Sunshine The Second!

Guess what, everyone! The blog got a second Sunshine nomination!

Thanks to Indigo of Between Wor(L)ds for the love! And man, you DO ask some very tough questions!

I’m so pleased with myself now, coz after the blog’s first Sunshine Award, I’d told Lady G that I’d be getting her to play in future blog award type thingies.

Seeing Indigo’s tough questions, I’m mighty impressed with Past Me’s foresight. Coz I’m gonna need all the help I can get! Ha.

You’ll know what I mean when you see Indigo’s questions!

We’re thinkin’ hard!

1. Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows or Kim Woo Bin without his deep voice – which version of him would you choose?

kfangurl: Gah. You KNOW how much I love Woob. This is a terribly tough question. I’m thinking, I could just gaze at him, so I wouldn’t mind not having his lovely voice.. but then I’m thinking, I could also just close my eyes as he whispers sweet nothings in my ear..

I LOVE his voice, but I think the brows define him more, so I’ll stick with the brows. (SO GLAD I don’t actually have to choose, in reality!)

Lady G: I cannot beat kfangurl’s’ love for Woobie. And I wouldn’t dare try. But as much as I love manly man voices, (I can be here all night naming some – Western and Korean) – I’m a major eyebrow girl.

Kim Woo Bin’s eyebrows are what first made me sit up and take notice. Even though he was playing a high schooler, I drooled a bit. They are exquisite.

And just coz, I’ll throw in my other favorite eyebrow man – Japanese actor Kitamura Kazuki! SWOOOON!

2. Choose a K-pop song to describe how you feel about your favourite K-drama actor/K-pop bias. (Feel free to include a line or two from the lyrics to further explain your choice.)

kfangurl: I am SUCH a kpop noob that this one is a huge challenge for me!

My pick is more for the title than the lyrics. “In My Dream” by Standing Egg. Coz that’s where Woob meets me – in my dreams 😉

Lady G: I rarely listen to K-pop. So I’m going to rifle through my iTunes and see if I can find something remotely K-popish…

I’m back! I’m going with Crayon Pop’s “Hey Mister” from Trot Lovers. It’s so fun.

“My chic lips are sorry sorry…My heart is shaking with worry worry”

Most of my favorite K-actors are married ahjussis. I choose Song Il Guk. For one, he’s a Mister. #2. I think I have pretty chic lips, if I do say so myself (tee hee – I have to be nice to myself and like one feature!) and #3, my heart shakes with worry because I feel particularly guilty crushing on married men!

3. Pick two drama titles and mash them into one. Briefly explain the premise of this mash-up drama. (e.g. The Heirs From The Stars)

kfangurl: Vampire Idols Over Flowers.

Where Woob, Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Soo Hyuk reunite from their Vampire Idols days. And I’m throwing Lee Jong Suk in there, coz, BROMANCE! And, he could totally pass for a vampire too.

The 4 of them are vampire princes who rule the college campus with their charisma & other-worldly good looks (coz high school is so overdone, and importantly, these boys are too schmexy to be in high school, cough).

They allow a spunky heroine into their inner circle coz she’s a great singer and dancer and promises to help them fulfill their singing & dancing idol dreams (let’s make her Oh Ji Eun, coz she’s adorable & also amazing with comedic timing).

Cue cuteness and hijinks, as the human girl does her best to tame the vampire princes!

I would so~ watch this drama! Although, who am I kidding, I’d watching anything with Woob in it ^.~

Lady G: All About Dignity

The continuation of All About Eve starring two of my favorites, Jang Dong Gun and Chae Rim. Wicked Young Mi’s (Kim So Yeon) memory returned.

After becoming highly successful overseas and in Japan, she’s back and wants revenge on our OTP for leaving her out in the countryside. Sunny Sun Mi is now a top anchor and radio host at the network.

She and Network Owner Hunky Hyung Chul are still very much in love. But no marriage is ever perfect – not with Hyung Chul’s crazy friends from A Gentleman’s Dignity getting in the way with their drama-riddled lives!

Sun Mi and Hyung Chul have a beautiful teen daughter, Shi Yeon (The wonderful Kim Yoo Jung) who’s dealing with school pressure, growing pains, and one-sided first love with bad boy Oppa Kim Dong Hyub (Kim Woo Bin).

Young Mi does all she can to turn Shi Yeon away from her parents, seduce Hyung Chul’s buddies, and wreak havoc on the Network and their lives. How will they stop her before she goes off the deep end again?

