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Pure Pretty: TOP


I’m on a roll, you guys.

After rolling out my first Pure Pretty post on Song Seung Hun, I was just going to do a little bit of preliminary searching in preparation for my second Pure Pretty post, and got completely and utterly sucked in. There was just too much TOP goodness to gaze at. I couldn’t stop.

Let me state upfront that just because I’ve picked TOP to be part of the Pure Pretty series, doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s talented. It’s just that I don’t really follow his music – I’m not much into kpop to begin with – and therefore don’t have a lot to say about his personality or his music. I do think he owns the stage when he’s rapping, and it – HE – is hot.

I’ve seen TOP act, though. I first saw him in Iris and immediately decided that he looked very interesting. And handsome. And hot. Heh. Though I didn’t think he was so great at the acting, to be honest.

Recently, though, I watched him in The Commitment, and he’s gotten so much better! Which bodes well for me. I love TOP’s speaking voice. And TOP in motion on my screen. Mmmm.

In the meantime, though, let me just say that as I did research for this post, I’ve come to the conclusion that TOP is insanely beautiful. SERIOUSLY. INSANELY. BEAUTIFUL.

There just doesn’t seem to be a way to take an ugly picture of this guy. Really.

TOP – Act Like Nothing’s Wrong

Given my love for Woobie and TOP’s gorgeous, strong eyebrows, I’m beginning to think that I have a weakness for men with distinctive brows. Heh.

TOP’s brows aren’t the only gorgeous thing about him, though. He’s got gorgeous bone structure. And beautiful, defined lips. And a piercing gaze. Omona. The combination of all those factors in a single face is sometimes disconcertingly stunning.

Gaze and marvel and melt into a puddle with me?

Fierce &/or Broody:

With those glorious brows and his penetrating gaze, TOP does fierce and broody particularly well. He looks strong, imperturbable and very sexy.

Oof. So sexay.

Sharply Suited:

When those strong brows and piercing gaze is combined with TOP in a sharp suit, I find the combination killer. 

So, so handsome. Melt.

Rugged Casual:

And then there’s the rugged, manly look where he looks especially delicious:

YUM. And also. Mesmerizing.

Close-up Stunning:

With that out-of-this-world bone structure, the close-up shots of TOP are often nothing short of spectacular. At any angle, from every perspective, TOP looks amazing. Guh.

Stunning, right? How does he do that??


Maybe it’s coz he’s got such amazing features. TOP manages to pull of some of the quirkiest looks I’ve seen around. And look hot at the same time. It’s a superpower, I tell ya.

Yes, even the back of his head looks sexy, somehow. *tilts head*

Geek Chic:

TOP rawks the glasses, and makes geek chic hawt.

Sputter. Puddle.


TOP also takes preppy to a whole new level. Who knew preppy could be this hot?

Just Plain Otherworldly:

Sometimes, TOP is so beautiful that he simply looks otherworldly. Coz it’s hard to believe that a human could look this good. Right?

No words, seriously. So. Beautiful.

Knowing Cool:

Perhaps one of the sexiest looks on TOP is the knowing look. It’s like he knows how commanding and knee-melting he is, and isn’t afraid to let you flail in the awesome.

Sexy, sexy, sexy:

So TOP is (thus far, anyway) strongly averse to taking shirtless photos. But that doesn’t lessen the sexy. Not at all.

Sizzle. Has your screen melted yet?

Rumpled & Undone:

Whether TOP’s rolled up and cuddly in bed, or disheveled and intense, one thing is consistent. He manages to look sexy either way.


As if we needed more proof that TOP looks good in just about any situation, here’s a handful of pix of TOP being comfortably casual.


I have only one thing to say. How can anyone look so good in candid shots? Candid, y’know. It’s really like he can’t help but be this hot. Also. Doesn’t TOP look adorable when he’s smiling?

His smile is just adorable, right?


Speaking of adorable, I couldn’t help but squee at Cute TOP. Eeeee!!!

Is it possible to melt and squee at the same time? Coz I think I did.

