We are TWO!

kfangurl: Can you believe the blog’s actually been around for 2 whole years now? It used to be such teeny tiny lil baby, and now look how well it’s growing up, heh. I’ve heard of the Terrible Twos where toddlers are concerned.. I wonder if we’re now entering the Terrible Twos, for the blog. Like, will we get more tantrumy & stampy!

Lady G:  That could happen! But I believe The Fangirl Verdict is maturing. And, I consider her a girl. She’s lively, and extremely curious about her wonderful Kdrama surroundings. She loves to gush over handsome K-drama men. She’s creative and enjoys writing her own dream dramas, and she’s wise. She genuinely wants to help fans answer their Kdrama problems with her own feature – Dear Kfangurl.

kfangurl:  ‪Y’know, I’ve never thought about that. But you’re right, blog baby’s a girl. How could she NOT be a girl, she spazzes so much over k-boys.

Lady G:  ‪She’s such a little yoja!

kfangurl:  ‪Well, I think so, but I am also completely biased!

Lady G:  ‪And that’s a #1 rule at The Fangirl Verdict, we can be totally biased… WITHOUT stepping on anyone else’s biases.

kfangurl: Or at least, we try.

We swears. They DO try.

내게기대 (Lean Of Me) – Standing Egg (Feat. Park Se Young)


kfangurl: It’s really been an awfully – and unexpectedly! – eventful second year for the blog. I mean, we’ve had the launch of Pure Pretty, Dear Kfangurl, and Dream Dramas – which includes YOU joining the blog too!

Y’know, last year, when I titled the blogoversary post “We are ONE” the blog was one year old, and I was the only one writing for it. Now, with you on board, it’s literally “We are TWO!”

Lady G: Oh I’m blushing. That’s really sweet! So this post is a double entendre!

Sweet blushing Woob is adorbs. <3

kfangurl:  ‪It is. I like to be punny that way, heh.

This year we also finally crossed the 100-post mark. Which is piddling compared to blogs that have more frequent posts, but for us, this is a pretty big deal. I mean, it sometimes takes forever just to write ONE post!

Lady G: ‪It sure does. [Ahem] At The Fangirl Verdict, we appreciate quality over quantity. ‪There are so many aspects to explore when discussing Kdrama, or K-actors, or just answering fan-related or drama questions.

kfangurl: Pfft. You can totally tell that you’re the creative writer around here, putting such an excellent spin on everything ‘n all. To put it bluntly, we’re not always extremely efficient..!

Lady G: ‪I do tend to sound like a CF at times, heh. Things always get hectic behind the secret curtain. But hopefully we have done our best this year to put out entertaining and interesting blog posts and stories. There’s so much more to being a fan than squeeing over our biases and OTPs.

kfangurl: There’s more to being a fan than squeeing? Hey now, that’s mostly where the action’s at, isn’t it? *innocent eyes*

‪Seriously though, I really hafta thank all our readers for the wonderful support. I mean, despite us only being at 100-ish posts, the blog views have been booming this year. Would you believe that between the blog’s 1st and 2nd birthdays, we crossed the 200,000, 300,000 AND 400,000 marks?? All in the space of 12 months? At one point, we even crossed the 2,000 views mark in a single day.


To borrow a little from one of Song Jae Rim’s cheesy one-liners on We Got Married, this blog is, quite literally, powered by love. (Eee!! Are you fingers curling up yet? XD )

Yes, I really did say that. Or at least, SOMETHING like that.

Lady G: Powered by love? Sounds like some Japanese robot dramas I’ve watched. Heehee. Those counts are truly amazing, and I hope our readership continues to grow. I believe it will as Kdrama and Asian drama in general creeps more into the mainstream.

kfangurl: Hallyu is taking over the world. THE WORLD, I say! Which makes me very happy, coz good things should be shared! World domination, here we come!


Oopsie. Is it time to sound intelligent now? We can dooo eeet!

kfangurl: ‪So anyway – it’s been a couple of months now since you said yes to writing for the blog. How’s that been for you? Good? Weird? Good-weird?

Lady G:  ‪It’s been good FUN! I won’t say weird. More like, surreal. Because I never thought I’d be able to share my Kdrama imagination with the world in this way.

kfangurl:  ‪And what a pity that would’ve been!! I pride myself for having snagged you first! *pleased*

Lady G: Haha. Aww shucks.

