Dropped: Extraordinary You

I think it’s time for me to admit that I’m just not this show’s target audience, because try as I might, I keep losing interest in this one.

They say that life’s too short for bad dramas; I think it’s also true that life’s too short to force yourself to keep watching dramas that you’re just not feeling, even if lots of other people love it. I’m now literally just 2 hours away from finishing this one, but I just don’t have it in me to keep going, I’m afraid. I’m dropping out, 28 episodes out of this show’s 32.

You might think that’s a waste, since I’m just 2 hours away from finishing my watch. But looking at it another way, we could say it’s 2 hours gained, that I can spend on some other drama that I’d enjoy more. That’s not a bad silver lining, eh?


After several of you left me messages saying that you loved this show and that I ought to check it out, and after also seeing lots of online buzz about it, I did dive into this one, and I did end up getting sucked in right away. I felt fully engaged, and looked forward to more episodes – at least for a while.

I can’t pinpoint when it happened, exactly, but somewhere in Show’s middle stretch, I found my interest waning. Show didn’t feel as fresh as it had at first, and I found myself feeling more and more disconnected from both the story and the characters. I hung in there, hoping that my response to Show would improve, and that my interest would pick up again, eventually. Alas, ’twas not to be.

I found myself feeling more disinterested than ever, by Show’s late episodes, which is when I decided to drop out. For the record though, there are lots of fans who love this show, so just because I don’t love it, doesn’t mean you can’t either.


When I liked Show, I liked it a lot. I mean, I’d felt sucked in mere minutes into my watch, and that’s not something that happens very often.

Here’s a quick list of the things I liked, when I liked this drama.

1. The premise feels fresh and interesting. [SOME SPOILERS]

Right away, Show’s premise felt fresh and unique to me, and quickly turned into one my favorite things about this drama. It felt like Show was giving me fresh perspective on the dramas and stories that I regularly consumed, and that was quite a thrill, for me.

I found the development of Dan Oh’s (Kim Hye Yoon) awareness very well done, in that, this is exactly how secondary characters are treated. They’re placed in scenes for specific purposes, and that’s why Dan Oh finds herself suddenly inserted into different scenarios, and suddenly offering tissues to Joo Da (Lee Na Eun).

They’re also very minimally developed, with just a few things attributed to them, which is why Dan Oh finds her friend Sae Mi (Kim Ji In) consistently saying the same thing to her, and it’s always about Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) and whether everything’s alright with them, and how much Dan Oh likes him.

That’s basically the extent to which the writer has put thought into developing Dan Oh and Sae Mi. It’s quite thrilling to see how these things unfolding on my screen fit so perfectly into what I would expect of a manhwa writer to do with their characters.

The nod to Boys Over Flowers is also a clever choice, because that’s not only an iconic story, it’s also a story context that’s been done in multiple variations. Even Goong comes to mind, with the female lead spilling stuff on the male lead. In the context of such an iconic story, it’s somehow easier to identify what’s pure set-up and what’s real.

I also found it an interesting concept, the stage vs. the shadows. And I found it amusing to see how Dan Oh fights against her lines and scripted behavior, to no avail, and thus resignedly goes along with it, like if there’s no way around it, then the only way is through it.

2. Kim Hye Yoon is pretty great as Dan Oh

I found Kim Hye Yoon pitch perfect as our manhwa character Dan Oh. From the exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, to her high-pitched voice, she just screamed cartoon character, to me.

I loved watching Kim Hye Yoon hamming it up as Dan Oh, especially during the early part of our story, where Dan Oh assumes she’s the female lead character, and preens for the major story moment that she sees coming. Her reaction faces are excellent, and her comic timing is fantastic as well. Her delivery of Dan Oh felt natural and all-in, even in the most awkward, embarrassing situations, and I appreciated that a lot.

3. Dan Oh is a pretty endearing character [SOME SPOILERS]

I quickly found Dan Oh to be rather endearing as a character. I especially liked her determination and defiance against the writer, putting in all her energy into going against what’s written for her, intent on making her own reality.

Dan Oh’s blithe quest to find her Mystery Hero in episode 4 is unabashed and hilarious. That unabashed quality in Dan Oh really appeals to me, coz it tells me that she really doesn’t care what other people think.

