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We Are ONE!


I can hardly believe it, you guys.. Today the blog turns one year old. ONE YEAR OLD!!


How surreal. From being a long-term, persistent lurker around the dramaverse, it’s now been a full year since I’ve been running this blog. Which, really, is the exact opposite of being a lurker.

What a turnaround. And I never even saw it coming, even.

So, so many thoughts, y’all.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST – Love U Like U

I must say that I’ve grown very fond of the blog, even though blogging was something I sort of stumbled into rather than actually planned on doing.

Not only has the blog been a very real outlet for my urge to write, it’s been such a gratifying, surprising journey filled with things that I hadn’t expected.


1. Learning gets real

I’d never done anything even close to blogging before, prior to starting this blog. In my head, I’d guessed that running a website was a really technical sort of thing. In my head, I’d also assumed that running a blog would be a whole lot simpler than actually running a website.

While my assumptions weren’t quite wrong, I really expected this blogging thing to be way less technical than it is. I’ve learned so much, seriously, just from running the blog on a day-to-day basis. From learning to work the WordPress dashboard, to using various tools, to making headers, it’s been a whirlwind of acquiring new knowledge and skills.

I now kinda-sorta know how to use GIMP to do photo-editing, and I learn more with each new header that I make. And that’s a pretty nifty, useful skill I never thought I’d acquire. It’s been altogether surprising how much I’ve learned through caring for this blog.

2. Cyber friendships get real

When I dipped my toe into the blogosphere, I sort of knew that I would make connections with other drama fans in the course of exchanging thoughts and comments on the dramas that I planned to write about.

What’s taken me by serious surprise, is how real those friendships have become to me.

From fellow bloggers to twitter pals to regular readers of the blog, the sense of closeness that we get from one another has become increasingly strong and real.

As lives get shared in the course of all the drama-viewing & spazzing, we’ve gotten to know one another more and more, and I often find myself thinking of my “cyber” pals (quotation marks coz they aren’t simply so cyber anymore) when I see or experience something that I want to share with them.

Like the other day, when I got on my flight for my work trip to Hong Kong, and discovered that the in-flight entertainment system had the first episode of Grandpas Over Flowers, subbed?!? Man, I was so, sooo super excited and wished that I could squee through the episode with you guys.

When my sister had her baby, there were so many of you who expressed care and concern, asking after my sister, my flight, and my new nephew.

Of course, you guys also regularly show your love by either tweeting me or dropping by the blog to share goodies like photos, gifs, videos and articles with me, even if it’s not for a k-love that you share. The number of Gong Yoo and Woobie goodies I’ve received are dear to me not only coz I love (LOVE!) those boys, but also because of how the goodies were proffered so generously and sweetly by all my thoughtful friends.

And when I go for a stretch without chatting with you guys, I miss you. That’s definitely more real than cyber, imo.

Big hugs, y’all ❤

3. The community gets real

If I had to pick just one favorite thing about how the blog has evolved, it’d be how it’s become a place to hang out and chat.

Over time, comments on the blog turned into real conversations and I already really love that. And then, a marvelous thing happened. Suddenly, people weren’t just talking to me; they – you! – started talking with one another.

We became a community. Woah.

What blows my mind even more, is that the blog’s become a community where people get excited to see new joiners & welcome them on my behalf. kaiaraia and evez are like resident unnies on the blog, and it warms my heart SO much, when they welcome new commenters on my behalf, or answer questions on my behalf when they know that I’m on a work trip and unable to answer the questions myself.

Seeing them do their unnie thing puts a huge goofy grin on my face, and I love it. So. Much.

Thanks, you guys, for loving this place as your own. ❤


Much as I hold dear the great things about blogging, it isn’t without its challenges.

1. It’s a time eater

Hosting a blog takes way more time that I ever imagined. Seriously. The amount of time it takes to write posts, format them, upload screenshots and other photos, as well as check and edit everything, sometimes on top of dealing with lagging internet or a buggy WordPress interface is no joke.

I once almost lost 11,000 words of my Gaksital review coz of a problem saving on WordPress. Shudder. Thankfully, I managed to copy the draft off my otherwise frozen screen and paste it into a new draft. Phew. Or you might’ve never seen my Gaksital review, seriously. Coz I don’t know if I could’ve rewritten it all..!

You’ve probably also noticed that I make it a point to respond personally to as many comments as I can. I love responding to your comments coz it allows me to get to know you guys. It does take time though, and making time for this is part of the challenge of running this blog.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, especially when Real Life acts up.

I’m grateful, though, that you guys are super patient, not only with waiting for my responses to your comments, but also with my relative infrequency of posting. Thanks, y’all ❤

2. You watch a lot less drama

It’s one of those paradoxes that you don’t discover until you start blogging, really.

No one really tells you that once you start to blog about the dramas that you love so much, that it actually eats up many, many of your drama hours. From being a lurker who used to be up-to-date on all the latest dramas, I’ve become a blogger who’s behind on so many of the new dramas that I probably shouldn’t write a year-in-review post. 😛 I dunno. Maybe I’ll write one anyway.

Going forward, I really need to find a way to get more drama on my screen.

3. Finding a way to balance it all

A couple of months ago, I faced my first existential crisis as a blogger. Essentially, I realized that writing about dramas was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it brought certain dramas to glorious, textured life. On the other hand, it killed a lot of the joy of watching drama for me, coz I basically became overly analytical without even realizing it.

I’m still experimenting with how I consume my dramas and how I write about them, as I search for that elusive Middle Ground that so many other bloggers are looking for too.


In my existential post, I did muse mildly about whether or not I wanted to continue blogging.

When I started the blog on a whim, it was an experiment. I just wanted to find out what it was like to have a blog, really. I figured that if it got too complicated or if I got too tired, I could stop at any time.

One year in, I’ve realized that it isn’t quite so simple anymore. Because of the community that the blog has become, it’s no longer just a place on the internet where I can post my drama thoughts. It’s become a place where friendships have become real; the fabric of the blog has evolved from being made up simply of threads of my various drama thoughts, to the interweaving of lives and relationships. And that’s something precious and meaningful that I can’t easily walk away from.

So I’m gonna keep on finding a way to figure out the challenges, while enjoying the awesome.

Let’s hold on together, you guys. Kinda like this:


Blogging has turned out to be such a huge adventure, that I thought I’d hold a giveaway to celebrate the coming-of-age of the blog which I never thought I’d have, but which I now can’t imagine not having.

Back in November 2012, I stepped out of the lurking closet on Stephanie’s blog Crazy for Kdrama to recommend a drama I really, really enjoyed:

That really is the seed that quite quickly sprouted into a whole blog. (You can read the origin story of the blog here)

So I thought Queen In-hyun’s Man would be the perfect drama for this giveaway.

Yes, I’m giving away a DVD box set of Queen In-hyun’s Man! Eeee!!! 😀

If you’ve seen the drama, you already know how awesome it is and how worthy of a rewatch it is.. And if you haven’t seen the drama, this is a great chance to check it out! (You can read the short-ish review that I posted for it, early in my blogging journey, here).

Box set specs:

Title: Queen And I (I don’t know why but some dramas get alternative names when exported to the Chinese market. Apparently Hulu also lists QIHM as Queen And I)

Language: Korean / Mandarin

Subtitles: English / Mandarin (I’ve checked and the English subs are good)

Discs: 4 pretty discs, each emblazoned with one of our 4 pretty leads

Region: All regions

Worth: S$49.90 (approx. 40USD)

Giveaway Details:

Who can enter

So I wanted to find a way to open the giveaway to non-subscribers, yet reward subscribers for, well, subscribing.

Here’s what I’ve come up with: Everyone can participate!! Woot! If you follow my posts but just aren’t the subscribing kind, you’re welcome to join the giveaway!

As a perk, subscribers get an additional chance to win, yay!

If you’re not yet a subscriber and would like to be one, the “follow” button is on the handy side-bar to your right. 🙂

And yes, it’s open internationally.

How to enter

To enter the giveaway, share with us about your love affair with kdrama. Like, how you got into kdrama, what was your first drama, what made you fall in love.

Let’s have fun getting to know one another’s kdrama stories! Wheeee!! 😀

Giveaway closes 31 December 2013, 23:59 (UTC +08:00).

Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

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  2. Ahh, the power of internet world. You can get to those magical part that have the power to make you feel like a kid on a christmas morning. I was thinking about this when I read your other posts, I was like…won’t it feel like writing essays at some point? But, motivation is needed if someone takes up something like this, and from the sounds of it, your work takes a lot from you, no? So, I wanted to say thank you for deciding to keep going. I’m sure others may have said this too, but there’s no need to be on top of everything. We will miss you when your updates are a little slow, but that’s because we enjoy what you write so much, and that’s also because we feel the your passion in it ^_^. Personally, I’m getting inspired to write again after reading your posts just for my own enjoyment, since I’ve always loved reading…So, please continue sharing with us your love, at your own pace. Don’t get overwhelmed (<3)


    • Oh, thanks so much for the kind words of support, shamim!! ❤ That is really sweet of you, and your encouragement is precious indeed. It’s true that even though I enjoy writing, sometimes it can feel like working on an assignment. Which is why mood, timing and inspiration are so important. I’m calibrating and re-calibrating as I go, and have been making tweaks here and there, to try to arrive at a happy equilibrium that allows me to enjoy my dramas and enjoy writing, both to satisfying degrees 🙂 It’s a Middle Ground that many bloggers search for, so I know I’m not alone in my quest. In that sense, it’s great to know that I’m not alone!

      That you’re feeling inspired to write, from reading what I’ve written, is just AWESOME COOLBEANS. Seriously. That’s possibly the highest compliment you could pay me. THANK YOU. ❤ I’m pleased to report that I enjoyed writing my latest review, and even though it’s one of the shortest reviews I’ve written (Hellooo Brevity! Will you be my friend??), I’m really happy that people still enjoyed the read. Achievement unlocked! 😀


      • Yes, I went through all the mini stories that I started and never finished. I cringed over some of them, (It was pretty bad). I realized some were pretty good, so I decided to restart with new gusto. Hopefully I’ll finish until one. I feel like Da Vinci, always starting projects and never seeing the end of them. What can I say, I’m a fan so thank you for inspiring me to write again 🙂


        • Aw. I remember how I used to attempt fiction, many many moons ago. If I were to revisit those attempts now, I’m pretty sure I’d be cringing through all of them! I guess that’s one of the great things about writing.. with time and practice and personal growth, you almost can’t help but get better at it. Goooo shamim!! I hope you enjoy your refreshed passion for writing!! 😀


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  5. Hi Kfangurl,

    Congrats on turning one. I don’t get the time to comment often, but I do stop by from time to time and always enjoy your writing. I especially liked the part about the cyber friends and community that you mentioned. As someone who has met up with kdrama cyber friends from as far away as Switzerland, I think these blogs provide an awesome opportunity to form friendships with people you would never run across in your every day life. Never underestimate the power of your blog!

    I’ve already written elsewhere about my own kdrama start and addiction so I’m leaving that to others. But I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to say that I admire your enthusiasm and dedication to blogging (I know how hard and time consuming it can be!) Best wishes for an even more successful year in 2014!


    • Aw!! Thanks, KL Noona!! 😀 😀 And how cool is that, that you’ve met up with kdrama friends from far away!! I think that’s just awesomesauce, that our shared online k-passion has translated into real-life friendships for you! Best bonus, ever! You’re absolutely right – never underestimate the power of the k-blogosphere; it brings the world together, seriously. People who may never have gotten to know each other in real life become best buddies and that’s a wonderful thing indeed, no matter which way you slice it.

      Thanks for your encouragement on the blogging front!! I’m going into 2014 in search of a better balance.. One where I’ll get more dramas on my screen while still allowing me to do a decent job of caring for the blog, AND where Real Life still goes on! I’m experimenting as I go, and hopefully by this time next year, I’ll have found that sweet spot!

      Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2014, KL Noona!! Stay fabulous & keep on rockin’! 😀


  6. ..heLLo Kfangirl!…nice to see new names here!..i’ve been absent and missing nice comments from the rest of the ladies!..

    i am super delighted that this site of yours has earned a lot of recognition!…like what i’ve always hope for and wanted kfangirl!..<3<3<3

    …y'know i'm so glad that my love for GY has made me found your site….your site has added a more colorful meaning in my life… and that is sooooo TRUE!..<3<3<3

    …and oh, my love for kdrama?…i think i need to review my memoir….i'll be posting my my views here once my thought is in the mood and in good condition in recollecting details….LOL!…

    ..what i can recall?…the first drama i've watched through simulcast is "Attic Cat" which starred Kim Rae-Won and the deceased actress Jung Da-Bin….a rom-com….during that time, i'm into watching Friends/Alley McBeal/ER etc..all American series…so when i witness this drama i said…whoa!..something new to my eyes and drama watching awareness….honestly, i kinda like it though the story-line isn't that great…but anyways…i find it the first K-cutie i've seen is Kim Rae-Won but cute as he is, i did not find myself attached to him like GY..LOL!…that drama entertained me though…

    I should say that Attic Cat is the starting point on my K-drama awakening…i did get hungry for more and search the net about Korean dramas….and the rest is history…i think, i'll be narrating my kdrama love affair when my time is not pressured…. 😉


    • Aw! Thank you, dear evez!! ❤ You really do warm my heart, all the time, with how you love this place as your own ❤ The way you welcome others, take care of others, express interest and concern for others, get excited when new people comment, and even the way you nurse big dreams for the blog. You lovely, sweet thang, you. Big smooches to ya ❤

      Your first drama was Attic Cat? I haven’t seen that one myself, though a friend of mine tells me good things about it. Kim Rae Won isn’t quite my type, somehow, even though in My Love Patzzi I did begin to appreciate his charm. I can totally understand, though, you feeling more drawn to GY, since I’m the exact same way! XD

      Take your time to tell us about the rest of your kdrama love affair, when you’ve got some time and are in the mood. We all love to hear one another’s kdrama stories! ^^


  7. A Gong Yoo cell phone pic. Nice. Ya know, almost didn’t recognize him.


  8. congratulation!! It was only a few day ago that I knew your blog because of Gong Yoo, and we already had an amazing squee fest :3
    Hope this blog will last long and more posting about Kdrama and K actor please. And btw, I think we have the same taste of idol in K drama world, because I love Kim Woo bin too, haha………


    • Dhiar!! So that’s what happened!! XD We asked coz many of the people coming for the squee-fest used different names on the blog vs their facebook names, so we had to ask almost everyone whether we knew them by another name! Don’t think we were weird for asking you, we just thought you might’ve been a regular on the blog already whom we knew by another name! XD

      Oh my, you love Kim Woo Bin too?!? We DO have excellent taste in men, don’t we? Hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with us here as we spazz and squee over our shared k-loves! ^^


      • haha… is that so? Now I can imagine you guys being confused of who I am when I’m suddenly want to join the squee fest XD
        Let me know if you have another squee fest on GY or Kim Woo Bin 😀


        • Yep, we were rather confused for a bit, but it was all good! I love that you so spontaneously decided to join us! It was lots of fun squeeing with you! 😀

          And yes, we are thinking of having more squee fests.. for when GY gets on more variety or when Suspect becomes available. If we do organize one, you’ll definitely hear about it! ^^


  9. Congratulations!

    hmm … i’ve never liked watching series, but looking for asian movies i stumbled upon the synopsis of “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” and i got curious. the rest is “history” …


    • Thanks INTJ!! And aw! My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was your first drama?? How awesome! I love that show! It’s so much cute and so much adorable, grounded with so much heart. It’s perfectly understandable that you got hooked good after that! 😀


  10. Congrats
    My kdrama addiction started simply enough – with a Hulu recommendation for Twinkle Twinkle, then for My Princess and then for my first Kdrama love – You’re Beautiful. Since then I’ve watched 80+Kdramas & even JDramas & TDramas. My full history is here: 😀


    • Thanks, Kae!! 😀 It’s always great to see you around these parts! And You’re Beautiful is such a fun show to be your first drama love!! 😀 It took me a 2nd watch and some good amount of context to appreciate the YB awesome, and I’ve never doubted it since. It’s adorable and campy at its best! And that pig-rabbit, who can resist it?

      And! Thanks for the link to your post – I marvel at how far you’ve come, from not knowing N from S Korea, to now watching Vampire Idol without subs! Salute! I’m grateful to be able to read Chinese subs, but if I couldn’t, I’d so be watching it raw with you! It’s so much nonsensical campy fun. Plus, it’s Woobie, being an incurable romantic. How could I possibly pass that up? ^.~

      Yay for random suggestions from Hulu, and yay for curiosity and an open mind that led you to the wonderful world of dramaland!! 😀


  11. Awww! I’m late to the party! But better late than never, right? 🙂

    Happy first birthday! I do wish I was here more often; your little community seems really nice and welcoming! You guys wouldn’t bite the new girl, will you?

    The two things that really get me from this post is “Cyber-friendship gets real” & “Community gets real”, because it really does! The fact that I’m here writing this is a proof, isn’t it? 😉

    Now let me share my k-drama journey. I always love do do it (and the giveaway is always plus LOL). It feels right doing it here: surely, if someone can sympathize and understand my craze for dramas, it’ll be my fellow k-drama fans, isn’t it?

    As much as I like to be the maknae, I’ve been around k-dramas for a long long time. I grew up watching Asian dramas; I’ve watched them for as long as I can remember. Back when I was still a toddler, my grand-parents would babysit me while my parents were working. My grandpa has always been a technophiles (he still is, at the ripe age of 93), and he used to make copies of dramas from HK that was dubbed in Vietnamese (my mother tongue), so there was always some kind of drama playing in the background at home. Then I grew up, and Internet happened. I keep hearing people talk about Korean Dramas, but they never interested me, as back in the early 2000s, melos and makjang were the only things that get dubbed, and I stay away from those like plague.

    I don’t know how it happened, but one day I decided that I wanted to watch Jewel in The Palace. Back then it was VHS tape and also dubbed.It was my first drama ever, and I still have no idea how I could sit through 54 episodes of sageuk of a culture I knew nothing about. I actually liked it, and thus began my love for k-dramas. Then I watched Full House (on VCD, which was an improvement, but dubbed with the same voice for the whole cast –> the horror!) I don’t remember liking FH as much as the whole world did, but it was fresh and fun, and kept me interested. Then I watched Goong (I streamed it! And it was subbed in English!), and it was the drama that made me really fall in love with k-dramas! Since then I’ve continued to watch k-dramas regularity. I think that at some point (around 2007-2008) I ventured into TW and Japanese dramas. I particularly like j-doramas, but eventually I came back to k-dramas and I’ve rarely watched dramas from other countries ever since.

    As a fan, I’ve always been more of a silent lurker. I’d register to forums and never post. I’d read blogs on daily basis but never rarely ever comment. But then 2012 happened. I saw The King 2 Hearts and my world has never been the same ever since. I now, I sound uber dramatic right now, but if you’ve known be long enough in dramaland, you’d know that it’s be THE drama that made me the crazy fangirl that I am today. I watched that series like a maniac. I re-discovered the adrenaline rush of cliffhangers. I’d refresh soompi and blogs every 5 minutes to get updates. I even tried to watch it live while I was vacationing on the freaking Cote-D’Azur LOL. And then I decided that just spazzing like a regular fan won’t be enough to give that drama justice. So I’ve started to blog 🙂 And I’ve been doing that ever since. Who knew that falling head over heels for just one drama would really cahnge my life? I’ve made tons of new friends, learn to blog, heck, I’ve even discovered my creative side while doing all those k-drama figurines!

    Anyways, this is getting long! This post shouldn’t have been about me! It should have been about you! Congratulation again, and may we have many, many more years to come!

    Love xxx


    • Hee. You’re not late to the party!! Party’s gonna keep going for as long as 2013 keeps going! ^^

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, maknae. HUGS. And naw, the folks here won’t bite.. In fact, they’d probably happily adopt you as resident maknae, the unnies that they are!

      Aw. Love your kdrama story!! I feel like we have so much in common, seriously! I grew up with Asian dramas playing in the background too, and my grandmothers used to watch them regularly. Mine were HK dramas dubbed in Mandarin, though, not Vietnamese! XD I also stayed the heck away from the melos and makjang at the very beginning, and I wondered why people would willingly subject themselves to so much crying and sleepless nights!

      AND! Goong was the drama that made me fall in love with kdrama too!!! Wow. AND I USED TO BE A TOTAL LURKER TOO!!! And now, (indirectly) thanks to QIHM, I’m blogging and completely immersed in the k-blogosphere with fabulous friends like you. Man, I feel like our experiences are so similar in so many ways!! 😀

      Which, definitely, YES, I hope we get to hang out lots more in the dramaverse. Coz we ALL need a lil ninja maknae pimp with frills and bows, slicing fruit as she goes..! ❤ HEY! That even rhymes!! ^.~

      PS: OMG I can’t believe that all of FH was dubbed in the same voice! 0.o That’s insane.


      • So I get to be maknae here too?? 😀

        Damn, I’ve said that before, but we are probably drama twins! You are more articulate and analytical than me, but that’s okay, since even twins have unni & maknae, so being the younger twin, I can get away with being more superficial, right? 😉

        I wish I could find that Full House clip for you. Seriously, the same woman dubbed the whole thing. Can you imagine Song Hye Gyo and Rain bickering, but with the same voice? Or Rain having the same voice as his grandma? And to make thing even worse, that voice was oh so monotonous! And you even hear the real actors’s voice in the background! Now that I think about it, my drama watching experience also shows the evolution of technology LOL!


        • Sure you get to be maknae too – I don’t think anyone could bounce around in frilly ninja-wear quite as cutely as you.. And we all know that’s part of the job requirements of being maknae, no? 😉

          It’s mindblowing how similar our drama journeys have been.. Especially the bit about Goong being the drama that made us fall in love! Out of ALL the dramas out there, Goong isn’t quoted quite as often as people’s gateway drama as, say, BOF. And yet, here we are, both firmly in love with kdramas, all thanks to Goong. Gotta love that show!

          LOL at Song Hye Gyo and Rain bickering in the same monotonous female voice! XD That might just be the darndest kdrama story I’ve ever heard! I’m SO SO glad that technology has evolved for the better since! I can’t imagine us watching our dramas now, all dubbed in that monotonous female voice! I’m trying to imagine it with K2H, IHYV, S2013.. It’s too crazy. I just.. can’t XD


    • I’m still pretty much a new girl around these parts two! I can promise that I won’t bite at least! Welcome to this most wonderful and lovely community!


  12. Congratulations!! It’s always great when one reaches a milestone. May many more blessings continue to follow you and the blog! I’m really appreciative after reading the post on how much time and effort it takes to run a blog. I have a lot of respect for yourself and other bloggers.
    It has been a real treat finding this space because generally I’m a lurker on the blogsphere. Normally I just chime in here and there with my lame-joke comments or nod/shake my head in agreement/disagreement but this is really the first time that I have been pretty vocal (much to my surprise, especially on what I’ve said and how much I’ve said). Even though I’ve been here for a short amount of time, thank you so much for having a warm and generous environment because it has also attracted some warm and generous people whom I am really enjoy reading their comments.


    • Aw, thanks Muffin!! That is really the sweetest comment, ever!! 😀 I know how uncomfortable it can be for a lurker to delurk, so I’m really, REALLY happy that you’ve felt comfortable enough to hang out here and chat with us!! It’s been so much fun having you join us in our chats and squees and spazzes, so BIG YAY for you steppin’ out of the lurking closet!! ^^

      I hope our community will continue to expand with more lovely folks like you, to make this a place where we can all hang out and let loose, knowing that the people here really get us and our passion, and truly understand. I always feel it takes one fangirl to understand another. I mean, who else will appreciate the awesome of GY on Running Man, right? Or the crazy awesome of experiencing a fanmeet? Only another fangirl, is who! 😀


      • It is a pleasure 🙂 . It is so true that a fangirl truly understands these wonderful moments and it is awesome that it can be shared so easily(thank you Internet).  

        I forgot to dish on how I found my love for kdramas. I actually started listening to kpop (and that was thanks to watching the Amazing Race which introduced me to a Youtuber who I thought was super cute. Then this Youtuber led me to kpop). I believe at times kpop and kdramas can be intertwined so it was only natural to grow curious about kdramas. I was a bit apprehensive about dramas because I thought that they would all be makjangs and bad melos (I shudder just thinking about it) but one day I just plucked the courage to pick a show without reading a synopsis.

        I happened to pick Big without knowing who GY was but I’d heard of him. I was so surprised on how engrossed and how involved I felt watching the drama. I loved the feeling so much because for one my fears about dramas were not a reality and the drama had some good ingredients to keep me hooked (a charming lead actor and humorous banter to name a few). After finishing Big I just took to kdramas like a duck to water.

        Three things I appreciate about kdramas over American dramas is firstly no matter what the drama, whether it has A-list actors or nugu actors, there is always an attractive cast member :p . Secondly the cinematography and in unison the locations used is spectacular especially since the introduction of HDTV in 06/08 (??). It really does add to the storytelling and the outdoor locations are so much more richer than plain old sets. And thirdly even if the story line falls short generally speaking the dialogue is still interesting (but the third is more of a opinion).  

        Ultimately I love kdramas because I can fully commit myself to 16+ episodes without to worry about a season 2 or 3 being lackluster.


        • Oh yes, thank you internet!! If not for the internet, our k-community wouldn’t exist, and that’s just a horrifying thought! >.< I now can't imagine life without this fabulous k-community where we all get our wonderful k-fixes, and share our k-passions. ❤

          How cool, that it was Amazing Race that indirectly led you to kdrama! How very unexpected! ^^ And definitely, kpop and kdrama are becoming more and more intertwined. There are so many crossovers now, with idols acting regularly, and actors and actresses lending their voices to drama soundtracks. I don't follow kpop closely, but there have more than a few instances of me becoming acquainted with an idol because s/he acted in something.

          Big was your first kdrama?!? Wow. That's a show with a very mixed reputation. For a first show, I can see where the hook is: Gong Yoo. He is so amazing in that role, seriously. I would watch that again just to see him be awesome on my screen. And the muscle definition he brought to the role.. Just, eye-popping. O.O! It's no wonder you're a big GY fan! And it's also no wonder that you took to kdrama rightaway!

          Oh I so agree with you about the finite length of kdramas being a plus point! You know that for better or for worse, there's an end point. With American shows, I used to follow them for several seasons and then get too tired of it and drop off the bandwagon. And therefore I never knew what happened to the shows' characters, which really, is the main point of following the show in the first place! XD And definitely, the general trend of high production values in kdramas doesn't hurt. Everything tends to be very well-shot and pretty. And we're not only talking about the pretty people! ;D


          • Haha yep an American reality show led me to korean pop culture haha.

