Pure Pretty: A Gong Yoo Birthday Tribute

It’s Gong Yoo’s birthday today, everyone!! And man, do I have the perfect present for him!

But first, some context.

Today’s post is actually inspired by resident sweetheart on the blog Evez. Yesterday, over in our Gong Yoo Squee Fest group on Facebook, Evez came up with the idea that we could each prepare a little something to post in the group today, in honor of Gong Yoo’s birthday. I thought it was a great idea and did a quick bit of photo-editing to prepare my little something to share with the group (I’ll tell you about that later).

And then, just an hour or so later, in another Facebook conversation, Evez happened to mention that she felt my posts have come a long way since I first started the blog, meaning, they’re now more robust than the shorter posts I used to do. (Aw. ❤ Didn’t I say Evez is a sweetheart?)

Well, that comment really got me thinking.

To be honest, I’d always felt a bit bad coz my k-love post for Gong Yoo is shorter and skimpier than my more recent k-love posts. And it’s not even coz I love him less, or think he’s any less awesome. I just posted about him first, simply coz he was my favorite. What injustice is this, right, that one of my favorites would end up with the skimpiest post? It just didn’t feel right. And it’s been niggling at me for quite a while now.

So then my brain put two and two together (or in this case, one and one, heh), and I hit on the idea of doing a proper, full-on post for Gong Yoo, in honor of his birthday. Wheee~!

Are you ready for your present, Gong Yoo-sshi? Coz I’m ready to make it allll up to ya.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, & enjoy it all <3

이적 – 그땐 미처 알지 못했지


Let the record show that despite my big Woobie love & my new-found Park Seo Joon fascination, that I still enjoy Gong Yoo very, very much.

It’s just that he’s so private that he’s almost a recluse. Which means his appearances at k-ent events are few and far between. Plus, he seems to be concentrating on making movies more than dramas, which means that we get to see him a lot less too. Boo.

I hafta say, though, that when I finally watched him in The Suspect (I liked it!), I was very impressed with his performance. (Read Lady G’s guest review of the movie here.)

And I’m pretty convinced that whenever he chooses to appear on my screen, in whatever role that moves his fancy, that I will be suitably blown away. Coz he’s just fabulous that way.


Not too long ago, in a blog comment, blog regular Asotss pointed out that I seem to have a talent for digging up photos on the web. Other blog readers and blogging friends have also agreed that I seem to have a knack for finding photographic gems. And that’s how the Pure Pretty series on the blog was born. I decided that it was time to put that talent to work.

I affectionately refer to this talent as my superpower, heh. And yesterday, for the first time, I decided to put that superpower to work, with Gong Yoo as the focus.

So no, I didn’t just dig around in my existing stash of Gong Yoo photos. These are fresh off Google, and I’m happy to report that I found a number of gems that I’d never seen before. And that’s despite already having a rather hefty stash of photos in my Gong Yoo folder. Yes, it was a good day indeed. 😉


As I extracted photo after lovely photo from Google, I realized that Gong Yoo has so~ many facets to him. When I tried to categorize everything, I found myself repeatedly having to create new categories, in order to do him justice.

Here, I present the results of my research. I’ve included a nice number of photos from some of Gong Yoo’s recent photospreads, but I’ve opted to exclude some of the recent ones too, in favor of photos that seem rarer and therefore “fresher.” Only the best for you guys, y’know.

This is a serious whopper of a post, so I thought listing the categories ahead of time would be helpful. Y’know, so that you can gather your fangirl or fanboy fortitude together and pace yourself 😉


  • Boy Next Door
  • Cheeky
  • Close-up
  • Sweet
  • Cozy
  • Sweet & Adorable
  • Dashing Barista
  • Eat Drink Sexy Wholesome
  • Musical
  • Quirky
  • Preppy
  • Gritty
  • Masculine Smolder
  • Rugged Sexy
  • Scruffy
  • Tousled
  • Thoughtful & Pensive
  • Sporty
  • Shirtless
  • The Sharp Suit
  • Varying Degrees of Vintage
  • That Smile
  • The Soft Gaze
  • Candid

That’s a lot of categories, I know. So you’re going to need some time if you want to properly gaze.

If you’re a fangirl or fanboy collector, you might like to know that a good many of the photos are wallpaper-worthy. And I’m not talking about your mobile phone either. A number of these babies are large, high-def, beautiful, and very worthy of your desktop.

