Review: That Far Gone [Master’s Sun Fanfic]


Classy, funny and sexy, That Far Gone is a smartly-written, tenderly-conceived labor of love.

A writer who clearly knows her subject and her audience, mywebfoot paints a convincing, believable fantasy world in which drama fans can indulge their imaginations and even their shipper hearts as they see the unfolding of a ‘real-life’ romance between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin come to life in the pages of this fanfic.

A tantalizingly addictive ride not only for So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin shippers, but for anyone who took notice of their chemistry in Master’s Sun.


So. Good, you guys. So. Good.

Honestly, I wish that I could just flail about and keep repeating that, and perhaps hypnotise you while I was at it, so that you’d go right out and read this ebook, based on your faith in my word alone, heh.

But that wouldn’t be doing justice to this book. Not at all. Which is why I’m going to attempt to break it down and explain what makes this fanfic such a worthy read. That’s right. I’m gonna try to decode the magic, without taking away any of the fairy dust.

* Let me state upfront that while mywebfoot graciously provided me with a copy of the book for review, that that doesn’t affect my opinion in the least. I enjoyed the excerpt and available chapters so much (details to come!) that I would’ve purchased this book myself.


Before getting into the book itself, I thought it’d be worthwhile to give you a bit of background. After all, I wasn’t all that blown away by Master’s Sun as a drama (review here), so why would I bother to read a fanfic, right? And a whole ebook at that, spanning 12 whole chapters?

1. Fanfic and Me

Honestly, I’ve never been big on fanfics. Maybe it’s coz I feel like I can’t even keep up with all the dramas I want to watch, let alone read fanfics. Priorities, y’know.

Or maybe it’s coz when an OTP does capture my imagination, I’m content to let them stay there – in my very fertile, active, self-sufficient imagination. I can dream up lotsa fun scenarios when the occasion calls for it, and I generally haven’t felt the need to seek out fanfics.

Or maybe it’s coz not all fanfics are created equal, despite the writers’ best intentions. Not everyone’s a gifted storyteller, after all.

The bottom line is, I’m raving about this ebook without a pre-existing fondness for fanfic in general. Which means you don’t have to be a fan of fanfic either, to appreciate this book. And neither do you need to be a So Ji Sub-Gong Hyo Jin shipper either.

I definitely wasn’t a shipper when I started reading the book, and that didn’t impede my enjoyment of the book in the least.

2. Existing Impressions of our OTP as Individuals

One of the draws for me, to That Far Gone, is my existing affection for its protagonists, Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub.

Gong Hyo Jin

I’ve loved Gong Hyo Jin as an actress for a long time. When I first saw her in Pasta, my first impression of her was that she seemed sorta plain and ordinary to be headlining a drama, but she grew on me, SO MUCH.

By the time I was done with Pasta, I considered Gong Hyo Jin one of my favorite actresses in dramaland, and have enjoyed her in pretty much every role she’s chosen since.

I love her natural, earthy charm that she brings into each of her roles, and I love how she seems to have no hangups about not conforming to the usual Korean standards of beauty.

She manages to have a healthy sense of self-confidence in her own brand of beauty, and she’s got such a gung-ho vibe about her too.

I love that she did Project 577, where she basically hiked for miles and miles and suffered exhaustion, cramps and terrible blisters, all while appearing without makeup on camera in all her unglam glory – the works.

Yet, she remained likable, charming and accessible throughout.

I love how real she comes across and I always think of her as one cool chick. Who could plausibly be a BFF who comes over for tea and girly chit-chat – including chit-chat about boys, of course.

So Ji Sub

I first encountered So Ji Sub in I’m Sorry, I Love You.

I didn’t love the show, but So Ji Sub’s strong shoulders and defined biceps didn’t hurt, and neither did the rebellious bad-boy smirk he wore much of the time. I didn’t come away with a fangirl crush myself, but I could understand the angsty So Ji Sub appeal.

Funnily enough, So Ji Sub endeared himself most to me not in Master’s Sun, but in his foray into rapping and making music. In his various music ventures, everyone basically made fun of him and dissed him as not-a-rapper as well as ridiculed his wacky fashion sense.

When I watched the MVs and a couple of BTSes, though, I really liked how earnest and sincere he seemed, in spite of the widespread mockery.

