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As a true-blue k-fangirl, I have several big k-loves, and I thought it’d be fun to share my love affair with each one with y’all.. Like, how I came upon them, what made me fall for them, why they’re so awesome.. You get the idea ;)

These posts are where I do my extended fangirling and spazzing. And share photos (lots of ‘em), videos, and various other tidbits about my k-loves.

I have 3 major k-loves, who will each get the spotlight in this on-going series, and then I will move on to more medium-sized k-loves.

Here we go ^^

My Big k-loves:

My biggest k-love of them all: Gong Yoo ❤


Bonus 1: You can join me on my adventure at Gong Yoo’s 2013 fanmeet in Tokyo, Gong Yoo Premium Night, here!

Bonus 2: You can find more Gong Yoo goodies here!

And then there’s wonderful, delicious Jang Hyuk:

And of course, there’s beautiful, beautiful Kim Woo Bin

Other K-love Confessions coming up:

Medium-Sized k-loves:

In no particular order, my medium-sized k-loves include (but aren’t limited to):

The very talented Kim Soo Hyun:

The chameleon-like and very endearing Lee Jong Suk:

The lovely, melty Park Seo Joon:

The talented, beguiling Lee Jun Ki:

The delightfully sweet and charming Hong Jong Hyun:

Hyun Bin

Jung Woo Sung

Kim Bum

Joo Won

Yoo Seung Ho

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  1. LJK! LJK! LJK! I am lobbying for him to be next! <3! Given my current Arang infatuation, you can see why! <3!

    • LOL! I’ll take your lobbying into consideration! ;D It’s going to be a while before the next k-love confession, I think.. Can’t make every post about ogling & squeeing.. Need to write some reviews too, after all ;D

  2. Of course. Just wanted to get my vote in for LJK.

  3. What about Your Smoldering Hotness – might he secure a place on your medium-sized k-loves list?! :D

    • Ahaha!! When I first read your comment, I thought, Wait, isn’t he on the list? XD He wasn’t, though he definitely has my attention and was probably one of the unlisted members of the club.. All fixed now, YSH is hereby on the list! ^^

  4. waiting for your LMH confession.. :)

    • Tee hee! I love how everyone’s waiting for their favorites to make an appearance in a k-love confession!! :D Yes, I promise LMH will have his day too ^^ Though I can’t promise when, since I don’t do the k-confession posts as frequently as reviews.. It’s my way of keeping the blog from appearing TOO fangirly *cough* ;D

  5. Kwon sang woo , Song sueng hueon, did not make your list??

    • Tee hee! I detect a hint of dismay in your question, Surusa! XD I do appreciate Kwon Sang Woo’s and Song Seung Hun’s erm, “assets,” but for me, I’d categorize them as more of fleeting k-crushes. ^^ Maybe when I finish posting about all my k-loves, I might eventually get around to the k-crushes. Or, they might blow me away in a new drama, and invade my k-love list with a vengeance! Anything can happen ;)

      • Hi Kfangurl, you know I just now see your posting. I have to agree now, KSW and SSH are just k-crushes for me too. Jang Hyuk and SIG are my K-loves lol. Can’t get enough of them.

        • Oh yes, that’s one strong indicator of k-love vs. k-crush! The k-crushes come and go with the dramas on our screens, but the k-loves stick with you l-o-n-g after the show is over ;) Those who make it into the league of k-loves are very, very special indeed ❤

  6. Kim Bum YES PLEASE!!! for a youngin’ he’s got quite the bod!!

    • Doesn’t he?!? ;D He used to be the harmless cutie in BOF & The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, and then – BAM! – he showed up in Padam Padam with those abs and that mane of glory, and I was completely blown away ^^ When did he get so hot? XD

  7. ..hello kfangurl…i have some from your medium-sized K-actors….i’m glad that these men are in your lists…Hyun Bin the dimpled prince…love him this man since “My Lovely Sam Soon”, Jung Woo Song , i’ve seen this man from “Athena” with Cha Seung Won, Jang Hyuk of course!…”Chuno” and “Windstruck”…i’ve watched some eps. from Chuno but weren’t able to watch the whole series…. these three Korean actors can still swept off your feet even in their 40’s a certified “oppa”…as of the present, Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum’s “Padam, Padam” is telecast here, though i bought a DVD copy…currently i’m on episode 3/Lee Min Ho…from “BOF” and “City Hunter”…i bought a copy of “Faith” but haven’t started it it a good one?..Lee Jun Ki…he’s so cute!…i vividly remember how cute this guy since “My Girl”..though he’s not the lead actor..he made a good impact from that rom-com series..still on pending to watch “Arang and the Magistrate”….hope you’ll feature another batch of Korean actors…<3 <3 <3 …;)

