Happy New Year! Giveaway Winners! ..And Other Stuff

Oopsie. Do our fingers not read “2 0 1 5”??

kfangurl: Happy brand new 2015, everyone!! Wow, can you believe it’s already officially 2015?

Lady G: It feels a bit weird, but it’s really not. I hope this year is better for every one. 🙂

But now I must ask – Where’s my Hoverboard? I’ve been waiting for it since 1989! My self-drying jacket and automatic-lacing Nikes? Flying cars? I know… Back to the Future II lied to us!

kfangurl: It totally did! I mean, never mind the Hoverboard, I’d love a time-traveling car – y’know, to watch more drama with. And also, maybe stalk Woob’s fanmeets and other appearances, heh. Yes, I have a total one-track mind. Priorities, y’know? 😉

Lady G: I never even would’ve thought of using time travel to fuel our kdrama obesssions. I love the way you think! We’ll take those trips together. Who knows? We may change the future and wind up married to our biases. hehehe! Or would that be way too much of a butterfly effect?

kfangurl: Butterfly-schmutterfly. Whatever it takes to get hitched to the Woob, I say!


kfangurl: Alrighty then. Let’s get down to business.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our lil blogoversary giveaway; we’ve picked the winners of both prizes – woot!

The winner of the Made-to-Order Pure Pretty post is… *drum rollllll* Djining!! *wild applause*

Djining’s was the last entry submitted before the giveaway closed, and wouldn’t you know it, random.org picked hers as the winning entry. See, that just goes to show that it’s never too late to join in the fun?

For the curious, Djining mentioned 2 potential Pure Pretty poster boys in her entry (Joo Won and Hyun Bin), and upon her win, has made the extremely difficult choice between the two very worthy contenders.

In the end, her enduring Hyun Bin love won the day, so look out for her Pure Pretty prize post for Hyun Bin in the not-too-distant future! (Be nice to me, Google, ok? We’re friends.)

Edit! Hyun Bin’s Pure Pretty post got upgraded to a k-love post! Check it out here!

Ooooh. Nice one, Google!

Lady G: Ooooooh, Hyun Bin…

kfangurl: Snerk. I know that Hyun Bin effect! XD

Lady G: Oh…sorry, where was I?  

Aaaaaaaaaaannnndddd the winner of the “Your Favorite actor cast in a Dream Drama” goes to… lucillebrown! She chose Jang Geun Suk! A very pretty man choice indeed, milady!

And just a bit of backstory for his Dream Drama role: Jang Geun Suk will be cast as a mysterious chaebol/rocker with a bit of a bad boy streak. Like the leads, he also hides uncanny secrets. Will he be a friend, or will he bow to pressure and become a foe?

I already had an idea for the character, and Jang Geun Suk fits the bill in many ways. So, great choice!

Lucillebrown, the other part of the prize was that you get to name your character! So I’ll be waiting to see what you come up with.

You can give me a few names and I’ll choose (best to narrow it down to 3 or 4), or if you have a perfect one in mind, that works too. Please leave it in the comment section or drop me an email (our contact page is here). 😀

kfangurl: Congrats Djining and Lucille!! We’re gonna get cracking on preparing your prizes for ya, so watch this space!

Lady G: Yes, having a face to put to my character outline will really help move my story along. That’s so important to me when I write.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


kfangurl: So an idea that we had, to add to what we’ve already got going on the blog, is something we’d like to call Reader Roulette. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with guns or random bullets!

The thing is, it felt like you guys were genuinely enjoying what we had to say in our Sunshine posts (here and here) when the Sunshine awards came knocking a while ago.

The thing is, only bloggers making the nominations get to ask the questions, and we thought, wouldn’t it be fun if readers got to play too?

Lady G: I thought it would be great fun to let the readers in on the action. I remember reading the Liebster Posts before I joined the blog, and I was always itching to ask my own questions. Heehee!

kfangurl: Which is why we’re wondering if this is something that you guys would actually like to have as a thing on the blog. Like, you guys could post your questions in the comments, and we would make reply-type posts similar to the Sunshine posts.

See? We’re offering to put ourselves in the hot seat, for your entertainment!

Lady G: Sure, and you can make the questions fun and thought-provoking, like…What would you do for a Klondike bar? Where’s the beef? And how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop? It’s easy, just a simple ‘yay’ or ‘nay.’

There’ll be no hard feelings either way. But just know, we want our readers to feel comfortable, not only with our writing, but with us as people. I know Kfangurl agrees, what’s a blog without readers?

kfangurl: YES to what’s a blog without readers, and oy, let’s not give ’em too wild ideas, now. Coz I don’t actually know where the beef is..! XD

Mmm.. So much prettier than beef..!

