Esteeming: Hyun Bin

If you’ve been following our blogoversary giveaway, you’d know that this is (supposed to be) the made-to-order Pure Pretty post that Djining won as her prize. Which means that we have Djining to thank for this opportunity to gaze at and appreciate the one and only Hyun Bin, while I have Djining and Google to thank, for the many hours of (admittedly very enjoyable) research that went into this post!

The thing is, as I was working on this post, it kinda ballooned into a k-love post (oopsie?), and I had to upgrade the entire thing in the process of making it.

Congratulations Djining!! I hope you don’t mind the upgrade, and I hope this post lives up to your expectations. I made sure to be as thorough and meticulous as possible in making this post for ya; only the best pix, and also, wherever possible, in large wallpaper-worthy sizes as well. All for your (& our!) viewing pleasure, my dear. 😉

Alright then. Are you ready to dive in? Coz man have I got a LOT of Hyun Bin eye candy for ya!

Hyun Bin – Dream in My Heart


Before getting into the Hyun Bin Pretty, I thought it’d make sense to share at least the highlights of my own appreciation for Hyun Bin with you guys.

After all, of late, I did come across whispers in dramaland that some drama fans among us have actually asked the question, “Who’s Hyun Bin?”

…To which most drama fans would likely respond with, “Omo. How could you not know who’s Hyun Bin??”

But it’s ok. I understand. If you don’t yet know who Hyun Bin is, you’re probably just new-ish to the k-scene, is all. After all, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military not too long after wrapping up Secret Garden (2010), and then took quite a while choosing his comeback project, which was a movie instead of a drama.

So if you got on the k-train fairly recently and haven’t watched any of his older projects and aren’t a movie fan, I do get that you probably wouldn’t be familiar with Hyun Bin.

But, trust me when I say this man is well worth your attention, ok? 🙂

Secret Garden

I personally fell for Hyun Bin’s charms while watching Secret Garden, which was arguably the Event Drama of 2010.

In 2010, I was just three and a half years into my drama journey, and I was still all about the rom-com genre and the accompanying romantic feelz. And Hyun Bin did not disappoint.

Yes, on hindsight, I’d probably have some issues with some of his character’s more domineering moments if I were to attempt a rewatch now, but I can’t deny that Hyun Bin’s intent smoldering gaze made me swoon. A lot.

Just look at him turning that intent gaze on co-star Ha Ji Won.

He’s not touching her or even leaning in for a kiss. He’s just looking at her, and the air between them is crackling with a truckload of sexy tension.

Augh. I could hardly breathe while watching this scene.

Besides the sexy, I was also impressed with how gamely Hyun Bin threw himself into the funny; body-swapping, sparkly tracksuits and all.

Even more than that, I was extremely impressed by Hyun Bin’s fantastic delivery, particularly in a (very difficult) elevator scene, which reportedly was completed in a single take. Mad, mad props, man.

With just this one drama, Hyun Bin had firmly established his presence on my k-radar.

Other Projects

I went on to seek out other dramas of Hyun Bin’s, starting with Worlds Within (2008).

I liked (but didn’t love) Worlds Within for its docu-drama sort of feel, and was suitably fascinated by the Reel to Real romance between him and leading lady Song Hye Kyo (which reportedly lasted until he enlisted in the military, after which both actors’ agencies announced their break-up).

As understated as the show felt, my reaction to it was equally muted. I didn’t hate this show, but I wasn’t terribly blown away either.

I also watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005), which is a classic in most fans’ books.

I personally wasn’t so taken with Hyun Bin here, although many Hyun Bin fans would beg to differ. But I did like the idea of a strong heroine, and came away more impressed with Kim Sun Ah than anyone else, heh.

Of course, that didn’t mean that I’d lost interest in Hyun Bin. Not at all.

In fact, he was the main reason I checked out Late Autumn (2011).

The movie was a little more art film in tone than I was in the mood for, but I can’t deny the hotness of Hyun Bin’s famous kiss scene with co-star Tang Wei.

Let’s just say that Hyun Bin doesn’t.. hold back. 😉

Here. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can now at least check out the famous kiss scene:

The Season of Military Scarcity

In early March 2011, Hyun Bin impressed us all, by choosing to serve his military service in the Marine Corps, widely considered the toughest service branch of all the service branches.

This, despite the fact that many k-celebs were opting to serve in the much less, er, backbreaking entertainment unit.

I was sorry to see him leave our screens for MS, but was duly awed by his commendable and courageous choice.

At the same time, with a distinct scarcity of Hyun Bin on our screens, my attention wavered, as they say in dramaland. I still thought of Hyun Bin in positive terms, to be sure. But there were definitely newer distractions in dramaland that were consuming my attention.

Movie Comeback: The Fatal Encounter / The King’s Wrath

After Hyun Bin’s military discharge in December 2012, it took another one and a half years for his comeback project, The Fatal Encounter, to hit screens.

I recently (finally!) watched the movie, and was reminded all over again of what an excellent actor Hyun Bin is.

He’s understated in expressing his character’s struggles, yet manages to convey the full extent of his concerns with impressive nuance, and a regality fitting of the role.

