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Pure Pretty: Ji Chang Wook


I am officially on the Ji Chang Wook train, you guys. Finally.

How could I have possibly missed the train before, you ask? Well, I just happened to not feel very interested in checking out any – seriously, any – of his earlier works. Most of his projects have fallen into either the very melo category, or the very long category,Β and I’m generally a very picky viewer when it comes to both of those categories. I’m careful where I invest my time – and my tears, heh.

So how I did finally find my way to the train? Why, Healer, of course (Healer-ya~!). I’m 8 episodes in as I type this, and liking it a whole lot.

[EDIT: I finished the show, loved it, watched it again, and now, the review is done! You can find it here.]

As I’ve watched the show, my eyes have also gradually and very firmly achieved the Ji Chang Wook Appreciating Upgrade,Β andΒ I finally understand what the fuss is about. Swoon.

All I can say is, I’m sorry I’m late to the (spazz) party!

Now, what better way to make up for lost time and celebrate my new-found appreciation of the Ji Chang Wook awesome, than a robust shot of Pure Pretty, right? πŸ˜‰

Swooooon~ Wouldja look at those eyes??

Michael Learns to RockΒ –Β Eternal Love (Healer OST)


Before I dive in to the Pretty, I have a confession to make.

Before Healer, I used to be completely indifferent to Ji Chang Wook’s charms. I mean, I didn’t even think he was that cute, to be perfectly honest.

GASP. I know. Boy, have I been missing out! XD

Happily for me, Healer soon fixed that gaping misunderstanding for me, by showing me that:

1. Ji Chang Wook is awesomely badass and cool as he scales walls and leaps off tall buildings. (Yes, I know he has a stunt double and doesn’t actually leap off tall buildings. But Healer does, and Ji Chang Wook is Healer, and that’s the part of the logic equation my fangirl heart is gonna subscribe to, at least for now.)

Plus, here’s proof that Ji Chang Wook doesn’t just sit around eating ice cream and cookies while his stunt double does all the work. He’s plenty involved, and I very much approve.

Yep, I realize I definitely have a thing for superheroes, or heroes with superhuman-like abilities.

2. Ji Chang Wook possesses an onscreen intensity that I like very, very much. His eyes say so much, even in the absence of actual dialogue. And sometimes, his gaze is simply arresting. Just take a lookie at these:

So mesmerizing.

3. Despite theΒ cool badassery often on display, Ji Chang Wook is also very capable of bringing on the swoon, when the occasion calls for it. Again, it’s in his eyes.

Just look at this melty, amused, I-think-I-might-kinda-love-you gaze that he’s locked on co-star Park Min Young in this screenshot:

Swoon. Melt. Puddle.

I have, without a doubt, come around to Ji Chang Wook’s appeal.

I might even have to put Warrior Baek Dong Soo on my watch list. Coz not only does it also feature Yoo Seung Ho (for whom I have a big soft spot),

It also promises fierceness – and abs! – of the Ji Chang Wook variety.

Kinda hard to say no to all that, right? πŸ˜‰

But I digress.

Edit: I did watch Warrior Baek Dong Soo! Review is here!


For the record, due to my prior Ji Chang Wook indifference, I haven’t been keeping tabs on his photoshoots, and have no idea which ones are more popularΒ orΒ more recent. All I did was dive into Google and start researching, and these are the results. Well, the ones that I liked anyway.

On the upside, I’ve managed to secure a nice number of HD, wallpaper-worthy pix, so if you like a particular photo, you might want to open that up in a new tab or window to check its size. You justΒ might be looking at your new Ji Chang Wook wallpaper. πŸ˜‰


Despite his current badassery on Healer, I found that Ji Chang Wook has a very boyish side to him too, and I find it quite endearing. Doesn’t he look like the boy next door in these pix?

I love the one where he’s holding a fried chicken drumlet, coz he looks so pleased with himself. He totally looks like he could be your gleeful, slightly mussed-up boyfriend, who’s super happy with the fried chicken you’ve delivered to him. Also, it reminds me of Healer’s penchant for fried chicken, hee.

I also really like the fanmeet poster lower down in this set, for his 2014 fanmeet in Taipei. There’s a lovely softness in his gaze in that pic, which just makes me melt.


I thought a suitable follow-up section would be this one, where Ji Chang Wook shows off his playful side. In each of these pix, he’s got an impishnessΒ about him whichΒ I find quite adorable.

My fave pic in this section is the last one, coz he looks like he’s having so much fun on the Healer set. I love a guy who enjoys his work. πŸ™‚


On a very different note, here’s Ji Chang Wook wearing the smoldery gaze, which I think looks fab on him. It’s one of my favorite looks on him; he looks so intense, like all of his unspoken thoughts and feelings are just blazing out of his eyes at you.

It’s hard to pick favorites in this section in particular since IΒ have a weakness for sexy smolder, but I do think that the GQ shots are especiallyΒ lovely. There’s just an intense, manly aura about him in those pix. Yum.

Throwback Bonus

As a bonus, I found these throwback photos, which prove that the smolder has long been in Ji Chang Wook. I really like these pix, the youthful smolder becomes him.


I happen to think that the smirk looks fabulous on Ji Chang Wook. There’s just something about a smirk on those features that elevates his level of cool several notches, to new badass heights. It lends a layer of knowingness to the smolder, which I very much dig.

In these pix, we get varying degrees of smirky, and while most of the photos look fantastic, my favorite pic of ’em all is hands-down the one with him biting his shirt. It’s just so arrestinglyΒ schmexy.

Intent & Intense

A close cousin to the smolder and the smirk is this section, where we get varying degrees of intent &/or intense Ji Chang Wook. Since his eyesΒ areΒ high up on the list of things thatΒ I enjoy about him, this category hits more of the sweet spot byΒ serving up an additional dose of that lovely penetrating gaze.

My favorite in this section is definitely the last pic. He looks so teasingly intent, like he’s got.. er,Β stuff on his mind. *cough* Very sexy indeed.

Cool Cat

When I saw these first two pix, I just had to make this Cool Cat section. Coz, how does he manage to stand around holding flowers (something most men find awkward to do,Β from what I can tell), and yet manage to look so nonchalantly cool at the same time??


Another look that I find very becoming on Ji Chang Wook is the pensive thoughtful one. I like a man with substance, and these pix give off very nice contemplative vibes, like he’s thinking about important things.

I like this first pic coz it gives off Healer vibes (will I henceforth always think of Healer when I see a man with his turtleneck turned up to cover his mouth?). I also really like the 5th pic, coz he looks so ruggedly handsome, leather jacket, guyliner and all.


Sweet is a look that Ji Chang Wook wears well too, and I particularly love that in these pix, there’s a distinct softness & gentleness to his gaze.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do think that the series of photos with him standing in front of the curtained windows has a lovely dreamy feel to them. I also love the last pic for its very unique brand of gentle smolder.

Snuggly Cozy

This is one of my favorite categories in this gallery, coz, Ji Chang Wook being all snuggly cozy is so darn sexy. Him getting all comfortable, with those bedroomy eyes mostly just trained in your direction, is just, ummph.

I have big love for almost all the photos in this section, but I must say, that last one definitely caught my attention more than the rest. Talk about cozy bedroomy eyes with intent.Β 

Oof. And, puddle.

Sharp Suit

I think many of us already know that Ji Chang Wook cleans up very nicely in a sharp suit.

Oddly, though, there don’t seem to be a lot of photoshoots actually featuring him in sharp suits. Mostly, he seems to wear the sharp suits more to awards shows and other red carpet events. Regardless, he looks great. And I really like this first photo. He looks so handsome in that tux, and he looks so dashing with his hair styled away from his face. Plus, that slight smile is adorable.


As we learn right off the bat in Healer, Ji Chang Wook doesn’t seem at all averse to taking off his shirt,Β heh.Β Which is a happy thing for fangirls everywhere, coz Ji Chang Wook is absolutely delicious without his shirt.

My favorite in this set is the one just above the Men’s Health cover. He doesn’t look overly styled or overly ripped; he simply looks very strong and very wholesome, and I dig that very much indeed. Yum.