            The funny about Big was that I was so confused about why a lot of people had negative reactions to it and only after a long while I understood what everybody had against Big. I think I choose initially to ignore the plot holes because from being confused and unsatisfied I read the last episode recap and review of Koala’s Playground and I liked her reasoning of the ending so accepted her version (DB was a lot more cut-throat. haha but that’s why I love DB) and I am generally a every-cloud-has-a-sliver-lining person so I choose to only look at the good things executed in the drama.

            Hahaha kfangirl you can read my sometimes one-track fan girl mind so well. GY was fantastic in Big but I never paid attention to his body funnily enough while I was watching the drama. It was his delivery of the two characters and his charming personality that shone through his characters that won me over and then afterwards I was like “oooh he does have a bangin’ body” lol 😛 !


            • Aw. We are all extra forgiving of our first kdrama. Like how so many people forgive BOF for its terrible story, coz it was their first kdrama! So it’s no wonder that you lapped up Big in all its glory, despite it having some gaping flaws.

              And I have to agree that GY was just magnificent in Big (and I’m not even counting the muscle definition at this point! Although, that in itself is magnificent too, heh). His sensitive delivery of the characters, despite the heavily comedic bent in the beginning, was magnificent enough to make me want to rewatch Big, flaws and all. Plus, it drew in a drama newbie and make you a permanent resident in dramaland, which is always a positive accomplishment! ;D


  13. Happy birthday! 😀


    • OMGGGG, Maybee!!! That is the most adorable blogoversary prezzie, EVAR!!! XD THANK YOUUUU!! ❤ I’ve shared it on my brand new Facebook page, to show off the awesome! 😀

      Funny thing that you put Rain in there.. My Twitter account used to be flooded with Rain pix, but they weren’t actually for me, LOL! Michele & I used to play this game where we would send each other yummy pictures of the other’s favorite oppas, so she’d spam me with GY pix coz he was my fave, and I’d send her pix of Rain coz he’s HER fave! XD

      Don’t worry, I still totally and absolutely love my prezzie!! Thanks heaps, dear Maybee!!! 😀 ❤


      • XD For a bit there I was worried. One person’s Funny can be another’s Offensive. So glad you liked it! 🙂

        Hey, and I completely forgot about Jang Hyuk. >.<


        • Oh I can just imagine him in that collage, all shirtless and schmexy, smirking something like, “Hey. I was the one who first ousted Park Shi Hoo from her heart, ok? If not for me, you guys wouldn’t have stood a chance.” HAHAHAHA!! XD


          • And now I’m imagining him somewhere out in the universe, beating his chest, as he shouts up to the sky:
            “I … will … NOT… be de..NIEDDDDah!!”



  14. I discovered K (and now T) drama last spring when I stumbled across “Vampire Prosecutor” on Netflix. Somehow that led to my watching “Lie to Me” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Friends in Asia and students at my school who were into drama started giving me recommendations (“Goong” and “Boys Over Flowers”) and now I’m giving other people recs and spend more time watching dramas than I do watching American TV. I’m only now really getting into following blogs about the shows I watch, so thank YOU for being one of those blogs!


    • Wow. Vampire Prosecutor was your first kdrama?!?? That’s just awesome! I LOVE Vampire Prosecutor! It’s such an elegantly conceived and executed kdrama, and our resident vamp is so hawt AND so cool! 😀 Aw, and I LOVE Goong too, since that was MY first kdrama ever! The feels ❤ I totally identify with how you’ve left American shows behind in favor of kdramas – I have no clue what happened to the characters in Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives or any other American show that used to interest me. Somehow I find the kdramas so much more satisfying to watch!!

      Yay that you’re starting to follow blogs on kdrama – I personally find that really helpful, in helping me with my drama decisions! I used to just poke around, stabbing in the dark based on my gut instinct, or following an actor or actress from one drama to another, which didn’t always work out. With the help of the blogosphere, though, I’m having a much better success rate with dramas that I’m happy with, so I hope it does the same for you!! ^^


      • For me, the biggest satisfaction with Asian dramas over US TV is with romcoms. Almost no one does romcoms in the US since it isn’t a format that lends itself to continuously renewed seasons, but there have been several in Korea that I have really loved, such as Greatest Love and Pasta. I’m slowly branching out into historicals, too, but I’ve only been watching dramas for less than a year, so I’m still a novice!


        • Oh I love Pasta!! 😀 It’s one of my favorite dramas, it’s just so winsome. Some of my favorite rom-coms are Coffee Prince, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, City Hall, & I Hear Your Voice, to name a few. Have you seen these? And historicals – my very first historical was Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Have you watched that yet? If you haven’t, it’s a great entry to historicals, coz it’s more like a modern rom-com dressed in period robes. I enjoyed it a whole lot and have been meaning to rewatch it ever since I first saw it. I’m finally on that rewatch now, and it’s as fun and fresh as ever! So much cute! ❤

          I always say, the great thing about being newish to kdrama, is that there are just SO many goodies to choose from that you’ll literally never run out of good stuff to watch! ^^


    • I am way super jealous that Vampire Prosecutor was your first drama! I’ve just finished watching that for the first time and I absolutely loved it! That is a fantastic gateway to the world of dramas.


  15. Congratulations!! 😀 I remember being stunned several months ago when you talked about being only six months old. It feels like you’ve been doing this for ages — with all the grace and confidence that comes with experience. Certainly, I can’t imagine the k-drama blog-o-sphere without you. I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you. ♥

    In other news… I’ve downloaded GIMP! You’ve totally inspired me and in a fit of insanity I’ve decided to give it a go. It’s a bit like handing a monkey a typewriter. I’m at the equivalent right now of realizing you probably shouldn’t eat the ink-ribbon. So I doubt new headers will be appearing anytime soon. But still — I’m being brave! 😀


    • Aw! Thank you, sweet, darling Betsy!! Grace and confidence. Aww… You do say the loveliest things, THANK YOU!! 😀 I’m savin’ them all up in my mental treasure box! ❤ I’m so glad you’re here in the k-blogosphere too!! HUGS!

      Also! GIMP! Wow! I’m so proud of ya! 😀 There’s a learning curve for sure, but it’s a great tool for photo-editing, and it’s not so hard once you kinda get the hang of it. Shout if you need to clarify anything! I don’t promise to know the answer, since I’m still learning as I go, but I just might be useful, heh 😉


      • Hee! At this point in the GIMP exploration there is so much I don’t know I don’t even know what to ask. 😉 Thank goodness for Google and Youtube! (So many GIMP 101 videos, which is very helpful.) But! As I go along I may well take you up on it.

        Also — HUGs back! ♥


        • Oh yes, Google rawks. Googles knows everything, really. It’s gotten me out of many a GIMP-related pickle! 😉

          Also. All this hugging has made me realize all over again how much I miss chatting with you, Truffle Betsy!! I am so looking forward to us getting into a less time-crunched space so that we can continue chatting and working on our joint posts! Meantime, I’m blowin’ you kisses from wayyy over here! ❤❤❤


  16. Happy first anniversary ! Long life to this blog, may we celebrate a lot of other anniversaries in the future. It’s a pity blogging prevent you to enjoy dramas fully, especially when you have the gift of giving to others the desire to watch them. I hope you’ll find that Middle Ground Graal soon.
    My discovery of KDramaLand is way to shameful to share so I’ll pass again on this one but good luck to everybody !


    • Thank you, Asotss!! I hope to celebrate many more blogoversaries with you guys too!! 😀

      Aw, thanks for the lovely compliment, it makes me swell up with warm fuzzies ❤ I’m experimenting with how I consume my dramas, and hoping that with these tweaks that I’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of them, and still write meaningful reviews ^^

      Also, I just wanted to say, there’s probably no such thing as a too-shameful discovery of dramaland, Asotss! We’re probably all equally full of stories about this “guilty pleasure” Lol. My point? You’re safe here, my friend, whether you decide to share your story or not. Smooch! ❤


  17. My very first blog post is actually about this question! I’m an uber-newbie to Dramaland and to the blogverse. It has only been seven months (almost 8) since I started watching KDramas. I don’ have able to a TV service, all my TV watching is through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HULU. I was watching something on HULU and when it was done I got several suggestions because of how I’d rated the show. I cannot remember what I had watched, because now it doesn’t much matter. In the suggested show list was Boys Over Flowers. With nothing else to do I gave it a chance. I watched the whole thing in a matter of days. It was a slow burning love for me. I didn’t immediately dive in and drink in the wide variety of options available to me. It took me three shows before I was well and truly hooked. But after Playful Kiss and City Hunter…. yeah I was a complete goner! I am still such a newbie, only sixteen dramas under my belt, but I am so looking forward to the journey of discovering more and more dramas that capture my heart and make me feel big old giant feels.

    Congrats on being a year old! I know we’ve talked about this before, but you were my second blog! I discovered you through Krazy for KDrama and I am so so thankful to Stephanie for pointing me in your direction! I’m still devouring your reviews and reading the comments and just generally trying to absorb everything here. In the short time we’ve talked I’ve learned a lot that has helped me with my drama choices and with my own blog. Not to mention you’ve inspired a post or two on my blog as well!

    Here’s to many more amazing conversations with this fantastic community! Thank you Kfangurl for creating a place for all us fangirls and fanboys to squee!


    • Aw, you’re drama sweet sixteen! 😀 That’s awesome! And I can see how City Hunter would’ve helped to tip you firmly over the edge and catapult you into dramaland! That’s a very engaging show indeed. Did you follow Kim Hyun Joong to Playful Kiss and Lee Min Ho to City Hunter after BOF?? That’s what I used to do too, with actors that I liked!! It wasn’t always rewarding (All In, ugh. Which I watched for Lee Byung Hun and Ji Sung), but that’s all I knew to go on, not having discovered the k-blogosphere yet at the time. Now I know better, and check for general reactions for most shows before diving in myself ^^

      I’m very much honored to be your 2nd drama blog, Jaime!! It’s been such great fun getting to know you, and chatting and sharing thoughts – I’m so glad you found me! (Thank you, Steph!) Well. I should say, I’m glad you found *us,* coz I’m super glad that you’re enjoying hanging out here with the rest of the community.. I’m definitely looking forward to more great conversations and lots of shared squees with ya, Jaime!! ❤ Woot!


      • It is my drama sweet sixteen! I should have a party or something 😛 City Hunter was the one that totally tipped me over the edge and solidified my love of everything drama. It is my favorite look for Lee Min Ho too, there’s something about his hair cut/color and the clothing he wore that I absolutely love. I’m hoping that my hubby wants to watch it after we watch Vampire Prosecutor 2.

        You’ve got it! 😀 I watched City Hunter because of LMH from BOF and Playful Kiss for Kim Hyun Joong from BOF. At that time I was watching on HULU and their drama section was hard to find and not well put together. It has improved by leaps and bounds since I first watched BOF. But I had no idea what else to do other than follow the actors to new shows since I had not yet discovered the blogverse or really had any idea what I was looking for.

        I really should make Stephanie a card or something for having your page linked from her blog! After my own blog (which has now been fully moved over to wordpress by the way) I feel like your blog is my second home. I keep finding new nuggets of goodness to read and find new friends to talk to! I cannot wait for more squeeing and chatting about dramas!


        • Hee. For your drama sweet sixteen party, you should hold a kdrama screening. What could be more fitting, right? Maybe you could even hold a screening of City Hunter, to get your hubs in on the action. I do think he’d enjoy City Hunter.. It’s got enough action to keep a boy happy ^^ I hafta agree that City Hunter is my favorite role of LMH’s. I’m thinking of the various other things that I’ve seen him in, and honestly, it was only in City Hunter that he really blew me away. Good times.

          Aw. How fantastic, that you hang out here like it’s your second home!! 😀 That put a huge grin on my face; I love that you enjoy chillin’ out here with us! Smooches! ❤


          • Omo you are so right! I should host some sort of event or something! They hubby and I just started Vampire Prosecutor S2! Though there are a few movies that I’ve been eyeing that could totally work for a screening! But City Hunter is the next show that we’re going to watch. Oh I agree, City Hunter is definitely where Lee Min Ho really showed his versatility and he looked absolutely amazing in it too.

            It is absolutely my second home! I’m always here poking around and reading. I’m happy to be able to make you smile! Thanks for making it feel like home! Many hugs and smooches!


            • Ah! VP2! How are you liking it so far?? I found the sudden loss of elegance rather jarring, but I still loved our characters a whole lot, and the show does flesh out their relationships more, which I liked.

              I am thrilled for you that your hubs is really getting into kdrama.. what a fun thing to share! 😀 Now you won’t face the same problem that some (many?) other fans face.. making time for husbands who don’t get their love for kdrama 😛

              You’re always around poking and reading?!? That’s AWESOME! 😀 Although, I really should post something new then, so that you won’t run out of stuff to read, LOL! XD


              • VP 2 is a lot less classy and smooth, we liked it but we didn’t love it. Hubby was addicted though cause now we’re done! I loved the characters and getting to know them more, but it was definitely lacking something compered to Season 1.

                Indeed! I don’t have to give up drama watching hours to spend time with the hubby! Which means more dramas for me and that is really excellent news in my book.

