Review: Touch Your Heart [Reach Of Sincerity]


Light, frothy, and easy on the drama palate, Touch Your Heart is a fun little watch that ought to add a nice amount of cute to your viewing schedule.

Yoo In Na is the star of this show, with her personal charm making our protagonist earnest, adorable and very likable, pretty much regardless of the situation.

Lee Dong Wook’s straitlaced lawyer is a great foil for Yoo In Na’s sparkly enthusiasm, and together, they lit up my screen as they bickered, talked and stumbled their way to True Love.

Our drama world is filled with secondary characters who are mostly fun, and even the less fun ones grow on you by the end.

A breezy, groovy OST that’s nicely employed to amp up the feels, is what ties this little ragtag package together.

Sometimes the plot goes off on a case-related tangent, but Show always brings it back to what’s important – the heartfelt, and the cute.


If you were a fan of the Lee Dong Wook-Yoo In Na pairing in 2017’s Goblin, then this show would likely feel like a legit continuation of their story, maybe via a convenient reincarnation for both characters, to get them into this 2019 timeline and this drama world.

I never did finish Goblin (I know, so many people tell me that I’m missing out, big time. I don’t know, I guess it’s just not for me?

I never managed to get into it, and dropped out at around the episode 11 mark), but I did think that Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na shared good chemistry in what I did see of their shared screen time in that show, and I was happy to see them reunited in a different drama – this time, one that I actually managed to enjoy and finish. Woot!


Here’s the OST album, in case you’d like to listen to it while you read the review.


With some dramas, it takes me several episodes to start enjoying my watch, mostly after Show’s done with its set-up and we’re shifting into the story proper.

With this one, as early as just 15 minutes in, I found myself enjoying my watch very much. Immediately, it struck me as light, frothy, and fun.

The necessary exposition was efficiently done without giving me the feeling that I was listening to a convenient exposition fairy.


The way CEO Yeon (Oh Jung Se) of Always Law furtively observes each lawyer in his office for Yoon Seo’s (Yoo In Na) internship is fun, and also gives us a quick idea of who’s who and what their personality is like.

I also love that CEO Yeon is all gruff and dismissive while agreeing to allow the internship, but once he puts down the phone, he turns into a total fanboy. Haha.


Right away, I liked the quirky feel of this office crowd.

Given how much I personally often struggle to jive with kdramas’ idea of humor, I was happily surprised to find that this show’s idea of funny worked for me. Huzzah!

The spotlight on individual characters’ minor quirks and reactions, along with squeaky sound effects, amuses me without dipping into Korea’s penchant for broad comedy or toilet humor, and hit my funny bone quite perfectly.

No, it’s not side-splittingly funny, but at least I never found myself groaning at my screen, wishing that Show hadn’t gone somewhere with its efforts to be funny.

Happily, by the end of episode 1, set-up even felt quite complete, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was already having a whale of a time. A Very Good Start indeed.


Yes, there are things that I didn’t like so much in this show (which I’ll talk about later), but generally speaking, I found that I liked what Show served up, very much.

It felt like Show was a big cozy fuzzball that just kept on giving. Yes, sometimes there’s angst, but Show never spends too much time moping around in Angstville, preferring to focus on serving up cuteness and sweetness instead, a fact that I appreciated very much indeed.

Once, despite not feeling great myself (I forget why), I found myself enjoying an episode of this show very much, which says a lot about Show’s breezy appeal, I think.

Yoo In Na as Yoon Seo

Like I mentioned earlier, this show really showcases Yoo In Na’s personal charm. Watching her in this, I remembered all over again, why I found her so appealing in Queen In Hyun’s Man.

She’s very lovable when she’s given the chance to shine, and in the context of this show, she literally sparkles. <3

Overall, I found Yoo In Na frikkin’ adorable and charming; she makes Yoon Seo cute and lovable, with just a touch of ditz on the side.

I find Yoon Seo completely irresistible, which is quite something. I realize I don’t often get super smitten with female leads, or at least, not so fast, and I generally don’t fall so hard.

By episode 2, though, I luffed Yoon Seo with all of the hearts in my eyes, and that’s a Pretty Big Deal.

