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Discovering: Park Seo Joon


Everyone was right.

So many of you predicted that once I started watching Witch’s Romance, that I would start swooning over Park Seo Joon just like everyone else. Heh. Y’all are so right.

To be honest, before I started watching the show, when I saw all the photo spreads and stills of Park Seo Joon that came out along with Witch’s Romance, I had my doubts. In the stills, he looked rather.. well, ordinary to me. Nothing about those photos made me sit up and take serious notice, really.

Ha. Watch me eat my words now. Coz I’ve been lapping up Witch’s Romance, while happily nursing a brand new fangirl crush on Park Seo Joon (melt~).

Better late than never, right?

Eric Nam – Love Song

In Denial: Dream High 2

Y’know, as I watched Park Seo Joon in Witch’s Romance with increasing enjoyment, I couldn’t help but wonder what other work he’d done.

Imagine my moment of shock when I saw that he’d been in Dream High 2, a (n outstandingly terrible) drama that I endured to the end mostly coz of my stubborn completist streak (which I’ve since tamed somewhat).

I thought, “Really?? Surely I would’ve noticed him if he was in Dream High 2??”

In disbelief, I turned to Google to be the judge. And lo and behold, Park Seo Joon really was in Dream High 2:


Youtube even informed me that he’d done all the singing and dancing too, along with all the other cast members of Dream High 2. Here’s proof:

I have to admit, he’s pretty good.

But I hate Dream High 2 (yes, hate is a strong word, but I have.. strong feelings about DH2), and I’m pretty much going to pretend that Dream High 2 never happened for Park Seo Joon. (Don’t try to persuade me otherwise. LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU)

Sitting Up Seriously: Witch’s Romance

Park Seo Joon is growing on me in a serious fashion in Witch’s Romance.

He is just so believable in his role as Yoon Dong Ha. When I watch the show, I really don’t see Park Seo Joon the actor; I only see Yoon Dong Ha the character.

I love an actor with talent, and Park Seo Joon’s managed to convince me that Yoon Dong Ha’s emotions are very real, even if the execution of the show has a manhwa-esque sort of style.

On related tangent, I’ve also realized that Park Seo Joon reminds me of Gong Yoo (& you guys know I have a long-standing love for Gong Yoo), so that can only be a good thing.

It’s hard to nail down exactly how and why Park Seo Joon reminds me of Gong Yoo.

I will say, though, that it’s not quite in the stills and photos, and more of when I see him in motion on my screen as Yoon Dong Ha. There have been moments in the show when I’ve done a double-take, just coz he reminded me of Gong Yoo.

It’s partly how he’s styled in Witch’s Romance, coz it often reminds me of how Gong Yoo was styled in Big. It’s also sometimes how he moves, like when he’s shown walking unhurriedly. And it’s also partly his features. There’ve been several shots of Park Seo Joon’s profile where I was very much reminded of Gong Yoo.

Exhibit A: Gong Yoo in Big

Exhibit B: Park Seo Joon in Witch’s Romance

It’s not so much that he looks like how Gong Yoo did when Gong Yoo was his age. Rather, it feels like he would be able to pass off as Gong Yoo’s younger brother, coz he possesses a somewhat similar air.

Ok, so maybe it’s all in my head and you might think I’ve totally missed the mark this time. I dunno.. You tell me?

In any case, I’m definitely impressed by Park Seo Joon in Witch’s Romance, and it’s more to do with his very believable delivery, and less to do with any resemblance he may or may not have to Gong Yoo.

Plus, he’s such a cutie.

On a slight tangent, I might have to watch One Warm Word now, coz he’s in it.

Edit: I finished Witch’s Romance – you can check out my review here!

Dipping into Variety: Running Man!

Park Seo Joon’s appeared twice so far in Running Man, and I really enjoyed watching both episodes. Not only are both episodes genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, Park Seo Joon is very cute in both eps. Watching his earnest (and rather accomplished) sportsmanship, topped off with his adorable smile, made me grin like a loon a lot of the time. Squee!

To whet your appetite a little, here’s a quick snippet of Park Seo Joon and Song Ji Hyo partnering up for the radish eating game in episode 198, which ends in an almost-kiss:


As I did my research for this post, I realized that Park Seo Joon’s pix don’t fall into extremes. Rather, it’s mostly a bit of this and a bit of that, and it all works. I think it works, anyway.

A Bit of Broody:

The broody pix don’t get overly sullen. What we get is just a touch of broody with a side of pensive thoughtfulness, and I like the end result quite a lot.

My favorite is the third pic – a lovely close-up. Mmm.

A Bit of Quirk:

A number of Park Seo Joon’s photoshoots lean quirky, but these aren’t terribly out there, either. It’s just a touch off-beat, which I think suits him nicely.

My favorite shot is the last one of him reading in a bathtub. Dry and fully clothed, complete with glasses and a nice rose on the wall for atmosphere. That look on his face totally says, “What, you mean you don’t read in your bathtub??” Heh.


I do think Park Seo Joon is quite adorable, and these cute pix prove it. Boyish, cheeky, happy. Words that perfectly describe these pix as well as Park Seo Joon in general, I think.

The Sharp Suit:

You guys know how much I love a man who cleans up nice in a sharp suit, and Park Seo Joon does not disappoint. Not in the least. In fact, I think he looks absolutely dashing in the sharp suit. Ahh.. So handsome.


Here’s a little bit of shirtless Park Seo Joon. He doesn’t seem to take off his shirt for photoshoots as much as he does for his dramas. And that might be a good thing, no? It means shirtless Park Seo Joon in motion, after all.. 😉


I found these pix of Park Seo Joon very sensuous and sultry. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be shirtless to be delicious.


The Soft Gaze:

Of all the looks on Park Seo Joon, my absolute favorite is the soft gaze. He has this way of leveling his gaze at you, with the softest, gentlest look in his eyes, and it gets me, every single time. Melt.


The Cute Smile:

Coming in a close second to the soft gaze is this absolutely adorable smile on Park Seo Joon. When he grins and his whole face sorta scrunches up, it’s super cute. Makes me wanna squish him.


Here’re a couple of shots where I find Park Seo Joon particularly dreamy. It’s the overall styling, as well as that soft look in his eyes. Lovely.

Yes, I think he’s absolutely dreamy when he’s in the recording studio.

Here, check him out singing Come Into My Heart for the Witch’s Romance OST. So much full-on immersion. Likey muchey.


And of course, not forgetting the candids. So much off-handed cuteness. And that second to last pic – so sexy.

Final Bonus!

As a final bonus, I thought I’d share this quick clip of Park Seo Joon on Entertainment Relay. You can read the quick article on allkpop here.

Isn’t he adorable?

Keep on bringing the awesome, Park Seo Joon-sshi. I’ll be keeping my eye on you. I’ve a feeling you’re one of those actors that just gets better and better with time.


Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

140 thoughts on “Discovering: Park Seo Joon

  1. Same! In almost all aspects, same! He also reminded me of Gong yoo for some reason. I didn’t like him at first ‘cause he looks plain. But I’ve grown to love him after watching his shows. He is a serious actor. He has never disappoint in any of his shows, to date.


  2. We share the same sentiments. PSJ resembles like my first ever oppa Gong Yoo 😍.
    Thank you for posting this. Much love and respect for Park Seo Joon. ❤💛


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  4. Not one picture shown here makes me think anything but “ordinary” decent looking guy. I still haven’t seen Witch’s Romance because I don’t like big age gap noona romances.

    When they said Park Seo joon would be playing in Hwarang which was described as “extraordinarily handsome warriors who looked like flower boys”, I went “Park Seo joon? Flower boy?” I liked what he brought to the character by showing the characters integrity and leadership qualities but that’s it. I saw him in Heal Me, Kill Me and in She Was Pretty – still nuttin’. BUT THEN OH-to-the-MO – Fight My Way and I don’t even have words… just thinking about him there starts me fanning myself! I think he can turn “it” on and off at all (or something) . It’s definitely something. For sure.