    • Oh, I highly recommend Arang and the Magistrate! Do make some time for it, it’s Lee Jun Ki fresh out of the military, and he’s oozing manly aura <3 I haven't seen Faith myself. Most people found it rather slow, but I've heard that the romance keeps it afloat. That, & Lee Min Ho, of course ^^ Padam Padam is lovely! I really loved it, and Kim Bum is adorable in it, while Jung Woo Sung is suitably intense. And Chuno.. I do recommend you make time for Chuno too, if you like Jang Hyuk. If you check out my Jang Hyuk post (link above), you'll see all my reasons why ;)

      • ..oh…currently i’m on episode 1 of” Arang and the Magistrate”…as ever, Lee Jun Ki is so cute…i guess i’ll have to catch “Chuno through net again…It was aired here in our country but i was not able to watch the whole series ’cause the time schedule is in the afternoon..i’m still at work by then..what can i say with Jang Hyuk?…definitely “OhLaLaLaH! of the Korean hunk you’d absolutely fall in love with…but i guess my heart belongs to GY eh?…i love GY in superlative degree!…;)

        • Oh, great that you’ve started on Arang!! I love that show, & I hope you like it too! And I’m with you on GY and JH.. I love them both, but GY’s definitely a priority ;)

          • …kfangurl i just love “Arang and the Magistrate” so much!…now i understand why you highly recommend it..the story really overwhelmed this much better than “Rooftop Prince” i guess?…i’m on episode 14…and i’m not finish but i’m planning to re-watch it…definitely…;)

            • Yay that you’re enjoying Arang!! :D It didn’t enjoy very high ratings, which is a huge pity, coz it’s such an excellent watch. Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah have fantastic chemistry, and the writers clearly put a lot of thought into creating the mystical fantasy world of the drama. Gotta love the heavenly goat! XD

              • ..oh?…is that so?…so sad to hear that…”Arang and the Magistrate” is scheduled to air in one of our local channels here…just don’t know when..probably after “Padam Padam” or “Unexpected You”…i just don’t know the time slot yet..though it’s a good thing i bought a copy of it with a very good subtiltles ..anyways, i don’t care about the ratings important thing is i enjoyed the series with Lee Jun Ki very much!..;)

                • Oh I love Padam Padam! If you haven’t checked it out, I would recommend it too! It’s not a rom-com, but more of a warm melodrama with a fantasy twist. Some wonderful acting in that show, and excellent cinematography too :)

                  Yes, ratings are definitely not an indication of how good a show is, it only shows us a snapshot of the preferences of the domestic audience at that point in time, and it also depends heavily on what other show is competing in that same timeslot. Objectively speaking, I would say Arang is better than many other kdrama offerings, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! ^^

                  • Padam Padam is not super melodramatic? I’ve been afraid to start it because I thought it was super super sad for some reason. That lead actor has been winking at me all this time from Netflix though! Every time I see the poster for A moment to remember I go, awww he is so pretty and I want to check him out in anything just because of that teehee..I’m so shallow :p

                    • No, Padam Padam isn’t super sad! It’s more of a warm melo than a heartwrenching one. I really liked it, actually! And Jung Woo Sung IS hot. His character takes a little getting used to, coz he starts out angry, bug-eyed and not very in tune with social graces. But he grows on you, and you do start to root for him. Jung Woo Sung does a fine job making his character earnest and endearing. Plus, no matter how bug-eyed angry his character is, he’s still a handsome man ;) Hee.