Some awesome friendships have been forged too. I noticed that others are inspired to write and create their own dramas as well.

kfangurl:  ‪Which is very cool stuff. Hopefully we’re starting – or helping! – a good trend! Although, I do know that there’ve always been bloggers who also do creative writing. Maybe not Dream Drama style, but still, creative writing inspired by kdramas.

Actually, I’m wondering if writing for the blog’s affected the way you write, in any way? Like, would you be writing differently, dya think, if you weren’t writing for the blog?

Mmm.. Aren’t these Dream Dramas AWESOME?

Lady G:  ‪Well, I believe I learned a new format of writing. A Dream Drama is like one giant Kdrama narrative or synopsis without real dialogue. It took some getting used to. I have always written Fan-fiction. Writing dramas is helping me to hone my storytelling skills.

kfangurl:  ‪It’s definitely not straight-up storytelling, in terms of the format we’re using. But y’know what, I think that’s what helps to make it work. I think telling a straight-up story in all of its details would be too much for a dream drama post.

Lady G:  ‪That’s true. If I want to do that, there’s always Fan-fiction sites out there I can use. Writing Dream Dramas makes me feel as if I can write an actual Screenplay, which is something I’ve never tried before. Except in 6th grade when I wrote “Sunny and Moon Beam” the Hippie Romeo and Juliet – and we had to act out the particular scene our teacher chose on video. We had a lot of fun getting costumes and everything. We got an A+++++ !!!

kfangurl:  ‪Clearly, your creative writing talents starting showing themselves at an early age! Congrats on the A+++++, by the way. I’ve never gotten that on ANYTHING before.

Lady G:  Thank you. 🙂 ‪In the coming year I want to try and write coherent reviews, if not for an entire kdrama, then for K-movies. I’m amazed at how you can structure your reviews and the more I read them, even if I didn’t see the drama, the more I learn. Spazzing in a review is fun, but if I learned anything about blogging this year, it’s STREAMLINING. That is my word of the year.

kfangurl:  ‪Yay for stretching your writing wings and taking on movie reviews! You’ve already written one for The Suspect; I’d love to see you taking on more!

Lady G: ‪That would be cool. And it gives me more excuses to sneak off to Manhattan to watch a K-movie if it’s a new one to review. The review for The Suspect came to me on the subway ride home and I wrote it down in a fit of inspiration.

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines Streamline as: “to make (something) simpler, more effective, or more productive.” With your guidance and patience, I’ve been able to do that for my Dream Dramas. I’m trying to. Less is often more.

I want to be able to view dramas objectively, etc. Writing Dream Dramas, creating characters from scratch, and reading all the blog reviews has helped me understand a drama writer’s thought process (though without the Producer and money pressure!).

kfangurl: I’d like to streamline more myself, actually. It’s part of my effort to be more concise – and by extension, hopefully post more often.

Lady G: ‪I felt the difference in your recent post on It’s Okay It’s Love. You really tackled each character and their motives, good and bad.

kfangurl: That’s one of my big experiments this year, actually. At one point, I wrote only monster reviews, and this year has been the year of trying out different lengths and approaches in my reviews. One big learning this year for me: not every review needs to be a monster – or deserves to be a monster.

Lady G:  ‪Ha! I think some dramas are just big wastes of time.

kfangurl: ‪True. But then, this year I also discovered the beauty of the Fast Forward button! Through this magical button, I actually enjoyed a couple of dramas that I wouldn’t have touched otherwise. I really, really liked Mama, and I flat-out loved Jang Ok Jung. Both are dramas that had a lot of filler that I would’ve found draggy, but that my handy FF button solved for me.

Not gonna lie, handsome Hong Jong Hyun is what made me check out Mama to begin with. Show’s good tho, really!

Lady G: Squee! How cute! I’ve been using the FF too. I’ve learned to ignore any guilt.

kfangurl: ‪I promise not to abuse my FF button though! *hand on heart*

Lady G:  ‪It keeps me from nodding off.

kfangurl: ‪It’s great for shows where you’re not terribly interested in chunks of the story. The FF button is a small part of another piece of my learning / blogging journey this year, and that’s learning to be flexible.

Meaning, I don’t need to watch every drama in every little detail, nor do I need to review a show in every little detail.

Lady G:  ‪That’s a good lesson. After really studying all the blog posts and various formats, I’m learning how to view a drama more objectively, to pick up on what the writer is trying to say with their themes and the character quirks and behaviors.