Man At Work:

Something about seeing a man focus on something he’s great at gets me and makes me swoon. Here’s TOP at work. Swoon.


A personal favorite of mine, is TOP being thoughtful. So intense. So melty.

Melt. Those eyes.

I may not have a deep appreciation for his music, but I’m surely looking forward to more TOP. His acting is improving nicely, and I can’t wait to see him again in a movie or a drama.

Plus, there’s all the pictures. Fierce, broody, cute, quirky, sexy.. I’ll take him any which way, thankyouverymuch.


Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

71 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: TOP

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  2. I recently discovered TOP and I must admit, I’m a fan! His low, sexy voice and fierce rapping is amazing. He’s a talented rapper, and so funny and self-deprecating in interviews. He said he doesn’t shower with other Big Bang boys, even though he likes to watch haha… And he said he only wears clothes that cover him up from head to toe, maybe because he is psychologically disturbed, made me 😄 I’m guessing partly it’s because he used to be chubby. Once a chubby person, always a chubby person inside even though the outer appearance has changed. It’s amazing that he’s managed to laugh at himself despite his (probable) insecurities. I first thought he’s just another pretty idol, but once I realized he’s funny and talented, I’ve become a big fan. He’s also into art, which I accidentally found out through his Instagram account. He has a good eye for art, even my art dealer friend was so impressed by TOP’s taste in art he started following TOP on Instagram too. Thanks for this post, I truly enjoyed it!


    • Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed this post, neve, and that you’ve discovered a whole new appreciation for TOP. I’m not a super serious fan, but I like what I know of him, and he does have the self-deprecating humor going on. I’m not big into kpop, but I must admit that for a season, I couldn’t stop watching that video that Evez posted in the comments, and I also couldn’t stop listening to the track that I used for this post. See the magnetic power of TOP? 😆


  3. is there any review on jung il woo…if not please post…i beg u…


    • Hi there Sunita! At the moment, I don’t have a post for Jung Il Woo, but I don’t rule it out. At the moment though, I’m completely distracted by Park Bo Gum in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, so my research will be concentrated there for now 😉


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  5. I love TOP! i love you kfangirl and this post! Please check his photobook FROM TOP if you haven’t seen it yet! ^_^


    • Hi there, antabi! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this TOP post!! I’ve seen some of the photos from his photobook; he’s undoubtedly beautiful. The camera just loves him. As do we 😉 ❤


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  9. T.O.P! T.O.P! SQUEEEEE T.O.P!

    Love your collection–seriously, I’m never going to wonder if my Khottie of the Week post is too long. There really is no too long in hottness, right?


    • Steph!! Great to see you around these parts, thanks for stopping by! 😀 Yes, TOP is amazing and so, SO gorgeous. ❤ And no, there really is no such thing as hotness that goes on too long! XD At least, that’s my fangirl opinion! 😉


  10. Hi! I’m new to your blog and thought to suggest 71: Into the Fire? That was the first drama/film I saw TOP in where I thought he did really well. And to be in that movie alongside acting veterans like Cha Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo, and Kwon Sang-woo, and still hold his own… TOP definitely has improved.

    Watching IRIS, to this day, makes me cringe. Haha.


    • Welcome to the blog!! 😀 Thanks for the recommendation. I did hear that he was really good in that. I’ll definitely check it out (am torrenting the movie as I type this), but since war movies aren’t my usual cup of tea, I’m gonna have to wait for the right mood to strike before I watch it.

