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Loving: Gong Yoo



Come squee with me! 😀 This post kicks off a new series on the blog. I hereby bring you: K-Love Confessions!

As you can see from the tagline up top, this blog is for reviews and fangirling, and while I’ve been busily posting reviews, the fangirling’s been limited to the context of the reviews.

I will admit, though, that in spite of that, there have been times that I’ve managed to fangirl very successfully anyway (see Big and The Moon that Embraces the Sun) Coz, y’know, a persistent fangirl lets nothing stand in her way! Heh.

Still. Here’s where the serious fangirling begins.

In each K-Love Confession, I will focus on one of my K-loves – I have several big ones, and quite a few medium-sized ones – and there will be extended fangirling and spazzing. And photos. Lots of photos 😉

Ahem. So where shall we begin?

Just from looking around my blog, you’d probably have guessed my biggest K-love of them all: Gong Yoo ♥ Swoon.

So of course, he had to be my first featured K-love.


Vanilla Acoustic – 내 남자의 자격


I first set eyes on Gong Yoo in 2007 when he appeared on my screen as Choi Han Gyul in Coffee Prince.

Almost right away, in episode 1, we’re treated to an extended shirtless scene, with him wearing nothing but a towel:


To be honest, this shirtless scene did nothing for me, though I did think it was played out nicely and very funny.

At the time, his physique wasn’t as, er, shall we say, eye-popping, as it is now, and I thought the shirtless scene was pretty matter-of-fact. Fun, but not quite drool-worthy.

I did love his turn as Choi Han Gyul, though. I loved his natural acting style and his excellent chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye.

I loved a lot of things about Coffee Prince – and watched it 5 times to prove it! – but what I loved most, hands down, was his smitten face.

He looked so. very. adorable. every time he looked giddy and smitten over Go Eun Chan.

Check out these screencaps of said smitten face:

GY6 GY7 GY8 GY9 GY10

So. Darn. Cute.

Every time he looked at her that way, or had that expression on his face simply from thinking about her, my heart would melt a little more, and I got the warm fuzzies.

I wanted a Choi Han Gyul of my very own, who would look the same way just from thinking about me. ♥

I went on to watch One Fine Day (2006) but I didn’t like the show. I liked the amount of screen time his bare arms and torso got though.



His shirtless scenes and bare arms were very nice eye candy, but I didn’t care much for the show, and by the time it ended, I was ready to move on.

I liked him a lot, but it wasn’t love. Yet. 😉



Much as I prefer my dramas to movies, I sometimes go on a movie whirl, and one day in 2011, I happened to watch S Diary (2004), starring Kim Sun Ah.

Gong Yoo wasn’t in a lead role per se, coz he basically played one of Kim Sun Ah’s ex-boyfriends, but I have to tell you, in the limited time that he did appear on my screen, boy did I sit up and take notice of him. Big time.

He was HOT. Smoking hot.

His shirtless scenes took my breath away. I thought he had really good muscle definition and an excellent V-line.

GY11a GY11b

He wasn’t too chunky, nor too skinny. Just perfect. He didn’t look like a meathead in clothes; he just looked very good. And then, when the shirt came off, he was jaw-droppingly delicious.

Plus he was perfectly believable as both the cool, bad boy and the head-over-heels smitten boy. He was so natural on camera.

To get a feel for how hot he is in this movie, check out this Gong Yoo cut of S Diary. It’s spoilery, but he is sexy, adorable and very, very hot:

I loved that he moved without stiffness – did you catch that little snippet of him dancing? – and he showed some serious kissing chops. Mmm.

I was smitten, and immediately went on a Gong Yoo hunt.

I watched Spy Girl (2004), in which he was the lead, but although it was cute, it wasn’t enough to satisfy.


Then I watched Hello My Teacher (2005), in which he was adorable with Gong Hyo Jin, but not exactly hot.

Once that was over, I was out of Gong Yoo goodies.

So I did the unthinkable: I re-watched One Fine Day, and this time, I spent the whole time just ogling him:


The one thing it had going for it was lots and lots of Gong Yoo ogling time.

I gave it a whole re-watch, just to ogle him.

During the re-watch, I discovered that his acting was better than I remembered.

After the re-watch, though, my Gong Yoo love got derailed by a brand new fangirl crush on Jang Hyuk brought on by Chuno.


Fast forward to 2012, when Big happened. I found Gong Yoo Seriously. Hot.


Review: Big

Such a glorious feast for the eyes. He was even hotter than I remembered.

It wasn’t only post-army abs we were talking about. The man was chiseled from head to toe. So. Delicious.

Not only was he hot, he did fabulously in the acting department, and always came across as very natural and likable. He was adorable as the teenager in a grown-up’s body. And when he was the teenager acting as a cool grown-up all dressed up in a suit, he was dashing and all kinds of hot.

GY15a GY15b

I was reminded all over again why I love Gong Yoo. I even had a couple of actual Gong Yoo dreams 😉

During my watch of Big, I did some trawling on the net for photos of Gong Yoo, and found some gorgeous gems.

This set of photos, which made heated rounds in the blogosphere, really caught my attention:


My knees. They buckled.

And then I found these which were related to the first set:


Super hot photos ahead. May cause spontaneous combustion, ovary explosion or related affliction. View with care!

GY17 GY18 GY19 GY20 GY21 GY22

Swooonn. Mind. Boggling. Deliciousness.

But wait. I saved you this most delectable one:



Smoking. Hot. Man.

Ok, lest you take issue with the relative lack of photos of him clothed, let me say that I do appreciate him clothed too, thank you very much.

Here. One dashing, fully-clothed Gong Yoo for you:


Up to this point, I was fully in awe of Gong Yoo’s charisma onscreen, his fabulous acting chops, his handsome face and his very, very delicious physique.

But actually, I wasn’t yet in love.


As Big neared the end of its run, I was swept off my feet by the bonus track that Gong Yoo sang for the OST.

I was wowed by his heartfelt delivery, and amazed at his dedication. You can check out that track on my review of Big here.

Along with the OST track, I also read lots of BTS tidbits and watched BTS videos on YouTube, and that’s when I officially fell in love with Gong Yoo. ♥

The clincher: he’s got a great sense of humor behind the scenes.


I read a few tidbits on his jokes and comments while he was filming, and he comes across as genuinely funny and nice. He’s also playful, which I really enjoy. That doesn’t sound like much, but it really is.

He’s nice and considerate towards other actors and keeps things light, playful and jokey for everyone.

I loved this tidbit on a scene where Lee Min Jung had a lot of NGs trying to put a watch on his wrist. He teased Lee Min Jung, saying something like, “I’ll do it. Clearly you’ve never seen a watch this expensive before.”

And when he corrected Suzy in another scene, for saying a line before he completed the action of putting the pickle in his mouth, he later cushioned it by jokingly blaming himself for not eating it sooner.

I loved too, that when he was not doing a scene well, he’d berate himself out loud in exasperation, which cracked up everyone and diffused tension.

Aww.. All that just makes smile with a sigh of appreciation.


I found him so sweet and funny that I kept looking at more and more Big BTS footage and subbed interviews on Youtube.

And here’s the thing: the more BTS footage I see of him, the more likable and funny I find him.

I’ve found that for many other actors, my interest in them drops after I start to watch interviews & BTS footage of them, coz I start to find them boring.

So not the case with Gong Yoo. He’s witty, funny & likable in all the footage I’ve seen of him.

I really liked this interview that he did with Lee Min Jung & Suzy for Big, which you can watch subbed here:

He’s witty while being laid-back and natural, which I find really sexy.


