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So besides my list of k-loves, I do also appreciate a lot of the other k-men. Just on a much more.. er, shallow level. ;)

This is where I share The Pretty. No personal love story, no comments on their real-life personalities, nor their acting / singing abilities. Just Pure Pretty.

Hope you enjoy gazing and appreciating and.. (hee) ogling with me.

First up, Song Seung Hun:

And then there’s the insanely beautiful TOP:

By popular demand, the very handsome Daniel Henney:

Also by popular request, the very manly So Ji Sub:

There’s also sensuous Yoo Ah In:

A birthday tribute post to the enduringly wonderful Gong Yoo:

The very handsome Kim Kang Woo:

The manly-man, sexy Eric:

The very talented and sexy Ji Chang Wook:

The sweet, talented Ji Soo:

Other lovelies that I appreciate include (but aren’t limited to):


Jung Suk Won

Lee Ki Woo


40 thoughts on “PURE PRETTY

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  2. I humbly request some “Pure Pretty” for Joo Won, please. He’s so underappreciated, but incredibly talented! Kfangurl, I *love* your reviews because they are well-written and in-depth. This new section has me very excited! And yeah, it’s a shame that Song Seung Hun can’t act very well (Dr. Jin = disaster), but he sure is *gorgeous* …


    • Oh, I do enjoy Joo Won, and will keep your request in mind, sarah! :) He really is a talented actor. He blew me away in Gaksital, and I loved his character in Ojakgyo Brothers, SO MUCH. ❤ I love that he takes his craft so seriously, and that he applies himself to it so passionately!

      Yay that you’re enjoying the Pure Pretty series – feel free to float more requests as you feel inspired. I can’t promise I’ll be able to fulfill every request, but I’ll definitely do what I can! ^^ Thanks for the encouragement on the reviews, sarah.. I’ve been experimenting with review formats and styles, so the in-depth-ness will vary. But it’s really good to know that when I do get inspired to go the way of the epic review, that it’s welcome and appreciated! :D


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  4. Well, your reviews are totally boss, so I imagine they ought to be first priority! But I can’t wait for the percolation’s completion;-). Good luck!


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  7. Would like you to consider also adding Lee Min Ho to pure pretty, by the way love your reviews, you new insights to the kdramas


    • Hey there Kaffy, welcome to the blog! :D Glad you’re liking the reviews and the Pure Pretty.. Lee Min Ho is currently on my bad side coz I was underwhelmed by his performance in Heirs. BUT, don’t worry, coz I’m a fickle and fairly forgiving fangirl (wow, how about THAT, for alliteration! XD ) and all it’ll take is him doing well in his next show, and I should be all ready to showcase him as a Pure Pretty poster boy! ;)


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  12. I really excited when your pure pretty will including Taecyeon and can’t wait your post. Hope you will posted it soon…


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  17. Great blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress
    or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused ..
    Any recommendations? Thanks!


  18. I hope someday Yin Ji Han graces this site. :-)


    • Hm.. Do you mean Jin Yi Han? Coz if you do, then Eep. Coz currently I feel somewhat allergic to Jin Yi Han. It just so happens that I haven’t liked him in the shows that I’ve seen him in, which are Hooray for Love (douchey ex-boyfriend), Master’s Sun (also douchey ex-boyfriend) and My Secret Hotel (somewhat annoying ex-husband). :P I won’t say never, though. If he ever blows me away in a role, I might just come around to his charms. ;)


      • Yep. Oops, typo there. I hope Empress Ki changes your mind. Right, I hated his ex-boyfriend stint in Master’s Sun too. Haven’t checked out My Secret Hotel. Haven’t even made it to A New Leaf in my shortlist. But his first work is one drama I really like. Have you seen Conspiracy in the Court?


        • Conspiracy in the Court is on my neverending watch list, and so is Empress Ki. So yes, I might change my mind yet, about him! ;) Don’t bother with My Secret Hotel. It’s quite terrible. I ended up dropping it.


          • You should watch it. It’s only 8 episodes but not a minute wasted. I found it really really good. I liken it to The Princess Man in terms of the plot and White Christmas in terms of production value.

            Okay, I’ll heed your advice on My Secret Hotel. I checked out the first episode of A New Leaf. It was good and I enjoyed it with its power house cast. However, I’ve read it was not able to maintain its intensity towards the end.m :-(


            • Ooh, TPM and White Christmas? Those are pretty solid comparisons! I did really enjoy TPM, and I thought the WC production values were very high. CotC has been on my watch list for a long time, I just never seem to get around to it, with all the other shows that I want to check out. I will definitely watch it some time :)

              Yes, I heard a lot of meh reactions to A New Leaf. But then again, I also heard a lot of meh reactions to Blood, and you managed to finish that one quite well, in that you didn’t seem to want to tear your hair out! ;) If you liked the first ep, maybe A New Leaf might work for you? :)


              • I really suggest you put it up on that long list. Besides, its really short. There are two versions, the original and the director’s cut. If I already knew you girl, I’m sure you’ll love it. I can already see a review, maybe even an epic one?

                Oh, Blood. Well at least the story was okay. In A New Leaf, reading the reviews makes me think its the other way around. Or perhaps because it was cut short. Maybe, I’ll just rewatch CitC but I should first find a more modern English sub. Hehehe


                • You make an excellent point. It IS short, and you DO know my taste in dramas, kaiaraia! Okie dokes.. I will bump it up on the watchlist! ^^ I just checked, and I think I have the same Shakespearean-ish subs. I only scanned the subs for E1, but it doesn’t seem so bad. But then again, I actually loved the subs for Chuno, which other people found too Shakespearean. Maybe I will love this show after all? XD Y’know, I think it’s the word “conspiracy” that holds me back. I don’t care for political stories much, and the word “conspiracy” implies a political one.

                  Ah yes, I do think you might be right. Kim Myung Min’s a great actor, but I think the story wasn’t so great in A New Leaf. :P


                  • Well, yes, it is political. But one that sets forth changes in a nation, much like in Tree, though this is a tragic one. A beautiful tragedy. I had scribbled some thoughts about it but its quite spoilery so I’ll just save that for later. Shakepearean English is beautiful but pretty daunting and distracting cause I have to pause every so often to check the dictionary, hehehe. Especially so for this intense drama. Anyways, at least I get to watch a drama and enrich my vocabulary at the same time. I just hope the term is not to archaic that should I use it I will be understood. :-)


                    • Ooh, TREE! I really enjoyed Tree, so that comparison ups the appeal of this show even more! Yes ma’am, I will make this more of a priority on the watch list. Currently I’m maxed out, but when I clear something off my drama plate, I’ll be sure to check this one out!! Also, let’s see whether I’ll do ok with those subs.. I wonder if I’ll need a dictionary too! XD


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