A Liebster Award. Kinda. [Liebster the Ninth!]

So this morning I woke up to a comment on the blog, from fellow blogger Indigo that read, “Hi! I nominated you for Liebster Award” and I hafta confess, my first thought was, “Uh. This is spam, right?”

Coz up till today, I’d never even heard of the Liebster Award, but had made acquaintance with enough spam to make me immediately suspicious. I mean, sure, I follow Indigo’s (very nice) blog Between Wor(L)ds & she’s definitely legit. But I thought spiders had impersonated her by hijacking her identity or something, and posted something spammy on my blog. For serious, yo.

I’m usually a pretty trusting person. Unless it has to do with suspicious spammy spiders on the world wide web. (Ooh, did’ja see what I did there? That’s technically triple – ok, fine, double – alliteration, twice in a row!)

Anyway. I did some Googling, and found this helpful post, which explains the origins of the Liebster Award. Basically, it’s a way for bloggers to recognize and draw attention to other bloggers whom they admire and appreciate.. Y’know, share the love in a way that’s a bit more robust and (hopefully) more fun than a simple place on the ol’ blogroll.

So no, there is no panel of judges, nor real award. Being nominated kind of is your award, pretty much. Guess I don’t need to make space on my shelf, then. Heh.

[You can check out Indigo’s nomination post here]

In a nutshell, this is kinda like the “Draw My Life” tag or any other tag, except this has to do with blogging. And this comes with a number of specific rules, which, by the way, have evolved quite a bit over the months and years.

This pillow exists, & you can actually buy it if you click on the pic. For realz.

The rules that I will be playing by today are below. Or well, as much as I feel like playing by them, anyway, since there are no judges to enforce these rules after all. *meh-rong* to the fake non-existent judges.

The rules for receiving this award:

  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions designated by the blogger (s) who nominated you.
  • Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
  • Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  • Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

So ready or not, here we go!

11 Random Facts about Me:

  1. My mother tongue is technically Cantonese, since this was the first language I learned to speak, thanks to being cared for by my Cantonese-speaking grandmother. Let’s just say that I was traumatized upon going to school, when I realized that I didn’t understand anyone nor did anyone seem to understand me.
  2. I was painfully shy as a child. It might’ve had something to do with the trauma of not speaking the same language as other kids.
  3. I’m the eldest of 3 girls. So yes, I’m the Unnie. One of my sisters blogs too, actually. Not about kdrama – I’ve got that covered enough for the whole family – but about beauty and wellness, with special attention to Japanese products since she’s based in Tokyo. You can pay her a visit here.
  4. I love animals. Love cats, love dogs. And I have a special weakness for pugs.

    Meet Cookie. She’s a girl. She’s bossy. She’s a princess. And she rules our house.

  5. The children’s book I’m writing is about my dog Cookie. Well. I was writing it diligently until I started blogging. I really need to get back to it.
  6. I have a weakness for high heels, and have a beautiful shoe cupboard as tall as a door frame, filled with shoes, to prove it. But I haven’t been wearing heels much at all ever since I fractured my foot last February. They’re still pretty to look at though.
  7. My mother used to teach Geography for a living. I really suck at Geography. I tell her it’s because she’s taken all the Geography genes for the next several generations.
  8. My birthday is 26th June, just one day after Hyun Bin’s and Rain’s birthdays. I only know this because my friend Michele has a way with dates that way. Look at my handsome almost-birthday buddies:
  9. I majored in English Literature and English Language at university and took as many film courses as possible coz those were the most fun. One of those modules was on writing film reviews and in preparation for the final exam, our lecturer told us to go watch a movie. What did I tell ya? The film courses were the most fun! Hopefully this also means that I’m not completely stabbing in the dark here while writing reviews for the blog 😉
  10. I play the keyboard. And I sing. Both not naturally well, but I’ve gotten better over time.
  11. I lived in Japan for a year when I was 9, thanks to my dad being posted there for work. I got mistaken for a Japanese kid a lot, thanks in part to the cold weather and the resulting rosy cheeks, but couldn’t speak any Japanese except to say, “yes,” “no,” “thank you,” “good morning,” and “I’m a foreigner.” Hey. I was 9 and that was all my dad taught me, ok?

Questions from the Nominator (Indigo):

1. What has been the hardest challenge of your blogging career? (e.g. getting people to comment, making headers, placing pictures side by side, etc)

Hm. While dealing with formatting can be frustrating too, I think the biggest challenge would have to be actually blogging regularly. I don’t write about the newsy stuff, so while other bloggers can put out several posts a day sometimes, I often go several weeks without a new post. I did try to post frequently in the beginning. Once, I managed 4 reviews in a week, but it was very stressful and I decided I shouldn’t have to suffer in order to have a blog. So now, I post when I want, on my own schedule. I like to think that what I forego in terms of quantity, I gain back in terms of quality. Hopefully.

2.  “When life gives you lemons…” Then what are you going to do with them? (you are free to be as imaginative as you like)

I actually really like lemons. I used to eat them like oranges, peeling them and eating the wedges. No, I’m not kidding. I stopped when the acid cracked my lips and made them bleed. I also like to scrape out the juicy pulp and mix the pulp of a whole lemon into a cup of plain yogurt. Delish. And did you know that a squeeze of lemon juice makes ANY salad taste better? Well, I think so, anyway.

3. What is your favourite and least favourite Asian drama cliche?

Aw. I think my favorite might be the piggy-back ride. It’s in every drama ever, but I think I’d still like to be piggy-backed by the object of my k-affection. I’m sure it feels a lot more romantic than it looks. I mean, just look at Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye here, lookin’ all happy & cozy:

My least favorite drama cliche has to be the evil mother / mother-in-law / [insert any other parental figure]. Those are always so OTT. And seriously. Someone’s gotta have nice parents, right?

4. Which Korean variety show would you like to participate in?

Honestly, seeing how so many of the stars suffer so much on so many of the k-variety shows, I can’t say I actually want to be in an episode of, say, Running Man, 1 Night 2 Days, or Barefoot Friends, though I am happy to watch others suffer on those shows.

Recently, though, I watched an episode of Hwasin coz Kim Woo Bin was guesting (have I mentioned that I recently fell head over heels in love with Kim Woo Bin?) and I actually really liked the thoughtful sharing & discussion. If I had to pick one variety show, I would pick Hwasin.

5. If you had the chance to personally slap (or punch) one drama character, then who from which drama would it be and why?

Oh. Easy peasy. It’d have to be the Evil Mother in Love Rain. It was poor, lazy writing, so really, the writers are to blame. But while watching it, I really, really wanted to throttle the Evil Mother.

Blogs I Nominate for the Liebster Award:

Well. Here’s where I am going to blatantly bend the rules.

The rules say that the nominated blog has to have fewer than 200 followers, and I honestly don’t know if some of these blogs have more than 200. But then again, the old rules apparently was for blogs with fewer than 3,000 readers. I have no clue how 3,000 readers evolved to become 200 followers. And what qualifies you as a follower? If you don’t subscribe by submitting your email address, but read the posts regularly, are you still a follower?

So I’m like, whatever. I’m going to nominate whomever I feel like nominating, so there.

In no particular order, please give it up for:

  • muchadoboutlove, who hosts The Talking Cupboard. Among lots of other great reads, she’s got some seriously amazing posts on Korean culture, which you should totally check out. [read muchadoboutlove’s response post here]
  • kakashi, who hosts The Problematic of the Unproblematic. Together with her witty minion (er, teammates), they produce the patented three-way Squee-cap for worthy shows. Kakashi also happens to be the queen of gifs. Gifs of glistening abs, shower scenes and other worthy tidbits litter the posts, so you’re in for a treat 😉 [read kakashi’s response post here]
  • pinkblossom and whitecarrot, who co-host Carrotblossom Patch. They cover lots of good stuff, from movie & drama reviews to teasers to kpop, and they’ve even starting podcasting. [read the girls’ response post here]
  • dewaanifordrama and bustered, who co-host Samsoon Down the Rabbit Hole. Check them out for thoughtful reviews, musings and first impression posts, often of current dramas. They’ve also got a kpop section.
  • Stephanie, who hosts Crazy for Kdrama, and who played an instrumental role in the origin story of this blog. Over at Crazy, Stephanie is queen of the frequent post, and covers newsy bits, kpop and drama reviews. Of course, her weekly KHottie posts have a serious following too.
  • Cherry Cordial, who hosts the Cherry Cordial blog. Cherry isn’t a frequent poster (yet?) but she’s got some gems up her sleeve. In particular, her new series, Imo & Joka Update promises to be particularly entertaining. In these posts, she will talk about her drama adventures with her niece, who is also known as The Mystical Being of Unicorns. Truly.

My Questions for the Nominees:

Finally. My turn to ask the questions! *rubs palms together gleefully* Here we go!

  1. Of all the posts you’ve written, which one are you most proud of & why?
  2. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned through blogging?
  3. If you could re-watch only one drama for the rest of time, which drama would you pick & why?
  4. If you could have one k-related superpower, what would it be?
  5. If your life were a kdrama, who would be cast as your co-star & why?

And with that, I think I’m about done, accepting my Liebster Award.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you. *bows*

Edit: May 27th, 2013, Liebster #2

So today, fellow blogger misscupcakees of A Fairytale World gifted me with a second Liebster nomination.

Wow. What an honor! I think it’s time to break out the champagne. Or at least, the really good quality iced Oolong tea.. Coz believe it or not, I like tea better than champagne.

I didn’t think you guys would want to know 11 more random facts about me, but here are a couple of extra ones, just for kicks.

A Handful of (MORE) Random Facts about Me:

  • I am technically the descendant of a drug dealer. No, seriously. When I studied Sociology in my first year in Uni, I had to do a family tree, and that’s when I found out that one of my great-grandfathers had actually run an opium den in China. How’s that, for a unique random factoid?
  • I might be part elephant. I remember random details from (sometimes) long-ago incidents that no one else around me seems to remember. Unfortunately, this talent isn’t a systematic one, so I sometimes forget important stuff, but remember other random details.
  • I might also be part camel. I like my water & I drink lots of it. I carry a water bottle with me pretty much everywhere I go. If I don’t get enough water, I feel dehydrated and tired.

But that’s enough about me. For more about me, let’s move on to the second set of Liebster questions.

Questions from misscupcakees: 

1. What was your inspiration/motivation for starting up your blog?

I started the blog on a bit of a whim, though it wasn’t a random sort of a whim.

