Patreon Year End Awards: Natalia’s Year In Dramas!

Hey everyone!

We’re having guest posts from the lovely folks on Patreon, to help us take stock of our drama years, kinda-sorta like what we had last year, woot! 🥳

We’ll be seeing about 2 guest posts per week, and this will unfold into January 2023, and that’s perfectly ok. AND, my annual year-in-review, which usually comes out in December, will also come out in January (or thereabouts 😅), after all the guest posts have been published.

If you missed our earlier posts, you can check them out as follows: phl1rxd, j3ffc, Uyen, Sean, Martina, David.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Natalia is sharing her drama year!

Natalia’s been away from the blog and from dramas for a little bit, and we have missed her, but YAY that she’s now back, and ready to share her drama year with us! Way to update us on how you’ve been, Natalia! 😉🤩

I hope you guys enjoy!

KFG ❤️

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