I saw a man who had a sincere love and passion for music, and who just wanted to do something he loved.

And I saw too, that a pretty sweet dork lived beneath the celebrity veneer.

Here he is, visiting Younha on the set of his music video ‘Picnic.’ Look at that good-natured, adorkable look on his face, like a little boy in a candy store trying hard not to explode with excitement:

And here he is, visiting the adorable Yoo Seung Ho on the set of his MV ‘Ground.’ Yoo Seung Ho plays So Ji Sub’s younger self in the MV, living up to his nickname of “Little So Ji Sub.”

I saw these two being all chummy together and couldn’t help melting a little:

Once I discovered the sweet dorkiness of So Ji Sub, I couldn’t help but have a bit of a soft spot for him.

Plus, he likely knew all about the general sense of derision towards his music ventures, but he smiled for the cameras and pressed on anyway.

Gotta give him props for tenacity and an admirable sense of self. It takes a strong person to know that people are laughing at him and yet not let that affect his choices. Respect.

While Master’s Sun didn’t hit it out of the ballpark for me, I did appreciate the great onscreen chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. And reading that little excerpt, I could totally see the man-dork fall for the bright, confident cool chick.

I thought it’d be adorable to see them get a happy-ever-after, even if it was within the fantasy world of a fanfic.

3. Existing OTP Chemistry – Master’s Sun BTS

I didn’t seek out reports or articles about the BTS chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, and even then, I knew that fandoms were exploding with squee over the sparkling chemistry that these two shared off-screen.

Gong Hyo Jin’s always had a reputation for being warm and easy-going, so it was no surprise to see her smiling and having fun during interviews. It was So Ji Sub that was the big surprise.

Famously serious and reserved, he was often captured in photos and videos, smiling, laughing and basically having a whale of a time with his co-star.

Gone were the super serious expressions. Instead, we got lots of cuteness where he looked like he was laughing coz he just couldn’t hold it back.

To give you guys a better idea of what we’re dealing with, here’s a photo of So Ji Sub at a press conference with Han Hyo Joo in 2012, for their movie Always.

All serious answers and respectful distance, right?

Now take a look at So Ji Sub with Gong Hyo Jin, all smiles and banter in an interview:

And then look at them here, where So Ji Sub’s wearing such an intent look on his face, with just a touch of amusement in his eyes, as he watches Gong Hyo Jin answer an interviewer’s question.

Oooohh. Right?

You just can’t blame the fans – or me! – for wanting to entertain some fantasy romance between the two.

I wasn’t a shipper by any means, but knowing about their off-screen chemistry certainly poised me to be ready for more.


Much as my existing context set me up to be open to exploring a fanfic about So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, it was the writing itself that was the real clincher.

I read that short excerpt (yes, more on that in a bit!), and I was immediately intrigued. Here’s why.

1. Storytelling Style

The Art

To me, storytelling is an art. An art that not a lot of people know how to perform effectively. It’s not easy to use words to paint a picture, to bring a character to life, to immerse readers and take them on a journey.

And mywebfoot is an effective, skilled, classy storyteller. Plus, she clearly tells her story with care, and with heart. It’s clear to me that she crafted this story, and fleshed out these characters with fondness and affection.

Vicariously, through her words, I found it easy to love these characters too.

mywebfoot has a great flair for picking out just enough bits from a scene to flesh out in words, in order to make it come alive in one’s mind’s eye.  Not too little, and not too much; Juuust right (said the happy baby bear reading the book, heh).


I love that while the language mywebfoot uses is simple and accessible (read: you don’t need to be a language genius in order to read it), she scatters interesting word combinations in her narrative that make for delicious phrasing and just-so nuance, which I really dig.

Here are just a couple of examples:

“I hear the crackle of her opening up her bento box.”

“…cackling like a witch, hugging herself and crumpling slowly down to the ground”

“Her hand slips and a slosh of batter goes over the side of the bowl.”

Crackle. Crumple. Slosh. Such interesting yet perfect word choices. Likey.

Narrative Voice

So Ji Sub is mywebfoot’s chosen narrator, and we get to hear the entire story told from his point of view, in his voice. And mywebfoot inhabits that voice so well.