In short, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and have always journaled my drama thoughts. When Stephanie from Crazy for Kdrama asked if I’d like to guest on her 2012 Year-In-Review series, she also asked if I had my own blog. That’s when I thought, well, maybe I should try making one?

I poked around in the spirit of experimentation, not fully expecting to actually flesh this out for real. But now, here I am, and here we are. Funny how that worked out, eh?

For the full story, you can check out the origin story of the blog here.

2. What does drama-blogging mean to you?

I started out purely wanting to give voice to my drama thoughts, of which I had plenty.

As I’ve written more reviews, though, I’ve become more conscious of wanting to give something both to readers who have yet to watch the drama, as well as readers who’ve already seen the show. So on the one hand, I aim to help readers make their drama decisions, if they haven’t seen the show, and on the other hand, I aim to provide a sensory & hopefully thought-provoking experience to those who have.

As a result, I’ve had some wonderful drama discussions with readers who’ve seen the show, and have had my own ideas challenged and expanded in the process. So I like to think that that’s made the experience of watching the show & meeting each other in the review that much richer for us all. Win-win-win? 😉

3. What is the most ludicrous drama scene that you have seen?

Hands-down, that would have to be the ridiculous scene of Lee Na Young’s face pushed up into Rain’s butt during a car chase in Fugitive: Plan B.  Sounds impossibly ludicrous? You bet. Did it actually happen? Yessiree.

Here’s proof:

Who even dreams up these things?? Wasn’t it, y’know, awkward?? What does one say to your co-star after filming a scene like that? “I’m sorry?” or “Is your nose alright?” or “Your butt’s too muscular, it hurt my face?”

Was the face-to-butt scene stipulated in the contract?? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty certain Lee Na Young did not expect to find her face in Rain’s butt when she signed on for the show.

4. Who is your all-time favourite OTP and why?

I think it would have to be Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na from Queen In-hyun’s Man. Firstly, their characters overcome time and space to fulfill their love. I’d say you pretty much can’t get any more epic than that. Secondly, they fell for each other in Real Life, so that just ups the magic of their OTP pairing. D’awwwwz.. ♥

5. If you could write up your own drama, what would the summarised plot be?

I think Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil is such a badass character in Chuno. AND, I think Jang Hyuk rocks the goatee & mane of glory. So much. AND, I think he does clean up real nice in a suit. (Yes, I do have a fairly robust crush on Jang Hyuk).

So, in my drama, Dae Gil would time-travel to the present and wear a sharp suit while retaining his mane of glory. Kinda like this:

He’d learn to live life as an ordinary modern citizen by day, and prowl the city by night, fighting injustice and taking down baddies, still wielding his trusty blade from Chuno, and still wearing the same badass schmexy smirk. Swooonn~~ ♥

Can someone please make that drama? Pretty please?

Final Thoughts:

Here’s the part where I say something brilliant and original, to cap my second Liebster acceptance speech. But then, you know what they say sometimes. Originality can be overrated.

So in conclusion, saranghae, y’all.. Thanks for all the love. Really ♥

Edit: May 30th, 2013, Liebster #3

Ok, wow. Today, the lovely mary from Kdrama Laws gifted me with my third official Liebster. And this isn’t even counting the fabulously fun Non-Liebster that the brilliant Mad Dino (sunbae!!) let me be part of!

In her nomination, mary sorta-kinda-maybe mentioned enjoying my posts of shirtless men on this blog, so mary, this is for you:

You’re welcome 😉

And now that we’ve got the really important stuff settled, here are my responses to mary’s set of questions.

Questions from mary: 

1. What name or nickname can I call you?

Everyone in the dramaverse pretty much calls me either kfangirl, or kfangurl, or the latest, KFG. (kinda like the KGB, but cuter, I like to think).. You can call me whatever you want. Even Purveyor of Delicious Shirtless K-Men. Heh.

2. What is your favorite Kdrama Law?

The one where every 2nd generation chaebol prince is dashing & good-looking, and will eventually fall head over heels for an ordinary girl who will, of course, reform his character flaws, and they then live happily ever after. It’s inevitable, coz it is the law.

3. If you are the answer, what is the question?

Q: Who in the dramaverse persists in writing the longest, most monstrous drama reviews?

A: kfangurl. She got sucked in and now she just can’t stop. #TrueStory

4. Plants or Zombies? Why?

Easy. Plants, coz plants are cute and nutritious and give you nice skin. Zombies are less nutritious. Or so I’m told.

5. If you were married to Lee Min Ho, why would you divorce him?

To date Gong Yoo. Or Kim Woo Bin. ♥ Yes. I have a one-track fangirl mind. 😉

I also want to say, yes, the Liebster is getting bandied about lately with increasing regularity in the drama blogosphere, and yes, it can sometimes maybe look like just a bunch of words.

But y’know what? I still like to play. Coz behind the words is a genuine affection and sincere sentiment among all the bloggers and readers in the dramaverse. And it is really cool that we’re getting to know more and more about one another as we engage in our Liebsters.

So thanks, y’all, for letting me play. HUGS FOR EVERYONE!! ♥

And with that, I’m kinda done, accepting my third & very precious Liebster. *blows kisses*

Edit: June 1st, 2013, Liebster #4

Omo! I so did not see this coming! This morning, I woke up to find that my friend Michele from Your Daily K-Shot of Hot had nominated me for my fourth official Liebster. And that’s not counting the honorary Liebster that the lovely BetsyHp & I cheerily gave each other either! You can witness our momentous mutual award-giving if you scroll down to the comments section here. ^^

If there’s one thing you need to know about Michele, it’s that she loves Rain. Like, really, really lurves Rain. Which means that no thank you / acceptance speech (post?) that has anything to do with Michele would be complete without something like this:

I hope that was up to snuff, Michele 😉

So now, on to the questions! Thankfully, Michele only asked 2, so here we go!

Questions from Michele: 

1. If a K-star (drama or pop) were to climb through your window to spend the evening with you, who would it be and why?

Well now. I have to confess that I have a completely unfair advantage when it comes to this question. Coz I’ve been spazzing endlessly to Michele about a dream I had, where a certain someone climbed through my window and settled down for cuddles and a very lovely heart-to-heart conversation.

Yes, it was Kim! Woo! Bin! Eeeee! ♥

The thing is, I hadn’t yet fallen in love with him when I had the dream.. I actually fell in love with him after I woke up. Maybe my brain’s just slow to catch up to my heart or something.

So to answer the question, I’d like to have him climb through my window again, for more cuddles and heart-to-heart chit-chat. And this time, it’ll be even more swoony coz now I actually know that I’m completely head over heels in love with him.

In the dream, he promised that he’d come again, as long as I keep my window open. And since I’m keeping my window open every night now, I’m sure he’ll keep that promise 😉

2. If you could switch places with any female lead character, who would it be and in which drama?

I want to be Gil Da Ran in Big. I’d be less ditzy, of course. And I’d still get to be serenaded by Gong Yoo on a frying pan:

And of course, I’d get to be kissed by him too:

Swooonn~~  THUNK.

What did I tell ya? I have a one-track fangirl mind!! (see Q5 in the 3rd set of Liebster questions above)

My One Nominee:

So far, with the additional Liebsters that I’ve been so sweetly and so graciously given, I’ve avoided adding more nominees to my list, coz I kinda felt like I really should leave some worthy nominees for other nominators too.

But today, I’d like to throw that reservation to the wind (just coz I can!) and nominate my sweet friend Eye Candy, who hosts All That Drama with her partner in crime, Miss D. I confess that I haven’t quite made Miss D’s acquaintance as yet, but any friend of Eye Candy’s gotta be good people 😉

I love spazzing with Eye Candy coz she’s got such a light and energetic vibe about her, and it totally spills out into her posts. Check out the ladies’ playground for drama and movie reviews and other interesting posts. They’re even going to start recapping soon, woot!

As for questions to answer, Eye Candy & Miss D, please scroll up to my original Liebster post and there you’ll find 5 questions waiting for ya.

Would you play nice & answer them all, pretty please? And don’t forget the 11 random facts either! 😉

[Read the ladies’ fun response post here!]

And that, folks, wraps up my acceptance speech for my surprise Liebster. *waves & bows*

Edit: June 2nd, 2013, Liebster #5

Wow. I was stunned this morning when I woke up and found that my friend missienelly from My Myooz had gifted me with my fifth official Liebster.

I’m still speechless, really. I don’t know what to say, except, how awesome are my friends in the dramaverse, to shower me with so much love? ♥

One thing you should know about Nelly is that she’s got a big heart. She was one of the first people who said hello when I first dipped my toes into the twitter-verse, and she was so warm and friendly that I felt welcome right away.

In that big heart of hers, Nelly’s got room for lots of k-loves, but I know that she’s got a special spot for Kim Hyun Joong. So Nelly, this is for you:

I hope you like it 😉

And now, onward, to Nelly’s questions. Thankfully, there are again, only 2.

Questions from missienelly:

1. What is your favorite sageuk drama? And why?

I really had to think about this one, coz there are several sageuks that I really love. I shortlisted The Princess’ Man, Tree With Deep Roots, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, The Return of Iljimae and even Sungkyunkwan Scandal (yes, this one is technically a cheat shortlist, coz SKKS is fusion after all).

In the end, I had to go with Arang and the Magistrate, coz it’s got such a lovingly detailed fantasy world, and our OTP is equally matched in terms of charisma, strength and wit. I love both Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah, and they are so, so fantastic in this.

2. Did anyone complain that you’re watching too much drama? Who did? And how did you justify it to them?

Hm. Not really, no. I don’t have a husband nor a significant other (yet? at the moment?) to complain about time taken away.

When my youngest sister remarks about my kdrama watching, it’s mostly in envy coz she doesn’t have time for it herself. And my mother doesn’t complain either, since I’m the one supplying her with her kdrama fixes.

I guess this makes the second part of the question a non-issue, heh.

For those of you who do experience relationship problems caused by kdrama, though, I found this helpful lesson:

I kid. I just put that in there coz it’s Gong Yoo ♥

And with that, I’m done accepting this 5th and completely out-of-the-blue Liebster.

Thanks for being so awesome, y’all. ♥

Edit: June 3rd, 2013, Liebster #6

You know, when Orion (who hosts Orion’s Ramblings) tweeted me last night about expecting another Liebster, I honestly thought she was pulling my leg; ribbing me for, y’know, repeatedly pimping this post on Twitter for every update that I’ve done.