I love that Yoo In Na commits to the physical comedy, which, I’m happy to report, is nothing outrageous.

Just small little things which make all the difference, like how she daintily struggles to bend down to pick up some papers in episode 1, because her dress is too low-cut and too short for her to comfortably perform the task.

The little hand wiggles and the awkward bend of the knee was really quite amusing, along with little sound effects, without going into distasteful territory.

At the same time, Yoon Seo experiences a growth journey in the course of our story, which I appreciated.

Yoon Seo doesn’t exist in this story just to be one half of the OTP; she learns how to become a stronger woman who stands up for and reaches for what she believes in, and I liked that a lot.

There were more than a few times when I felt that Yoo In Na was singlehandedly carrying the show on her shoulders, and she carried it with an effortless, dainty sort of finesse that I enjoyed a lot.


Here are a smattering of Yoon Seo highlights which I enjoyed.

E1. OMG. Yoon Seo bad-acting is so funny and sad. Also, that’s not easy to do, but Yoo In Na makes it look like Yoon Seo really is a terrible actress.

E1. Yoon Seo really is so earnest and so cute, the way she works hard to be a proper secretary. Aw.

E2. Yoon Seo is really so likable in the way that she really, really wants to do well, and tries so hard, and then takes such pleasure in little things, like successfully performing a small task, or receiving a small compliment.

Also, she strives to be pleasant to others, even when she might not be feeling so great on the inside, and limits her small moments of wilting to when she thinks others can’t see her. It’s no wonder that Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) starts warming to her, in spite of himself.

E2. Yoon Seo being strong, choosing to ignore gossip, and smiling sweetly at the gossipers, is admirable enough. But when she says matter-of-factly that she’s used to it, but that it would be a lie to say that she’s totally ok with it, that makes me admire her all the more.

Jung Rok is right. She’s stronger and tougher than most people would peg her to be.

E2. Yoon Seo’s revenge plan is so funny. Doing well at work is her way of taking revenge on Jung Rok? Tee hee. I mean. What a simple-hearted sweetheart she is.

E3. I think it’s pretty great that Yoon Seo’s pouring herself into being a good secretary.

I half expected her to mess up on the list of assignments that Jung Rok gives her, but we see her doing everything that she’s been tasked to do, and I can’t help but feel kinda impressed, even as she collapses in exhausted exasperation.

E3. I love that Yoon Seo isn’t one to hold grudges. Even when she finds out that her manager Hyuk Joon (Oh Ui Shik) has been lying to her while attending to other actresses in the company, she forgives him easily, telling him not to lie to her anymore.

This, after a serious catfight where she’s insulted and humiliated by the other actress, too. I find that very appealing about her, that even in a situation where her ego’s got to be smarting, she doesn’t take it out on her manager and even makes peace with him quite easily.

E4. The fact that Yoon Seo continues to be so earnest and bright in facing life and its challenges, in spite of what she’s gone through with her chaebol stalker and his manufactured revenge drug scandal, says a lot about the kind of person she is.

She’s stronger than she looks, and I can’t help but admire her for that.

E11. I really like how Yoon Seo tells Lee Gang Joon (Jay Kim) so evenly and decisively, that she doesn’t need to make that drama, and then walks out of there like a queen. I know she cries afterwards, but in that moment, she didn’t let him bully her, and I was so proud of her. <3


Lee Dong Wook as Jung Rok

It’s true that Lee Dong Wook comes across as a little one-note and cold as Jung Rok to begin with, and when that’s juxtaposed with his deadpan Grim Reaper outing in Goblin, it admittedly does start to feel like Lee Dong Wook’s being typecast, a little bit.

I’m happy to say, though, that Jung Rok doesn’t go through the whole show with a flat, expressionless face. Over time, we do see more layers emerge, and I must say, the more I got to know about Jung Rok, the more I liked him.

With Dramaland historically having so many male leads who are arrogant jerks, it was lovely to realize that Jung Rok is, in fact, a really sweet, thoughtful person.

Here are some of my favorite Jung Rok highlights, as I watched the show.