In a sense, That Far Gone reads almost like entries in a diary, coz we’re given blow-by-blow accounts of incidents. What makes it different from entries in a diary, though, is the use of the present tense.

That, combined with the on-going mental commentary and reactions by So Ji Sub, makes it feel like we are actually in the moment with him, seeing as he sees, hearing as he hears, and basically experiencing each and every incident with him in real time

Like so:

“I stare at her. She’s gorgeous when she’s happy.”

“She scrunches her lips together, making her cheeks puff up. She looks like a hamster when she does that.”

This style of writing, combined with the simple language, effectively makes us feel like we are inhabiting the straightforward, uncomplicated male psyche of our narrator.

Bewilderment, bemusement, intrigue, attraction, confusion, frustration. Our sweet man-dork feels it all, as he encounters the bright, confident cool chick. And we get to feel it all with him.

The past tense is reserved for flashbacks, and this works wonderfully well to inform us as readers where we are at any given time, in So Ji Sub’s consciousness.

Whether we’re in the present moment with him, or delving into memories recent and not-so-recent, the simple difference in tenses ensures that we are accurately informed. I love how effective yet simple that storytelling device is.

It’s immersive and absorbing, and I dig it.

2. Character Interpretation

One of the most impressive things about That Far Gone, is how well mywebfoot interprets the characters. It’s absolutely uncanny how on-point all the descriptions are, from speech patterns to personality quirks to facial expressions.

From everything that I know about So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, I can so imagine them behaving the way she depicts, and talking the way she describes.

It’s clear that mywebfoot has either observed these people for a long time, or put a lot of careful preparation and research into fleshing out these characters.

From Gong Hyo Jin’s winning smile, to the way her lanky limbs work, to her habit of lifting her hair off her neck, mywebfoot’s got it all down pat.

As I read each paragraph and chapter, I could totally see the man-dork reacting to and responding to the bright, confident cool chick. They came to life in the pages of this book, and they felt just like the people I thought they would be.

3. Brilliant Use of Context

To me, this is the most brilliant aspect of That Far Gone.

You know how the writers of The Princess’ Man and Tree With Deep Roots used real people from history, and combined them with fictional characters, and found nooks and crannies in history that were left vague?

They filled in those unrecorded, unwritten, blurred shadows of history to make plausible the events and characters in their narrative, and effectively made stories that could have conceivably passed for fact. That’s one of my favorite kinds of sageuk.

I find it brilliant and thought-provoking, and persuasively compelling.

And mywebfoot does exactly that, except the history and characters we’re dealing with are a lot more recent.

For a good chunk of its story, That Far Gone works off of actual scenes from Master’s Sun. As she describes them, we know exactly which scenes mywebfoot is talking about; we’ve already watched them unfold on our screens while watching the drama.

What mywebfoot does, is take those scenes and inject context and meaning where before we only had massive blanks. She fills in these blanks for us, with feelings, motivations and subtext, and basically lifts the scene to a whole new level of meaning and fascination.


For example, in the excerpt below, So Ji Sub feels conflicted about filming the kiss scene. He narrates his urge to touch the bare skin exposed by Gong Hyo Jin’s dress.

It’s so easy to imagine coz we’ve seen that scene; seen that dress. We know exactly what the writer is talking about.

And yet, it’s delicious coz now we’re seeing the scene in a whole different light. So Ji Sub’s feelings and emotions and personal responses are now painted in for us, and it enriches and lifts the context of the scene to tantalizing heights.


Throughout the book, mywebfoot consistently does a great job picking out scenes in the drama and giving them meaning. Especially scenes that didn’t make complete sense. Like the extra-cold way that Gong Sil responds to Joong Won when he confesses.

She paints the whys, the context, and suddenly it all takes on meaning. It’s thrilling to imagine the reality she paints, and completely persuasive, to believe, just for a while, that this could all be real.

Just like TPM and Tree paint history in a way that could have actually happened, mywebfoot paints a reality that could have believably, actually happened.

It takes an eagle eye for detail, a strong imagination, and a loving touch to create a narrative that feels immediately familiar and believable because it’s rooted in reality, yet tastes exotic and tantalizing because of the possibilities she creates.

mywebfoot also inserts other characters in the story that we all know, and that is pretty great. We get appearances by Song Seung Hun, Park Yong Ha, and Shin Min Ah, for example.