But this morning, when I woke up, I found that it was for realz, people. Orion did gift me with my sixth official Liebster.

And that floors me, seriously. And it rendered me pretty much speechless too.

You see, much as I enjoy Orion’s friendly wit and extreme intelligence, she terrifies me a (teeny-tiny) little bit, honestly. Why, you might ask? Well, coz Orion is one exceedingly sharp and discerning lady. She won’t stand for any nonsense nor any bullsh*t, and is a straight-shooter who tells it like it is.

So to be gifted a Liebster from Orion is a stamp of approval that I don’t take lightly. Thank you, Orion-nim!

One of the things you should know about Orion (besides the fact that she’s a really warm person beneath the razor-sharp snark & wit) is that she has a great deal of respect for Lee Bum Soo.

So this, Orion, is for you: a little spotlight on the very talented Lee Bum Soo:

This here, peeps, is a very talented and dedicated actor, and he’s got a good bunch of dramas – and even more movies – under his belt. Definitely check him out. And if you haven’t seen History of the Salaryman, you should totally make some time for it. It’s funny, it’s different, and it’s sometimes outright hysterical. And he’s excellent in it.

Now, on to the Liebster questions!

Questions from Orion:

1. What kind of posts do you wish you had more of in your blog or what kind of topics do you wish you talked more about and what is stopping you from doing it?

I guess I wish I could write more reviews.

I’d always intended this blog to be mostly reviews-driven, and when I started this, I imagined that I would churn out reviews covering all the dramas I’d ever seen since I got on the kdrama train. To date, I’ve watched about 140 dramas, but as I type this, there are just 30 reviews on this blog, if you don’t count my 2012 Year-In-Review.

What’s stopping me? Time. As I’ve settled into blogging, I’ve gotten sucked into the habit of writing epic reviews which are monstrously long. And while it gives me satisfaction to break down the working parts of a show and analyze each gear and piston, it does take a long time to write a single review. Nelly mentioned in her Liebster post that you need to put aside 30 minutes to read my reviews. Heh. So true. And also, it takes me many, many times of 30 minutes to write one of these suckers, and I just don’t have the time to write as many as I would like, nor go back and beef up my earlier reviews which now seem sparse in comparison to my more recent ones.

Ah well. It’s too bad the time machine that took over the dramaverse in 2012 isn’t available to me.. So for now, it’s onward ho, everyone! To the future!

2. If there was a zombie/monster/alien apocalypse and you could only take 5 actors/actresses (not characters) with you to fight by your side, who would you choose and why? 

This is going to be a multi-pronged approach against the zombies/monsters/aliens. First, we try to get the zombies/monsters/aliens on our side. So we start with:

Yoon Si Yoon – coz he’s great at making friends with random strangers even when he doesn’t speak their language. You would know this if you’ve seen him in Barefoot Friends. [“Poland? I LOVE POLAND!” could probably translate quite well to “Jupiter? I LOVE JUPITER!”]

Kim Woo Bin – coz he has almost alien-like features. Javabeans said so, and it’s true. He’d make the aliens feel more welcome, coz they’d feel right at home. (I still love you, Woobie ♥)

Gong Yoo – coz he’s proven that he’s friendly to all, whether they are man, woman, or alien. I figure that would make him a good alien ambassador.

Shin Min Ah – coz her charm is so universal that I bet even the aliens would approve. Plus, if it comes down to actually having to fight them, she’s a kickass, gung-ho, hands-on kind of girl.

And yes, if it does come down to that, then we’d need:

Jang Hyuk – coz he holds a black belt in Jeet Kune Do and kicks serious ass. He would take them all down.

3. Say you had a ticket like the one in ‘Last Action Hero‘. Which 5 kdrama moments would you enter and be a part of (without changing them)? You can choose movies.

I. The scene where the Eye Candy boys in Shut Up Flower Boy Band get back on stage for this performance. Watching this just catapults me into their world. Being there would be even more awesome:

II. I’d want to be part of the crowd here, in Gaksital. Without being too spoilery, let’s just say that this moment is completely stirring and inspiring, and just watching it on my screen brought tears to my (usually pretty dry) eyes. Being there would be so epic:

III. I’d want to be at the epic golf course war in History of a Salaryman, complete with epic music score and slo-mo golf-club violence. It’s too bizarre a scene to pass up the chance to live it:

Review: History of the Salaryman

IV: I loved the scene in What’s Up? where Jo Jung Suk’s character sings in the auditorium, thinking he’s alone. I’d love to be there to watch him sing:

V. This one’s not one scene in particular, but I’d like to be in any of the restaurant scenes in Fermentation Family. The food always looked amazing and the kimchi looked so exotic and mouth-watering; I’d want to be there, to actually taste it. YUM.

4. Which type of kdrama male lead/boyfriend or female lead/girlfriend do you choose? What kind of Prince/ss Charming do you go for? I’m talking character, not looks.

I want my own Choi Han Gyul (Coffee Prince), coz he would love me for who I am (even if I were an alien). And I love that he’d look at me with smitten delight, just for being me. ♥

5. Since most of us try not to swear much when we blog, but swearing is part of my culture and even way of expressing love, give me your 5 favorite/most used swear-words. You can use stars to keep it clean. 😛

This is a tough question for me, coz I actually don’t really swear much at all. Ok, maybe when I’m really, really ticked off, a “DAMMIT!” might slip out, but otherwise it’s just not my habit to swear.

I remember, though, when my youngest sister was about 8 years old and used to sleepwalk, that she once turned around, scowled and yelled at us (yes, while sleepwalking), “You fried egg!”

I thought that was hysterical and quite brilliant, so here, I give you my best attempt at a creative insult instead: “Don’t judge me for not swearing, you rotten, repugnant, insufferable monstrosity of chicken spawn. You’re fowl, I say. Fowl.

And with that folks, it’s with a bit of relief that I close this particular Liebster acceptance speech. Coz as you’ve seen, Orion simply does not ask easy questions. Nuh-uh. But she’s awesome, as are all of you ♥

*blows kisses*

Edit: June 7th, 2013, Liebster #7

Those of you who are familiar with the origin story of this blog know how much I respect Dnoella of KDramaGuk and how much I enjoy her writing. (Hint: a lot.)

Back in the days when it never even crossed my mind that I would ever have a blog of my own, I used to stalk Dnoella’s blog for reviews of shows that I was contemplating watching, and also of shows that I’d already watched. Coz not only does her taste seem to buck trends in the way that my own taste sometimes bucks trends, she has always been a genuine pleasure to read. Witty, insightful, expressive and often laugh-out-loud funny, her reviews have brought me so much enjoyment and delight.

I was supremely disappointed when she stopped posting regularly (Real Life can be such a pain that way), and I have greedily inhaled any and every post that she’s managed to write since then.

So imagine my delight when her Liebster post popped up in my Reader 2 days ago. I was like, “Yessss!! A new post!!”

And then imagine my complete, utter stunned astonishment when I got to her nomination section and found that she’d gifted me with my seventh official Liebster. Wow. My jaw dropped to the floor, seriously.

What an honor. And what a surreal moment.

It’s taken me 2 whole days to gather myself together enough to tackle Dnoella’s Liebster questions.

Now, without further ado, here we go!

Questions from Dnoella:

1. You are the director and I am a producer with money to throw at your dream project. Pitch me a kdrama scenario with your fantasy kdrama cast, sky’s the limit: lead actor, lead actress, supporting actor and actress, and two peripheral castmembers.

Well, y’all already know I’d like to see Dae-Gil (Jang Hyuk) from Chuno time travel to the future (see Liebster #2, Q5 above). He’d rock the suit & mane of glory by day (so hawt), and prowl the city by night with his Chuno blade in hand and panther gaze in place. Certainly, there’d be occasion for him to go shirtless too:

He’d be searching for General Choi (Han Jung Soo) and Wang Son (Kim Ji Suk), who, unlike him, haven’t time traveled to the present, but have reincarnated their way here and therefore don’t remember him. (What, this is kdrama, right? Anything can happen *shrug*)

In line with their dreams while living as slave hunters, General Choi is now a farmer living a quiet life, while Wang Son is now living it up as the chaebol prince of a hotel-casino conglomerate (Ha).

When Dae Gil finds General Choi and Wang Son, they rekindle their bromance (one major arc of the story) and start to prowl the streets together (the second major arc), fighting baddies and taking them down together as the dream team that they’re destined to be.

Wang Son still takes care of the group’s meals, and his complaints are louder and more aggravated than ever, “What, I’m a chaebol prince now, and I STILL GOTTA COOK?!?”

Playing Dae Gil’s leading lady would not be Lee Da Hae, coz that’s been done to death already. Instead, we’d have the wonderful Shin Min Ah, who would be the feisty, strong, streetwise girl who knows Dae Gil’s secret and helps to protect him while keeping him in line. They probably do bicker their way to romance, and I can’t find a single thing wrong with that.

Dae Gil would smirk at her, and she’d smirk right back at him, then raise her fist:

Eventually she’ll break down all his defenses, of course. Coz who can resist Shin Min Ah?

General Choi’s quiet stoic charm has always been massively irresistible to women, and this time is no exception. He will finally meet his love match in Wang Son’s no-nonsense hotel business manager, played by Kim Sun Ah:

Playing resident baddie would be Kim Gab Soo, just because he’s brilliant at being calm yet chilling:

To top it all off, we would get an extended cameo by Jung Il Woo, coz if you’ve seen the first 10 minutes of The Return of Iljimae, you’d know that he’s immortal and kicks ass even in the present:

While also rocking the modern mane of glory:

Now, tell me that isn’t the most awesome, kickass scenario you’ve ever heard? I would totally watch that drama!

2. If you could substitute yourself as the heroine/hero of any drama, who would you replace?

Does it count if I say I want to be Shin Min Ah in the drama I just described above? Coz it sounds totally awesome 😉

3. Where would you like to go on vacation (besides South Korea) and why?

Dang. How did you know I wanted to go to South Korea? Um. Possibly Europe, coz I’ve not been.. Or maybe New Zealand, coz I have been, and it was lovely.

Yeah, that sounds like a lame answer coz it totally is. My top pick would actually be to go to Korea. And eat lots and lots of kimchi. And Korean BBQ pork. Yum.

4. When you aren’t watching kdramas, what are you up to?

Besides working (occasionally), you’d find me playing music, singing, taking voice lessons. And now blogging. Oh, and taking care of Her Royal Highness, Princess Cookie (see above).