If only we can watch and find out!

4. You’re going to noraebang (karaoke) with your Korean friends. It’s your turn to sing, what song will you pick? (It has to be a Korean song)

kfangurl: I rarely ever do the noraebang thing, even though I love to sing (hey! That even rhymes!)

My pick would be My Destiny, from the You From Another Star soundtrack. Coz it’s cheese-tastic, and therefore perfect to sing at the noraebang. Everyone can chime in at the top of their lungs at the chorus: “YOU ARE MY DESTINYYYYYY…”

Yes, we’d ruin the song, but we’d have so much fun while we’re at it! 😉

Lady G: Something sweet and simple, “ji geum chuh rum man (Jin Sun Mi Theme)” From “All About Eve.” I haven’t sung soprano since 10th grade chorus, but I think I can be passably good. Ears won’t bleed. And it has bits of English verses.

5. Pick three Korean male celebrities of your choice….Okay, ready? Now highlight the hidden text in the following brackets: (Let’s play a round of Kiss, Marry, Kill. Out of these three celebrities, who will you kiss, who will you marry and who will you kill? Let the games begin, muahahahahahaa XD)

kfangurl: Heh. My first answer is totally a cheat one.  And that would be Woob, Woob & Woob.

Just look at this first pic; doesn’t Woob look like he’s been at a smooch-athon with me, and just takin’ a breather? (Unnngh, those sexy, swollen lips!)

And then, doesn’t Woob look amazing in his wedding tux? (I do, baby, I DO!) And then, there’s Woob the vampire prince, who wouldn’t ever die, even if I tried my darndest to kill him.. softly, with lotsa kisses. 😉

Ok, fine. Here’s a second, less-cheaty answer.

Remember how in my review of Her Lovely Heels, I said I’d like to help Hong Jong Hyun with kissing practice? Yep, I’d like to keep that promise (see, I’m a woman of my word!), so I’d kiss Hong Jong Hyun.

I’d STILL wanna marry Woob (duh, were you expecting a different answer?), and I’d like to kill.. Jang Geun Suk’s hair.  I am so done with his wavy long locks, seriously.

I think he looks so much better like this:

I think death to the hair would do excellent things for his acting career, so it’s really all for a good cause, I swears!

Lady G: Oh boy. Well, I’d love to be kissed by Hyun Bin after watching that super smooch in his movie “Late Autumn.”

Best. Kiss. Ever. 

Who to marry is tough. How much do we know about these guys in real life that we would choose them as life partners? But since it’s pretend, I pick Jang Hyuk.

From what I’ve seen in interviews, he’s intelligent, a great conversationalist (I can’t stand awkward silences), talented, strong, witty, hard working, gorgeous and takes pride in putting his family first.

I could never kill any of my ahjussis and oppas!! Arhhh! I’d like to kill Gong Yoo‘s movie career for a while so he’ll come back to dramas! Seriously, Big was NOT THAT BAD!!

6. Which drama do you think would be more interesting to watch if all the leading female characters were male and vice versa?

kfangurl: Vampire Prosecutor

Not that I don’t love Vampire Prosecutor, coz I do think that Yun Jung Hoon is amazing as Vampy. I just think it’d be pretty cool and interesting to have a female vamp be prosecutor, and wield her vampy powers for justice.

Yun Jung Hoon can take a break from vamp duty to be the human team member who suspects Female Vampy’s secret, and uses his human powers of deduction and analysis to test his hypotheses about her mysterious and uncanny ability to solve crime.

Lady G: I’d be curious to see “Boys Over Flowers” with a female F4. I didn’t really care for the original drama and found the lead actress annoying. But I definitely think Song Joong Ki would rock the Jan Di role.

Thinking of her rich girl, cold as ice performance in “Couple Or Trouble” and even her warm-hearted hoarder in “Penny Pinchers” with Joong Ki, I’d like to to see Han Ye Seul as the female Gu Jun Pyo!

7. Who do you think was a better boyfriend: Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers or Kim Tan from The Heirs? Or rather, who was worse?

kfangurl: Gah. I think they’re both Bad Boyfriends in their own right. But the one who’s worse, in my opinion, is Kim Tan.

Not only does he believe that Manipulation = Love, he also indulges in forced skinship. And, he’s got terrible fashion sense to boot. Gu Jun Pyo’s dumb as rocks too, and he did have bad hair. But he rocked the smart suits.