      I am SO with you on cringing through Iris! I mean, I thought TOP looked great, but the stiff acting was terrible. I really enjoyed him in Commitment, though. Have you seen that one yet? I can’t say how he compares to his Into the Fire outing, but I genuinely thought he delivered some difficult scenes very nicely. And that voice. So gorgeous on the ears. YUM. ❤


      • I have a copy of the movie, Commitment. I just haven’t gotten around to actually watching it yet (because the first time I tried watching it, the subtitles were shit and I had to wait for a better srt file). But I have high hopes and I hope to get around to watching it soon. 🙂


        • I went into Commitment not quite knowing what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised by TOP’s acting having improved, and I ended up rather liking the movie. I should probably warn that there are flaws, but honestly, TOP as a super secret spy, wielding guns AND super secret spy moves is really pretty hawt 😉


          • Now I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

            With Into the Fire, I was amazed by how much emotion he was able to show with such minimal dialogue. I didn’t realize he could emote so much. And I don’t mean facial expressions, exactly. Sometimes, it was just all in the eyes. And damn those eyes. ❤


            • Oh yes, those eyes indeed! He uses those eyes to pretty excellent effect in Commitment too. He’s come a long way since Iris, where he was really stiff. I still haven’t watched Into the Fire.. I’ve got it in my collection and am just waiting for the right mood to strike ^^ But I’ve heard so many good things about how good TOP is in it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the awesome for myself 🙂


  11. Oh, TOP! He’s one of the few people who don’t take off clothes for the sake of being sexy but is still sexy.


    • Oh yes, TOP is way sexy. He’s been so successfully adamant about not going shirtless, which is pretty amazing considering how the kpop world pretty much demands sculpted shirtlessness from its idols. Another reason to respect TOP – for managing to be awesomely hot while playing by his own rules. ❤


  12. My daughter had a chance to study in Korea last year. She got to see T.O.P., granted from across the room, through a friend of hers, who attends the same university as T.O.P. He sadly, was eating alone, then had a meeting, with what she said, looked like his manager. It seems from what my daughter observed, that T.O.P. is a very serious and dedicated young man. She has been a fan of his since high school too. Thank you for sharing all the pics, many of which were already familiar to me through my daughter.


    • Aw, what an amazing opportunity, to observe TOP in person! 😀 And it’s fantastic to hear that he’s a serious and dedicated kinda guy.. That’s exactly the kind of guy that really makes me swoon ❤ I’m not quite a serious TOP fan, but I genuinely do enjoy him and think he’s pretty awesome. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, too, about TOP’s underground rapping endeavors, Andrea! I love a man who’s excellent at what he does, and it’s great to hear about TOP’s achievements outside of his work with Big Bang 🙂


  13. Gosh girl, what did you do? It’s like you raided Google images. or Tumblr. Or every website with images of TOP (^o~)


    • Giggle. I raided Google Images, I did! XD Coz Google is my friend, and knows everything, and has all the goodies! And there are SO. MANY. goodies out there when it comes to TOP, seriously! Spoilt for choice, I was! ^^


      • And he decided to come out with a picture book!! Preserve the good looks in the finest quality there is ><!!
        I really want an android now so I can have those images of TOP as my background *_*


        • I know, right?!?? A TOP picture book! Full of gorgeous, beautiful TOP. I was seriously tempted to order a copy of the picture book for myself, and had to be reasoned and talked out of it by my dramaland friends over on Facebook. Coz they know my fascination with TOP is secondary to my Woobie love. So they were like, No, save your money for Woobie. And so I overcame the temptation to buy the book. But I will definitely be looking out for the sampling of images that are sure to make the rounds, thanks to generous fans ^^

          And, even if you don’t have an android phone, is it not possible to have customized wallpaper on your phone?? I know I’ve got lots of Woobie on my phone ^^v


          • I want him in the finest quality. If It’s possible, I certainly am not willing to settle for less.I think Samsung displays in better quality, better than Apple. It’s as close as I can get to him you see. *Sighs tearfully* The sad life of fangirls overseas T_T. WHY?? Heck, being a student means I don’t have the money to spare for picture books either =_=…
            *cries in frusturation*


  14. oh?…i smiled on assotss comment when she mistakenly thought Bang Sung Joon as TOP, i don’t blame her coz a friend of mine said that too…she knows i love TOP and when GFB premiered she was pushing the drama on me for thinking TOP was there…BSJ also has a deep bass voice like TOP…but TOP is more good looking though…eerrrr…for me?….hahahaha!!!…but i love BSJ in Shut Up Flower Boy Band better than Lie To Me… 🙂