5. What is your favorite movie (doesn’t have to be K-related)?

My favorite movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally. I’ve watched it countless times, and it never gets old for me. It’s funny, witty and so well-written. And well-acted. If you’ve never seen it, you’re totally missing out.

And that, my friends, ends my acceptance speech for this very special surprise Liebster.

Thanks for stickin’ with me, through all 7 of these. You know you guys rawk ♥

Edit: June 15th, 2013, Liebster #8

I honestly thought my magic Liebster number was #7, so imagine my surprise when my sweet nominees Eye Candy and Miss D, over at All That Drama, gifted me with my eighth official Liebster.

How sweet are they, to think of me? ♥

It’s taken me 6 whole days to start on my response, mostly coz I’ve been busy working on my review of Flower Boy Next Door. And Real Life’s been hectic too. But here I am, and I’m a-ready to tackle their Liebster questions!

Before we do that, though, I thought it’d be fun to mention the ladies’ answers to my Liebster question, “If your life were a kdrama, who would be cast as your co-star & why?”

I found these really cute pix of each of their picks for co-star, each suitably welcoming from the bedroom. *cough*

Here is Miss D’s pick, Kim Soo Hyun.

Doesn’t he look all sweet and romantic, smiling over those rose petals and tea lights? Aw.

Also, I’m really loving how his features are literally changing before our eyes. He’s definitely moving from boyish to manly territory,  and he’s gettin’ hot in a pretty serious way.

But, I shan’t say anything further, since in this post he’s all Miss D’s. 😉

And now, we have Eye Candy’s pick, Song Joong Ki.

Dontcha just love how he’s all lounging in bed half-dressed, in his boxers, with a box of Froot Loops??

I can just imagine him giving Eye Candy a case of the “Melt, you’re so hawt.. But seriously, Stop. Littering. The. Bed. With. Froot. Loops!!” XD

Giggle. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Now, onward, to the ladies’ Liebster questions!

Questions from Miss D and Eye Candy:

1. What is one feature you wish you could add to your blog and why?

I gave this question careful consideration, and my answer is: touch technology. Yep, that’s what I want for my blog.

It would be especially useful and appreciated for my K-Love Confession series, not just by me, but by all my readers, I’m sure.

I mean, seriously. Imagine being able to reach into your screen and touch this:

‘Nuff said, right?


2. What were you doing before you watched kdramas?

Before kdramas came along, I watched mostly American TV. I liked watching Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and American Idol. I also enjoyed some Oprah and some Ellen.

Now that I’ve got my plate full of kdrama, though, I couldn’t tell you a single thing about what’s going on with those shows anymore.

3. What show ending do you wish you could re-write and how would you?

It’d have to be Flower Boy Next Door, actually.

I thought about this question pretty hard, and even skimmed through my mental list of all the dramas that I’ve ever watched, just to make sure that I wasn’t giving a convenient answer here, since FBND’s fresh in my mind from having just written the review.

Even though I’ve watched quite a few shows with less than satisfactory endings, I really do think it’s Flower Boy Next Door that most deserves a differently written ending.

Why? Coz to my mind, it was pretty awesome for about two-thirds of its run, and only really faltered in the last one-third. I’d re-write the ending to make it awesome all the way through, so that I can love it as a whole.

Since I’ve written at length about what I’d like to be different about the show’s ending, you can check out my detailed answer here. I thought it’d be spoilery – not to mention repetitive – to detail everything here as well.

And with that, I’m done accepting my surprise Liebster. *bows*

Thanks, y’all, for staying with me through #8! ♥

Edit: August 15th, 2013, Liebster #9

So I really, really thought that my Liebster season was over with #8, but just the other day, my dear friend bimbobunny, who co-hosts K-Drama Wonderland with her partner-in-crime Dora, popped by out of the blue and gifted me with my ninth official Liebster. Wow. Thank you for thinking of me! ♥

I’m extra happy to receive this Liebster nomination coz it actually marks the end of bimbobunny’s hiatus – woot!

See, I really enjoy chatting and spazzing with bimbobunny coz she’s got an infectious positive energy which I love. So when she disappeared off the face of the k-blogosphere early this year without a word of warning (wags finger at bimbobunny), I was really bummed.

So, imagine my delight when she magically reappeared the other day. Bimbobunny – found!

And then imagine how that delight doubled when she dropped the Liebster announcement on me. Bimbobunny – BACK. PROPERLY. Naise.

Oh, another thing you might like to know about bimbobunny is that she has a immense soft spot for Won Bin. So bimbobunny, this is for you. A little bit of lovely Won Bin:


Uh. Where were we? Right. Liebster questions. Got it.

Ready or not, off we go!

Questions from bimbobunny:

1. What are your dreams for the future?

I want to settle into my secret superhero identity and change the world.

Stylishly, of course.

2. What influenced and made you want to start blogging?

This blog was started very much as an experiment, and on a whim at that, in response to a question that got me thinking. Sounds funny, I know. You can check out the origin story of the blog here.

In terms of influence, the design of this blog to be reviews-driven has a lot to do with Dnoella’s blog KDramaGuk. In the sea of k-related blogs, hers stood out to me as a nicely organized collection of reviews, and I really liked that. I loved reading her reviews, and felt inspired to write my own.

Of course, I also really enjoy reading Dramabeans as well. Javabeans and Girlfriday made writing about dramas look like so much fun that I felt inspired to put pen to paper – well, fingers to keyboard, in this case – and throw my 2 cents into the blogosphere too.

3. What is your greatest accomplishment in life… so far?

Wow. This could be answered so many ways.

Today, though, I choose to answer it in the context of an actual physical adventure.

I am pretty chuffed to be able to actually say that I have climbed Mt. Kinabalu, the 20th most prominent mountain in the world. All 13,435ft (4,095m) of it.

I’m reminded how surreal it was to walk through clouds during our ascent, and then to finally stand at the summit, with a whole range of smaller mountains behind me, and a sea of fluffy clouds below me.

Check out the awesome:

If you squint really hard, you’ll see me in the picture. [Nah.. I kid. I’m not in this picture.]

4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I’d want to be more athletic and sporty. Yeah, I know that sounds really incongruous after my answer to the last question. But honestly, I climbed that mountain mostly out of peer pressure, not because I actually love mountain climbing.

If I could change one thing about myself, it’d be to enjoy sports more. And, well, possibly be a female ninja while I’m at it:

Yes, I colored her hair blue on purpose. 😉

5. Any final words?

Only that growing up and growing old don’t have to be the same thing. So keep on growing up, y’all. Just don’t grow old.

And with that, I’m officially done, receiving my out-of-the-blue, cherry-on-top Liebster. *bows*

Thanks for sticking with me, through all nine of these, y’all.

Saranghae ♥ ♥ ♥


For even more Liebster goodness, check out my second round of Liebsters here.

118 thoughts on “A Liebster Award. Kinda. [Liebster the Ninth!]

  1. Sabina

    This is one heckuva post <3 ! I only found it today and read it with great pleasure 🙂

    I've always seen you as the great puppeteer (like someone who just pulls the strings from behind the curtain but never takes the stage) writing reviews about our favourite shows, but now I got to learn a couple of things about you as well 🙂 I gotta say, being the great-granddaughter of a drug dealer is somehow impressive 😀 Good thing you chose the more peaceful way through life :)))

    Congratulations on all the nominations and prizes you won and, even though I can't compare you with other bloggers since your blog is the only one I know, I'll give my humble opinion and say that you fully deserve them and even more 😉

    Awesome post 😀 <3 !

    1. kfangurl

      Hehehe! Isn’t it a monster of a post? XD Of course, I wrote it in stages, since the nominations kept on coming in, and I just kept editing the post to add on more sections. YAY that you enjoyed the read, and YES, you definitely know something about me now. Maybe more than you might ever need to know! XD And thank you, I think it’s weirdly cool too, to be the descendant of a drug dealer. Not many people can say that, I think! XD

      Aw, thanks for your sweet words, Sabina! 😀 I can only say, I’m so happy that you picked this blog to come to, out of all the others that you could’ve chosen. I enjoy our chats a lot, and would’ve been sad if you didn’t end up finding me! ^^

      1. Sabina

        Must’ve been some sort of fate because I only started watching intensely (bluntly put, obsessing over :))) ) kdramas after finding your blog. After a break of some years, I watched Heirs and left me unsatisfied and I started looking for other people’s opinions on the show and found you. I kinda fell in love with your reviews 😛 and only continued to watch dramas you recommended just to get to read the reviews as well 😀 (take it as it is, not a compliment, but a truth 😉 )

        It was nice reading about your motivations on starting this blog in the first place and about your seonsaeng-nims 🙂

        I must’ve said this a couple of times before, but thanks for replying to my comments 😀 ! I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of concentration, attention and dedication one needs to keep such a blog running. I find it difficult to even watch dramas, let alone manage to do what you do on regular basis 😛 (I’m still keeping this formal register for some reason 😛 only let it slip a bit in my comment on Hotel King :))) I tend to curse a bit… 😀 )

        1. kfangurl

          Wowww~ That is quite possibly the best compliment I’ve received, ever! 😀 That is so mind-blowing and so awesome, that you continued to watch dramas SO THAT you could read the reviews on this blog! I’m so chuffed & feel super special right now, so thank you for sharing that!! <3

          If there's one thing I've learned about the blogosphere, it's that people come and go. I mean, I totally get that people have to re-prioritize at various points in their lives, but that hasn't made the goodbyes any less sad for me. One of my big influences in starting this blog, Dnoella, has retired her blog. I know she's too busy to keep it going, but I do feel sad that I won't be able to read any new reviews from her, nor chat about shows with her.

          One of the big reasons I keep blogging, is because of all the friends I've made during my blogging journey. It's too overwhelming a thought, to say goodbye to everyone. That, and I've also grown very fond of this space. This blog's my baby, in many ways. 🙂 Which is why, even though the way I write may continue to evolve (my newer reviews tend to be much shorter than some of my older ones. Unless the show's VERY special), I plan to find ways to adapt the way I write, to keep making it possible to keep this space going. So here's to many more chats with ya, my dear! <3

          1. Sabina

            Well, I was being honest 🙂 I think your writing is splendid and you have very insightful eyes when it comes to korean cinematography. I only recently learned that your knowledge extends to other asian countries’ cinematography as well (like Nirvana in fire). But I guess once you have the basics, you can easily play and spin through everything cinema is 😛

            Internet is like real life. I’ve had friends come and go, people I thought were everything to me yesterday ended up being mere acquaintances today. I’m always sad, but life keeps on rolling 😛
            And regarding Dnoella, I’d like to read her work as well. I’ve seen a couple of links in this article, but haven’t yet had the time to check them out 😛 I’ll do so as soon as my work eases up a bit 😉

            And as for you blogging career, please keep it up 😀 ! I’d be so sad if you were to quit… And I am pretty sure all your virtual friends share my feelings 😉 Keep on evolving cause we’ll be here to cheer you on 😀 <3

            Have a lovely week 😀 !