I also liked that Dan Oh is such a resilient, proactive character with such a positive, hopeful outlook, despite her poor health set-up and the somber prognosis that comes with it. When she finally breaks down in tears at the end of episode 6, admitting that she was wrong, and that there’s no changing her fate, I really felt for her, because it must have taken so much, to tear such a resilient character down to this.

Additionally, I found Dan Oh being so resilient and upbeat about her poor health, very bittersweet. It’s not as if it’s fake just because it’s only on stage, because she’s also shown having to take medicine in the shadows.

At this point at least, I sincerely rooted for Dan Oh to succeed in her efforts to change her fate.

4. Show can be quite funny

For me, most of Show’s Funny comes from the self-aware characters chafing against what is scripted for them on the Stage, or commenting on the writer’s cliched writing.


One of my favorite bits is Dan Oh’s continued eye-rolling commentary on the romantic goings-on of the main couple’s narrative arc. Yes, those are all the hallmarks of a typical classic Hallyu romance, and as a drama viewer, I recognize them too. It’s just really amusing to have droll commentary from a supposed extra in the scene.

The fact that Dan Oh can see all the animation effects, complete with angel sunbeams and cherry blossoms around the story’s female lead, is quite funny, and her unimpressed reactions are even funnier.

It’s also funny that Dan Oh is so aggrieved and annoyed at having to react in such a docile, deferential manner with Baek Kyung, when all she wants to do is tell him off, on the inside. In the same vein, Do Hwa’s (Jung Gun Joo) intense dislike for his violin-playing setup is quite amusing, especially when he’s thinking upset anti-violin thoughts while playing said violin. His incredulity at being written to play the violin, when he feels it makes more sense for him to be doing something else, never got old for me.

It was also quite amusing to see both Dan Oh and Do Hwa cringing at the lines they’re written to speak, protesting in differing degrees in their voiceovers.


5. Show seems to have some interesting themes

I’m sure if one were to put more deliberate thought into it, that a pretty interesting argument could be formed, about what Show might be saying, at a deeper level.

Even with my fairly casual viewing of the show, I found a couple of interesting questions popping up.


E3-4. Dan Oh’s quest to change and enlarge her role to more than just an extra, is kind of an interesting exploration of free will vs. fate, I think. How much of our life depends on fate, and how much of it can we change, based on our own efforts?

Dan Oh’s observation that her friends who aren’t self aware all seem happy, is interesting food for thought: is ignorance truly bliss?

E5-6. Is there a parallel here, with how people need to put up with a lot of stuff they may not like or agree with at work, only to cut loose in their personal time? That thing that Dan Oh says to Do Hwa, that if you get hurt over every little thing, you can’t survive the world of manhwas. I could say the same for the real world.


6. Some of our supporting characters seem interesting

I think my favorites among the secondary characters, are Do Hwa and Joo Da.

Do Hwa is just the most pure-hearted, caring person in this drama world, and I found his emotional attachment to his friends very sweet. [SPOILER] Do Hwa being so emotional about Dan Oh’s deteriorating health and potential death in episode 9 is pretty sweet. And Do Hwa is so sincerely torn up over Haru’s (Ro Woon) disappearance, and then so over the moon over Haru’s reappearance, that I just want to pat him on the head for being a sweetheart. [END SPOILER]

As for Joo Da, I found that as Show hinted that she had possibly become self-aware, I grew more interested to see what the real Joo Da is like. [SPOILER] In episodes 23-24, when I was already struggling to enjoy my watch, I perked up most, when Joo Da stood up to her bullies and smacked them down like a boss. That was quite a thrill. I immediately became more interested to see more of Joo Da, because I was interested to know how much she knows, and what she thinks of it all. [END SPOILER]


It was at around the episode 14 mark that I found myself enjoying my watch less. Everything was just grabbing me less, and I felt less interested in what happened on my screen.

The novelty of the premise had worn off, and at this moment, it also felt like not much was happening, plot-wise. On top of that, the glumness of the self-aware characters at this point of the story, wasn’t much fun to watch either. The reason I kept watching, was because I wanted to know how this story world works.

Here’s a quick run-down of the things that just didn’t work very well for me, in Show’s second half.