                I haven’t run out of things to read, so don’t fret. The reviews are way super helpful, they’ve helped me to trim up my own plan to watch lists. But it isn’t just your posts that I read, I love reading the comment-conversations. It is fun to see everyone squee of dramas together.


                • See, that’s another perk of sharing drama-love with your hubs. You burn through shows so much faster coz he supports the endeavor and sometimes even pushes for it! XD I am very impressed indeed at what quick work you guys made of VP2! I mean, I know it’s a short series and all, but STILL. Impressive stuff!

                  Totally with you on S2. I loved the character development, and that was my silver lining coz otherwise, the show felt like it lacked a lot of S1’s elegance and understatedness. All the extended blood and gore was hard to watch, and it felt manipulative and gratuitous after some time. E1 in particular was hard to watch, it was so long and so very bloody! >.< And the blood wasn't even pretty any more, which was a bummer. Still, a worthy watch, and the character moments were worth it 🙂


                  • I know! I get to watch 2 dramas (at least) at a time which is perfectly fine with me! I was surprised how fast we made it through VP2 as well, but I’m not complaining. I didn’t mind that we pushed through it. I missed that it wasn’t as lovely and smooth as VP1. The character stuff made up for it, but the blood! There was more gory blood than I really needed. The hubby didn’t mind at all, but ugh I was ready to be done with that part of the show.


                    • Oh yes. The blood! >.< There was WAYYYY too much blood in VP2. I hope VP3 (I read there were plans for a VP3) will return to VP1’s more subtle, elegant ways. I missed that elegance in VP2, SO MUCH. I cringed every time Tae Yeon vamped out for the camera in VP2. That felt so.. try-hard. Definitely not as cool as VP1!


  18. CONGRATS ON BEING 1 YEAR! ^^ And I love the question for this (awesome) giveaway!
    *Sigh* Oh, Kdrama’s. Our relationship started with the simple curiosity of a show called “Boys Over Flowers” that I spotted on Hulu. I clicked the first episode, and the rest was history. A simple start, really, but something that has affected my life surprisingly impactful ways. (Such as falling in love with Korea itself and getting to meet some amazing fellow fans over the internet.)
    Thank you for taking the time to create an awesome blog to visit! (I’ve been a subscriber for sometime via WordPress Reader.) And thank you for the giveaway! *fingers crossed*
    Keep up the good work! 화이팅!


    • Boys Over Flowers was my very first drama too!


    • Thanks Joni!! It IS pretty awesome to have reached one year in blogging!! 😀

      Your gateway drama was BOF?? There’s just something about that show, I think! So many people have told me before, that BOF was their first drama! I was completely swept up in BOF mania myself when it aired, so I sort of understand the heady appeal, even though the drama itself had lots of flaws. Also, if a drama introduces you to the wonderful world of kdramas, it definitely earns extra brownie points! ^.~


  19. JjAng! That u turned 1 kfangirl…i am very PROUD of U! ..and thank you for having me and kaiaraia ‘s name a space and acknowledging us as part of your regular blogs….actually i have so much to thank for when i found your blog site kfangirl…i ‘ll be adding more thoughts once i’m on my regular work space, right now i am into mobile again but i need to type a few words on your 1yr


    • Aw, thank you, dear evez!! ❤ And of COURSE I had to mention you and kaiaraia!! You two are really like sweet sunbaes around here, dishing out unnie love and welcoming people and answering questions for me.. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it really does!! 😀

      Yes, do come back and share your kdrama love story with us once you are able.. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the giveaway! Smooches! ❤❤❤


  20. Happy birthday to The Fangirl Verdict! (: This is my first time ever commenting here; I’m still in that in-between place, making the transition from a lurker to a commenter just as you once experienced. (On the contrary, it’s taking months for me to crawl out of my shell, but hey, some progress is better than none, right?!)

    I love that you’re giving out a boxed set of Queen Inhyun’s Man, complete with English and Chinese subtitles. Talk about three awesome things bundled into one! (By the way, I think Queen and I is the official English title, at least according to tvN’s website. The K-drama community, I’ve noticed, tends to prefer literal English translations over official English titles.)

    My first K-drama… Was it Green Rose? My Girl? (Both Lee Dahae dramas, but it’s a coincidence, totes.) My recollection is a little fuzzy, because I watched these two dramas dubbed over in Chinese on TV, way back when. I’ll just go with My Girl, since that’s probably the one most people are familiar with. I actually remember misunderstanding a good number of plot threads in this drama, because (1) I was super young and (2) I wasn’t keeping up with the broadcast on a daily basis. Obviously, I filled in the blanks on my own, hilariously thinking there was ACTUALLY fauxcest; as in, Gongchan (Lee Dongwook) thought Yoorin (Lee Dahae) was his biological cousin, instead of what really happened, which was him hiring her to masquerade as his cousin. OMG, totally tragic for me, haha. I was ruined. In my head, they were like REAL star-crossed lovers, as opposed to fake cousins just putting on a show for everyone else while simultaneously falling for each other. I do not know how my brain gave birth to that misconception, but it did, and so I desperately needed someone to nurse my poor, fauxcest-withered heart back to health. Several years and a plethora of K-dramas later, I finally rewatched My Girl on the interwebz and realized how terribly mistaken I was about everything. /dead

    Still, would it be wrong to say that My Girl still elicits the same lovely feelings from me? It certainly isn’t my favorite K-drama, but as one of my first, the OST has stuck with me for what feels like an eternity, playing and replaying in my head at the most whimsical of moments. It was the first time I ever experienced “the feels” from a K-drama, and that in itself is a very memorable experience, bursting at the seams whenever I think back to those days during which I mistook plot hijinks for a guiltily pleasurable drama trope.


    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, jyl!! And woot to steppin’ out of the lurking closet!! 😀 Unlike me when I first stepped out of the lurking closet, you already have a blog going, so that’s already a huge step, getting your voice out there! When I was a lurker, I was a complete lurker.. silently reading blogs and other websites for kdrama stuff, but hardly ever leaving a trace behind.. And now look at me, running this blog and writing thousands of words all the time. Sometimes I feel like it’s all those pent-up drama thoughts from my lurking days, finally spilling out all at once, HAHA! XD

      It’s a funny thing, that thing about translated drama titles.. I believe some titles literally have 2 English titles, and I haven’t the faintest clue why. Like, Yellow Boots is also known as Ice Adonis, for some reason. I did check out the link you posted, but didn’t see any English title. I might’ve missed it. The only thing I saw was the Korean title, which, you’re right, translates directly as Queen In-hyun’s Man. Oh well. One of the mysteries for the k-universe, perhaps ^.~

      LOL at your experience with My Girl!!! XD I know what you mean, though. I’ve had misconceptions too in the past, about various dramas that I wasn’t paying too much attention to, or didn’t understand. And! Like you, I used to watch dramas dubbed in Chinese too! What a coincidence!! 😀 Now, though, I much prefer listening to the original dialogue in Korean, coz I think so much meaning gets lost in the dubbing and translation.

      Oh, and definitely YES, about the feels!! The first kdrama always has a special place for all of us, coz it’s when we first experience the feels, and nothing can quite top that novel first experience, when everything is new and fresh and completely immersive and addictive!! ❤ I totes feel you and your soft spot for My Girl, coz that’s how I am with Goong, which was my first drama. It’s not perfect or anything, but it’ll always be special ❤


      • Those lurking days sure did you good, ’cause now you’re a flamin’ hot volcano spewing out awesome epic reviews after having been dormant for years. Love reading everything you write, by the way! You’re like an unni figure to everyone in the drama blogosphere, which I find pretty cool. ♥

        Haha, sorry for not making it clear enough, but the official English title is in the URL itself! 🙂 I’ve seen this to be the case for a number of K-dramas.

        Too bad not all dubs are very good. 😥 I’ve only watched a few K-dramas dubbed in Mandarin, the latest being King of Baking, Kim Takgu; when I couldn’t take the suspense any longer and streamed the finale online, I was SO surprised to hear Yoon Siyoon’s gruff, sexy voice for the first time. ♥ So on top of everything you said, there are definitely many perks to hearing the original dialogue. 😉

        Goong seems to be the gateway drama for so many people! And I can totally see why. I watched it way later so it didn’t enchant me in the same way it did others, but its ethereal, fairytalesque feel is just amazing, despite all flaws and imperfections.


        • Tee hee! I think this is definitely the first time I’ve been compared to a flaming hot volcano!! XD Thank you, though! I am so glad that you enjoy reading the reviews, jyl! It’s much-needed motivation as I’m now dragging my feet on my Heirs review. I don’t think it’s so much lack of a desire to write per se, I think it’s more like I feel rather uninspired by the show, and that is bemusing for me. Being an unnie to so many people here in dramaland, on the other hand, is something that I do love. It’s funny how I don’t even remember how that came about! I’m just enjoyin’ the awesome ^^

          Ah yes, I checked the url and you’re right, it DOES seem to be the official English title! I guess many of us in the dramaverse value stuff that is as close to the original Korean as possible. At least, that’s how I am. I like to have my drama experience be as close as possible to what the writers originally intended, and I guess the translation of drama titles is part of that preference. It could be just me, but I feel like “Queen In-hyun’s Man” says so much more than “Queen and I” and is so much closer to the Korean title.

          Oh! I completely forgot about the voice thing in dubbing!! OMG, I can’t believe I used to actually prefer to watch my kdramas dubbed in Mandarin! >.< They use the exact same voices all the time, so just by listening to the voices, you know who's the hero (tenor voice) and heroine (high pitched girly voice)! It was rather jarring for me when I switched over, to have everyone's voices – men and women! – be much lower than my ears were used to. But now, I can’t imagine watching my dramas dubbed anymore. I LOVE hearing their real voices, and the men sound way sexier with their own voices, seriously.

          Aw. I was completely bowled over by Goong’s fairytale world, and the very cute execution of said world. The palace politics dragged the story down, and the clingy second leads drove me batty, but I will always, always love that show. Not least because it introduced me to the wonderful world of kdrama! ❤


          • It isn’t easy to discuss at length dramas that aren’t very good, so more power to you for doing so! Fighting!! 😀

            Ah, yes, I agree! Queen Inhyun’s Man says a lot more than Queen and I, which really doesn’t convey the meaning behind Kim Boongdo and Choi Heejin’s lovely relationship. ❤ It sounds pretty generic and doesn't carry the same punch.

            Whoa, you used to prefer dubs?! I only watched K-dramas dubbed if they happened to be on TV, which to me is a totally different experience from streaming online—I'm not one for makjang, but I fell pretty hard for the addictive makjang craziness of King of Baking, Kim Takgu that captivated half of Korea. In general though, I too love hearing the original voices because those tenor male and high-pitched female voices got old a long time ago~ Here's to watching even more dramas with the actors' real voices! 🙂


            • Heh. I am shelving the Heirs review, at least for Christmas break. Let’s see whether inspiration on that picks up after the holidays! I do hope to write a decent (though definitely not epic!) review for Heirs, coz I love Woobie and I do think he did do an admirable job of the role.

              Yes, I used to prefer dubs, as crazy as that sounds! That was when I didn’t understand a word of Korean, and the subs that came with box sets were overly simplified. But the dubbed dialogue was in Mandarin, which I understood, and that dialogue reflected more nuances than the English subs. For that reason, I felt like I was getting more out of the drama watching it dubbed. I’m SO thankful I stopped doing that, though! Coz now I MUCH prefer watching it with the actors’ real (& way sexier) voices, and it’s even helped me to pick up quite a nice amount of Korean. Now my goal is to one day watch dramas without subs! What a turnaround, for someone who used to prefer dubs, eh? XD


  21. Congratulations on making it this far! I am glad to have been able to be apart of your adventure. I remember coming here to check out this little blog but now it has grown to being more than that, it has become like you said, a community. I am so glad to have been able to have met you! You are inspiration with all the effort that you put in to run your blog! I look forward to seeing more great stuff from you and continue building our friendship! Keep up with the good work! Fighting~!


  22. Whoohoo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an awesome milestone to be at. I really enjoy reading your posts, and twittering with you, and just all round general being friends with you. You are one of my favourite drama friends, and I totally know what you mean with catching yourself thinking of cyber friends when seeing fun stuff they would love. I know I have been rather absent as of late in the drama world, but hopefully soon I can once again revel with you all. Man, I am looking forward to some good drama watching!!!

    The first drama I ever watched was “My Name is Kim Samsoon” – hence my blog name. I have definitely felt a lot like Alice down the rabbithole since I have been catapulted into the wonderful and crazy drama world! I think though that Secret Garden and City Hunter, oh and Sungkyunkwan Scandal really did a lot to make sure I was properly addicted. And Queen In Hyun’s Man is the drama that actually helped bustered and I decide that we wanted to try our hand at blogging. It was so fabulously lovely and addicting, and I am so glad that we started blogging because of the lovely Kim Boong Do. And that it has allowed me to become friends with such lovely people such as yourself ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!!!!