And he tried hard to change, for Jan Di’s sake. Kim Tan just tried to run away, while telling Young Do, “You take her.” Argh. I hate you, Kim Tan.

Lady G: I didn’t watch Heirs after episode 1, I only skipped around. I saw a handful of BOF, but from what I know, I’d pick Gu Jun Pyo. Kim Tan seemed stiff and boring and really needed to lighten up.

8. Finish this sentence: A K-drama is not a K-drama without…

kfangurl: The Feeelz.

I think it’s why we all love kdrama, really. Whether it’s coz of OTP chemistry, bromance, or family warm fuzzies, it’s the feels that hook us, and keep us coming back. I know that’s why I love my kdramas.

Lady G: The cliches!

Wrist grabs, piggy backs, make-overs, drunk girls and guys revealing the truth, fatal sickness, or the fevers that necessitate a piggy back, owl-eyed first kiss, back hugs, evil mothers-in-law, evil fathers-in-law, birth secrets, chaebols, plucky poor girls…the list goes on and on!

…And that’s all for today, folks! Thanks for letting us play, Indigo, and thanks, you guys, for reading. We had fun with these questions, and hope you had fun too!

And just coz we can, here’s a random pearl of sunshine wisdom:

Rock on, y’all! ❤

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9 years ago

Thank you for that awesome Hyun Bin kiss. I didn’t think much of him til now but I’ll surely pay more attention to his work in the future. And that my friends, is the power of a good skinship scene XD

No Gong Yoo at question 5 ?!!! So, that’s official, he’s all mine *joy dance*

Girls, you make my day !

9 years ago
Reply to  asotss

Lol. Glad you enjoyed this post, asotss!! 😀 And I can TOTALLY see the power of a good skinship scene!! XD I think with Hyun Bin, it’s less about his ability to deliver (coz the man can deliver!), and more about who he’s playing against. He brought lots of sizzle with his smolder in Secret Garden, and delivered some excellent lip action in there. But I was totally underwhelmed by the dead-fish-lipped non-response of his leading lady. :/ So yes, definitely keep your eye on Hyun Bin, the man can bring the hawt 😉

Y’know, if I could’ve picked 2 guys to marry in Q5, that would’ve been perfect, coz then I could’ve included Gong Yoo, Lol! But since I could only pick one guy to marry, I had to go with Woob. Coz with GY, you can’t just kiss him, can you? 😉

9 years ago

I love that you both chose Kim Woo Bin with his trademark eyebrows. Most seem to pick his voice over his eyebrows, which is kinda surprising me because although I love his deep voice, it’s the eyebrows that really make him Kim Woo Bin. Besides, I could never imagine him with a different set of eyebrows as they would probably change his appearance a lot (the way you style your eyebrows can actually really change the way you look). So yeah, a good choice, ladies 🙂

And you both made up some really awesome imaginary dramas. I would watch the hell out of Vampire Idols Over Flowers and although I have never watched All About Eve, the plot for All About Dignity sounds really interesting.

Your choices for dramas that would switch up the genders of the main characters are also cool. Vampire Prosecutor’s female version should ACTUALLY BE a thing. And I’d love to see a female F4 and Song Joong Ki is a perfect choice for male Jan Di (cause he’s perfect for everything IMO).

Anyways, I enjoyed this post a lot and I am so glad you took the time to answer my questions. I know some questions were a little hard (sorry, Kfangurl for the Woobie question :D) but you handled them really well 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Indigo

It was TOUGH, Indigo! I never thought I’d ever be asked to choose between Woob’s brows and Woob’s voice! >.< You really know how to make a girl feel conflicted! But I'm so glad I picked his brows. I saw the mock-up that Kakashi & her girls did of Woob with no brows, and I just.. CAN'T. Woob MUST have his brows!

Yay that you liked our imaginary dramas, Indigo! I would so love to have Vampire Idols Over Flowers on my screen, seriously! Now that the idea has sprouted, I'm chomping at the bit to actually see the boys on my screen as vampire princes on campus. That would be SO AWESOME. Plus, more bromance with Woob & Jong Suk! 😀 ❤

And YAY that you love the idea of a female vampire prosecutor! Wouldn't that be completely badass? I'd love her to be completely gorgeous, but also, kinda sardonic. She wouldn't fall for men's charms & ploys easily, and would put all douchebags squarely in their places! Not always with her vampy powers. Sometimes, with just an arch of her eyebrow and a sound kick to the shins. XD