    • I do think Park Seo Joon’s become sexier with the new meatier bod that he showed off in Fight My Way.. or maybe, he reached a turning point in his life, and all the sexy is finally showing? 😉


      • For me, it’s not his body (although adding a thang wrong there) – ot’s when he takes control…


      • Sorry for all the typos. I was trying to say about his body “ain’t nuttin’ wrong there”. And then trying to say that I become a pool of mush when he takes control romantically.

        I’ve avoided Witch’s Romance because I’m just not into noona romances (and yes, I’m seen the now infamous bed scene between them and it makes me uncomfortable. And not because I have anything against sexy bed scenes.) I feel the same way I felt watching the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I kept seeing the young man as my son and mentally yelling “Get yo’ old hands off my baby!”

        I know it’s wrong… lol… but it is what it is. It intrudes on my fantasy life! lol


        • Mmm.. Ah, I get what you mean, beez. And yes, he does become very melty when he takes control romantically ❤ Also, fair is fair, not everyone enjoys noona romances. Some folks love 'em, and some hate 'em. And we're all entitled to how we feel. Which means you absolutely don't need to check out Witch's Romance, no matter what anyone says 😉


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  6. @kfangurl – might I suggest we need updated photos (especially shirtless one from Fight My Way and Secretary Kim). 😉


    • Shockingly, I didn’t actually take many shirtless screenshots of Park Seo Joon in Fight My Way, and I didn’t take a single shirtless screenshot of him in Secretary Kim. I think I was too busy just enjoying the pretty, heh. Thanks for the suggestion – let me see what I can do! 😉


  7. i just read your post and can’t wait (!!) to hear your thoughts on PSJ in What’s Wrong With Sec Kim ? *Cheeky grin*


    • Hi there Amy! Heh, I am enjoying Sec Kim quite well – and it has not escaped my notice that Show gives PSJ at least shirtless/shower scene per episode. Talk about capitalizing on a strength! 😆 My eyes are not complaining, of course 😉


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  9. Seriously..i do thought Park Seo Joon so much like Gong Yoo…never thought someone have the same feeling..the air..the way he acts..his emotion thru the role…i’m somehow detect it when i watch Kill Me Heal Me…when he mad at Cha Do Hyun..suddenly image of Gong Yoo pop up in my mind…i am also huge fan of PSJ..he is very talented actor..i loveeeee his voice..looking forward for more of his debut..cant wait


    • Hi5, miahinata! 😀 YES, Park Seo Joon really does have a Gong Yoo-esque air about him.. I’m so pleased to know that you see it too! He really is a very talented actor, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him on my screen too ❤


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  11. I know this is a 3 years old page & perhaps my comment will go totally unnoticed….but I was just wondering…Are you still that much into Park Seo Joon? 😛 If yes, then you should definitely go & watch his later works. Witch’s Romance was his last show as a rookie actor. After that he went on to play amazing roles one after another in hit dramas & today he is a STAR in K-drama industry. As a fan you are bound to feel proud of him at how he has made his way to the top starting from nothing. If you still like him that much please consider watching Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty, Hwarang (This is a historical show & Seo Joon was absolutely stunning in it) & Fight For My Way.
    Also don’t miss his movie Chronicles of Evil, you’ll get to see a totally different side of him there. & there’s another upcoming movie of him, Midnight Runners, which is scheduled to release in Korea on August 9.
    Now go & feast your eyes & sense over this brilliant & handsome actor named Park Seo Joon ❤ , i.e., if you're still interested in him.


    • Hi there Lonewalker! To answer your question, I do still have a soft spot for Park Seo Joon – though I hafta say, as a fickle fangirl, I have many soft spots for many lovelies, ahem! 😉 I did love Kill Me Heal Me and She Was Pretty (review of She Was Pretty is here), but I couldn’t make it all the way through Hwarang (Dropped post is here). I did recently watch Fight My Way and liked it a lot. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to post a review sometime.. soonish 😛


      • Wow…my comment got noticed 😳 I didn’t think it will be 😂
        Great that you watched She Was Pretty & Fight My Way & loved them 🙂
        & sad that you didn’t find Hwarang interesting & dropped it in middle. Well… I do agree Hwarang had few flaws…mainly in storyline & character development if you compare it to other historical shows. But I still loved it, the reason obviously is Seo Joon though 😂 Hwarang might not be a great show overall, but it kind of helped me realize Seo Joon’s capability as an actor. Till She Was Pretty I was just fangirling over his good looks & charming smile…but Hwarang made me realize what a brilliant actor he is & how much dedication & hard work he puts into his work. Hwarang failed mostly because of weak storyline & poor character development, but Seo Joon did great whatever he was supplied with. The transformation his character Moo Myung/Sun Woo went through from start to end…I found that quite surprising…. I’m yet see that much growth in any other K-drama lead & Seo Joon was absolutely brilliant in his portrayal of that journey. Truth to be told, Seo Joon as Moo Myung/Sun Woo kind of alone carried the whole show on his shoulder & it saddened me to find out so many people disliked the drama & didn’t give him the appreciation he deserved. Only if the storyline could be a bit better & the script could be more tight, may be things would have turned out differently. But that’s totally my opinion 🙂

        Since you haven’t watched Chronicles Of Evil yet, I recommend you to watch that 🙂 Seo Joon was brilliant there too.


  12. I wholeheartedly second the above comment by Delvo Dampor. I’m fangirling so hard over Park Seo Joon right now, and I remembered how you had the BEST set of photos of Gong yoo, and wondered if Park seo joon was on your Klove radar too. Not disappointed 😀 😀

    And about him giving off the Gong yoo vibe, gurrrrl! you be so on point. I think if you look at both of them for the first time, without having seen them act, you’d think they look plain. Great built, height, but the face looks ordinary. Unlike some of the other actors with “perfect” features. So when they act, they look a lot more believable? I mean they have great acting chops, but its not like their perfect eyes, nose, lips etc are distracting you when they’re crying their eyes out or being goofy. I get completely absorbed in their character when I’m watching them.

    It’s been 3 years since you posted this, and gurrl, you need to check him out. For real. He’s got this added sexy mature manly vibe now. AND he’s bulked up. Gosh those shoulders and back muscles. :O And his current show, Fight for my way, its so so SO GOOD. You’re gonna love it. I assure you. Its his best work so far. Its a no nonsense(cinderella/villains/other tropes) kind of show about for friends working towards their dreams, and their usual life. Watch iiiitttt!! 😀

    Here I leave you with glorious screenshot and a pic from his insta ac.


  13. Kfangurl! Happy Birthday! The world is so lucky to have you. You always feed a kdrama fan with the most precious posts like this one on Park Seo Joon, on Gong Yoo and the list goes on.

    In Fight for my Way, Park Seo Joon is daebak. Everytime he goes on screen, I’d hug my pillow and scream. And when he smiles that goofy smile or pout his lips, I’d go berserk. He’s had that same effect on my four year old girl!


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  16. He’s been on my radar for quite some time but recently i realized i like him, a lot, like now he & Lee Jong Suk are fighting against each other for the no 1 spot of my most fave (young) K-actors LOL. His acting feels earnest. His grins are super cute as if to assure you that there IS love and peace in the world, but I prefer his slight smile when his eyes scrunch up just a little & his gaze and face become softer. It make my heart flutter, every time. I’m so excited abt his upcoming drama Hwarang. I heard he’d be up against the king in a love triangle,& I’m already jealous with the female character whom I haven’t seen yet LOL.


    • Tee hee. Sounds like you’re in full fangirl mode, iona!! Which I completely understand, by the way. 😉 I agree that Park Seo Joon is warm and cute and melty – totally heart-fluttery stuff. I can’t wait to see him in Hwarang! (And I do understand the fangirl jealousy bit. But rest assured, Oppa’s always all yours in your fangirl heart!)