            1. kfangurl

              You’re right.. once you have some appreciation of film and how it’s made etc, it pretty much can be applied across the board, with small tweaks. I took a couple of Film & Drama modules while in uni, and that’s pretty much my base for when I write reviews for this space. I don’t delve so deeply into the cinematography discussion now, but there were a few reviews where I spent some time talking a bit about that. In scaling down the reviews to a more manageable sort of format, I’ve chosen to go much lighter on the technical bits, unless it’s particularly relevant 🙂

              It’s so true, that Real Life is the same way, with people coming and going. It’s sad, but like you said, life goes on. 🙂 Dnoella’s a treat to read, she’s got a lovely way with words. I totally recommend checking out some of her reviews. Ah, she’s got reviews of older shows up, which works out great, since I mostly don’t have the time to review older shows unless I’m watching them now. 😛 And since we were talking about your watch of Pasta, you might be interested in her review of the show, which you can find here. 🙂

              Thanks for the encouragement to keep going with the blog, my dear <3 I plan to keep going for as long as I can, even if it means mostly shorter reviews! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi Chris, welcome to the blog, it’s great to meet you! 🙂 Yeah, this post turned out to be quite the monster, didn’t it? That’s why I labeled it as where to go for more than you might ever need to know about me, lol XD Thanks for your kind words – it’s always an encouragement to know someone’s enjoying the posts! Lookin’ forward to seeing you around! ^^

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  4. evez

    Kfangirl Jjang…i am sorry for my ignorance honestly i have never read the whole thing yet about this Liebster thing?…how does this one go?…can a regular visitor like me be able to vote?…or this Liebster thing is for blogger only?…

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I was completely confused too, when I first heard of it! It’s basically for bloggers to nominate other bloggers whom they enjoy, sort of to share the love and direct their readers to other worthy blogs. There’s no voting system.. Once you’re nominated, you get to receive the award by answering the questions asked, and following the guidelines provided, like nominating 5 more blogs, for instance. Although there’s no voting, it’s a great chance to blog-surf and check out other blogs that you may not have known about before 🙂

      1. evez

        ..awww!thanks for the info Kfangirl you simply are Jjang!…how i wish i’m a blogger myself heh?…but it’s not my thing and i leave to you and to your fellow blogger hahaha!…just wanted to know if somehow a non-blogger like me be able to nominate you..and i did have great chances of finding some and thanks to you…<3 😉

        1. kfangurl

          Aw! That’s so sweet of you, evez, to want to nominate me! ❤ I’ll tuck away your nomination as a feel-good bonus, in my mental treasure box ^^ And yes, surfing Liebster posts is a great way to discover blogs, especially newer ones that you might not have known about otherwise. You probably wouldn’t love every single blog you find, but you just might stumble on a hidden gem. And exploring new corners of the blogosphere is half the fun 😉

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  7. bimbobunny

    OMO! That picture of Won Bin *dead*

    I broke the one rule that I never like to do which is search up the celebritys and their personal lives and I did with Won Bin just this morning and my heart was torn to a million pieces when I saw he was off the markets. First Go Soo and now Won Bin, oh my gosh someone please find me a man now ;__: HA.

    Your answers were awesome expecially your first one xD Classy much? ;P Also, that’s so COOL of you to climb that mountain, I will make it a mission in life to do something as extreme as that one day, of course after I finish my silly degree >.> Oh the struggles of being a Uni student.

    Also, Your final words? Legendary, I absolutely adored it. Like seriously, you have no idea how wonderful I found your answer to it xD dattebayo! ^^ Awesome answers girrrrl <3

    1. kfangurl

      Hee. I’m glad you like the picture. I thought it was quite sublime myself ;D And yes, Won Bin is now officially taken. Although, in your fantasies and dreams, he’s still all yours. That’s MY rule, and I like it, heh.

      Yay that you enjoyed my answers, bimbobunny!! 😀 Yes, definitely put climbing a mountain on your list of things to do.. It’s quite an experience, and I’m glad I did it, even though I was admittedly a bit skeptical of the whole thing when I was being coerced into it..! Ha.

      My final words are words that I live by, and I’m glad you like ’em too! There are side effects to this, though, which I feel is only fair to share with you. When you choose not to grow old, a lot of your friends will outgrow you in the process of THEM growing old. As a result, I have many more friends who are way younger than me, and only a handful of friends my own age. And with time, even some of these younger friends will outgrow you, as THEY grow old. The key is to really only look at age as a number. Quit caring what age your friends are, as long as you get each other and get along. Another key is, try to convince your friends that growing old is overrated. Hopefully they’ll decide they won’t grow old either 😉

  8. bimbobunny

    I love your answers, they’re oh so explanatory and as lengthy as they are; it’s interesting to see how much stuff we have in common LOL. Such a great read ^^

    Keep them coming xD

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks for reading! The fun of the Liebster really IS getting to know one another better! ^^

      This post grew much larger than I could have ever imagined, tbh.. And now, it’s gonna grow some more, thanks to you! ;D I promise to get on that soon-ish. This week is turning out to be busier than I expected. I hope to have the post updated before the end of the week – and I’ll be sure to pop on over to let you know when it is! <3

  9. Lady G.

    This is a monster of a drama. You got time travelers, reincarnations and descendants from the first one all running around modern day Korea doing all kinds of craziness. 50 episodes would be good! 81…I could watch a cast like this for hundreds of episodes. Like an American TV show you never want to end.

    1. kfangurl

      YES! A monster of a drama!! And what an awesome monster it’s turning out to be!! XD We have got EVERYONE and their descendants taking modern day Seoul by storm! LOVE IT!! XD Definitely, we’d need the high episode count to give everyone the screen time they deserve. A full-length sageuk – except this time, it isn’t a sageuk anymore! Lol!

      [SPOILER ALERT!] As for Tae Ha.. I interpreted his act of not going to Qing territory with Eonnyeon and the Royal Successor to indicate that he was too weak and injured to do so, and probably died after sending off his wife with the child. Given his fiercely loyal character, I believe that nothing short of death would have prevented him from fulfilling his mission of protecting the child. I believe that his words to Eonnyeon, about not being able to leave the land coz he owes it too much, is just his way of helping Eonnyeon to cope with his death.

      1. Lady G.

        Hmm, interesting. I remember that line too. But your theory makes sense. Now I’m very sad about the whole thing. So in the end Eonnyeon was alone. Well…I think Daegil’s boys better build some extra rooms in their new home on the land. They might get some unexpected visitors. lol J/K. But I can see that, them taking her and the baby prince in. Daegil wound up dying to protect her and the baby too. If Tae Ha did die, then Daegil would have wanted her to be safe. Or them accompanying her to the new Territory.

        And we never know if Tae Ha didn’t leave a descendant. Who knows if she finds out on the new journey that she’s carrying his child? Hmm, I want a part 2! But it would not be the same without Daegil and Tae Ha. What a rich, vibrant story Chuno is. I wish it were a book.

        1. kfangurl

          What a great point!! Eonnyeon could TOTALLY have found herself pregnant after his death! That is EXACTLY how we’ll have it. Now we can go back to your original idea of having Tae Ha’s descendant being all unprincipled so that Dae Gil can whip him into shape to make his great-granddaddy proud! ^^

          Much as I agree Gen Choi & Wang Son would have taken Eonnyeon in, her job was to bring the child to Qing territory and we know from the final voiceover that he stayed there until a change in power and the new king absolved him from exile. I imagine Eonnyeon would have dedicated her life to caring for him, since she sincerely looked upon him as her own child.

          Which is why we need to have our Part 2, so that her reincarnated self gets to be romanced properly like how you described ;D

          1. Lady G.

            Cool! Yes, you’re right about the Voice-over. And if there were a part two, I want to know what happens to the Baby Prince. Would love to see him grown up and follow his adventures. Any idea who could play him as an adult?

            Hyun Bin. 😀 Let’s put Gong Yoo in a Sageuk! lol

            So many wonderful actors to choose from. Who could this cutie grow up to look like? I’m seeing faces but blanking on names. lol


            1. kfangurl

              Ooh, those cute little red lips remind me of Song Joong Ki, actually! Plus he already played royalty in Tree.. Though I don’t think historically this baby prince grows up to be the king that Song Joong Ki played in Tree 😛

                1. kfangurl

                  WOOT! Great minds think alike! 😀 Yes, he was AMAZING in Tree!! I’m so impressed by how versatile he is! So wonderfully flighty & flirty in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and then so blazingly intense in Tree! I have yet to watch Nice Guy, but it’s on my list – I’ve heard it’s pretty cracky, & that he’s excellent in it ^^

                  The silver lining on MS.. is that boys come back all manned up. It’s not just the post-army abs (tho those aren’t to be trifled with, either!).. The manly charisma just gets unlocked. Lee Jun Ki post-army in Arang = so manly & so swoony <3

                  1. Lady G.

                    LOL. I’ll take your word for it. Nice Guy was my first K-Drama after seeing SJK in A Werewolf Boy. It’s very cracky. Loved it and him. The Soundtrack is excellent, I love how K-Dramas use spanish music. This was like all Tango style. 😀

                    1. kfangurl

                      Really! That sounds interesting indeed.. I’ve been meaning to watch Nice Guy, but it’s been languishing on my watch list as more and more dramas get piled on it.. Recently various people have been recommending it to me all over again, so it’s on the “must watch for sure” portion of my list ^^ Soon-ish. I hope 😛

                    2. Lady G.

                      No actual tangos in the drama though, just the music! LOL. I think I thought it was more cracky than it is because it was my first. It’s very interesting, and keeps you watching and wanting more. I just saw the crackiest drama called ‘She is Wow’ it’s a 12 ep. drama and ‘General Choi’ from Chuno is one of the stars. His character’s name is ‘General Choi.’ LOL. Seriously NOT for every taste, but it also keeps you glued.

