fever’s blog.


  18. He literally popped up my screen as I opened my browser. Just in case you haven’t seen it. A dessert for you this fine morning. 🙂


    • And what a lovely sweet dessert this is!! 😀 Thank you, kaiaraia!! I’d seen the pix but hadn’t come across the write-up.. I love that he wanted to audition for Friend 2 together with Jong Suk.. Those 2 besties are just adorable, seriously! XD

      Woobie sounds like he really wants to do well in Friend 2.. I want him to do well too!! I hope the pressure of acting alongside such veterans doesn’t affect his delivery.. I know he’s plenty capable of awesome. Woobie fighting!! ❤❤❤


  19. I just got introduced to your blog after watching my- i mean, OUR darling Kim Woo Bin in School 2013. I don’t think anyone has given me as many feels as Woobin in School and in the bonus episode/interview on dramafever. plus, your articles are SPOT ON!!! i have probably read everything i could lay my hands on. but i decided to comment here because Kim Woo Bin is soooooo deliciously gorgeous. I haven’t had a crush/fan-girl moment like the one his bromance with Lee Jong Suk in all my life! I am seriously cosnsidering wall to wall paneling my bedroom with wallpapers of this on-screen god. thanks for an entertaining post. LOVED IT!


    • i apologize for my typos… fangirl-ing here….


      • Eeee!! More Woobie love in the house!! Always, ALWAYS a good thing!! ❤

        There’s just something about Woobie, isn’t there? He’s just so, SO mesmerizing onscreen. His screen presence and charisma is so thick that it practically has a life of its own. You simply can’t look away. I find myself struggling to read subs when he’s onscreen. Just. Can’t. Look. Away. Even for subs! XD

        Like you, I am completely taken aback by the extent of Woobie’s effect on me.. I mean, he just pretty much showed up and blew away the competition without even breaking a sweat. I imagine that if I had a bedroom wallpapered with Woobie awesome, I may never actually want to leave my room – or get out of bed, for that matter! 😉


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  21. ..hahaha…and you will experience more of that when “Heirs” premiered…aahhh!..this is going to be a non stop spazzing….:)


  22. ..yeah..that split seconds gave you a frenzy and wanting more of him….*sigh*…’re travelling again..have a safe trip then and when you comeback i’m sure that you’ll be enjoying watching Woobie to the MAX!…:)


    • I know. Woobie has that inexplicable squee effect on me.. Just a few seconds & I’m about ready to explode. Whole episodes, episode after episode? Omo. I think I’ll be a puddle on the floor! XD


  23. …and as the first teaser of the “Heirs” is already on surface…i’m pretty sure you’re also excited when this one premiered this coming October 9…did you know that some kdrama viewer here are looking for a DVD copy of it already?….wow!..due to enticing promotional materials from SBS no wonder why..and WOobie looks pretty exciting on the trailer along with other male castings…whether this drama is good or not this one is a must see…LOL!


    • Yes, doesn’t Woobie look sooo handsome in the trailer?!? 😀 He doesn’t appear for more than a few fleeting seconds, but it’s enough to send me into a full-on spazz.. I am super excited to have him properly on my screen, in HD! I won’t be able to watch Heirs live with everyone else coz I’ll be traveling when it premieres, but you can be sure that I’ll be making up for it by watching him twice! At LEAST twice. ;D


  24. …believe in the power of possibilities! might or might not happen…one thing is for sure we will see KWB doing the lead role in a lovable bickering with his soon screen partner!..that’s the spirit of fangirling…<3<3<3


  25. :)…should we send an email request?…hahaha!…honestly…i don’t know if there such a thing called fan mail request accommodation for castings..LOL..’coz i will be gladly do it myself…<3


    • Lol, I’m sure it’s going to take more than a fan email to get us that dream casting.. it’s those pesky little things, y’know, like, a script, a broadcaster, no scheduling conflicts & interest from both leads.. XD But who knows, it just might happen? ^^


  26. ..same with me i like Ha Ji Won’s character in K2H better…’s ok if she’s not your choice…whoever that female lead will soon be paired with KWB..that for us to see..


    • Now that we’ve been talking about it, Jung Eun Ji’s become my top pick for an actress to play opposite Woobie in an OTP context. She’s age-appropriate, natural, earthy and talented, with charm and spunk to spare. I think a bickering romance with Woobie would give him a nice amount of scope, ranging from comedic to romantic. I think they’d be super cute together too. Ahhhh!! The possibilities!! Casting Directors, are you reading this?!? XD


  27. ….Oh Jung Eun Ji is a good choice also…she’s good in “TWTWB” i do like her chemistry with Kim Bum there..just now as i’m reading article from soompi page…what if KWB will be paired with Ha Ji Won?…both have appeared on MBC’s Section TV Entertainment and they look good together in photo and Ha Ji Won was asked how she sees KWB?…Ha Ji Won replied”…Kim Woo Bin has an “sparkling aura” and she thinks that Woobie will do well in the future…BAM!…that’s what we think of Woobie aren’t we?…it would be nice to see them both in action..what do you think?..


    • Ohh.. Ha Ji Won is a hit-or-miss for me.. I sometimes find her really good, and then sometimes, I find her completely underwhelming.. I liked her better in King 2 Hearts than Secret Garden.. I found certain scenes of hers in Secret Garden quite awkward, tbh.. Especially the last episode’s cutesy married-life scenes with Hyun Bin. It just didn’t work for me. So.. At this point, I’m more willing to vote for Jung Eun Ji than Ha Ji Won.. not that my vote actually makes a difference! Ha.