                    • Angry and bugged eyed lol! my gosh. A friend of mine, who didn’t like Ddolbock told me “You should watch Padam, Padam, the lead is a similar kind of character” I wanted to strangle her but after your comment, maybe there is a connection 😝 Yeah, I’ll definitely give it a try

                    • HAHAHA!! Ok, I see the connection! XD Yes, in that sense, the 2 characters share some similarities. I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about that, after you’ve checked out Jung Woo Sung in Padam! Which is a totally worthy watch, btw, even without that quirky similarity that your friend pointed out! ^^

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE Gong Yoo!!

  9. Hyun Bin, Jang Hyuk, and Gong Yoo deliver the best kisses on screen I’ve ever seen. :D <3

    • One of the Best kisses ever is from Late Autumn. Not a great movie, or happy by any stretch. But the end kiss. WOW. I need to see more Hyun Bin K-Dramas, I’ve only seen Secret Garden so far.

      • Lol, this kiss made serious waves, that’s for sure! ;D Due to stricter broadcasting guidelines, we don’t get many great kisses in kdramas from the big networks. Add to that the general practice of actresses enduring kisses rather than participating in them, in order to protect their pure images, and we get very few kisses that are truly swoon-worthy. Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Sun Ah are 2 actresses that don’t do the fish lips, and I love them all the more for it! With cable dramas gaining traction, we do get some better kisses, which, YAY.

        Besides the ones you’ve mentioned, notable kisses I’ve liked include City Hall (Cha Seung Won & Kim Sun Ah), Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Jung Il Woo can KISS!), Beautiful Days (Lee Byung Hun oozes hawt and he’s not afraid to kiss his leading lady). There’s more for sure, but these are the ones that came to mind ^^

        PS: You get lots of kissing from Hyun Bin in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Plus, it’s with Kim Sun Ah, who isn’t afraid to kiss her leading man right back ;)

        • I want to start Sam Soon…soon. lol. And City Hall looked good too. I like Cha Seung Won. I know when it comes to K-Movies, it’s an entirely different animal and of course the restrictions aren’t there. Jang Hyuk’s kisses make me swoon. lol Loved the ones in Robbers and Midas. I don’t think he got to even kiss Dama in Tree, right? Too bad.

          • Yes, you should totally watch MNIKSS and City Hall! City Hall takes a while to get into, but then it gets so romantic & swoony <3 Cha Seung Won is a lovely kisser too ;)

            Loved JH's kissing in Robber too.. I haven't gotten around to checking out Midas though. And no, I don't think he got to do ANY kissing in the sageuks! More's the pity. Can you imagine Dae Gil actually kissing?? Don't know if our screens could handle that! XD

            • I remember Daegil as the Nobleman kissed Eunnyeon in the flashback. But I know what you’re talkin’ ’bout! Street wise, rough and gruff and scruff Daegil kissing!! LOL. That is a pity we missed it.

            • *butts in* There was a cute kiss on Chuno’s flashback. Me liked! And a cute yummy kiss in Into the Sunlight! and I bet it would’ve been yummy if Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin) had let him kiss her in Thank You. I’m currently re watching this drama, and you can’t believe the trauma! there is so much tension between them, he looks like he want to eat her and then she covers her mouth with whatever object she finds! May I kill her? I need his friend Kim Sun-Ah to do a drama with him and kiss him and let him kiss pleaazzeeee. And oh the yumminess on his k movie kisses, 5 senses of Eros and Searching for the elephant…ok ok *butts out already*

              • Giggle. You’ve got all of JH’s kissing scenes etched into your memory, I can tell! ;D The man can kiss, I am assured of that. I mean, that deleted bed scene from Iris 2 made his kissing prowess very clear. Omo. The memory of that still thunks me out. I just wish we could’ve seen Dae Gil get up to that kind of kissing, coz Dae Gil is SUCH a gloriously sexy man. Oof. The thought of it is just tantalizing. >.<

                Yes please, let's have JH paired up with a leading lady who'll kiss him right back. I definitely am up for some JH kissing on my screen. ;D

                • I know! and I just Searching for the elephant lovemaking scene 😳 there is this nose rubbing thing he does that is just 😳😳😳 I bite my fist and tear up a little from the awwwwzzz. I will gif it to share it as soon as I can cause yeah its a wonderful thing!

                  • Ok, you made me so curious that I went to look it up on youtube. And yes, that eskimo kiss thing he does with his nose is uungh. Totally hawt. Yet sweet. It’s odd how it’s both those things, at the same time. That’s talent ;)

      • Ya, this was a really amazing kiss.