You’re welcome 😉

Boy Next Door:

I love these pix of Gong Yoo, all casual and relaxed. Whether he’s clean cut or a touch scruffy, he looks like he could totally be your friendly, handsome next door neighbor. Who happens to love dogs. (Eeee! I love dogs too! Might we have something in common?)

My favorite is the last pic. He looks so relaxed and so delicious. Like he’s just sittin’ there, waiting for you to show up for your casual, cozy date. Where he’ll take you for rides on that scooter while you backhug him riding pillion. Swoon.


Gong Yoo’s got a distinct cheeky side, and these pix totally show it off.

Whether he’s scrunching up his face playfully, or has just a hint of mischief in his eyes, the cheeky is all there. Adorable.

My favorite is the second to last pic, where he’s pointing a finger gun at the camera. How does he manage to look tender and playful at the same time?? So swoony.


Whether it’s in profile or full face shots, these close-ups of Gong Yoo show off his very handsome features.

I love the second pic, he has such a cozy look about him. Mmm.


It’s funny that all the pix I shortlisted for this section feature Gong Yoo carrying various bouquets of flowers, ha. I’m so sure that he doesn’t only look sweet when bearing flowers, but I can’t deny that he looks extra sweet with ’em. Makes me feel like he’s giving me flowers.

Like in that second to last pic. He totally looks like he’s my boyfriend, here to pick me up for a date. Love.


One of my favorite kinds of Gong Yoo pix is where he looks all cozy. Whether he’s literally lounging in bed (oh yum) or just looks perfectly comfortable to snuggle up to, it brings a goofy smile to my face.

I totally wanna be that teddy bear in that last pic. That, or I’d like to be hiding in some of these covers that he’s lounging in, heh.

Cute & Adorable:

Gong Yoo the Cute is perhaps one of the most lovable things on the planet. He looks like he’s having so much fun too, which I love. I’ve always thought he’s a fun kinda guy.

My faves here are the pix where he’s goofing around in the grocery story. How does he manage to look so nerdy, so cute, and yet so sexy all at once??

Dashing Barista:

Thanks to Coffee Prince, I think Gong Yoo may never run out of coffee endorsements, heh.

But you won’t see me complaining, coz he’s possibly the most handsome barista I’ve ever seen. I keep telling the ladies on Facebook that if I had Gong Yoo serving coffee near me, I would totally start drinking coffee! Y’know, if I could stop swooning long enough to coherently place an order.

Eat Drink Sexy Wholesome:

I know, that title doesn’t actually read grammatically in any way, but those were totally the words that came to mind when I looked at all these pix of Gong Yoo eating and drinking. He manages to do it all while looking completely wholesome yet super sexy at the same time. Now – doesn’t that title make perfect sense now?? 😉

My fave is that last shot of him eating pizza. He looks so playful and so pleased with himself. And delicious. Let’s not forget delicious. 😉


Gong Yoo really enjoys music, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of photos out there featuring him doing musical things. I love the shots of him singing.. He’s not a terribly gifted singer, but he puts so much heart into his singing that I end up feeling moved anyway.


I love these couple of quirky shots of Gong Yoo. I can’t decide whether my favorite is of him in these geeky glasses in the first shot, or of him doing an air-borne pirouette.


Gong Yoo rocks the preppy look, and thanks to his Mindbridge endorsement, we have no lack of photos featuring him in preppy styles. These are my favorite ones.

I love that shot of him doing the wide stride. It shows off his lovely long legs. (Psst. That happens to be one of the wallpaper worthy pix. Just so you know)


On a very different note, these shots of Gong Yoo run a lot more gritty. Just goes to show how versatile he is, doesn’t it?

Masculine Smolder:

When Gong Yoo turns on the smolder, there is a very distinct manly man sort of vibe about him which I dig very much.

My favorite of this lot is the 5th pic, the Marie Claire one where he’s lounging off-handedly in what appears to be the back of a car. He looks so carelessly, effortlessly smoldery. Swoon~.

Rugged Sexy:

Gong Yoo looks so ruggedly, carelessly sexy in these pix where he looks like he’s just rolling around, lounging wherever. Makes me wanna go roll around right next to him, heh.

My favorite, though, has to be that last pic where he’s standing on the bed with his hand on the ceiling. Oof. There’s just something so sexy about that shot.


A bit of scruffy Gong Yoo can be super sexy, and here’s the evidence. I just love that pic of him lounging around in bed hugging a pillow and wearing red socks and a tux and sporting touch-me-now bed hair. Umph.