    • Tee hee. This makes me think of the time I went into the DVD shop to buy the QIHM DVD box set for the blogoversary giveaway, and the girl in the shop thought I liked Yoo In Na a lot, and recommended another show to me, insisting Yoo In Na was in it. I had to patiently tell her that it was a completely different actress in the other show. HAHA! XD

      And yes, I do enjoy Sung Joon very much too. Mmmm. Sung Joon. ❤


      • Sung Joon really bangs me!…hahahaha…i managed to watched INR3 because of him….i love him there…nothing so great about it but i did like some lines from that drama….sweet potato Joo Wan made me say to myself do I need romance?…hahahahahaha…3>3

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh, I was tempted to check out INR3 for Sung Joon, coz I have this big soft spot for him. But I stayed away, mostly coz of all the grumblings in the dramaverse about how INR3 turned out. Now I’ve shelved it indefinitely. Now that you’ve seen the whole thing, would you say it was worth it?


  15. So he IS the weird guy in “Iris”. Although the scenario don’t let any doubt, I could never determine if he was a boy or a girl, which was rather disturbing… But after that collection of pics, I can see he is a boy alright.
    He reminds me of the lead in Can We Get Married/ Shut Up Flower Boy Band and the villain in You From Another Star but prettier.

    Love, love, love that series. Can’t wait to see with who you will treat us next time. I’m handkerchief-ready for the drool, bring it girl !


    • HAHAHA!! You made me giggle with that last bit, asotss!! Handkerchief-ready indeed!! XD I’m sooo glad you’re enjoying the series, coz you’re the one who sparked it all off with your comment! ^^

      I think what TOP has in common with Sung Joon (Shut Up) and Shin Sung Rok (YFAS) is the intense gaze. But yes, I do have to agree that TOP’s prettier. He photographs soooo beautifully that I couldn’t help making a bunch of headers of him for the blog. More Pretty! ^^v


  16. TOP! TOP! TOP! You have already been completely spammed by me on Twitter about TOP, but can I saw how much I LOVE that you’ve discovered his hotteness!!! ㅋㅋㅋ The man is really super amazingly gorgeous! *sigh* Oh TOP.


    • Aw hey now, I’ve known for a long time that TOP’s hot! It’s just that this research has taken my appreciation of his beauty to a whole new level. Now he’s not just hot. He’s beaauuuutiful. 😉 And though I don’t take to all of his music, I can overlook a lot – for the hot! XD


      • Lol. I think that when it comes to our fangirl adoration, we are all willing to overlook a lot ;P TOP really is phenomenally beautiful though. It’s sort of crazy actually how beautiful he really is.


        • He is phenomenally beautiful. *stops to gaze* It’s crazy to think how he used to be the stocky guy who got rejected based on his weight/looks. And now, everyone is flailing at his feet. It’s mind-blowing, seriously.


          • Oh T.O.P. *sigh* I am so glad that he became famous though I think it’s sad that his talent wasn’t “important” until he looked a certain way. Not that I’m complaining he’s so hot or anything 🙂


            • That is so true. Although you’d never find me complaining about the fact that TOP’s hot, it really is a sad thing that he was initially dropped because of how he looked. :/ Which makes me ask the question, why did they keep Dae Sung, since he’s not even really considered good-looking? Is there a story behind that too?


  17. Wow! Quite a collection you have here of TOP! Never quite realised how pretty he was and always wondered what others saw – now I understand! Talk about pretty! Looks a lot like Kang Dong Won too…


    • Aw, YAY that you now see the beauty of TOP, Byeol! 😀 Isn’t he gorgeous?? I only had a handful of TOP photos in my collection before I started researching this post, and then I was completely blown away by how there just doesn’t seem to be a bad picture of him out there! He just manages to look good in every pic ^^

      As for resembling Kang Dong Won.. I suppose at certain angles I see some similarity. I think Joo Won looks more like Kang Dong Won, overall 🙂


  18. OMG! Ultimate TOP photo set.


  19. Tee. Ohh. Pee! I think TOP is so cool, seriously if I were in primary school I would want to share my colouring book, crayons, half of my apricot jam sandwich and juice with him. These pictures are simply gorgeous and I’m so drawn to his intensity. My favourite pic has to be the 2nd pic with YEH. HAWT.