  10. Hyun Bin made my straight hair curl with that kiss. I wish K-drama producers would let him let loose like this in all of his dramas where there is a kiss. He gave good kiss in Worlds Within. But NOTHING like this. Yep, he ranks up there pretty high on the good kisser scale – right along with Gong Yoo. Let’s not forget Rain. If he was given the chance in FH he could have easily thrown down a kiss like the one he delivered in I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK. He also fared well in A Love To Kill. That man is also a champion kisser. But to be fair, I am extremely Rain-biased. Ok..great, now I am going to be on a kiss viewing rampage!!! :)

    • A kiss viewing rampage sounds like a good bit of fun! ;D Yes, Rain definitely can kiss his leading lady! I remember being completely fascinated with the kiss in ALTK! XD

    • LOL. Then I guess my curly hair straightened when I saw this! I have the cyborg movie on my watchlist. Did you like it? I don’t think I saw any of Rain’s dramas, so please recommend some. :)

  11. As Kfangurl will probably agree, I am not the most objective person to ask when it comes to Rain and all things Rain because I am so extremely biased!!! I loved Cyborg and thought his performance was nuanced and wonderful. The kiss delivered in that film, although quirky, is tender and sensual (two perfect vocab words I would tend to describe Rain as…LOL!!) The movie itself is a bit out there but I really really liked it. As for his dramas, I am partial to A Love To Kill. I think he was outstanding in that drama but I also find his others wonderful as well. I am currently savoring Fugitive Plan B slowly and enjoying it. I tend to like when Rain goes deep and introspective in his roles and that is perhaps why I really like A Love To Kill. He is able to bring Sang Doo to that place as well. Come to think of it, he has gone to that place in all of his dramas at some point because he even visits it in Full House and I have seen shades of it already in Fugitive. I happen to think he is pretty versatile and honest. Even with the limited dialogue in Ninja Assassin, he still has such a powerful presence – perhaps I owe that to the 0% body fat and sculpted physique we get to see throughout that film!!! I think he is pretty talented and I hope he really weighs his options now post-MS and chooses some good roles be it drama or film.

  12. i’m reading the threads i agree with you kfangirl… that CSW’s kiss in “CityHall”is really a winner…to be honest, i fell in love with csw here…and this is just one of the kdrama i love and for sure i’m going to re-watch this sometimes as i did to “mnikss”..

    • Yes, isn’t the kiss in City Hall swoony?? Cha Seung Won is so tender, while Kim Sun Ah is so genuinely responsive to his tender advances. I re-played that scene more than a few times, I’ll admit <3 <3 Definitely worth a rewatch ^^

  13. …definitely is!!!..<3<3<3…there were scenes here that i also did a replay…and after watching it again i couldn't help but have a wishful thinking that i am Kim Sun Ah….LOL!..i would always think that as versatile actress she's too lucky to have been paired with some Korean hunky actors i fancied like binnie/wookie and of course GY..

    • Oh, I consider Kim Sun Ah a very dedicated actress.. There are moments when I consider her delivery quite brilliant. I thought she did wonderfully in Scent of a Woman, particularly some of the early scenes. Such a strong leading lady deserves excellent leading men, imo ;) Plus, it makes the watch so much more pleasurable ^^

  14. I agree with you on that..…Kim Sun Ah is a good actress, essentially her acting ability is quite extraordinary that I didn’t see from other Korean actresses i’ve seen in a drama..i instantly became a fan of her in “MNIKSS” …since I’ve seen her with GY in a movie only, I always anticipate to see them paired in a rom-com drama ..i just don’t know whether this anticipation of mine will materialize..

  15. Hi, Kfangurl, hope all is well with you.

    Below link is especailly for you..!! :)

  16. Ryu Soo Young! Ryu Soo Young! ;D Because he’s a sweetheart for what he did. And he’s super talented and has a beautiful smile.