Ever since that point, I’ve been whole-heartedly smitten.

Sweet, funny, playful Gong Yoo. He is my one big K-love. ♥

Spazz with me – Just as long as we’re clear that while we’re spazzing on this site, he’s all mine 😉

Edit: OMG I had the most awesome opportunity to attend GY’s 2013 fanmeet in Tokyo. Come join me on my adventure here!

Also! You can find more GY goodies here!



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  1. I agree with every single word you wrote about Gong Yoo. I actually found this page internet trawling for pics of him. He is adorable and sexy and cute and super hot and everything dreams are made of… Love the page.


    • And Jang Hyuk… mmmm… another good call.


      • Yes, isn’t GY awesome?? He’s such a great actor, and on top of that, so funny and witty and charming.. I just wish he was a little less reclusive and a little more active so that we could get more of that GY awesome on our screens! ^^

        And Jang Hyuk is pretty wonderful too.. If you fancy his brand of hot, you might enjoy the post I wrote for him too 🙂


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  3. … and hoping that another link of that kind will post here…and i’m feeling delighted to know that GY fanatic is growing to this site….wishing more…more…more…;)


  4. Hi everyone! I am so glad I found this site. Just like you, I too am a fanatic. What I love about this site is the exchange of thoughts. Kudos kfangurl!


  5. oh,..kfangirl..the link shared by ddee make my tiresome day cheerful..truly ddee is devotedly a GY enthusiast….i wonder who could be that woman that GY will be held on the beach?…could it be YOO?….LOL!…thanks ddee for the link for sure GY fanatics will love it..GY is absolutely charming in the interview..:) i have much love for this guy..<3<3<3..


    • Yes, thanks to DDee indeed! ^^ I feel like a have a deeper insight into GY the actor and the person, and that’s really cool. Glad you enjoyed the interview too, evez! 😀


  6. Yoohoo, you guys seen this? I just spotted this recently subbed old interview with uri GY:

    So it’s not his finest moment hair wise but I’ll take him any which way ;). I like the latter half of the interview where he’s refreshingly honest about his growing pains as an actor, and says wistfully how he’d like to hold hands with someone on the beach. HELLOOO!!!


    • Aw, thanks for sharing this, DDee!! I loved this!! ❤ That’s one of the things I love about Gong Yoo, that he comes across as natural, unscripted and honest. So much of what he said in this interview makes sense – no wonder he seems to be rather reclusive and seems to stay out of the limelight so much. And no wonder I’ve seen some shots of him at supermarkets, all au natural and geekified! I’d so love to be at the supermarket and discover Gong Yoo peering at fruit and vegetables next to me! ;D

      I felt sorry for him when he described his struggles, and I love that he seems so much more settled and mellow now compared to his conflicted 20s which he described. And yes, I would be happy to volunteer if he’d like to hold hands with someone on the beach (as would we all!) ❤ ❤ ❤


      • Yeah I love that he basically admitted that he was kinda an arse in his younger days! And I also like that he’s low-key and doesn’t seem much interested in being a celeb.

        Which is great for him, but not so great for a fangirl who looks for pics of him at various K-celeb weddings only to be routinely disappointed. I was so sure he would turn up at Lee Min Jung/Byung Hun’s wedding…oh well 😉


        • Yeah, I love how candid he was, and I particularly loved the sheepish embarrassed apology he made to the high-schoolers that he’d yelled at, so many years ago! Aw.

          I completely agree that his reclusiveness is hard on the fans.. The news bits are few and far between, and the photos too. I do wish he’d show himself to us a little more, but now that he’s expressed how much he hates the celeb trappings of being an actor and how he just wants to be a regular guy who’s able to do regular things, I do feel for him, and don’t feel as bummed that we’re not seeing very much of him. As long as he doesn’t quit acting completely, I think I could live with that! 😉


    • Thanks for sharing this. Oh my… he’s like a bottle of wine, getting better and better with age. I love how he’s so in touch with his inner self…so grounded. And how he stopped to think about the question regarding adolescence in his 20’s, that was so spontaneous and sincere.


    • Zut, the link doesn’t anymore ! Too bad, I feel that it could have been one of my most cherished yoodies *going to sulk somewhere*


      • Oups! “doesn’t work anymore”, I meant.


        • Fear not, Asotss!!! I managed to find the re-upload for you! I think the uploader took down the original video to fix some of the subs to make them more accurate and then re-uploaded it with a new link. Good news? You get more accurate subs in exchange for your initial disappointment! Enjoy!


          • I needed to find 45min to watch it (and 16 hours to re-watch Coffee Prince- I couldn’t help but try to find out which is that emotional scene Gong Yoo is talking about) that’s why I’m kind of late but thank you for re-posting that interview. Yoo and his velvet voice are delightful and unlike DDee, I love the sculpted hair 😉
            I didn’t know his work on Dogani contributed to make his country a better place. How many actors can claim that ? This is admirable. And one other thing I found reassuring ( which could appear not very rational) is that he used to be a jerk. That totally breaks that smooth, perfect image that we could have of him and this is good. Perfect people are scary.
            But I usually hate when famous people declare that celebrity is more an annoyance than anything else. Then why do you do something that can make you famous for a living my friend ? And I don’t buy that “I have great sensibility so people’s attention is hard on me” bullshit either. I don’t see how it can justify you being a douchebag. And again, if that’s so hard on you, get another career. Sensitivity is a prerequisite for loads of other professions that doesn’t necessarily get you famous AND that can bring “ecstasy” at the same time.
            Furthermore, I came across that <href= post from Eat Your Kimchi which give more insight about what is like to be a celeb in Korea (they talk about singers but someone commented that actors share the same treatment). And I have to say I understand even less now how this kind of life can be appealing to anyone. Not being able to date without the consent of your fans (at 6:25 min in the video)? WTF ????!!!! No wonder korean actors like Gong Yoo are so cautious with their private life. I understand (well, figure of speech) why some of them marry someone like it seems out of the blue whereas they were actually dating secretly during 6 years (dont I, Jang Hyuk ?) It seems that they value celebrity over freedom (although they declare otherwise but, again, why would they stick in a path that doesn’t make them happy ?) and, as much as I love to watch them on screens, that kind of sucks, no?
            I just like it when something that might seem completely futile as an interview with a handsome actor actually generates serious reflections about life and what we do with it, so thanks again for that treat !


            • Yep, I’ve also learned that Korean fans are quite demanding. That is why I admire those K actors who come out in the open admitting they’re dating like Kim Woo Bin and Kim Bum.

              Gong Yoo is really admirable. I like what you said that he could also be a jerk. That’s make him very real, very human. You just got to love him being unpretentious.


            • Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, Asotss!! 🙂 I’m super impressed that you rewatched CP to try to find the scene! XD Did you manage to shortlist any probable contenders?

              I am totally with you – I was so impressed when I realized that his work on Dogani eventually made a difference to actual legislation in Korea. Mad props, seriously. It’s no wonder he’s been appointed by Unicef as Special Representative for child rights. I do love his candidness about having been a jerk in his younger days. It makes him more real and more accessible, and you get the sense that he’s being transparent with his fans, which I love.

