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So besides my list of k-loves, I do also appreciate a lot of the other k-men. Just on a much more.. er, shallow level. ;)

This is where I share The Pretty. No personal love story, no comments on their real-life personalities, nor their acting / singing abilities. Just Pure Pretty.

Hope you enjoy gazing and appreciating and.. (hee) ogling with me.

First up, Song Seung Hun:

And then there’s the insanely beautiful TOP:

By popular demand, the very handsome Daniel Henney:

Also by popular request, the very manly So Ji Sub:

There’s also sensuous Yoo Ah In:

A birthday tribute post to the enduringly wonderful Gong Yoo:

The very handsome Kim Kang Woo:

Other lovelies that I appreciate include (but aren’t limited to):


Jung Suk Won

Lee Ki Woo

Lee Byung Hun

16 thoughts on “PURE PRETTY

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  2. I humbly request some “Pure Pretty” for Joo Won, please. He’s so underappreciated, but incredibly talented! Kfangurl, I *love* your reviews because they are well-written and in-depth. This new section has me very excited! And yeah, it’s a shame that Song Seung Hun can’t act very well (Dr. Jin = disaster), but he sure is *gorgeous* …

    • Oh, I do enjoy Joo Won, and will keep your request in mind, sarah! :) He really is a talented actor. He blew me away in Gaksital, and I loved his character in Ojakgyo Brothers, SO MUCH. ❤ I love that he takes his craft so seriously, and that he applies himself to it so passionately!

      Yay that you’re enjoying the Pure Pretty series – feel free to float more requests as you feel inspired. I can’t promise I’ll be able to fulfill every request, but I’ll definitely do what I can! ^^ Thanks for the encouragement on the reviews, sarah.. I’ve been experimenting with review formats and styles, so the in-depth-ness will vary. But it’s really good to know that when I do get inspired to go the way of the epic review, that it’s welcome and appreciated! :D

      • So Ji Sub is so hot!! Love him to bits in “Ghost.” And so is Joo Won… Does that count as two people for Joo Won on pure pretty? Even if it’s just me voting twice? :-(

        • Giggle. I can so tell that you’d really, really like Joo Won featured! :D I do have plans for Joo Won up my sleeve, so look out for when he finally makes his appearance! ;)

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  4. Well, your reviews are totally boss, so I imagine they ought to be first priority! But I can’t wait for the percolation’s completion;-). Good luck!

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  7. Would like you to consider also adding Lee Min Ho to pure pretty, by the way love your reviews, you new insights to the kdramas

    • Hey there Kaffy, welcome to the blog! :D Glad you’re liking the reviews and the Pure Pretty.. Lee Min Ho is currently on my bad side coz I was underwhelmed by his performance in Heirs. BUT, don’t worry, coz I’m a fickle and fairly forgiving fangirl (wow, how about THAT, for alliteration! XD ) and all it’ll take is him doing well in his next show, and I should be all ready to showcase him as a Pure Pretty poster boy! ;)

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