    • Hahaha!! He’s a cutie alright, and sweetheart too. I will have to see more of him though, he hasn’t elbowed his way into k-crush territory yet ^^ But, y’know.. I’m learning, never say never! Look what happened with Woobie, eh? ;D

      • That’s okay. I’m still watching Two weeks and that ended already. Then I want to watch Lawyers of Korea, I think it’s called and of course those ‘O’ brothers! :D

        • Oh, Lawyers of Korea totally flew under my radar. I never checked it out.. Let me know how you find it! I just read the synopsis on Dramawiki, and had to laugh at the pun in the title. The title is 대한민국 변호사 / Daehanminguk Byeonhosa which does mean Lawyers of Korea, but since the male lead’s name is Han Min Guk, it also means the great Han Min Guk’s Lawyer, which, pffft! Punny! :D

          And yes!! I am so, SO sure that you’ll enjoy Ojakgyo Brothers. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, when you get to it!! ^^

      • I understand. :D I still need to see more of his dramas, particularly where he is the lead. But he’s already on my ‘favorites.’

        • I haven’t seen him play lead much, unfortunately.. While I strongly recommend Ojakgyo Brothers coz it feels like he’s sort of in lead territory with his own love line, I would strongly advise against Bad Couple where he does play lead. It’s a rom-com gone bad, honestly. It starts out really funny, then inexplicably turns into a very heavy melo partway through. I sat through the whole thing, but barely survived till the finish line. :P

          • aughh! Hate when that happens. I wanted to watch that one. I really thought 18 vs. 29 was cute, but seriously come one, she acted more like 13. It should have been 13 going on 30. LOL. Though I know that’s where they got the idea.

            • Oh, I haven’t seen 18 vs. 29.. It does sound like a cute premise though.. Maybe one day when I’m in a retro mood, I might check it out.. Although, with all the newer dramas out that I’m also way curious about, I don’t know when I’d ever get around to it!

              As for Bad Couple.. If you’re not averse to dropping a drama partway, you could just watch the funny stretch in the beginning, then drop it like a hot potato once it goes depressive and melo..? ^^

  17. Kisses,in cruel city Paksatul or doctors son gives a sexy kiss,he was surnamed in the highschool as the king of datings and omoo He has learnt something about the matter…
    And Lie to me has 2 great kisses scenes too

    • Oh yes, Lie To Me had some excellent lip action, even though it was a hot mess in so many other ways! I remember finishing that purely for the sparky OTP chemistry and the very hot kisses! ;D

      I’m watching Heartless City now, and I haven’t yet gotten to that now-famous kiss scene.. I can totally imagine Baksa doing a fine job kissing his leading lady though! I’m sure I’ll be glued to my screen when I get to E10 ;)

  18. At first, I didn’t like Kim Woobin but after seeing him on Running Man, I found him so adorable XD
    I love his real personality <33

    • YES ISN’T HE JUST ADORBS?!??? :D I was drawn to him by his excellent acting, but really, once I discovered his personality, I was toast. Swooned out, impressed, melted-into-a-puddle toast. I love that boy ❤❤❤

  19. I k-crush on almost every male lead at least for one scene :p my current k-crush is Ji Chang-Wook on Empress Ki. I mean I’m still watching that mess only because he is beautiful and vulnerable in it! awwwzzz. My k-crush before him was Ji Hyun-Woo because of Queen In Hyuns Man. I mean, any time an actor makes me google him! it means its a k-crush lol! so yeah, they’ve had the honor, for as long as the series last. But k-love is something bigger :) only Jang Hyuk for now, and I think Kim Nam Gil has gotten down to medium k-love until he makes me swoon again!

    • Ooh, yes, I am familiar with how that k-crush dynamic works! I’ve had lots of k-crushes too, pretty much all because the actor blows me away in a role, and I am so very taken with the character they play in the show. And definitely, there’s a distinct difference between k-crush and k-love. And even among the k-loves, there are levels. Only a fellow fangirl can truly understand this! Your big k-love is CLEARLY JH. I mean, your entire blog is dedicated to him! XD And yes, I do enjoy Kim Nam Gil very much, so I definitely see the appeal ^^

      I haven’t seen Ji Chang Wook in anything, so I can’t identify there.. but I did totally crush on Ji Hyun Woo while watching QIHM. Those oogly googly lovey dovey gazes! And Kim Boong Do, SUCH a man amongst men. Gah. How could we NOT crush on him, eh? ;D