              It’s true that the celeb lifestyle in Korea is a delicate balancing game where fans get way too involved. At the same time, I feel like GY isn’t primarily in this for the fame or money. I get the sense that he has discovered a genuine love for acting. And to pursue that passion, it does entail being in the limelight. I believe he understands that. I think he’s trying to give enough of himself in the limelight for the promotion of his projects, while retaining as much privacy as he can. And while that takes him away from my k-radar more than I would like, I don’t begrudge him that privacy. In his place, I’d probably want the same 🙂


  7. @ddee…komawo…hope you’ll post more updates on GY..;)


  8. …i do really enjoying it kfangirl….for me this kind of thing is really engaging…i like learning new stuff..and like ddee said sharing is caring..for me that’s the real essence of being a true blogger..;) <3<3<3


    • Aw, I love learning new stuff too!! And blogging has allowed me to learn so many things that I never expected to learn ^^ Watching kdrama in itself has taught me lots of new things too, so this fangirl adventure is definitely more interesting and exciting than I ever expected it to be. Yay that you’re enjoying the experience too! ❤


  9. …surely is!..:) “a hard habit to break” i know?…kdramas+GY(with other Korean hunks and cuties)+OSTs(with a bit of k-pop music)=KFANGIRL…LOL!…it’s like a formula, in order for you to solve you need to follow it…i think a real kfangirling needs to broaden her awareness in order to have a spontaneity.


  10. …<3 😉 that's why i keep on visiting your blog site to keep me update and uncover more good stuffs….


  11. ….and without your blog site a GY fanatic like me would surely fail to spot that beauty…;) thanks to you and the rest of your fellow bloggers who constantly sharing the links on GY..:)


  12. …hello’s been raining very hard here for 3 consecutive days…and the atmosphere is sooooo gloomy….until i’ve seen a current link…right before my very eyes….WOW!!! Gong Yoo is definitely so lip-smacking here !!!how come i didn’t see this one?…in behalf of your blog site i would like to thank ddee for sharing the link on Gong Yoo…oh my!..this really made my low-spirited day into a bright one!!!LOL!…and YES ddee…our Gong Yoo is really that GORGEOUS without really trying…he’s got a nice pair of long legs isn’t he?..;)…and i’m craving for MORE..hope other Gong Yoo enthusiasts will post more recent photos of him…LOL!..


    • Well, that’s ONE upside of everyone knowing that I’m a GY fangirl – sometimes they come here to share new and delicious tid-bits ;D If not for DDee, I would’ve probably missed those pix of GY. So thank you DDee, indeed! ❤


      • You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure, like, really, really my pleasure in all senses of the word ;P. And thanks to you too for hosting a lovely space to share!


        • Lol! You made me laugh, with you “in all senses of the word”!! I TOTALLY know what you mean *giggle*

          It’s my pleasure to host this space, and I’m so happy that other like-minded fangirls can squee together here! ;D Coz, really, shared squee is the best kind! ^^


  13. OMO! Had to share this with a fellow Gong Yoo fangirl! Proof that he looks good in anything, without even trying!! It shouldn’t even be humanly possible!


  14. ….oh my.!…as i am missing Gong Yoo from tv show the recent links above did put a perk!…i guess i have to re-watch some awe-inspiring bits from “Coffee Prince”…or some jaw-dropping scenes from “Big”…LOL!..:)


    • Hehe.. Glad you enjoyed the post, evez! Isn’t he delish?? And yes, re-watching selectively can help to satisfy some of those hunger pangs.. I do wish he’d appear on my screen more frequently, but at least there’s the option of the re-watch 😉


  15. I saw this and immediately thought of you.

    You’re welcome ❤


  16. thank you so much……i reall, really love it…hope you will feature more of him, soon….thanks….:)


    • Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed this post, daniella!! Isn’t GY just so fine?? ❤ To be honest, I hadn't been planning on a follow-up post, since these k-love confessions were intended as a once-off thing for each k-love. But well, it's not cast in stone or anything. If something particularly delicious shows up, I might change my mind ^^


  17. FUCK.

    I forgot how hot he was, that I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the pictures. His expressions in the b&w photos are just swoon worthy. Reoow xP


  18. i came across this post through google as i was looking for info on gong yoo… i absolutely love your post! i’m bookmarking it, hahaha! the photos are absolutely amazing… who needs antidepressants when you’ve got photos like these to feast your eyes on!


    • Aw, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, & welcome to the blog! Yes, doesn’t GY look absolutely amazing in those photos??? Swoon~~ I reckon you’ll have no trouble getting your mind off other things, with all the GY awesome ;D


  19. I love Gong Yoo! He’s such a talented actor and a great person!
    I’ve read through the comments and I see that the movie Silenced pops up several times. I really recommend it.
    One of the blogs I follow has just posted her review/thoughts of the film. It does not really spoils the movie, expect one part where it briefly comments on the ending but it’s nothing too big. Maybe you or others who see this would like to read it.


    • Thanks Drama Fan!! I am even more motivated to check out this movie now, knowing that it played such a critical role in effecting major judicial changes in Korea.

      Of course, I’m still a bit of a wuss, so I’ll need to be in the right mood and frame of mind to tackle it. But, tackle it I will! ^^


  20. thank you for your awesome post.. i loooooovvvveeee Gong Yoo with his act so much. But, what a poor me.. I can’t find his official twitter account. if you have it, please let me to know that. thank you,,
    ppuuiing ppuiinng..!! 😀


    • Yes, isn’t Gong Yoo lovely?? ❤ Yay for more Gong Yoo love around here!

      Here's Gong Yoo's official twitter account: He's incredibly inactive though. At the moment, there is but a single tweet there. But at least you know it's him! 😉


      • I’m not sure that’s his official account, it just has one tweet -__-. But i have to follow too,, hehehe. Just share,, i had a dream two night ago, i became Kang Kyun Joon’s girl friend, it was very fun coz i saw Gil Da Ran had jealous with me.. hahaha
        but how sad when i woke up and knew it just a dream. just a dream T.T
        i know it happened because I was too happy to watching Big. happy to see Gong Yoo
        TERIMA KASIH (it’s Indonesian word to say thank you) :D<


        • I believe it’s his real account.. The tweet is about how he’s happy for the success of Big. I can imagine him being too busy to be active on Twitter, especially since me2day is more popular in Korea. There’re lots of other GY fan twitter accounts – those are more active with updates ^^

          Lol at your K-dream! I have k-dreams fairly regularly myself, and they are so much fun! Yay for more k-dreamers! ;D


  21. Wooooowwwww. He’s amazing. I’m not a fan of body art but seriously, woowwwwww…

    I love Gong Yoo. I first saw him in the movie ‘Finding Destiny’ so if you haven’t, definitely give it another watch. 🙂 And I feel very strongly about the issues in ‘Silenced’, normally I would not choose to watch a movie like that, but I also felt very compelled. And he blew me away. The whole cast did. And to know that he played a big part in getting the real story out there and into public consciousness made me admire him even more. It really is a film that stays with you for a while.

    I see GY as a gentleman, silly, funny, charming. Ever see a picture of him talking to a female reporter and doing the ‘manner legs.’ ? At first I thought it was so silly, but then when I saw the reasoning behind it, my heart melted. He was being polite because she was much shorter and he wanted to look her in the eye and so it was easier for her to hold the mike.

    I also didn’t enjoy ‘One fine day’ so I found myself skipping around after so many episodes, but he was still great in the drama. I haven’t watched Coffee Prince. I’m sure I’ll like it, but it’s just not my taste. Not a big fan of ‘gender bender’ dramas so much. (Even though I hear it’s not really that.) But I will give it a try one day. Biscuit teacher and Star Candy he was adorable, even if his hair looked like a mop and explosion. I’m not a fan of actress Gong Hyo Jin, but I watched it for him.