With such great muscle definition, it’s no surprise that Ji Chang Wook also looks great in sportswear. There’re lots of photos of him in outdoor-wear, thanks to his North Cape endorsement, but I picked just a few favorites. I like these because the vibe he gives off feels like equal parts manly strength and sexy smolder. And of course, I snuck in a Healer pic in there too, just coz. πŸ˜‰

StreetwiseΒ Tough

These pix mostly show off Ji Chang Wook’s slightly edgier streetwise side, and he wears the look with ease. I personally really like this second pic coz it shows off his profile, and his gaze looks piercing, even though it’s not leveled at the camera. Very nice indeed.


As usual, no gallery on this site is complete without at least a few candid shots. I like the candid shots because they arguably give us little glimpses of the real person beneath all the polish and marketing.

I particularly like the last pic in this set, coz that’s such a regular-person kind of thing to do, to take a selfie (or selca), in the privacy of your bedroom. Plus, I really like the softness in his gaze in the photo too. Makes him feel so approachable, and well, close.


Whew. All I did was dip my toes in today, to check out the Ji Chang Wook awesome, and what a heap of awesome I managed to find! I feel like I can only look forward to even more awesome, as he continues to blaze his trail through dramaland and our screens.

I’m sorry I’m late to the party, Ji Chang Wook-sshi, and I’m sorry for not appreciating you before. But, now I’m more than ready to lap up your brand of sexy magnificence, so keep on bringing it on, ok? Fighting~! πŸ™‚


Can’t get enough of Healer? You might be interested to check out my Healer shirt!

Forget the Cape

Inspired by how effortlessly cool Ji Chang Wook looks in the drama poster, and to celebrate the superhero cool of Healer.

Click on the image below to shop this shirt! And, please help to spread the word to other Healer fans too! Thankies ❀

Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

149 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: Ji Chang Wook

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  2. Omo, I have just finished Healer now bcos I thought “ah, another city hunter”. oh boy how I was totally wrong and how happy I am to see this Pure Pretty!
    Ji Chang Wook charm has got me hook-line-and-sinker now πŸ˜€ The only other actor with such expressive eyes to me is Song Joong Ki πŸ™‚


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  4. He’s very cute


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  7. I can’t even blink on those shirtless pics! TORTURE!!! I’m sorry SO JI SUB if this looks cheating on you…lol


    • Lol. In my world, fangirls are entitled to have as many loves as they like. So you’re not cheating on SJS.. you’re just expanding your appreciation of the Pretty πŸ˜‰


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  10. OMG 😍 Thank you for posting this article about Ji Chang Wook and sharing the photos. I just discovered Korean Drama a few weeks ago and I am hooked. BUT… it was Healer that turned my fondness to obsession. Thanks to [for me] the most talented oppa in Kdramaland. πŸ˜… Thanks to this article, you just fed my burning JCW infatuation.


    • Glad you enjoyed this post – AND, welcome to the wonderful world of kdramas! πŸ™‚ I was completely hooked on Healer too, so I totally understand how that might’ve turned your fondness into a full-blown obsession! πŸ˜‰ Let me know if you’d like some kdrama recommendations to add to your list – I’m always happy to help feed your enjoyment! For more Ji Chang Wook awesome, you might want to check out drama special “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?” – he plays a very handsome angel in that one! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  11. There are many pretty boys brought along by the Hallyu wave, but not many have the acting or singing chops befitting of the frenzy that surrounds them. Call me biased but JCW is in a class of his own. That mellow voice, those eyes which speaks volumes, and that lean physique which is so manly! Even the way he says “uh”, which he does quite a fair bit during his interviews, is so sexxyyyy…
    Oh be still my racing heart, I love this issue of pretty that you have done for JCW. THOSE EYES! So completely swoon-worthy, and conveys different emotions depending on what’s required of the pictorial.
    Please please please do a flash review of Healer (unless you’ve done it but I missed it), it’s a serial that transcends borders and age groups like few others have in recent years. After watching it, I didn’t think anyone else would have done as a great job in it as JCW with his layered acting and physicality. Let me know if others in the community agree!
    In the meantime, let me go download some of those purty purty photos of his which you put up to create my personal fangirl wallpaper!


    • Better late than never, I say, Sundazzler!! I do think JCW is the full package; I also think that he’s coming into his own more now, compared to before. I watched Warrior Baek Dong Soo (review here), and I felt that his delivery in Healer had more depth. But, that’s an excellent trajectory indeed, and I’m looking forward to more of his projects. (Btw, have you seen drama special Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?? It’s a great shot of JCW pretty, and a pretty fun watch too. You can check out my review here.)

      As for Healer, I actually have a review in progress.. a really late one, that promises to be about as long as my AM1988 review, if not longer. πŸ˜› I started writing it, then got sidetracked. I’m planning to go back to it and finish it, hopefully sooner than later. I sure hope you’ll find it worth the wait! πŸ˜› And yes, JCW is fabulous in Healer – I think the majority of viewers agree on that! I found his effortless parkour so schmexy and so badass! ❀


      • Ooh.. Thanks for the recommendation kfangurl! I watched the episode of Have you Ever Had Coffee With An Angel starring our very own Ji Chang Wook, as per your suggestion. Didn’t care much for the singer-actress wannabe 😝, but JCW was his usual swoony self! He has the ability all his co-stars look good. I reckon he must be such a charming actor, that all his co-stars can’t help but “fall in love” with him during filming, hence they all look at him in such a smitten fashion πŸ˜‚.
        Hope that you will be bringing in new stock soon for the Healer fashion wear? I would like to place an order 😊


        • Lol. Yeah, his leading lady was just ok in Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel, but Ji Chang Wook made the watch worthwhile! I couldn’t help giggling out loud at his “arrival” scene! XD

          The Healer shirt featured on my sidebar is available long-term, so you can place an order anytime πŸ™‚ You can take a look at it here.

          If you were referring to other Healer designs that were previously carried on TeeSpring, I might be able to make it available again by tweaking & refreshing the design for the TeePublic platform that I’m now using, if you’d let me know which one you were considering πŸ™‚ I can’t promise the shirt would be identical as its previous incarnation though, as TeePublic only allows printing on the front of the shirt. The upside is, the shirts aren’t limited to print cycles and can be made available long-term. πŸ™‚

          I hope that helps! If I didn’t make sense in my explanation, feel free to let me know, I’m happy to clarify! ^^


          • Hi Kfangurl,
            I have ordered the black Healer t-shirt and awaiting its arrival eagerly. Been keeping an eye out for it on others when I go out so that I can #findmytribe 😁. Goshhhhh, my first time ordering “fan merchandise”! I don’t think calenders of Lee Jung Ki and Hyun Bin really count as those are in my house and no one will sneer at my fangirling. But oh to wear a t-shirt proclaiming my love for Healer… Well that’s a new thing for me hehehe. I must be getting crazy or I am more obsessed with JCW than I care to admit!

            And yes I think the other designs look pretty cool too, but will wait for the one I ordered to arrive first before deciding on the next ones 😊.



            • Aw, thanks for supporting #FindMyTribe, Sundazzler!! I’ve got the Forget the Cape T-shirt in black too! πŸ™‚ Let me know how you like the T-shirt when you receive it? I actually have two, because the blue lines were so pale on the first shirt that I wrote to TeePublic and asked them what went wrong. They apologized that something went wrong with the print of that one, and sent me a new, properly printed one for free. πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d let you know that, in case your blue lines turn out pale too, for some reason. πŸ™‚



    Those photos made my heart skipped a beat!!! Such a hottie and adorable actor ughhhh when will I meet him huhuhu XD

    P.S. Saved most of the photos for wallpapers and… hahaha lol β™₯


  13. OMG IM SO EXCITED THAT AS I WRITE THIS!!!!!!! i actually saw ji chang wook on empress ki first when it was airing on tv in singapore (its still airing now but i finished it online HAHA), and he was such a wimpy baby there and i wasnt impressed AT ALL, but then i googled him and he actually looked super cool normally, and then i realized that smile dong hae also aired on tv before and I ACTUALLY WATCHED THAT! but never noticed him/ probably i was too young then to do these types of obsessive online stalking anyway/ HAHAHAHA. back to the topic, i watch healer last week(i know its late) AND HES SOOOOOO COOL OMG, so i totally relate to the beginning of your post. <– thats my main point LOL

    love the ost HAHAH it's been playing on loop as i read and write.