  17. His voice at times sounds like Gong Yoo – especially when he’s calm and speaking slowly in measured tones – if that makes any sense. Low voice full of emotion. Swoon. There were several scenes in She was Pretty where if I didn’t look at the screen, I thought it was Gong Yoo.


    • YES. I so agree with you, Jogong! Sometimes, Park Seo Joon reminds me of Gong Yoo, in small but significant ways. I’d love to see them play brothers someday! They’re both wonderful actors, and I can only imagine the combined awesome! ❤


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  19. And I have read in some articles that he really believes that his face is plain and quite surprise knowing that his international fans adore his handsome face. OMG. if his face is plain, what is handsome? I find his dreamy, quiet, calm look really get to my drooling heart.


    • Yes, I saw that too! And I had the same reaction. Like, What?? He thinks his face is plain??? XD But I do love that he’s so humble & down-to-earth. It’s one of the things that I find very appealing about him. ❤


  20. I need to watch everything this guy has ever played in! Such a surprise to hear him sing so well when Sung Joon was terribly tone-deaf in She was Pretty :))))

    Awesome post ❤


    • I know, right?!? I already knew he could sing when I watched She Was Pretty, so I giggled extra at how hard he worked to sing OFF pitch! XD

      YES, you should definitely put Park Seo Joon on your radar. He’s wonderful. I loved him in Witch’s Romance, and I also felt he did very well in One Warm Word. Witch’s Romance is fun and light, while One Warm Word is heavy and intense. So, if you’re not in the mood for something heavy, I’d recommend you save One Warm Word for another day 😉 I was a touch underwhelmed by the ending of Witch’s Romance, but the rest of it is so fun, light and sparky that I can’t complain too much. Plus, Park Seo Joon is SO melty in it ❤

      OH! How could I forget??? He was also in Kill Me Heal Me, which is very good. I definitely recommend that too. It’s not quite a rom-com, since it’s not that light, but it does have a central romance. And both Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung are excellent in it. Ji Sung is AMAZING in it, and it’s worth a watch for his performance alone, no kidding. 🙂


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  23. Wow, it’s been almost a year since the last comment here! It’s the right time for a few words: today is airing the first episode of She Was Pretty, with our Park Seo Joon as first male lead! Fighting, PSJ!
    I’m sorry, but I don’t like Hwang Jung Eum as the leading lady (actually I don’t like her at all) and I hope Siwon’s presence will be enough to compensate my dissatisfaction about the main actress.
    And I’m more excited about this drama because I’ll translate it on Viki, alongside my Romanian fellows! Do you understand now my enthusiasm? About this show, I mean.
    What do you think? Will PSJ confirm our expectations?


    • Yay that you’re working on She Was Pretty, serena!! I’m all caught up on the episodes that have aired so far, and I must say, I do think Park Seo Joon is doing nicely 🙂 I think the writing is a little odd in some aspects, like in how they make his character randomly clumsy, and I think they didn’t have to make him that mean, but he’s delivering very well, and I totally believe him. I love the understated moments, his delivery feels so raw and true. Love. ❤ As for Hwang Jung Eum, I've gotten used to her style, and I actually think the PD told her to act that way. It's all Korean humor, there's a preference for physical humor, and that's where it's coming from.


      • After I read your reply, I think you’re right. Maybe it’s the korean humor. I think I can’t understand it quite well, that physical humor, especially when it’s overdosed. Maybe this is the answer why I don’t like She Was Pretty so far.
        Or, maybe, it’s because I watched I Need Romance 2 at the same time, during the last two weeks? Maybe I compared the two dramas, subconsciously? There is no need to say who’s the winner, right?
        BTW, I was completely thrilled about I Need Romance 2 and The Time We Were Not in Love. And my recent discovery is, of course, Lee Jin Wook.


        • Yeah, I’m still getting used to Korean humor myself. I understand it more now than before, which makes it easier for me to accept the OTT style adopted at times. Like Hye Jin’s tendency to gnash her teeth when she’s nervous. It’s so OTT, and in the past, I would’ve cringed at HJE’s delivery. But now I get that it’s very likely what the PD wanted, in the interest of delivering funny. So that’s definitely a factor as to why you may not be enjoying She Was Pretty. And of course, if you’re comparing it to a show that you’re enjoying, that sorta amplifies the stuff you don’t enjoy about the show. I do think adjusting your lens will help, so maybe try that? 🙂

          As for Lee Jin Wook, I’m not personally a fan, but, I do understand his appeal, and I enjoyed him in Nine. Have you seen that show? It’s one of the best takes on time travel in dramaland, I think. If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend it. 🙂


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  26. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m enjoying reading your view abt park seojoon. Basically i have the same route like you on how i’m liking PSJ & even more by now…

    It’s bit hard to find his news. Hope we can hear him more often. Heard he’ll has new movie. I’ll look fwd to his new project. Welcome PSJ to my k world:)


    • Aw, yay for more Park Seo Joon love in the house! Isn’t he so swoony?? ❤ You’re right, there isn’t a whole lot of news on him lately, except that he’s been confirmed for that body swap movie. Sounds like a cute watch, even though it sounds like we won’t get as much Park Seo Joon on our screens as we’d like, seeing as how there are 3 actors acting as the leading man!


  27. i love this entry. ❤ totally agree with the point on gong yoo


  28. Oooh Park Seo Joon is so warm and adorable! He was one of the reasons why I enjoyed Witch’s Romance. Oooh that smile! 😀


    • YES HE IS WARM AND ADORABLE!!! And that smile is just ❤❤❤! He is my favorite thing about Witch’s Romance, seriously! ^^ Doesn’t he sometimes remind you of Gong Yoo too?


      • Hmmm I can see it, a little bit. I watched Big over the weekend to see if I noticed anything and I think I did see some similar mannerisms. Haha but I’m not sure.


        • Yes! It’s some of the mannerisms.. It’s not everything, and not all the time. It’s just sometimes when I was watching Witch’s Romance, I actually saw echoes of GY in Park Seo Joon ^^


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  30. Hi ! I loved the post ! I watched Witch’s romance and i found it quite funny and with a different ambient . I also watched DH2 , and i enjoyed his character , even tough the drama is an offense to humanity . But i didn’t paid attention , you know . I didn’t go search for his others projects or anything at all .
    So i’m really happy that this lovely drama happen . I enjoyed so much that drama , thanks to his awesome job . I really felt like the relationship was real . The emotions … I could fell it .He understood his character very well and made it look like he’s our neighbor.
    I look forward for his future work . I think he needs attention , and Witch’s romance has something special . Maybe a spell …
    Also i got tell ya , he has the best gaze ver ! I feel like i can be looking throw his eyes for hours and hours and never feel tired .
    This post is amazing , like always , you get the best from the best !


    • Hey there, CaptainSleepy!! 😀 Yay that you enjoyed this post!

      I laughed out loud at your remark about DH2. It really is an offense to humanity, no arguments there! I can’t believe I finished the whole thing!

      I am so, so grateful to Witch’s Romance for giving Park Seo Joon the spotlight and allowing him room to shine and demonstrate how awesome he is. And YES. He has such a lovely, melty, swoony gaze. I could swim in his gaze for hours, seriously.

      I’m now watching him in One Warm Word, and 2 eps in, I’m a pretty happy camper. He’s definitely still got that super likable warmth about him, even though he’s playing a different character. ^^


      • Hmm , one day i’ll check that drama . It is the first time hearing about it , but i’ll go to my list .
        (I’m now watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal )


        • I hafta warn you about One Warm Word, CaptainSleepy! It’s NOT a rom-com. Instead, it’s a heavy-ish melodrama about cheating spouses and the effects it has on the characters and their relationships. I just watched E3 last night and it was rather hard-going. Basically, Park Seo Joon is a secondary character, and so far, every time he’s on my screen, everything feels light and warm. He’s like the light that balances out the heavy. He had very little screentime in E3 last night, which made it pretty heavy-going. When he is on my screen though, I am a very happy camper.