ANYHOO. We made this handy-dandy poll, so tell us what you think! If your answer is ‘yay,’ go on ahead to leave your question(s) in the comment section! You can totally ask as many questions as you feel like.

We’ll gather ’em all up, and make that reply-post. And if you guys keep on enjoying this type of post, we’ll have more Reader Roulette type things through the year; maybe we’ll even have themed ones!

And if your answer is ‘nay,’ don’t worry about it. We won’t hold it against you (..much)! Ha. I kid. Really. 😉 If most of you don’t feel drawn to the idea, we’ll drop the whole thing, no hard feelings.

We’ll leave the poll open for a week until 11 January 2015, so do let us know what you think!

[polldaddy poll=8555990]


kfangurl: So with it being a new year and everything, dya have any new thoughts about 2015? Y’know, intentions, resolutions, that kind of stuff?

Lady G: Well, I don’t make resolutions per se, but intentions are good. If I went into my personal ones I could be here all day.

I have the usual, but no less important – lose weight, take better care of my health, and improve my personality. I consider myself a kind person, but I’m a work in progress. Aren’t we all?

I also made Drama resolutions! I developed a system for myself just the other night. Because I get completely overwhelmed with all the offerings out there.

kfangurl: Oh, drama resolutions and a new system?? Do tell!

Lady G: Nothing crazy, in fact, drama fans have been doing it all along. I decided to make a list of dramas I want to watch.

But the catch is, I will strictly adhere to it for the entire year. Even if I keep adding new ones to the list. I broke it into sections – Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese/Chinese, and ‘other.’ Which is most likely Thai.

Last night I started Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team, and it is amazing and hilarious! Just my type of show and humor. I’ll be done with it by the end of the week I’m sure.

These harabeojis are so adorable!

kfangurl: Wow, that drama list thing is way more disciplined than I’m prepared to be! My drama list is humongous and a never-ending work-in-progress; I pick and choose whatever I feel like watching in the moment.

Yes, a lot of dramas might end up gathering dust while waiting to be picked, but also, that way, I hope to consistently pick dramas that I’d enjoy, coz I’d primarily be allowing my mood to take the lead.

Still, it seems to be working great for you so far, since it sounds like you’re loving Grandpas! That’s on my list; I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. (Hrm. This is making my approach look bad, isn’t it? XD )

Lady G: I understand about feelings and moods. I don’t expect I’ll watch in any particular order. I may start one, then another and go back and forth. I don’t want to do that too much, it can get confusing. But as long as I stay with the list, I’ll be happy.

My other new year intention is to not waste precious drama time. If I don’t like a drama after 3-4 episodes, I’m done.

kfangurl: That’s fair. I used to be such a completist that it just wasn’t funny. I’d force myself to finish a show. Even if I hated it, I would hang in there to the bitter end (ahem, Dream High 2!). Which just made me angsty and unhappy.

I’m much happier now that I’ve learned to drop dramas, and learned how to use that wonderful FF button!

Lady G: I won’t be afraid of the FF button either. And I’m going force myself to watch at least 2 sageuks. In the past I only watched if my absolute favorite bias was in it.

And even then I bowed out of the really long ones – err…Jumong…The first sageuk for me this year is Shine or Go Crazy with Jang Hyuk. I cannot wait for that one!

kfangurl: I’m planning to check out Shine or Go Crazy too! I mean, it’s Jang Hyuk. And, he’s lookin’ pretty great in the teaser:

Lady G: Oooh, Silla hair…on Jang Hyuk…(More Homer Simpson Drool)

My other goal this year is to write movie reviews for the blog. My first official one is due to be posted soon. If it’s well received by our readers, then I’ll definitely continue.

In fact, I already wrote mad notes for a second one yesterday (Heh, mad, does anyone use that slang these days?). And, I just have to get pictures. I tried to be so thorough, I noted the exact timing for the screen captures.

I’d better hurry, I’m holding this DVD hostage from Netflix.  I can’t believe I put off watching the film this long too.

kfangurl: Woah. You are on a roll! Which totally works. Coz one of my resolutions/intentions/whatchamacallits that I’ve got for the blog, is to post more regularly this year.

If you’re going to be writing movie reviews, we might even become known for posting frequently!

I think I did better last year than the year before, but to be honest, 2013 really wasn’t all that hard to beat. I think I once went two months without posting! Eep.

Thanks, you guys, for being so patient with me, and for sticking around! Considering how not frequent the posts on this blog sometimes have been, I am super blown away by all your loyalty and understanding. *tears*

…Other than that, I can’t quite think of any other resolution to make, except maybe, keep watching lots of drama and keep writing about it?