    I hope you have a long and happy blogging life because I totally love having you here in the bloggersphere. And for sure I want to actually meet you one day in real life!!!! ❤❤❤❤ (Maybe at our joint weddings, you to Kim Woo Bin and me to Choi Jin Hyuk?! 😉 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)


    • D’AW, dewaani!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ You are really the SWEETEST! You’re one of my favorite drama friends too!! 😀 It’s just so much fun tweeting and chatting and all-around spazzing with you!! I’ve missed you around the dramaverse of late, but I know that RL always comes first. I mean, I’ve been lagging with comments and stuff myself, coz RL’s been busy, so I completely understand. But I will say that I am TOTALLY looking forward to you having more time to hang out in the dramaverse!! ^^

      Hee. I’m SO not surprised at your blog name, given that MNIKSS was your gateway drama!! Your blog name says everything, really! Oh, I loved SeGa too! And City Hunter! And SKKS!! I’m now just embarking on a rewatch of SKKS, and it’s as much fun as it was the first time around! And oh, QIHM!! That show! It’s gotten us BOTH on the blogging train, so it’s definitely got a special place for us both!! XD Truly, the best part of getting into blogging has been meeting lovely people with whom there’s a shared k-passion. So, so awesome ❤

      Here’s to us BOTH having long, happy blogging lives, so that we can hang out in the dramaverse indefinitely! And of course, cheers to our joint wedding!! XD It’ll be awesome. You, me, Choi Jin Hyuk and Woobie. Living happily ever after. Eeeeee!! 😀


      • ㅋㅋㅋ Our wedding really will be totally fantastic!!! 😉

        And I really hope to be in the bloggersphere etc. more soon. I’ve been travelling and visiting family, and I haven’t really been checking my RL email either. Sometimes it’s good to be away from it all.

        And I also now want to watch SKKS again! So many fun and lovely dramas out there and so little time! But I am so glad we have met, and I look forward to meeting you one day in RL. It will be so fun! ❤❤❤❤❤


        • Oh yes, our wedding will be awesome. There’ll be music, and flowers, and lots of smiley flirting with our respective lovely grooms.. Sighhh ❤

          Aw. I think the end of the year is always a crazy busy time for everyone.. There’s visits with family, outings with friends, and traveling and holidays for some, and there’s Christmas shopping and other festivities.. I am flailing trying to keep up with it all. And that’s not yet counting tending to the blog! So you’re definitely not alone! We are ALL trying to keep up, with varying degrees of success. The good thing, though, is that the dramaverse will be ready and waiting when RL lets up enough for you to make your big comeback! ;D

          SKKS is proving to be a fun rewatch! I haven’t revisited it since I first fell in love with it way back when it first aired, so everything feels quite fresh and new again, which is really pretty cool. You should definitely watch it again sometime, when time permits! And yes, meeting in RL to chat and spazz together would be TOTALLY awesome!! ❤


  23. Congratulations, congratulations! Congratulations to yooouuu! *sings off key* xD

    I haven’t yet seen Queen In-hyun’s Man but, I really really want too. It sounds like a fantastic drama – one of the few who might be almost perfect. (And they lurves each other in real lifes. >//< )

    As for my first ever drama? Uhhh… I think it was a Live Action movie but, I can’t be sure. I was very into manga and anime in middle school (I was 12 or 13 years old). I remember that a very close friend of mine recommended I watch You’re Beautiful because they were a few episodes into it and were hooked. We were the only friends in our manga reading friend group that liked dramas, for some reason, so we watched a lot of them at the same time and would talk about them the next day at lunch. I remember that I was distracted for the first couple of episodes because I had never heard Korean before and it’s so different sounding from Japanese. Otherwise? I was hooked too. I loved the Pig Rabbit and hated Jang Geun Sook’s character and luffed Jeremy and wanted them to get together and I thought that the other guy was an idiot because he wouldn’t tell her he knew she was a girl so they could get together and argh. Let’s just say, Japanese dramas and I took a break for a little while xD

    I do know that one of the first few dramas I tried to watch after YB was *breathes in, breathes out* Kim Tak Gu, King of Baking. I tried to watch a makjang at 13 years old for one of my firstest dramas ever. OTL Bad idea. I’ve avoided most makjang’s since. The third drama I watched was Creating Destiny. (I think it was a family drama… or a weekend drama… I dunno but it was, like, a bajillion episodes long.) I made it to episode 30-something and haven’t picked it up since. OTL

    This was back when I didn’t know about drama blogs and stuff and only watched things according to what synopsis I thought sounded interesting. I made bad drama decisions in my early days xD It’s been 5 years since then and I’m still going steady (or, at least, as steady as you can with real life constantly interfering) with Dramas. I watch from all three of the major Drama-making countries now. (Autumn’s Concerto was my first Taiwanese drama. What an amazing drama to be your first, huh? I actually have the soundtrack, I loved it so much xD)


    • Giggle. Thanks Joey, for the (supposedly) off-key congratulatory song!! 😀 QIHM IS an excellent drama!! I loved it lots, and that’s even when I went into it with heightened expectations from all the online love for the show. That it didn’t disappoint me and still managed to blow me away is testament to how well-made this show is! And also, those real-life googly eyes.. They really were SUCH a treat to watch!! 😀

      You’re Beautiful is such a fun drama to be your first!! Jeremy was AWESOME, Lee Hong Ki did such a great job making Jeremy such a lovably slow yet earnest character. It took me a while to warm to Jang Geuk Suk’s character but it didn’t take long for me to be fully on board the OTP train XD

      LOL at you and Japanese dramas taking a break – I used to watch a fair amount of American TV before kdramas came along.. 7 years after my first kdrama, I now know NOTHING about what goes on in American TV, HAHA!! Kdrama is just so immersive, plus, once you get hooked, everything else is just not as fun, somehow. ^^

      I saw Creating Destiny! I was kinda hooked for a stretch, and it helped that the OTP got together in real life and eventually got married, but it did get draggy towards the end. I don’t blame you for dropping it. I endured to the very end, though, just coz! 😛 Heh. I feel you on the early bad drama decisions. I started out the same way, just feeling my way around based on my gut feel about the dramas’ synopses. Now that I’ve discovered the beauty of drama reviews though, I don’t often get into a terrible drama anymore. I dodged Dr. Jin and Gu Family Book, so that’s definitely a good thing, methinks! XD


      • xD You’re welcome! (And trust me, it was off-key. OTL I’m kind of… not tone deaf, because I can hear that I have absolutely no talent in the musical arts but… voice-deaf? My voice refuses to do anything in key. I can’t hum in tune, either. OTL My voice still squeaks and everything, too! I’m 17 (technically 18)! I’m past that awkward stretch of pubertyyyyyy! *shakes fists*)

        QIHM was that good?! I feel like I should definitely be watching this now. And I didn’t know the Creating Destiny couple got married in real life! I almost want to watch the ending now. I dropped it because it was a little draggy, but mainly because I couldn’t stand the secondary couple. (The sister and her… boss? Baby daddy? I don’t remember their relationship…) Ashlkdashgkjlsda, they just annoyed me too much. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, either. I remember the “live” Viki comments on their old (ooooold old) player and that they were just full of complaints about the second couple.

        I was waaaay into Japanese dramas by the time I started watching Korean dramas, so it wasn’t neccessarily a new thing to me, but the transition with a “crack” drama from Japanese comedies (which are crack at their very basic, lol) wasn’t very difficult. The hardest were the more serious dramas. Japanese dramas have their emotional and gritty genres, but their much harder to find subtitled. The entire Japanese world of online manga, anime, dramas and film translated into English is very difficult. To go from being an expert scower-er of the Internet to the extreme accessibility of Korean Dramas? That was hard. I lost a majority of my Internet hunting skills. OTL I also lost my acute ability of knowing which streaming videos were the best, which subtitle were the most accurate, where to download subs, etc. Kpop also didn’t help. I can do a quick Google search and in ten minutes have an entire album downloaded with all the information already in the file, ready to be synced to my mp3 player. Jpop (and it’s many many genres)? Not so easy to find or download. Interviews of my favorite actors and Idols? International Kpop and Kdrama fans have those translated within days of it being released to the public. I used to have to use Japanese language books and Google Translate to figure out interviews. It’s a long waaaaaay from those days. You just get used to how easy to find everything is for Korean media and it makes the trying find of Japanese (and Taiwanese dramas) that much less exciting.

        Which sucks for me because Japan is my favorite Film and drama making country (for slice-of-life genre, at least).


        • Aw! An off-key birthday song sung with heart is uber sweet! Congrats on hitting the Big 18, Joey!! *throws confetti* And don’t worry, lots of guys continue growing up all through life, so men a lot older than you? They’re still growin’ up on the inside, I bet! 😉

          QIHM is a worthy watch, for sure. I was a touch skeptical going in, since time travel was the theme of the year, and this one was later to the party than others. All the online love for it got me super curious, and I heard stuff like the male lead is possibly the best male lead ever written in a kdrama, and that people were forever spoiled thereafter, for other dramas. It was high praise all around, and I went in expecting my expectations to be too high to be met. And yet, the show managed to blow me away. So the short answer is, YES, definitely put it on your list!

          I remember that second-lead arc in Creating Destiny – let’s just say that I was hoping for the show to treat that arc differently, and it didn’t. The only saving grace for that show is the stretch of OTP cuteness we get in the first half, with the wink-wink-nudge-nudge glee of watching it KNOWING that they met on this show, fell in love and eventually got married. The show ended on a fairly predictable note, so if you’ve got a ton of drama on your list, this one probably doesn’t warrant you going back for it.

          Finding k-stuff definitely is easier now than it used to be.. I think it’s to do with how Hallyu really is taking over the world. 😉 It’s a lot easier to get subs and stuff nowadays than it used to be, and that makes all the new and shiny k-stuff so much more accessible. The J-wave isn’t as strong these days as it used to be, but I’m sure you’d still be able to find your favorite movies and dramas and enjoy the best of both worlds ^^


  24. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1ST ANNIVERSARY! CHEERS! Or should I say HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, thefangirlverdict?! What’s better than Yoo handing you a cake!

    I’ve only discovered this site last August but it feels like I’ve been here ever since. And it’s on this site that I’ve come out of the lurking closet, and your warmth made me at home. THANK YOU. I pray the community and friendships, bound by Gong Yoo and K-drama love, develop and grow stronger. Now, I can not visit Singapore and not see you. 🙂

    I watched kdrama when one was aired in local tv simply because I wanted a breath of fresh air. Our local tv was saturated with super long and tortuous local drama, American series, and Mexican dramas. That first kdrama was Autumn in My Heart. Though it was too sad, I immediately fall in love because it was short yet it was fully developed, had good script, beautiful sceneries, and good and beautiful actors. The first kdrama I watched faithfully though was Full House and Song Hye Kyo is the first Korean name I’ve put to memory. And until that drama, I’ve always thought Rain was Taiwanese, ha! I’ve learned that the house had been demolished, huhuhu. That was what attracted me to that drama initially. I used to watch kdrama through local tv only dubbed in the local parlance, then there was DVD which I did not enjoy much because the subs were really really bad. Then in 2007 because of Jumong I discovered online streaming.. and the rest is history.

    Here’s hoping for more years of chatting, spazzing, brain storming, and squeeing… one drama at a time!


    • Aw, THANK YOU, dear, sweet kaiaraia!! ❤ Has it only been 4 months since you found the blog?? Coz it feels like so much longer than 4 months!! I’m so happy to hear that you felt comfortable enough to come out of the lurking closet here!! And what a long way you’ve come, to now being one of the unnies on the blog! 😀 Yes, if you come to Singapore, we must hang out together!! ^^

      Oh, I remember Autumn in My Heart!! SUCH a sad show!! I hafta agree that the scenery and actors were beautiful. I loved it a lot more on my second watch than my first. On my first, I was still fresh from rom-com land and expected some kind of happy ending, which I didn’t get, and I got mad at the show, Lol! How far we’ve come, haven’t we?? I remember being limited by local TV and VCD/DVD box set availability too! Now, I get all my drama fixes online, coz that’s the fastest way to get the latest. I can’t imagine waiting a whole year for a show to come out on DVD now.. That’s just too hard!! XD

      Absolutely look forward to many many more shared chats and squees and spazzes with ya, kaiaraia!! Smooches!! ❤❤❤


  25. Congratulations, kfangurl! And girl, I’m so glad I met you up on the Twitter land :D. You’re pretty awesome person jjang jjang ^^. I just now have to make my Singapore trip a reality so I can be the first to get your autograph!

    Well, you already know I’ve been watching Korean drama for a very long time… hmmmm, back in high school? In the 90s! I can’t remember my first drama anymore but I guess the oldest one that pops in my head…. Winter Sonata? Snickers. Watched too many drama, they practically turn my life upside down, inside out LOL. Fictional characters anchored in my head permanently hehehe

    I love, love your blog. I not only enjoy readying your post, sometimes I just stick my head into your blog just to adore your beautiful, gorgeous and sexy headers! I love them so, so much! Keep it up despite a little hiccup you had over the summer… don’t worry, we will blog till we are grannies but remain 16 at all time! Love ya and congratulations again! *cyber hugs* *smooches*


    • By the way, you know how crazy I am over Playful Kiss, right? I’m rewatching it again! For the 6th and last time for 2013! I will attempt to break my record in 2014 LOL


      • Oh my. 6 rewatches in a YEAR?!??? That IS a record. I love Goong heaps for being my first kdrama, and I’ve only watched it 6 times TOTAL. In 7 years. You are the champ, Ms Nelly. There’s no question about it! XD


    • She really does have such amazing headers!!! I can only aspire to try and create ones half as nice.