Many seem like pure fluff, but there’s just as much with real depth. I’ve seriously become more patient and tolerant of drama characters that I would normally brush off or hate. As a blogger, I think it’s best to bring out the good points and bad points of a drama.

kfangurl: True, coz usually a show can’t be all bad (do not take this as a challenge, dramaland!). Neither can a show be all good too, for that matter. But I like to recognize the good stuff, in particular. It makes my drama experience happier.

I mean, I enjoy deconstruction and analysis as much as the next drama / literary nerd, but honestly, I’m here for the happy. It’s why I jumped on the drama train to begin with, y’know?

I’m a flexible blogger! Hur.

I’m also learning to be flexible by listening to suggestions on the blog and being more open-minded than an immediate knee-jerk reaction might allow. And that’s actually helped the blog to grow in ways that I never would’ve imagined in the past.

Dear kfangurl came out of a suggestion by Jo, and that’s something that I never would’ve thought to start on my own. Pure Pretty came out of a comment left by Asotss. And the preamble on the Reviews page came from feedback from Alittlewoman about spoilers.

Lady G:  ‪That’s very good. I’ve been more flexible in that with the Dream Dramas too. I enjoy suggestions more when I’m stuck or need historical help, etc. Nobody likes militant bloggers or website owners. I’ve never been one, but I’ve stumbled over them through the years.

kfangurl: ‪Tee hee. That’s partly why I just leave you to your own devices until you decide you’d like me to take a look at what you’re brewing.

Lady G: ‪Thanks! I posted a tweet from writer Austin Kleon with an artist list; besides giving them money, it’s best to leave them alone to create, hahaha!

kfangurl: ‪TRUE. Can we say the same for bloggers? Blogging is an art. NOW GIMME MONEY! XD

Lady G: ‪YES! Blogging is a form of writing. It’s true what they say about starving artists. Weez all broke.

kfangurl: ‪Well, maybe not forever. Maybe one day we’ll figure out how to make this a sustainable career. But for now… we still haven’t figured it out. Darn.

Lady G: Well, you know how there’s “Pay per view?” maybe we could start “Pay per review!” Just kidding! Blogging is mostly free love.

kfangurl: Pay per review? That would give me money! And more drive to write, when I’m feeling lazy. BUT! I doubt anyone would actually pay to read the reviews, and therefore there’d be no money. This.. isn’t going to work, is it? XD

Y’know, there are so many blogs out there, sometimes I wonder why I want to add to the sea of voices. But that leads me to one of my big lessons this year, that people are – Omo! – actually interested in what I think.

When I start to think, “Well, there are so many reviews and recaps out there for this show, do I really need to write about it?” – that’s when I remember that people aren’t just interested in general opinions out there; I have people who genuinely want to know what I think. And that actually has been quite an eye-opener for me.

Lady G: ‪I imagine that is. In my other favorite fandom, I always get this humble thrill whenever people say, “Ask VoyagerG, she’s the Voyagers expert.”

I’m one who eagerly looks forward to what you think about a drama, even if I know I’ll never watch that one.

kfangurl: ‪Hee. I love how you’re biased that way! XD

ANYWAY. Enough waffling on about our blogging journey. Let’s move on to the highlight (hopefully it’s a highlight!) of this post:


I said, Look Excited!

Alright, so in the past, I’ve done more.. normal type giveaways, in the sense that last year’s blogoversary giveaway was for a DVD box set of Queen In-hyun’s Man. Y’know, something that could actually be sent to the winner in the mail.

The thing about that kind of giveaway, though, is that not everyone will like the show, and not everyone has a DVD player or a disc drive to play it in. Which is why I thought I’d try something different this year.

First of all, there will be TWO winners instead of one! *wild applause*

That’s right; there’re TWO prizes. Coz we’re cool like that.

And now, for the big reveal!

One of the prizes is… (drum roll please!)… a PURE PRETTY post, created for the k-celeb of the winner’s choice! *more wild applause!*

Lady G:  ‪And the other prize is… your chosen k-celeb, given the 2nd lead role in the next DREAM DRAMA! And just so you’re not in the dark, my next Dream Drama is a sci-fi/mystery/crime/romance starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Go Ah Ra. And because I like to be generous, you’ll even get to name your character! *Even more wild applause!*

kfangurl:  ‪Woot! Double the goodness, and prizes are completely customized too!