      • The way it works for me is, I crush on a character. I might google the actor and try other things. If the love for that first character is huge or I can feel that the actor behind the character is kind of awesome I’ll give him more than one chance,etc That’s why I know KNG will get another chance cause I really loved Bidam but our love got interrupted by Bad Guy. JH was lucky because it was Ddolbock and then Daegil and from there I went on crushing on almost all his characters until I arrived to the disappointment of Iris2 but through it I met Gumi. I remember saying that I was shopping for another k-crush to forget JH because I run out of JH stuff and I don’t like to be “married” to one guy and she said “Sorry, you are going nowehere” and started showering me with interviews and real life Jang Hyuk and I was like “huh? this guy is a dork! I kind of love him?!?!!” and then Fine! I caved, let’s get married, blog, etc I’m sure there is more “big k-love” worthy candidates, but I’m not the kind who will actively look for it. I think knowing my obsessive nature, I kind of avoid it? It takes an enabler to make me fall deep (in this case Gumi) In general, Im more the k-crush hopping kind of person, I think 😋

        • Wow. You’re more of a k-crush hopping kinda gal?? Seriously. I would’ve never guessed. I mean, c’mon, your entire blog is dedicated to JH! XD Now I know the backstory, that puts a completely different spin on things! I guess we have Gumi to thank then, for your JH dedication!

          I get what you mean, though, about not actively looking for k-love. My k-loves all snuck up on me – especially sneaky Woobie. I’m the one helplessly drowning in the sea of their awesomeness. I realize that I look very much at the person behind the role. I’ve crushed on many actors only to be disappointed once I see them in interviews, coz they’re too boring. The ones that achieve k-love status are the ones who blow me away with their personalities out-of-role.

          I don’t know what KNG is like out-of-role, but I have crushed on him while watching him on my screen. I first noticed him in Lovers. Have you seen that one? It’s retro goodness. Lee Seo Jin as a hawt gangster who falls for an ordinary woman, and KNG is his hawt, silent, broody right-hand man. Even though KNG was in a supporting role, he really caught my eye. I was like, who’s this guy?!?? And that’s why I watched Bad Guy. Heh.

          • Sorry, epic answer ahead

            Yeah, I guess having a blog dedicated to one actor might seem like Im solely dedicated to him :D Believe it or not, it has its advantages having a blog that has such a clear focus. And even with the apparent limitation of being just about one actor, there are so many things one could do, in relation to that one actor, but there is really very little spare time (both for me and Gumi). I have many ideas in my head about posts I want to do, but I never have time. I can’t even imagine having a blog about all the things I like! all the dramas! If ever I have a huge need to say or share something about other dramas and actors, there are so many wonderful blogs out there like yours, so I never felt the need to have one of my own.Plus I don’t ever dare to call myself a “blogger”. I can barely express myself properly :p so what I call myself is “a fan with a blog”. It is a good way to practice the language too, since Im more prone to spanglish and Gumi, to konglish lol ;) but yeah, the Jang Hyuk blog was something that came out pretty naturally. Gumi and I were fangirling one day and thought, hey, wouldn’t it be nice to find out if there are other fans of Jang Hyuk who speak english that we can share all this fangirling with? where are they? and so we thought, lets start fangirling in public, and maybe people will join! and voila! the blog came out.He is also one actor that doesnt bore me, because it is one of the few (yet) that has made me swoon with different characters. So in a way, I’m fangirling, all those characters, and not just “one guy” ;)