    • Aw, thankies, Ms Nelly!! 😀 Y’know, I will always remember how grateful I felt for your immediate welcome and warmth over on twitter a year ago.. That was my first time venturing into twitter and I remember feeling uncertain in unfamiliar territory. You were the first new person to welcome me, and you made me feel right at home. That helped, so much. You rawk, Ms Nelly ❤ And yes, if you do swing by Singapore, we must hang out together over some yummy Korean food! ^^

      Ah, Winter Sonata – that is such a classic!! I remember wondering what the fuss was about, and almost on a principle, refused to watch it at first, coz it had such a reputation for weepy. But my friend asked me to try just the first episode, and after that I was hooked. Ha! I can only imagine how many dramas you’ve watched over the years, considering the rate at which you consume them!! XD Have you reached a thousand yet? ;D I’m still under 200, and moving really slowly at the moment too! 😛

      I’m so happy that you enjoy the blog – and the headers, lol. I’m still learning as I go, and even though sometimes I can’t make them as pretty as I’d like, I’m so stoked that you enjoy looking at them!! 😀 And YES to staying 16 all the way! Big hugs back!! ❤❤❤


  26. I vaguely remember Winter Sonata. Well, I remember hearing everyone else talking about it as I never got around to watching it. I could not understand how anyone could watch, or “Read” a foreign series on TV. So that boat left..
    I was working at a shopping mall at one time. Working in a store does not permit the time for much TV so I was pretty ignorant when Ji Jin-Hee walked in with his crew! I only remembered that he was Good Lookin’!! After he left, and some search engine research, I found Dae Jang Geum. But still, I have yet to sit through an entire KDrama ever..
    I was at a friend’s house when she just switched herself off to anyone but the TV at 10pm. Seems that she was then chasing some KDrama that was being played. I had watched just that one episode in the middle of the story. BOY, was I so hooked!

    A Gentleman’s Dignity. I ended up re-watching this 3 times! Sobbing and laughing out aloud in front of my laptop. My BFF, who had obviously started being a KDrama junkie way before me, opened the KDrama window even wider for me. She insisted that I watched Coffee Prince next. I fell in love with Gong Yoo and re-watched CP over and over again!

    Then the search engine informs me of ALL the other shows that GY has been in and a Monster was created! I have watched all his dramas, new dramas in total of more than 40 dramas in the span of the 6-7 months maybe? I do remember finishing dramas after dramas week after week. So much so that I have to note down series that I have watched just to keep track for the sake of it. That is how I know I have watched more than the 40..

    I stumbled upon your chat during one of my searches of GY news. I read your blog from time to time. Man, was I ever so jealous of the Japan FanMeet! Had I known about it, I would have just flew there for it! I am still trying to look out for any of his fan meets.. So I am now subscribed to you for latest news! Hopefully something comes up soon!

    I know it’s probably not worth much, but Thank you, for your blog, for taking the time to blog. I love reading your stories, biased mainly on the GY pieces! Hope you will always keep us updated on any GY movements/ news/ souvenirs/ mag shoots etc. I could not find much GY items when I was in Korea, that I ended up with a whole load of Lee Min Ho based OSTs instead!
    Yeah yeah, LMH is definitely not the same league as GY. Hehehehehehehe..


    • I agree! Definitely not in the same league as GY.


    • Aw, thanks Skyes89!! I’m glad that you enjoy popping over to the blog! 😀 Aw, I feel you – that GY fanmeet was just so under the radar in so many ways. Information was hard to find in English, and I just know that if more fans had known about it, that they would’ve actually made the effort to have been there, never mind that it was mostly in Japanese! GY’s said in an interview that he would like to hold fanmeetings for his Korean fans, so there just might be a compelling reason to visit Korea in 2014! ^.~

      I can identify with your initial skepticism about kdramas, actually! I remember feeling just as puzzled about why the people around me were all crazy ga-ga over kdramas, passing box sets around and comparing notes over how they stayed up all night watching and crying (this was the time of the big melos). I just couldn’t understand the appeal of it all. Like, why would any normal person want to give up sleep in order to cry over a sad show??? And then, like you, just when I least expected it, the kdrama bug found me and bit me hard. Your BFF introduced you, while for me, it was my sister who brought home a box set of Goong and announced that we were going to watch it. And I fell hard, heh.

      Coffee Prince is a huge favorite of mine too – I’ve watched it about 4 times now, and am planning for a good proper rewatch in early 2014 so that I can give it a proper review. It’s been long enough that it’ll feel fresh all over again, I think!

      PS: I second kaiaraia’s comment: LMH is definitely no GY, LOL!! XD


  27. Hi! Congrats on your one-year-iversary, that is awesome! I really appreciate that you welcomed me in way back (not) when I started. The beginning is really daunting, and already I have been met with so much love! My first drama was City Hunter back in 2011.I discovered it through a YouTube fan video. I didn’t even know Kdramas existed before that. I figured I would try it out just to see. The drama was currently airing at that time, and I didn’t know about streaming sitesthen, so I watched the episodes as they were posted by random people on YouTube. In ten minute incriments (sp?). My friend from college and I would Skype as we watched together, and would always make sure we were synced to the second so neither of us got behind. I was on the fence about it at first, but the minute I saw LMH’s pink skinny jeans during the first scene in Seoul I knew I had to be a part of this Kdrama thing. And I have been obsessed ever since. As far as what I like about it, for one thing I come from a country (and a part of said country) that is still rife with racial tension 150 years after the end of slavery. And all of the hatred comes from ignorance. The more I watch Kdramas, the more I’m struck by how easy it is to relate to people that come from a country and culture so different from my own. And it makes me think that sharing in something like Kdrama with people from cultures and places that you haven’t experienced before can really open your eyes to our similarities. If more people watched foreign entertainment I think it could be a great healer of the wounds that divide us. Secondly, Kdrama is so fun and emotional and the stories are so gripping that it really does take you out of yourself. Having dramas to escape to has really helped me through some rough times, as I’m sure it has for many people. Lastly, this really I’d one of the most loving, supportive fan communities I have ever been involved in. After just two months I have already made friends, and have yet to find one hateful comment on my page. In short, Kfans are best fans 🙂 Hope that answers the question, lol. And I agree with Lady G. The language is beautiful, and lends itself to music as much as to speech. I love that the more I watch, the more immersed I have become in the language. And like a lot of people, I have been able to pick up words and phrases just by watching. It’s great that I can get some brain training inwhile I watch for hours at a time!


    • True, very true. One of the reasons I like kdrama is that it opened me up to Korean culture and realizations… than in so many ways people of different ethnic origins are basically the same.


      • Exactly! I think entertainment is one of the best ways to unite people, as we can see.


        • I could not agree more! I have learned so much about the culture because Kdramas inspired me to go and read books because I was enamored by it all. And I think you’ve got the right idea, if more people opened their minds and hearts to dramas from other places it would be a very good thing indeed.


    • “I agree with Lady G. The language is beautiful, and lends itself to music as much as to speech. I love that the more I watch, the more immersed I have become in the language. And like a lot of people, I have been able to pick up words and phrases just by watching. It’s great that I can get some brain training inwhile I watch for hours at a time!”

      That’s exactly what is happening to me. Now I immediately recognize Korean everywhere I go and even understand bits of conversations. It’s so cool to do that. I wish I were bi-lingual. I should brush up considerably on my Spanish. It makes your brain work twice as hard and that’s a good thing. I love learning the beautiful Hangul and translating stuff as practice.

      And the music…wooooah, I listen to Korean music now more than anything. Basically the soundtracks to most of the dramas I’ve seen. I’m not all that familiar with K-pop. But any song that appeals to me, I play it. I’m like that with American music. No one favorite genre.


      • Oh my gosh, I would love to be bilingual. I bet all this exposure to the language would make it easier to learn though, because at least you are hearing it a lot, even if you aren’t talking to real people 😉 I love Kpop but I’m kind of a novice fan. I haven’t hit it nearly as hard as I have with dramas. I really want to go to KCON next year though if they have it again. And don’t worry, I listen to OST’s on my phone all day at work, so you’re not alone there.


    • Heyya Sarah!! 😀 Thanks for congrats, it’s been quite a year indeed – it feels like forever ago that I first started this blog, yet the year feels like it’s gone by in such a flash. It’s weird that way. I do remember how it all felt really alien and strange and.. wild, almost, when I first ventured into the dramaverse. I just didn’t know what to expect, really. Like you, though, I quickly found that most people in the blogosphere are really nice, and that’s a really cool thing ^^

      City Hunter was your gateway drama?? 😀 That’s pretty neat, coz City Hunter IS a very engaging watch. I remember taking a while to get sucked in coz I found the setup so wildly ludicrous (they really did pack everything AND the kitchen sink into those first few eps!), but when I got sucked in, I was pretty addicted! And yes, I remember those pink pants! XD

      Totally agree with you that the more people get into kdrama, the better. I’m always amazed at how our common love for k-stuff unites people from the world over, from all walks of life, and from all age groups too. I LOVE THAT. ALSO, I totally agree on the language immersion thing!! I’ve picked up almost all my Korean from watching drama, and I find that really thrilling. I hope to one day be fluent in Korean, taught purely by watching kdramas! How cool would that be?!?? XD


      • I know right? It would be super cool, because then we wouldn’t have to wait for subbers, though I love them all dearly. Alas, probably not going to happen, at least for me. I’ve picked up a lot of vocab, but I don’t even know what’s up with the grammar. And I definitely feel like fans of K-stuff are in on something great. Here in America though, it’s really hard to get people to give something like this a chance. The wave showed up a few years late. But I haven’t stopped trying!


        • Oh, I do feel like Hallyu is taking a good firm root in the US, and that more and more people are getting on the k-train! You’re even getting stuff like KCON and other kpop concerts there now! Who knows, one day Hallyu will take over the world! (I look at the country stats in my dashboard and see the far-flung countries readers come from, and this doesn’t even feel like that wild of an idea, even!)

          Ah, Korean grammar! Yes, I can see how that’d be puzzling for someone who’s basically English-speaking. In English we use the Subject-Verb-Object sentence structure a lot, whereas in Korean, it’s more like Subject-Object-Verb. Add on the various levels of formality and that just adds to the confusion. It does get clearer over time, as you watch more drama and listen to more variations of the sentences 🙂 Very early in my blogging days, I wrote a post about learning Korean from watching drama.. You can check it out here if you like:

          Maybe it’ll shed a bit of light, hopefully! ^^


          • You’re right, I was over-generalizing. I do that from time to time. I’m just being snarky because I don’t have anybody to watch with. I really do think it comes from being intimidated by the language barrier. I went through an intense Bollywood phase in high school and college that pretty much killed my fear of subtitles. Also taught me some Hindi, which I have since forgotten. I read your post, and I have a knack for picking up accents too! I wonder if it comes from loving language. I love the way words sound. Something that has really helped me is listening to Kpop songs on YouTube with romanized Hangul script. If I can see the way the words are structured and hear it at the same time, it makes it easier to learn and imitate. Music is a wonderful thing.

            Speaking of. KCON. I want to go so bad. I have two friends from college that discovered Kpop with me, and one of them lives in CA, so I wouldn’t have to go alone. But there is a lot of America between here and there for me to cross, Would it be too financially irresponsible to start a KCON savings account with my tax refund?


            • You pick up accents too?! How cool is that! 😀 Yes, accents are fun, and it’s so satisfying when you are able to speak it and convince a native speaker that you’re saying it right! ^^

              Aw. If there’re other financial needs that you should take care of first, then of course Real Life comes first. But if you can spare the money, you can always persuade yourself that you’re not splurging JUST for the sake of KCON, but are also going to catch up with your friend from college, which is a rare and good thing indeed 😉


  28. Congratulations! 🙂 You’ve given me another boost to trying Queen In-Hyun’s Man – I’m in the middle of Faith but will go back to that one after 😉 Your graphics/header work is really, really nice. You find the cutest and hottest pics, too. Will keep looking forward to your posts 😀


    • Thanks lyricalpeach!! 😀 Oh yes, definitely give QIHM another go! From what I know about Faith, I daresay QIHM is the more addictive watch ^^ Thanks for the encouraging comments on the headers.. I do enjoy making them and it is a big thrill learning more stuff as I go. I hope to introduce more and prettier headers as we head into the new year! 😀


  29. 생일 축하해요! to The Blog ^^ That year went by pretty darned fast, didn’t it?

    I’ve really enjoyed my time here, as your guest. Even if I don’t comment all that much, I still read just about everything, heh.

    Wow! That is a lovely giveaway indeed.

    It’s been a while since my first encounter with a kdrama. The ‘love affair’ has cooled off considerably in the past few years but kdramas have brought along many good things so I’ve no regrets. I’ve met some lovely people online over the years, had many wonderful discussions, plenty of squee!, added another language to my collection (fell in love with Korean almost immediately), made 2 great trips to Korea and discovered the addiction that is kpop, LOL! So, how did it all start then? Way back in early 2008 when I was throughly bored with what western TV had to offer, I came across some gorgeous icons at a friend’s LJ. I asked her about them and was told that they were from a Korean drama called The Legend. Before I knew it I’d dug up info about where to find it and then went on to have my first ever kdrama marathon. The rest, as they say, is history. XD


    • It does cool, the kdrama love affair. But, what’s good about it, is you know it’s just there. Just like you and your BFF enjoying a cup of coffee in quiet splendour. And before you know it, the passion rekindles and sets you again on fire like never before. 🙂


      • Alas, the love affair will never be quite the same after some time has passed. The rose tinted glasses don’t working anymore so you are not blind to all the faults. 🙂 I guess that happens to most, if not all, after they have enough drama watching years behind them. I’m a lot harder to please these days, also more critical and nitpicky.