Lady G: Yes, drama watching is surely on the horizon for me too. But so is more creative writing. I have some pretty nifty draft ideas in place for the next Dream Dramas. Hopefully I don’t suffer writer’s block or burnout.

But, I think I need to take time to smell the roses. I can easily get so tangled up watching this, this, and that, I forget to venture out to see the light of day. Plus my work situation is constantly indoors and a lot of evening/night shift. My Vitamin D is pretty low…

kfangurl: Lol. Well I live in Sunny Singapore, so even when I’m huddled up at home, there is absolutely no escaping the sunlight! I guess that’s the upside of the tropics? Never being Vitamin D deficient?

Lady G: True! I guess I should eat more fish, drink fortified milk, OJ, and continue with my supplements…as I watch my kdrama. Wheeee!

kfangurl: Heh. That would solve your Vitamin D deficiencies! Both the literal one and the one where D stands for Drama..! (*cough* Yes, I can be corny like that! XD )

…And that about wraps up our New Year post, everyone! Here’s to lots more drama  – and fun! It’s always gotta be fun! – for us all in dramaland, in 2015! Cheers!

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8 years ago

Here’s my question for reader roullette: over x’mas KFG introduced me to snail masks (loved it!) so I was wondering if you gals had any more beauty secrets of the K-persuasion. Or even if you don’t really use Korean beauty products, what kinds of stuff do you use?

Lady G.
8 years ago
Reply to  DDee

That’s a great question! We’ll be sure to include it the next time we do roulettes. I can say this now, I’m not very loyal when it comes to beauty products. I love to try all new things. I’m only just beginning to discover the world of Korean beauty products, and haven’t tried any for myself. There’s so much to choose from!

8 years ago
Reply to  DDee

Wait, wait, wait, KDrama AND Beauty ? You add Food and you have my Holy Trinity of Addictions there ! So huge +1.

And speaking about food and reader roulette, what about the recipe for that instant noodle soup they constantly eat in dramas, you know the one where they had eggs at the end ? I always wonder which kind of noodles, the seasoning and/or herbs used, etc… I already imagine myself watching a good action KDrama (studded with pretty badasses, please) with a mask on my face and my stomach full of noodles. You know, for the total immersion experience 😀

8 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Lol. That’s a cute question, asotss! We’ll add that to the Reader Roulette list! 🙂

And yes, we all need that immersion, don’t we? It just makes the drama experience truly complete. 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  DDee

Wow, an actual question for Reader Roulette! Thanks DDee! 🙂 The questions haven’t really been coming in, so we might not be able to actually make Reader Roulette a thing on the blog, but I’ll certainly try to find a way to give your question some love! ^^

8 years ago

That does “FF” stand for?

Lady G.
8 years ago
Reply to  Jo

Hi Jo, in this case FF stands for ‘Fast Foward’ which is what we would do with boring drama scenes. Lol other times it could also stand for Fan Fiction. Sorry for any confusion.

8 years ago

Congrats to our winners who by the way made good choices, can’t wait to see and read what you have in store for them ! And a belated happy blogiversary, hope we’ll celebrate a few more !

“post more regularly this year” ? Would that be humanly possible? How ? Share the secret ! Cuz, with the holidays and all that, I could not keep up with your rhythm this last month. I’m not complaining, far from it, I just want to learn how to make the most of my time like you do.
That’s one New Year Resolution and dramawise, I will not watch rom-com from now on. Yop. Can’t with the constant flower-pot female character anymore. For every drama with a leading actress I watched this year, there’s not one where the leading female character was not belittled if not deeply humiliated, or verbally or physically abused or simply treated as an accessory or all of this together with hardly any show of resistance from that lady (or any other character) and all this with the only purpose to make the male character look good. Not.a.single.one. Given this rules out 90% of the production, I guess I won’t be watching tons of drama in 2015. Good thing that KDramas are not my main diet or I’ll be starving (or not ? I do have some baby saddlebags and muffin top to get rid of…) Of course, any rom-com starring one of my Khotties is excluded, of course 😉

Have an awesome 2015, everyone !

Lady G.
8 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Laughing at ‘Flower Pot Female’ !! I have tired of Rom Coms too. I always love mysteries/Detective shows and I find myself strangely addicted to Revenge dramas lately. Sometimes I think what goes on in our real lives can reflect our drama watching moods. I prefer a female lead who can be gentle, feminine, and depends on the guy, (I’m old fashioned I guess, I don’t mind heroic men) but don’t want her to be naive and stupid either, or feel she has to boss and nag and spit nails. It’s a real delicate balance. Maybe I’m asking for too much. Lol

Well I think now that Kfangurl has the flash reviews and dropped drama section, she will post regularly. She will have to tell you her secrets. Lol

Plus with myself on board, we can do more joint posts, and I am attempting to write some movie reviews. I can’t promise many, there’s so many distractions in my real life, but I will try my best. If that does t work out its no sweat for me, I will focus on my strengths in story telling.