                      I know about the piles upon piles. I frequent 2 sites, and my bookmarks are exploding with dramas I’m meaning to watch. 😛

                    3. kfangurl

                      Aw, we all have a biased soft spot for our first kdrama.. I watched Goong first, and I love it, flaws & all. <3 But I've heard raves for Nice Guy even from seasoned drama viewers, so looks like you picked a good one to start! ;D

                      I've heard some good comments on She is Wow.. It's vaguely on my "to check out" list.. But yes, the piles of dramas I want to watch – I wish I could get to them all! But, when??? XD So many dramas.. and such limited time!

                    4. Lady G.

                      I don’t think you can go wrong with Song Joong Ki! 😀 I’ll always have a big soft-spot for him because watching him got me curious in the first place. I googled him to see what other MOVIES he was in, and then fell down the K-drama rabbit hole and discovered a wonderland. lol!

                      So many dramas and I keep starting new ones. I just started Good Doctor and Her Legend and so far the first episodes are excellent!! I highly recommend them. I hope they both keep up steam. Last night I started watching The Princess’ man. It’s good. I really like Moon Chae Won. She’s now in Good Doctor. And was great in Nice Guy.

                    5. kfangurl

                      Hee. Thank you, Song Joong Ki, coz what a lovely wonderland it is, eh? ;D

                      Indeed, there are so many dramas! I have my eye on Good Doctor, coz I think Joo Won is quite excellent, and I’m curious to see how he does. I loved him in Gaksital and Ojakgyo Brothers <3 <3

                      TPM is an excellent choice! It got pretty intense in stretches and I sometimes had to rest within an episode to give myself time to breathe and process. In a good way. I really liked that one – I hope you enjoy it too! <3

  10. Lady G.

    Aww, I really enjoyed reading this glimpse into the life of Kfangurl! Thanks for giving me the link.

    And gurrrrllllll…where do I sign up to help you make that ‘Chuno part 2’ drama with Jang Hyuk and the others?? That idea is brilliant!! Those are the kinds of stories I love!! I can only imagine. And I like your extended cast too, particularly, Kim Gab Soo. He rocks anything he’s in. He’ll definitely have to be Daegil’s arch nemesis. Although, he already was in Tazza…hmm, okay, then let’s make him a mysterious super rich man that knows the secret of these guys. Is he friend or foe? Maybe he wants to time travel too, or change Korea’s history somehow. The possibilities are endless. Can we have Song Il Guk in there as a suspicious detective on the trail and hunt for the mysterious ‘Avenging angel’ or whatever they will call Daegil on his nightly Batman like exploits? LOL. Sorry, look at me, adding to your drama. Either way, it would be epic. 😀

    1. Lady G.

      And maybe Oh Ji Ho can be in there as a descendent of Tae Ha? 😀 He can be working with Kim Gab Soo’s character. Maybe bad, maybe good. 😀 So if he’s bad, Daegil can ball him out and tell him he’ll never be the good man his greeeeeaaaat greeeaaaat grandad was way back when.

      1. kfangurl

        Wheeee!!! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the mental unfolding of this drama as much as I enjoyed dreaming it up! Doesn’t it feel extra, EXTRA awesome now that Chuno is fresh on our minds?? 😀

        LOVE the idea of making Oh Ji Ho a descendant of Tae Ha, who doesn’t turn out to be as principled or as heroic as Tae Ha. Dae Gil can show him lots and lots of tough love (and that will also give us opportunities for some epic fight scenes!) in order to whip him into the kind of man that would make his great grand-daddy proud ^^

        Song Il Guk as a suspicious detective is perfect casting too – let’s make him a muscled, macho jock who’s a great fighter but just a leeettle slow in the head. I think he’d be hilarious! The running gag would be him furrowing his brow and musing aggravatedly and roaring in frustration, coz our favorite trio outsmart him and give him the slip time and time, AND time again. HAHAHA!! XD

        1. Lady G.

          You fleshed out the idea even more. 😀 Love it! Song Il Guk as a jock, macho detective is brilliant! I can definitely see that. He’s also excellent in the Martial arts and sword fighting, maybe to liven things up, he can be a descendent of Commander Hwang!

          1. kfangurl

            A descendent of Commander Hwang, done! Also, in the interest of fleshing out Commander Hwang’s big turnaround at the end of Chuno, let’s have reincarnated Commander Hwang appear too. This time, he will be a big ally to our boys, giving him the opportunity to right any regrets he may have had. He can be the smart cop to Song Il Guk’s dumb cop?

            Man, I wish someone would actually make this drama happen! 😀

            1. Lady G.

              That would be great. hahaha, dumb cop! Squee!! And this would be a reunion too, because Song Il Guk and Lee Jong Hyuk were both in ‘Crime Story’ as… two detectives with a shared very sad past. *don’t want to spoil it in case anyone wants to see it.*

              1. kfangurl

                Lol! Oh, the meta! 😀 Shall we bring back Commander Hwang’s wife too? Except this time, she’s sharp as nails & whip-smart, and reincarnated Commander Hwang has to woo her with everything he’s got? With the tables turned and their love story come full circle, it feels rather poetic, doesn’t it? ;D

                1. Lady G.

                  Oh that would be awesome. 😀 I think she was whip smart already, but unfortunately the palsy inhibited her. She could be their crime team leader! haha, A group formed specifically to stop the 3 vigilantes. Even though secretly some of the cops are applauding them for getting rid of criminal elements. So now Commander Hwang is working under a woman who in the past was under HIS thumb.

                  And we definitely have to have a Seolhwa and Un-nyun there too. Can you just see poor Seolhwa working (forcibly, maybe cuz of lousy family debts) at a sleazy nightclub and Daegil coming to her rescue? I love that cliche in the dramas. lol. I can just see her in the Karaoke bar, tears streaming down her face, singing pitiably, just like the first time around in Chuno, then some guy getting fresh and frisky and Daegil busting in. It’s possible he and his 2 amigos met her once before there because they were scoping out the place and making secret plans in one of those rooms. She was sent in as entertainment, but they all wound up becoming friends and really having a good time. Wang Son could still be crushing on her. And maybe this time he will get her in the end. lolol. Since we have a new girl for Daegil.

                  I can see Unnyun working for the main baddie, (more family debt. lol) and since Tae Ha works there, he’s totally in love with her and quietly protects her from everything. (Reminds me of Tazza) Of course Daegil will have to sort out his feelings, because he’s really attracted to new girl and for the first time feels free of the crushing, smothering obsession with Unnyun. But of course when he see’s her again he gets all weepy and depressed, but then he realizes that he can open his heart again to someone else and be happy.

                  Oh this is really fun thinking of the story that could be.

                  1. kfangurl

                    Oh, I am SO on board with Commander Hwang having to work under his wife, who’s now a strong, outspoken woman (agree, it did occur to me that she was already very intelligent when we met her. Let’s make her even MORE intelligent – till she’s almost scary-smart! Y’know, to make up for the past when she was so handicapped by her inability to articulate her intelligence)

                    I just realized, though, that it’d be kinda hard for Tae Ha & Eonnyeon to be featured unless it’s their reincarnated selves.. Tae Ha kinda died without leaving behind any kids in Chuno, so our fabulous arc of his wayward descendant will have to be tweaked.. It’ll have to be reincarnated Tae Ha being all wayward & getting whipped into shape by Dae Gil. And it’ll have to be reincarnated Eonnyeon whom Tae Ha romances – THIS time, he won’t be talking about higher purposes etc since he’s gonna be wayward! ;D

                    Seolhwa – I kind of already fleshed out a little of her arc with Dnoella who asked the Liebster question.. It’s just a couple of comments up from this conversation ^^ But yes, I can totally see how time traveling Seolhwa would try to make some money singing at a nightclub since she doesn’t have any modern day skills. So for her, it’ll be a love triangle between her, Dae Gil & Yoo Ah In, while both men try to help her. She’ll move on from Dae Gil, of course, coz Yoo Ah In can be plenty badass and smoldery too ;D

                    1. Lady G.

                      I thought Tae Ha survived? I noticed there are 2 fan camps out there, he lives and dies. So I’m confused. I’m going to have to watch that ending again. Maybe I was in such turmoil I didn’t read the subs right. I often go back and watch different scenes, but the ending was so sad.

                      Oh, I missed your Seolhwa comment. I’ll look for it. Sorry! Oh, see it now. Oh cool, his character in S. Scandal, he was the one throwing all the papers around at night. Very awesome character! He needs to be just like that. He’s a little ‘Daegilish’ too. LOL.

                      Yes, Commander H’s wife will be super smart, 1st in everything, but she’s secretly in love with her subordinate Hwang and picks on him harder than the rest. lol

    1. kfangurl

      Of course I had to give you a shout-out!! You’ve been blogging way longer than I have! ^^ And thanks – it WAS Liebster season in the k-blogosphere for a while! ;D

  11. dnoella

    Hahah, kfangurl, your drama scenario, so funny (Liebster #7)–would love to see Kim JiSuk reprise his ab-tastic role, too. Sold! Let’s make this drama happen. But I do insist we bring back Seolhwa, and somehow try to cast Yoo AhIn too! Hee. So odd they are in Jang Ok Jang together. Is there a way we can incorporate some other SKK cast members, too? Chat you later. Thanks for taking the time to answer my Q’s.

    1. kfangurl

      Oh, fantastic ideas! Definitely, let’s bring Seolhwa back.. Let’s say she time-travels to the present, in pursuit of her Dae Gil Orabeoni, so she’s on the hunt for him in the present, while dealing with all the fish-out-of-water stuff from being from the past and all.

      Let’s have her run into Yoo Ah In, a modern roguish badass (coz that’s the best kind of Yoo Ah In, really) who’s intrigued by Seolhwa. He’s of course besties with Song Joong Ki (we clearly can’t have one without the other!), and to make up for the disaster that was Fashion King, Yoo Ah In now gets romance AND bromance. And Seolhwa finally moves on from her one-sided Dae Gil love when she finds her love match in Yoo Ah In <3

      Man, WE NEED TO MAKE THIS DRAMA HAPPEN!! I'm getting excited just imagining the awesome! XD

  12. Eye Candy

    I’ll accept the fruit loop ridden bed if it has Song Joong Ki in it! (But joong Ki I really think you could have left those in he kitchen) thanks for the swoon worthy photo!
    I used to watch Greys Anatomy too! But I would buy the seasons on DVD so I’m years behind.
    I also love When Harry Met Sally such a great movie!!