1. Show seems to serve up more questions than answers

Show does set up rules within its drama world, and sometimes, new rules are introduced in the story, as we go. However, I found that I had more and more questions as I progressed during my watch. It felt that as far as Show was concerned, some things just were, no questions needed. This didn’t sit so well, with me.

Here’re some examples of questions I had, which weren’t satisfactorily answered, by the time I dropped out.


E11-12. If all traces of Haru have been wiped from the storyboard, where another boy has sat in his seat all this time, how come Dan Oh can find the drawings and Haru’s sketchbook at the pool? Is this manhwa world malfunctioning?

E13-14. Why and how does Haru get to come back, and this time, as a character with lines, no less? Was this a direct result of him making changes to the storyboard? If that’s the case, isn’t he getting promoted for bad behavior, as far as the writer is concerned?

And if he’s truly not self-aware like Show is serving him up to be, why is he able to see the magical wormhole? Or is that just part of his DNA, being able to see the wormhole? Coz it does seem like he was able to see the wormhole back in earlier episodes when he wasn’t yet self-aware. But, why, though?

E19-20. Why would the heart rate monitor go off before the actual stage starts? That usually doesn’t happen. And why would Haru know that the stage is about to start?

E19-20. I thought that because Haru is now an extra with a name and a role, that he wouldn’t be able to keep changing the stage, but he does. How does that work?

E19-20. The way the stage keeps changing towards the end of the hour, it really looks like the writer is purposefully keeping Dan Oh and Haru apart. If that’s the case, then how do they manage to find each other in the end? Did the writer just decide to give them a break?

E23-24. Why is Haru able to defy the decided order of events, and gain enough control of his body to change the stage?


2. I couldn’t get into the main loveline

To be brutally honest, I was not very invested in any of the lovelines in this show; it all just didn’t pop for me, unfortunately – including the main loveline between Dan Oh and Haru.

[VAGUE SPOILER] Perhaps we are supposed to buy that the love between Dan Oh and Haru is so strong and fated that it spans different manhwa universes, lifetimes and timelines. But that setup implies a depth and intensity that I’m not associating with these characters. To me, Dan Oh and Haru’s romance is sweet and innocent, and that’s about it. [END SPOILER]

I’m pretty sure this show is targeted at a younger audience. I don’t personally find the romantic developments between Dan On and Haru swoony, but a younger audience might.

As a side note, I just wanted to say that Ro Woon doesn’t display a very wide acting range, but I must admit that there’s a strong sensual quality about him. His soft deep voice, his bedroomy eyes, the slight glisten on his skin. It’s probably little wonder that Dan Oh – and the above-mentioned younger audience – gets so spazzed out by him. I, however, remained unmoved by his charms, heh.

3. I found it hard to connect with key characters [SPOILER]

Although I mentioned earlier, that I found Dan Oh endearing, I have to admit that the more Dan Oh spazzes over Haru and gets all dizzy over how much she likes him, the less interested I actually became, over the supposed OTP relationship, and also, the less believable I found her, as a character.

I know that Dan Oh is a manhwa character and all, but I found it decidedly weird that for a good stretch in the middle of our story, she seems to have absolutely no negative emotions – fear, sadness, wistfulness etc – about dying soon. This, when she’s had insight to the storyboard about her impending death. She’s only interested in her romantic developments with Haru, and I found this distinct lack of interest in her very possible death, very weird.

I mean, I get that she says she’ll stop trying to change her setup because she’s afraid that it’ll cause her to lose Haru again, but to see her so over the moon at the little romantic developments between her and Haru, and seem to have no concept that if she dies she won’t be around to have any more moments with him, is really odd. She also seems to have zero regrets about not being able to change her setup.

I tried to rationalize that she’s a manhwa character and therefore not a real human being with real human being feelings. But in this world, the manhwa characters do have feelings, so it’s not like she’s designed not to have feelings. It all felt very jarring, to me.

And so, although episodes 25-26 are supposed to be sad, I found that I liked Show better than in the last few episodes prior. Mainly, I found Dan Oh’s sadness and fear a more appropriate reaction to her situation, than her previous hearts-in-eyes oblivion. It’s more believable, and more relatable. I no longer had to rationalize that she doesn’t have real feelings because she’s not a real person.