You might ask, what’s the difference between the Scruffy pix and the Tousled ones? Well, the tousled ones are just a little less scruffy, is all. I needed a way to split up the pix, there were so many good ones.

My fave is the last shot, which is him on the latest(?) cover of Monster. So~ sexy!

Thoughtful & Pensive:

I find thoughtful and pensive Gong Yoo very alluring. He looks so contemplative, like he’s musing on something really close to his heart. And that reminds me of how he seems to be a pretty contemplative, reflective sort of person too.

I really like the 3rd pic. He looks so manly even as he ponders.


Sporty Gong Yoo is very sexy indeed. Just look at those toned, taut arms and legs. He looks so strong and healthy!

I particularly love the Discovery pic where he’s wearing a short-sleeved tee and shorts, and kneeling for the camera. Yummy arms and legs. 😉


Shirtless Gong Yoo is.. simply breathtaking. I don’t know what else to say, except, gaze with care.

I’ve shared a number of these pix before, but it didn’t feel right leaving them out, so here they are again. Also, you might like to know that the 4th pic, the full body gritty shirtless pic ala The Suspect, is gloriously wallpaper worthy.

I’m also super chuffed about unearthing the very last shirtless pic. It looks to be a still from the Monster Season 2 DVD, and is eye-poppingly, delectably delicious. Pity it doesn’t show his face.

Right?? What did I say about this pic? So hawt my screen might melt, seriously.

The Sharp Suit:

Gong Yoo in a sharp suit is one of my favorite things, and these are the loveliest pix of him in a suit that I could find. He looks so, so very handsome. From every angle, he looks Dashing with a capital D. Love the one where he’s looking back at the camera over his shoulder. ❤

Varying Degrees of Vintage:

As I did my research, I came across photos of Gong Yoo in varying degrees of vintage. Some are really from quite a while ago and he’s adorably fresh-faced. Some are slightly more recent. And all of them are such fun to look at! I just love that one of him brushing his teeth – he looks so young and so cute!

That Smile:

One of my favorite things about Gong Yoo is his smile. Whether it’s a gentle smile or a scrunchy-crinkly guffaw, it always looks so genuine. And he always looks like he’s having such a good time. Looking at him smile makes me smile.

I love this first pic – he’s smiling so sweetly, isn’t he?? ❤

The Soft Gaze:

If you read my recent post on Park Seo Joon, you’ll know that I find some similar vibes between him and Gong Yoo. And you’ll also know that the soft gaze is one of the things that I find similar between them.

I just love the soft gaze on Gong Yoo. His eyes here have such a soft, tender, gentle feel to them. Love. I just can’t pick a favorite, seriously.


My favorite thing about Gong Yoo is his personality. When I attended the fanmeet in Tokyo (read all about that adventure here), the best thing about the whole thing, was getting to experience his personality. And here, in these candid shots, I feel like we’re getting a closer peek at his real person. I dig that a lot.

I just love that pic of him kicking water out of the pool. Doesn’t he look like he’s having a fabulous ol’ time?


As a bonus, I thought I’d share this recent, very lovely CF that Gong Yoo did for iloom. I recently shared this on the blog’s Facebook page, but it’s so good that I thought I’d share it here too. It’s the stuff of fangirl fantasies, honestly. I mean, Gong Yoo designing a house for the two of you to share, all while stealing loving glances at you, and then topped with a romantic proposal?? Melt~ ❤

Here’s my translation of his voiceover:

As he sketches: “What kind of space would you like?”

Sketching the sofa: “Seems like you’ll really like this sofa..”

Sketching the dining table: “At this dining table, if we have meals together every day..”

Final voiceover: “From a certain point in time, your thoughts became my thoughts. Thinking your thoughts. iloom.”


For those of you who are curious about what I prepared to share with the Facebook group, I basically took this photo, which I’ve always felt was way too dark:

And I played around with it to make Gong Yoo more visible. Doesn’t he look way better here?

And dya like the tagline I added? He really is becoming more awesome over time, isn’t he? Definitely like fine wine ❤



This has been quite a monster of a post, hasn’t it? How fitting, though, for the man fondly known as Monster to his fans, heh.

Gong Yoo-sshi, I hope you liked this birthday present. Here’s wishing you joy, health and much, much more awesome to come.

Keep on being your unique, charming, wonderful self. You know I love ya ❤

43 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: A Gong Yoo Birthday Tribute

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  2. Marie Ana

    Thanks for sharing your GY stash. I have been googling on GONG YOO especially his too few interviews and I love his wit as much as I love his acting. I just love everything about him. Period.