  28. …oh! how could i forgot Shin Min Ah…it would be pretty much exciting if KWB will be paired with her and the in season Gongvely is awesome as well….<3


    • Yes it would be awesome.. I’m also thinking of Jung Eun Ji right now, coz I just saw her guest on Barefoot Friends, and I loved her in both Answer Me 1997 and That Winter.. She’s got such a natural, easy, spunky sort of screen presence. I’d love to see Woobie and her in a bickering romance – that should be super cute!


  29. Did you check out the Kim Woo Bin stills for Heirs….he is looking so good!! While I was writing the post about it, I suddenly remembered your love for him and thought you might like this little (?) news 😉


    • I saw the pix!!! 😀 And I LOVE – like really, really LOVE! – THE LOOK!!! [spazzspazzspazz] Soooo handsome *sigh* I could gaze at him washing dishes like that all day ❤ I can hardly believe he’s coming to my screen soon!!! Eeeee!!! *flails*


  30. seriously Woobie is!…like what when i first saw LSJ in “Secret Garden”…this is what great in watching k-dramas you’ll discover talented artist first as part of extended cast only..but then upon watching it’s always a high-spirited feeling to notice a non-lead cast captivates your attention not only of stunning looks but also of good acting skills as well..from then you’ll become a fan and it’s a good thing to see that the one you admire is progressing affirmatively.


    • Oh! Now that you mention Lee Jong Suk and Secret Garden, it suddenly clicked in my mind that Lee Jong Suk’s gone from crushing on Yoon Sang Hyun to becoming Yoon Sang Hyun’s love rival in IHYV! HAHA! That just tickles me pink! XD

      Yes, I’m definitely stoked to be watching Woobie build his career in real time.. And I’m very pleased that even though his role in School 2013 wasn’t QUITE the lead, that it was meaty and gave him room to shine. School 2013’s currently my favorite show of Woobie’s, as I wait for his other works to go live ^^ There is definitely a full rewatch in my future! ;D


      • …did you see that too?…from having a clandestine role to a boy next door….funny thing is it’s with YSH again…you’ll get to see how far LJS gone in arrays of role portraying ….same with Woobie…and like you said School 2013 may not be a lead role for him but definitely he’ll get one after Heirs…;)


        • Oh yes, I loved Secret Garden! Hyun Bin was amazing in that! Lee Jong Suk’s role was so minor that I almost forgot he was in the show.. But yes, he’s definitely growing as an actor, and I love watching that evolution on my screen! Same with Woobie.. He’s getting better and better. I can see the difference so starkly, just comparing his roles in School 2013 and Vampire Idol. Like night and day! I’m waiting expectantly for the awesome to keep evolving and growing – also on my screen! Lead role for Woobie? YES PLEASE! 😀


          • ..definitely YES for me also…and i’d like to see Woobie being paired with a good and versatile actress and bring out the best in him…:)


            • Y’know, now that you mention it, evez, I just realized that Woobie hasn’t quite had a chance to play the romantic role much at all.. In Vampire Idol, it was mostly for laughs, and in TTBY, it was one-sided, and in School 2013, romance wasn’t even on his mind. That WOULD be interesting to see: Woobie playing the romantic leading man. I think when that happens (& I’m SURE it’ll happen, he’s so talented!) I’m gonna have a total spazz attack. Woobie being romantic? Eeeee!!! ❤


              • ..yes, of all his dramas you didn’t find any romance and wouldn’t it be nice to see Woobie interacts with his screen partner?…And as the “Heirs” is about to be premiered, i want to see how far he can go playing as the second lead…will he shows some aegyos with Park Shin Hye?…well, well, that remains to be seen…and i promise he will soon doing the lead..would you recommend some screen partner for him if that happens?…Do you think Yoon Eun Hye is ok?..or would you recommend somebody as his age?…


                • That’s an intriguing question.. I actually wouldn’t mind the age of the actress he plays opposite.. But I’d like it to be a solid actress who really brings it. Woobie really gives it his all when preparing for a character, and it’d be a waste if he played opposite someone who can’t really act.. If he plays opposite a good actress, though, we have the potential for some serious onscreen magic. And THAT is something I’m chomping at the bit to see ^^


                  • ..If we are talking about acting capability there’s one in my mind and that is Kim Sun Ah…she’s good and versatile. For me of all Korean actress i’ve seen so far KSA has the best acting skills and she has been paired with a younger male lead…the last she did was with Lee Jang Woo in “I Do I Do”.. or i want something like “KSS”, could be the same but with deeper and good story-line.


                    • Oh, I do like Kim Sun Ah.. She’s a very solid actress indeed. I also really love Shin Min Ah, Bae Doo Na, and Gong Hyo Jin. Actually, come to think of it, I’d love to see Woobie spar with Shin Min Ah. She’s got such a lovely sparkling screen presence, and such a spunky, natural style. I’d love to see Woobie play against that ^^


  31. YAY!’re right!…this guy now awed me!..;) ….and there so much awesomeness with Woobie and Lee Jong Suk!…bromance is really killing me! this is what i felt when i watched Geol-Oh(Yo Ah In) and Yeorim(Song Joong Ki) in “SSKS”… i’m excited to see Woobie on his second lead role in “Heirs”…now i’ll be anticipating for him doing the lead…LOL!..<3<3<3..