    "When I was even younger, my dreams continually changed. I wanted to be in the police force, a teacher, a judge, lawyer, doctor and other jobs. Of course, my direction changed as I started to face reality" -ji chang wook isnt it funny that his reality is acting when usually people's dream is acting lol. i just read that from one of the comments above.


    • Hey there dreamerzee! Welcome to the blog! And as for being late to the Healer bandwagon, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, I say! πŸ˜€ Healer is SUCH a great watch, and Ji Chang Wook is SO. GOOD. in the role. I swoon just thinking about it, and I’ve already watched the show twice as I type this. (I promise to review the show itself too πŸ™‚ ) And yes, I love the OST as well. Definitely one of my favorite shows of all time ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I’ll definitely watch QIHM again, especially since the male lead is the kind of guy I would totally fall for ❀ ❀ ❀ I really liked QIHM, despite having really strong lingering feelings for Healer. So strong I decided to go for another round :))) And the OTP in QIHM had the perfect love anyone would dream of. Fighting destiny, fighting the world, fighting magic or the will of the gods ❀ I found it to be a perfect mix of surreal and down-to-earth, so-not-possible and totally-possible, if that makes any sense… at all :)))) And what I really, really liked was how consistent her friend was :))) During all three interrogations, she asked the same questions, in the same order, had the same reactions and concluded in the same way! It cracked me up :)))))

    Back to Healer (always back to Healer :))) ), the scene in the theater gave me butterflies in my stomach, which I rarely get ❀ ❀ ❀ ! And also the scene where she touches his hand and realizes there is a very strange familiar feel to that hand! Let me use your words again: Swoon. Melt. Puddle ❀

    Talking about tastes in dramas, mine are yet to take a certain shape, so any kind of show you might send my way, I will watch. Honestly speaking, I was excited when Lady G. answered my comments, so I will definitely watch Faith as well ❀

    I'm sure you want to share your thoughts on Healer with us, especially since it's a drama you really liked πŸ™‚ I know the feeling all too well ❀ Take your time because if everybody that saw Healer liked it as much as I did, they'd surely have all the scenes fresh in the mind, fresh enough to read your review with utmost excitement, no matter how long it might take. In other words, take our time πŸ˜€

    And about the dramas you recommended, I still have to sort my feelings and understand the mood I might be in :))) That's why I said I'll watch them in that order. Regarding the no-romance drama, after watching School 2013, I became more open to no-romance dramas. That might be because I really liked S2013, especially the bromances, but also because I might be growing up, so those dramas start to appeal more to me πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendations! I'm looking forward to watching them ❀


    • Hey Sabina! Sorry for the lapse in replies, these couple of days were exceptionally hectic ones for me πŸ˜› And YES, QIHM was my favorite show of 2012, if memory serves. I just loved how epic it was, and how real the OTP chemistry was. Plus, it had a happy ending, which didn’t even seem possible. Which made the happy feels all the more welcome. I do think giving it a rest for a while, until it feels fresh again, would be your best bet of enjoying it properly πŸ™‚

      YES, there are so many scenes in Healer that just made me spazz and then promptly melt into a puddle. I’m so glad I gave myself a good long stretch before diving into my 2nd watch, coz it actually felt almost brand-new, since my memory of the details had gone hazy. FELT SO GOOD, to eat up that show and drown in the feels, all over again ❀ ❀ I LUFF HEALER! ❀

      I recently unveiled the new incarnation of #FindMyTribe on the site, and the first shirt is in honor of Healer. Of course it had to be Healer ❀ You can check out the details here! πŸ™‚

      In the meantime, YAY that you’ll be checking out the dramas I recommended – I can’t wait to hear how you like them. AND, once RL has settled a bit, I WILL work on my Healer review. Which promises to be an epic monster, since just my raw notes, jotted as a watched the show, already add up to >10,000 words! πŸ˜› I hope I manage to do the show justice!


      • No worries, no worries! Good to hear from you again πŸ˜€ !

        Yes, I was really impressed how the show twisted it into a happy ending when I had already given up on it ❀ And I read your review some time before starting QIHM and I was curious to see the ending that worked for you, but other fans thought it was a bit far fetched. I'll have to admit that I had my doubts at first since there are a lot of logical aspects that needed to be taken into consideration (like how would the phone get signal 300 years before the concept was even invented?!), but considering the fact that the whole show started from the impossible idea of time travelling based on a scroll written by a monk, the ending worked just fine for me as well. I preferred to think of it as the will of the gods, the mercy towards his misery and her broken heart as well. And I thought the story was beautifully weaved. Ah…! I need to watch it again :))))

        Now, about the t-shirts, I did take a look and I think that I will order one as soon as I get my paycheck πŸ˜€ I have to have a Healer memory at hand ❀ Plus, the logo is awesome! "Forget the cape. I've got my glasses!" Awesome ❀ ❀ ❀ !!

        You will definitely do it justice! I'm looking forward to reading your review because you always notice details that just pass by me :)))) I'm sure it's gonna be epic πŸ˜€ ❀ πŸ˜€ !


        • Hehe, YES, you should totally give QIHM another chance. I’d recommend taking a nice long break from it, before you try it again. You can fill that nice long break with other lovely dramas, and then when the details have become hazy, that’s the time to give it another go. It’s how I make my favorite dramas feel fresh – not as fresh as brand new, but fresh enough for me to be surprised again! πŸ˜€

          YAY that you love the t-shirt!! I’m thrilled that you like the tagline – I really love how Healer comes across as superhero-esque, and I’m glad you find that the tagline works! I’m super stoked that you’ll be ordering one for yourself – WHEEE! We’ll have matching shirts!! πŸ˜€

          Thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear! I just got some good news on the medical front today (I don’t have cancer & I don’t need surgery!), so that simplifies things, and I hope to be able to work on the review sooner ^^


          • Oh my God! Please stay healthy! I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well… Good thing it’s not cancer. I know what it means to have a sick person in the house and I wouldn’t wish that to anyone!
            Please take good care of your health. It’s the most precious thing we possess. Regular check-ups help. I have my body checked once a year especially since I’ve had women in my family that have had breast cancer.

            Don’t push it too much, please! Take the time you need to recover from the illness and the shock as well.
            I wish you all the best! I hope you get back in shape in no time. I hope to hear only good things from you from now on πŸ™‚

            Having matching t-shirts is old fashioned, but I like the idea so much ❀ As soon as I get mine, I'll post a picture on Facebook and leave the link here πŸ˜‰

            Again, get well soon and inspire us with the energy that exudes from your writings because after reading your posts the good mood floods me and I get happy ❀ !


            • Thanks for all the good wishes and warm concern, my dear. I feel the lurve ❀ ❀ ❀ HUGS. Yes, I'm working on getting better, and I do believe that I'll be in a good posting rhythm before too long! πŸ˜€

              Hehe, matching tees is so Korean that it makes it fun! I plan to make more tees soonish, so that drama friends can pick the shirts they like, and not necessarily have identical tees, unless they want to! πŸ˜‰

              Aw, what a lovely encouragement, that my writing exudes a good energy! I LOVE THAT. I’ll remember that whenever I need a little shot of encouragement or motivation on the writing front! And yes, I do believe that I will have only good news to share going forward, on the medical front! ^^ HUGS!