This didn’t completely fix my issue of not finding Dan Oh believable, but it helped.

4. I don’t feel fully convinced of Baek Kyung’s character turnaround [SPOILER]

For the record, I do think Lee Jae Wook does a good job with the material he’s given. But also for the record, I did not find Baek Kyung’s character turnaround at all convincing.

Kyung is shown saying and doing some awful things to Dan Oh, from the beginning of our story. Over time, he’s shown to possess a softer side. But, he also consistently returns to his terrible mean behavior. I found it hard to understand all this back and forth, and even though, by the time I dropped out, Kyung says that he truly cares about Dan Oh, I found it hard to believe him. I keep feeling like he’s going to disappoint me again, once I turn another corner. But then again, maybe that’s Show’s intention? I never finished this one, after all.


I’d had every intention of watching this show to the end, even if I had to drag myself to the finish line. I just needed to know how this story world works, and why it works that way, and what happens in the end – at least, that’s what I told myself.

While watching episodes 27-28, however, I found myself dozing off. I literally fell asleep at least 6 times, and had to rewind to where I’d left off, to see what I’d missed. It felt so effortful, working to finish watching this pair of episodes, that I just couldn’t bear the thought of repeating the process two more times, to get to the end of this story. I’ll just have to check out recaps to see what happened to these characters, and call it a day.

But like I said earlier, don’t let my negative experience deter you from checking this out yourself, if this sounds like your kind of show. While you’re at it, please give Dan Oh and Haru some love for me, will ya? Coz I definitely didn’t love them very much at all, on my own, heh.

38 thoughts on “Dropped: Extraordinary You

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  2. Sam loves Panda

    My thoughts can be summed up like this: the incredible premise that started this show with a mystery and a bang just fizzled out into a pretty bland romance. My experience was exactly the same as yours and I am going through to the end to see where they went with this. And you did good to skip those last episodes. First, all of that set-up in the premise leads absolutely nowhere. That is just unbelievable. They get the most unsatisfying, unsurprising, undeserved happy ending I have seen in a long while. And then, all the time we were forced to spend on the “main characters” really felt incredibly hollow (and exhausting) by the end. Around the last quarter of the show, I just started to dislike Yoo Jo Da because she became such a random character that loved two guys at once (for some reason that didn’t connect with me), decided to date the main protagonist (for some reason I’m not sure exists) and low-key asked the guy she rejected if she could date him on her off-days. Talk about turning her shadow character into something completely off-putting and opposite of what she was shown to be. Basically, this show didn’t know how to handle the different on-stage / off-stage drama and failed to make it a fun dynamic to explore throughout the latter half of the show. The fact that we get not one answer about their actual situation or why Haru can help change the stage, that the rules of the shadow and the stage always feels like hogwash, that some characters are pointlessly added at the end (the little brother and the old, thought-to-be dead Squid Fairy’s gf) and end up literally serving no purpose – all of that makes the show feel like they didn’t know where to go once the spark of their premise settled. So they went nowhere.

    Also, I feel like you’re absolutely right about the main romance. It feels hollow as soon as it is portrayed to be something bigger than the fresh, budding and innocent romance it started as. If they wanted us to feel it was more profound, they didn’t nothing to show a more profound or passionate romance. To be fair, I enjoyed it quite a lot when it could be just that: innocent and fresh. But as the show went on, both the romance and the general storyline felt less and less innocent or fresh.

  3. karenedramaddictions

    My review mirrored my experience. The drama hooked me at the start and dropped me mid-way at the Episode 14-16 mark, when Dan Oh turned into a romcom Candy whose life and goals just revolved around Haru. From Episodes 16 – 24 I was fast forwarding regularly. And from Episode 25 onwards, I was just reading recaps to see how the plot got resolved. It was a promising premise with lots of potential…..but didn’t satisfy.