    • YES, there is a WHOLE LOTTA awesome when Woobie and Jong Suk are onscreen together, isn’t there?! How far into the show are you now, evez? I ended up loving this bromance even more than the one in SKKS, actually. I mean, the bromance in SKKS was excellent, and I loved it, but this particular brand of Woobie-Jong Suk awesome is just WAYYY more addictive, imo. 😀 And Woobie is just amazing in the role. I mean, he just wowed me. Jong Suk as well. They both did wonderfully in their roles, which just added to the off-the-charts awesome ^^ They are simply cracktastic, those two.. ❤

      YAY that you’re discovering the Woobie awesome, evez! Coz spazzing with a fellow fangirl is just SO much fun! ;D I am looking forward to Woobie taking on more varied and challenging roles in the future.. I do think he’s got a lot of talent, and he’s serious enough about his craft to hone it with care.


  32. …and yes you’re right, i find something about this Woobie guy..though i’m only halfway of School 2013..and yet…couldn’t wait for the premiere of the “Heirs”…i think we would be seeing a different KWB in this drama since he’s the second lead..he’s quite a good actor…He’s meek and mysterious in appearance….and yet he will blow you away when he’s in action.


    • Oh! You’re halfway through School 2013 already?!? Woot!! Isn’t Woobie awesome?? His screen presence is so commanding, and his delivery is so full-on yet nuanced. It just gets better, evez. I promise! 😀

      I’m looking forward to Heirs too. Mostly just so that I get to see more Woobie on my screen, heh.


  33.! seems Woobie is no.1 in your list…among your klove post now..regardless of not knowing all his infos and activities and yet you memorized his birthday that’s something..;)<3


    • Hee. I do still hold my other k-loves in high regard.. I’m just really infatuated with Woobie right now. As you can tell ;D Once you get to School 2013 proper, I’m sure you’ll start to agree with me on the magnitude of the Woobie awesome ^^


  34. oh… i’m glad you did also, that only shows you really are a KWB Aficionado..;)..and yes that knowing them more positively apart from their looks is really appealing…As a fangirl it always soOooo good to feel that the one you’re admiring doesn’t only look gorgeous but also possess good personality..<3..and thanks to them 'coz of that it stimulate my brain to work better..LOL!


    • Tee hee! KWB Aficionado? I don’t know if I qualify, even though I AM very much smitten with Woobie.. There’re probably lots of more ardent fangirls out there, who know his activity and other information like the back of their hands! I WILL say, though, that among my k-loves, Woobie’s is the first one whose birthday I actually know off-hand. XD

      It definitely was Woobie’s personality and character that swept me off my feet. Before I saw him in interviews and variety, he was just another promising young actor to watch. But once I saw how thoughtful, grounded and sweet he was in interviews, I just became increasingly smitten. ❤


  35. Thank u for sharing your obsession *I can call it obsession now that it made it into your phone, right?*
    Reading your love story with Woobie was very interesting. And, now, I’m looking forward for his Heirs bromance with LMH. Do you think it can top the bromance of School??


    • Heh. Yeah, I guess obsession is about right 😛 I’m glad you enjoyed the read, Lumiere ^^

      Bromance-wise.. I think it’d be hard to top the bromance of School 2013, coz Woo Bin and Jong Suk have real-life bromance underneath it all, and it shows in their chemistry.. Still, I’m curious to see how well Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho sell it, since they’re both turning out to be very solid actors. Who knows, maybe another real-life bromance might be born on the set of Heirs..? Although, I really, really do think the Woo Bin-Jong Suk bromance is very special indeed ;D


  36. I haven’t seen KWB in a drama yet although School 2013 & White Christmas have been on my watch list for ages. BUT what I wanna know is…. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO HAVE K-HOTTIE DREAMS AND CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH ME?!! This would be akin to learning the secrets of the universe!

    And boy, do I love KWB in a suit. He looks his best,I think, in a suit. It suits him (bwahaha)


    • HAHAHA!! Your question gave me a serious case of the giggles, DDee!! XD I really, really, REALLY wish I could distill that k-dreaming magic into a formula that works, coz then I’d be able to dream of Woobie any time I want to (oh, the potential awesome!!).. But, sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it whatsoever.. I sometimes have k-dreams after immersing myself in the subject matter for a good stretch., like how I had Gaksital and Chuno related dreams while writing their reviews over the course of several intense days. That first dream of Woobie probably had a lot to do with all the interviews and variety I was lapping up. Most of the time, though, it’s completely random and has nothing to do with ANYTHING. My TOP dream? Completely lovely and super detailed. And completely random. Same thing with the Lee Byung Hun dream. Really cool, and also completely random. So.. super long tangent later.. I guess the answer is, I don’t know? *sheepish* 😛

      Also! Woo Bin in a suit is probably my favorite look on him too!! He looks amazing in them, and he carries them so well. So, so dashing! Swooonn~~


      • Shucks. Well, you know you are sitting on a potential goldmine if you ever figure out the secret to having K-hottie dreams, right? Think about it: you could write books, offer courses on the subject, and there’d be lines out the door! I’d be first in the queue.

        Ok, I’m off to try and have some k-dreams myself! 🙂


        • Wowee.. How cool would that be?!? We could have a k-dreaming symposium and homework would be to pick your k-hottie and head off to dreamland! ;D FUNNN!