And yes, there was some pretty spectacular shirtlessness on display too, which I’ll save for later. 😉

Given Hyun Bin’s excellent performance in The Fatal Encounter, I can only say that I’m looking forward positively to his dramaland comeback, Hyde, Jekyll and I, which is almost upon us (woot!).

Please be awesome, Show!!


I have to say, the sheer amount of Hyun Bin goodness available on the interwebs is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Every corner I turned, there was more Hyun Bin to be had, and it was really, really tough narrowing down the awesome. (Ooh, the hardship! HA.)

Here, I lay out all the 237 photos that I shortlisted. Yep, 237 photos! That’s a long shortlist!

Wherever possible, I’ve included wallpaper-worthy HD sizes, so if you like a particular photo, you might want to open it up in a new window and see whether it’s one of the wallpaper-sized goodies. 😉

Dreamy Boyfriend

Since this is a post for Djining, I thought a great place to start would be what I call the Dreamy Boyfriend photos.

We get Hyun Bin bearing flowers, gifts and even groceries in this section. That’s pretty much everything you’d want from your Dream Boyfriend, right?

My favorite photo in this section is the very last one. Coz it’s Hyun Bin all cozy in a tank, thoughtfully scrawling a love message to you on the mirror. So swoony.


In a similar vein (coz don’t many of us dream of dating the boy next door?), I really like the boy-next-door vibe on Hyun Bin.

It’s Hyun Bin at his fresh-faced, clean-cut, cheery best, and looking at these pix, I could plausibly believe that maybe, just maybe, this was the (very handsome) boy living next door.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite picture in this section, since I like so many of ’em, but I think I like the last pic just a little more than the others. Coz Hyun Bin looks so adorably smiley and cute while he hangs out holding his iced coffee. I can literally picture him outside my house on the way to his, pausing just to smile his neighborly hello. And maybe ask if I wanted to hang out in his backyard. Eee!!

Cheeky Playful

Cheeky playful is a look that we don’t see so often on Hyun Bin, since he spends more time looking smoldery and serious in his photoshoots (more on that later).

Which is why I especially like these photos of him showcasing his more mischievous side.

I love this first pic for the refreshing bemused expression that we hardly see on Hyun Bin. And I love the last pic coz despite the sharp suit and gentlemanly outlook, the naughty glint in his eyes is unmistakable. Likey muchey.

Pensive Thoughtful

I have the impression that Hyun Bin is a man of substance, so it’s not unusual to me, to see him wearing a thoughtful expression. When I see him looking thoughtful like this, like he’s pondering something, I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about. Well, that, and I also like admiring his handsome features. 😉

My fave photo in this set is the one of him wearing shades while contemplating the photograph in his hands. He just looks really cool like that.


How’s broody different from the pensive thoughtful photos? Well, I think of broody as having a darker, somewhat edgier, somewhat fiercer vibe. And of course, that just ups the sexy as well.

My favorite photo of this set is the last one. Coz, Hyun Bin, wearing an open-collared, rolled-up-at-the-sleeves crisp white shirt, a vest, and that broody expression just spells schmexy to me.


Smolder is all about the eyes, I tell ya. It’s kinda like broody, but with a very deliberate, sexy, fiery sort of gaze. Mmm.

It’s really tough to pick a favorite in this section (for obvious reasons, heh), but I must say that the 4th pic is especially alluring. There’s something really raw and quite steamy about it that makes it more mesmerizing than the others. Plus, those bedroomy eyes. Flail.


The smirky pictures are basically smolder with a touch of naughty mischief. Which is great, coz that’s like combining two of Hyun Bin’s best looks, right? Smoldery + naughty = total win.

I really like a lot of the photos in this set, but I’d have to say that my favorite is the one where he’s wearing a goatee and smirking at the camera, and we can barely see his eyes coz his hair’s in his face. There’s just something so intense about that gaze, and yet something so devil-may-care about his styling, that makes the whole vibe very casually sexy indeed.

Just Plain Dreamy

Of course, there are times when Hyun Bin is photographed so beautifully that he’s just plain dreamy. Whether he’s got his eyes closed in a dreamlike state of mind, or is looking right at the camera, these pix showcase Hyun Bin’s almost incandescent side, and I like it a lot.

I couldn’t pick just favorite in this set, so I picked two.

I love this second pic, coz of the mesmerizing look in his eyes. So bedroomy and dreamy, yet so focused and intent. It’s quite arresting to look at.

I also really love the close-up of his profile further down. It’s got such a contemplative vibe to it, and it shows off his lovely features.

Snuggly Swoony

Snuggly swoony as a section really needs no explanation. It’s basically the pix where Hyun Bin looks all cozy and comfortable, like he’s totally ready for some serious cuddling and nuzzling. Mmm.

My top picks in this set are these first two pix, coz he looks so adorably snuggly. ♥

Sharp Suit

I just love a man who can rock a sharp suit, and Hyun Bin proves that he is fully capable of some serious sharp-suited panache.

He looks so handsome – pretty much perfect, really – in each and every one of these photos.

In terms of favorites, I’d have to say that I really love the second pic; he looks so effortlessly debonaire in it. And I also love the third pic, coz he’s got such a delightfully mischievous look in his eyes while riding that bike in a suit. Very nice.