E2. Jung Rok is nicer that he lets on, and is a lot more thoughtful that one might expect too, given his cold and distant image. This episode, he observes the little moments when Yoon Seo wilts a little bit, and remembers the things she’d said, and is generally very considerate of her.

Hearing that she generally doesn’t eat when he’s not around, he offers to take her to lunch, even though he has no plans to go for lunch.

Seeing how hard she works to learn to perform small tasks like transferring his calls, he takes the time to give her a small task, and then acknowledges that she’s been helpful. And seeing how she waits for him to get off work, he asks her to join him for dinner.

And then, remembering how she’s said it’s hard for her to eat in crowded places, he chooses a deserted eatery for their dinner.

THEN, when she trips and falls on her way to thank him for saying that he’d like to start over and give her a proper chance to be his secretary, he remembers that he shouldn’t avoid her, and dutifully catches her, even though it’s totally against his usual instincts.

I mean. That’s sweet. And thoughtful.

Plus, he totally steps in to save her, when she meets a road bully on the way to work. Yoon Seo is right. He is a better person than he lets on.

E9. I find it very sweet that Jung Rok’s earnestly and sincerely stepping out of his comfort zone in order to understand Yoon Seo more.

Like the way he takes time to check out her past dramas, even though he usually never watches dramas, and the way he practices talking in banmal, even though it’s just not his usual style, because it’s her request, that he talk to her less formally.

For someone who’s a known creature of habit and a prickly one at that, this just feels extra sweet.

E11. I’m struck by how respectful Jung Rok is, of Yoon Seo, in the way that he considers what she wants and is comfortable with, even as his own concerns for her safety and well-being ramp up.

Even though he would really like to take Lee Gang Joon to task for tailing and threatening Yoon Seo, he doesn’t pressure her to take action, and instead waits until she is ready.

That must be hard to do, considering that he’s worried for her, and Lee Gang Joon always looks just a loose screw or two away from being completely unhinged.

But instead of insisting that Yoon Seo listen to him or give in to him, he waits, and thinks of ways to cheer Yoon Seo up and show her his support, until she is truly ready to take the next step. I am very impressed with that.

E13. Whatever doubts I might have had about Lee Dong Wook’s ability to emote is gone in a puff of smoke, the moment I see Jung Rok in the last scene at the bus stop this episode.

He’s exhausted physically and mentally from pushing himself so hard at work, and now, with the stress around the disapproval of him defending Park Su Myeong (Kim Dae Gon).

On top of that, he’s emotionally drained from keeping all his pain from the break-up bottled up, and from tamping down how much he misses Yoon Seo.

And all of that finally comes together and rises up to the surface in that one single expression, completely gaunt and haunted, the tears welling up in his eyes, as he gazes at the image across the street, of the woman that he loves, whom he has been secretly gazing at every day, as he sits at that bus stop, silently crying on the inside. Augh.

That last scene gave me chills. Twas a hard episode to watch, but the last scene made it all worthwhile.


Jung Rok and Yoon Seo as our OTP

Generally speaking, the more Show focused on the development of our OTP relationship, the cuter and more adorable I found this drama.

With Yoon Seo working as Jung Rok’s secretary, there are more than a few occasions when it feels like Show is going off on a tangent on the case of the week, but the solid silver lining is, Show also uses these cases to develop the OTP connection, and I appreciated that a lot.

As a general rule, our OTP connection grows in a manner that I found organic and sweet, and the strong chemistry between our leads just made everything around the OTP development all the more enjoyable to watch.

As another general rule, I was duly tickled and appreciative of the fact that Yoon Seo turns out to be the more proactive person in pursuing an OTP love connection. You go, girl. <3

Since I consider the OTP connection a big strength of this drama, here’s a somewhat meandering look at the various OTP milestones that I enjoyed during my watch.


E3. I thought we spent a bit too much time on the teenage fraud case this episode, and I did find the treatment on the cliched side, but I appreciate that we see Yoon Seo actually helping Jung Rok get through to the defendant, in a way that he wouldn’t have been able to, and we see him see and appreciate that she’s more capable than she first appears.