          We might have a serious problem in our k-loving community as a result though.. Nobody would want to wake up in the morning to get on with Real Life, HA! I know I’ve gone right back to sleep on occasion, coz I wanted to get back to a particularly lovely k-dream 😉


      • LOL. As a writer, (For a hobby, not published.) I love watching all the K-Drama stories and ideas they come up with. They certainly create opportunities for many lovely and exciting day dreams! And it’s totally true, when you are immersed in watching, those K-dreams sneak up on you. I’ve had many. They are very random, and usually i’m the ‘observer’ in my dreams and not really part of the action. Almost like I’m directing the movie. The last one I remember from a few days ago, was like this sci-fi nightmare where everyone in the neighborhood would hear a weird, loud siren, then all of a sudden turn zombie-like and violent. They weren’t dead though. And the only one who had or knew the cure was Joo-Won (In character as the autistic doctor from ‘Good Doctor! lol) I was actually in this dream and I remember I kept seeing him and trying to stay with him because I was scared and I knew he could do something about it. But that’s all I remember. haha.


        • WOAH. Zombie k-dream?!? Now there’s a mash-up I (thankfully) haven’t encountered myself! XD Sticking close to Joo Won is a big silver lining to dreaming about zombies, though, I hafta say! ;D

          I once dreamed that Joo Won looked at me with his dreamy bedroomy eyes and asked me to marry him. Melt. ❤

          That was after an episode each of Gaksital & OB to finish off my day, so maybe immersion FTW after all? ;D Heh


  37. Will I get shot, pummelled my angry fans, pushed into a ditch and possibly slapped with a fish if I say that I personally had no idea who Kim Woo Bin was? D:

    ‘Ttby’ was probably the only drama I’d seen him in and I hadn’t gotten his name; but seeing all these pictures I’m quite taken aback at how intimidating I find him. Err… *braces self* I don’t know how to take this revelation LOL. I don’t think this counts as being remotely logical, because to be frank; those pictures somewhat intimidate me personally. HAHAHA. Ohmygosh, I don;t even…

    Enjoyably, yet intimidating post. Hmmm, I think I have to watch a drama of his.

    Keep up the posts, always a pleasure to read your stuff. Now to go and look up this … well, I’ll reserve judgement on him for now xP

    bb ~


    • Slapped with a fish?!? Pfffftt! Where do you even come up with these things, bimbobunny?? XD

      Woo Bin’s got screen presence that can be seriously formidable, especially when he’s channeling intense and fierce. Coupled with his almost alien-like features which dance the fine line between ugly and beautiful, AND that towers-over-all-normal-human-beings sort of height, and I can totally see why you might find him intimidating 🙂 He is AWESOME, though, given the scope to shine.

      Give School 2013 a chance – it’s an excellent watch which I highly recommend! ^^ And you KNOW I loved it to pieces even before I fell head over heels for Woobie 😉 watchitwatchitwatchit.. I’m SUPER sure it’ll help clue you in to the awesome of Woobie ;D


      • Oh honey, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do to someone, HAHA. Not really sanitary and kinda gross but hey; it looks like it’ll be something great to do to someone you despise greatly, amiright? 😛

        His height is absolutely something to brag about; I loooooove tall guys, because being like 174cm? guys here are always my height and it sucks; I do sometimes want to look UP hahahah. I’ll check out some of his work asap.

        That’s on my watc list so I’ll watch that sometime this week or next xD


        • Hur.. I can just imagine you grabbing that slimy fish with both hands, swinging it about wildly, going, “Kyaaa~~ Take THAT!! Won Bin was MINE!!!” slapslapslap!! XD

          I have a weakness for tall men too, and Woobie’s even taller than our average kdrama lead who’s mostly about 6′ or 1.83m. I LOVE that he’s taller even than that, and that his vibe is such a strong male one. Swooonn~~

          Yay that you’re starting on School 2013 soon!! It takes a little while to settle, but once it does, it’s awesome 😀


  38. …wow!! you really are in <3love<3….look at those pictures in your mobile…now i have to borrow this line from KHJ song…cutie..cutie …cutie ….curious..!!..actually, i've seen some of his photos from tumblr along with Lee Jong Suk…these two cuties are really awesome..<3 now i know there's a valid reason for your too much squeeing..<3…


    • Yes, yes, yes I am ❤❤❤ I love Woobie ❤ As evidenced by this crazy-long post and the multiple wallpapers that have graced my mobile! XD

      Have you seen him in action yet, evez? He’s just magnificent in School 2013! Both he and Jong Suk are fantastic in it!! ^^


      • …and for sure that multiple wallpapers of KWB is not only gracing your mobile but in your computer and your tablet as well…LOL…you really have an eye in choosing extremely luscious pictures along with the well written testimonials..the true spirit of kfangirling shows!…i wonder who will be the next?… far i’ve seen e1 of School 2013 as i couldn’t moved myself in watching “k2H”…honestly, i love this drama..thanks for the suggestion on this one.;)..