These people are real-life friends of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, and having them participate in the story ups the realism further and paints even more on the empty parts of the canvas of our mental image of our lead couple.

On top of all this, mywebfoot takes everything that we as drama fans know – the incidental Korean phrases (jjinjja? Oppa!), and how drama shoots work, with the PD, cameramen, Coordi Noonas – and weaves it into her narrative.

As a result, we feel like we’re entering a world that’s at once familiar yet fascinating. She takes what we find familiar and levels it up, bringing life to the scene through little details, and injecting plot into places we don’t usually see into, as an audience. It’s tantalizing, gripping stuff.

All in all, a world that is perfectly written for its audience.


Finally, the excerpt that I keep promising everyone. Here’s a peek at mywebfoot’s take on the kiss scene that happens in episode 9 of the drama.

The first kiss scene, the pivotal scene of any romantic tale, is today.

Yeah, my timing is wonderful. I set myself up for a day of unrelenting sexual frustration.

“Now hug her.”

“Hold it. Right there.” One centimeter away from her lips. Holding her face, breathing her sweet breath.

“Now kiss, and then let her collapse against you.”

God, her front is pressed up against me. The temperature climbs. Think about something else, you randy idiot! Stay professional, like her.

“Now kiss… yes…hold it there.” I kiss but keep my lips firmly in check. No shifting, molding or tasting allowed.

PD Hyuk walks around us, checking the final camera angles. I hate him for being so damn thorough.

“All right, Ji Sub-ssi, hands hesitate… pause, camera hoist up, hands down, down Ji Sub-ssi, … all right …. then we cut.”

Her back is warm. Her skin, as soft as it looks. I imagine running my fingers up and down the gap in her dress. Temptation gathers in the tips of my fingers. Just once, my hormones beg me, sitting up with their tongues lolling for a treat.

After reading the excerpt, I felt right away that the narrative was simple, yet nuanced; immediate and accessible. I knew I’d enjoy reading the entire book, and I wasn’t disappointed.


While I genuinely loved That Far Gone, there is one point of the story that didn’t flow for me. It’s not a huge deal, and is easy enough to overlook in order to enjoy the rest of the story. But it did niggle at me somewhat, that I couldn’t connect the dots with this particular beat of the story.


In chapter 4, after an evening of too-close-for-comfort pancake making, we find Hyo Jin looking worried and troubled the next day, about the kiss scene at hand.

After some bad takes, Ji Sub approaches Hyo Jin to try to tease a smile out of her. Hyo Jin then broaches the subject, “What happened last night, Oppa? Do we need to talk?” And Ji Sub’s next thought is, “Relief floods me. She just acknowledged this crazy attraction we have.”

I.. had trouble connecting the dots there.

In the pancake making scene of the night before, we could clearly hear Ji Sub’s thoughts as he put the moves on Hyo Jin and we know for a fact that he’s intoxicated by her.

But we don’t get a clear sense that she actually enjoyed the close proximity, only that she was clearly uncomfortable. To then have her worried and troubled countenance about the kiss scene the next day equate reciprocal attraction was just too ambiguous for me.

Yes, we need our story to get to a place where our lead couple’s attraction to each other is clear.

But that didn’t do it for me, coz in my mind, she could’ve easily been uncomfortable because she didn’t want him that close to her, rather than because she was attracted to him and therefore acutely hyper-aware of his physical closeness.

Once I decided to just shrug off this bump in my reading journey, however, the rest of the book was pure pleasure to read. All in all, a minor quibble in a sea otherwise full of goodies.



What’s so great about this story is that it’s so well fleshed-out. Characters, personalities, emotions, backstories; everything is just so well woven together. 

It’s fast-paced without feeling rushed, and at 12 full chapters, we get a nicely developed story that feels satisfyingly fleshed out and resolved.

In this story, we get so much more than infatuation and romance. We get to share in the characters’ joys, as well as their fears and tears, and in the end, we are rewarded with a love story that feels substantial and real. And that is gratifying, satisfying stuff.

The best part? This story lingered with me – much like how a great drama lingers with me – many hours after I was done. That’s the true mark of a great story.