I do love that he doesn’t waste time in giving her a sincere apology, and complimenting her on her work that day.

Her delight, and her adorable request for him to repeat the compliment, just so that she could bask in it a little more, and the fact that he indulges her request and does just that, gives me a big case of the goofy grins.

E4. Yoon Seo is pretty proactive and ballsy, even if she sometimes doesn’t even understand her own motivations.

She clearly wants to spend more time with Jung Rok, and makes up an excuse for them to spend Saturday together, even if she has to pretend to have legal questions for him, in the classroom and even at the drive-in theater.

It amuses me that her paper-thin ruse is actually effective with Jung Rok, who takes everything she says at face value. Hee.

E4. Yoon Seo getting all riled up and jealous around Jung Rok and Yeo Reum (Song Sung Yoon) is quite amusing. Jung Rok’s befuddled hapless expression is also funny.

E4. It’s kind of obvious to include a stalking case to re-ignite Yoon Seo’s own stalking-trauma related feelings, and get Jung Rok to notice her discomfort and become concerned.

But, I do find it sweet that his heart clearly goes out to her once he understands the background of her drug scandal, and he seems so earnest as he tries to tell her not to suffer anymore, without letting on that he knows about her scandal. Sweet guy.

E4. The hyper-proximity was rather spine-tingly stuff, with Yoon Seo getting up close and personal with a willing Jung Rok, and even blowing lightly on the cut on his neck.

And how cute, that they’re texting each other comfortably while each lying in their own beds. That’s so cozy. <3

E5. The passing back and forth of heart-shaped sticky notes is just the cutest thing. They’re becoming closer through the notes and Jung Rok probably doesn’t even know it. But the way they each save the notes and then smile to themselves is adorable. <3

E5. It’s a pleasure to watch Jung Rok and Yoon Seo becoming closer as they work together and spend time together. It’s not just the proximity, it’s the way they end up talking to each other, in spite of themselves, and end up caring more for each other, as well.

E5. Jung Rok showing up at the team dinner was priceless, even though he’s completely clueless about subtlety and subtext and takes everything at face value.

But I do like how Jung Rok learns about Yoon Seo’s possible hidden reason for getting upset over him having pasta with someone else, through Se Won (Lee Sang Woo), who’s jealous over the exact same event.

And I like even more, how this clues Jung Rok in a lot more, into observing Yoon Seo’s little quirks and comments. His little stifled smiles are just great to witness.

E5. I love how Yoon Seo manages to see past Jung Rok’s detached exterior, to see the warmth underneath, and I loved her little spiel, when she encouraged him not to lose heart because she believed he would win the case.

And I love even more, how this prompts him to want to tell her the truth behind why he wanted to be a lawyer, and even offer his support if she were to ever find herself in a similar position again where she feels like she’s alone against the whole world.

E6. I must say, it was funny watching Jung Rok get jealous of Yoon Seo’s “Oppa” Manager thinking that he was her boyfriend. Petty Jealous Jung Rok is fun to watch, even if just for a while.

E6. While the case this episode is drawn rather simplistically, I appreciate that it was a good catalyst. Without it, Jung Rok wouldn’t have suffered an injury and Yoon Seo wouldn’t be crying out of worry, in turn moving him with her care and concern.

Also, it was nice to see Jung Rok take Yoon Seo’s encouragement to heart, and also, to see him gravitate towards her when he was dealing with slumpy post-case emotions and didn’t want to have a team party.

The fact that a person as introverted as Jung Rok actually wants to spend time with Yoon Seo when he doesn’t actually want to expend social energy on people in general, says a great deal about where she stands with him.

E6. Jung Rok taking Yoon Seo’s hand and putting it in his pocket, is such a nice callback to the earlier incident where Yoon Seo completely misunderstood him and put her hand in his pocket.

E7. Hahaha. I do think that if Yoon Seo wasn’t so prone to drunken outbursts, that Jung Rok would never understand how she feels, or get anywhere with his feelings for her.

E7. As inexperienced and awkward and clueless as Jung Rok is when it comes to love and dating, his sincere efforts really do endear him to me. It’s cute that he goes online to search for Yoon Seo’s likes and dislikes, in order to prepare to ask her out. It’s so dorky and so cute.