    • Thanks, Timescout!! 😀 Yes, that year went by blindingly fast! I can hardly believe it’s already been a year!! Thanks for always sticking around, and I love it especially when you pop your 2 cents in there, coz you always make me think ^^ Well, make me think more, lol.

      Wow, your k-journey’s been very full and eventful!! 2 trips to Korea already!! I feel like I’ve experienced a whole lot less than you, even though my k-love affair started a year before yours! XD And wow, it isn’t often that I hear people speak of The Legend as their gateway drama!! Usually it’s something lighter and fluffier.. like BOF or some other rom-com. Although now that I think about it, I just can’t imagine you getting sucked into kdrama via a rom-com! Your taste doesn’t quite veer towards that kind of fluff ‘n stuff ^.~

      Hopefully, with the kdrama landscape trying on some new storytelling formats, an awesome drama will come along to catapult you right back into the heat of a k-love affair! Crossin’ my fingers for ya! 😉


      • LOL! You do know me. XD Nope, The Fluff has never been much of my thing.

        I’ve always loved historicals regardless of country of origin so it was no big surprise The Legend was my gateway drug. I just loved how colourful and lush it was, with plenty of interesting characters. Great villains! 🙂 Legend wasn’t perfect by any means e.g the ending didn’t live up to the rest of the drama but with the lead actor so badly hurt he could barely walk it was a miracle they could finish it at all. I still love it though, warts and all.

        My 2nd drama was either ‘Winter Sonata’ or ‘Lovers’… after those, I have no idea, heh. With more than 100 dramas under my belt now it’s a bit hard to remember what I’ve watched and when. *g*

        I think I wanted to visit Korea almost as soon as I got more aquianted with the country and it’s culture. I managed to inflict the drama fever on a friend of mine early on (Lovers might have been her first) and together we set forth to Seoul in September 2009. We both fell in love with the country and and oddly enough felt at home almost immediately. I’d really, really love to go back, at least one more time. One of these days….

        I’m not holding my breath for kdramas suddenly becoming better quality, overall anyways. But I do hope to come across at least a few gems I can squee about as I miss that heady feeling of being totally drawn into a drama world. I recently came across Daemang aka Great Ambition (starring young Jang Hyuk – he was such a cutie in it) in good quality and promptly rewatched the whole thing (26 epis) in 2 days, LOL! How I wish some of the current fare was even half as good. It was fun picking out familiar faces as there were quite a few of them. I’m actually considering a pic post, but I’d have to find time to screencap then.


        • The lead actor was badly injured on The Legend? Was that Bae Yong Jun? My mom LURVES BYJ. We got her the DVD box set of Legend for her birthday that year, and my mom, who’s usually very restrained and reserved, SQUEAAALED in delight. I kid you not! XD

          Oh, I did enjoy both Winter Sonata and Lovers. Winter Sonata was my first melo, after I resisted the melo genre firmly in favor of the rom-coms for a good stretch. But my friend managed to persuade me to give the first ep a go, and after that, I got completely sucked in, heh. And Lovers. I loved Lee Seo Jin as a badass gangster with dimples. And Kim Nam Gil as his strong-and-silent right hand man was quite mesmerizing too. ^^ Yes, my appreciation for Lovers was quite, er, superficial. 😛

          Wow. You found Daemang in good quality? That’s such a rare find! Those early dramas are elusive as unicorns, seriously. Good on you! 😀 And yes, the quality of kdramas these days has been patchy. I’m hopeful, though, that we’ll still get some cracky good ones come 2014! *crosses fingers and toes*


          • Yup, BYJ was the lead. He fell from a horse and busted his knee (he had it operated later on). He also hurt his neck and shoulder when another actor (or maybe it was a stuntman) fell on him during an aireal stunt gone wrong. I seem to recall he’s still suffering from the effects of that accident. They actually had to use a bodydouble a lot in the end. He wasn’t by far the only casuality, there were also several other actors who had to make visits to hospital during the run of the drama. BYJ was gorgeous in The Legend so no wonder your mom was swooning over him. ;P

            I may have squealed like a little piggy when I come across that version of Daemang. *g* I’d wanted to re-watch it for ages so this was a golden opportunity. If you are interested, PM me through LJ. 🙂

            These days I’m happy if I can get even one drama that truly captivates me. My expectations have come wayyyyy down, heh.


            • Owww. Sounds like BYJ had a terrible time of the injuries on set! >.< I wonder if this contributed to his decision to stay firmly behind the scenes? Coz my mom was pretty disappointed when she realized that he wasn't acting in new stuff anymore. She checked out the first ep of Dream High just to get a glimpse of him, but high school dramas are so not her thing. Especially high school dramas centering around kpop! XD

              I’m thinking that it’s not that we’re drama weary, but more like the dramas these days tend to derail more than the older shows. Every time I pick up a good show to rewatch, the hook bites me and I’m addicted all over again. So I’m thinking it’s the quality of shows that is suffering, rather than our appetite for a good drama..


              • I’ve always thought that the accidents during Legend did put him out of commission as an actor, though I haven’t seen it officially stated anywhere. Even though his neck/shoulder injury wasn’t taleked about much back in the day, it probably was the one that had the bigger effect on him in the long run. My memory is a bit hazy but I think he had to have it treated right around the time they were filming Dream High and thus his part was a lot smaller than was originally planned. I also believe that he prefers being behind the scenes.

                That’s how I see it too. The quality of dramas and especially the quality of the scripts has gone downhill. I guess it’s been a downward trend for a while now but the drop has sorta become more steep in the past few years. It’s the same everywhere, when all sort of crap sells, why do better?


                • Oh dear. That sounds terrible. It’s no wonder he prefers to stay behind the scenes, with those kinds of injuries plaguing him from filming Legend! >.< And yes, I remember feeling rather surprised that his role in DH was so fleeting. The promos had made it seem like he was a fairly strong presence, and yet he disappeared abruptly soon into the show's run. I hadn't thought to consider that he'd had to bow out due to medical reasons! That puts a whole different spin on things!

                  It is SUCH a bummer that the downward trend had gotten so steep and so stark. Everyone I know in the dramaverse seems to be feeling drama fatigue one way or another, and it is getting so clear that it’s not us. All our rewatches of older shows are picking us up quite nicely, so it’s definitely not a waning of our drama appetites! I wish they’d make better dramas. 2012 was a MUCH better drama year than 2013. Just going back to 2012 standards would make me feel better, seriously!


  30. Congrats kfangurl! I love coming to the blog, reading your epic reviews, and sharing the fangirl squeesies. Not everyone can create such a warm, friendly space so it takes a special kinda magic that only you have! Hope you stick around for a long, long time 🙂


    • Aw, thanks DDee!! 😀 Thanks for hangin’ out with me and bringin’ the squeesies with ya!! You’re always such fun to chat with!! I hope we BOTH stick around for a good long time! ^^v


  31. Congratulations, Kfangurl!

    I’ve become so comfortable with having you and your blog in our K-drama community that I was surprised to hear that you only turned one. It feels that you’ve been here for longer 😀

    Also, this is a bit random but I am really impressed how you always have a matching Gong Yoo picture for every occasion. So cute.


    • I was JUST thinking about how she has the right picture for every occasion. It’s like a superpower.


    • Aw, thanks Indigo!! 😀 It DOES feel like I’ve been around longer.. maybe it’s a result of all those years of lurking; I always feel like I’m on home-ground ^^

      Hee. I guess rustling up an appropriate GY picture IS one of my superpowers, like what Sarah said! XD I started doing that on a whim during my early posts, and then did it again, and then it just became A Thing, Lol. Now GY seems to be everywhere when you look around my blog! Which is why I snuck a couple of Woobie gifs on this post, just to shake things up a little. That, and show Woobie some love ^.~


  32. Congrats, girl! This is definitely my favorite kdrama blog, you do an awesome job 🙂

    My journey to kdrama started because I’m a huge bookworm and some of my favorite authors on Twitter were talking about this thing called “kdrama”. I had no idea what it was but I trusted their judgement, so did some searching and was extremely curious. It just so happened that they were talking about marathoning Lie To Me, hence that was the show that popped my kdrama cherry lol. I loved it and ever since then its been a major obsession in my life. I love it and I love the community!

    That Queen In Hyun’s Boxset looks beautiful! Such a cool giveaway!


    • Aw THANKS, Megan!! 😀 That’s so sweet of you to say! And how cool, that it was your favorite authors who pointed you in the direction of kdramas!! I remember watching Lie to Me!! The writing on that show wasn’t great, but the chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye was just off the charts!! And I was SO taken when I found out that they ad-libbed a lot of the show’s most memorable scenes. Like the cola kiss. Ahhh! THAT was something that couldn’t be pre-manufactured!

      Yay that you like the look of the box set! I particularly like the pretty discs and how they emblazoned a different design / character on each disc. Have you seen the show yet? It’s such an epic romance, I love it! ❤❤❤


  33. Aww, congratulations! What a beautiful blog post (and song to match. :D) I know as a blogger and website owner how much work it takes to run them, so I’ve cut back a lot after years. It’s easy to lose steam, especially when the dreaded ‘RL’ acts up. But it’s nice that you haven’t abandoned your readers. There’s no need to constantly be on top of everything. It’s not like you’re ‘Han Cinema’ or ‘Drama Beans’ etc. haha. You post as you feel like it and we, the readers, will patiently wait!

    I for one, always look forward to reading your blog, and as I watch older dramas, I like going over your reviews. They are so thorough and amusing and open up lots of conversations.

    Plus, you are so sweet taking our ideas into consideration, always personally responding, and even in my case, starting a whole post for Dream Dramas! I love that I have a place to squee and post ideas that constantly barrage my head. lol.

    What a wonderful contest! I will humbly bow out. Since i already won that fabulous Gong Yoo calendar. I’m actually on the last 2 episodes of QIHM!!! It really is a fantastic drama and beautiful love story. I really enjoyed your post about it.


    • But that being said, my first K-Drama was “Nice Guy.” With Song Joong-Ki, back in December 2012. I was desperate to find more of his work after seeing “A Werewolf Boy” in the theaters. I stumbled across the Drama Fever website. I could not stop watching the drama. A whole new world of entertainment opened up to me and I never looked back. The quality of the shows, the acting, the stories, and yes, the cleanliness of it all that I really appreciated just blew me away. Not to mention all the beautiful, gorgeous Korean actors. (Actresses too, but I’m not looking at them! haha) Some of them have become my favorite actors in the WORLD. A new culture opened up to me, and sort of cemented my love for Asian anything since I was very young. I grew attracted to the language and am still on a quest to learn it. Oh taxes, when will you come in so I can take a class??? I’m so undisciplined to do it by myself, though I try.

      My TV is probably crying because I never turn it on. Mr. Neilson and his ratings have lost a viewer. It was bound to happen. I was down to watching only 2 American shows a week way before I started my love affair with K-drama. I was tired of it all, but I didn’t know what other kinds of shows were out there and didn’t really care. I had to plenty to READ. LOL. Until that day! I currently only watch Asian Cinema too. Though I am much more discerning with my movie choices because of content. (Many are definitely NOT like K-DRAMAS or J or Taiwan dramas for that matter.)

      Still, I keep renting American movies, etc and saying to myself that I WILL get back to my “Murder She wrote” marathon on Netflix, but it hasn’t happened! LOL. That’s still a great show, they should so do a Korean version with the mom from IHYV as the Jessica Fletcher character! hahaha America is actually doing a remake of that series. Not really interested. Angela Lansbury is BOSS.

      Sorry, going off on a tangent, but you kwim. If anything, I stick to American classic shows from the 50’s-80’s and some 90’s. I like watching things that have already come and gone. To get the full scope of the series. You get so disappointed if you get attached to a tv show and they cancel it from under you. Or change it so dramatically that you lose interest. Which happened to me recently.

      Anyway, that’s my little drama love story. 😀 I’m not in the contest, but I thought I’d share it anyway.


      • Oops, I meant to say, I rent American movies from the library, and DON’T watch them! I’m too busy watching the K-dramas. lol


        • DITTO!! On the quality, the acting, and the stories in kdrama.. And also, ditto on how I DON’T watch any American TV anymore!! XD Scratch that. I don’t watch ANY TV anymore! I only watch kdrama on my laptop, ha!