    1. kfangurl

      Yes, GY’s laidback wit during interviews is very special indeed! He manages to be funny, thoughtful and cheeky, all at the same time, while being utterly charming through it all. I always get newly amazed every time I see him do his thing. <3

  3. Argery Moya.

    De todos los actores que he visto tú, tú eres ek que más atributos tienes tanto como actor, y como modelo. Si alguna vez se me presentara la oportunidad me gustaría conocerte en persona. Te ama una admiradora desde un pequeño país llamado Costa Rica. Tu admiradora Argery Moya.

  4. Esther Lai (@esthertcgs)

    Wow, this is probably the best fan-made birthday gift for Gong Yoo that I have ever seen so far. Really really love your post. I think I will come back to look at these awesome pictures over and over again. I’m a new fan of GY. His first movie I saw was Train to Busan. Then I watched Goblin, immediately head over heels for him. After that, I searched online like crazy for all his interviews and works. I really love Silenced, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and A Man and a Woman. I have watched almost all his movies and dramas. So now I can only drool over his pictures. I think I will love Gong Yoo forever not just for his good looks and figure but for his character and personality. His effort in making Silenced has set him apart from most other actors. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us. I feel so lucky to come across it.

  5. amritaultimate

    I can’t thank you enough for this post. Whenever I would want to see Gong Yoo I just open this post and I lose track of time. You are the ultimate fan girl. I can never get over Gong Yoo’s adorable expression in Coffee Prince for Eun Chan when he says isn’t she gorgeous? I feel the same while gazing at his pictures here. Thanks a ton. God Bless U. Someday I wish to visit Seoul for Gong Yoo.

  6. kdrama_mama

    Hi! I love your k-love post on Gong Yoo. I fell for him hard too in Coffee Prince back in 2007. 2016-2017 is a huge year for him! Have you watched his recent three movies and Goblin yet? He answered every fan girl’s dream and was more than shirtless in A man and a woman! I would love to read your reviews about it and gush about it together! Goblin was epic….16 glorious episodes of Gong Yoo and I was in a puddle of tears by the end of it. I’ve re-watched it 3 times now…

  7. Victoria

    I’m so glad I found your treasure trove of Gong Yoo pics. I absolutely adore him! I first saw him on Coffee Prince about two years ago on Netflix and I was instantly smitten. I actually watched Coffee Prince three times in two years. He seems really picky with his project but he seems to give his all when he does a project. I then saw Train to Busan and A Man and A Woman. Now I’m watching Goblin, squeee!!! He is definitely like fine wine, he just seems to get better with age. That oh so gorgeous smile and those damn super sexy eyes! Of course, he is also a highly talented actor. I wish he will have a fan meeting sometime. I was in Seoul briefly last May to take a vacation away from my vacation but for Gong Yoo oppa, I will fly 14 hours to see him at least once.

    1. kfangurl

      Oh yes, he really is amazingly talented, and so sexy to boot. And so effortlessly charming too! ❤ I had the chance to attend his fan meeting in Tokyo several years ago, and it was surreal and quite thrilling to experience his personality live. You can read my blow-by-blow account here. It’s not quite the same as attending a fan meeting yourself, but it can tide you over until you do! 😉

  8. Michelle

    My gosh! U had me hyperventilating as i scrolled thru this post!!! Im a late bloomer fan of Gong Yoo~ i saw him in Train to Busan & was like.. Not bad.. But in Goblin im being blown away totally!!!

    Love the way u write about him too~ just makes me even prouder to be a fan of such an awesome guy, actor or not!

    Pls keep yr GY’s posts coming~ i’d be waiting 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Glad you enjoyed this post, Michelle! There are several Gong Yoo posts on the site, you could just do a key word search in the search box in the side bar. I hope that helps! 🙂

  9. camsie

    thank you for this!!! every single photo is like an arrow to the heart, and that ad – wow, so gorgeous!! gotta love a man who looks so neat and tailored, and still looks a bit naughty too. haha!

    1. kfangurl

      Hee. I do think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That’s one of the big appeals of GY.. He looks so wholesome and handsome, but is so distinctly cheeky and fun. How can you resist that combination? XD

        1. kfangurl

          He does look good in everything! I can’t make up my mind which version of him I like best.. So handsome in the sharp suits, so laidback charming in jeans & a tee, so ruggedly sexy in outdoor wear.. and then so sculpted and hot without his shirt! XD

  10. crazyunnijo

    Like the Wizard of Oz’s wicked witch of the west when doused with water:

    I’M MELTIIIIINNNNNnnnnnnnggggg

    Love love love!