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Yes, it’s a pity that Show became so average, after starting out so strong. At least you were wise enough to switch to recaps instead of forcing yourself to watch the episodes themselves! 😉

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  7. Blue_Bae

    It is true that this drama started very promising but at the middle part it started to get dull and confusing. But to anyone who will read this comment I would like you to FINISH this drama. Just give it a chance because based on my own experience I almost dropped this drama but I continued it because I want to see it until the end. And thank God I watched it until the end because the last 2 hours left an unforgettable memory to me. The last two hours is packed with emotions that left me crying for hours and until now I can’t move on with it (It’s been 3 days since I watched Extraordinary You and I still can’t watch any k-drama because of the pain and trauma of the last 2 hours gave me).

    But yeah I know that we have our own taste in k-drama and sometimes what’s best for others is just not suited for you. But please give it a chance and finish it 🙂

    love lots the fangirl verdict I am one of your fan in kdrama reviews. <3

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks for enjoying the reviews, Blue_Bae! 🙂 Glad that you found it worthwhile to hang on to the end, with this show. It’s rare and quite precious, that a show affects us so deeply. As for me, I checked out a recap to find out the ending, and I think that’s quite enough for me personally. 😉😅

  8. Cleo

    Dear Kfangurl,

    Been reading your blog as I find your reviews quite similar to mine, most of the time. This would be my first time to comment, though.

    Funny story… I especially looked for your review on this show to read about the ending coz I can’t bring myself to finish the last 2 hours. 😂 I guess I’ll have to finish it by myself…lol.

    Anyways, I enjoy reading your reviews, thank you! 😌

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! I’m sorry I couldn’t hang in there to the end for this one, Cleo! 😆 I was curious to know what happened in the end too, and ended up reading a recap on the last 2 eps. I concluded that I had no regrets dropping the show, ha. 😝 Granted, some folks loved this show, and some report loving the ending, so I’m curious to know how you felt when you got to the end! 😉

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  10. pizzahxxi

    Before K-dramas I was obsessed with Teen-Fic stories. I must have read hundreds of books with the same generic characters and plot lines, but somehow I just couldn’t get enough of them 😀

    So when this drama came out I was super excited to watch it. The first few episodes were so fun and fresh and I loved how the show made fun of typical teen-fic plots. Sadly, it only lasted for a few episodes before the drama became dull. The plot lines made little sense and the characters seemed to be a bit strange. I have to agree that the love line wasn’t that great either. Dan Oh was so vibrant and cartoon like whereas Haru seemed stiff, they were quite an unsual pair 😀

    The one thing I disliked the most about this drama was the plot line about characters being re-written in different stories. If the author liked their characters so much why not continue the plot rather than ending the story? It make’s no sense to keep bringing the same characters back in different stories. I ended up fast forwarding the last few episodes because I didn’t even feel like reading the recaps. It only took me a few minutes to find out what happened in those episodes 😛

    But I do think that this show might appeal to a different audience. Lot’s of people seem to love this show (and Haru :D) I thought I was being too harsh on the show but after reading through your review I can see why this show didn’t work out for me.

  11. Sam Butler

    Sadly, Show started as a very amusing spoof of manwha and romance tropes in general, only to turn into exactly what Show was spoofing. Spot on review. We should have listened to you.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw. It was worth a try, since drama experiences can vary so greatly across different individuals. 😉 At least now you know a little more, about what works for you 🙂

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  13. Indri

    I’m that type of person who feel optimistic about this one i came here for kim hye yoon and even though i finish it for the sake of the cast (i love them!) but i gotta agree the show is going downhill after haru’s got his memories back it just doesn’t feel fresh anymore. And as much as i love the main otp i kinda wish this show will show us more about the comic world, how it actually work, how each character find a way how to escape and get their own happy ending rather than just focusing to another clichè love triangle. It bother me so much because this show has potential. Baekyung redemption arc could’ve done better, haru’s characterization could’ve done better, dan oh arc could’ve done better and the ending could’ve done better. Like at least give us proper closure. Also my baby boy lee do hwa deserve better. In conclusion the drama writer and the manhwa writer has something in common: they suck.
    Thanks for the review! Oh also do you watch ji chang wook’s comeback drama?