        • Lol.. What I CAN tell you is that there are currently several hundred photos of Woobie in its own special folder in my computer – and that collection is still growing ^^ I picked only the loveliest pix for this post, and with my fangirl lenses on, it was a pleasure AND a challenge to narrow it down, heh 😉

          Who’s next.. Well, I’ve now covered all 3 of my big k-loves, so probably a medium sized k-love would be next.. Unless someone else manages to break into the big k-love leagues for me. And that’s hard to do, I can tell you that. Woobie managed it only because he’s that special ❤

          Yay that you've started on School 2013, evez! With your heart fully engaged by K2H, though, I think a tandem watch would be harder to manage.. I do highly recommend School 2013 too, so remember to give it some love as well, when you can manage! ^^


          • …and yes you picked the JUICIEST!!!..given that the lanky feature of KWB is good looking in suit and coat still the best part to ogle for a fan girl like you and me is but of course the shirtless pics…omo!!t’s something visually pleasing…..<33..:)…..and you are right ’bout that tandem watch….and since i’m already halfway to “K2H” i guess i have to finish that one first. I couldn’t overlap this drama to another ‘coz it’s so good…..i guess a good reason for me not to overlap this with k2h is because i want to enjoy watching the bromance part of KWB and LJS when i resume School 2013….and i’ll be anticipating for your next K-love to be featured here….could it be Hyun Bin or any of your choice..


            • Heh, we fangirls have a thing for shirtless pix, that’s for sure 😉 I love Woobie in a suit so much though, that it’s a hard pick for me for my favorite sort of Woobie photo, even with shirtless pix in the mix! Lovely, swoony Woobie ❤

              Yeah, it sounds like a good idea to separate your School 2013 watch from your K2H watch.. Woo Bin and Jong Suk together onscreen is so full of awesome bromantic chemistry that you’d probably want to give it your undivided attention too.. I know I got sucked in real good 😉

              Aw.. Seems like the k-love posts have quite an eager audience! ;D I don’t know who the next k-love post will be on, nor when it’ll be just yet, but it’s great to know that people enjoy them and are looking forward to more ^^ I actually didn’t plan to do them so often, to keep the blog from getting TOO fangirly.. Maybe I should allow myself a k-love post a little more often 😉


              • “I actually didn’t plan to do them so often, to keep the blog from getting TOO fangirly.. Maybe I should allow myself a k-love post a little more often ;)”

                It certainly sounds good, but I think K-Love fangirling should not be taken for granted or forced. 😉 Only write when you are compelled to for a certain actor, don’t feel you have to dig and search for one just to make a post. I can tell your posts come from the heart. You don’t want to lose that and have it turn into a chore. These posts are awesome little treats when you do write them. And it also helps us other fans to seek out new dramas and actors. 😀

                Thanks for all your hard work!


                • Aw.. You put it so sweetly and so eloquently, Lady G!!! ❤❤❤ You totally hit the nail on the head: These k-love posts were always meant to be a mere organic expression of my fangirling, not a manufactured version of it.. Which is exactly what has made them so easy and so much fun to write.

                  This super long post for Woo Bin took me less than 2 days to put together coz all the material was all already there – in my head, in my heart and in my computer folders and bookmarks. All I did was pick the best bits, organize it all and just give expression to it. And it was so easy and so satisfying and so much fun in the process. ❤

                  You’re absolutely right that I should just let it all come naturally.. At the right time, something is sure to spill out. After all, I’m pretty inclined to the fangirling ;D Ha.


                  • That’s great timing. It’s really fun when those posts come together the way you want. I re-read my comment and then I thought, Oh (face palm) I hope I didn’t sound like some finger wagging ahjumma trying to tell you what to do. (Though I’m still an agassi!) I’m glad you took it the right way. LOL.


              • oh…third part of your respond is comprehendible…i think that your often klove post has enliven my fangirling enthusiasm so i crave for more…LOL!…I find your klove post ❤ special < can somehow feel the warmth in it…i guess the best moment you did that is when you completely love doing it..the outcome is so it does not matter when as long as you'll do it again…:)


                • Aw thanks evez.. I do plan to do more k-love posts, so it’s great to know that you enjoy them so much! ^^ Having other people spazz with me over the objects of my fangirling just makes it so much more fun ❤


                  • …;) it was always a pleasure visiting this site….be it k-love posts or drama reviews…

                    This morning i have read from soompi page bout KWB guest appearance on a radio show of Shindong and KWB put a smile on my face upon reading it.. this is what exactly he said when Shindong asked him when he honestly feel that he is much good looking than Lee Min Ho: “I am surprised every morning when I look at the mirror. I can’t believe I am able to be an actor with this face.” Kim Woo Bin continued, “If I have to say it, Lee Min ho has the better face but I have the better body.”…..the way you look at it he answered it with no qualms and you can feel him being a straight forward person…that’s a plus factor for him…you see..fangirling is not only because of good looks…the composure and good manner of every k-love hunk or cutie we adore also played a big part….:)<3


                    • Aw, I just saw that same article and I giggled at Woobie’s good humor.. I do believe he was talking mostly in jest, especially the follow-up part where the toy lie detector went off and he said something along the lines of, “I guess I must think I am better looking than Lee Min Ho” Heh.

                      Absolutely with you, evez, on k-loves being k-loves not simply because of looks. Coz, really, there are a lot of good looking men in our kdramaverse! For me, it’s the substance they show beyond the good looks that really defines them as k-loves for me. And as far as Woobie is concerned, it was really ALL about his substance that blew me away and turned me into a total spazzing, swooning fangirl! ❤


  39. Wow~now this is what I call fangirling. None of my fangirl moments comes even close to this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your love of Woobie.


    • Lol!! Thank you, I think? XD I guess there’s a reason why the word “fangirl” figures so prominently in my handle and blog name.. Although some may argue that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy? ;D

      Thanks for visiting, Snoopy’s Twinkie! Always an honor, given your busy schedule 😉


  40. Omg!! Thank you soooo much! I received your tweet first thing in the morning (it was literally the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes LOL) so my day started off pretty nicely ^^

    This is really a long and awesome love letter to dearest Woobie. And thanks to you I’ll have other variety shows and interviews to watch! I haven’t been really up to date with the entertainment industriy so I missed out on some really cool things! Thanks!