  15. Well, now to be completely honest, I did watch Queen In Hyun’s Man a couple of days after finishing Healer and you were right. Those were some big shoes to fill. I just didn’t get to appreciate it at its true value because I was still smitten with Healer ❀ But I will do it justice and watch it again after I chill a bit with Healer.
    On a sidenote, I liked QIHM and I truly think it's a good show. I wasn't a big fan of the main female character, but she was adorable in her, let's say, foolishness. I liked the male character more because he is the one that struggled against two timelines just to get to her. And being tormented for a year, remembering her and not being able to go back broke my heart.
    But I will reorganize my thoughts after watching it a second time and I'll get back to you with some competent conclusions πŸ˜‰

    As for Healer, as I have already stated, I am completely in love with it ❀ ! I've already started my second watch and I feel a third watch coming on strongly :))))

    As soon as I am done with my second, third, nth watch :))) I'll start with the dramas you've recommended, probably in that exact order :)))) Though, after exchanging a couple of comments with Lady G., she drew my attention to Faith. This drama has two advantages from the get go:
    1. Lee Min Ho ❀
    2. Good reviews from someone who knows what they're talking about πŸ˜›
    I'll see how I organize my watchlist in such a manner that every drama gets the attention it deserves πŸ™‚

    And about the review, as much as I want to read it, I can understand what real life means. I've pushed hard lately to watch drama as well because I just miss Dramaland whenever I don't visit it. But that's because my responsibilities aren't heavy. Except work, part-time college and a couple of extracurricular activities involving my sister's school, I don't do much. I don't have a husband or kids to tend to, so when I get the free time, I fill it with drama ❀
    What I'm saying is, for what it's worth πŸ˜› , that you have our full support πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, don't overexert yourself. Take good care of your health πŸ™‚ and the reviews will flow naturally πŸ˜‰ !

    Thanks for the quick reply! Keep up the awesome work ❀ !


    • Ahh, QIHM! I remember loving that show a lot – particularly since Ji Hyun Woo really did fall for Yoo In Na while filming, and all those loving oogly eyes that he shot her way, were totally real! So yes, if you were underwhelmed by it this time, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with those Healer feels πŸ˜‰

      Those Healer feels are something else, aren’t they? I thoroughly enjoyed both watches of Healer, and I can totally see myself going for a third round too! It’s just SO full of those feels ❀ ❀

      I haven't seen Faith, actually.. Not because I'm not a LMH fan, since when it came out, I liked him at least a little bit. I think most viewers were rather underwhelmed by it. I heard that it was rather slow, overall. But, it does have its fans, so I hope you like it! Also, in case you didn't know, Lady G & I have rather different tastes in dramas. So, it might take you a while to figure out where your taste fits with hers AND mine! ^^

      Thanks for being so patient with me – I TOTALLY want to finish that Healer review! I started writing it, and got maybe a third of the way through, before I got derailed. I need to get back to it, when RL has settled down a little more. In the meantime, I'm hoping to at least put out a few Flash Reviews πŸ™‚

      You don't have to check out the shows in the order that I mentioned them – I did mention them rather randomly, after all. I made sure to give you some context to each one, so that you can pick the right one according to your mood. πŸ™‚ Ah, I forgot to mention that although the puppy crush in Angry Mom is beyond adorable, the show itself isn't romance-centric. But it's consistent and awesome, and it made me love Kim Hee Sun, and introduced me to the lovely charms of her boy-man Ji Soo. ❀


  16. Hey there, kfangurl πŸ˜€ ! Loved the Pure Pretty on one of the prettiest actors in Dramaland. Love Ji Chang Wook ❀

    I am here to talk about Healer. May I πŸ˜€ ?

    I am in love with Healer! And I don't mean just the character, I mean the whole show! I have to agree with you and say that it's a much better show compared to City Hunter. I knew what I was doing when I listened to you :))))

    Where do I even begin πŸ˜€ ❀ ?
    I love Healer! He is just so cool! And I love the balanced combination between dangerously awesome, mad acrobatics and fighting skillz and the innocence and kindness and goodness in him. I love how he shields his heart against loneliness and acts all strong even when you can tell he's not ok. I love how he clings to Ahjumma because she's the only one who knows everything about him and the only one he wholeheartedly trusts. I love how he comes to love Chae Young Shin with all his heart ❀ !
    I liked him in all stances. For instance, in episode 4 when he was looking nervously at the phone thinking Ahjumma might call when he's trying to eat AGAIN made me laugh so hard :))) And when she did call scaring the crap out of him I spat my water on the screen :))))). Actually, the whole episode cracked me open :))) The meeting with the father, beating the crap out of the printer :)))))) And in episode 6, I think, when Healer captured Double SS boss and stole the second phone from him, that was hilarious :)))) I swear, when Double SS started laughing and bouncing his leg because he was ticklish, all I could think about was my dog who does the same when I tickle him :))))) I think that's one of the things I loved most about this show. The perfect balance between funny and serious.

    Young Shin is perfect! You could clearly see that Park Min Young put a lot of effort in developing her character. She's my new favourite actress ❀ I loved everything about her ❀ The goofiness, the honesty, the courage and you know, even if everybody made fun of her dynosaur theory, I think she might be onto something πŸ˜‰ What i liked most about her was the capacity of taking everyone as they are, for themselves, not for what they have done in the past. And I mean her father's friend, all ex convicts and also Jung Ho himself because when she finds out that his father might have been the one that killed hers, she rejects Jung Ho at first, but then trusts him and supports him in finding out the truth. She wasn't obligated to do that, yet she believed in Jung Ho's innocence and sincerity. That made her very endearing to me and it wasn't like she was some kind of saint either. Because by that time, she was already in love with Jung Ho (I hope it makes sense :))) )

    Loved the father, LOVED the father! He's like the most perfect father-figure ever ❀ ! I mean, he is loved by people that used to con and steal from other people!! That speaks tons about his personality! And his determination to save Young Shin was amazing! Immature people would have given up, but he stuck by her side until she started to open up. That's some angel like goodness right there. What makes him even more beautiful to me is the fact that Young Shin grew up to be such a cheerful and smart girl all thanks to him. And since I really liked her, I really like him too ❀ And his interactions with Bong Soo at first and then Jung Hoo are so damn funny :))))) I laughed my ass off when Bung Soo brought the drunk Young Shin home and the father had that talk with him :)))))

    Moon Ho was someone I didn't understand at first. But then, after letting the drama sink in a bit, I started to understand his, let's say, layers. He's on piece of onion, that guy. He's the perfect reporter all young reporters aspire to. He's the down to earth, cheeky, handsome, though to crack kind of guy for Director Kang Min Jae. He's the out-the-window illusion for Young Shin. And yet, under all those layers, we find out that he is tormented by his own silence and lack of power to protect the woman he loves from his own brother. He is frustrated when his brother tells him they are the same. He wants to tell his noona that he found her daughter, but can't because she is not stable. The more I got to know him, the more I started to side with him, to like him. And his hyung side for Jung Hoo was so handsome it blew me away ❀ I mean, he was really patient with the cheeky guy who just won't listen :))))

    Moon Shik, on the other hand, is really bad. But what surprised me is that he is not the kind of bad I hate, but the kind of bad I felt frustrated by. What I liked is that he wasn't bad just for bad's sake. He had solid reasons. I mean, again, after letting the drama sink in, I understood his motivations. What he did to Ji Ahn is unforgivable, but siding with the bad guy to protect Myung Hee… well, I could understand that because you can clearly see that he really and I mean, REAAALLY loves Myung Hee. And at some point he just lost his soul in the whirl that caught him. I mean, he just can't tell right from wrong anymore. He truly believes that all he's doing is good. it doesn't even cross his mind that he is the villain. I have to admit that I felt bad for him when Myung Hee left him and he lost his mind. I thought that if he would've had someone to guide him, none of all that would've happened.

    Ahjumma is one heckova lady! I loved her! She stuck to Jung Hoo like gum even though she said she'll drop him like a hot potato if his identity gets revealed. She was just perfect in the entire show and she brought out Jung Hoo's charm by being charming herself ❀
    And love Teacher!