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! I can so imagine you saying that to Joong Ki! And probably prefaced by a melty swoon at his lounging ‘tude in his boxers..! XD ADORBS! <3

      I'm years and years behind on Grey's too! I think I only fully watched Season 1. I followed Season 2 fairly faithfully, but started to miss big stretches in Season 3. And then kdrama came along, and I now no longer care what happened to Meredith and all her McDonald's-inspired men in the end! XD

      OMG, you love When Harry Met Sally too?!? I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! It's so unassuming but so witty, so smart and so hilarious! I must commend you on your excellent taste, Eye Candy! First, Gong Yoo, and now this! ;D

      Also! I dearly wanted to comment on your latest variety spotlight post, but you know how Blogger was going all weird on me. I tried but it wouldn't let me 🙁 I wanted to commend you on your dedication to your blog – I can't imagine coming up with that post on your PHONE!!! O.O!! You amaze me, girl. *standing ovation while shaking head in wonder* I don't think I could ever blog from my phone, so big props to you for that! Salute!

      1. Eye Candy

        Ha Ha Meredith and her McDonald’s men! That’s a great description.
        I know Gong Yoo and When Harry Met Sally I knew there was I reason I liked your blog so much 🙂
        Oh noes! I wish I was tech savvy enough to know how to fix that! I think I might have fixed some bugs by actually getting onto a computer and trying to make the posts look nicer. Ha thanks for the standing ovation. I must say I prefer comouter blogging to phone blogging by a whole lot!

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, I wish I knew more about Blogger but I don’t :/ All I can say is, I just went to try again, and it’s still not allowing me to comment.. Same thing as before, it all looks ok until I click on post comment, and then it refreshes & nothing happens.. Maybe you should check with your other readers, see if they’re having the same issue. I tried on both my Mac and my Windows laptop, and it’s the same thing.. 🙁

          And yes, computer blogging is WAY better than phone blogging – and I say this without actually having tried phone blogging! I can tell, from the difference between computer tweeting & phone tweeting! XD

            1. kfangurl

              That’s interesting.. Would you remember if those were interactive magazine templates like the one Eye Candy uses, Michele?

              I’m wondering if it’s a template issue, since the magazine template seems slightly laggy for me when I visit a blog that uses it. When kakashi switched away from the magazine template to something non-interactive, it’s felt faster and less buggy for me.. Maybe something to explore, Eye Candy? Just throwin’ out ideas here, trying to be helpful 😛 *sheepish*

              1. Michele

                It was Belinda’s blog. I attempted to leave a comment, hit the button and…nothing. I am not sure if she uses the template you mentioned. Hers indicates Picture Window Template.

              2. Eye Candy

                Ooh good point. It probably is a bug with the template overall. I’ll check on Blogger’s help page to see if they have anything about it!

                1. kfangurl

                  I hope you manage to solve it soon, Eye Candy! I know it would bug me if I knew readers were having trouble leaving comments on posts.. Fighting! *fist pump*

                    1. kfangurl

                      Woot! I managed to post a comment!! The comments section disappeared after I posted, but after refreshing a few times, everything looks the way it should. Whatever you did seems to have worked, Eye Candy!! Woot! Well done! *applause*

  13. Michele

    I am SO down with touch technology! After you write that time travel Dae Gil script, figure out that touch thing, will ya??! LOL! <3

    1. kfangurl

      I’ll put it on my to-do list, and once I’ve figured it out, you’ll be the first to know 😉 Right after I’ve tested it, uh, THOROUGHLY *cough*

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  15. mary

    Haha! All your answers start with eye-candy. I’ll call you PDSK from now on. 🙂
    I wish you’d get more Liebsters, your answers are always fun to read! (Though I skipped your zombie/apocalypse answer for now, I want to answer that first then compare notes later. Let’s see which team will survive longer, eh?)

    1. kfangurl

      LOL! I think the eye candy bent of this post kinda started with you, mary! Now that I think about it, it was because of your mention of shirtless men that I put LDW in there, and then it just seemed completely natural to continue the trend with the subsequent updates! XD Also, I’m sure Orion would approve the fact that you just included LBS in the eye candy category! ^^

      You are too kind to say that I should get more Liebsters! I was thinking people would have tired by now, of seeing me add updates to this post! XD But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the read, and I’m looking forward to reading your take, especially on the zombie/alien/apocalypse question! (Orion really doesn’t ask easy questions, does she?! heh)

  16. Orion

    Ahahaha! Thank you, hon! I am sorry my misleading exterior ruthlessness put the fear of Ori in you and glad you can see past it. Also, I went all “d’aaaaawz shuuuucks” when I read ‘Ori-nim’. I kyaaed a little. Ehehehe. Ori-nim. I got called Ori-nim. ♥

    And wow, the biggest honor you can give me, besides your lovely words, is that Lee Beom Soo mention. That’s what it’s all about and mostly why we’re all in this, isn’t it? We love Korean entertainment and talented Koreans and we want to share the fun we have with others, because we want them to see the beautiful things we see. It makes blogging worth it all.

    I have to say, I also share your time problem with blogging. I am already lazy by nature, but then I get carried away with huge texts, as you discovered. I need to somehow make smaller reviews. Place a limit on myself. It will help me get more creative too. Like, do it in Word and put a 1 page or 1 and a half page limit for each review.

    As for the apocalypse, I’d choose Jang Hyuk too. He can physically protect everyone else. I’d probably be a sniper. No idea if I would make a good one or take out my own group by accident, but I guess you learn when in need? I hope. For their sake. 😛

    You chose some very nice moments to be in too. I have to agree with the food ones… I want to attack my television whenever there’s food in Korean entertainment. They sure love showing it, don’t they? Damn it, now I need breakfast. XD

    Choi Han Gyul is a good pick, compared to most of his kind in Kdrama, so good pick.

    Lastly, you had me laughing silly with the swearing! You fried egg!? Bwahahahahaha! And then came the ultimate epicness!

    “Don’t judge me for not swearing, you rotten, repugnant, insufferable monstrosity of chicken spawn. You’re fowl, I say. Fowl.“


    1. kfangurl

      Phew. I was sweating bullets, wondering if Ori-nim would approve my Liebster answers! I am relieved that I passed! ;D

      I’m glad the LBS mention hit the spot for ya.. He IS rather under-appreciated, I hafta admit. Probably coz he’s not regular leading man sort of material, looks-wise. But he’s definitely got the ability and talent, and always brings it. Which is the one thing that I look for most, in an actor 🙂

      Ah, brevity. I certainly don’t have the gift of brevity. MadDino takes the cake, with her one-liner reviews. I AM learning to be a bit more concise with my reviews, but that just cuts it down from 13,000 words to 11,000. For serious. Gaksital was 13,000. With School 2013 I managed to come down to 11,000. That’s progress, no? 😛

      Yes, the FOOD. Man, I never had a thing for Korean food until kdrama came along, and the stuff they kept trotting out in Fermentation Family took the cake. This is not a ramyun-with-egg type of temptation; it’s lush, enticing, sublime-looking stuff, and I WANT SOME!!

      Most of all, I’m glad my creative insults passed the swearing test. Coz while it’s not straight swearing, it sure is something you don’t hear everyday? I know I was tickled pink when my sister glared at us and called us fried eggs. She has no recollection of it whatsoever, but me, I will never forget it ;D

      1. Orion

        Swearing can be very boring if it is just about vulgarities. Good swearing can be done with even the most polite of words, rightly stitched together. What you did was creative, powerful swearing. You get a huge cookie for it!

        But yes, food and men are what dramas love to torture us with. They sure do. Lots of handsome guys around to stare at, but as you say, no one can fangirl 24/7. I like actors and actresses for their talent. If they’re hot or pretty to look at, that’s fine, but it’s not a requirement. If one wants pretty, they watch pretty. If one wants talent, there’s no need to focus on looks. Although I do think Lee is handsome, just not model-handsome and certainly not fangirl-approved-handsome.

        I think he’s very appreciated, just not by the kinds of people that mostly talk a lot online. Teenage/young girls. I don’t find it odd they’d focus on pretty men and not bother much about all else, let alone some mini-ajeossi. It’s natural. It’s hormones and as long as they don’t get mean because of it or stop feeding their brain alongside it, it’s healthy too.

        But dramas still torture us with food, even when we can escape the man-torture. Damn that food… So much food… A those banchan. The stews! And those street stalls! Full of dirty, fried, naughty goodness!!! Gaaaaah! Good thing I just ate! I’m still drooling though. ♥_♥

        1. kfangurl

          Lol! I get a cookie!?? I hereby frame it up for posterity! 😀 Also, I thought you might like this, if you haven’t already seen it: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lukelewis/shakespearean-insults-to-use-in-everyday-life

          I agree that every netizen is free to fangirl whomever floats their boats.. As long as everyone plays nice. I play in the nice circles most of the time, and even then, I’ve encountered haters. Not the best thing about the interwebs, but there’s way more nice people around me than not nice, so I still think of this as a nice place ^^ This whole Liebster thing is a great example of nice around these parts! <3

    1. kfangurl

      Ooh! High five on the Arang love, Nelly! 😀 And thanks again, for the Liebster love <3 And I hope that little pic of KHJ was, er, pleasing ;D

      1. missienelly

        I’m so pleased with the hot body of KHJ. Whenever I’m in Seoul, I will have to hug his cardboard poster displayed in front of Face Shop. Aaaaah, he’s so handsome. So, so handsome! Aaaarghh!

        1. kfangurl

          Tee hee! You are so cute! XD I have to say, KHJ is growing on me, the more I see of him in Barefoot Friends.. He’s pretty hilarious! Add that to all the handsome and he is one very appealing package! No wonder you’re stalking his life-sized posters in Seoul! ;D

  17. Michele

    Nicely done! And, yes..that shot of Rain is completely up to snuff – in fact, it is beyond snuff! I must also give thanks that within your Liebster responses, Rain has shown up in 3 out of the 4. Me like. Me like…..A LOT! Thank you for being a gracious recipient and for answering my questions (although we both know I did come up with #1 as a result of the through-the-window spazz). Yep, sure did! <3<3<3

    1. kfangurl

      Oh! Rain DID show up in 3 out of my 4 Liebster installments! How completely serendipitous! Although, you DO realize that you need to claim credit for 2 of the 3 appearances he made in this post! ;D

      Thank YOU, Michele, for the nomination, and for tailoring half of your questions for me! I totally felt like I was cheating on that question, honestly! I hope Nelly & Belinda don’t cry foul, LOL! XD

    1. kfangurl

      Yes, where HAVE you been, young lady?? *puts hand on hip & taps right foot while giving you the doubting side-eye* We have missed you around these parts!! TACKLEHUG! Welcome BACK! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed reading my random self-centered factoids.. Now you know all kinds of not very useful things about me, my dog AND my ancestry! XD

      You should totally surf the Liebster posts – there are so many cool & interesting blogs to check out. Fair warning though – it can be very absorbing and a real time sucker 😛 Heh.