Preppy is also a look that Hyun Bin wears well; it’s like a cousin of the sharp suit, only more casual, and a touch nerdy.

I really like this first pic, coz it looks so effortlessly preppy chic; plus, Hyun Bin looks like he’s just standing there lookin’ out for you on the horizon. 😉

I also really like the last pic, a close-up of Hyun Bin wearing a pair of glasses. I love that he’s rocking the geek chic, and with a touch of mischief in his gaze too.

Quirky Handsome

I made this section coz there are a couple of photospreads that leaned rather quirky, and while they seem rather random at times, Hyun Bin is consistently handsome in the photos.

I like the fourth pic quite a lot. His hair is decidedly on the crazy side, but he looks so intent in making that phone call. Kinda makes you think he’s trying to call you, right? 😉

Laid-back Handsome

These pix are where Hyun Bin is all casually laid-back and comfortable. I like that in most of them, he genuinely looks like he’s just hangin’ out with you, and it’s a perfectly normal, everyday sort of thing.

I like this first pic coz he’s all rumpled and he looks like he literally just rolled out of bed and is waiting for you to tell him what’s happening for the rest of the day.

I do also love the second pic, for the warm autumn colors and its cozy vibe. He totally looks ready to hold hands while taking a stroll under the pretty autumn trees. Lovely. 😉

Rugged Sexy

I love the touch of rough ‘n tough these photos have; it really just ups the sexy in my eyes.

I really like this first pic coz Hyun Bin looks so fresh-faced yet rugged at the same time. And that shadow of a goatee is a win in my books. I do have a thing for men who can rock the goatee. 😉

I also love the second pic, with the fake tattoo. He just looks so luminous, while rocking that James Dean vibe. Yum.

Not-quite-shirtless Sexy

Much as we know that Hyun Bin’s in possession of quite the hot bod, photospreads tend to tease us with the not-quite-shirtless brand of sexy. A glimpse of pecs here, and a peek at abs there, and we get a whole lotta sexy goin’ on in these photos.

It’s pretty much impossible to pick a favorite in this set. I mean, there’s just so much win in these: Hyun Bin, wet, bathtub. Thud.

And, beautiful biceps too. 😉


Hyun Bin’s been known for years for his bare-bodied allure, and what amazes me about him, is that his body only seems to be getting more ripped and sculpted as time goes by.

I’m laying out these pix roughly in chronological order, just so that you can compare and see for yourself. It’s an impressive – and very excellent – trajectory, isn’t it?

Also, while I am suitably blown away by the stills from his latest movie further down in this set, it’s the shot of him shaving, from Secret Garden, that I have a real soft spot for. Coz it was literally when this scene appeared on my screen that my jaw dropped to the floor, and I was all, “Well, hellooo.. However did you manage to hide all this delicious defined muscle under all those fitted suits???” *cue starry-eyed drooling* 😉


No photo gallery on this site is complete without a Candid section, and it’s here that we see Hyun Bin show more of his personality.

I love that we get the sense that he’s a fun kinda guy, who generally is having a good time even while at work. And really, there’s so much win in these candids.

I love the fourth pic of him puffing up his cheeks like a chipmunk; I love that shot of him leaning against the palm tree, all dressed down in casual togs and smiling; I love that pic of him in the hoodie, coz of that very genuine, lit-from-within, megawatt smile.

Just, so much awesome. 🙂

Closing Thoughts

Yes, I know I haven’t mentioned his dimples at all in this post. Sorry. They are quite lovely, to be sure. And, they do appear in a whopping number of photos in this post, too.

It’s just, as nice as they are, they never have been the things that have drawn me to the awesomeness of Hyun Bin. I just feel like he’s so much more than Mr. Dimples.

He’s talented, disciplined, dedicated, passionate, and so good at what he does.

Keep on bringing the awesome, Hyun Bin-sshi. We’re so glad you’re coming back to dramaland.

87 thoughts on “Esteeming: Hyun Bin

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  2. Patty Liu

    Holy heck! This is best Hyun Bin appreciation post in the universe! Maybe an update is needed with all his new works! 😍😍😍

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  5. fandomizfun

    I’m new to KDrama and CLOY was my intro to Hyun Bin…and wow!
    He Crash Landed into my heart and swept me away completely with Ri Jeong Hyuk!
    With all due respect, I enjoyed all the other aspects of CLOY; it was a complete package which made me laugh, cry, get angry, scared, worried, relieved, happy and so much more.

    Anyway, continued my Bin-geing with Secret Garden, The Negotiation, Confidential Assignment, MOTA, etc and still catching up.
    Have to say his performance in Secret Garden upped my respect and admiration for his acting skills and after doing the usual research (when I get hooked), I’m so glad to have my next heartthrob to follow and crush over. It’s Bin a while since I got the fangirl feels. 🤣

  6. Jane

    Hi there, I am very glad for you post those Hyun Bin photos , I almost had a heart attack!
    I am really, really happy.

  7. Aebell

    Ok, I’m very new to k-dramas. CLOY was only my second – but I’m obsessed with it, and with everything Hyun Bin. As much as I enjoyed this gallery of hotness, I feel as if it’s time to update it, b/c there are so many amazing shots of HB from CLOY… In the meantime, thank you for this five-year-old post!