          Sungkyunkwan Scandal is DELIGHTFUL!! 😀 I loved it both times that I watched it! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did! ^^


          • Yeah , to be honest my fav dramas are the one who push for you , whom are heavy and makes your heart go up and down . So good thing !
            Okay ,i know this might shock you but i’m not loving SS . I do like it , but i don’t watch with that excitement. The main reason is that the main actress is just not working for me . I really hate (strong word , i know~) what she done with the character . Also i find the villain so obvious . It doesn’t feel real . He’s just evil . There’s no reason for that . That 2 points really annoy me , but… I’m only episode 14 , so… Ahh , i must say i’m in love with Geol Oh ! He’s the major point in this show , that’s for sure . He’s friendship with Yeorim makes my heart skip a heartbeat hahaha


            • Really! So melodramas are your kind of show then, CaptainSleepy! I haven’t watched too many of those myself, preferring to try out only those that have particularly good reputations. Other than the fact that Park Seo Joon is in One Warm Word, I’ve also heard pretty positive things about the show itself, so hopefully it doesn’t let us down! *fingers crossed*

              Aw, it’s a bummer that you’re not loving SKKS.. I actually loved it more on my 2nd watch than my 1st! I can see how Park Min Young might underwhelm you.. she’s not an actress with a whole lot of depth. I found her likable, though, and that helped. I would suggest adjusting your lens a little for SKKS.. take the exaggerated villain with a pinch of salt and put it down to campiness. Also, just let the boys keep your boat afloat.. Geol Oh is so swoony, and Yeorim is so delightfully flirty, and Lee Sun Joon is adorably square. I didn’t enjoy Lee Sun Joon so much on my first watch, but found him endlessly amusing on my second watch. Hope this helps up your enjoyment of SKKS, CaptainSleepy! ^^


              • Thanks ! I’ll try my best ! The truth is even when i’m hating a drama , i always watch to the end . So no worries about that ! 😉


                • Tee hee. I know that completist streak.. I used to do that with my dramas too! I would hang in there stubbornly even if I hated the show, just to get to the end. Now I’m less that way, and have become more picky about the dramas I watch. I dropped I Miss You after 14 episodes, even though I was already more than halfway through. I just couldn’t take all the tears and painnnn, lol XD

                  I will say that SKKS is a much easier drama to hang in there for, than some of the turkeys that I’ve had the “pleasure” of encountering..! XD


                  • Yeah… You see , I really need to allways end a show , because i know that later i’ll just regret it , even though my opinios are more negative than positive . It’s like i can’t even hear about that drama that i’ll just freak out and start saying to myself : ” Girl , you should have watched it ” .

                    SKKS it’s not the case, because i don’t like it but it’s far far way from hating it . I can give an example : Monstar . Everybody freakin’ loved it and i freakin’ hated it , and yes , I watched till the end . It was hard as hell , that’s for sure 😛

                    PS You must end I miss you . I know the tears kinda destoy the rest of your soul ,still it has some great acting and writing 🙂 Ahhn the end killed me , almost literally , but i liked the pain hahahha


                    • Haha! You sound like you have a serious case of completism there, CaptainSleepy! XD

                      I haven’t gotten around to checking out Monstar, but I remember that people loved it at first, but many people got upset with the show in its later stretch. So I think you’re not alone in disliking it!

                      I wish I could say yes to you on IMY, but I just can’t bring myself to wade through 7 more hours of endless, senseless painnnn just to get to an ending that I already know about. After I found out about the ending, I was relieved that I decided to drop the show, in fact! 😛


                    • Ohh that’s really a shame ! But oh well , what can a sleepy girl like me do ? xD

                      Completim works only with movies and tvshows , let’s say , that were more times that i had important things to do , and i made 50 % . Soo , that’s sad hahahaha


                    • Lol. I’m sorry about IMY, CaptainSleepy. But I know what happened, so we can still talk about that drama if you like! I just won’t be writing a review on it, since I never finished it.

                      Also, sounds like it’s time to let your drama completism infect your Real Life a little bit.. After all, you’re consistently finishing 100% of shows no matter how much you hate them. I’m sure some of the willpower can be put to good use in Real Life! 😉


                    • Ahh Hope so ! I really need some of that good energy in my real life .

                      About IMY , i think the end was really hard for both parties . I think it was well done but Harry should have died . That was the perfect ending . His death would allow to everyone move on and let me honest , i always felt like Harry suffered a hell , and that end made it even worse .

                      Anyways , i’m watching now Coffe Prince , and girl , I’m hating it . Help !!


                    • Well the writer of IMY definitely was into lots of pain, from what I could tell, so she probably felt like letting Harry live was more painful and therefore the preferable ending? 😛 Harry’s arc never made sense to me.. Him becoming a mad murderer was just such a waste of a perfectly good character – and actor! Poor Yoo Seung Ho.

                      As for Coffee Prince, oh noes, you hate it?? Why, though? And also, maybe you’re just not in the mood for rom-coms? Especially since you seem to actually prefer melodramas?


                    • I think the madness grew up in a way that for me work to a point that it just didn’t make any kind of sense . But without that , Yoo Seung Ho wouldn’t shine so much , you know? He made an amazing job , i was so proud and happy for him . Because we really can she his character growing and it fel real for me . Only few can do that .

                      CP , i knowww , i’m so sad ! I want something to make me full addcited again and that made it worse
                      I think that rom.coms have to be done very carefully for me . Let’s say Witch Romance worked just fine . Love in Tokyo done the job well too and i saw the anime , too but, i never felt like comparing anything .
                      But yeah , i think i finally get it . I’m really a melodrama fan . From now on , i’m going to stop messing around with rom-coms , they are dangerous .

                      Also I was watching Good Doctor , and I’m loving it . Joo Won is amazing ! I feel like he has this aura , and i see a true artist when i look at him . He has for sure the passion that i love to see .


                    • Well, I don’t know that you should avoid all rom-coms, since you’ve managed to enjoy a few so far 🙂 But yes, it does seem like you prefer shows that aren’t rom-coms.

                      I haven’t seen Good Doctor, though I have plans to check it out sometime. I do enjoy Joo Won! And if you’re liking Joo Won in this, I’m thinking you might really like Gaksital. It’s far from a rom-com, and I really, really liked it. It’s the story of an ordinary man becoming a hero, and I found it gripping and meaningful. Maybe check it out after you’re done with Good Doctor? Another show in which I loved Joo Won is Ojakgyo Brothers. It’s more of a family drama than a rom-com, but it has a somewhat rom-com sort of flavor as well, thanks to the love-lines of each brother. Joo Won is pretty dreamy in there, and I loved the show. Something to consider, maybe? 🙂


                    • Hi . I’m a big fan of Joo Won . Gaksital was the first drama that i really went crazy about . He’s doing a pretty awesome work in GD . I can see that he done some work on how to react and he has really become the character . He is by far one of the best drama actors . I’m happy that the people pay attention to him .
                      To be honest , my fav actors are : Lee Dong Wook , Joo Won , Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Jung-woo . There’s more , for sure . I always felt like Korea has great actors and some who can act are being more paid that the actors who can act . It does break my heart .

                      About rom-coms , I decided that i won’t run away but if i feel like it’s just not working out , i will quit the show . No more completing problems .