    VIP for life


    • Aw, how fun, that this started your day on the perfect Woobie-full foot?? 😀 See, FINALLY, your VIP membership is reaping its proper benefits! ;D

      Soooo glad you enjoyed the post, and that there’s goodies here that you haven’t checked out! Fresh Woobie in any way, shape or form is always a good thing, heh. I hope you enjoy all the variety and interviews as much as I have!! ^^

      Gotta love Woobie ❤❤


  41. Well, well, well…. Someone is totally smitten. ;D He is a promising young actor though and I’m, looking forward to seeing him take on more ‘demanding’ roles.

    Woobie in a sageuk…. mmm…. I think he might do quite well. I’m pretty sure he’d be 100 times better than NMW (sticks out like a sore thumb, boy can’t really act) in B&P.

    K-crushes come and go but I’ve only ever managed to aquire one ILU and he’s still The One. Guess I’ll forevah be an UTW fangirl. 🙂


    • Heh. You got me there, Timescout. I am completely and totally smitten. Who knew, that I’d get so stuck on Woobie? ;D

      Yes, I think Woobie has tons of potential as an actor.. He’s already turning out to be a very solid actor in the few things he’s been in, and I think a sageuk would be a great way to stretch himself. He’s already way ahead of the likes of NMW, who’s pretty, yes, but who really isn’t much of an actor.

      Aw, UTW is great, and totally worthy of major fangirl loyalty! 😀 I warmed to his appeal a little slowly, but once I saw it, I found him a pretty darn awesome actor. And then when I saw his initiation episode in 1N2D, I loved how affable and adorable he is in real life. UTW rawks ^^


  42. I just posted your link in the comments on Kim Woo Bin’s actor page on Drama Fever. 😀 They only have School 2013 with him listed so far.


  43. I was excited and not too surprised to see your lovely squee! So well organized and well written as always with TONS of eye candy! It’s always awesome to find those men who have those desired qualities that can’t be ignored… gentle, warm, caring and passionate, hardworking, humble, intelligent, talented, respectful… and manly! goodness. 🙂 I’ve seen the interviews with Jong Suk and Woo Bin, but not the Woo Bin specific vids you posted… definitely I’d consider watching. The gentle giant eye candy is my favorite section, and I love pictures with smiles most with some intense, gazing shots thrown in. 😉 Happy that you’re happy, fangirling is fun!


    • “gentle, warm, caring and passionate, hardworking, humble, intelligent, talented, respectful… and manly!” – YES. That’s all Woobie! Squee!! The more I discovered these qualities about him, the more impressed I got, and then suddenly, without any real warning, it clicked: I think I love this boy ❤ How much do I love, that he just gets more awesome with each new nugget that I discover about him?? That’s like, the complete opposite experience of many other k-crushes I’ve encountered, which all promptly died unceremonious deaths when the crushes turned out to be boring/arrogant/fake/all of the above, and failed to live up to their onscreen awesome. *flails about* I can’t begin to express the delight of experiencing the complete opposite process with Woobie. Ahhhh!!! ❤

      And yes, I love the Gentle Giant pix myself – many of them have done wallpaper duty, coz it’s just lovely that way, to have a sweet gentle giant peering at you from your phone throughout the day! ;D


  44. Your fangirling is so cute! Dreams, cell phone wallpapers…adorable! I’ll have to come back to watch these interviews. But the pictures you posted are amazing. LOVE the last one. I like the mature look on him with his hair pushed back and to the side. It absolutely suits him more than the shaggy bang hair that a lot of Korean celebs have been sporting lately.

    I admit I haven’t seen any of his dramas. But I keep seeing him in pictures. I think I saw a clip of School 2013 and he caught my eye immediately!! Normally I get bored fast with High School dramas and avoid them, but I am definitely going to see ‘Heirs’ (Who can resist all that hotness in one drama? Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin!) It was those thick, fierce eyebrows that did it for me, and his height. WOW. I hope he gets a starring role in a really good drama and a chance to shine like his bestie Lee Jong Suk did in “I hear your voice.”

    Woo Bin is nearly a decade younger than me, so I’m trying not to squee too hard! LOL. I know it really doesn’t matter. But I really do see so much awesome potential in him and hope he goes far in his career.

    He has the perfect face, height, and willowy yet sinewy body for a strong and heroic character in a Sageuk! I can see him with long shiny hair, rather than a full top knot, wielding an expert sword. He’ll be so fierce, so his counterpart/love interest will have to be delicate as a daisy, but funny and pretty to kind of melt his stony, warrior heart…look, now you got me daydreaming!

    “It’s a very male, dominant, forceful, compelling, magnetic sort of presence. All he had to do was show up on my screen, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.”

    You described exactly how I felt just watching him in the few minutes of clips And it all goes back to those eyebrows. Rawwr! 😉


    • Omo, you haven’t seen School 2013, Lady G?? Woobie is seriously SPECTACULAR in School 2013. I’m not even saying that with fangirl lenses on. He was flat-out brilliant! And he and Jong Suk together – PURE. GOLD. Consider giving School 2013 a go – It may not be as glossy or shiny as Heirs looks to be, but Woobie’s & Jong Suk’s fantastic performances, individually AND together, make it a very solid, worthwhile watch. I’m planning a re-watch sometime soon-ish myself! ^^

      And yes, he gets to be plenty fierce in School 2013! And super nuanced and controlled at the same time too. Out of all the stuff I’ve seen him in, School 2013 is still my hands-down favorite! ❤

      I do agree with the mounds and mounds of potential in Woobie.. I can hardly believe that he only learned about acting because he needed to know some acting in order to model. Mind-blowing.