  18. BetsyHp

    I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this! I must have dived into the comments and then got distracted by squirrels or something… But I love finding out more about you! Cookie totally looks like she’s the princess of the place — the assuredness of the adorable 😉 and I adore your time-traveling Chuno idea sounds awesome — someone make it so! 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! Better late than not at all, is what I say! 😀 Yes, Cookie is the princess of our household. The naughtiest, cutest princess there ever was, among princesses who possess a fur coat & a curly tail! I’ve had pugs before, but Cookie is quite the character, and bosses us around like the mistress of the house that she is! XD

      I KNOW, RIGHT! Time-traveling Dae Gil would be SUCH an awesome drama! I would totally watch that show!! Script-writers! Producers! JANG HYUK-sshi!! ARE Y’ALL LISTENING??? >.<

  19. Korazy Lady

    Hi Kfangurl! Love this post and you are definitely deserving of a 3 time award! I just wish I had more time to read everyone’s blogs and tweet and comment and watch KD’s. Oh yeah, I guess I need to put RL in there somewhere, too.

    BTW, your sister is beautiful so I’m sure you must be, too! Keep up the good writing work!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, THANKS KLnoona!! <3 <3 I'm glad you enjoyed this very self-centered post! (me, me, me.. AND, more about me!) XD I totally feel ya.. It's like we don't have enough time to do all that we want! I'm trying to keep up with everyone else's Liebster posts, but I'm starting to fall behind, I think. And there are so many interesting new blogs to check out, with each new Liebster given! Ahhhh!! Ottoke?? =.=

      Also, I'll be sure to tell my sister that you said she's beautiful! Most people say we don't look that much alike, although some insist that we do, so I suppose the jury's still out on that one! Perhaps one day, if I feel brave enough to come out to the dramaverse, you'll be able to finally judge for yourself! 😉

    1. kfangurl

      D’AWWWZ! Thank you for thinking of me, mary! That’s so sweet of you! <3 I promise to answer all your questions! AND, I'll pop on over to let you know when it's done too! Sooonn! ^^

  20. Crazy For Kdrama

    Thanks kfangurl! Really, the best thing about this? Getting to know everybody better! I <3 pugs too! But don't have a dog, Gus the cat is too mean. My romance writing came to a screeching halt when I found my true calling of Kdrama blogging. I had half a lemon left after making guacamole the other weekend and my friend Sean asked if he could eat the other half–I thought he was crazy–but I'll be happy to tell him he is not alone. I personally whine whenever I watch Running Man that I WANT TO DO THAT! But that is the competitive nature springing forth.

    Thanks for the awesome read!

    1. kfangurl

      That’s true! The best thing about this is actually finding out more about the bloggers behind the blogs! It’s great to flesh out the mental pictures I have of all my blogger friends! Plus, I’ve been reading all the related Liebster posts & blog surfing as a result, since every post leads to more blogs, & it’s really cool! ^^

      And no, your friend Sean isn’t alone. I have one friend in particular who loves lemons like I do. He’ll eat whatever lemon comes his way, even if it’s just a slice of lemon in his iced tea. I think he & Sean would get along just fine.. Unless they’re fighting over the lemon wedges! XD

      Yay that you love pugs. Pugs are great! Cookie isn’t a typical pug though. She often behaves like a Jack Russell when she’s in a playful mood, and it’s pretty outrageous, to see a pug zipping around the house with her tail unfurled and flying in the wind! XD

      Lookin’ forward to reading your Liebster post, & finding out more about you too!! <3

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    1. kfangurl

      Aw, it’s my pleasure, kakashi! <3 U guys rawk, & it's my pleasure to share the love! And YAY that you're starting a draft; even more so, since I know you're pretty busy right now! I'm lookin' forward to reading your post!! Hwaiting! 😀

  22. cherrycordial

    Thanks for the nomination! I swear I’ll make a response post, but I’m really not sure how long it’ll take, since I’m not good at posting on a schedule in the first place, and life is getting in the way in the second.

    And I’ll be sure to point out to The Mystical Being of Unicorns that she’s very much appreciated. I love watching dramas with her, and I’ve got some TMBoU posts in the works right now.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, YAY for more TMBoU posts, I loved the first one & I’m eager for more! She IS much appreciated, I think she probably should get ready to be a bit of a mini celebrity around these parts ;D

      Also, YAY that you’ll make a post for the Liebster! It was fun for me to do, so I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun with it, once you have some time 🙂 No big rush, btw.. kakashi’s also swamped right now & is gonna be a while with her response too ^^

  23. dewaanifordrama

    Chingu! Kumowo! I am not sure when I will have time to actually make a post to pass this along…RL is sort of swamping me right now. This does mean a lot to me though! ❤ If you want, I can always do the short version, and post 11 random facts here…

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! A worthy nomination, chingu <3 And naw.. I think it'd be more meaningful for you to do the post when you can manage the time for it.. It was pretty fun doing this post, & I wouldn't want you to miss out – that is, unless you feel strongly against doing a full post! Take your time, chingu ^^

      1. dewaanifordrama

        We have a post coming up in June to mark our one year anniversary…and I think a full post would do well in that post. So it might be a couple of weeks before it’s posted ^^

        1. kfangurl

          Woot! One year anniversary! What a milestone!! 😀 Yes, it does sound like a perfect fit for a blogoversary post! I look forward to reading it!! ^^

          Happy one year blogoversary in advance, chingu! Er, sunbae! ;D

            1. kfangurl

              Tee hee! Technicalities ;D I guess it all evens out then! Let’s be “dong gap” – well, sorta – & stick with chingu, then ^^ chingu-ya~~

  24. Megan Duff (@MeganisaBiscuit)

    I could seriously look at that picture of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye forever. *sigh*

    Or in the last episode….when she plops down on his lap….and his face….and her face….and the best embrace ever….

    Uh, I have to go watch that for the 50th time! Bye!

    (Congrats :))

    1. kfangurl

      Lol! Yes, I have to agree that Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye are great together.. They have excellent chemistry, and that’s just one of the reasons that their scenes together in Coffee Prince put a goofy silly grin firmly on my face. Love that show. Love them. <3 <3

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks snow_white!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! ^^ So, now you know.. I love lemons & pugs. Not in the same way, of course. I would never let my house be ruled by a lemon, for example! ;D

        1. kfangurl

          Lol! Yes, I’m a big fan of Gong Yoo. And Jang Hyuk. And now I’m completely in love with Kim Woo Bin too! <3 I clearly haven't been gushing as much about the actresses as the actors though, eh? Naughty me! ;D

          I do have several actresses that I really enjoy. Shin Min Ah is one of my favorites. I also really like Bae Doo Na, Gong Hyo Jin and Yoon Eun Hye. I find them all very natural and committed to the role, and they are a pleasure to watch ^^

          What about you, do you have a favorite actress or actor, snow_white?? 🙂

          1. snow_white

            there are so many 😉

            I like Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Suk, Jae Hee, Jo Jung Suk 🙂

            Among the female ones….Park Shin Hye, Gong Hyo Jin, Park Ha Sun, Shin Min Ah…..

            1. kfangurl

              Ooh! I love all the actors you mentioned! Not in the SAME way I love GY, JH & KWB, but I do love them quite a bit too! Jo Jung Suk is particularly brilliant, and I love watching him work his onscreen magic <3 He's awesome!

              Yay that we have some shared Shin Min Ah & Gong Hyo Jin love! They're great, aren't they?? 😀 Also, Park Shin Hye is growing on me drama by drama, and I did like Park Ha Sun in Dong Yi, though I haven't seen her in enough shows to really love her – yet ;D

              1. snow_white

                yay for the similar favorites 🙂 Gong Hyo Jin is always so natural and Shin Min Ah is so graceful and cute….

                I have to agree….Jo Jung Suk is completely brilliant….he was so serious in The King 2 Hearts and now watching him in a totally different role in You are the best Lee Soon-shin is amazing !!

                1. kfangurl

                  Yes, Shin Min Ah is so very graceful. I feel like she’s got this wonderful mix of being completely accessible, yet with an ethereal, goddess type of quality. So lovely and so very rare! <3

                  I was completely smitten with Jo Jung Suk in K2H!!! I think he pretty much stole every scene he was in, no disrespect to Seung Gi 😉 I'm saving LSS for when it's all done & I've cleared something off my drama plate. I am definitely checking him out in his first lead role! ^^

  25. Indigo

    “But I thought spiders had impersonated her by hijacking her identity or something, and posted something spammy on my blog. ” HAHA XD Yeah, maybe I should have been more clear when I commented about this award-thingy. I later thought that maybe I should have added “This is NOT spam, by the way” to my comment XD

    I too love high heels. I always buy a pair on a whim and then realise that threre aren’t many occasions to wear them. But maybe one day, maybe, I’ll finally have a reason to wear those red high heels I bought last spring…

    Piggy-backs are pretty cool. But every time I think about the piggy-backs in Coffee Prince I think about the one where the Yoon Eun Hye carried Gong Yoo instead. That was pretty funny.

    And yes, lemons do make a salad better.

    1. kfangurl

      Lol!! It didn’t take me long to discover it wasn’t actually spam! All I had to do was take a closer look at the link you posted (ah, looks valid) and follow it ^^

      High five, high-heel sista! ;D I have way too many pairs, and I DO actually own a red pair that I’ve maybe worn only once >.< We should organize a bloggers' get-together where red heels are part of the dress code – that'd totally give us a reason to wear them! XD

      Yoon Eun Hye's piggybacks of Gong Yoo WERE awesome. I couldn't believe she actually carried him on her back! I mean, she's so little, and he's so.. NOT. O.o. It's definitely not easy being an actress! XD And when I say piggyback, I really do mean the one where I'm the passenger, not the, er, beast of burden, ok? XD

      AND YES, LEMONS RULE! They make pretty much EVERYTHING taste better! ^^

      Thanks again for the nomination, Indigo, it's turned out to be a lot of fun!! <3 <3 <3


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