    I wish I could talk about all the characters, but that would take like forever :)))) So I'll just jump straight to Jung Hoo+Young Shin ❀
    OMG! The chemistry! The intensity! The LOVE! I had to wear protective glasses whenever these two would meet because sparks would rush out of my screen ❀ ❀ ❀ ! I just loved them together! Of course, episode 15 is my most favourite one because that's when all the hot, smoking and smoldery happens ❀ I think I watched the scenes with these two in his apartment at least 20 times! I loved how he finally surrendered and allowed himself to love her freely. And I love how she just accepted everything he was and gave him the home he needed and never had. And he just broke my heart when he started to cry in her embrace. I felt his pain and I felt her love and will to save him.
    And now, fangirl squee in action!! OMG! OMG! OMG! The coziness they displayed in bed! OMG! You know how in mangas the overexcited character gets a nosebleed? Well, that was me watching the bed scenes! So much love ❀ ! When he pulls her in for the hug while she's still asleep! Swoon. Melt. Puddle. I was done for ❀ ❀ ❀ ! And the backhug! Oh, the always so lovely backhug ❀ ! His huge arms around her tiny body ❀ ❀ ❀ ! Ah, the backhug! I want someone to do that for me too 😦 …And the clingy Jung Hoo when Young Shin was cooking! Sooo CUTE!! ❀ Puppy feelings, I swear! I could've eaten him then and there! And what I really liked about this Jung Hoo is that I saw slight traces of Bong Soo in him. Like when she left and told him she's still angry, he's reply was a very hushed and child-like "I understand". I don't know about you, but I saw Bung Soo ❀

    Another thing I really liked about this drama is that we had enough screen time of them both, but we also had enough screen time of them fighting the bad guys. What I'm trying to say is that it was perfectly balanced and you don't find this quite so often. I mean, their love felt true, organic and it was neither fast nor slow, but the show didn't focus solely on that. Really well balanced!

    I have to admit that there were a couple of mistakes here and there, but not worth paying that much attention to. Like how Healer's gloves were perfectly intact even after descending in the elevator's shaft. The friction between the wires and his hands should have destroyed the gloves. Right?And some other small things that have already slipped my mind. And that's making me want to watch the show again :))))

    All in all, I have to thank you again for this suggestion because I've had so much fun watching it ❀ ! And it's seriously my favourite so far ❀ ❀ ❀ ! The actors did solid jobs in portraying the characters and I felt part of the world thanks to that dedication. I have already started my second watch because I started missing it already πŸ˜›

    I hope I didn't bore you terribly with the long comment πŸ˜› And I am looking forward to your review on Healer πŸ˜€ Else, the whole watching experience will feel incomplete πŸ˜›

    Thank you, kfangurl ❀ !

    P.S.: Sorry for any grammar mistakes you might find πŸ˜›


    • OMG YOU FINISHED HEALER!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I LUFF THAT SHOW!!! ❀ ❀ And I'm so, so happy that you love it too, my dear!!! After finishing it, I felt just the way you did – I wanted to go right back to the beginning, to savor the goodness all over again!

      Yes, yes, and YES, to everything – seriously, EVERYTHING!!!! – you said about Healer, and all the wonderful characters. I loved Jung Hoo himself, Young Shin, Young Shin's dad, Ahjumma, Senior Healer, and all of their relationships! This show managed to be such a great balance between surreal (woah at all that parkour!) and so organically real. All that affection and chemistry – and not just between the OTP. LOVED Jung Hoo's relationship with Ahjumma, even though on the surface they spend almost all their time ribbing each other and claiming it's just business. SO NOT. And I do love the chemistry between our OTP too – it's THROUGH THE ROOF, seriously. That hand-holding scene in the theater. Woah. My eyes glazed over, it was so electric. And YES, LOVED the way Jung Hoo basically hung around and onto Young Shin as she tried to cook and stuff. It looked so natural and loving. Swoon. ❀

      I SO need to get a proper review written for Healer.. Just, Real Life's been intense these weeks, and I've only just begun posting again, and only Flash Reviews at that. I can only say, I promise it WILL COME. Coz I love this show, and NEED to write about it! ❀

      Now that you're done with Healer, I can only say, these are big shoes to fill! I think it's going to be hard to pick a follow-up drama to this one. πŸ˜› What else is on your list, my dear? I think I'd suggest something completely different, to maximize your chances of enjoying the show.

      Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

      Angry Mom: High school setting, sort of, but not really. More like a focus on one awesomely badass mom and how she finds it in herself to go undercover as her daughter's classmate, to fight one very warped system. Bonus: a puppy classmate who crushes super hard on her, not knowing that she’s really wayyy older than he is! XD

      Twenty Again: Love this for its freshness. It's not formulaic like many rom-coms, and has as its OTP, a pair of 38-year-olds instead of teens or twentysomethings. Love this for its theme of a woman finding not only a second chance at life, but finding her old awesome self, all over again. LOVE that the guy, who crushed on her secretly while in high school, basically helps her and empowers her to find her old awesomeness.

      Answer Me 1994: Nostalgic goodness, and characters and relationships that feel very, very real. I didn't like the long-drawn-out Who's The Hubs game the Show played, but I loved the characters and felt sorry to finish the show.

      My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: A little older than the other dramas, but so, so cute. Shin Min Ah is the most adorable mystical creature you'll ever see, I think! Plus, it's got a pretty epic concept of romance at its core, and legit made me tear up towards the end. In a good way.

      Hope at at least some of these sound good to you – let me know if you need more! I'm always happy to point you to more dramas that I've enjoyed! ^^ Smooches ❀


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  18. Where on earth have I been? As always, your writing is just so fun to read. I giggled so much at your giggling. It was that intense. Heh! Those. strong. arms…. even in those sweet tender cuddly moments. How is he so manly?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kaiaraia!! Where HAVE you been, if you’re just discovering Ji Chang Wook’s appeal only now? πŸ˜‰ Thank you for enjoying my spazzing.. but who wouldn’t spazz, really, seeing as how Ji Chang Wook is so mesmerizingly charming and swoony?? Schmexy man ❀


      • Been everywhere but not commenting. 😦 Well, I’ve seen him in Baek Dong Soo but I was more interested in Yoo Seung Ho (hehehe). He did act well as the titular Baek Dong Soo but Yoo Seung Ho’s Yeo Un was more interesting (I just wished the acting was more layered and more intense), and of course the fact that his styling was much prettier, heh! I’m stalled on Empress Ki and Healer is simply daebak!


        • I’m watching Baek Dong Soo now, and I agree! Yoo Seung Ho’s got that dreamy intent gaze goin’ on, and his character’s always brooding and smoldering, which is quite sexy, I must say. Acting could be better all around.. Choi Min Soo is the real scene stealer, as Chun. Who knew a Jack-Sparrow-pirate type head assassin could be so arresting?? XD YAY that you’re enjoying Healer, it’s awesome! (It’s on my review list!) Also, do you recommend Empress Ki? I’ve been hearing mixed responses about that one.


          • Jack-Sparrow-pirate-type head assassin! Just perfect! Love it. Again on Empress Ki, proceed but be prepared to let go of some sense, hehehe. These questions namely, “Is Taltal truly upright? What will he do next?’ Who does she really love? plus of course, Ji Chang Wook’s awesome made me go past that what the moments and pull through. I don’t know what’s with me, but I just can’t hit FF button, but you do. To be so thorough, I must be cursed, hahaha!


            • Hee. Doesn’t Choi Min Soo’s styling in WBDS TOTALLY channel Jack Sparrow?!? XD It took me some time to get used to it, but I eventually really liked his pirate swag πŸ˜‰

              Thanks for the tip on Empress Ki – I’ll keep that in mind! I didn’t used to be able to use the FF, but after trying it out on a drama or two that I would’ve otherwise dropped, I found it could be really useful sometimes! I ended up loving Jang Ok Jung, which I would’ve dropped if I hadn’t allowed myself to FF through all the politics. Try it sometime, you might just love it πŸ˜‰


  19. Don’t bother to watch 50 episodes of Empress Ki ( lots of repetitive arcs + no realism + calamitous and ruining last third), FF straight to 20:20 of episode 4 and there’s the whole thing summarized in that scene. And there, at 21:45, you have it. That JCW signature face, that JCW signature look. The look of someone who just played a good trick and who is enjoying himself immensely.
    Yes the man can act pain, distress, have intense gaze and all that jazz but that’s not what’s unique about him. What made me fall, and very hard at that, is those mischievous, impish look and smile he constantly displays. My heart melts each time I see that combo on his face.
    I watched Empress Ki for somebody else but it was impossible to not notice JCW and his long hair. Gor-geous. On the other hand, I watched Warrior Baek Dong Soo too and… got eyes only for Yoo Seung Ho, again with long hair. But longer than JCW’s, is that why ? XD
    Thank you Kfangurl for another great treat. Your google skills have no match on the blogosphere.