      Plus! A sageuk?!? What a brilliant idea!! His eyebrows are MADE for sageuk!! And that dominant, magnetic screen presence? Squee! He’d make an excellent fierce, kickass sageuk warrior. *imagination, activate!* ;D


      • Okay, I’m convinced, into the Queue School 2013 goes. Lately I’m getting drama depressed. I’m watching 2 new ones that are really good, “Two Weeks” and “Good Doctor.” But every time I start an old one I seem drop it for lack of interest. :p I’m still still watching Jumong, and I’m ready to start ep. 29. That’s 4 episodes longer than I’ve ever watched in a drama. I hope to finish that by…November. lol. Jong Suk grew on me after “I hear your voice.” I’m not really attracted to him, but he’s a terrific actor and still a cutie.

        So I will definitely start watching School. Maybe after Heirs they’ll give Woo Bin a great Saguek to star in. I hope. 🙂


        • Aw. Drama depression sucks – whenever that happens to me, I start to wonder if I’m finally getting tired of kdrama.. And then I get started on a show that’s actually good, and I realize that, Nah, it’s not me, it’s the dramas – I just needed a good one, is all! ;D

          It’s funny how it’s the older dramas that aren’t holding your interest.. For most people, it’s the live watches that are harder to sustain their interest in, since there’s a week’s wait between episodes. With marathoning an older drama, there’s no enforced waiting period, so you can move on to the next ep whenever you feel like it, so it’s usually an easier watch. Unless, like it’s happened for me, it’s just dull dramas! XD

          Jong Suk grew on me pretty fast in School 2013.. His character was introduced very well, and he brought a lot of expression and nuance to the character in his delivery. Before I knew it, I was rooting for him before the end of episode 1! I didn’t really find him attractive, though, until I started on IHYV.. My word, he looked a touch more manly even though he essentially looked the same, and the glorious lighting and his smile just made my screen explode with rainbows, puppies and unicorns. I was squeeing out loud at the awesome, and it would’ve just been PERFECT, if Woobie could’ve been onscreen with him too! Eeee!! The awesome!! ;D

          YAY that you’re planning to give School 2013 a chance!! Woobie only appears at the end of E3, so hang in there! In the meantime, Lee Jong Suk really BRINGS it on his own, in E1 and E2. Ahhh!! I love that show! I hope you enjoy the watch, so that we can spazz together!! ^^

          I DO really hope Woobie gets to try a good sageuk role sometime in the not too distant future. Some actors go for years before they actually act in one (like Hyun Bin and Lee Byung Hun), but I personally consider it a pretty important rite of passage. I think a sageuk role stretches you as an actor in ways that a trendy doesn’t, and it’s a great exposure for any actor serious about honing his craft. And Woobie IS serious about that, from what I can tell! ^^


          • Your enthusiasm for “Woobie” has gotten me excited! LOL. And I totally agree. Sageuks bring out the best in the actors. I remember Oh Ji Ho saying the same thing when he made Chuno, which was his first Sageuk. And everyone in that did an amazing job!

            I guess I am a little backwards. I think it was these certain dramas, even though I was watching it cuz I loved the lead actor, the story, and everything going on failed to hold my attention. And even though the entire series is up, I still get impatient! haha. I think cuz now that I’m no longer a K-drama novice, I can tell when a story is just dragging its feet, or the ‘couple’ are behaving like Junior High School and I’m like, get on with it!

            That’s why going back to Kim Woo Bin:

            **:when host Kim Hee Sun asked Woo Bin how he would respond if his girlfriend were to say “I love you.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Woo Bin answered, “I love you too” while everyone else in the room squealed at how naturally it comes to him. Adorable!”**

            Have you ever seen that in a Drama? Nope. They would have to drag that out for 4 episodes. Or the guy would be like…I *like* you. LOL. It would be great for Woo Bin to break the mold! haha

            But I keep those on the backburner and go to them when I get in Drama panic mode…What do I watch? Oh no! lol.


            • Yes, come to think of it, Chuno was the one and only show I’ve seen Oh Ji Ho in, where he actually impressed me. I found him very underwhelming in all the other trendies that I saw him in, but he really dug deep for Chuno, and the improvement was very distinct!

              Ahh.. Recognizing the kdrama tropes is what’s getting you down.. I guess it’s safe to say that we can’t quite expect to fully leave the kdrama tropes behind, since there’s a reason we love our kdramas & those tropes helped to make them what they are.. 🙂 It’s how skillfully they’re written in and executed that makes the difference, I think. Also, there are some shows that manage to either depart quite nicely from being too tropey, and others that manage to turn the cliches on their heads for a good satirical laugh.

              I guess the bottom line is that you’re getting more discerning about your dramas, & that’s a very natural rite of passage, imo.. I used to lap up any and every rom-com on the horizon, just coz it was a rom-com that got me hooked on kdrama & I just liked that light romantic happy vibe. Now, though, I’ve become a lot more discerning in terms of which shows I spend my precious drama hours on. On the downside, it’s harder to find a drama that satisfies me, but on the upside, I’ve gotten a lot more exposure to different genres and styles, and I’ve enjoyed some dramas that I’d have never checked out in the past. Like Gaksital. Or Vampire Prosecutor. Or Chuno, even.