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. Thanks for enjoying this post, Aebell! I know there’s probably lots to update on this post, given its age, but I don’t typically have the bandwidth to keep my posts updated, I’m afraid. As a silver lining, I’ve got a decent number of Hyun Bin screenshots in my CLOY review, which you can find here. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      I do agree that facial hair can make a man look very different! I guess it’s like how a different hairstyle can totally change a lady’s look? 😀 And yes, those shirtless pix are quite exclamation worthy! 😉😍

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  9. Lilies Lidiyawati

    After watching Crash Landing on you, then found your article about Mr. Dimples……wow, i feel like flooded with Hyun Bin, love it…thanks for sharing…..

  10. A3kings

    OMG! Just …..yes!!! I love this man. Even if I look at other celebs, as soon as I get a glimps of him I just start to sigh.

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. We all have that special someone who just has that effect on us 😉 Glad you enjoyed this post; Hyun Bin is pretty special, I must agree! 😀

  11. Emily

    Oh hi there. Hello. It’s literally been a year. It’s been over a year since my beautiful introduction to kdramas with Pinocchio and Lee Jong Suk, and I finally ended up here. Yes, I finally watched Secret Garden. Don’t judge me; the Big Bang parody made me not want to watch it!! I’m sorry!!! But I watched the whole thing in three days, and now I am here having gotten a quarter way through Hyde, Jekyll, and I. Oh, and I just found out that Hyun Bin can sing since he did the Secret Garden ost. I think I’ve found my new kdrama crush. Is it still okay if he could be my father??? Say yes plz. Also, don’t disrespect the dimples. They are like little pools of happiness, okay?? Okay. I’m sorry; I’m just very excited now. I missed you peoples!!!

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there Emily!! Indeed it’s been a longgg time! Glad you found your way back here! 😀

      Sounds like you enjoyed Secret Garden, since you finished it in 3 days! I loved it when I first watched it, but tbh, I recently attempted a rewatch, and it just couldn’t capture my heart. Hyun Bin is still hot, of course, Lol! 😉 Also, kudos to you for hanging on with Hyde, Jekyll and I. I only made it up to E6 before I bailed, Hyun Bin or no. That’s definitely evidence of the strength of your fangirl love 😉 Did you watch The Fatal Encounter? He was very good in that too.

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. You’re so cute, Darling! XD Are you sure you’ve moved Gong Yoo to second place? 😉 Coz my fangirl heart has moments of momentary weakness too, so I know how that can work! 😉 But yes, I must agree that Hyun Bin is pretty amazing. *ahem*

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  15. idastravels

    Reblogged this on Idastravels and commented:
    It is so true what he said, he is capable of changing his appearance in many ways for his roles. Handsome as he is, sometimes he hardly looks like the same man. So talented. Thanks to the author.

    1. kfangurl

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, pyeonghwa! Hyun Bin’s pretty special, and I’m glad this post helped to fan your fangirl love for him ^^ <3

  16. Curioser and Curiosor

    I can’t stop coming back here…! What is this? What is this…? I keep coming back here… You have bewitched me, gallery. What is this…?

    Parting (-I think-) thought:
    -why does this title, “Esteeming: Hyun Bin”
    sound so much like “A Steaming Hyun Bin”…?

    Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…”

    1. kfangurl

      Oh my! “A Steaming Hyun Bin!!” That is BRILLIANT, Curio!! XD I hadn’t realized that such a perfect homonym existed for my post title, until you pointed it out! I must say, I admire your ability to think so clearly when swooning! XD PS: You’re welcome to come swoon, anytime. Just saying. 😉

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  18. dewaanifordrama

    *Ahem* I think this post should be called: “Warning: You Might Want to Make Out with Your Screen because of Hyun Bin” 😉 I LOVED it!!!!! Of course I’m not at all surprised because he’s my K-drama first love, but really, you have outdone yourself!

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. Thanks, Dewaani! I’m so glad you enjoyed gazing at Hyun Bin with me! And y’know what, I do think you’re right. I might’ve outdone myself with this post – there’s just so much Hyun Bin Handsome out there on the interwebs, I ended up with SO MUCH MATERIAL, for this post! XD

      1. dewaanifordrama

        I think it’s impossible not to end up with so much material on Hyun Bin. He’s pretty much a giant reason why I got addicted to K-drama. He will forever be my K-drama first love. Ah. He’s just so lovely and gorgeous. *sigh* I am rather silly about him, but I do love him so. Oh I’m such a Binnie fangirl. Haha.

        1. kfangurl

          Ah, don’t we all know the power of a kdrama first love!! 😀 And Hyun Bin is a particularly worthy object of one’s k-affections – I was very taken with him in SeGa! ^^ You chose well, chingu! ;D

            1. kfangurl

              Ditto that. I’m a few eps into Hyde, Jekyll, Me at the moment, and it’s not landing as well as I’d like it to. I’ll keep watching for Binnie, but it’s not looking great at the moment, unfortunately. 😛

              1. ByeolShinAng

                Oh no.
                *sigh* Had a feeling that would be the case. That’s quite the bummer. Win some, lose some, I guess….

