#FindMyTribe: Kill Me Heal Me Shirts!

I am super excited, you guys!

Most of you would remember that a little while ago, I’d unveiled a Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, christened Girlie Rebel.

While I was personally very pleased with the design, I also couldn’t help but feel like Girlie Rebel was a little lonely all by herself.

Well, today, I’m unveiling another Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, to make it an actual collection!

And, to welcome the new shirt into the #FindMyTribe family, I’m having a sale on both shirts!

Can I get a big woot! 😀


As with the previous sale, you’d need to use the Promo Links that I share in this post, to get your discount.

I’m offering 15% off both shirts, for a week, until 10 March 2015!

Clicking on the Promo Links will bring you to a closer look and detailed description of each shirt.

I apologize that I am unable to extend the sale for the hoodies. With high base prices and the recent 15% discount I offered, I literally have made $0.00 on each hoodie reserved so far. If you would like to give the hoodies some love, please visit the #FindMyTribe store here!


For more information on prices, as well as what happens to shirts whose campaigns have ended, &/or any other burning #FindMyTribe questions, please check out my brand new #FindMyTribe FAQ section!


With Ji Sung managing to inhabit 7 whole personalities on Kill Me, Heal Me, coming up with shirt designs that are not only suitable, but stylish and subtle in their message, proved to be quite the challenge.

I am super pleased with how my lashings of inspiration have come together, and am particularly chuffed at how these shirts are alike but different; each one a complementary part of a set, and with alike-but-different personalities to match (pun intended!). 😉

KMHM: Girlie Rebel

Celebrating the fantastic, lip-gloss loving, girlie Yo Na, AND the intense, badass rebel Se Gi who’s all about being recognized by his gaze, Girlie Rebel is about not just embracing both your inner girlie & your inner rebel; it’s about proudly owning ’em both.

Coz why can’t you be both, right?

Promo Link: http://teespring.com/findmytribe-girlie-rebel?pr=KMHM15

KMHM: Girlie Rebel

KMHM: Kiddo Inventor

Shining the loving spotlight on teddy-bear loving Nana, AND the relentless inventive energy of Perry Park, whose favorite thing to tinker with is a bomb, this shirt is the light to Girlie Rebel’s dark.

Kiddo Inventor celebrates not just the kid in us, but also the creative side of us that isn’t afraid to think out of the box – or use rice cooker timers in our bombs, heh! 😉

Similar to Girlie Rebel, this shirt is about celebrating, embracing, and owning the different facets to your unique personality. Coz really, why do we have to choose just one thing to be, when we can be all kinds of awesome, right? 

Promo Link: http://teespring.com/findmytribe-kiddo-inventor?pr=KMHM15

KMHM: Kiddo Inventor

Honestly, I am really proud of these shirts, and I hope that you guys will love them as much as I do.

Please help to spread the word – and the love! 

Thanks, y’all. Smooches.

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8 years ago

Wow!!!the new design is awesome!!!

8 years ago
Reply to  somebodytolove

Awww!! THANK YOU, chingu!! 😀 I’m really proud of it, and I’m so happy to know that you like it too! If you’d like to get one for yourself, it’s 15% off until 10 March 🙂 If you’re unable to order one for yourself, I’d still be super grateful if you could help to spread the word! ^^