                    • Ah! You’ve seen Gaksital! I was sooo impressed by Joo Won in Gaksital, seriously! I was watching Ojakgyo Brothers at the same time, and I was so blown away by how Joo Won managed to deliver such different characters, even though there were similarities between the characters on paper. I’m also currently watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu, and halfway through the show, I can see why audiences were fascinated by Joo Won’s character even though he was supposed to be “the bad guy.” If you’re a big Joo Won fan, maybe you might like to add Baker King to your list? 🙂

                      Yes, learning to let go and drop a show is something that most drama fans take some time to learn. I used to be quite the completist myself, and would finish a drama even if I really wasn’t liking it. Now, I’ve learned that when I really hate a show, it’s liberating (and time saving too!) to drop it once I’m sure I don’t enjoy it. For some shows, I’ll hang in there for a while, just to see if I’m likely to change my mind. I recently dropped Emergency Couple and Bel Ami (Pretty Man). I just knew that I wasn’t going to enjoy them, and I have no regrets not seeing them through to the end. Good for you, that you’ve already reached the point of being able to drop dramas without regrets, CaptainSleepy! 😀 *applause*


                    • Yeah , Gaksital is probably the best korean drama that I watched . I was in love with the characters , not by the actors . You see , i just forgot the actors. They were that good . They made me stop thinking : ” Wow , Joo Woo is great” and start thinking only in the character .
                      There were manny things working really well for the show . I loved the ost , the cast (even though the main girl was a little weak ) , the cinematography was beyond beautiful and it had the addicted factor . I was surrounded .
                      Also i cried . Which is rare .
                      Now back to dropping shows : I’m so happy i realized soon that i was wasting my time . There are some dramas that are not meant for us . It’s okay . We just have to wait for another work from its writer and hope for the best 🙂
                      It’s funny you mentioned Bel Ami , because i was just thinking watching this one . Gotta be honest here . The drama looks like it’s gonna suck . Real bad . But still i’ll watch it and ” hope for the best “.I do like Jang Geun Suk , but I wasnt blow away by his acting .
                      And Yes , i’ll watch one day all Joo Woo projects , incluing BKKTG.

                      Just one question , have you heard about his new teen drama called Hi shcool Love on ? I’m really enjoying it . It’s really sweet and teenish . Of corse i sent logic throw the window hahhaha
                      Still a very cute drama that i look forwad to see how its gonna develop .


                    • Hey there CaptainSleepy! Apologies for the late reply, I was traveling again for work.

                      YAY that you loved Gaksital! I loved it too, and thought it was pretty brilliant. If you enjoyed Gaksital, I’m thinking that you’d enjoy Chuno. Which is another non-romance sort of drama that I loved.

                      As for Bel Ami.. Erm, almost everyone I know agreed that they disliked the show 😛 If you’d like to see more of Jang Geun Suk, and are not inclined towards rom-coms (You’re Beautiful is funny & cute, but you might not like it if you’re not in the mood for rom-com), you might want to consider Beethoven’s Virus. It’s a ensemble-type drama about underdogs banding together to gain strength, and I rather liked it. Jang Geun Suk sports a rare crew-cut in there, such a nice change from his usual long hair 🙂

                      I’ve been hearing good things about High School Love On, actually! It’s on my list, but I will save it for later 🙂


                    • Hi ! I have seen You’re beautiful and i tought it was great ! It had this teenish vibe of course but they made it very fun and enjoyable . I had a blast 🙂
                      Also jeremy was the best part . I just love him !
                      Jang Geun Suk is a good actor but really never caught my attention . But i got tell that Marry me Marry is my favorite of JGS. The plot isn’t great but i felt like the characters ( leads ) were very warm and i don’t know … Felt like “home” and peace .
                      Danggg I have to watch Chuno then ! I love non-romantic shows .

                      Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I’m now following dramas every week , which is a new thing for me . Until now It’s okay thats love has blew my mind away . Also the references made in the show are quite funny hahahaha


                    • Oh, I rather liked the early episodes of M3, but by the end, the charm had worn off for me, and I didn’t end up loving it as much as I’d originally hoped. Still, there were a couple of moments in there where I remember being a little taken with the swoon level 😉

                      And yes, I loved Jeremy in You’re Beautiful!! He’s so adorable!! Oh hey, if you like Lee Hong Ki, you might just enjoy Bride of the Century, CaptainSleepy! It’s a bit nonsensical, but it’s adorable to see “Jeremy” all grown up, wearing sharp suits and being a romantic hero 😉

                      I’ve been hearing positive things about It’s Ok It’s Love, so I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying it too! It’s on my list! AND YES, YOU MUST WATCH CHUNO! MUST! 😀


  31. wahh, cruising through that “I remember” rap video, (Such a sad and bloody! end!) and I can totally see a young So Ji Sub in this guy! (compare to ‘A company Man’).

    Not sure if you’re a fan, but if you do another post like this, I suggest Kang Ji Hwan, he’s my latest drama love. I couldn’t believe myself when I marathoned ‘Big Man’ in one weekend. After watching Coffee House. I know everyone raves about the Lie to me and those cola kisses and pop tart kisses and whatever, lol, but I guess I’m avoiding the hyped up dramas for now. I like ‘Big Man’ type stuff, so I’m gonna go for Incarnation of Money next.


    • I know, right? Such a sad and bloody end to that MV! 😛 I haven’t seen A Company Man, so I can’t compare him with SJS.. One day, I will watch that movie ^^

      Kang Ji Hwan is an actor that I rather like, though he’s not quite on my list of loves.. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, Lady G! He’s very good in Coffee House, and sexy in the mess that was Lie to Me. I’ve heard rather good things about Incarnation of Money, so I hope you enjoy the watch! 🙂


      • I stopped watching A Company man because it was so violent and bloody. I was really just thinking of his look. 🙂 I recently saw Coffee House, it was good. The mess that was Lie to me, LOL. Maybe one day I’ll check it out. One thing, he’s one of the best K-drama kissers. hehe. Thanks!


        • Eek. Violent and bloody reminds me of Won Bin’s Ahjusshi, which I watched purely to check out what the buzz was about. I still cringe if I think about certain scenes. Which just goes to show how violence and blood is so not my cup of tea! XD

          The only reason to watch Lie to Me is for the chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. The kisses were fab, and what upped the appeal was the fact that the two of them basically ad-libbed and made up on the fly many of the drama’s most iconic romantic moments. That set the dramaverse on fire, much like how the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in Master’s Sun got everyone talking. It was the meta that made it worthwhile. Throw out any and all expectation of narrative coherence and you should be all set! 😉


  32. Kfangirl!! I returned to dramaland and I had to comment when I saw once again our obsessions were in line. I loved him so much in a witch’s romance. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and those running man episodes. I will definitely enjoy watching those later.



      I’m SO~ happy to see you around in dramaland!! And can I say how much I LOVE that our taste in men has once again aligned?? XD I just finished Witch’s Romance myself, and he is so, so dreamy in it! My review is here, if you’d like to check it out!

      And yes, you must definitely make time for the RM eps.. he is super adorable in both eps, and we get to see his adorable smile quite a lot! 😀


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  34. Holy cow, that was him in Dream High 2??! O_O He was my favorite character and I was so surprised to see an actor with such a beautiful voice (later on I discovered that almost every korean actors could sing XD). I fell under his charm when he particpated to Running Man (because I didn’t know he was that guy in Dream High!!). Haha the frozen prince. He was so cool compare to the other who were all having a mental breakdown. Haha so fun^^ I was so happy to see him again in the 198th episode :3
    I am seriously considering Witch’s romance.I’ve been hesitating for several weeks now cause I know it won’t be the drama of the year and I’m pretty sure I’ll grow bored of him near the end but Park Seo Joon and Yoon Hyun Min (and their bromance for what I’ve seen *_*)…I don’t think I can resist anymore >_<

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhh now I remember!! I remember to have thought when I was watching Dream High "man, I've seen that guy before…but where? *scratch*". I let you watch it :p enjoy!

    I had fell under his charm two years ago and I didn't even know it! So crazy! I am rediscovering that only know! XDD


    • Ok, wow, that is one intense MV! O.O! It’s kinda more dark than I prefer, but I can’t deny the skinship hotness in the video! Park Seo Joon is certainly comfortable with skinship! The kissing!! *flails* So~ hawt.