                1. kfangurl

                  Yeah.. It’s so ironic that Binnie turned down KMHM to do HJM, and now, despite all its earlier casting woes, KMHM’s the show with more positive buzz. Still, I can’t imagine anyone else but Ji Sung in the role now, he’s made it so much his own. Binnie’s doing well in HJM.. it’s just different and feels more formulaic somehow. Worth checking out if you love Binnie, of course 😉

              2. dewaanifordrama

                Personally I think they’re both fairly mediocre dramas and that Ji Sung is doing super but other than that, both are fairly forgettable dramas. But of course, that opinion was not popular on the blog post I wrote analyzing both those dramas. Needless to say, voicing one’s opinion in the bloggersphere is becoming less appealing to me. That post is making me want to pack my bags and delete my blog. I wish everyone was as nice as kfangurl in the bloggersphere.

                1. Byeol-Shin-Ang

                  Sorry you have to go through that. It’s a shame, really, that some people completely fail at being objective when it concerns the object of their fangirling.

                  1. dewaanifordrama

                    It was a more “you are wrong because I don’t think you should analyze drama” because this drama is popular. I haven’t even responded to some of the comments because they frustrate me so much. Anyway. I didn’t ask them to read my post! Haha. I need to chill out and relax about it ^^

                    1. Byeol-Shin-Ang

                      Ah. Kind of like how one will defend BoF to the death for the same reason. Or Heirs…..lawlz.
                      I read your analysis and thought was well thought out and well written.
                      I can understand your frustrations. Don’t let the naysayers discourage you – fighting!

                    2. dewaanifordrama

                      Thank you! Haha about the BoF thing. I made that mistake once…and I am really careful about critiquing it now. It takes a certain group of people to allow that 😉 I get that some people don’t enjoy dissecting stuff, but I do. And I can still enjoy the drama or film, or whatever it is. ^^

                    3. Curioser and Curiosor

                      I agree with Shin-Ang; it really is a shame that you have to contend with interweb antagonism. Will it help if I share an analogy I have found quite useful in putting the hullabaloo in context for my own serenity (and sanity)?

                      Remember the allegory of Blind Men and the Elephant? It does a beautiful job of illustrating the limitations of subjective assessments and dramatizing just how intransigent and volatile the each party invested in promoting his/her judgement can be.

                      Whenever I engage with other (especially on the interwebs), I often imagine myself as one among those blind men, standing in a particular spot and ‘observing’ only the part of the elephant that is accessible (hence meaningful) to me. My experience and perspective persuade me of the viability of my well considered conclusions about the elephant in question and I strike forth to share…

                      And then I an reminded, time and again, that the other ‘blind men’ are ‘observing’ the selfsame elephant from a position very different than mine and bringing with them experiences and perspectives that persuade them of the viability of *their* conclusions.

                      It’s always quite humbling to remember that while I may ‘see’ and ‘understand’ the elephant in my way, I can never truly see and understand it the way the other observers do… and I believe that the inverse is true as well…

                      I visited your post about KMHM and HJM and read it all the way through… From what I can gather and from my own watching of the show, I agree with you that KMHM, while quite entertaining and often moving, is fairly uneven and has little driving momentum but it can coast, and has been doing so, on its occasional moments of ‘drama’ and hijinks. I also find that HJM, in particular, has a great deal of potential that is nevertheless going untapped. Ha Ji Min’s Jang HaNa is rather bland and the supporting cast often seems a bit at sea. I can only speculate that the director is distracted, though I could not even begin to guess by what…

                      Yet despite all that, Hyeon Bin brings his characters to life with a degree of subtlety and refinement that exceeds that of the script and the direction… So the rest of the drama’s untapped potential notwithstanding, I quickly found the enigmatic dynamics surrounding Goo Soe Jin—Robin compelling enough to stay with the story. And Hyeon Bin’s way of playing two people so different from each other that neither can even imitate the other without seeming out of his element not only drew me further into the story, it confirmed and sealed my esteem for this actor’s talent and effort, and for a certain trend I have noticed in the stories he chooses to tell and the characters he creates for them.

                      So I am glad that because of the quality of his craft, Hyeon Bin gives me a reason to enjoy yet another story he is involved in telling, even if other elements of the enterprise do not quite rise to the bar he sets. And I understand that for others One actor’s brilliance might just not be enough, but I rather don’t mind ‘observing’this elephant from where I’m standing…


                    4. dewaanifordrama

                      Haha. The good old elephant allegory. I like that one a lot. I think it applies well to many a situation ^^ That wasn’t the problem. It was people telling me that I am not supposed to (a) technically watch dramas (watch for editing between takes, editing in general, direction, etc. (b) that because I don’t make millions of dollars from writing famous drama scripts that I am not qualified to write about drama (yes that was a comment) (c) they failed to read what else I had written about the dramas in other posts and (d) that because I had a different opinion from them, I was wrong. It just pushes my buttons – especially the (b) comment. That one made me really angry. Other than that, I am generally a huge advocate of “to each their own”. I guess I just don’t like people telling me that I should like something that is popular and not say anything bad about it.