    After seeing Big, I really really loved him! (Great screen caps, BTW! lol) The role for him was perfect. Loved the ‘Uh oh’ every time something went wrong. I also like Lee Min Jung a lot.

    I have two roles I can seriously imagine him in from two of my favorite shows. They have great ideas for dramas. Ever see, ‘Early Edition’? The show about the man who gets tomorrow’s newspaper, today? It was really cool, and I can definitely see Gong Yoo in the ‘Gary’ role. Running around the streets of Korea trying to rescue people before bad things happen to them. All the while trying to live a normal life. In the show Gary owned a bar in Chicago, he was a little bit grouchy and uptight at first, but you would be too if the darn newspaper and cat came to your door every morning at six am. lol. But he was a great character with ultimately a lot of heart.

    Then there’s something so affable about Gong Yoo, he really reminds me of actor Zachary Levi from the spy comedy ‘Chuck.’ Zachary is tall, tan, really handsome, athletic, and is known to be friendly, really funny, and charming in real life.

    A role like that would be fantastic for GY. Having a super computer in his brain, starting off really doofy and nerdy and then becoming a top spy as the series progresses. With a tough, mysterious female spy lead (who’s really sensitive on the inside) that falls deep in love with his nerdy self as she trains him. (I’m thinking of the actress from Secret Garden, but could be any number of actresses.) And some really tough older spy commander on the team to make sure things go smoothly. (Thinking of Song Il Guk again! lol) If you think of GY’s character in ‘Finding Destiny’ it’s a perfect role.

    Anyway, a fanlady can dream! haha. I’m hoping his new action flick will have a showing in New York City. He’s loved world wide like Jang Hyuk, I don’t see why not. So that makes 2 I’m waiting for. ‘The Flu’ and ‘Suspect.’


    • Yes, doesn’t he look amazing with those fake tattoos? That photoshoot was simply DAEBAK. Every photo looks so delicious! ❤

      I hadn't read about the "manner legs" but it's totally a thing, really! I work with someone who's incredibly tall (He's way over 6') and I've noticed that quite often, when we are talking face to face, he will do the manner legs so that we can be roughly on eye level. Although it's not "manner legs" to him (He's Danish, not Korean), I think it's not uncommon practice among the really tall men. It also helps them not to develop a hunch from constantly bending over to talk to shorter people.

      If you haven't watched Coffee Prince and you like Gong Yoo, you absolutely need to make time for it!!! He's nothing short of wonderful in it. Seriously. He made his character so real and so likable. And his smitten faces will completely melt you into a puddle. I assure you, you won't stand a chance against his smitten faces! ❤ ❤ ❤ When I watched Coffee Prince I wasn't even crushing on him yet, and I was completely taken with his smitten faces! Just imagine the implosion of awesome if you're watching Coffee Prince for the first time, ALREADY smitten with him?? Daebak!

      Also! LOVE your ideas for roles for GY! I can totally imagine him in both roles, and how engaging and wonderful it would be, to watch him make those roles come to life *fantasizes* I need more Gong Yoo on my screen, seriously!


  22. He is so charming! I can never get enough of him. He also caught my eye in 2007 with coffee prince. And since then I came to like everything he was in. But what set in stone how much I adored him was the film 도가니 (dogani) internationally known as Silenced. He did such a great job. And not only was I surprised with his impeccable acting but also because he took part in it. Not just any actor would have wanted to take part in that movie since it was exposing the corruption within Korea’s judicial and educational system. And I’m so glad he did because that film has such incredible impact among korean citizens. If you haven’t watched it by now I recommend you to watch it. What makes it difficult to watch is the thought that is based on real events. However, I don’t think it’s disturbing or traumatic. It’s an incredible film that everyone should watch because it carries a great message and also because GY fans will be delighted with his work.


    • He IS awesomely charming, isn’t he?? ❤ ❤ I LOVE his Choi Han Gyul ❤

      Silenced has been on my Maybe list for a while.. Mostly because the content is reportedly very disturbing, and I realize that there's no such thing as un-seeing something once you've seen it, so.. I'm still not acquainted with GY's reportedly amazing delivery in it yet.

      You're the first person to tell me that it's not a disturbing movie, though, so.. maybe I should work up the nerve to finally watch it ^^


      • I am incredibly sensitive. And I would lie if I said the movie did not had an emotional impact on me, because it did. I know sign language and I work with children that have been subject to all kinds of abuse and that film hit home. I did cry because I was so mad. The way authorities handled the issue was the worst thing. The disturbing part is not the event in itself but the corruption that was shown. You get mad at what happened, but you want to murder those who turned a blind eye. Also, keep in mind that even though it’s based on real events it does not stick completely with what happened. A lot of things were changed to make the viewers feel a greater emotional burden. It’s a bittersweet film. But regardless at the end I do believe the viewer feels a sense of relief that someone stood up for those students, that they were not silenced because millions of people were their voice.

        Plus you get to see such beautiful side of GY 👍
        If I could survive the film (and even restore a bit if faith in people) anyone can.


        • Aw.. Thanks for the thoughtful recommendation! It makes me feel reassured, that if you found it a good watch despite being the sensitive sort, then I should be able to appreciate it too 🙂 Thanks, Hyori! ❤


          • If you do watch it, please write a review if you find yourself being able to do it. I would love to read your thoughts on it.

            I hesitate to write one because when I least expect it I have a few paragraphs swearing and cursing like a sailor haha!


            • Gosh, you have me imagining this movie turning a gentle, super sensitive girl into a raging, cussing sailor!!! Now I have no idea what to expect, when I see this movie! XD

              I’ll keep your request for a review in mind, but honestly, if it’s really hard to watch, it’ll be even harder to review, coz when you review something you spend MORE time on it than just watching 😛 Which,if it’s hard to watch.. Gulp.


  23. egads GY is my biggest k-love too! ever since coffee prince, i’ve discovered i have a weakness for dimples. Just his dimples. ok and maybe hyun bin’s. but have you seen those mindbridge catalogue BTS videos on youtube? i watch that and DIE 🙂


    • Ooh, more GY love in the house! ❤ Isn't he awesome?? And yes, I've seen some of those mindbridge vids. In fact, any time I see GY in motion, I swoon.. I even swooned just watching him walk from one set to another in the Puerto Rico vids. The man is hawt ❤ ❤


  24. ..hello kfangurl…i considered today July 10 as extra special…LOL!’s GY’s birthday..;) hoping that through this site he’ll be able to read greetings from his fans all over the world…will he?..anyway…i’ll wait for your updates with regards to GY…hope you can share some current news about him…many thanks….;)


    • Yes, it’s GY’s birthday!! Happy birthday Gong Yoo! ❤

      The latest thing that I know of, is that GY did a cameo for Cyrano Dating Agency, in E9. It's not as good as having him in a full-fledged drama role, but it's better than not having him onscreen at all! ^^


      • ..yes, i’ve seen i too…2 seconds of GY on episode 9?…as you’ve said it’s good enough rather than not seeing him at all…the latest news i got so far is about his filming in Puerto Rico…though i’d still love to see him again on TV..;)


        • Yes, I saw the fan vids of the filming in Puerto Rico.. And that’s about all, not counting a couple of CFs.. Seems like he’s not in the limelight much lately.. Hopefully this only means that we’ll get a nice big dose one of these days! Y’know, when all the stuff he’s working on finally explodes onto the scene 😉


  25. I first saw Gong Yoo in coffee prince. Wow! his acting talent is superb, cums naturally and i am smitten by his smile and super cool good looks, wish i meet sum one like him in my life. I then watch BIG and he was cool with more mature with 6 apps!


