Announcement: New tiers on Patreon – and how that helps me

Hi everyone!

As you can see from the title of this post, I’m introducing new tiers on Patreon, which I will explain in a bit.

First, if you’re already on Patreon, I’d like to assure you that this does not impact your current tier in any way; ie, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of your current tier without any change or interruption.

The main reason for the introduction of the new tiers, is because I’d really like to make this full-time blogging thing a sustainable full-time gig, and without any changes, it’s honestly not actually sustainable. 😅

To be frank, at the current level of support that I get through Patreon, combined with ad revenue and the commission I get if someone uses my affiliate link to subscribe to NordVPN (which is an excellent VPN, btw 😁), I have enough to get by on a day-to-day basis, but not enough to really put any savings away, or invest further in the blog, and in myself.

That’s why, on Elaine‘s suggestion (thanks Elaine!), I’m introducing 4 new tiers on Patreon, that would make it possible for you to support me in a deeper way – if you feel inspired to do so.

With my overhaul of my Patreon schedule a while ago (remember The Big Experiment? It’s still on-going and I’m still surviving, but barely, sometimes 😅), I don’t have a lot more bandwidth to do much more, in the way of Patreon benefits.

So what I plan to do, for the new 4 tiers, is short little weekly voice notes, which might be about personal anecdotes, or about a drama I want to talk about, or about an event in Dramaland, or about the blogging life; basically whatever comes to mind.

This is my small way of letting you in closer, should you choose to support me in a deeper fashion.

You can read the detailed descriptions of the 4 new tiers here, but here’s a quick overview:

The new tiers

Enabler: US$50

Empower-er: US$100

VIP Empower-er: US$150

Benefactor: US$200

* All 4 tiers would receive ALL Early Access benefits, as well as the weekly voice notes.

You can visit my Patreon page by clicking on this handy lil icon here:

Should you choose an annual subscription, there is, of course, the 5% annual discount available.

At the same time, it’s perfectly possible to shift into one of these deeper tiers, and then shift back to an Early Access tier, on a monthly basis.

I just want to reiterate again, that you don’t HAVE to do this, but if you do choose to support me at these deeper levels, you are enabling me to do more for the site, as well as empowering me to do more for myself and my family as well.

And, perhaps even do this full-time blogging thing on a long-term basis. 🥹

Thank you all, for your love, support and belief in me. 🥰 I literally couldn’t do this without you.


KFG ❤️

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9 months ago

I’m so glad you’re asking us for (a little) more, KFG! And making it easy for us to support you.

Whether bumping up our existing patronage, or kicking in sustained support (whatever the amount) for the first time, it is worth it. I haven’t found another place like your blog for literate and accessible Asian drama reviews, k-ent/c-ent updates, cordial on-line sharing, and good humor.

Thank you for the sweat-equity and love you pour into The Fangirl Verdict every day. Willingly. We love it, and we know there ain’t no free. Wishing you continued success!

Last edited 9 months ago by Leslie
8 months ago
Reply to  Leslie

Well put, Leslie!!

And hear hear Kfangirl for being brave and putting this into action!!!! We care about you and want this effort to be sustainable for you too!