                2. kfangurl

                  Aw, sorry to hear about the strong reaction to your post, chingu!! :/ I skimmed your post and felt that what you said was fair. And true. I agree that neither show is exceptional, and I also agree that Ji Sung is amazing in his roles. I think voicing an unpopular opinion is always a delicate and rather tricky matter in the blogosphere.. Some bloggers just shrug and do it anyway, some shy away from it altogether. I always try to achieve a middle-ground of voicing what I think, in as fair and tactful a manner as I can. It works most of the time, but I’ve still encountered some pretty strong reactions. Long story short, I guess we simply can’t please everyone, and that’s ok. So don’t pack up and delete your blog – there’re lots of readers who appreciate you!

                  (And aw shucks, I just belatedly realized that you paid me such a lovely compliment! Thank you, my dear. Big hugs!)

  19. marinoona

    Binnie!!! I’m so late to the party but better late than never, right??? I love him the most when he’s being a comedic and smiling (I could hide in those dimples!!)! And who are we kiding: he ain’t bad when shirtless, too 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Yes, my dear. Better late than never – which is also my reasoning with THIS very late reply!! XD I’m sorry! But I’m glad you enjoyed gazing at Hyun Bin with me! And defnitely, he ain’t bad at all when he’s shirtless *ahem* XD

  20. ChubbyDimpledMuffin

    😀 Oh my dimple twin looks so good!! I love Binnie’s big smile with those dimples. 😀 I’m really chuffed with this post coz HB is in my prestigious posse of oppas, lol. 😛 Thank you Djining and Kfangirl for the awesome post it has been a treat!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Muffin!! 😀 And Hyun Bin definitely deserves a spot in your prestigious posse, I think. On top of the handsome, he’s such a good actor too!

  21. crazyunnijo

    The trailers for Hyde, Jekyll, and I are what made me curious about Hyun Bin. As you know, I’m a late adopter to k-dramas (thus having finished Coffee Prince just a couple of weeks ago. Sheesh) and I have no love for Hyun Bin…

    until this post and the trailer for the new show.

    I am excited AND I am a puddle of goo at the sight of his star1 pics. You sure know how to pick the best pics, kfangurl!!!!!!!!!!!

    always a fan in spite of a crazy life–or is it because of my crazy life? haha

    1. kfangurl

      Ah, the fun of being a late adopter is that you have SUCH a big sea of goodies to pick from!! 😀 And if you haven’t discovered Hyun Bin, well, you’re in for a treat. The man is an excellent actor, and is plenty capable of bringing the hawt too. 😉 It’s hard to say whether his new show will be awesome (be great, writer-nim!), but I’m pretty confident that all other factors notwithstanding, that he’ll be great in it. If you’re not opposed to a male lead who’s written more domineering, he’s awesome in Secret Garden.

      Also, I’m very pleased that the pix managed to render you a puddle of goo – coz I picked only the best for you guys! Imagine seeing these pix all over again, after you’ve gained a Hyun Bin appreciation! I bet the spazz would be much greater then, lol. 😉

  22. samdongi

    I like Hyun Bin during his My Name Is Kim Sam Soon days. I got surprise when I saw him in Secret Garden. He seemed lost a lot of weight. STill good actor though. Talking about dimples, the only one korean actor that I really think has very sweet deep dimples is Lee Seo Jin.

    1. kfangurl

      Yes, Hyun Bin is definitely leaner now than in the earlier days of his career. Maybe it’s part of how he stays so sculpted – keeping his body fat low would likely lead to his very sharp facial features now compared to before, I think? I don’t know what it is, though.. I find him so much more intense as an actor now, and maybe I associate that intensity with his leaner self; I find that I rather like his lean look. ^^ And oh yes, the dimples are definitely strong in Lee Seo Jin!

    1. kfangurl

      Oh, yay that you finally managed to view this post properly, evez!! 😀 And I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it so much. I do think the more recent k-love posts have been more robust than the early ones.. which is why I’ve felt bad for Gong Yoo. But that’s also why I made him that birthday tribute Pure Pretty post last year, to make up for his relatively smaller scaled k-love post ^^

      Aw, even though Gong Yoo’s stolen your fangirl heart, I do understand how it is, to have a special soft spot for your first k-love. And I always say that we fangirls have a lot of love to give, so I’m sure there’s lots of room in your fangirl heart for both Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin and then some! 😉

      Thanks too for sharing the singing vids, Evez.. I’m sure those will make some other fangirls very happy. I do like his studio recorded songs, after he’s had the help of some sound engineering magic, more than the live performances. At the same time, I do think he’s able to put his feelings into expressing the songs, which is a great quality. Probably with some vocal training, his live performances would be great too. 😉

    2. Byeol-Shin-Ang

      “Geu Namja” – first k-pop song I ever liked. Just cos of HB. Seems I never really heard the Baek Ji Yeon version until I heard Hyun Bin sing it. Even learned the lyrics. Oh my fangirl life! 😀