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. Your comment about what the drama writer and the manhwa writer have in common made me giggle, Indri! 😂😂 Yes to all those things, Show would have been so much better, if they’d just managed to answer our questions about how the manhwa world worked. Also, YES, Do Hwa deserved better, sweet boy. 😥 As for Ji Chang Wook’s comeback, I’d planned to take a look at it, until everyone said it’s a trainwreck and not worth the time. So now it’s off my list. 😬

  14. Nia

    Hello, Fangirlverdict. I’ve been a long time lurker for many years. In fact, I check your blog religiously and, whenever I see a new post, my heart leaps and I squeal from excitement.

    Your–completely accurate–review of this drama forced me out of my internet turtle shell. I was so happy to read a review that shared my apathy toward the main loveline. They just didn’t do it for me. Haru appeared and saved her a couple times. That was it. His dreamy good looks was the extent–in my opinion– of his character development.

    I forced myself to keep going. Aggravated. Self-loathing (why couldn’t I cut this show off?). Suffering from Second Lead Syndrome (oh, Lee Jae Wook, that’s why). I dragged myself to the finish line.

    This post is lengthy so I’ll end it here by sending you a virtual banner of appreciation. I love and look forward to every post! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Nia! Thanks for enjoying the blog, I appreciate the support! <3 And, hi5 that we feel similarly about this show. I'd seen so much happy spazz around Haru that I'd felt like the odd one out in my little corner, not feeling any feels at all. 😅 Yay that I'm not alone! 🙂 Also, feel free to come out of your internet turtle shell anytime, Nia. You're always welcome here. <3

  15. RO

    I dropped out on the half way (around ep 16 i guess?) Same reasons. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the episodes. It didn’t felt as interesting as it was in the beginning.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi5, RO, that we have very similar experiences with this show. 😉 What a pity though, since it had felt so fresh and fun in the beginning. :/

      1. RO

        True that. It was very fascinating to see a cliché story from a supporting character point of view for once. Not to forget the monologue of the characters who were aware of reality and cursing the writer behind the stage.

        1. kfangurl

          Yes, I did enjoy those bits, especially in the beginning. It’s just too bad that the writers didn’t manage to keep things fresh and fun. :/

  16. Jae

    While I’m trying to catch up on this, I’ve always been reminded of Unexpected, a Chinese idol drama I just finished, with this show. Like both have the same subplot.
    1)Students in the comic world
    2)Female lead isn’t the lead in the comic rather a third wheel.
    3) Development of the lovelines of the couples
    Maybe it’s just me but I can’t seem to finish a kdrama these days. Right now I’m busy juggling between some Chinese dramas and back to my roots in anime. Like none of the newest kdramas are must watch for me. I’m just waiting for my bias, Jung So Min, to be back. Or the second seasons of Kingdom and Secret Forest. Sorry about this little remark.

    1. kfangurl

      No need to apologize, Jae! 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Unexpected before this, but from your description, it does sound like there are similarities between the two shows! I guess that would be a contributing reason in terms of why you didn’t feel like watching this one. 🙂

  17. Julianne

    Ha. While I totally said it was awesome a few weeks ago (a month ago), I totally forgot about it (more like, lost motivation, got distracted, etc) and stopped before by ep 6. So… in my memories it remains a pretty awesome drama, but also, I’ve heard so many comments about its downward slide that I also have no motivation to finish watching it.

    Haven’t been watching anything much except random animal videos on youtube. Have listened to a few audiobooks tho… 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Lol! That’s quite funny, considering how enthused you were about this show, in the beginning! 😆 From what I’ve seen, I personally don’t think you are missing much by not going back to it.. Also, animal videos are great, and audiobooks can be super useful, so you seem to be doing alright! 😉

  18. Lady G.

    Oh too bad this wasn’t for you. I haven’t seen it myself. At least you could give an honest opinion about what worked and didn’t for you. I hate it when I fall asleep watching a drama. And multiple times. I try to blame it on fatigue, but usually, it’s because I lost interest. I wind up with the phone out and playing candy crush or mystery games. lol

    1. kfangurl

      Yeah, it’s too bad this didn’t work out for me.. I was very hopeful at the start! YES, it sucks when I fall asleep multiple times while watching a show! It felt a bit like Groundhog Day, rewinding to where I remember leaving off, and then trying to stay awake again, through the same scenes! 🤣 I didn’t end up playing games on my phone – maybe I should have! 😆

        1. kfangurl

          Yes it does! That’s why I just couldn’t persuade myself to keep going, coz I could just see myself nodding off from zoning out, and having to do Groundhog Day, all over again! 😆

  19. seankfletcher

    I did toss up whether to have a look at Extraordinary You. As you point out, there seems to be quite a lot of ooh aah around it. For my mind though, this type of story is difficult to portray. So, I have been waiting for a review that would either entice me to watch it, or deter me from checking it out. We have a winner with your review – I will gladly go off and look at something else.