            I think the ones that sneak up on you are the best! I have a tendency to fall harder for those I dismiss at first. It is almost never love at first sight with me! and I should learn my lesson already that if I see a guy and think he is “weird looking” I will end up falling for him later! When I posted on my personal FB page that I was watching Queen Seondeok, a friend (actually the same annoying one who didnt like Ddolbock) told me that I would meet “hot Bidam” there. And she posted a picture. I thought huh? how is this guy hot? Yup, KNG was not my type at first sight. But when I got to love his character, his smile, his pretty expression when he cries, the sexy smirk yeah I saw the hotness. I think I told you how my first impression of Jang Hyuk in Chuno was not, “Ohhh hotness, abs, smirk, panther gaze yumminess”, it was “huh? this guy is supposed to be hot? he is short and has an overbite?” Yes, I slap myself now! serves me right that I fell hard for him later and that overbite drives me crazy now! I saw he was a good actor already on that first episode but I didn’t give him a chance then. The reason I chose to watch The Tree With Deep Roots was because of the writers, who were the same as Queen Seondeok, and after trying other sageuks that bored me on the first episodes (Chuno included) I thought, ok, maybe its not sageuks that I like, but these writers? Ugh, but this also stars that short man with the overbite! Ok, fine let’s try it! By the end of the first episode I was so impressed by Jang Hyuk’s pupils that get big or small at will, almost like a cat’s! but still didnt find him “handsome” more like, a good intense interesting character and actor. But it wasn’t until half way into the series that my mom commented “Have you noticed that he is kind of handsome”? And I kind of felt like my eyes were opening. Wait, he is! right? his nose is pretty, his chiseled features, is he convincing me that he is hot because of his sexy confident attitude or is he really pretty? and yeah, today my mom and I think he is the prettiest thing in the world, and my mom can’t get enough of his triangular shaped mouth :D I didn’t think JCW was too handsome in WBDS. Now we are both mezmerized by his beauty and great acting skills in Empress Ki. But I think it is the great acting skills, that sort of turns me on, to appreciate the handsomness, in general. I didn’t think QIHM’s lead was the prettiest at first either, but then he smiled ;)

            About the person behind the role. My tendency is to avoid “knowing them” or getting close. Again, it is to avoid dissappointment. Why? because even if the actor is a good guy, if he does not conform to the image you have about them, because of their roles, it will be dissappointing. However, if an actor is super versatile, then there really isn’t one image to comform to right? I guess. In my case with JH, I was a bit shocked at first. Even though he has played many different roles, one common denominator in the majority of those is that he is errr, I don’t know, ubber confident sexy, alpha male? Turns out, real life Jang Hyuk is more “cute” than sexy. He is much more gentle and soft spoken than I imagined him. He is a major and I mean, an absolute nerdy dork! So at first I was totally shocked at seeing him blushing, laughing awkwardly, and letting others pick on him on variety shows. I was like “My Daegil would never!” but then I adjusted and I do like adorkable Jang Hyuk lots! He is still manly too, a weird mix of manly sexy at times and dorky child at heart, other times. In this case I was lucky to also fall for his “real life” personality.

            Because of what I said before, I never actively explored KNG, but I read somewhere that he is also the quiet type, a gentle guy. Not sure if dorky or funny though! In this stage in our “realionship” lol! I’d rather not know.

            • Tee hee. What an epic read of your love story with Jang Hyuk, Drama Fan!! :D I would’ve never guessed that you didn’t fall for him straightaway, since your entire blog is dedicated to him. I love that he kinda snuck up on you and now you’re in for the long haul! I sort of know how that feels, since Woobie snuck up on me too, and now I’m properly smitten. Maybe you’re right, about the ones who sneak up on you being the ones who really grab hold of your heart. ^^

              I think it’s so great that you have found a fangirl soulmate in Gumi, with the 2 of you fanning each other’s JH love. And I am SUPER TICKLED that it was your mom who clued you in to JH’s good looks, LOL! XD I guess Mother really does know best? ;D Giggle. And I love that she fangirls right along with you – that is pure awesome. Seriously. :D

              I don’t know much about KNG’s real personality, but I can imagine him being the quiet sort. He’s got that strong silent type vibe about him. But then again, I could be wrong. Like, I never would’ve pegged JH as a nerdy dork in real life! ;D

              • Yup! JH is the quiet shy type who blushes easily. He doesnt talk much unless its a subject he cares or knows well, and then he talks a lot! like movies and acting. I read or heard or imagined? no I think I read that he has a huge collection of DVDs, like thousands? and in interviews you can tell, he gets hyped up when talking about movies and other actors and characters. We often read from young actors that mention him as being very helpful to them, not only giving them casual advice but actually really helping them with their characters, their backstory. He is so obsessive that he not only cares about his characters but about everyone else haha. Thats why I enjoy his interviews too, they are always about what I care about most, which is the dramas and movies themselves more than their personal lives. I like obsessive nerds who have passion in what they do. He seems to be that type.