  23. evez

    wait!…before Gong Yoo’s Coffee Prince i fell in love with this pretty boy! 😉 Since Kim Sam Soon was the first romcom drama i love i fell in love with Hyun Bin as well. He’s a newbie then but he’s good enough as one. I have seen a romcom dramas before MNIKSS but i never liked the lead as much as i like Binnie <3 <3 <3 yes! with a triple heart with 😉 a wink and smile every time he's on my screen!…I should say, and i keep saying this whenever i saw posts on him over fb and other sns site that this HYUN BIN is my very first KLOVE!…yes this dimple prince has captured my heart first until Choi Han Kyul of Coffee Prince came in!…so move over Binnie now my biggest klove is Gong Yoo! <3 😉 but that does not necessarily mean i have forgotten about this handsome actor only i moved him on number 2 spot! LOL! 😉 fangirling is fun and it's so nice to accommodate more!…after Gong Yoo my passion for k-actors keep on accumulating, on;y i reserve some premium spot for those i fancied! LOL!…and Gong Yoo is still on number 1 spot! my BAE! and next this guy Binnie!…what made me fall in love with Binnie?..he can act!he can sing!he's tall and he's also sexy and he has a bonus factor he had with him, a dead cell on his both cheeks that brings joy to our heart when he smiles! <3 😉 a perfect eye candy for me! what more impress me is when he enlisted ib the army he chose the marine division! what a beautiful man joining the marine and he's got a nice evaluation while he was inside the army..

    Every fangirl who are hook on drama know about this guy i guess?…and if you didn't how come?. eyes are feasting over the HD photos of Binnie here Kfangurl, you sure how to win your visitor's heart!,,i fell so deeply in love with all the selection of photos! they are so deeeemmmmm beautiful! as time goes by your klove post is getting better and better, infact, the photos here are way too pretty than of Gong Yoo ssi's …you really give your best here…i did enjoy all of it like the ones with Lee Junki post!..

    Thank you again kfangirl 😉 once again you made all fangirls' heart happy! …hope to see more prettiness this year not just here but to other pages as well and hoping for more beautiful ideas!..<3 😉 thumbs up!!!

  24. asotss

    I only watched Secret Garden from him and I don’t know if it’s because his character is utterly irritating or if it’s because I don’t find him particularly handsome but I barely noticed him as a man then. But that kiss in the video posted by Lady G. was a game changer. I simply can’t resist a good kisser and we have a winner here.
    When I feel down and like Humanity has too many shortcomings, I come here to watch that video and read (drool on) the Song Seung Hun post and I have faith again. Thank you Girls for the renewed hope.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I know what you mean about his character in Secret Garden, asotss. On hindsight, I think I’d have problems with his character’s behavior now, if I were to attempt a rewatch. But at the time, I was too mesmerized by his onscreen intensity and was willing to overlook a lot of stuff as a result! XD

      Given your other comment where you mentioned that you’re sick of Candy-types, perhaps a good place to get some Hyun Bin on your screen is My Name is Kim Sam Soon? Kim Sun Ah is a refreshingly strong female lead in there, and the story doesn’t quite follow the typical rom-com narrative pattern. And Hyun Bin gets to show off some of those serious kissing chops in this show too. I thinking you just might approve of this drama, maybe 😉

  25. xiadfreaky011

    OMG! Squueeeeffessstt on this side of the earth.
    Totally love Hyun Bin and his dimples of course. He’s my forever K-Crush! Started way back Sam soon days and never looked back since. Followed almost every film and dramas he’s in and man, he surely does his craft passionately. Let me grow old with you Oppa albeit virtually. Haha. Cheesy! Oh my fangirl heart.

    1. kfangurl

      Haha! Glad you enjoyed this post, Xia!! 😀 I hadn’t realized that Hyun Bin was a big k-crush of yours! He definitely has a passion for his craft – it’s one of the things that I really respect about him. And that passion and dedication to his craft only seems to be deepening with time. He’s picking his projects so carefully, and then once picked, he gives his role so much focus and immersion. I was very impressed with his performance in The Fatal Encounter. So restrained, yet so nuanced. I’m anticipating what he’ll bring to our screens once his drama starts to air! 🙂

      1. ~Xia~ (@xiadfreaky011)

        IKR! I was ecstatic when the winner for your blogsary chose Hyun Bin for the pretty post. Haha! Haven’t watched his latest movie yet but knowing it’s him playing the part, I know the film won’t disappoint. Here’s to hoping his upcoming drama will turn out well. Although honestly I’d still watch it for him regardless of the flow and the plot. Binnie and my fangirl heart had a long history together. lol! Tough love it is.

        1. kfangurl

          Hahaha! Well, then. It’s a happy thing that Djining chose Hyun Bin for all of us, lol. I’d sort of had it as a vague thing to do, to make a k-love post for him sometime. But with his drama hiatus, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, until Djining picked him. Then I was motivated – to make it a prize that she’d like! Happily, everyone seems to be pretty pleased with the result! 😉

          And I so know what you mean – I’ve watched all kinds of shows that are not in my normal wheelhouse, and all in the name of fangirl love! XD I fully expect you to give Hyun Bin your full support with his drama comeback! 😉

  26. DDee

    As I was scrolling down the post, the running refrain in my mind was “Dimples, dimpless, DIIIMPLESSSSSS…isn’t she going to talk about his dimples?!!” and then boom, right at the end. It’s like you read my mind XD.