Lady G:  ‪They’re both BIG prizes.

kfangurl:  ‪Yes, although these prizes aren’t going to cost us money, we’re going to be putting in a whole lotta time to prepare your prizes for ya, and you know what they say about time being money.

Time is money equation drown on chalkboard

Lady G:  ‪YES. My brother always says that. It’s going take my creativity to write their bias into the drama. Brain activated – wood burning, gears turning…

kfangurl: Considering that other equation we live by, Time = Drama Hours, we’re totally splashing out for these prizes! *ahem*

…To which our boys say, “Careful there, big spenders..” 😉


kfangurl:  ‪To enter, tell us in the comments what you enjoy about the blog (so that we can hopefully do more of that next year!), and also, tell us who your k-celeb pick is, if you win.

If you prefer to pick different people depending on the prize you win, feel free to indicate both picks in your comment. For example, you might pick Joo Won for Pure Pretty (Update! Joo Won’s k-love post is here!), but might want to pick someone different if you win the Dream Drama prize instead.

If you’d only like to be considered for one of the prizes, feel free to indicate that in your comment too!

Also, for the Pure Pretty prize, please pick someone who hasn’t already been featured in Pure Pretty. That might sound obvious to some of us, but I thought I’d just put it out there, for just in case.

Best thing about this giveaway? You can enter more than once! We’ll count each comment as one entry, and all qualifying entries (ie, not spam and not trolls) will go into a random draw.

Giveaway stays open for 2 weeks until December 26th, after which Lady G and I will randomly pick the 2 winners – and then start work on your prizes (woot!).

Have fun entering, everyone! And remember, we looove ya~

Smooches ‘n hearts for EVERYONE! <3

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  2. Jemerald

    Congrats.. Its my first time in your site and I really get hooked, considering reading your reviews for two hours and cant stop it.. hehehe..By the way I really like your headings (pictures on top on the site, i really not sure how they call that stuff 🙂 ) Goodluck and Thank You

    1. Lady G.

      Thank you, Jemerald. I really like that name. It’s unique and cute. Kfangurl writes some of the best reviews, you get very caught up in them and they force you to think. I’m learning a lot from her writing.

    2. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks Jemerald!! 😀 I’m so pleased that you enjoy poking around the site!! And, that’s such a compliment, that you read reviews for 2 whole hours and didn’t want to stop. That makes me very happy – and motivates me to keep writing too! Thank you! ❤

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the headers/banners on the site. I recently added some new ones into the rotation pool for the new year, I hope you like ’em! ^^

  3. evez

    harharhar!….HNY Kfangurl and to Lady G.!…i am kinda late for the greetings here but i remembered greeting Kfangurl over FB…oh,oh, i wasn’t able to join!…and congrats to Djin for winning!..;) but given a chance if i had submitted my wish?…i want to put Hyun Bin on k-love post instead…and for pretty post i have many in mind!…of course i want to see Song Jae Rim, Im Siwan, Seo In Guk and Seo Kang Jun…and lots and lots more!well, i a bit sorry for not joining not because of the giveaway!…it is because i wasn’t able to give my opinion/ votes on time!….y’know this blog site has gone so many beautiful writings and ideas… with Lady G. around, two heads are better than one. I did enjoy the last dream drama she created…i just feel so sorry i couldn’t share my thoughts. I have been away on my desk lately, so may things to catch up, i wanted to visit this blog and others as well but i couldn’t my limited time will surely consumed if i do so at the moment. Just happened to drop by while sending important email….wishing this blog a more fruitful and colorful readings and ideas for this year 😉 let’s us continue to enliven this blog!…

    p.s. so happy to hear Standing Egg’s song. one of my favorite indie band! <3 🙂

    since i saw the besties lovely pix herei want to share this couple song from RA.d…they're not a couple but they are lovely together 😉

    1. Lady G.

      Thanks so much, EVEZ. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Dream Dramas you like whenever you get a chance. I really like to know what others feel about them. I think the blog is going great, Kfangurl is really on fire with her posts! 😀

    2. kfangurl

      Happy New Year, my dear Evez! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to visit – I know it’s not easy for you to come visit the site these days. Thanks too for the suggestions for Pure Pretty – I’ll keep these boys in mind for future posts, though I make no promises! I realize I’m very much mood-driven when it comes to the Pure Pretty posts. I need to be in the mood for lots of googling, and I must also feel happy to gaze at the, er, chosen subject for hours on end, lol! XD

      Thanks for all the well wishes for the blog, my dear! I do hope that we will have a fun 2015 together. Smooches! ❤

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  5. djining

    Hello Kfangurl and Lady G, I love to read everything in this blog, but if I have to choose I ‘ll pick K-Love for the best.