9 years ago

congratulaaaatiioooons~!!! 😀 😀 LOVED reading the responses from both of you — you gals def bring sunshine into all our lives! ^^

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  pinkblossom

Thank you, pinkblossom! I’m happy you think so. 🙂 2nd Dream drama coming soon. 😀

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

looking forward to it!! ^^

9 years ago
Reply to  pinkblossom

pinkblossom!!! TACKLEHUG!! I’ve missed you, chingu~!! ❤❤❤ Thanks for stoppin’ on by, despite your hectic schedule. It’s a pity that you’re too busy to blog regularly nowadays, but I want you to know that you’ve always been a lovely ray of k-blogosphere sunshine to me! Here, receive an honorary Sunshine Award nomination, with no questions or other strings attached! *bestows tiara of sunshine solemnly*

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

chinguchinguuu!! <3 <3 <3 *bigfatbearhugsqueezesqueezesqueeze* i've really really missed you and this beautiful community — that you always so kindly, warmly welcome me back really means a lotlooot to me. thank youuuuu. and thank youuu for such kind, kind words!! and for the lovely tiara!!! ^^ i hope all is well! <3

9 years ago
Reply to  pinkblossom

Aw, of COURSE we’d welcome you with happy open arms, you’re always such a cheerful, adorable bundle of squee! All is well on this front – I’m over my busiest work season for the year, so things are much more manageable at the moment. Time to catch up on dramas and reviews! I’m always behind on those reviews, though! 😛 But a good dent is better than no dent at all, is what I like to think!

I hope med school is treating you well, my dear! You wear that tiara with pride, ok? Your med school professors will understand, I’m sure! XD

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

yayyy for a nice rest from work 🙂 🙂 well-deserved i am sure!! and yay for more drama time! heheheee ^^
awww thank youuu always for your kind thoughts and well wishes 🙂 i’m sportin’ that tiara right noooow in class while waiting for lecture to start heheheheee!! ^^

9 years ago
Reply to  pinkblossom

Giggle. I bet you were the center of attraction in class, tiara & all! XD I hope you’re enjoying med school, and that you’re still finding enough time to squeeze some drama into your life! 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

heheheee i was defs loved by all with the tiara! ^^
awww thanks, chingu — i’m defs enjoying it and have miraculously found time this month for dramas!!! it’s all thanks to your tiara!! 😀 😀 <3
hope all is well!

9 years ago
Reply to  pinkblossom

Oh YAY that you’re managing to find time for dramas in this month! 😀 Which ones are you watching? I’ve been hearing pretty good things about quite a few of the current batch of dramas, which makes me happy, even though I’m not watching anything live at the moment 🙂 It just means I’ll have lots of goodies for when my drama plate clears up ^^

9 years ago

Congrats! And your answers to Indigo’s questions were awesome. Love the homage to the best Japanese brow actor & your drama mashups were fun & interesting. Brightened my night 🙂

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  NeeNee

Thank you for the comment, NeeNee. I’ve been having a fatal crush on Kitamura Kazuki in the last few weeks. Can’t get enough of him. I’m glad you enjoyed the mash-ups. An “All about Eve sequel” had always been on my mind, with the same plot, but it was fun to throw in the guys from Gentleman’s dignity too. It would be quite the dramedy. kfangurl’s Vampire idols over flowers cracks me up. Seems like it would be part BOF, part Twilight.

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Aw~ Thanks NeeNee!! 😀 Yay that this post brought a fun spark to your night! ^^

Also, it seems like you have not been acquainted with the camp-tastic ridiculous awesome of Vampire Idol, Lady G! XD

Here, have a taste. This is an early-ish episode where the Vampy Boys get makeovers and photoshoots, and Woob’s character falls for a rabbit mascot.

I envision Vampire Idols Over Flowers to be a little nonsensical too, but my version of the Vampy Boys would be much savvier about the world, since they made it to college & everything ^^

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

LOL! I totally did not expect Vampire Idol to be filmed like that with a laugh track. Cute. It reminds me of those seventies American variety shows. And the other guy with the giant cape collar is cracking me up.

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Lol. Vampire Idol definitely was a more low budget sort of production, so that was part of its charm. The guy with the giant cape collar is their vampire prince. In their world, he’s considered handsome, and the bodyguards (our Vampy Boys) are considered ugly. Pfft! AS IF. XD

Of course, I’d make Vampire Idols Over Flowers a big-budget sort of production, with glorious production values. We need to bring out the maximum beauty of our Vampy Boys, after all! XD