      I loved him in RM too – he was great as the ice prince! XD I loved that they dubbed him ice prince and gave him “Let It Go” as his theme song! Hilarious! XD And also, he really was very cool, gritting his teeth to tough it out in that icy water! It must’ve hurt something bad too, the rest of the cast were yelping in pain 😛 Respect for his determination!

      I’m just a couple of episodes away from finishing Witch’s Romance, and I can assure you that I am not at all tired of Park Seo Joon, and also, the bromance is very cute too. The show’s flawed of course, and you’re right that it’s definitely not drama of the year material. But Park Seo Joon is so wonderful that I don’t think you’d regret it. Also, how does one get tired of Park Seo Joon??? Pffft. What nonsense you speak of, cineclique! 😉 Go forth and embrace having him on your screen!


      • Haha I was sure you would like the skinship :p far from the classic 뽀뽀 of drama where the girl gawks like an idiot because the guy barely touches her lips héhé XD

        I never said that I would be tired of Park Seo Joon XD I’m afraid to be bored by the story or by the other characters (the heroine for example…I don’t know her but i have a bad feeling^^ ‘will see). An actor is not always enough to catch up the story when this one is cliché or just bad etc… But since I’m still in the mood for a rom com I’m going to give it a try 🙂 I can’t wait (I still have to finish 3 episodes of another drama today and hop tomorrow I’ll start it). Hope you’ll make a review about it 🙂


        • Oh yes, the skinship really is very far from the usual 뽀뽀! So~ raw and intense!

          If you’re in the mood for light rom-com, and enjoy Park Seo Joon, I’m pretty sure that Witch’s Romance will prove to be a fun and sweet watch. 🙂 And yes, I just finished my review for Witch’s Romance, as a matter of fact. You can take a peek at it here if you like! ^^


          • I’ve started Witch’s romance and I’m COMPLETELY addicted! I know that it’s not an original story etc…But I can’t help it! I’m addicted to Park Seo Joon’s cuteness^^ I’ll take a peek at your review when I’ve finished to watch it and wrote my own review about it too (don’t want to be influenced^^). Can’t wait to read it!


            • Hee!! 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying Witch’s Romance!! Isn’t Park Seo Joon ADORBS??? 😀 😀 I just spazzed at my screen, slack-jawed, so many times during this drama. He’s just so dreamy ❤

              Take your time with the review! I totally understand wanting to write your own review without being influenced by other reviews 🙂 Will take a peek at yours when it’s done too ^^


    • …wow..that MV looks so good with Park Seo Joon in it…from watching the mv you can really tell that dude is good and has potential in action drama…i want to see him in a drama with that genre,,,,<3


      • Right?! I’m so glad to have rediscovered this mv and to have shared it^^ I watched this mv 10 times in a row the day I had discovered it. I was so moved by his acting. I want to see him in that kind of drama too! _< such a shame.)


  35. YAYYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!!and a lot of super of whateverr!!!…my gosh !! you really did some good researching of Park Seo Joon’s photo and presented it in a more DELISH and DELECTABLE sHOTS!!..Tbh, before Dewaani and Ddee’s post and updates on FB about Witch Romance i already had a dvd of One Warm Word which i haven’t started watching then so i didn’t know that Park Seo joon is part of the cast….until the Witch Romance post of Ddee which captured him with Uhm Jung Hwa in a hot scene…i did ask Ddee then whose the lad?…he then said it’s Park Soe Joon……the who?…i don’t know him..and then here comes Dewaani’s post again …so they are spazzing about this lad….

    That prompted me to Wiki and check Witch Romance pronto!!,..upon reading the Wiki it is then i found out that he was in One Warm Word…..still i didn’t watch the drama…i stream Witch Romance first…randomly since i couldn’t stream long because i’m at work ..i chose episode 4 as a starter…weird but honestly i did that purposely because i want to see the scene where Ddee posted over fb..hahaha..crazy but it’s true….surprisingly i get hooked and wanting more and more of him i like him…NO, I AM SUPER INTO THIS DUDE!!…he has some kind of charisma that you couldn’t get away with…i need to see him even the streaming is so hard….but a fangirl will do anything to follow what she wants…..and i conquered and able to finish Witch Romance bits by bits no matter how hard…..i was dazed!….and i am happy coz my eyes found me a new candy!…Tee Hee!!… 😉

    As much as i like Park Seo Joon i did enjoy the drama itself…..the bromance part between Dong Ha and Song Chul is lovable and sweet…plus Uhm Jung Hwa is good and the rest of the extended characters…..story may skeptical in a way but who cares?…it made me happy as a drama viewer…

    One Warm Word is melo-drama…story about the fidelity between husband and wife, it tackles about marriage life…i kinda like it but not much…i don’t know but i’m more into rom-com…but i adore Park Soe Joon in here…he’s good, seriously good….he is a beauty with substance…He’s totally beautiful…the fact that he can sing!..and i didn’t know that he can dance….uh ohh…another plus point…thank you that Ddee and Dewaani shared the post over FB and thanks to you kfangirl for the lovely post…i love all the photos of Park Seo Joon here….i have to ask permission coz i will save some of his photos here in my mobile….happy times^^ ❤


    • Aw! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Evez!! 😀 And, YAY that you like the photos – these are my favorites among all the photos that I came across in my research ^^

      I’m loving Witch’s Romance and am on the final stretch of watching it. You are so cute in your fangirl determination to stream the show! XD You started on episode 4?? I hope you went back to watch episodes 1-3, coz those were cute! And Park Seo Joon really is so lovely. He does have a special charisma that comes out in his acting. You can just feel his substance, right? He’s clearly digested his character and is acting out of an immersion in the character rather than simple direction from the PD.

      I’ve heard that he’s good in One Warm Word, so even though I’m not partial to melos myself, I’m going to watch OWW, all for Park Seo Joon! So.. you’re not alone, evez! 😀

      And yes, he sings! And doesn’t he sing quite well? I mean, there’s room for improvement in terms of technicalities, but the emotion that he puts into the song really is more than enough to make the song come alive with meaning and beauty. ❤ I was quite tickled watching him dance in the DH2 clip, but that’s only because it’s so unexpected to my mind. He’s actually pretty good at it! And of course you can save the photos to your mobile.. having some Park Seo Joon on hand is a perfectly good strategy for fangirling on the go! ;D


  36. Yes, yes, yes!!! I love this kid. Witch’s Romance was such a good drama (notwithstanding the existence of Noh Shi-hoon) and this drama made me fall so hard for Park Seo-joon. And you weren’t the only one who went to look for older dramas of his and have that jaw-dropping realization to find out that he was in fact in Dream High 2. Haha.

    I can’t wait to see him in more projects soon. <333


    • I know, right? I feel like I can forgive all of Witch’s Romance’s missteps, purely for the fact that this show gave Park Seo Joon the chance to sweep us off our feet! ❤

      Ugh, Dream High 2. That drama was so bad I suppose it’s a good thing that I didn’t notice Park Seo Joon when I watched it! In retrospect, it was way better for me to feel like I was meeting him for the first time while watching him as Yoon Dong Ha ^^ And yes to more projects! He’s got some serious potential, and I hope he picks his next projects wisely and gives us lots more awesome on our screens 😀


  37. Oh wow. This seriously convinced me to watch Witch’s Romance. The photos are so lovely! I haven’t seen any drama with him on it but I’m considering to watch everything in his filmography. Also, I loved him in Running Man but I’m all, who is this cutie!!! Haha. Thank you for this! 🙂


    • He was a total cutie in Running Man! That scrunched-up smile, flashing so very often, as he gamely went about all the stuff. Can’t blame you for sitting up and taking notice! ^^

      Witch’s Romance is turning out to be a great little show, even taking flaws into account. Park Seo Joon is blowing it out of the water with his delivery, and his character is so adorable.. You just HAFTA see it, Janey! 😀


  38. What a real cutie! I love smiles that are wide and scrunch up the eyes, and his is gorgeous. I think his eyes are very tender and soulful. I can definitely see why he reminds you of Gong Yoo, from just the stills. But I will have to see him in action. When I eventually clear my drama plate, I will try and find something to watch with him. (Probably best to avoid Dream High 2! lol. But I avoid HS dramas anyway.) Thanks for all the great pics.