    K-celeb : may I choose 2?
    (1). Moon Jun Won/ Joo Won
    (2). Hyun Bin

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks for stopping by to join the fun, djining!! 😀 And thanks too, for being such a sweet supporter of the blog! You can totally choose 2 k-celebs for the draw – we’ll consider one as your pick for Pure Pretty and one as your pick for the dream drama prize. That works, right? 🙂

  6. DDee

    Ok I’m a little late to the party (sorry, hibernating!!) but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND MANY MORE!!! I shower you both with rose petals and confetti and sweet sweet candy!!

    The blog is growing from strength to strength and it makes my heart burst with joy and warm fuzzies :D. I won’t enter the giveaway (though those are some pretty awesome prizes I must say), but I love everything about this blog!! HWAITING!!

    1. kfangurl

      Yay that you’re out of hibernating now, DDee! And no, you’re not late, the party – and the giveaway! – is still on! 🙂

      Thanks for anniversary wishes and accompanying sweet treats 😉 The blog really has been expanding in unexpected ways, and I’m so glad that you’re liking how it’s growing! ^^ Feel free to change your mind about entering the giveaway, it stays open till 26 Dec!

      1. DDee

        Hmmm but I can’t think of anyone I’d choose that you haven’t done for a pretty appreciation and who would be a suitable pick in the first place. I mean, what if I pick an ahjuicy like…Kam Woo Sung? I’m sure most of your readers would balk! LOL. But seriously, I think he’s fabulous. Oh wait, what about…WON BIN?? Mmmmm yes, ok let’s go with Won Bin for the pretty and Kam Woo Sung for the dream drama.

        Does that make the birthday girls happy :P?

          1. DDee

            OH WAIT! Can I swap Won Bin (he’s been around after all. Let’s give it to a new guy) for Kang Ha Neul? I can’t believe I forgot bout him since he kinda makes my toes tingle every time I see him on Misaeng. In any case, if this is agst the rules, Won Bin will do just fine. It IS Won Bin after all 😉

            1. kfangurl

              Lol. Of course you can change your pick, DDee!! You can even enter several picks, coz we’re counting each comment as one entry. So you can use all your entries for Kang Ha Neul, or divvy up your chances between him and Won Bin – it’s up to you! Aren’t we cool like that? XD

    1. kfangurl

      Thank you muffin!! 😀 Lady G & I have got a couple of ideas in store for next year, and hopefully you’ll find ’em as fun as we think they’ll be!

      Also, even though I know your main k-love is GY and he’s already been featured on the Pure Pretty roster, would you like to put your name behind some other k-lovely to enter our giveaway? 🙂

  7. kaiaraia

    Whoah! Congratulations! Two years old and counting. I remember Gong Yoo is the visual aid for the first anniversary post. And it’s the besties this time. The first year is for the first biggest k-love and the second year for the second biggest k-love. Cute! I wonder who its gonna be next…

    Now, why do I keep coming back here? Cause I love the way you write. Posts are intelligently written. They have depth, breadth and laden with humor. Most of all, it’s because of the warm replies. More power to The Fangirl Verdict!

    I think you were able to achieve one of your resolutions last year, which is, to watch more dramas and write more reviews.

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks kaiaraia!!! 😀 Thank YOU for such kind words, and for sticking around on this weird and wonderful blogging journey! I always think of you as one of the unnis on this blog, and it’s always lovely to see you around here, when you have time to pop by!

      This year I’ve been experimenting with my balance point in order to try to fit more dramas and more posts onto my plate, and in doing that, I’ve pushed replying to comments a little further down the priority list. I used to reply to comments all the time, but now I’ve been managing my time by replying maybe once a week. While that has allowed me more time to watch and write about dramas, I have noticed that it has affected the comments and conversations, in that those are relatively more muted than before. Your comment about really enjoying the replies has really given me food for thought, kaiaraia! I think next year, I will need to keep experimenting with that balance point, so that the comments sections get a little more love. ❤ Coz to be honest, I have missed some of those lovely conversations that used to happen more frequently on the blog.