          Oh, I hope you get to take those Korean lessons soon.. It IS fun to know some Korean while watching the dramas, coz you eventually start to pick up nuances that don’t get translated. THAT is a real thrill, coz you realize that you’re understanding the drama more as how the writer intended, which is just AWESOME 😀


      • Yikes!! My first drama was Nice Guy too! At around the same time last year as well!! I was blown away by Song Joong Ki. I couldn’t believe that such a cherubic face could exude such dark, sexy manly energy and then, be totally tender and vulnerable as well. I ate it all up like a mad monkey. I found him so crazily watchable, magnetic even. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. Not to mention Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon who were great too. I was like, so this is what all the fuss about k-dramas is about: The level of acting, the production value, the compulsive, addictive nature of the watch, the whole drama of the drama, if you know what I mean. It felt like nothing I’d watched before. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I felt so bummed I came so late to the party! So after NG, I consumed everything I could get my hands on as if to make up for lost time. I didn’t know left from right so I just dived headlong, flailing like a headless chicken, ingesting a stream of dramas until finally, finally, I stumbled across Coffee Prince. And there was love. LOVE. Unadulterated. I discovered how a drama could completely overtake your headspace. I was thrown for a loop at how something so fluffy could be so gut-wrenching, raw and emotionally charged. So THIS was what the fuss was about! THIS! How could a TV series for chrissakes, in a language I did not understand, make me feel so much? How did I become a squealing teenage girl again (answer: Gong Yoo)? How was I reduced to a quivering, sobbing mess? I marathoned it in two days, and when it ended, I experienced the first withdrawal symptoms that all drama addicts know about. And then did what all addicts do: just go back to beginning and press play. And the rest, they say, is history… 😀

        I tried to figure out why dramas were so fascinating to me too, and I determined that it also connects me a little my past, growing up watching Hong Kong dramas in the 80s with my grandmother. It feels comforting, like coming home. Dramas are like macaroni and cheese, man. Good for the soul. Heh.


        • Aww, that’s sweet about the times with your grandmother. I’ve never experienced anything like watching K-dramas…unless I was watching an Asian themed TV show like ‘Vanishing Son’ or hilarious Jackie Chan movies growing up. lol.

          “I couldn’t believe that such a cherubic face could exude such dark, sexy manly energy and then, be totally tender and vulnerable as well. I ate it all up like a mad monkey. I found him so crazily watchable, magnetic even.”

          I totally agree to this!! My second drama was S. Scandal because of SJK’s performance. (I’m not even going to try and spell the first word. lol) Then I watched Penny Pinchers. After that I discovered Oh Ji Ho and then Jang Hyuk and I just never looked back.

          And I lol’d at how you became a ‘mad monkey’ searching for more dramas. Me too! I’m pretty sure my drama count is more than halfway to 100. With some Japanese and a handful of T-dramas thrown in.


          • Yeah, the HK dramas in the 80s/90s were totally classic, and it’s how I discovered Chow Yun Fatt and Tony Leung! Overall quality has totally dropped now though, frm what little I’ve seen. Shame.

            SJK lead me to SScandal too, which again, I marvelled at how he could pull off being effete and flirt so convincingly with Park Min Young at the same time. He was the best thing in that drama, alongside of course, Yoo Ah In.

            Unlike you, my drama count has slowed to almost a halt though when I decided to start live-watching. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe I’ve just run out of steam and stamina? Or maybe the dramas of late haven’t been all that.


            • I actually slowed down my watching because of all the new live dramas. It gets really hard to keep up. I need to catch up with Basketball, I’m watching Pretty man, Golden Rainbow, The Prime Minister and I faithfully.

              I signed up for ‘My love from another star.’ I was watching Suspicious Housekeeper. I kinda dropped answer me, 1994 for a while. The only older ones I’m watching now are ‘Smile, you’ and when my youngest sister visits we watch Kimchi Family, her first K-drama and she adores it. I loved that one too. I’m also nearly finished with a 30 ep. Taiwan drama called ‘Channel X.’ – Sometimes the T-dramas drag too much. But this one is okay.


              • Popping in to say… “Nice Guy” was your all’s first k-drama?!? Lucky!! Mine was “Boys Over Flowers”. Well… it did set a low bar. 😉 (That might be a little snarky — it certainly brought the crazy and the fun. And also the Lee Min Ho.)


                • LOL! You’re not alone Betsy!! For some inexplicable reason, BOF seems to be the gateway drama for lots of people!! And that’s not even people who watched it during the hysteria when it was airing either! There’s just something about that (awful) show that draws newbies in! XD


                  • I think part of it is BOF is so over-the-top that, especially if you’re brand new to the k-drama world, it’s just fascinating! Since you don’t know the kind of quality story that can be told, the sheer melodrama of it all has its own pull.

                    At least, that’s how it worked for me! 😀 (I wonder if part of it was timing, too. It was being pushed pretty hard on the streaming site I used, so maybe it was one of the first licensed k-dramas released to the States?)


                    • That’s gotta be it.. When you’re brand new to kdrama, you have no clue what to expect, and BOF is quite fascinating in its craziness. And as a newbie, you won’t know to roll your eyes at all the tropeyness of wrist-grabs and perfect second leads (who play the violin in an inexplicable garden-forest in a school!), Lol!

                      Was BOF one of the first kdramas licensed to the US? I wouldn’t be surprised, it was THE hyped drama of its year after all! And for all the kdrama converts that BOF’s managed for the dramaverse, it should be forgiven for the big hot mess that it was! ^^


                    • I don’t know if it was the first first — but it was the first I recall seeing advertised on the big TV streaming site in the US. It doesn’t surprise me that so many Americans say it’s their gateway drama.

                      Hah! That violin scene!! Though… it kind of fits with shouju manga styles where the guys are framed in fields of flowers. So I just figured, that must be what Asian romances do. 😉 (At that point, I was too new to predict who the main man was. Ah, the innocence — the sheer innocence…)


                    • Lol. But those make such fond memories, don’t they? 😉 Now you know way, wayyy better when watching drama, I’m sure! XD With enough kdrama miles under your belt, it becomes super obvious who the OTP is designed to be – at least most of the time. ^^


                • LOL. I didn’t know anything about the hype of BOF, I didn’t know what to watch, I just said, ‘It’s Song Joong Ki, and he’s talking! (versus the silent but adorable wolf boy.)And boy was I just floored. My first Lee Min Ho drama was City Hunter. I really liked that one for the most part.


                  • I literally didn’t even know what a k-drama was… It was suggested to me on HULU (I think because of the anime I was watching) and I was curious enough to watch for five minutes and… the rest is history. 😉

                    Oh, City Hunter is the perfect first Lee Min Ho! That was a fun drama. 🙂 I enjoy comic-book, hero-based stories like that.


                    • Me too! I like those better than full blown melodramas. I don’t mind a little bit of everything in a drama, but I don’t like when it’s too much of one thing.


              • Holy canoli that’s alot by my standards. I find that I can’t watch more than two at a time, either marathoning or live-watching. I fully intended to watch way more than this but I just plain can’t do it. I wanted to watch basketball and housekeeper but had to drop it, and I dropped 94 which I’m debating whether to pick back up or not. I’m not sure how much I can take the whole who will she marry gambit, despite how great the characters sound! Prime Minister, the alien one, and Miss Korea are on my radar.

                I haven’t dived into any new ones now that heirs & mirae are done, by choice, just so I can marathon the ones I didn’t finish before the next year rolls around! So I’m on Queens classroom now. I hv yet to start on any t-dramas, but In A Good WAy sounds perfect!


                • It helps to be single and childless when wanting to keep up with K-drama. haha. But otherwise, I don’t always get to watch them right on the button as the eps. come out, but I try. Like with Basketball, I set it aside to let it finish then I’ll pick it up from ep. 14-18. For me, the verdict is still out there on T-dramas. I find sometimes they drag to much over nothing, and the quality of everything is simply much lower than K-drama. Oh well. Not say there aren’t good ones out there though. I’m just far more selective with them and J-dramas.


        • Tee hee!! What a great read your kdrama journey is, DDee!! 😀 I haven’t yet checked out Nice Guy, though I’ve heard good things and am firmly in agreement about Song Joong Ki’s amazing acting prowess. I need to watch that sometime. Everyone says such good things about it!

          And Coffee Prince, OMG YES! SUCH a great watch! And Gong Yoo in it.. SO heart-melting, adorable AND swoony!! You weren’t the only one who simply went right back to the beginning! So did I, and my sister, and my mother! In fact, my mum watched Coffee Prince over and over about 4 times, before she felt ready to move on! XD Gah, I so need to rewatch that in early 2014, and write it a proper review! It deserves some love ❤

          Aw ❤ How sweet, that you used to watch dramas with your grandmother! No wonder kdrama feels like comfort food to you. 🙂


          • Yes, I’m SO due for a Coffee Prince re-watch and a post too. It’s been awhile. It would be my fifth time, the only drama so far that I’ve re-watched. How cute, you come from a family of CP lovers! Are they GY fans as well?

            Yes, I’d recommend Nice Guy, if only for SJK. But it’s compulsive viewing like a good ole melo should be.

            I had to think about what my first asian drama was and I remembered that it was the Bund with Chow Yun Fatt from the 80s. I remember that everyone was watching it in school, the talk of the town so to speak. All I remember is CYF was a handsome gangster! And my grandma definitely watched it with me!


            • Oh, my next CP watch will be my 5th time too, I think! How about that?!? 😀 And yes, I come from a family of CP lovers – my sister had borrowed the box set from a friend, and she, I and our mom sat together and giggled through the show together, and then again! So much fun, seriously. I think I’m the big GY fan, though. My mom thinks he isn’t handsome but is a good actor. My sis is more taken with the show itself than with him. I, on the other hand, just lurve the man ❤❤❤ Hee.

              I will get around to Nice Guy at some point, I’m sure. I just need to be in the mood for a melo. And my melo moods don’t strike all that often. It’s firmly on the list, though! I’ve even got it in my drama collection, ready and waiting!

              Lol. I remember when Chow Yun Fatt was all the rage! I vaguely remember he was in something called Man in the Net? I have no idea what the show was about though. I think I was too little. I only remember my parents talking about the show. Now I don’t watch any HK drama at all, though (I think) we still get some on local TV. It’s all kdrama FTW. Along with my lovely khotties, of course ;D


    • Awww!! ❤ Thanks, Lady G!! 😀 Yay that you liked the song too – I listened to it on repeat while writing this post, it’s rather addictive that way!!

      I’ve come to terms that it’s just impossible to be on top of everything.. Even though I often have time flexibility, I realize I will probably always be a little (or sometimes a lot!) behind on replying to comments. Especially now, with year-end activities ramping up, it’s going to be as challenging as ever to keep up. Which I’m learning to just relax to, actually. I just need to think of it in a new way, ie, it’s not something that I can actually finish, but more like something into which I can just make headway in chunks as and when time permits. Just THINKING about it differently makes a difference, so yay for progress ^^v

      Just knowing that you enjoy reading the reviews is really encouraging. I’m planning to give a couple of “older” (ie, not exactly current) dramas some review love, so it’s really cool to know that reviews of older shows are getting some love too ^^ And of course I love our dream dramas post!! It’s such a great idea that I couldn’t NOT take it on, y’know? 😀 And our dream dramas do pack as serious punch, even if I do say so myself! ^.~

      How timely, that you’re watching QIHM!!! 😀 I really loved that show, it was such a treat to watch! Such gorgeous cinematography, and such lovely chemistry between our OTP. And SUCH an epic romance! ❤❤❤ I hope you enjoy it all the way through! Some people had trouble with how we got to the end, though I personally was able to enjoy the whole thing ^^


  34. Congratulations on turning one!

    My first kdrama was autumn in my heart. I really liked it and cried really badly. After that, I watched Stairway to Heaven and Jewel In My Heart.

    I guess what I like about Korean dramas are their good plot, good dialogue, pretty cinematography and good acting.


    • Thanks, scentfragrance!! It feels all grown up, to have turned one 😉

      A weepie was your first drama?? And so was your second?? Aw.. You must’ve cried buckets!! I haven’t heard of Jewel in My Heart.. Is that a sad one too?


      • Haha yes! I think at that time these were the kdramas showing on TV? I watched them when I was really young, maybe when I was in primary school or lower secondary? Yes I did! They were so sad. But so good!

        Oops my bad I meant Jewel in the Palace 🙂


        • Ah, Jewel in the Palace!! Ok, I know that one!! 😀 My mother loves that show, she’s seen it something like 4 times!! I’ve seen snatches of it here and there, but haven’t yet sat down for a proper end-to-end watch. I really should sometime, it’s such a classic!!


          • Yes it is! The heroine is exasperating at times but a good show nonetheless!


            • Exasperating heroines, sigh. But I guess I shouldn’t judge. Exasperating heroines weren’t so tropey back in the day, since these dramas did it first! Thanks for the heads-up, I will keep it in mind when I do get around to checking it out. I’ve already got it downloaded and waiting, so.. someday, when the mood strikes 😉


  35. Congratulations 🙂
    You are one my oldest Blog-friends and I’m so glad to meet you….love your reviews and thoughts….lots of love and all the best!!


    • Aw, thanks snow_white!! 😀 Now that you mention it, we DO go back a long way!! I even remember how you used to go by rainbow! You know what they say, a chingu by any other name is still as precious! ;D

      Lookin’ forward to many more shared chats and squees with ya!! ❤


      • Aww….you remember that….cho chweet…. 🙂


        • Aw. Of course I remember!! 😀 I vividly remember wondering where you’d disappeared to that time that you deleted your old blog.. And then finally you reappeared as snow_white – thankfully you didn’t change your display pic, so I could still recognize you!! XD Yay that you decided to start a new blog and stick around! ^^


          • LOL….actually I started that blog just because I was excited to start one…even when I didn’t have much interest in writing….but now after starting again, I found a new enjoyment in it….and I’m glad I decided to stick around… 🙂
            It’s like my interest in writing and learning new things related to it has increased in direct proportion to time 😉


            • Aw. That’s so cool! I do get that sense with your new blog, that you’re really settled in and having a good time 🙂 And it’s great that your interest in writing and learning related stuff has only grown with time. Imagine how much you’ll have learned in another year! Kdrama blogging.. s’all good ^.~


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