    Djining chose well, yes indeed!

    1. Lady G.

      The dimples thrill me. Whenever I see them on guys I tend to melt! It ups their handsome factor by 50% to me.

      WOW Kfangurl really outdid herself out with this post. So much Hyun Bin goodness. It’s amazing!

      1. DDee

        I have a major thing for dimples too! It makes the smiles shine brighter! I saw HB ad once and he was like, selling beef patties or something and he was all toothy and dimply and sunshiney in a summertime backyard. Like, hello, I’ll buy your beef eventhough I don’t eat red meat! I’ll do it for you HB!

        And KFG has outdone herself! I didn’t think it was possible!

    2. kfangurl

      Hahahaha!! Y’know, I almost forgot to mention his dimples in this post, DDee!! XD Which is why I wrote that bit at the end. Coz as I nearing the end of the post, suddenly, it hit me – Dimples! I haven’t mentioned his dimples! And that’s kind of when I realized I don’t respond to his dimples the way most fans do. For the record, they are lovely. 😉

  27. snow

    One thing that comes first in my mind when I think about Hyun Bin is…”he is so HOT!!!”
    I’m surprised to hear that new fans don’t know about him because as far as I know, people start their dramaland journey with classic K-dramas that include Secret Garden and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
    I discovered him with Sam-Soon, which was my 4th drama and I fell for him…it was also hotter than the previous shows that I had seen (Delightful Girl, Playful Kiss and Boys Before Flowers)…loved its soundtrack and of course, found him really sexy!
    Then I tried Worlds Within but couldn’t get past 3-4 eps…it was so boring.
    Finally I watched super-popular Secret Garden and he was amazing in it….so funny and romantic….and he nailed it when he swapped bodies with HJW…but I also had problems with his character but I blame it on the writer who always has these kind of male leads.

    I do think he looked better before as in SeGa, he was too skinny..

    I’m so looking forward to his next show Hyde, Jekyll, Me…So.Excited!

    Last but not least…I love his dimples….♥ ♥

    1. kfangurl

      I know, right?? I also thought that everyone would know Hyun Bin, since he’s in several kdramas that most fans consider essential viewing. But I did hear some mention of new fans not knowing who he is, and when I thought about it, it’s actually quite possible. With his MS and then his focus on movies, he hasn’t been on our screens recently, and new fans might be so busy watching the newer shows that they haven’t gotten around to SeGa or MNIKSS. But now that he’s coming back to our screens, I think that “Who’s Hyun Bin?” question will be asked much less in the blogosphere! 😉

      Worlds Within was.. different. It had an almost documentary sort of vibe to it, which requires a particular mood for enjoying it, I guess. I liked it but didn’t love it, and even though he was cute in it, I wasn’t swept off my feet. His intensity in SeGa was what blew me away and remains one of my favorite Hyun Bin performances. 🙂

      And oh yes, his dimples. Haha, I almost forgot to mention his dimples in the post – to many fans, that’d be a travesty! XD For the record, I do think they are very nice! ^^

  28. xpiavx

    EXCELLENT post! Absolutely love the photos you’ve curated here. First bias never dies! HB for life.

    1. kfangurl

      Yay that you like this collection of Hyun Bin awesome, xpiavx! There are so many photos of Hyun Bin on the interwebs that it was hard to choose the ones that I liked best. I’m so pleased that as a big Hyun Bin fan, you love these too! ^^

  29. Byeol-Shin-Ang

    I’m not a squee-er. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever squee’d in my life but – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    I believe you may have just made my whole month – LOL! 😀

    I was wondering when you would do a Hyun Bin Pure Pretty Post! Almost inevitable that it turned into a K-Love post, actually – the man is just all kinds of sexy beautiful! Yay for upgrades! 😀

    I’d kind of forgotten but I believe my k-love for him is re-kindled and once again full-fledged and raging! (Bye So Ji Sub-sshi – Hyun Bin is back!)

    Looks like I will be re-watching ‘Secret Garden’ – hah hah! I will be also visiting regularly to gaze upon his magnificent loveliness.

    Thank you, Djining for winning!!

    1. kfangurl

      Byeol! 😀 I am SO pleased and SO tickled that this post made you squee, and that I might’ve made your month! XD Absolutely, it was pretty inevitable that the Pure Pretty post got upgraded. I was completely mesmerized by him in Secret Garden, and I’m looking forward to his comeback to dramaland, even though I’m not terribly excited about all the multiple personalities descending on us.

      Tee hee at you casting aside So Ji Sub in favor of Hyun Bin! XD I totally know how that works, though, coz I’ve done that myself – several times! XD

  30. djining

    ❤️LOVE THE GIFT! ❤️
    You have picked the perfect Hyun Bin pix 😍👍 (I’m grateful for the effort and energy you put into this gift, Kfan.) This is exactly what I wanted😉 .

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m so glad that you like your prize, djining!! 😀 And yes, I did try extra hard to make this post as perfect as possible, coz I wanted you to enjoy your prize – I’m so pleased that it worked out!! Thank YOU, for picking Hyun Bin for all of us to gaze at with ya! 😉 Smooches! ❤


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