      As for who will grace next year’s blogoversary post, only time will tell! I’ve learned that sometimes the fangirl heart goes through very unexpected, er, experiences in one’s fangirl journey! 😉

  8. INTJ

    i assume most of us heard this before: “there’s good news and bad news. which one do you want to hear first?” … and since i usually start with the good news, here we go: Happy Anniversary! … now for the bad news:

    “tell us in the comments what you enjoy about the blog” … hm, imo there are many resons NOT to do that. but, since you’ve already guessed one of them, let me quote you: “that leads me to one of my big lessons this year, that people are – Omo! – actually interested in what I think.” … in other words: we are interested to read what you think, not what you think we would like to read (about a drama, an actor, whatever). also, reading something Lady G wrote, i’m curious about her thoughts and not some semi-random text that follows a script.

    for example: i don’t know about others, but i’m often very frustrated watching a drama and noticing how the script follows the “usual/normal” pattern of ups and downs (at 1/4. 2/4. 3/4 and 4/4 of the series) … something that takes away a bit of my fun watching the drama. if nothing (or very little) differs with each new drama … why watch it? wasn’t “it’s okay it’s love” interesing simply because it was, in most parts, different?

    you’re both standing out from the crowd … do you really want back into that boring colorless mass of “nothing different/new”?

    1. Lady G.

      Hi INTJ, thanks for your comment and your honesty.

      I know Kfangurl didn’t mean any harm by saying that. Anyone who creates a blog is writing based on their own personal thoughts and feelings about a subject. This year, reader response was big and many left her comments that often asked, “What do you think about?…” etc.

      But I’m curious about what you mean by me following “semi-random text that follows a script.”

      Do you mean my thoughts on dramas? Or that this post in particular felt scripted?

      I’m still very new to this blog. For one, I let Kfangurl do her thing with the drama reviews because we actually have very, very different tastes in our drama watching. Many dramas she has reviewed, I haven’t seen. So I can’t remark on them and whether I think they are good or bad, or in-between.

      I don’t see myself as much of a reviewer, that overwhelms me. I consider myself a story teller, so I just like creating the dream dramas. That’s where I have the most fun. And the occasional movie review. Kfangurl has often encouraged me to write drama reviews too, but I’m not up to it, and on my end it would cut into real life and that’s very busy for me lately.

      As far as I’ve seen, Kfangurl’s always been very open to suggestions and ideas and she reacts or rather, writes, accordingly to reader’s responses on certain posts.

      I don’t know if I cleared anything up for you, but maybe a little on my end? Thank you for saying we stand out in the crowd. Reader comments on this post will help and encourage us to create different and new content in the coming year.

      1. INTJ

        my bad (english?): the idea was that i like personal texts, both of you write such texts and that it would be sad to see this blog morphing into something made to please everyone (but actually pleasing nobody, like for example advertising). both of you should just continue writing like you did … the site stats already prove that this is the right path to follow.

        1. Lady G.

          Thank you for clearing that up. Your English is perfectly fine. I’m reading over your original comment and it just hit me that I was the one who misunderstood the question. Now I see what you are saying. I’m sorry about that. Now I feel even better knowing that you like how the blog is written. I don’t see us going too far from the way we always write. 🙂

          I think that’s why Kfangurl is only experimenting with different writing formats, but she has a particular style like I do and that doesn’t break. Like an artist has a certain stroke in his paintings that never changes, it’s like a signature. 🙂

    2. kfangurl

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes, INTJ!! 😀

      Thanks too, for the compliment, that you feel we’re standing out from the crowd! That’s pretty special, considering how many blogs on k-ent there are out there in the interwebs – I will keep that tidbit in a safe place for a nice pick-me-up when the going gets tough ^^

      Also, in case there was any misunderstanding, what Lady G & I meant to say was, what are we doing right, that you’d like us to keep doing? Rather than, what would you like us to do per se 🙂 If you’ve got further thoughts to share on that, I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, we’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing, since it (mostly) seems to be working! 😉

      1. INTJ

        just keep doing what (both of) you want to do … because i’d rather watch the free flight of your spirits (aka in this context: hearts & minds) than boring straight line moves from point A to B, to C, D, a.s.o.