    • Hehe!! You are SO, SO CUTE, Muffin!! XD Sharing books, crayons and juice while in primary school is SO different from where my mind goes when gazing at TOP! XD

      YAY that you’re enjoying the pix, Muffin.. He really is arresting in so many of the pix. And totally agree, that 2nd pic with YEH is SIZZLING. Makes my mind go to.. places *cough*


      • Lol sometimes I have to maintain an innocent fangirl relationship with some of these actors, 😛 , seriously though I just think TOP is really cool, like your-best-friend’s-hot-older-brother cool 😀 ! He brings out my inner child.

        With that picture I had to crack a window open… *self-fanning*


        • YOU. Are adorable, Muffin. TOP brings out your inner child and he’s like your best friend’s hot older brother???? Oh my. Again. NOT how I see TOP myself *cough* ESPECIALLY with that YEH pic that you pointed out. My inner child was.. nowhere to be found at that pic..! XD


          • Lol stop Kfangurl, you’re me blush 😛 . Kekeke


            • Bringing on the fangirl blush is one of the things I do tend to do particularly well 😉 And you are too adorable not to tease. But ok, I will stop. For now. Muahahaha 😉


              • Haha you made me blush so much that I forgot to check if what I wrote made sense.

                Lol… You my friend, are a very skilled fangirl.


                • Tee hee. It’s why I listed my position here as Head Fangirl, when Facebook asked me what I do at The Fangirl Verdict 😉 I use my fangirl know-how to help other fangirls get in touch with their inner blush. HAHA! XD


  20. Holy crap that’s a lot of photos! I may have saved about half of them to my desktop and will be slowly rotating them as my wallpaper, lol. The first one is my fave. He’s so damn pretty!


    • Aw, YAY that this post contributed to some TOP lovely on your desktop, Caitlyn! 😀 I made it a point to choose the largest, highest res photos available, for this post. All the better for us to gaze at, y’know ^.~

      I do love that first pic too. He looks so utterly cool *faints* I am more convinced than ever, of TOP’s supreme beauty.


  21. Seeeeee?……..the eeeeeyyyyeeeeebbbrrrrrrooooowwwwwsssss!…those pair of awesome eyebrows!…what a happy and gooooooooood morning it is!….i hurriedly open my computer office just to witness TOP in here!…i saw your post yesterday over fb but i am on mobile and you know i can’t browse your blog site in my mobile….so i am now gazing over the loveliness of this dude!…i had known TOP from BB i remember how i was awed when he spent his time working on his physique then….formerly, though he’s tall he was on the rounded type of the body so when his friend GD asked him to join with him on YG he was turned down due to his chubbiness…but then he came back and he did shape good!..more so, he looks gorgeous!…

    I love all the photos you shared in here!…it was all full of TOP’s awesomeness…see him in suits, jackets, coats and even in casuals they all look delish!…..any camera angle is so good on him!…this dude hasn’t shown any sexy and provocative shots in any of his CFs, photo shoots and in a movie…but boy! i am thinking that’s the magic of him!…to remain mysterious on that part….

    And that’s make him more appealing i guess!….it’s like you hear him talking with his low-bass voice at the back of your mind…”Hey this is T.O.P. i need not to show much of my my body part for you to adore me”!!!…and indeed….i do love him even with long coats, shirts and suits on!..coz he so demmmmmmm BEAUTIFUL like a work of art……..<3 🙂

    And now Lady G. has been dazed with TOP's magnetic appeal…and that is super YAY!..

    And i am glad though you're not into Kpop thing you embed his song…that one feat. Kim Jieun…that song was seven years ago but still good to hear….hope you don't mind me share this video of him singing that song live…this is one of my favorite performances of TOP….see him in suits and do some cat walk and then raps…super cool!…hope you'll enjoy this vid..