Oh, and just so you know, I finished the entire book in one sitting. Yep. I was That Far Gone. 😉


An immersive, delightful read that will tickle and satisfy the imagination. Unreservedly recommend.



1. To sample the Prologue and Chapters 1 through 3 (yes, three whole chapters!), &/or to find purchase links, visit mywebfoot here.

* If you purchase off Lulu, there’s a site-wide 14% discount until Valentine’s Day (14 February 2014).

2. To learn more about mywebfoot, and get the backstory on how she started writing and publishing fanfic, check out DDee’s interview with her here.

* DDee’s holding a giveaway where you stand a chance to win a copy of That Far Gone for yourself. Giveaway closes 14 February 2014.

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7 years ago

Hi! Awesome review! Just curious, really, I hope I’m not being offensive, but how does publishing fanfic work? Idk, cuz I think in America at least, with all the copyright issues, it’s illegal to make money off fanfic. I was just wondering if that works differently with foreign property (ie. Kdramas and stuff that isn’t American produced) or in different countries?

It’s just, I read a lot of fanfics, but it’s alway free. Not that I have anything against paying for people’s works, but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)
Reply to  Julianne

Hi Julianne,

Kfangurl alerted me to this question about copyright, and asked if I would like to reply.

It’s not an offensive question, and I’ll happily answer it.

Before I decided to publish this, I asked around a bit, and though it’s not official legal advice, the answer I got was three fold.

1. Writing fanfic about ‘worlds’ created by authors, for example writing stories set in the Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth, is illegal and constitutes copyright infringement. Authors have put their creative effort into creating that world, and therefore it belongs to them. Some authors specifically ban fanfic writers from writing in their world, but others encourage it. So, in this case, it is illegal, but not always prosecuted.
This first scenario doesn’t apply to TFG. TFG’s ‘world’ is created by me, and I haven’t copied anything from anyone in the creation of that world.
2. What about writing about the actors, using their real names? This one is more grey. Of course, if I were to write an article with the actors names in it, and claim it as fact, then that would be 100% wrong. But it is clearly stated that this is FICTION. Secondly, am I infringing on the privacy of the actors? No more so than an unauthorised biography might, and those are sold in bookstores all around the world.
3. I WILL infringe on copyright if I use their images. I made sure to steer wayyy clear of doing that.

So that’s it. I hope I’ve cleared up some doubts!

Won’t comment on the paying or not paying. That’s a personal choice. 🙂

7 years ago

Ahhhh…That explains a lot. Thanks so much! I never really took the time to figure out the more specific rules. I guess I’m used to copyright issues about publishing cuz I usually read Harry Potter fanfics, or of other books and tv shows instead of people, so there’s more of an issue with the “world” aspects. 😀

7 years ago

So informative & educational.. And it makes SO much sense too. I feel enlightened! 😀 Thanks for sharing, webby! <3

mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)
Reply to  kfangurl

You’re welcome!

8 years ago

The only reason I fell for So Ji Sub is definitely his love for hip-hop… And his dedication. Like…90% of the industry mock him, but he just keeps releasing his albums b/c that makes him happy and I respect that soo much. And I honestly don’t find him THAT bad. I think he’s decent enough for him not being ashamed to release his music. I’m looking for his itws to hear him talk about music but it’s very hard to find…

8 years ago
Reply to  1sunnylady

Oh, sometimes we think in such similar ways, Sunny!!! I’m not big into hip-hop myself, but it’s precisely that quality in SJS, where he just lets all the mockery slide off his back and just keep on doing what he loves anyway. That takes strong character and guts and confidence, and I love that he’s just going after what he loves, never mind everyone else’s opinion. Gotta respect that! <3

I'd love to read his interviews, if you do manage to find any to translate!! 😀

8 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

2 months later, I realize that my comment was posted in the wrong article. LOOOL. I was checking the Pure Pretty article and I was looking for my comment and I couldn’t find it… Well, yeah, if I posted it here and not there, I couldn’t find it. That’s what happens when you open so many tabs. You must have wondered why my comment was so OFF topic which is the Master’s Sun fanfiction here. sorry 😀

8 years ago
Reply to  1sunnylady

Hahaha! No problem at all, my dear Sunny! In fact, since I reply to comments via my dashboard, I hadn’t even noticed that you’d posted your comment on the wrong article! Now we BOTH know! XD

Joyce Yagoda
Joyce Yagoda
8 years ago

Hollywood loves So Ji Sub and the Americans would only be critical of his work and not him. He is a fantastic individual. What if he left korea and came to Hollywood?? Ask him if he got a call. Maybe he will not bother to answer and keep that info close to his vest. It is important that he feels Asia and especially, Korea backs him.