    There are quite a number of shows I have dropped at the denouement (including Game of Thrones). Once I get that inkling, it’s generally going to be all over, and to use good old cricket parlance, I pull up stumps.

    So, applying some of my wife’s logic, now that I have all this free time on my hands, I am going to go off and check out the latest Kdrama offering: Chocolate. They have finally gone and done it – a neurosurgeon meets a chef. A hospital drama intersecting with a food drama 🤣🤣🤣

    Now that things are progressing , there is some bts stuff re the latest info on the movie my daughter is working on, including some photos and a very good current affairs story. The Facebook page is:


    They start filming June next year. There are some 60 actors and 200 extras. I’m hoping to pop along and see some of it come together.

    In the meantime, we are off to see Elton John tomorrow night and America next week…

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! Always glad to be of help, Sean! 😀 Yes, it sounds so straightforward, but honestly, framing the saved hours as hours I can use elsewhere, really helped me decide to drop this one. Otherwise, it just felt like a waste, since I’d already followed the story for 14 hours and had just 2 more hours to reach the end. I’ve peeked at recaps for the last 2 hours, and I’m satisfied that I honestly didn’t miss anything much. I think I’m relieved, even, that I didn’t stick it out, coz I think I would’ve finished my watch feeling quite aggravated! 😆

      Yay that your daughter’s movie is shaping up nicely. And there’s even coverage in the news! How cool! 😀 I’m coming to realize that it really is such a long process, putting a movie together. As a viewer, it’s over in about 90 minutes, but for those who are behind the scenes, making it happen, it’s more than a year of hard work and dedication! Wow. 😱

      Elton John and America! You do lead a colorful and exciting life! 🤩 Enjoy the concert, and your trip to America! Safe travels! <3

      1. seankfletcher

        It’s very nice of you to say those things about my life. It sounds so much better than it actually is 😊

        Well, I can say Elton was fabulous! It was the 25th time he has played in my hometown. As he said, there is a special connection for him to pop in on average every two years. I do have a nice story to tell about that one day.

        I just had a look at a whole list of posters and promos for what’s coming up in Kdrama land. As phl says, it’s looking fabulous. One in particular is the special “Woman With A Bleeding Ear”. It looks hysterical 😭

        1. kfangurl

          Well, your life certainly sounds colorful and exciting, from the bits that you’ve shared! Certainly more exciting than many of us, I’m sure 😉

          Also, “Woman With a Bleeding Ear”?!? That’s.. very unusual, I’ll give it that! 😅😆

  20. Timescout

    My trajectory with Extraordinary You was more or less the same as yours. I really liked it to begin with but around half way point started to loose interest fast. It wasn’t breezy fun or engaging anymore, just your average kdrama of the same ilk. So disappointing. I dropped this even earlier than you, as you know. 🙂

    Once a drama looses it’s lustre, I can’t be bothered with it anymore. Besides, I’ve got better things to do. Like finally writing that long overdue post about 愿有人陪你颠沛流离/Willing to Drift With You. I’d forgotten how much I liked it. 😉

    1. kfangurl

      It’s quite the pity, since the early eps were so refreshing and promising.. I guess I wanted to believe that Show wasn’t actually losing its interesting personality, that’s why I kept at it for as long as I did. But it really just wasn’t working for me, after all. I’m absolutely not surprised that you dropped this one as early as you did! I glanced at recaps for the last 2 hours that I didn’t watch, and I have to say, I think I made the right decision. I don’t think I would’ve felt satisfied with the ending that was served up. 😝

      Ooh, I remember you mentioning 愿有人陪你颠沛流离 way back, I think! Congrats on finally finishing the post! 😀 I must pop over and have a read soon. 🙂


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