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, thanks INTJ! We’ll do exactly that – and let our hearts lead the way. Hopefully that will translate into new and fun things in the future for the blog! ^^

  9. KLnoona

    Happy Second Anniversary! I don’t get to read too many blogs, but I do enjoy stopping by yours when I get a chance. Congrats on a job well done!

    1. Lady G.

      Thanks for choosing our blog to read when you get the chance. 🙂 I know I have a really long list of blogs I like, but I can barely keep up with them.

    2. kfangurl

      Oh, that is really sweet of you, KLnoona! 😀 Thanks for making this place one of your hangout spots when you can spare the time! Such an encouragement! 😀

  10. crazyunnijo

    The power of Two! Happy Blogsaversary Ladies! You know that this blog has been a source of inspiration, smiles, and newfound spaz-friends. Thank you for just… being. (Hope that made sense.) Loving every minute of this.

    As for my pure pretty… well, I am torn. I adore Joo Won now BUT I am curious as to what you’d be able to whip together if it were Lee Min Ho. Ah… decisions… decisions… 🙂

    Seriously, thank you though. For being a bright spot in this “ahjumma’s” life. 🙂

    1. Lady G.

      That makes me so happy!!! That’s very sweet of you. Thank you for reading! And wow, Lee Min Ho again. He was just the lead in my drama Tale of 3 brothers, and if he wins he will play a somewhat shady 2nd lead. Cool! I’m glad we have another entry. 😀

      1. crazyunnijo

        Hi Lady G! I’m sure Kfangurl told you all about what I luuurved about your Dream Drama with LMH. I feel the boy/man needs the right role maximize his potential. Much like Park Shin Hye is doing with her Pinocchio role. Am actually looking forward to Gangnam Blues just to see how he does.

        And seriously, this site, you ladies, are bright spots in my life. So kudos! And may you have an absolutely awesome holiday season!

        Also, thanks to kfangurl’s encouragement, I am actually almost finished with an FF. I usually start something but not have enough motivation to finish. This time, with the right support, I’m able to cope.

        1. Lady G.

          I have to agree with you about Lee Min Ho. I really liked his more action oriented dramas like Faith and City Hunter best. Gangnam Blues seems real gritty, and it will break him out of this Pretty Boy mold that has him tied down.

          I’m so thrilled you feel that way about the blog. I know for me, it gives me the push to work harder on my end for The Fangirl Verdict.

          Thanks for everything, and congratulations on your fanfic!! I hope to read it some time! 😀

        2. kfangurl

          Park Shin Hye IS surprising me in good ways in Pinocchio! Considering how underwhelmed I’d been with many of her recent roles, this is a very good development indeed! ^^

          Yay that you’re almost done with your FF, Jo! I know you put a lot of love into it – may it find even more love among its readers! 🙂

    2. kfangurl

      Aw~ Thankies, dear Jo!! ❤ I’m so pleased that you enjoy hanging out here, and that we get to be part of your exciting fangirl journey! I love that you enjoy spazzing here, and that you’ve found new friends to spazz with too. That’s one of the best things about being here in the blogosphere, really; finding fellow fangirls who understand our squee 😉

      If you win this giveaway, I will put my googling superpowers to dedicated use, for whichever handsome boy you choose. Of course, there’s the option of entering again, and then you could divvy up your winning chances between the 2 boys! XD

      Also! In my opinion, you sound nothing like an ahjumma. Plus, I think our inner fangirls never age. So how about removing that self-declared ahjumma tag, eh? 😉

  11. lucillebrowne

    I love that you guys are always funny and love to joke around even when reviewing. I think that being serious all the time is really damaging. If I had to choose a bias for the dream drama it would be Jang Geun Suk.

    1. Lady G.

      Thank you, Lucillebrowne. I can’t do something like this without humor. When I see dry blogs I tend to run the other way after a while. Thanks for joining the contest. Good choice! I hope to see him in a good drama this coming year. Pretty Man was disappointment to me. :/

        1. Lady G.

          Oh yeah, I understand that! I actually finished it too because I was so curious to see where it would go. I wound up really liking the David character most.

    2. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks lucille, I’m so glad that you find the blog a fun place! 🙂 Lady G and I have a couple of things in mind for next year, and hopefully you’ll enjoy our posts as much (maybe more, if I’m being greedy?) in 2015 ^^

      PS: I thought JGS was brilliant in You’re Beautiful, actually. Hopefully his new variety show with Na PD will be really fun too! 🙂


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