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. You are so cute, Jo!! 😀 Given your recently upgraded appreciation of Gong Yoo, I can totally see why you’d be melting! The man is all kinds of wonderful and hawt. ❤

    1. kfangurl

      Even though I’ve been to a GY fanmeet, he was so far away that I’m not sure if I could count it as actually “seeing” him, heh. But it was lovely to experience his charming personality first-hand, and I hope you get to do that too! It’s a wonderful experience 🙂

  11. chelo roca (@calypso116)

    thank you!!! i had actually given up looking at his pictures and searching for pictures because i feel like i’m cheating on my boyfriend, hahaha! anyways, i came across your blog while i was looking through my bookmarks and decided, what the heck, i’m having a bad day… it wouldn’t hurt. i’m so glad i did! he’s so yummy. i like the fact that he’s very masculine… he has pores! i prefer him clean shaven though… a clean face goes well with that amazing smile. anyways, i do hope he does a new drama because a movie is just not enough…

    1. kfangurl

      You’re very welcome, chelo roca! 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed gazing at all the GY pretty in this post! And yes, GY is so very masculine, isn’t he? Some actors feel a little less manly when they do soft, but not GY. He’s always all manly man, even in his softest poses. LOVE that about him ❤

      I’m also with you on preferring him clean-shaven.. I generally like my men clean-shaven. But I do make an exception for some sexy 5 o-clock shadow on the right face. Or a sexy goatee. Oh, who am I kidding, I think GY’s awesome any which way XD

      YES to GY making a drama again.. 90 minutes of movie screentime just isn’t quite the same!

  12. chubbydimpledmuffin

    These are awesome, he is such a good looking guy. He looks good in all of the pics but my favourite pics are the grocery store ones. The beanie and t-shirt makes him seem so comfortable and casual. Thank you 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, glad you enjoyed this post, Muffin! 😀 Yes, he really is a good looking guy, isn’t he?? He rocks every single look, no matter how different it is from the last one. And YES. I have a special soft spot for those grocery store pix! He looks so wonderfully casual & nerdy & just-rolled-outta-ma-house-in-whatever-I-was-wearin’ XD And yet he still looks hot. Plus, it makes it seem almost plausible that I’d run into him just like that, in a grocery store! 😉

  13. mywebfoot (@mywebfoot)

    Love it. What’s amazing to me about GY (besides the bod, I mean), is that he has so many faces, and that he wears all of them well. When he’s doing comedy he gets the comic timing perfect. Action and he’s all heroic and bloody. Drama, and there isn’t a hit of the big kid he can also be. He’s never NOT comfortable in his skin. Not many other actors can do that.

    1. kfangurl

      You’re so right, mywebfoot! GY has so many facets to him, and regardless of which facet he’s wearing, it’s always completely convincing. It’s just one of the many things I admire & love about him. That, and the can’t-be-ignored hot bod, of course 😉

  14. i♥sweetpotatoes

    Holy Cow Girl! That is so awesome, all I can do is pick my jaw off the floor and find a bigger towel to wipe off the drool. That is one amazing post. This is why we have you to do all the work for us lazy gals!!!!

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. Glad you enjoyed the post, i❤sweetpotatoes! ^^ I’m more than happy to put my superpower to work for appreciative fangirls like you 😉 GY is just so, so~ fine, isn’t he?? 😀

  15. asotss

    Ha Kfangurl, what a treat indeed. I felt like it was also my birthday somehow 🙂 Going through the Gong Yoo hole, my hormones rose to the roof and I’ll need some time to digest the awesomeness so I’ll keep that comment short. I’m just articulate enough to point out one thing : the vintage pics are an evidence he’s not a vampire. Gosh, he’s aging… but so gracefully (another thing is I don’t like too much facial hair on him but who cares ? Not even I since I’ll take him with or without them).
    This orgy of pictures makes me want mooooooar of him, like him alive, going around, speaking, like him in a drama, like him in Coffee Prince. Am I going to watch it for the ilostcounth time ? There’s a high probability… Gong Yoo, you are my doom.

