Happy 10th!


The blog is 10 years old today! TENNN! 😱🤯 That’s literally multiple lifetimes, in blogging years?

The reason I say that, is because when I started blogging, common wisdom was that most blogs didn’t last past the one year mark. And so, if a blog lasted more than a year, then it had a chance of actually having a more lasting presence.

It’s blows my mind, that 10 years ago, I started this blog, ON A WHIM(!), just to see what it was like to have a drama blog, and 10 years later, here I am, and here we are. Wow. 🤯

I feel like I ought to say something extra wise and momentous, to mark the occasion, but.. I’m not sure I’ve got anything wise or momentous enough, to say. 😅

But, let’s see what I manage to rustle up, anyway. 😁

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Happy 9th!!

Time flies, my friends!!

I can’t believe that I’ve been running this blog for 9 years now(!!) – that’s an eternity in blogging years, isn’t it?!?

Exactly 9 years ago today, I made the completely spur-of-the-moment decision to try my hand at drama blogging. What a journey that’s turned out to be! (You can read more about how I started the blog in last year’s blogoversary post here!)

Since we’re celebrating the blog’s 9th year of existence, I thought it’d be fun to share 9 random blog-related things with you guys – with one bonus random personal factoid (just coz I can, heh).

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Happy 8th!

It so happens that 8 years ago, on 12.12.12, I decided it would be a fun idea to start a blog. Fast forward 8 years, and here we are, and what a journey it has been! 🤩

Thanks to everyone who expressed your lovely warm wishes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I feel the lurve! 🥰🥰

So, why am I writing this post? Well, Sharra suggested to me on Patreon, that it might be a fun idea to ask you guys to share how you came across the blog, and to maybe tell us a little about yourself, like which country you’re from, and anything else you’d like to tell us.

I thought it was a really fun idea, and so here we are! I’ll go first! 😉

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We are TWO!

kfangurl: Can you believe the blog’s actually been around for 2 whole years now? It used to be such teeny tiny lil baby, and now look how well it’s growing up, heh.

I’ve heard of the Terrible Twos where toddlers are concerned.. I wonder if we’re now entering the Terrible Twos, for the blog. Like, will we get more tantrumy & stampy!

Lady G:  That could happen! But I believe The Fangirl Verdict is maturing. And, I consider her a girl. She’s lively, and extremely curious about her wonderful Kdrama surroundings.

She loves to gush over handsome K-drama men. She’s creative and enjoys writing her own dream dramas, and she’s wise. She genuinely wants to help fans answer their Kdrama problems with her own feature – Dear Kfangurl.

kfangurl:  ‪Y’know, I’ve never thought about that. But you’re right, blog baby’s a girl. How could she NOT be a girl, she spazzes so much over k-boys.

Lady G:  ‪She’s such a little yoja!

kfangurl:  ‪Well, I think so, but I am also completely biased!

Lady G:  ‪And that’s a #1 rule at The Fangirl Verdict, we can be totally biased… WITHOUT stepping on anyone else’s biases.

kfangurl: Or at least, we try.

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Blogoversary Giveaway Winner! + Happy New Year!

Annyeong! Happy New Year everyone!! ❤

I hope 2014’s been treatin’ you nice so far!

I know, I’ve been a little bit MIA in the last couple of weeks, only surfacing periodically to answer comments. I’m sorry, you guys. I plead crazy-hectic-holiday-schedule.

Both my Christmas and New Year weeks were packed to the gills with gatherings, lunches, dinners (or insert alternative meal) and other get-togethers.

On the upside, it made me feel really popular (ha). On the downside, I got a lot less drama on my screen, and a lot less time to chat with you (boo).

I didn’t forget the giveaway, though! And yes, it’s time to find out the winner of one gorgeous DVD box set of Queen In-hyun’s Man!

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We Are ONE!

I can hardly believe it, you guys.. Today the blog turns one year old. ONE YEAR OLD!!


How surreal. From being a long-term, persistent lurker around the dramaverse, it’s now been a full year since I’ve been running this blog. Which, really, is the exact opposite of being a lurker.

What a turnaround. And I never even saw it coming, even.

So, so many thoughts, y’all.

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