    <3<3<3 ^^..


    • Ok, wow. That vid IS very cool, thank you evez! Loved the moment when he shrugged off the trenchcoat – so badass! But really, my favorite bit of the entire clip is from the 4:21 mark, where he does the fiercest rapping I’ve ever seen from him. Now, that is hawt. I’ve replayed that bit at least 4 times now, just to see him rap out. So forceful and charismatic. Swoon. My screen was very possibly on the verge of shattering in the face of his hotness. I have a weakness for seeing a man excel at something, and that bit certainly did have that effect on me!

      In the various performances I’ve seen of him with Big Bang, his rapping bits often have the least screentime, so I was quite pleased to see this old-ish vid that Stephanie shared, of TOP sharing the stage with Kim Hyun Joong. I love how TOP owns the stage whenever he opens his mouth to rap. His stage presence is so strong, yet he seems so laid-back about it. Love it:

      Also, I’m so, SO glad you enjoyed this post, evez! It’s true, he really is a work of art. I must’ve looked at hundreds of photos of him in researching this post, and there really wasn’t a single bad picture of him out there. These ones are just the most beautiful of the ones I saw. Isn’t he just stunning? Those lips. That bone structure. Those eyes. And those brows. I swoon.


      • yeah that vid of him with Kim Hyun Joong is a winner!…love to see both of my biases performing……i am thinking all the adorable photos you shared here is good enough for downloading and safekeeping to mobile gallery?…so who needs a 120,000.00 won special edition of TOP’s photo album?….hahahahahahaha!!!…kidding aside like what you said over fb that a real hardcore fangirl will spend that amount just to have it!…and tbh, i want that as well…it’s latest and full of TOP’s awesomeness….400 pics plus vid….it’s crazy to think that for just 30 mins. that 999 copies already sold out!….wow!…TOP is too much to handle indeed!…..this dude who always experimenting on hair color and hair style….and amazingly TOP carries it all…be it blonde, red or even blue!…he is too cool to look at…<3<3<3


        • Tee hee. Yes, these pix could possibly make a mobile gallery, but I don’t think that’s going to stop us from wanting more! 400 pix more, to be exact! XD

          Yes, TOP manages to pull of just about any look, from what I can tell. The white hair is one my favorite looks on him. It’s so dramatic, and contrasts so well with his dark brows and shows off his gorgeous features really nicely, I think! Of course, the brown and natural dark look great on him too. The blue I didn’t like so much. Those pictures I look at IN SPITE of the blue hair, not because of, LOL! XD


      • Hi, I don’t know if this was shared elsewhere on here, and if so, sorry for the repeat. T.O.P. has also been doing underground rapping for a number of years, and is quite accomplished with this. Separate and independent from what he does with BigBang.


  22. Wow, he’s magnetic!! GORGEOUS!!! The eyes grab me and pull me in, and I love that sly smirk on his shapely lips. I’ve been meaning to watch The Commitment. I have it on standby. I don’t know anything about him either, nor do I listen to K-pop, but his voice is amazing. And I love the fierce eyebrows too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t he??? Magnetic is the word! 😀 He’s just arresting, especially in the close-up photos. Those features are so strong and so, so beautiful. And yes! That sly smirk is so sexy and so swoony. And those brows. So fierce, so strong and so lovely.

      I enjoyed The Commitment. TOP looks appropriately hot executing the badass fight moves, and his acting has improved significantly. I was pretty impressed at parts. And the bit near the beginning where he’s in high school trying to adjust to a normal school environment is pretty priceless. And the whole time, you get to hear his speaking voice, which I really enjoyed. I’d say it’s a worthy watch. And TOP on your screen sure doesn’t hurt 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Thank you! I been in a bad mood all day and this makes it all better. I love TOP and I’ve probably seen most of these pictures already but I’m glad you’ve put them together in one post. There’s never too much TOP for me.


    • Aw. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad day, Indigo. But I’m so glad this post helped make you feel better! There really can’t be too much TOP, absolutely. Gorgeous, gorgeous TOP.


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