8 years ago
Reply to  Joyce Yagoda

Hi there Joyce, it seems that there is a misunderstanding.. There is no intent in this post, nor in the fanfic itself, to mock So Ji Sub. In fact, as I read the fanfic, I had the distinct feeling that mywebfoot wrote the fanfic with a lot of care and affection for her characters. And, her storytelling style is elegant and classy, as I’ve mentioned in the review. Everything is written in a classy manner, ie, it’s not smut. So while I understand that not everyone enjoys fanfic that is written for the person rather than the character, I actually didn’t find anything offensive as I read it. I hope that helps to clarify things. 🙂

Joyce Yagoda
Joyce Yagoda
8 years ago

Do you people Mock all the Korean actors or just the quiet ones?? You remind me of a serial killer stocking his prey. ” I did not like the group of girls she was with but boy I noted her.” She had long dark hair and dark eyes and she had cleavage that made me want to get close to her.” Serial killers make up their unique stories, such as, she smiled on TV, I knew what she was thinking. She was thinking she wanted me because why would she smile, if she was not smiling at me. I call that fanfic, also. That means the assassination of good people’s lives, by a serial killer and good moral character of whatever star by the fanfic. Sociopaths, have problems dealing in reality and are constantly thinking that whatever they deem truth is the truth because that is how they deem it. Dangerous way to think. How do you know what SJS, was thinking or feeling, when he did that show, except tired and glad it needed. It is nothing more or less than a job. Writing Fanfic is not amusing but demeaning. It give that writer a false sense
of control over another person’s life, which they do not have. He probably, barely noticed the actress except she was on stage with him for many segments. SJS, is a very polite, kind young man that would not say anything hurtful about anyone. He deserves the same respect. His rap is excellent, by the way and I could listen to it around the clock. As far as Park Yong Ha is concerned, he is no longer here to defend himself. He was an artist and an extremely talented man in his own right. Do not discuss people who cannot defend themselves.

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago

Sunbaenim! It has taken me way-way too long to read this post. Life, blogging, dramas, oh my were distracting me. But today I hid away on my lunch break here at work with this post and a yummy meal. I already wanted to read thus book because of DDee’s interview, but now I’m even more driven to read this book!

You already know how much I loved Master’s Sun (having mostly to do with it converting the hubby to dramas). But I loved the chemistry between Ji Sub and Hyo Jin so much that I really thought something was going on for them behind the scenes. I wasn’t aware they were so fiercely shipped until I read the interview. I can so see why fans shipped them!

Just so you know the first thing I’ll be doing when I get home this evening will be buying this book! The big challenge will be squeezing in time to read it!

9 years ago

D’AWWWW!! You spent your precious lunch break reading this post??? You are the SWEETEST, Jaime! ❤

Oh yes, the fandom around the So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin ship is pretty fierce. I knew they existed, but when I finally checked it out while writing this review, the intensity of their fandom really blew me away. Given the sparky chemistry they had, particularly BTS, I can totally see why this ship is still going strong long after the show has wrapped. And this book will certainly feed that need to see them get a happy-ever-after! Even as a non-shipper, I was glued to this book once I started. So in a nutshell, that’s my sunbae secret in answer to your challenge: just start reading. You won’t want to stop. And then you’ll get mighty creative with reorganizing your schedule to work around this until you’re done with chapter 12. Your fangirl addiction to this book will be the driving force; you just need to sit back and let it happen ^.~

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

It was the best part of my day getting to read your post and relax on my lunch!

I wasn’t aware that I was part of the fandom hehe, I loved them together so much and wanted them to end up together in real life. I guess I’m a shipper and I didn’t even know it! Their chemistry on screen was so phenomenal, I hadn’t seen the BTS footage until after the hubby and I finished watching Master’s Sun. They were just as sparkly off screen as on!