    • YES. Tender and soulful is a perfect way to describe his gaze! ❤ That soft, soulful, tender look in his eyes is so, sooo melty, seriously. I would flail harder if I weren’t already melted into a puddle! XD

      YAY that you see the GY resemblance, Lady G! When you see him in action – at least in Witch’s Romance, which is all I can vouch for – the GY vibe is even stronger. Plus, he’s so, so natural and expressive. The vulnerability he allows through just gets me in the gut. Love! ❤

      And I definitely recommend Witch’s Romance over DH2! XD


  39. I love him, too. I first saw him in the drama special “Sleeping Witch.” I was not sold on watching Witch’s Romance really until I saw him in that special and thought “Wow. Must see more of him NOW.” Hulu has it with English subs , and I watched it on dailymotion.

    Thanks for the treasure trove of pics. Of to save in a special folder to look at on days when I am sad and the internet in down.


    • Is Sleeping Witch worth checking out? 😀 I saw it on his filmography, but haven’t heard anything about it. I do want more of him on my screen, so I’ve put One Warm Word on my watch list, despite its melo content and my general caution around melos. But, for more Park Seo Joon on my screen, I’m throwing that caution to the wind! Bring it on, OWW! XD

      Good strategy of saving the pix for a pick-me-up.. I can totally see how some melty Park Seo Joon would perk up an otherwise meh sort of day! 😉


      • I actually watched Sleeping Witch because I was still grading papers during final exams, and I did not have time to get sucked into a long drama. I really thought it was worth it. At only an hour, and it left me wanting more , more, more of him. He is so . . . warm. I think that is the word. Of course he is cute and tall and sexy and all those other things, but I think that there is a distinct warmth to him that makes him different from other actors. I have a list of actors who I think have that warmth–Gong Yoo, Ji Sung, and Jo Seung Woo. I am adding Park Seo Joon to this list. I love other actors as well, but I would not use the adjective “warm” for them.


        • Yes, warm is a great word to describe him trotwood!! 😀 Thanks for the tip on Sleeping Witch – based on your endorsement, I’ve now hunted it down and am saving it for later when I need more Park Seo Joon. For now, One Warm Word is filling that need, so I’m gonna be wise and ration it all. 😉


  40. YEP…YEP…YEP… Just as we all predicted! I was so hoping you would like Witch’s Romance so I could get one of these most excellent and thorough posts that you do! (I am selfish that way!) This is the best assemblage of photos. I like how you do them in groupings by theme. You do it for the other posts as well. You must be a “big picture” person, seeing things in patterns and such. Thank you so much and glad you liked the drama as that is one I stuck with until the end. I will not watch Dream High 2, so you are brave and pulled out the scenes I would like best, ha ha.

    I think for me what I like best is his eyes. They have the softness to them you wrote about and they express what he is thinking while he is acting. For me, he is always, “on”, even if the camera wasn’t focused on him for a shot, he still acts his character to the fullest.
    I like your comparison to Gong Yoo. I didn’t watch past episode 3 of Big, so I wouldn’t know about the way he was styled there, but I think they both have those subtle facial expressions. I think he reminds me more of Lee Jun Ki. (Maybe it is the eyes as well?)

    Speaking of LJK…I hope you are catching Joseon Gunman?


    • Tee hee. You guys totally know my style and my taste in men, it seems! XD Yes, I am liking Park Seo Joon VERY much, and I am happily flailing and melting in the face of his wonderful Yoon Dong Ha. ❤ I do plan to write a review for Witch’s Romance.. I don’t know how thorough it will be, but I’m pretty sure I will have more to say about Park Seo Joon’s lovely portrayal of Yoon Dong Ha 😉

      I don’t know how much of a “big picture” person I really am, but I do like having all the eye candy organized and categorized for easy enjoyment. Gosh, that makes me sound so OCD, doesn’t it? XD

      YES. I love, LOVE, LURVE his eyes. They are so soft and tender and expressive, and I go so very melty when he wears that gaze. ❤ And I totally agree, he’s fully in character. It’s something that I just feel coming off my screen when I see him. He really, really impressed me with some of the difficult scenes in WR. And it appears so natural and effortless too. LOVE.

      Both Park Seo Joon and Gong Yoo have the full immersion in character, expressed in so many subtleties. There’s this vibe that I find similar in both of them. That, plus the way Park Seo Joon walks is a little like GY. Maybe it’s coz I’ve spent so much time gazing at GY that I can’t quite see the Lee Jun Ki in him at the moment 😉

      As for Joseon Gunman, I am saving it for a marathon! I don’t think I could deal with the distraction of waiting for new episodes every week, it looks so good! 😀


  41. He is so yummy and the best part is he has already done his 2 years in the military so we won’t be leaving the screens for that reason.


    • I KNOW! I was so pleased when I read that he’s already done his military service! The best part is, he says he didn’t even plan it that way. Planned or not, that was a very good move, coz now he can just grow into his acting without having to worry about when to take that MS break. And, it’s uninterrupted Park Seo Joon goodness for us! Happy me! 😀


  42. Oh my god! When I saw your post on Seo Joon, I was in the middle of writing mine on Park Seo Joon!!!! But my post cannot trump yours coz oh goodness gracious look at the pictures you posted in here. Right now (after my post), my cheeks are burning hot, my hands are red, my mouth is dried… What has this boy done to you and I? I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. He is the biggest surprise I can have this summer! I cannot handle another cutie pie like Seo Joon! My heart can’t take it anymore. He’s just too irresistible!


    • What great timing we have, Nelly! 😀 Great minds think alike? Great fangirls fangirl alike? HAHA. Can’t blame you for giving him some love on your blog.. He’s very lovely indeed. And indeed, he’s such a surprise! I totally didn’t think he looked like anything terribly special before I picked up Witch’s Romance. And now look at me. I’m a bit melted puddle of fangirl over his loveliness. ❤


  43. I was just as shocked as you were when I found out that he was in Dream High 2. I had totally forgotten. I hated that show and one of the things that bothered me about it was that so many characters were tossed aside because of that messy love triangle, including Park Seo Joon’s character. I remember him having a pretty mysterious background or something, yet the show never explained any of it. Ugh.

    But anyways, back to Park Seo Joon. I ADORE him. The end.


    • I’m so glad I’m not alone in not remembering him in DH2!! XD That show, UGH. Seriously. I can’t believe I held on to the bitter end. And even then, it didn’t even resolve its own story, never mind giving Park Seo Joon space and time to shine. In that sense, I suppose the silver lining is that I didn’t have any mental association between Park Seo Joon and DH2. Coz that might’ve prevented me from enjoying as fully as I have! XD

      And yes, he is WONDERFUL. No arguments, AT ALL. ❤


  44. Heh, it’s the ‘quiet’ ones who always seem to take one by surprise.

    I’d never even heard of Park Seo Joon before I watched ‘One Warm Word’. He was seriously SO good in it that he stood out. Even amongst all the other good performances the drama had. If the premise doesn’t put you off (like it seem to have done to many) and you’d like to sample him in another drama, one that does not suck, you should give it a try. PSJ and Han Groo made such a lovely couple and their story was the one I was most invested in.