    • Yes, isn’t he awesome? He’s such a natural actor that I always believe in his character 100%. LOVED him in Coffee Prince too, and I enjoyed watching him in Big, even though Big was quite terrible in other ways! 😉


  26. ..kfangurl…i forgot to ask this..since you were blogging about oppa Gong Yoo …Who is Gong is his girlfriend?….hahahaha…many thanks!..


    • There’s no report or information about GY dating anyone.. So he’s either single or dating someone quietly. I mainly hope that he’s happy and content at whatever relationship stage he’s at, whether he’s single or dating ❤


      • … many thanks to your reply..and sorry for some typo i made…i think you’re right, i haven’t read any article with regards to GY being romantically involved…or he maybe dating quietly….and i believe he is…if so, i’ll be happy to know who she is….;)


      • …hahaha…be it then sis!….i wish there is a replica of GY here……;)


        • Funny you should say that.. Some months ago, I actually saw a guy who looked a lot like GY, but less handsome. He was also tall and lanky, and had similar hair and even features – except that his features didn’t come together as beautifully as GY’s features do. I couldn’t help staring, I hafta admit! 😉


          • ..LOL!…if i were in your place at that moment….i would ask the guy if he is GY’s brother….so that i could stare at him at close range and find if he has the smile like GY does…cRazy me!… 😉


  27. ..heLLo there kfangurl im an avid fan of Yoo from the Phils..i just had finished Gong Yoo’s “One Fine Day”…actually i’ve been searching to buy me a copy of this k-drama but ended up watching it through net 3 episodes a day…hahaha…funny ‘coz i’m in the office and was able to finished it just yesterday…though i love his character as “gun”… i don’t like the ending of it…i think the writer could have given more focus on “Gun” and “Ha-nuel” …i first came across knowing Yoo on rom-com drama with Yoon Eun Hye…”The First Shop Coffee Prince” which was aired here in our local network sometimes in 2009…after seeing Yoo..”i said WOW!!!..he’s so amazingly HANDSOME with that i started Google his name to find more about him…i had watched “She’s On Duty” with Kim Sun Ah, i wish i’ll be able to get a copy of “S-Diary”…I also get a chance to watch his old movie with Kwon Song_woo “My Tutor Friend”…He’s so cute in “Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy”…i don’t like his role in “Big” all i want from that drama is his physique and good looks…LOL! i’ll definitely catch his guest appearance in Dating Agency: Cyrano as Soo-Ah…i just wish he would return on a full length romantic-comedy genre again…something light and will suit his character…something like Choi Han-Gyul or Seo-Gun character…awww!..i wish i could find myself a “Taekwon V”….oPpa Gong Yoo….wishing you more good projects to come…and be well always!…nae sarang…


    • Yes, I’d love GY back on the small screen, preferably in a well-written rom-com!! Big WAS a disappointment overall, but I was majorly mesmerized by Gong Yoo in it, so I forgive the show! XD I’m definitely planning to check out his guest appearance on Cyrano ^^

      If you’re looking to stream S Diary, you can try here: Hope that helps!


  28. I agree he is so cute I wish he do more romantic comidy he would be great in it


    • He IS awesome in romantic comedy!! The romantic in me definitely wants him to do more rom-coms, coz he’s so absolutely swoony as the romantic lead.. He seems to be taking on more challenging serious stuff movie-wise of late, though.. Let’s hope he won’t take too long to come back to our TV screens in a rom-com! ❤


  29. No one can make me move from COFFEE PRINCE! I have watched a lot of Kdrama’s and no other actor have made me feel that he’s genuinely a GUY. So hot, so funny, so pretty. I just loved him. I know I’m too late–i just kept on passing watching COFFEE PRINCE until i’m out of option to watch. Now I am internet hunting for Gong Yoo photos, movies, drama, youtube interviews! Fan forever! Haha.. and I’m 29yrs old and married. Can’t stop a girl from dreaming. Haha..


    • Welcome to the blog, anjelwicked! And to the Gong Yoo awesome!

      Yes, Gong Yoo is wonderful in Coffee Prince, isn’t he?!! Can’t blame you for not being able to tear yourself away! And while it’s a pity that you are late to the Coffee Prince – & GONG YOO!! – awesome, it’s WAYYY better to be late than not discover the awesome at all, I say! ;D

      What other GY shows are you checking out? If you can look past a whole bunch of writing flaws, he’s really awesome in Big. And very, very delicious too ❤ ❤


    • he is one of the few i find truly hot, in a manly way. i’ve developed several k-crushes, and most of them are “cute”, dare i say somewhat femmy. therefore i feel a bit guilty about my inappropriate thoughts, however i never feel guilty about my gong yoo fantasies LOL!!! has he been on any variety shows? i want to find out more about his personality.


    • Re: “…no other actor have made me feel that he’s genuinely a guy.”
      – I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean, compare a GY kissing scene to an LMH’s*, for example, I can’t help but notice how philemaphobic the latter’s kisses are, really.
      *Disclaimer: I mean no offense to the LMH fandom. I like him too, matter of fact, I have followed him on all his filmography starting from BOF up-to the present heirs. It’s just that sometimes I wonder if he could be Gay. I guess we’ll never know unless he confirms it himself. But all this of course, is just personal opinion based on my amateur observation. What if he’s just the gentlest of the gentlemen, right?


  30. I loved watching coffee prince, is a great one, …. all casts acted so well especially Gong Yoo so well and natural in this movie, watched 3 times, looking forward to watch more of his movies….. thumbs up guys!!!!


    • Oh I love Coffee Prince too!! Gong Yoo is so adorable and so natural in it!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I've watched it multiple times, and fully plan on watching it again! ❤ Enjoy exploring his other works – he's very cute in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy (aka Hello My Teacher), and very sexy in S Diary! ;D And then of course, there's Big. He's awesomely awesome, though the show's got lots of flaws. But he's so awesome that it's worth checking out!


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  32. oh yeah… and I want more.. I found a lot of BTS of his photoshoot.. but I haven’t found BTS of him in those monster..did u? and I want BTS of s diary, bath scene! I didn’t found it either 😥
    but. I found BTS s diary photoshoot…he was soooo cute.. I want more….don’t you?
    I feel crazy because of him….


    • I don’t recall coming across those BTS cuts that you’ve been looking for either.. I feel like it’s kinda hard to find these, especially subbed ones. Hopefully we’ll get more when he does more projects! And yes, I can completely understand the swoony crazy induced by Gong Yoo.. He is one potently charming man! ❤ ❤


  33. this is so funny..I keep laughing during the reading…you are so cute describing him..


    • Hee! I’m pleased to entertain ;D But seriously, though, isn’t Gong Yoo awesome?? He’s knee-bucklingly charming, & bone-meltingly sexy. How does he DO that? Swooonn~~


  34. thank you for putting together this amazing post! i just discovered kdrama about 2 months ago and coffee prince was my first. i’ve since sped thru 4 more and i’m obsessed with K everything. i totally agree with you that watching BTS or interviews leaves a different impression. after SG I was all hyun bin all the time. he was so drab in interviews and episode commentary, no personality at all!