              Have you watched Gaksital, btw? It’s quite brilliant. If you haven’t checked it out, maybe you’d like to consider it ^^


              • You hit the drama nail on the head. That’s exactly what I’m feeling. I think the older ones were more ‘tropey’ and the newer ones the writers realize that their audiences are more clever than they may have thought, they get tired of the same old situations.

                Gakistal…BRIDAL MASK! Ohh, I have that in the queue. I plan to watch it after Good Doctor (both star Joo Won the cutie). Thanks for recommending it. 😀


                • Almost as a general rule, the older the drama, the more tropey it tends to be, though that’s not always the case. I try to remember that it’s the older dramas that did the tropes first so they aren’t as unoriginal as they feel 😉

                  I have a major soft spot for Gaksital coz this was the show that sparked off the trend of epic reviews on this blog.. I found it so meaty and solid and really quite brilliant that I wrote 13,000 words to try to analyze it all and express that brilliance. That just unlocked a whole flood though, coz it’s now become a trend on this blog for reviews to go epic more often than not! XD

                  Yay that Gaksital is on your list! Joo Won is just fantastic in it.. I was watching him in Ojakgyo Brothers at the same time and he came across as 2 very distinct characters. So impressive, I thought! 😀 I totally recommend both dramas, btw. Ojakgyo Brothers is a lovely heartwarming watch where Joo Won gets to be cute and swoony.. And then there’s Gaksital, where he’s fiercely conflicted. So. Good. 😀


                  • Wowww, 13,000 words…that’s amazing. Once I get to watch it I will have to read that epic review. I will also watch Ojakgyo Brothers. Thanks for all the suggestions. I heard of that one and it has Ryu Soo Young in it!! :Drool, Drool! I seriously cannot resist his beautiful –> 😀


                    • Heh. 13,000 words is what broke me into the realm of the epic review.. You’ve already read one, actually. My Chuno review was something like 15,000 words(!!!) Guess it doesn’t feel quite as long as it really is coz I have lots of pix and music to keep you distracted? ;D The tricks I have up my sleeve, muahaha *rubs hands together gleefully*

                      Oh yes, Ryu Soo Young and his charming caddish grin get a lot of screen time in Ojakgyo Brothers! Between him and Joo Won’s swoony charm, there’s lots of squee in the show to keep you very satisfied! It’s one of my fave family dramas of all time. I had a lot of fun reliving the warm fuzzies while writing that review ^^ 58 eps, which you wish would never end. Really really 😀


                    • The pictures and the videos do help a lot. And it makes it that much more fun for your readers. You do a terrific job and I enjoy reading them. 🙂

                      Awesome about the OB! I need something light, modern and fluffy to counteract the medical melodrama of Good Doctor and the non-stop action in Two Weeks, and the historical Jumong. 😀


                    • Aw THANKS Lady G! I take that as a serious compliment, since you enjoy writing yourself *stores tid-bit away for a future shot of warm fuzzies*

                      OB is a PERFECT balancing drama, imo! 😀 Whether you’re watching, dark, heavy or melodramatic, the breezy heartwarming tone of OB is a lovely way to balance out for some feel-good factor all over ^^ I loved Gaksital, but it did get dark & intense, so an ep of OB just before bed was a great way to unwind from all the Gaksital tension. Plus! Double dose of Joo Won!! ;D


  45. I loved him in School 2013, which happens to be his only show that I’ve seen….. eagerly waiting for his next show Heirs that stars two of my other favorites as well (Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye) 🙂
    Wow… had quite an interesting journey in your love for Kim Woo Bin 😛


    • Aw, isn’t he just amazing in School 2013??? 😀 I was completely blown away by his Heung Soo. I loved that he got into character so deeply that in some scenes where he wasn’t supposed to cry, he cried anyway, because the tears just flowed. Chills. I am SO looking forward to seeing his future works, to see where he takes that talent!

      And yes, my love for Woobie has been mostly of the unexpected variety, hasn’t it?? Most of the time, I dream of a k-love only AFTER I figure out he’s a k-love, not the other way around! XD This time, my subconscience seemed to be much faster on the uptake than the rest of me, Lol!


  46. Sigh Woobieeeeee…. He is so good looking. I have no words. Your crush is pretty summed up from all the tweets exchange between you and Michele and I could tell the level of crush is off the chart! And your post is so fun to read :D. I hope you dream of Woobie tonight ❤


    • Sigh.. Isn’t he dreamy?? ❤❤ Yes, I have been spazzing a lot to Michele, who’s been taking it like the champion that she is! ^^

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read, Nelly! And THANK YOU – I hope I dream of Woobie tonight too! ;D


  47. *giggles*

    Such a fun read – and interesting, to see the progression of your crush, from mild interest to full-on obse- er, love. I meant love. >.<


    • Bwahahahaa!!! XD Nah, you called it right the first time, Jules!! I was completely surprised by JUST how fangirly and squee-ish I’ve gotten over Woobie.. He literally makes me squee out loud. Honestly. Lovely, lovely Woobie ❤

      ..Uh, where was I? Ah. Yes, I’m super chuffed that you enjoyed the read, Jules! And I’ve missed ya! HUGZZZ!! ❤


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