    I think I read you got injured, Kfangurl ? I hope you totally recovered from what happened. Take good care of yourself, we want to be able to read you for a long time.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks asotss for remembering! Yes, I did have a fall awhile back, which left my right shoulder pretty sore. It’s much better now, thanks! ❤

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post asotss! If I remember right, your very first comment on the blog was coz of GY too, so you were definitely one of those that I hoped would enjoy this GY photospasm 🙂 He really is so~ fine, isn’t he?? I prefer him clean-cut too, but also like you, I’ll take him any which way I can get him! We do need more of him on our screens. Preferably in a fantastic drama of at least 20 episodes 😉

    2. kaiaraia

      “Gong Yoo, you are my doom.” Exactly, he is, right? I feel just so each time I couldn’t have enough of him and can’t tear my eyes off him. Love him so much, it hurts. Sometimes, I hope I never discovered him. Hahaha!

  16. crazyunnijo

    Whoa momma. This greeted me the other day and I couldn’t comment because I was in bed on viewing this on the phone. Them cozy shots made it even harder to roll out of bed. Heheheh

    Thank you for putting your gifts to good use. 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Ooh~ lounging in bed while gazing at cozy GY.. I can totally see why you really, really didn’t want to get out of bed, Jo! XD

      Glad you enjoyed the post! 😀

  17. evez

    p.s….there must be something wrong with the pc i am using the embed music couldn’t be played i wonder what is it?….

    1. kfangurl

      Ah! It’s the song that GY sang at the fanmeet, the one by Lee Jeok. Here’s the song on youtube, in case you’re still having problems with the track I embedded 🙂

  18. evez

    WHOAH!!!…hail to the post!…you really make it up to Gong Yoo….this is a sweet and robust way of showing your love to him…the itemized classification of Gong Yoo’s photos are all gorgeous and i can’t help but admire him more as well as admiring the one who made it…i truly salute you superpower Kfangirl!..<3 i am raising my hands to the air!..you really nailed it! <3 😉

    …I LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS….honestly i have seen some from various sites but there are some that are new to me…now i understand why this man kept you awake up to 3 am in the morning just to keep the promise and share it with us!…wow!! a p-u-r-e dedication indeed…and i can tell you really love what you're doing…i know you ..when inspiring things strike you give it all your best and that's love..

    LOVE…something that is so sweet when you are happy and inspired…and you really love your work….when you love what you're doing it shows…look all those photos….all the photos from pretty post are all awesome….and i could really feel it by just looking…<3<3<3

    May i ask if there still left of that superpower of yours Kfangirl?….before GY's pretty post there is PSJ…i wonder where you get your power and energy?…

    Thank you for the lovely post…and thanks for mentioning my name…y'know me…i have a big heart for Gong Yoo and i am so happy that you made this day for us extra special…Gong Yoo ssi!…where are you?…you should be seeing this i believe!…can i send the link to soop?…hahahaha…<3 ;)..oh me, i don't give up do i?…;)

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Evez!! 😀 You really are the one who sparked the idea for this post, so it’s an extra happy thing for me, that you enjoyed it 🙂

      Thanks too for all your lovely encouraging words! Yes, when something captures my imagination or inspires me, that’s when I go all out.. it’s also when we get epic reviews on the blog, heh XD To answer your question, the superpower is now recharging.. after 2 photospasm posts, I need to give Google a break from me, Lol!

  19. kaiaraia

    This is such a treat girl! Thought it was a present for the birthday man, turned out to be more of a present for us. Hahaha.

    I love that you included those pictures of him in the Playboys uniform. I love them, they’re such a classic. Those were taken pre-Coffee Prince but he looks just as he does today… lovely.

    And this iloom ad is just so perfect for me… clean cut short-hair, crisp-white shirt, long pants that fits just right.. styling that just up my alley. And when he wraps his arms around her to pull up that table…*my oh my*… makes me wanna lean back and rest my stuffy head on those strong broad shoulders! *faints* Thanks, Kfangurl, I’m cured already! Love it!

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. Yes, it’s also a present for all the loyal fangirls among us, who continue to dote on him and love on him, despite his reclusive tendencies. Really glad you enjoyed the post, kaiaraia! 😀

      And yes, isn’t that iloom ad just lovely?? He’s soo~ gorgeous in it, and the entire thing is shot in such lovely lighting. And the concept is just giddy levels of romantic. The stuff of fangirl fantasies, truly. 😉

  20. Balingling

    Squeeeeeeeeee….. This post is soooo gooooddd… It hurts😄Wheeeeeeewwww.
    What can I say, you’re the best..compiling all these drool-worthy pictures… Big thanks and hugs.


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