                • Aw. Jang Hyuk sounds like an intensely passionate, focused, dorky nerd! :D Which is just so cute, considering the strong, badass alpha males he tends to play. And yes, I vaguely recall reading about his massive DVD collection too, so I’m quite sure you didn’t dream it! I love a man who’s serious about his craft, and JH is not only intensely passionate about acting, he’s the same way with everything that’s close to his heart. His family. Martial arts. It’s endearing, really. It’s no wonder you’re so smitten ^^

                  • Now that I read this, I think that while such a passionate nerdy personality attracts me, a man like that, irl, would probably wear me out ha! Im as passionate as Im lazy. Just like a cat, I need to sleep a lot to keep up with my minutes of intense energy. This guy seems like constantly hyper! He has the movie buff side which I could totally handle but he also likes his extreme physical activities and has this daredevil streak that I could not take part on! Can you imagine? Honey? feel like jumping off a building today? errr No! buahaha shoot not even in my imagination do my relationships work! WTH!

                    • Pwahaha!! You totally made me laugh out loud, Drama Fan!! XD “Honey? feel like jumping off a building today?” Pffft. I so would not be able to deal with that! XD But hey. Your fantasy, your story. So in your fantasy, he’d go jump off buildings while you watch drama and blog, and then he’d come home to hug and kiss you with his latest conquest in hand (“Honey, I leveled up and am now a Master Black Belt!”) And then there would be lots of romantic celebrations of the non-building-jumping kind. (“Honey, I prepared some strawberries and champagne”)..? :D

              • And now I’ve made myself curious about KNG hmmmm

                • Well, a little curiosity could turn into a full-blown fangirl love, with a worthy candidate. I should know. A little curiosity about KWB & LJS and BAM! I’m now head over heels smitten with Woobie. Heh. So if KNG’s a worthy candidate, JH might be facing some competition (or should I say company?) in your fangirl heart ;)

      • I was also thinking about those actors that one watches in everything but get friendzoned somehow. It is possible that one gets to watch them even more often than a k-crush but they never get to become one. I’ve seen Uhm Tae-Woong in many dramas and movies because my mom loves him. I respect him as an actor and I can even see why she is attracted but he is not more than a k-friend to me lol! and Lee Beom Soo is a similar case. I lean towards him, watch his works, ok maybe crushed on a scene or two because he was awesome in it, but again, kind of friendzoned him

        • Oh, I know the types you mean.. I guess part of it has to do with the roles they’re cast in. I’ve heard lately a lot of raves for Uhm Tae Woong’s latest drama Can We Love – I’m sure that’s gonna get him shifted out of the friend-zone for quite a few drama fans ;) Then again, it’s got to do with individual tastes as well. Some guys are simply not your type, and that’s totally normal ^^ For me personally, I’ve learned that uninteresting second leads can actually become quite charming in the right role. I first encountered Ryu Soo Young in Save Your Last Dance For Me, and he was (in my eyes) annoying and completely unattractive. But when I saw him in Ojakgyo Brothers, I thought he was quite charming, and he was my second favorite male lead in that show, after Joo Won. My takeaway: the friend-zone might just be temporary! XD

          • Since my answer above was epic, this one will be short and sweet. UTW, Ive heard the buzz about Can We Love, I will have to watch it I guess, for mom! I’ll keep you guys updated if k-friendship turns into k-crush lol! (I saw a set of gifs of a kiss that didn’t look like typica k-drama kiss at all! interesting is the least I can say). RSY, beautiful smile on Real Men, found him attractive on Two Weeks.

            • UTW.. It took me quite some time to come around to appreciating his hotness, tbh. I think I first set eyes on him in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, where he was 2nd lead.. All the other characters referred to him as handsome, but I didn’t see the appeal. The next time I notice him was in Dr. Champ, where I again didn’t see his appeal. I think for me, the turning point was seeing his adorkable personality in 1N2D. I found him extremely likable and cute. Then when I watched The Devil & Equator Man, he started to grow on me in terms of the coolness quotient, and now I have finally come to appreciate his hotness and appeal. Seeing him in a well-cut suit helped. Heh. What can I say, some of us are just slower to appreciate than others. ;) And then there’s different tastes in men too.

  20. Gong Yoo and Jang Hyuk, two of my favorites! (Jang Hyuk being my k-love confession).

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