    • Tee hee! Thank you for endorsing my google skills, my dear Assots! Remember, you’re the whole reason I started the Pure Pretty series, after all! Before that, it hadn’t even occurred to me that my google skills were any different from the next person, so you can take a bow now, for giving us the Pure Pretty series! XD

      I concur with you about Yoo Seung Ho, he’s got wonderfully smoldering eyes, and is SUCH a good actor. I can’t wait for him to come back to our screens now that he’s out of the military! πŸ™‚

      Also, thanks for the heads-up on Empress Ki. I’ve already downloaded the show, so I think I will give it the ol’ college try. But if the going gets tough, I will remember your FF advice! ^^


  20. Thank you for categorizing all the drool-worthy photos of this really likable actor. He’s just gorgeous and his acting in his last 2 dramas especially is something that made me take notice.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Sally! πŸ™‚ I have to agree that he’s lovely to watch onscreen, not only for his handsome features, but also for his excellent acting. So far, I’ve only seen him in Healer and the Secret Love drama special, Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel (review and watch links here, if you’re interested).

      I also have Empress Ki and Warrior Baek Dong Soo now on my watch list, thanks to him. Both are shows that I hadn’t planned on watching, but now, so many JCW fans are telling me these are must-sees, that I just hafta check ’em out now! ^^


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  23. Thanks for your beautiful post, kfangurl πŸ˜‰ I am a few years older than Ji Chang Wook, but I’m indulging myself since I’m pretty picky nowadays when it comes to fangirling (something I did so wholeheartedly when I was a much younger LOL). In the Korean entertainment industry, where new actors are constantly cropping up, Ji Chang Wook is one of the few that I feel will enjoy a longevity in the industry. I have already mentioned this over at Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen (a great English site for JCW run by two lovely ladies), that his acting philosophy is something that I do not see in other Korean actors of his generation (with all due respect to them). He is not afraid to take risks, and this is most evident in his consistent statements in interviews that he is striving to perfect his own brand of acting that can uniquely be called his.

    And indeed, even with only a few TV shows under his belt, I am unable to compare him to any of his contemporaries in terms of his acting style. I’m a pretty latecomer onto the train too: I have seen him in Smile Donghae, but never really took much notice until Empress Ki came along (I’m a big fan of sageuks even before JCW became the adorable Ta Hwan). Ji Chang Wook is a rising star, I don’t mind that he didn’t attain stardom so quickly like others–this means that he chooses his work carefully with the intent of honing his acting skills to become an even more reputable actor. Each character that he has played that I have seen so far are memorable. The way he answers questions to interviews shows that he is a thinker, an analyzer if you will. Combined with his good looks, and his passion for his craft make an irresistible combination πŸ™‚

    JCW is also causing even more stir in the theater world. If only I can understand Korean, I wouldn’t mind watching ‘The Days’. He is truly in his element in musicals, since he got his start there in his career.

    Ji Chang Wook has proven himself a versatile actor in his works so far. There will never be another Ta Hwan or Seo Jung Hoo for me πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, Ji Chang Wook sounds like a very sincere actor who’s dedicated to his craft! πŸ™‚ I have not yet seen any of his other works, so I started Healer with absolutely no prior impression of him. He totally blew me away, and now I’m planning to check out Empress Ki and WBDS later, after the Healer cloud has lifted. For now, though, I’m in rewatch mode.. I’m not ready to let Healer go. I need to work off the feels with a proper review – just as soon as I gather myself together to actually write it! πŸ™‚

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  24. I surrender my self to joint in this train. Just like u, I never notice him before. Even when I watched him in Running Man. Now.. my heart completely his. I feel like in heaven when I found your blog. Kamsahamnida. Healer fighting!! Ji Chang Wook jjang!!!


    • Isn’t the Ji Chang Wook effect quite amazing?? I checked out Healer not even knowing much what to expect, and BOOM. I’m in a big puddle of melty swoon over Ji Chang Wook! XD I’m so glad you enjoyed this tribute to Ji Chang Wook, odank!

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  25. gomawo ^_^
    me too =), i can’t say anything about him, he’s complete actor..
    today, 17 chapter of helaer on cam =)


    • Glad you enjoyed the post, ristalina! πŸ™‚ I loved Healer and didn’t want to say goodbye. But I suppose that’s what rewatches – and writing reviews! – are for. πŸ˜‰


  26. thank you for your collections, i feel so happy =)
    healer is perfect man =)


  27. HI KFG, your pix are amazing…OMO and thank you thank you very much for putting all these swoon worthy pics. They are all amazing, you have captured each galleries into perfection. But then again, these adds more to my never ending lurking to JCW. He is really absolutely a beautiful person inside and out. He is so charming, indeed he is God’s gift to mankind especially to us (his fans not just locally but outside his country).

    Thank you thank you for this pure pretty JI Chang wook, now I can’t get sleep anymore! LOL!


    • Aw, you’re very welcome Rigby! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post! πŸ™‚ And honestly, is there ever enough pretty when it comes to fangirling over Oppa? πŸ˜‰ I’m just happy to help supply everyone with some lovely Ji Chang Wook, amid all the Healer swoon and squee. I know I’ve very much enjoyed gazing at him in these pix, just about as much as I’ve enjoyed watching him be completely awesome as Healer. OMG I LOVE him as Healer. ❀


  28. I tried viewing this post on my phone but couldn’t. Just finished Ep 9 and it’s 4 am and I need to sleep. But I cannot get enough of him. Moarrrrrrr. I cannot thank you enough for turning me on to Healer.


    • Lol. The Pure Pretty posts – & k-love posts too – can’t be viewed on mobiles, from what I’ve been told. The bandwidth required for the HD type of pretty that I post, pretty much means that most phones give up after trying really hard. So gaze at the pix on your computer, is my advice. Bigger screen, better pretty, is what I say! XD

      Hee. I kinda knew Healer would bring out the squee in you, Jo! πŸ˜‰ I love that you’re loving it!


  29. Lol, am I the only one who notices how much he looks like Park Ki Woong in certain shots. They could almost be twins. Thanks for this wonderful post kfangurl, it sure made my day πŸ™‚


    • Ooh. *tilts head* Does he look like Park Ki Woong? I think I’m completely Healer-biased now, so I can’t see the resemblance. That’s something I’ve realized about myself.. the less fangirly I am about someone, the easier I can see resemblances pointed out by others. Once I get fangirly about someone, though, I’m like, nooo, they look nothing alike! XD

      Glad this post perked up your day, Rica! πŸ™‚


      • He definitely does in some shots or it could also be that I just missed Ki Woong Oppa so damn much. Heh! Curse the SK army for taking him away.


        • Oh yes, that could definitely be contributing factor! Sadness when MS takes Oppa away.. but MS makes up for it with post-army abs, and manly male gravitas, so it sort of evens out? ^^


  30. thank you very much for this post! you are daebak!!!!!


  31. Thank you for your collection! He really is one God’s gift to mankind πŸ™‚


  32. Ok first of all let me tell you it was a pleasure reading ur thoughts and looking at those masmerising pics while listening to healer OST..
    Now that this is said let me say one thing… I am heads over heals over JCW these days.. Just as you i never bothered to watch any drama he did… I never heard of him as well!! And this moment i am biting my fingers over this!!! for me the looks and the EYES are the key … OMG his eyess… It’s as if they speak to your soul…
    I started looking for his videos, interviews and everything related to him… And till now i am liking it….. I hope I am not betraying my 5 years star.. He’s still No.1 but with no doubt JCW has Concord a very big place in my heart…. Oh watch him with kara.. You will love him even more kkkk
    KARA : Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee with an Angel? (Ep. 5 – Pa…:


    • Aw thanks, lubna! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post! πŸ˜€

      I have to agree, he’s just wonderful in Healer, and his eyes are definitely a big part of the equation. He says so much through his eyes, even when he’s not actually saying anything. It’s simply mesmerizing.

      Thanks for the link to Secret Love, lubna! I’ll save it for later. Y’know, when Healer’s over and I need a fresh dose of JCW! A fangirl’s gotta save for a rainy day, after all. πŸ˜‰


  33. Heya! First timer here in your blog, which JCW paved the way for me to find! Yipee. First off, what a fabulous post for a fabulous actor! Amazing job on compiling all those delicious photos (here I thought I already have ALL the pics of him there is on the internet, but some that you have posted I’ve never ever seen before! *GASP*) *engages on a saving spree* Yay, more JCW goodies!