I hope the new year goes very well for you

8 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Thank you Lady G. for your wishes. The year starts in an unexpected and awful way here in France and one could say we had our yearly dose of drama already but no, show (or drama should I say ?) must go on, right ?

Ah, who can resist a good revenge story ? It’s my all time favorite movie genre actually. It’s just so satisfying to watch… But strangely, I never watch any Kdrama of this genre yet. Any recommendation ?

The thing about the female lead in KRom-Com it’s that it’s ALWAYS the same character. Names change, bodies change, professions change but essentially the girl is the same than the one of the previous or the next rom-com you will watch. So before it even starts you know how the show will proceed and end and this kills all chemistry, hotness and fun for me. I wouldn’t mind to have an Otteke Girl from time to time, why not, actually women like this may actually exist but all the freakin’ time ?

Can’t wait for your movie reviews, I’m sure they will make me discover some more gems. And gems are a girl best friend 😉

Lady G.
8 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Yes, it’s really scary what is happening in France. Very sad. :/

Love the name ‘Otteoke’ girl too. It’s true, I do see a shift from those types in Kdrama, but sometimes it seems like the writers start a great character, then back down and make her do the usual ‘otteoke’ girl things. Like they get scared of writing a female character that is too different.

I need more time for my movie reviews. I just don’t have the knack for writing them as yet, but I’ll get there. I need to re-watch a movie I want to review at some time too, it was a gem for me. I’ve been busy, but I’m also working on the next dream drama too. I always hit a few walls in my writing, but that happens to any writer.

Ah Revenge dramas! Here are my favorites so far:

A Man called God
Innocent Man/Nice Guy
Incarnation of Money
Big Man

I just started ‘Cain and Abel’ and it’s about to turn into a revenge drama soon I think. If you like medical dramas, it’s pretty good so far. Never saw So Ji Sub smile so much and show so much sweet emotion. I have a feeling that will change once his character goes through this ordeal.

8 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Happy New Year, dear asotss!! 🙂 I don’t know what it was about the holidays, but I was in an almost perpetual writing mood – hence the very regular posts. I guess you just had more holiday plans than I did? I like my holidays mostly on the quiet side, and that’s probably how I managed to push out that many posts. Now that the holidays are over, I’ve fallen more into a watching mood than a writing one, so I’m willing myself to get into the writing zone soon! XD

I get what you mean about stock female Candy characters.. But all is not lost, there are shows in dramaland that don’t use a Candy character, and I’m hopeful that I might be able to give you a few suggestions 🙂 Here are a couple of dramas with strong or at least atypical female characters that you might want to consider if you haven’t yet checked them out: It’s Okay It’s Love, Discovery of Love, Miss Korea, Secret Love Affair, Heartless City. For something a little more retro, the quintessential strong female lead show that comes to mind is My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Kim Sun Ah is pretty awesome, and it doesn’t run like a typical rom-com either. Also, a young Hyun Bin, and some of that kissing action 😉 I hope that at least some of these ping your interest! 🙂

8 years ago

YEAAYY!! Thank you thank you… I’m super glad that I win the pretty post😄 from my favorite blogger. Hyun Bin post will be a gorgeous prelude to Hyde, Jekyll and Me ❤️ Can’t wait!!

Lady G.
8 years ago
Reply to  djining

Congrats to you djining! Having a Hyun Bin post will definitely be great along with his new drama. I am eagerly awaiting it too. He is Pure Pretty, especially those dimples you can fall into, but I think he is also a very talented actor. I need to see more of his work, like his latest movie.

8 years ago
Reply to  djining

I’m so pleased that you’re happy with your win, djining!! 😀 I’m currently hard at work preparing your Pure Pretty post, and I hafta say, it’s difficult to choose among the sea of photos that Hyun Bin’s got on the interwebs! I’m doing my best to select only the very best for ya, so stay tuned! ^^

cecile lumer
cecile lumer
8 years ago

i didn’t vote, but what happened to Yoo Ai In?

8 years ago
Reply to  cecile lumer

Hi Cecile, I’m not sure I understand your question. If you’re asking why Yoo Ah In wasn’t one of the choices for Pure Pretty, it’s probably because I asked readers to only pick those who haven’t already been featured. You can check out Yoo Ah In’s Pure Pretty post here. I hope that clarifies! 🙂