    • Aw, thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!! And welcome to the drama-verse, zudora!!! 😀

      I love Coffee Prince! It’s one of my fave dramas of all time! What a great drama to introduce you to the wonderful world of kdrama! And I absolutely, totally agree on the BTS experience! I’ve had k-crushes shattered to smithereens by boring & dull interviews.. It’s so disappointing to realize that the suave, cool object of your k-affection is really not so suave in real life after all :/ Which is why, when I stumbled on Gong Yoo’s winsome, natural wit & charm in his BTS interviews, I was completely smitten! ❤

      What else have you been watching, besides Coffee Prince and Secret Garden? It's kinda great to be in the beginning of your kdrama adventure, coz this means there's so much good stuff to pick from!


      • after coffee prince i watched my lovely kim sam soon, then secret garden, then greatest love, then i just finished boys over flowers last week. and i finally got a subscription to dramafever b/c they had a special on for canadians woot! the dramas have led me to soundtracks and music, other than gangnam style i’ve never heard any kpop before. i’m currently swooning like mad over kim hyung jun and inhaling everything i can over youtube. he seems full of real personality!! the boy band hair styles just crack me up tho…hee hee!!


        • Oh, those are some nice dramas you’ve watched! Kim Sam Soon is a classic, and Greatest Love is quite a fun ride. BOF is something that I enjoyed on 1st watch and then realized on my 2nd watch was a big hot mess, ha!

          If you’re looking for more lovely light rom-coms, might I suggest My Girlfriend is a Gumiho? I also loved Pasta a lot. Rooftop Prince and Queen In-hyun’s Man are also worthy watches. On a more comedic (but still romantic) note, You’re Beautiful is lots of nonsensical campy fun, if you’re in the mood for campy ^^

          And congrats on your big k-love! It’s so much fun to swoon and spazz over the object of your k-affections, isn’t it?? ❤ ❤


          • where would i watch queen in hyun’s man, if it’s not on dramafever?


          •’re right “Lovely Sam Soon” is a classic one..actually, this was the second k-dama awakening to me..the first was “Full House” with Bi Rain and Song Hye Kyo..but i like Kim Sam Soon more..i can’t help to watch it over and over again each time i remember Hyun Bin’s smile…the jaw-dropping dimpled prince and that funny and adorable acting of Kim Sun Ah is a winner combination…”Greatest Love” of oppa Cha Seung Won is also fun…Yoochun and Ha Ji Min’s “Rooftop Prince” is so funny…i enjoyed watching it..just wrapped up “Queen In-Hyun’s Man’…and you suggest “Pasta”..i think i’m going to find a copy of it or if not i’ll watch it again on net…is that the one with Lee Sun Gyun as the lead actor?..’coz i love him also in “1st Shop Coffee Prince”..


            • Oh, if you liked Lee Sun Gyun in Coffee Prince, you might just be blown away in Pasta! ^^ Pasta’s a pretty small story, but the chemistry between him and Gong Hyo Jin is excellent. And Lee Sun Gyun delivers some seriously brilliant moments. I was very impressed with his acting chops in Pasta ❤


              • …oh!…i can’t find a dvd copy of it…sadly it was not aired here…so i’ll surely watch it through net again when i’m not busy..but i’ll go for GY’s “S Diary” you recommended to catch it @gooddrama net…this was also the site wherein i was able to watch GY’s “One Fine Day”…many thanks for the suggestions and replies…hoping you won’t get tired replying back to all your follower’s queries…especially about GY…LOL!…..p.s. are you Korean?..thanks again and be well always!..:)


                • Oh.. I’m sorry that you can’t find the DVD of Pasta! I’ve seen it in my local DVD shops, so maybe they’ll make their way to your country soon? Thankfully, there’s always the internet to fall back on! ^^

                  And no, I’m not Korean 🙂 I live in Singapore and I’m ethnically Chinese. I’ve been mistaken for a Korean before, BY Koreans – that gave me a huge kick, I must say! ;D


                  • ..yes dear you are right..thanks to the net! a Chinese girl now in Singapore and love this Korean thing!…wOw!’s nice to know that father has a Chinese blood and he really speaks Fukien language fluently…sadly me and my siblings were not able to learn it ‘coz studying in a Chinese school is expensive.. though i’ve learned some basic words…like knowing some Korean words,,,LOL!..thanks to your blog site…followers of GY can now have updates and post their opinions here.. 🙂


  35. Sweet baby jesus!!! Had no idea Gong Yoo was sooooo fine!! Damn!!! He has like the best happy trail ever, lol. Yummmmm……….. ;)). Loved him in Coffee Prince. I haven’t seen “Big” but i prob will now, lol. A body ain’t got no right lookin’ so good!! I feel a hot flash coming on, lol.


    • Gong Yoo is awesome in Big! Big has gaping flaws, but I forgive that show, coz it gave me so much awesome Gong Yoo.. If you keep your expectations of the show itself low, and just focus on the Gong Yoo awesome, you’ll be a happy camper like I was ^^

      And yes, he is *very* fine indeed.. My knees went soft at those shirtless pix with the fake tattoos.. Completely hawt. Swooonn~~


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  37. hahaha… so funny…
    well its fun on that page coz its updated in regards to GY…..
    See u there!!!


  38. I love Gong Yoo but mostly I love Gong Yoo as Han Gyul. Nothing beats that. I wish they could find another perfect role for him. I’m sorry to say that even in all his adorableness, I could not finish Big. Oh well

    I would not mind seeing him in a serious relationship or getting married. I’m like that. Hey, I know I can’t have them but I want them to have a love of their life!


    • I have to agree that Coffee Prince has been his best drama role to date – such a fun watch, even after repeated re-watches! ❤ ❤ As for Big.. Lol, I can only say that I clearly have more fangirl love for GY since I watched the whole thing ;D It was a badly written show for sure, but I had fun just swooning at him. That's ONE way of enjoying a kdrama.. Maybe not the best way, but it is what it is ^^

      Yes, I do think he's at an age to consider marriage, and I do think it's healthy to do so.. I'd rather him get married than sneak around or be lonely. In my dreams tho, he's all mine ^^ heh.


      • Your blog is very interesting regarding all GONG YOO “hotness!” He is defenitely something!! To top all that…. Beautiful… Beautiful voice!!! does he have an album?? would want to find that out!!


        • He IS quite something, isn’t he?! I think he’s pretty special for having that natural charm & wit about him ❤

          I haven't heard about him having an album, though he did sing on the Big soundtrack. I embedded that video at the end of my review of Big (here:, so you could check that out.. Also, here's a clip of him singing & playing the piano. His singing voice isn't fantastic, but his earnestness totally shines through. Enjoy! ^^


        • Thank ü for the link! I think i found u at the soompi page and i got to tell u that it’s like thousands of pages “treasure chest” waiting for me to swamp into!! 😍😍😍


          • You’re very welcome, IslandGirl! And yay that you did find me! 😀 If you found me on soompi, then we have mrdimples to thank for introducing us! I’m not active on soompi, so the only traces of my blog there are from mrdimples’ enthusiastic sharing of my Gaksital review ^^

            I did take a look on the soompi threads & you’re right, it’s literally thousands of pages of stuff! How fabulous, that out of the thousands of pages there, that you found a link to me! Woot! 😀


            • hi.. hmmm… question… was wondering if theres any site that i can watch GY old movies and drama? i watched his 2 latest movie only thru Netflix and the drama thru dramafever but only CP and OFD … any suggestions?? Thanks much!!!


              • If you’re looking to stream, you can try They’ve got Hello My Teacher & Spy Girl & S Diary. Otherwise, if you’re looking to download, you can try They have a pretty good selection but it’s not HD. When I want HD, I usually go to to torrent ^^ Hope this helps!