    I’ve only recently discovered him a couple of months ago after Empress Ki ended, but dayum, how he consumed my fangirl heart completely is just unbelievable. I had actors that I liked and crushed on, however, not to THIS extent. It’s not even just about his looks. I was very impressed by his arresting performance in EK, and got me converted in an instant. Since then I think I’ve done enough research about him that would put my thesis to shame, lol.

    Now, with Healer, OMG FORGET A FAN! I would need an industrial heavy duty air conditioner to stave off this heat I’m feeling. #NOSHAME So glad to see his career soaring off to greater heights. Bae’s getting the recognition he deserves and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks again for the fab post! Keep on rockin, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Also, I’m looking forward to the Healer review! Yay! Will occasionally check out this blog for updates. πŸ™‚


    • Lol. Welcome to the blog, Omomo! Your comment made me giggle, and definitely made me want to keep bringing goodies to my readers πŸ™‚ I am so pleased that I managed to offer you some pix of JCW that aren’t yet in your collection! I really must thank Google for supplying the goodies. And I promise to keep using my Google superpower for fangirl good in the future πŸ˜‰

      OMG, I’m seeing for the first time in Healer, and he is clean blowing me away AND melting me to the floor. He’s a wonderful actor, that’s for sure! And now, even though I don’t generally watch long sageuks, I think I’m gonna have to check out Empress Ki and WBDS! XD Oh JCW, how are you so amazing??

      Thanks for anticipating the review too! I have a hoard of thoughts just based on the current episodes alone, so by the time the show ends (sob!), I’m sure I’ll have a thesis to write too! XD I hope it lives up to your expectations!


  34. He is killing me. I should really get started on Healer. The pretty is intense.

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    • Yes, definitely YES. You should get started on Healer. That will make the pretty even more intense. Plus, the show’s feels are the stuff of fangirl dreams. Really. ❀


  35. these pics do fluttery things to my heart.


    • As they should, Shelly, as they should πŸ˜‰ I hope you’re on the Healer train too. Coz THAT will definitely do fluttery things to your heart as well! ^^


      • i’ve been in the wagon long ago – i’ve seen him in WBDS, EK, the KARA special, considered SDH and BVS, marked “don’t watch” for FF. he has incredible range, and healer is just one of his best performances. this is one of the best korean actors i’ve ever seen. fighting, JCW!!


        • Wow, you’ve seen quite a few of his works, shelly! πŸ˜€ Healer is my first taste of the JCW awesome, and I’m already blown away by his range. I can’t wait to see more of him in his other works – which I will make a point to check out, post-Healer. (Post-Healer? *sob*) I am so, so pleased to have discovered JCW. Thank you, Healer! ❀


  36. Whoaaaaa *deep breaths * so much cute/sexy in one page. Kfangurl, this is (borrowing words from another comment I saw today), this is your gift to mankind.
    I joined the ji Chang wook train pretty late too, after the fourth episode aired and as I watch Healer I’ve been thinking, why haven’t I seen him in another series before? I hadn’t even considered watching Healer and now this show has taken over my life. I like to think it’s not because of purely shallow reasons (ji! Chang! Wook!) I really really like the plot too. And Who ever did the casting, he /she did an amazing job. I feel this strange attachment to all the characters, even the older version of choi myung hee.
    The North Cape advertisement : *fans self * . Thank you so much for compiling this post!


    • Wow~ my gift to mankind! What a sweet – and awesome! – way to put it, thank you Saema! πŸ˜€ I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post!

      Yes, besides the Ji Chang Wook swoony, there is a lot to like in Healer. I so did not expect this when I first saw teasers for the show! I mean, I hoped it’d be good, but I never imagined it would be THIS GOOD. I completely understand why this show would take over your life! The great thing is, you’re not alone πŸ˜‰ I think Healer’s sweeping us off our feet, the world over ^^


  37. Yesh yesh, it’s such bliss to wallow and drown in Healer / JCW goodness but I kinda need my life back, you see. I used to be a such a perfectly sensible, functioning, working adult before I encountered Healer. Now my brain is fried, my life is ruined (kinda anyway, but it’s been fun!) and all I could think of is WHEN IS MONDAY coming? What is this Healer sorcery?! But glad I’m not the only one out there under its spells. Big thanks in advance for the Healer review, and of course for this awesome Pretty post as well. I’ll be looking forward to it! πŸ™‚


  38. I’m been having my Healer fix over at Dramabeans (after all the watching episodes raw, watching with sub and killing my replay button) and I’m so glad I can get more here. MOAR!! Not that it is helping me get over my Healer / JCW addiction! Can’t wait for a Healer review post when it’s all over. Pleaseee? I would definitely need something to tide me over the big void in my life the drama is over.


    • Lol. I’m glad to help feed your addiction, Eueu! Also, why would you want to get over your addiction? Drowning in Healer / JCW goodness is so much fangirl bliss, after all πŸ˜‰

      Yes, I definitely plan to review Healer. I must warn you that I will probably be a little later than most, with posting it. I have a work trip coming up next week, which will make it hard for me to keep watching the show. And also, from what I’ve seen so far, I suspect I will have many thoughts to put into that review, making it one of my longer ones. And those long ones take more time to write. Long story short, it’ll come, I promise! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yesh yesh, it’s such bliss to wallow and drown in Healer / JCW goodness but I kinda need my life back, you see. I used to be a such a perfectly sensible, functioning, working adult before I encountered Healer. Now my brain is fried, my life is ruined (kinda anyway, but it’s been fun!) and all I could think of is WHEN IS MONDAY coming? What is this Healer sorcery?! But glad I’m not the only one out there under its spells. Big thanks in advance for the Healer review, and of course for this awesome Pretty post as well. I’ll be looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        • Aw, it’s nice to know that the review is being anticipated, even before I’ve written it! ^^ I look forward to writing it, actually. It’s one of the ways I work off my feels, and well, as we all know, Healer’s giving us a lot of those feels to work off! πŸ˜‰

          I’m progressing through the episodes quite steadily at the moment, and OMG, it’s true. The feels increase with each episode! No wonder everyone who’s up to date is beside herself with delirium! XD It’s magic, and I’m happily mesmerized. πŸ˜‰


  39. Pull the train over and let me on, I just bought a ticket on this train. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 2 people

  40. First of all, thank you for this research following my suggestion. You spent your time and this is something really precious. Secondly, I mentioned about this pictorial because some fangirls might enjoy this look (the long hair style). And I want to be honest: I never smoked, but I have a thing about smoking (men). Somehow, the smoke is highlighting an attitude.
    About LMH for Pure Pretty: I think I am so excited about your blog, so happy to read your posts such as to write some stupid things and thinking about after. Please, forgive me and just ignore me ! I understand very well your reservation. As I said before, I value more the model than the actor LMH. Pure Pretty is much more than a few photos with gorgeous men. Is your brand, your inspiration.
    And you know something? For the “Shirtless” section there is nothing to use (any pics)! He doesn’t deserve to make an effort for him! I am such a fool! And they edited even the bedroom scene in his new movie. LMH? LMH who??!!
    Do you smile? If yes: do you forgive me for such a stupid request? Are we still friends?


    • Oh, don’t worry about it, serena. I didn’t actually have to do any research. I was pretty thorough in researching this post, so I knew immediately the photoshoot you were talking about. All I had to do was get the one pic that you mentioned πŸ™‚

      And of course we’re still friends! It takes a lot more than a bit of excited fangirling to make me back away πŸ˜‰ Plus, I’m so pleased that you enjoy the blog as much as you do! And I completely understand your excitement over LMH – I certainly don’t rule out featuring him in Pure Pretty. But first, I need him to inspire me. I work best when I’m inspired πŸ˜‰


  41. An excellent choice for “Pure Pretty”! Thanks, kfangurl!
    It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. As usual, I check my e-mail. Surprise! A “Pure Pretty” about the lovely, sweet Ji Chang Wook. A wonderful start for a working day: a cup of hot coffee and a hot-hot-hot Ji Chang Wook on my screen! For a few seconds, I am mesmerized, even I stared at him a hundred times behore.
    JCW as a healer! It might be MY healer? A haven-sent medicine for me? Maybe is the antidote for my “LMH syndrome”? This is a severe disease wich I am suffering from about, let’s see… a year.
    It’s dangerous to check now, here, at work, attentively all the pics. I have a whole day ahead and a lot of work to do. JCW smiling on my screen and me working??!! No way! Because my brain needs some concentration, I must delay the “fiesta” for tonight, at home. So sad!
    I checked all this in a hurry, maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see any photos from Elle Korea, February, 2014. JCW with long hair and smoking. It’s a “must see”. Yummy!

