Flash Review: Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?

Given my Healer-induced new-found appreciation of Ji Chang Wook, it’s not hard to understand why I decided to pick up this little drama short.

At just over an hour, it’s a quick, low-commitment way to get a dose of Ji Chang Wook on my screen, while I continue to work off the Healer feels by gathering myself together to write it a proper review. (It’ll come! I promise! It’s just, too many feeelz!)

Considering how I’ve been underwhelmed by other drama shorts that I’ve checked out in the past (Her Lovely Heels, for instance. Or Love Cells.), color me pleasantly surprised, that this little drama short, in spite of its brief running time, is actually quite a nice dose of feel-good fun. 🙂


Of course, going in, it always helps to adjust one’s expectations, so here’re some helpful little tips on how to enjoy this little drama short.

1. Expect some stiff acting from most of the cast.

Since Secret Love, as an omnibus, is an unabashed vehicle for Kara members, it’s inevitable that a portion of the acting is raw and rather flat.

Example 1: Park Gyu Ri as Park Sun Woo

Park Gyu Ri isn’t terrible per se, and manages to do a fairly decent job of the role of the insecure, earnest Park Sun Woo. At the same time, her inexperience as an actress definitely shows. Her range of expression and depth of delivery is still limited, and it often feels like she’s reaching for the same few expressions throughout the show.

Still, I honestly feel that Park Gyu Ri did better in this than what group-mate Han Seung Yeon managed in Her Lovely Heels, so that’s not bad?

Example 2: Lee Dong Ha as Kim Woo Bin

Snerk. I had to laugh that the sunbae that Sun Woo’s been gaga over for years, is named Kim Woo Bin. That’s just got to be an intentional joke type thing, right?

Ok, I can identify with having a humongous crush on Kim Woo Bin, but for the record, this Kim Woo Bin is nothing like the Kim Woo Bin I crush on. 😉

As with Park Gyu Ri, Lee Dong Ha’s acting is also of the raw and limited variety. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is not a huge deal, since he’s just there to facilitate our actual OTP’s interactions anyway. Just don’t expect him to bring any kind of nuance to the role, is what I’m sayin’.

2. Expect things to develop and wrap up quite simply

With just over an hour of screentime, this drama short has less time to tell its story than a regular 90-minute movie. Which means that things in this world never get very complex at all. Things develop quickly and simply, and wrap up just as quickly and simply.

There’s literally no time for layers of conflict, complications, or any sort of truly believable character development, really.

3. Expect obligatory shots of Pretty Jejudo.

Since Jejudo is clearly a sponsor for this show, there is the obligatory PPL built in. Of course, since Jejudo is such a gorgeous place, it’s not hard to look at the Pretty. It’s just good to know in advance that they’ll be plugging the Pretty.

Here’s a quick sample.


1. Show is easy-breezy and fun. And also Pretty.

For something that only has 65 minutes of screen-time to set up its context and tell its story, Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel? does a very decent job of it, in spite of its constraints.

With high production values, a breezy soundtrack and a light, fluffy atmosphere, it’s no hardship to allow oneself to be carried along by this show’s cheerful momentum.


Big, big bonus points for angel Cheon Sa Nam’s abrupt, butt-nekkid arrival (executed fabulously by Ji Chang Wook).

After Sa Nam literally bounces off the walls of Sun Woo’s apartment in all of his butt-nekkid glory, he makes his Terminator-esque landing, complete with the camera appreciatively panning over his chiseled bod in slow motion. No, I’m not making this up, I swears!

Here. I couldn’t keep the goodies to myself, and just had to share the highlights of that arrival with ya. You might wanna prepare yourself – and a drool bucket of sorts.

Ready? Here we go:

Rawrr~ What a lawt of hawt, I say.

This hilarious and drool-worthy scene already makes this show worth a look, right? XD


2. Ji Chang Wook brings it.

Honestly, I think Ji Chang Wook’s natural and believable delivery is what grounds the show and makes it watchable.

The folks acting opposite him aren’t terribly believable in their performances, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering a tangibly warm, earthy, and endearing performance as our resident angel on earth.

In a sea of acting mediocrity – ok, make that pool of acting mediocrity, since this drama world is so small – Ji Chang Wook’s performance is basically the one that saves this show, for me. Coz, as I’ve learned from watching Her Lovely Heels, lots and lots of pretty just isn’t quite enough.

3. Ji Chang Wook is swoony. 

If you’ve got Ji Chang Wook Appreciating Eyes, you will so appreciate the fabulously swoony Pretty that Ji Chang Wook brings to the screen in this show.

From amused, to thoughtful, to playful, to lovingly intent, Ji Chang Wook brings all kinds of wonderful to the screen. There is enough Ji Chang Wook swoony to keep any fangirl happy, and I’ve got the goods to prove it.

These are just my top picks from the screenshots that I did take, so you can imagine how happy your eyes would be while watching the show. 😉


All in all, Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel? is one of the most satisfying drama shorts that I’ve checked out so far.