                • Thank You so much… I’ll try those site later on….
                  I Found you once again on FB… u just added me into the group yesterday.. THANKS!
                  I’m not quite done getting all those pictures sink into my head just yet.. hahaha…


                  • You’re welcome, these sites have pretty good selections, so you should get a nice dose of GY through them! 😉

                    And, um, I think it was someone else who added you on FB coz I’m currently not active on FB ^^ What group is this, may I ask? Is it a kdrama group or GY group or..? Maybe I might check it out too, heh.


                    • It’s Gongyoo lover…. you are angelie ya? Or I’m mistaken… lol


                    • I just popped over to check it out – I didn’t know there was such a group! So I guess this means that, clearly, I’m not only quite inactive on FB, but I’m also not Angelie, lol! ^^ Let me know if the group’s super exciting & all.. maybe I’ll get active on FB then! ;D


      • … funny of yOooo….a LOT of girls are swooning over Gong Yoo…i just wish he could find a perfect match… i saw on YT, in an interview portion, the host asked him what is his ideal girl…GY answered that the girl of his dream should be “sexy” and also of good character… wishful thinking is…that i wish i’m that girL!….what a Joke…somebody has to pinch me to be awake!!


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  43. Also, “I even had a couple of actual Gong Yoo dreams”

    BWAHAHAHAHA. That was quite the LOL 😛 And you’re right I’ve had many K-Actor crushes due to their roles but when I watched BTS’s I became bored and disconnected with them as actors and I realised while I did like them a lot, I liked their characters more. Hehe, always a pleasure to read your work ^^ Looking forward to the next K-Love xD


    • LOL! I kid you not, I had real Gong Yoo dreams! I preferred the ones where he was my boyfriend, of course, but any Gong Yoo dream is a good thing in my books ^^

      You know, that k-crush deflation by BTS exposure has happened to me so many times! I’ve been so disillusioned in the past, to find that the suave k-actor I was crushing on was really quite boring. SO GLAD that this wasn’t the case with Gong Yoo! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thanks for being such a great encouragement – I'm inspired to blog more! And yes, more K-loves are in the pipeline! ^^


  44. Omo.

    His back muscles… *faints* God, he is so beautiful and I mean it. Not in, omgfangirl way. Like an actual sincere way, he just is and it may sound strange calling a man ‘beautiful’ but besides being over the top, off the scale hot he’s actually really Beautiful, both himself and the way he acts as he portrays his characters,

    Loved this girl ^^
    Wonderful pics too.


    • It’s not weird at all, calling him beautiful, coz I have to agree that yes, he IS beautiful. He’s not just hot (very, very hot!), he’s profoundly beautiful when you stop to take a non-fangirly, more objective look at him. He’s like a work of art. And when you look a little deeper, he’s got such a lot of depth to him that it just adds to his beauty.

      It’s just that when I do see how beautiful he is, I can’t help but go back to melting at him in full-on fangirl mode *pauses to swoon*

      *looks at photos*
      *swoons again*


      • I could not agree more to both of you. He is an epitome of beauty — externally and internally as this article reveals.–i-just-began-second-act-of-my-life-as-actor–33102.html


        • Aw! Thanks for sharing the article, kaiaraia!! What a lovely insight into the maturing process that GY’s been going through.. I love that he’s feeling more settled into his own skin now, and that he now truly loves to act and wants to bring more of his true self into his works. The fact that he couldn’t shake off his character for 3 months after the movie is testament to how much he immersed himself into that role. Gah, now I REALLY have to watch Silenced, don’t I?? ;D


          • If you really want to see another side Gong Yoo, then “Silenced” is the way to go. But I would never force someone to watch what they don’t want to. There are many, many movies Korean and otherwise I pass over because of content and such no matter how much people rave about it or even if it starred my favorite guy,. It’s all about taste and conscience, etc.


            • Ughhh, somehow I hit reply twice because I was editing. Sorry. Can you delete the first one? Thanks. Love your ‘Woobie’ banners!!


              • Yeah, I hear ya, Lady G! I’m of the opinion that once you see something, it’s basically pretty impossible to UNsee, so I hesitate when it comes to stuff that’s reputedly disturbing. Right now, I’m way more open to the idea of watching Silenced than I used to be, so one of these days, when a movie mood hits, I just might do it! Steeling myself, meantime 😛

                And, yay that you’re liking the Woobie headers!! 😀 They’re my favorite ones right now, for obvious reasons *cough*


  45. Thanks for this awesome post of Gong Yoo that made my heart all warm and fuzzy 🙂 Don’t worry, I know you have first dibs on him! I only recently watched coffee prince, and I didn’t think anything of gong yoo at first, but I agree, his acting chops and smitten faces made me swoon eventually. I loved the interview link you posted. He is hot and he has personality! Thanks again and I also hope he does another drama soon, preferably romantic comedy! Great blog!


    • Aw, THANKS!! Welcome to the blog! 😀

      Yeah, Gong Yoo really does grow on you, doesn’t he?? I didn’t think much of him when I first saw him in Coffee Prince either.. and then I found myself melting at him all over the place! ❤ His alien scene swept me off my feet, and his subsequent smitten faces had me in a puddle of goo! I SO want him to do another rom-com.. so that we can get lots and lots of hours of awesomeness! 😀

      I am so with you about him being hot and with personality!! It was his personality that really got me! He's so funny, witty & effortless about it all. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview too! I loved when the MC said, "Your physique is no joke, isn't it?" and Gong Yoo deadpans right back, "Yes, it's no joke." BWAHAHA! He's awesome! ❤ ❤


      • Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂 Yes alien scene was awesome and the clenching scene that made heart skip a beat when he was all gidddy and bragging about his new love at his cousin’s dinner party…all his silly expressions. Sigh. Gong yoo’s comeback comment about his physique was hilarious! His personality and wit really came through in that interview which made him that much more likable. Do you know who is his gf in real life? I’m curious! Thanks again for your blog. It’s become my go to source for k drama. Just finished princess hours from your all time fave list and I’m going to start Big next just to see gong yoo 🙂


        • Aw, yes, his completely smitten face made my heart skip a beat (or several!) too!! I want Gong Yoo to look at me like that! ❤ ❤ ❤

          To answer your question, there's no news about Gong Yoo dating anyone. There were some rumors about him and Im Soo Jung back in 2008, but nothing very substantial. So I like to think of him as single & just waiting to date ME. LOL! XD

          YES his personality really comes through! He's fast on his feet and funny while he's at it, without looking like he's trying much at all. So effortlessly witty and charming! Swoon.. He's adorable in the BTS vids of Big – you can check those out on YouTube after you've made some headway on Big 😉

          Yay that you watched Goong!! There are some slower stretches from the palace politics, but still, aren't they the cutest thing?? I've watched this show at least 6 times now, and I still find it really cute. I just fast forward the slow stretches on my re-watches, lol.

          Y'know, you saying that this blog has become your go-to source for kdrama is one of the best things a reader could say to me! THANK YOU – you just made my day! 😀


          • Hey kfangurl, I just watched “finding mr. Destiny” tonight and don’t you think gong yoo looks soooo cute in his cardigan outfits? Clothes look so good on him. I must say, and you will probably agree with me that he does the BEST grab and kiss scenes ever. He is single? Yay, there is hope! Hehe.

            Goong was cute, yes minus the slow episodes towards end. Yoon Eun hye was adorable. I like your taste in men and dramas, so I’m planning to watch the recommendations on your all time fav list 🙂

            Thanks kfangurl. So much fun to have your blog as a gong yoo/Kdrama forum!