    • Well, thanks to Park Seo Joon and to your endorsement of him in the show, I have now put One Warm Word on my watch list. I was originally on the fence about it, coz I don’t dig melo all that much, much less melo that’s centered around cheating spouses & the like. But for Park Seo Joon, all caution is getting thrown to the wind. I WILL WATCH THAT SHOW JUST FOR HIM, NO MATTER WHAT. Yes, I like him that much! 😉

      And totally, it’s the “quiet” ones that keep taking me by surprise! Park Seo Joon is definitely a happy discovery! 😀


      • Well, melo is not my preferred genre either, I have to be in a mood to watch one. One Warm Word is definitely not for everyone but it really is a well put together drama and the acting is great all around. Apart from PSJ, Lee Sang Woo suprised me in a very positive way too. I never thought he had it in him to carry a role like the one he had in OWW. I also loved the OST.

        Can I tempt you with another great but underrated drama? ;P My current fave is by far Yoo Na’s Street which I love enough to have given it it’s own, (nonspoilery) post. ^^ I ADORE the lead. Chang Man is such a sweetie as a character. There is something about Lee Hee Joon (who btw is a new ‘find’ for me) that in an odd way reminds me of PSJ, only he’s older so there’s the aura of experience.


        • Oh, I need to be in the mood to watch a melo too! High five, Timescout! 😀 In fact, I’ve only just recently finished watching Nice Guy, even though it aired something like 2 years ago. It took me that long to be in the mood! 😛 Great to hear that Lee Sang Woo did well in OWW though – melos need very strong acting to make it work (assuming there’s good writing to go with, of course), and it’s just good to know that there’re good performances in this melo that I’ve now decided to watch, for the love of Park Seo Joon! XD

          I’ve been hearing good things about Yoo Na’s Street! Ah, you certainly know how to reel me in, Timescout! Telling me that I’ll find someone in there who is likely to remind me of Park Seo Joon, only older and with an aura of experience?? HOW DO I SAY NO TO THAT?? *flails* I will need to wait it out till more eps are available, but you’ve just wedged it onto my (neverending) watch list! 😉


          • It’s funny but when I first got into kdramas I used to slurp up angst with a spoon. That sure has changed over the years, ha. 😀 Now I find most melos just too unpalatable, they really have to be all around good to reel me in. Or have some odd, intangble thing that just appeals to me. Apparently I’m in the mood for one atm as I’m quite enjoying ‘Endless Love’. It seems to be one of the better written ones with a cast I like. Of courese with this genre the chance to spectacularly derail is always pretty high, so I’m not counting my chickens till it’s all done. *g*

            ‘Yoo Na’s Street’ is so good, seriously. I just watched the latest epi and I’m about to head to my own blog to flail, LOL! I think you’ll find it pretty darned good too. 🙂


            • Heheh, maybe it’s coz when you first got into dramas, angst was THE flavor of the day, and you ate it all up not because of the angst, but because of the addictiveness of drama in general? I remember back when Stairway to Heaven and Autumn in My Heart and all the associated tears and angst were keeping my friends up all night, crying their eyes out. XD

              Endless Love? Oh my, you’ve definitely got fortitude! A 40-ep melo, with politics and finance as the context? I bow to your mettle, my friend! XD

              You’ve sold me on Yoo Na’s Street – now all I need is an easy source with subs. Hopefully my patience will pay off, coz I’m not terribly confident of watching it raw. I don’t have the vocabulary that will enable me to understand stuff about pickpocketing & gangs & colateks! XD


              • Yoona’s Stttreeeeetttt…good show. Darksmurfsubs has it. Lovely, lovely faces and people. I’m waiting to marathon in chunks of 10 eps.


                • Hooray for Darksmurfsubs! 😀 The only downside with DSS is that with long shows, the fan subbers start to drop off as they lose interest, and the later eps sometimes have incomplete or incoherent subs. Still, this show sounds promising, so hopefully the subs stay good too! ^^


              • You could be right about that. When dramas were all new and shiny almost anything seemed worth my while. 🙂

                Endless Love has been pretty good so far, though you can’t really tell with just 6 epis when it’s a longer drama. We’ll see how it goes.

                DDee beat me to it about the UNS subs. Meanwhile I sent you an e-mail though. 😀


                • Tis the novelty factor. When dramas are new, ANYTHING is squee-worthy and worth watching! XD My mother and I watched Winter Sonata more than a few times! My mother managed more watched than I did, though we both were suitably mesmerized by Bae Yong Joon!

                  Thanks for your email, dear Timescout – you are always so sweet & thoughtful! ❤


  45. HUMUNAAAAAAAA. GUESS WHAT CAME OUT TODAY?!! Check it: the sexy, leather jacket bad boy get-up killed me DEAD. *FLAIL*


    • Do not open unless you’re prepped to do some serious drooling and swooning. As for the GY vibes, I dunno, this puppy is still a puppy while GY is ALL MAN, but I guess I can sorta see where you’re coming from with that ease of body and movement.


      • Woah. I am beginning to see that Park Seo Joon has even more range that I first imagined! I wouldn’t have placed him as the type to play the bad boy, but now with this photospread, I’m beginning to see.. possibilities. Wow. Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor – It’s hard to coordinate that all while flailing AND melting into a puddle, y’know! XD

        Yes, I totally think that GY is way ahead of Park Seo Joon in the manly vibe department. The gravitas and maturity that only age and experience gives. I do think Park Seo Joon is very much like a GY-lite, in a sense. No disrespect to PSJ of course, coz I think he is his own unique person after all, not just a shadow or type of GY. 🙂


    • Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this pictorial!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!! He is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. Oh Park Seo Joon! This man makes me smile so much. You have chosen some absolutely lovely pictures here (some of which have not yet made it to my Park Seo Joon Pinterest board). One of my all time favourite things about him is his smile. It is magic and does all sorts of fluttery things to my insides. Like very fluttery. This post is going in the Park Seo Joon part of my next Favourite Finds post for sure! ❤


    • Aw I LUFF his smile too! He looks absolutely ADORABLE when he grins and his whole face scrunches up. SUPER CUTE!! ❤❤❤ Yay that this post managed to add to your Pinterest collection of Park Seo Joon – this guy needs to take more pictures. That’s something I’ve concluded, after doing the research for this post. We need more, basically. MOARRR~!

      Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll be looking out for that Favorite Finds post – coz I love me more Park Seo Joon too! 😀


      • Seriously! Every time he smiles, my heart really does flutter! It’s just such a genuinely happy and lovely smile. It’s like all is right with the world! *ahem* I’ve got it bad, don’t I? I realized after commenting that I hadn’t made my Pinterest board yet…luckily I rectified that and I am glad to say it is well on it’s way to getting filled up. I totally second the motion though that we need MOAR pics of him. I think A Witch’s Romance really helped get him on the map, which means more pictorials! Yes! I am going to try and finish the post today sometime…but we shall see ^^


        • Totally. If not for Witch’s Romance, I would have no idea who he is, even though I’ve technically already watched one of his dramas. THANK YOU WITCH’S ROMANCE! 😀 I do think he’s going to be rising up through the ranks among the hot young actor group, and I am very much looking forward to the promise of increased exposure (& I’m not even talking about shirtlessness, although that couldn’t hurt!).. I want more dramas, more photospreads, more interviews, more variety, more everything. MOARRR, I say!!


          • Hahahahaha!!!! Amen to everything you said! I still need to watch the Running Man episodes he’s on. I’m so behind with all my K-drama and variety watching. I just want to see his lovely face and smile EVERYWHERE!!!!! Ah! I am so excited at the thought that maybe soon I can run into him on the street! Eek! That would be fabulous!


            • You haven’t seen the RM eps yet?? Oh, dewaani, you’re in for a treat, coz Park Seo Joon spends a lot of the time crinkling up his face in that adorable smile!! 😀 You totally need to get on those RM eps, if you’re looking for more doses of Park Seo Joon! ^^

              Ok wow, that thought of potentially running into him on the street – him or any other of our lovely k-crushes – just made me totally envious of your upcoming move! In a good way. I’m totally planning to enjoy it vicariously through you! 😉


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