    P.S. Btw, did I mention it? LMH is an amazing model, even if he keeps his shirt on with such a stubbornness that makes me go crazy. Why don’t you give an eye on him? Once again, I mean. For another pure pretty, who knows? Please-please-please !!! O.K., I admit: I am hopeless!


    • I’m pleased that you’re happy with my Pure Pretty choice, serena! Ji Chang Wook is melting me into a big ol’ puddle as I watch Healer, and I had to work off the feels somehow. πŸ˜‰

      Bummer that you have to wait a whole day before you can enjoy the post properly.. I hope you find it worth the wait! And yes, I know the Elle Korea photoshoot you’re talking about. Tbh, I didn’t find them all that nice, and so didn’t include them in the post. I guess the styling and such just wasn’t to my taste, for the overall shoot. I particularly didn’t find the photo of him snarling for the camera all that attractive. Still, since you specifically mentioned the smoking photo, here it is, just for you:

      As for LMH for Pure Pretty, the short answer is.. we’ll see. πŸ˜‰ For each Pure Pretty post, I need to spend hours on research, so I need to feel inspired to do so. Ever since Heirs, LMH has been in my bad books, and I’m waiting for him to blow me away in a new role and wash away the underwhelming-ness of Kim Tan. Maybe his new movie will do it? We’ll have to wait and see. πŸ˜‰


  42. Oh boy! \(^_^)/ How can I thank you for this article?! *_* Ji Chang Wook turned upside down my whole bias list with his new drama…ONCE AGAIN! I had already fell under his charm in Empress Ki. But I must say I have a much bigger crush now than back then. I guess it’s because I’ve always had a passion for mysterious/hot/kicking-ass character. Actually Warrior Baek Dong Soo was the historical drama I wanted to watch before you convinced me to watch Chuno^^ I still haven’t seen it as a result haha. I wil probably fix this mistake once Healer is over (I must). Anyway he also appeared in Running Man recently…number 211th and 212th if I remember well (he was paired up with Kwangsoo hΓ©hΓ© XD ) This guy, in addition of being very good-looking, seems to have the sweetest personality in the world.


    • Eee! I’m so pleased that our spazz radars are so in sync, cineclique!! πŸ˜€ I haven’t seen Empress Ki, but now I’ve popped it on my watch list for later. Ji Chang Wook is AMAZING in Healer, and I’ve loving him in it. I definitely have a similar weakness for mysterious hot kickass characters. Like how I found Do Min Joon’s superpowers in YFAS so swoony, I’m finding Healer’s almost superhuman abilities very, very alluring.

      Thanks for the heads-up on Running Man – I will save that for post-Healer. I’m lining up all my goodies for after Healer ends, coz I’m so sure I’ll be wanting more Ji Chang Wook on my screen when the day that Healer ends – sob! – comes.


  43. @kfangurl, welcome to the Healer/JCW crazy fandom. By the time you catch up to rest of us (episode 15 is even better than 14. With this drama, every consecutive episode out does the previous one which is a pretty incredible achievement) you will be obsessing about him much more than you can even imagine. I know this, because I’ve been struggling to tear myself away form everything Healer/JCW and trying to lead a normal life for the past month.

    Thank you for the amazing collection of JCW photos, although I’ve seen most of these before, seeing them altogether really showcase JCW charisma/sexiness all the more.


    • Ooh, thanks for the heads-up, helkwo! I am already enjoying the show – and Ji Chang Wook – very much, and I’m nowhere near E15, which has everyone in a collective spazz puddle the world over. I can only imagine the goodness I’m in for! I better prepare myself to spazz and obsess on another level! XD


  44. It is about time……! After WBDS, he had my attention. He is one charming man. And so very easy on the eyes!^__^


    • Hee. I think you did mention him while you were watching WBDS, but I just couldn’t see it, since I wasn’t watching it. Now that I’ve been duly brought up to speed on Ji Chang Wook’s brand of awesome, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve added WBDS to my watch list. I even downloaded it today! See, I’m making up for lost time! πŸ˜‰ I plan to save it for later, though. Healer is more than enough Ji Chang Wook to keep me happily satiated for now. Gotta save for a rainy day too, Lol.


  45. It seems like you’re reading my mind, kfangurl. Ji Chang Wook is hot nowadays and it goes without saying how this guy kept on messing my bias list lately. Interestingly, I didn’t know what the hype was all about until the Healer and bam! Funny ‘coz I haven’t laid my eyes on any of his shows yet.
    Oh well, another drama to add on my ever lengthy list. And another Oppa to keep an eye on. Arrgh! Ji Chang Wook, what have you done? πŸ˜‰


    • Oh my, Xia, sounds like we’ve had similar experiences with Ji Chang Wook! XD Never watched him in anything, and then Healer comes along, and BOOM. Spazz puddle. XD Happy to know I’m not alone! πŸ˜‰


  46. Thank you, thank you! There needs to be a separate category for Empress Ki πŸ™‚


    • You’re so welcome Joanna, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post! A separate category for Empress Ki, you say? Looks like I need to bump that up my watch list. I’ve only just added it, thanks to Ji Chang Wook, but I’m a little wary of long sageuks in general. Maybe I need to watch it earlier rather than later. Either way, it’ll have to be post-Healer. I just cannot deal with another Ji Chang Wook drama right now. Healer rawks. πŸ˜‰


      • haha, please put Empress Ki on your watch list! I think that’s his best acting and he’s so fabulous as an emperor πŸ™‚


        • Really! His best acting? OMG he’s already got me flailing on the floor with his performance in Healer, and you’re telling me that’s not his best work? Boy, do I have a treat in store for me then! XD Thanks!


          • I second that. JCW made me fall hard for him in Empress Ki with the intensity of his acting. I absolutely recommend it to any Chang Wook fan, you will not be disappointed.
            Btw, until I watched EK I was also thinking that JCW was nothing special… I was missing his hotness too. I guess his main appeals are his intense stare and his deep velvet voice, and to appreciate that you need to see him in motion *-*


            • Sounds like Empress Ki is a much-watch, even if just to see Ji Chang Wook in action! I’ve got it lined up on my watch list.. for later. Right now I’m still in Healer mode – I just can’t let go! πŸ˜‰


  47. Wow, what a delicious heap of awesomeness πŸ™‚
    I also just GOT the JCW hype. Thanks for feeding my thirst


    • You too, Panda? πŸ˜€ I’m so tickled that you just got the hype too! I kind of thought that I might be the last person in the dramaverse to get on the Ji Chang Wook train. When everyone else was spazzing over him in Empress Ki, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Ha. Watch me eat my words now; I’ve just downloaded Empress Ki, for.. later. πŸ˜‰


  48. I am in so much trouble. I think I’m going to be visiting this page a whole lot more than is healthy. And please please catch up on Healer because FEELS and I wanna hear your SQUEE. Even louder. I am writing this after the first 5 mins of ep 15 and no spoilers, but … I need a fan. Stat. This is so age inappropriate, I won’t even sign in so that no one knows its me. Well, except you, but you’ll keep secrets, won’t you?


    • OMG episode 15..drool, squeeee…ugh..going to watch it again! that hasnt even been subbed..but who cares!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, chingu. πŸ˜‰ And who can blame you? I’ve come across women of all ages spazzing and squeeing over the show AND over Ji Chang Wook, so you’re in excellent company! ^^

      I’m catching up slowly – I’m trying not to inhale everything at once, so that I can savor the goodness. I’ll get there though, I’m sure of that. πŸ˜‰


  49. How dare you do this to my feels.


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