I actually bought the book a day after I commented on this post! Hehe … and I’ve been reading it on my lunch breaks. Omo! I am halfway through and it is terribly addicting! I keep sneaking a few seconds here and there to read too! I’ll probably read the rest this evening once I put the kiddo to bed hehe! It is just that good!!!

9 years ago

You really do say the sweetest things, Jaime! ❤ You’re a completely biased Candy, but this chaebol digs it, lol ;D

I’m guessing you’ve finished the book by now?? I’m super curious to hear how you liked it overall. I pretty much inhaled it in one giddy breath, I was that addicted to it. It’s just so absorbing! And gosh, the story and the characters lingered with me, just like with a really great drama. Did it have that sort of an effect on you too? 🙂

Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I speak only the truth! I could never lie to my Chaebol! hehe

Yes! I think I may have even finished it the same day I posted that comment! Omo was it good!!! I already loved Master’s Sun, mostly because it was my husband’s gateway drama, however, now I feel way more connected to it. Before I was able to finish it I kept thinking about it in context to the show and it gave the show a bigger life than it already have for me. Now that I’ve finished it I still keep thinking about it. Just like I always think about the dramas I loved after I finished them.

On its own it was an amazing cracky story that I wanted more and more and more of!! But combined as a subtext to the show Omo yeah I loved it more than is probably healthy!!!

9 years ago

Eeeee!!! 😀 YAY that you loved TFG as much as I did!! 😀 It totally DOES take your appreciation of the drama to a whole new level, doesn’t it??? I was pretty meh about Master’s Sun as a drama, and even then, I was so happy that I’d watched it, to be able to understand the context of the story that mywebfoot tells in the fanfic! Like, to be able to know what scene she’s referring to, and which set. That scene she wrote about the rooftop set: rawrrrr~~

I did love too, how she explains stuff in a way that causes the drama to make more sense than it really does. Like how Gong Sil reacts to Joong Won’s confession. I remember thinking it kinda odd when I watched it, and it was such a cool thing, to then have the fanfic fill in the blanks as to why that might be, from Gong Hyo Jin’s point of view. SO. GOOD.

I SO, SO recommend anyone who’s watched Master’s Sun to read the fanfic, seriously. It just takes the TMS experience to a whole new level!

9 years ago

HELP!! I am dying to read this but I am one of those people who know nothing about technology. I have never downloaded anything in my life. I don’t even have a cell phone. I use my computer for work , to watch dramas online, and to read blogs when my slow internet will not let me watch dramas. I just got a facebook page six months ago. Yes, I know I am pitiful, but have pity on me people and tell me what I should do or need. I don’t even understand the terminology on the page that is supposed to be telling what I need. I know I have a pc that runs windows, but that is it. I am so desperate that I may have to go to the IT department at my university and have them help me. (I think they put me on speaker whenever I call so the whole department gets a good laugh). However, before I do that, would anyone give me a hand?

9 years ago
Reply to  trotwood

Heyya trotwood!! 😀 I so understand your wanting to read the ebook, NOW.. I was similarly intrigued after reading mywebfoot’s available excerpts online. ^^

Basically, to read an ebook, you need an application that will function as a Reader. Sort of like how you need a browser in order to access the internet, the Reader will help you to access the goodies in the ebook. I’m not a Windows user myself, but I found this article that lists a few options that you can consider, as a Windows user. After reading through them, pick the one that sounds good to you and click on it – you’ll be brought to the relevant download site to download and install your chosen Reader.

Once that’s done, you can purchase the ebook. Once the ebook has been downloaded to your computer, your Reader will be able to open the epub file, which is the format mywebfoot used. I hope that helps! And I hope you enjoy the read! 😀

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

HURRAY!!!! I did it!!!! Thank you, kfangurl. I literally clapped at the screen when the books showed up. I should have been working on a grant interim report; instead, I read eight chapters in one breathless swoop.