            • Ah yes.. Gong Yoo looks good in pretty much anything! Though I do think he’s especially dashing in a sharp suit.. *swoon* Or one of those laid-back T-shirt & jeans combos that make him look like a regular guy next door, except that he’s way hotter than your regular guy next door! 😉 Or, er, just without his shirt! 😛 I could go on..! And YES he does fabulous kiss scenes!! My word. There is a scene in Big that I rewound and re-watched multiple times – you’ll see 😉

              YAY that you plan to check out some of my all-time fave dramas! I love them all, & if I can get them a little more love and attention, I’m happy! ^^ And YAY that we have similar taste in men – I bet we’re gonna have SO much fun squeeing together! 😀 Woot!


              • Hi kfangurl! I’m watching Big and it’s like falling in love with Gong Yoo all over again hehe. I feel like a giddy teenager! He and the main actress seem to have a lot of chemistry. What do you think? I’m on episode 4 where they were sitting on the bench and he was trying to see how far she went with her bf. Cute scene. Is that the scene you were referring to that you kept replaying or do I have something juicer to look forward to?


                • Aw.. ❤ ❤ Falling in love with Gong Yoo all over again sounds so lovely & so fab.. I'm SO going to do that sometime: re-watch Big & let him charm my socks off all over again! ❤

                  Yes, I felt like he had great chemistry with Lee Min Jung in Big, and I thought their chemistry was even more apparent in BTS interviews etc. I honestly feel that Gong Yoo can pretty much conjure up chemistry with just about anyone! 😀

                  Ah yes, that scene is cute! And yes, you DO have something juicier to look forward to! 😉 Somewhere in the second half of the show. I don't want to tell you which episode exactly, so that I don't spoil the surprise for you ^^


      • ….what’s with GY that i fell in love with except those smitten faces and hOt physique?….for me is his ability to sing well…the first time i heard him sing his version of “Norul Saranghae” an OST from “The First Shop Coffee Prince”…i said to myself WOW..this hUnk can sing!..what more when i saw on YT he sang an English song…Eric Benet’s “The Last Time”…his voice is really soothing…i’ll bet if he is not into acting he can be a good singer…he is so lovely!..and i think i’m crazy enough the fact i downloaded all his cover songs and saved it to my USB and my mobile phone….


        • Lol! You’re so cute, evez! I bet a lot of your appreciation for GY’s singing comes from your fangirl love 😉 I love him, but I can honestly say that he’s definitely way better at the acting than the singing. I will say, though, that he puts oodles and oodles of heart into his singing, and that totally comes across! ❤


          • ..yAy!…i guess so..being a fanatic of GY contained me everything about him positively!..infact, when i’m a bit down this hunk serves a “stress beater” to me…along with some hunky Korean actors…by looking at those beautiful creature made me forget some dilemma i’m having …hahahaha!


          • ..aside from GY…who’s Korean actors that captivates your attention?…’cause aside from him i do have fondness to other Korean hunks..but simply GY is on top of my list!…definitely!..;)


  46. hey…..i remember one more movie “my tutor friend”….have you seen that??
    there is Gong Yoo in that and i didn’t know that before… i was a movie fan before this drama thing…..and after coffee prince, when i saw that he has acted in that film, i couldn’t remember at all and then again i had to go back to see where he was….he was one of the bad guys. LOL 😀


    • Aw, you’re so sweet, to keep trying to think of ways to give me more Gong Yoo!! ❤ (Yes, I do want more Gong Yoo, so if you've got more, keep 'em coming!^^)

      I actually have seen My Tutor Friend.. I think I watched it right before I watched S Diary. The combination of Kwon Sang Woo's very nice shirtless scenes in My Tutor Friend, combined with Gong Yoo's super hot appearance in S Diary made me kind of forget that he appeared in My Tutor Friend! LOL! XD

      I should re-watch it one of these days, just coz! 😀


  47. Hah! How deep is your love? 😉 In all seriousness though, it really is a tough watch. They don’t pull punches (I think with good reason, because they want their audience horrified), so if it’s the sort of thing that could haunt you… I’d definitely say to respect your own limits.


    • Oh. Sorry, I meant that to be a reply to your comment above.


      • Lol, it happens to me too! Sometimes I think it’s a WP mistake, rather than my own, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part! 😉

        Well, y’know, my love is pretty deep.. I’ve seen most of Gong Yoo’s works – the ones that I could find, anyway – so this is the one movie that I actually CAN get my hands on, but am hesitating to watch. It sounds rather intimidating on the disturbing scale. Maybe I will download it, then inch my way into it & see how long I can hang in there for! >.<


  48. Oh my gosh, yum! He really did make Big not that horrible to watch — and that’s saying something, especially towards the end. 🙂 Have you seen his movie “Silenced”? (I think it might also have been called “The Crucible”.) It’s a tough movie to watch, but he was excellent in it. His sensitivity really came through. And he had some powerful scenes.


    • Yes, isn’t he delicious??? ❤ ❤ ❤ Absolutely, I watched Big just for him (& yes, the last 4 eps of Big were just so disappointing – but still. Gong Yoo on my screen made up for it!)

      I've been on the fence about watching The Crucible, actually. I've heard it's really tough to watch, and I am very wary of those kinds of shows.. Coz, y'know, once you watch it, you can't UN-watch it, and I don't want disturbing scenes re-playing in my mind 😛

      On the other hand, I have heard that Gong Yoo did a fabulous job in it, plus this was a movie that he made happen coz it was a topic that was close to his heart.. And if I love Gong Yoo I should watch this, no? 😛


  49. Love. LOVE. This post! Have you seen Finding Mr. Destiny he was in it after the army and rocking his newfound extra sexyness that seemed impossible to top but somehow he did. I love this post! I watched the montage from the movie like five times…


    • You know, now that you mention it, I HAVE seen Finding Mr. Destiny! I completely forgot about that movie! I should re-watch that sometime.. I can’t remember why I didn’t love it on my first watch. Maybe coz his character was all timid & anal in the beginning..? Still. Now that I’m fully in love with him, I think I might like it more on a re-watch, heh.

      Also, my first reaction to the S Diary montage was exactly like yours! I watched it, then re-watched it, then re-watched it.. I think I might’ve done it five times too, I was so taken with him! >.< Hawtness..


      • Yeah he was SUPER derpy in Finding Mr. Destiny, and I feel like he normally has a lot of swag so its a big change, but I just loved it because it was when I was in the middle of my Coffee Prince withdrawal, and I was too afraid to start Big (though I clearly got over that fear.) I’m really hoping he’ll be in a new drama soon!!


        • Aw yeah! I would LOVE for him to take on a new drama soon! One where he gets to be full of awesome and full of swag! 😀 He just seems to get more awesome with time, and I would love to see that happen for 16 or 20 episodes of drama compared to a 2 hour movie! ^^


          • Yes! I would like to have a weekly dose of Gong Yoo instead of just a quick burst! Fingers crossed. It’s embarrassing how many times I have googled “Gong Yoo 2013” trying to find news about what he’s planning to do in the new year. I definitely vote for a new drama!


  50. loved your new feature…..
    by the way, have you seen Hello My Teacher?? Gong Yoo is really cute in it…..and i agree with you on the awesome expressions he showed in coffee price….
    He really does this best: to show how much he is in love and that he is completely smitten by his girlfriend 🙂


    • I have seen Hello My Teacher, actually! I did think he & Gong Hyo Jin were adorable in it! Hm. I think I’ll update the post to include this show too, just to be consistent! Thanks for reminding me!

      And yes, his smitten expressions are my fave! ❤ So. Adorable.


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