Of course, I don’t actually watch drama shorts very often, so that really isn’t a very solid barometer at all, to be sure.

Still, for all its simplicity, Show manages to have heart, on top of its generous servings of Pretty. And that’s not bad at all, for a 65-minute drama investment.


Light, fluffy and oh-so-pretty. A pretty good bang for your drama buck, especially if you appreciate Ji Chang Wook.




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17 thoughts on “Flash Review: Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?

  1. Ann Crowell

    thanks for this wonderful review and photos of Ji Chang Wook. Do you know how could I buy a DVD of “Have you ever had coffee “. I have been collecting JCW’s works.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Ann, glad you enjoyed this mini series and the review! I found a site that’s selling the DVD, but 1. I haven’t purchased from them so I can’t vouch for them, and 2. This story was part of an omnibus, each short story featuring a different member of Kara. This DVD set is for the entire omnibus, and not only for “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel.” You can check it out here.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. 1sunnylady

    “In a sea of acting mediocrity – ok, make that pool of acting mediocrity, since this drama world is so small – Ji Chang Wook’s performance is basically the one that saves this show, for me. Coz, as I’ve learned from watching Her Lovely Heels, lots and lots of pretty just isn’t quite enough.”

    * clap clap * I really can’t judge if JCW’s acting is good or not here, b/c the others are just so… not good (i’m really trying to be nice b/c there’s no need to be overly mean), that being the cool cocky angel didn’t ask much… But I was sold during the dinner scene… But here’s the thing, though. I always read everywhere that Gyuri was a child actress and acting is what she has always wanted to do. ls she considered a good idol turned actress or is she considered bad?

    1. kfangurl

      Wow, I had no idea that Gyuri was a child actress! I looked it up, and she was in a child role in a long-running sageuk from 2001 to 2002. Other than that, she doesn’t have any other acting credits until 2011. Which means that while she technically was a child actress, there’s no implication that she was any good. You know how some child actors are amazing, and some are just, not? Maybe she was the second type 😛 Coz even though she’s got a couple of acting credits to her name, she was far from nuanced or polished in this. Ji Chang Wook TOTALLY made it work, for me! XD That, and he was so lovely to gaze at 😉

  3. Assots

    O-mo-na. That bod but that bod !!! Work of art. It has substance you see, some density. I like very much how he is not thin, how he seems to fill those pants pretty well. Chun Sa Nam, you’re sooooooooooo fine.
    I found that show smoothly conducted and those TV movie-like format are rapidly becoming my favorite mode to watch a rom-com: Otteke Girls are much more bearable in short settings than during a 16 hour-long drama and less chances to linger in some insignificant scenes too. Plus, I liked the meta references : Kim Woo Bin (he IS her KWB, look how she’s totally fangUrling over him like a certain chingu we all know here) but also that Terminator one which never fails to crack me up (it was also used in Surplus Princess).
    I love how your well written reviews make me discover shows I would never checked by myself (and I would have missed something!), thank you chingu.

    1. kfangurl

      Ah! I’m so pleased that you did check this one out in the end, Assots!! It’s quite a nice shot of frothy fun, isn’t it?? 😀 And THAT BOD. It’s definitely a work of art. So~ delish <3

      I giggled quite a bit at the Kim Woo Bin reference, all the more coz I DO fangirl over KWB, as you've so rightly pointed out! XD So pleased that my reviews are helping you to discover new shows, my dear chingu. I hope to keep that up, in the reviews to come! ^^

  4. asotss

    I started to read the review with deep interest (wea re talking about Ji Chang Wook here) then get to the bonus part…and I am off to check the show out, don’t need to read any further (I couldn’t if I wanted too, my brain is too hormones infused anyway)
    Catching with you later 😉

      1. kfangurl

        Hahaha!! I don’t blame you at all, asotss!! Those screenshots are quite potent aren’t they? XD To me, that scene is already worth the time spent watching the show – and then some!! XD

  5. autumn

    Hi ! I enjoyed reading your review 🙂 & thanks for the beautiful screencaps !
    It’s a cute story and JCW so charming as always !

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks autumn, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the review – and the Pretty! 😉 It really is a cute little story, and JCW basically makes the entire thing worth watching, all by his fabulous self! What a nice bit of soothing, for post-Healer recovery! ^.~

  6. Gabby

    Hi, I noticed you saw the version that was aired on Dramacube? You might want to try watching this same episode on Dramafever or Sohu instead. The Dramacube version has several scenes missing and I found the editing somewhat choppy. The full length version is about 90mins long in total 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Oh, really! Thanks for the heads-up, Gabby! I didn’t realize there were different versions floating around. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to DramaFever where I live. And if I’m not mistaken Sohu offers only Chinese subs? I can read Chinese, but I also wanted to offer a link to readers who prefer English subs. Do you know of any other source for it? 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Thanks so much for the link, Gabby!! I’ve updated the post with the longer version, with credit to you – Thankies!! You rawk! 😀


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