9 years ago
Reply to  trotwood

Aw, good on you, trotwood!! *wild applause* I know that exhilaration of conquering a seemingly daunting technological mountain! ^^ And, it sounds like you’re really enjoying the read – 8 chapters in one breathless swoop sounds a lot like my own inhale-it-all-at-once experience!! Isn’t it cracky, delicious goodness??? 😀 Crackier than many a drama, imo 😉

9 years ago

Oh wow… I’m not into fan fiction but I’m downloading it as I’m typing it LOL Thanks for the great review!

9 years ago
Reply to  missienelly

*typing this… see how I’m rushing it so I can read it now? And I haven’t read since 1995 LOL j/k

9 years ago
Reply to  missienelly

Giggle. You are always so cute, Nelly!! XD Yay, I’m glad you’re checking out TFG, it’s a cracky read! Even if you haven’t read in a while, I really don’t think you’ll have a problem zooming through to the end. At least, that’s what happened to me 😉

9 years ago

This is precisely the kind of review TFG needs. It’s well thought out and honest. I like the idea that even a non-shipper will find it an enjoyable read. I’m also not into fan fiction, in fact, this is my first foray into the stuff. I’m a SoGong shipper though and TFG satisfied my fangirl fantasies immensely. Heh. Thanks kfangurl.

9 years ago
Reply to  drmjs

Aw, thanks drmjs! I did really enjoy my read of TFG, even as a non-shipper. I didn’t even love TMS as much as most people did, so I’m living proof that you don’t need to love the show or be a shipper in order to enjoy the book! Hopefully TFG will find an expanded audience – it’s definitely a worthy read! ^^

9 years ago

If you like romance literature, this is a must! Totally worth the money spent 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Suzie

Oh yes, I would’ve bought the book myself, if mywebfoot hadn’t offered to let me have a review copy. Definitely an excellent read that’s worth every cent!

9 years ago

OMG >.< i want this TFG soo bad, it's just i have to wait a little bit more ;'(( thank you for the review i love

9 years ago
Reply to  netongg

Aw, I hope you manage to get your copy of TFG soon, netongg! And I’m glad you enjoyed the review! 😀

mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)

Hi there!

Thank you for doing the review. It means a lot to me, as someone who is a complete amateur at this whole writing and publishing thing. I appreciate the feedback a lot, esp coming from someone like you who reviews creative work regularly.


9 years ago

It’s my pleasure, mywebfoot!! 😀 Even without taking into account that this is your first published work, I’d say it’s a lovely, worthy read. Whatever you may feel you lack in experience, you more than make up for with skill and talent. I loved the read, and salute you for the dedication and effort you put into this! I found this more cracky than many a recent drama, so that’s definitely something special! 😉 Keep on keeping up the awesome! ^^

9 years ago

Have to say LOVED this drama and really all to do with their chemistry. I’d watch them go about life, having kids and fights and seeing ghosts if I could. So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin are some of my favorite actors from the Korean world. I love that you fell in love with the fanfic though. So cute. I’ve never read a word of fanfic myself but it has a soft spot in my heart because my brother is gaga over everything fanfic. He just cackles away and it makes me smile (and sometimes frown.) Cheers.

9 years ago
Reply to  yaykisspurr

I’d have to agree that their chemistry was one of the best things about the show – which is probably why I fell in love with the fanfic. That, and the fact that it’s really well-written! If you liked the drama, this would be a fanfic I’d recommend, particularly since you’re interested in writing and what makes it tick. I’m not big on fanfic generally speaking, but I am raving over this as a well-written and carefully conceived piece of writing – that just happens to have extra appeal to fans of the drama ^^

9 years ago

I absolutely loved this drama. It’s one of my favorites. They are both incredible actors. I need to watch more So Ji Sub. I really like him. His mannerisms in this drama are phenomenal. He had me smiling, laughing and swooning. Gong Hyo Jin is my favorite female actress. She really solidified my belief in that with this drama. Not an easy role to pull off and she did an impeccable job portraying this character.

Thank you Hong sisters for a great drama!

9 years ago
Reply to  zhaoul

Oh I do enjoy them both as actors.. I am probably in the minority in that I like them and I enjoyed their portrayals, but the drama as a whole wasn’t as cracky for me as it was for others. If you loved the drama that much, you’d probably really enjoy the fanfic even more than I did. Maybe you’d like to check it out 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thanks. I will

9 years ago
Reply to  zhaoul

Great! I’d love to hear how you like it! ^^