E7. Jung Rok’s one-liner confession letter is also really dorky and sweet, and it’s adorable how Yoon Seo runs after him to backhug him to indicate her acceptance. Jung Rok’s stifled grin and Yoon Seo’s giddy joy is just infectious, and I just want these two to be cute together forever.

E7. I do love that despite his relative slowness when it comes to romancing Yoon Seo, Jung Rok is steadfast and thoughtful in his own way.

He thought carefully about where he could bring Yoon Seo on a late-night date, and came up with a pretty cool place on short notice, that is romantic enough and quiet enough to match Yoon Seo’s expectations.

I also love that when Yoon Seo remarks that he’s slow, he apologizes for being slow, but promises to take steps towards her at his own pace – slowly, but for a long time. Melt.

Afterwards, his murmured confession at Yoon Seo’s prompting, is quiet but emphatic, “I like you; a lot.” Aw.

E8. All the males falling over themselves to please Yoon Seo, effectively pushing Jung Rok out of the way, is amusing. But it’s Jung Rok’s thoughtful gesture of going out to look for the lost mirror which he knows means a lot to Yoon Seo, that really touches her heart.

I love how disarming Yoon Seo is, as she asks if it’s ok that she kisses him, because he’s just so darling in the moment. I love that about her.

She doesn’t let decorum get the better of her, though she does try to let it, and always ends up saying and doing what her heart tells her to.

And, what a lovely follow-up, when she tells Jung Rok that when he wants to kiss her, he doesn’t have to ask – and he does just that, right away, swooping in and kissing her gently and tenderly, like he can’t help himself. And then he kisses her again. Melt.

E10. Jung Rok and Yoon Seo getting to know each other better doing ordinary things like hanging out at her apartment talking and looking at pictures, and doing silly fluffy things like playing out office romance tropes while at work, is really cute.

E10. Yoon Seo mistaking Jung Rok’s dad (Park Ji Il) for a sasaeng fan is kind of predictable, but I do appreciate the sweet note on which it all ends, with Yoon Seo being the gentle mediator between the two, and making sure that Jung Rok takes good care of his dad during his hearing and trial.

It’s really thoughtful of her, and I can completely understand why Jung Rok would act out of character and come out to his dad over lunch, admitting that he likes Yoon Seo very much, and that she’s his girlfriend. Aw. Melt.

E12. As much as I’m not too keen on Yoon Seo and Jung Rok breaking up, it does make sense that she’d been on hiatus of sorts from her regular world, and now that she’s going to go back to her celebrity life, her relationship with Jung Rok is a real concern.

Because she exists in a world where fans consider dating an actual scandal, her relationship with Jung Rok poses a real threat to her comeback. So while I’m not exactly happy about this turn of events, I understand it.

I understand why Yoon Seo’s manager and CEO (Lee Joon Hyuk) feel it would be best that she’s single, and I understand why Jung Rok would suggest a break-up. The only thing that I wish Show had done differently, is give Yoon Seo a say in the matter.

Jung Rok should have talked with Yoon Seo about it, so that they could arrive a decision together. At the same time.. relationships are that way, y’know. If one party wants out, the other party can’t actually put a stop to the break-up.

E12. I do give props to Jung Rok for taking Yoon Seo’s return to acting well, even though he’d fully expected her to pursue a career in law. Instead of smarting from the fact that she kept it from him, he smiles and says that he fully supports her, and doesn’t mind if she keeps things from him, if it’s for her good. That was very sweet.

E13. It’s hard to see Jung Rok and Yoon Seo dealing with the aftermath of the breakup in their own ways, but I can accept the reasons for this OTP’s separation.

No, I don’t condone the fact that Manager Oppa meddled coz he thought he knew what was best for Yoon Seo, but Jung Rok believed him, that it would not help Yoon Seo’s career, which was finally recovering after the drug scandal.

In Korea, where a celeb gets hit hard by a scandal and might not actually recover from it, it’s understandable that Jung Rok would take this to heart, and believe that if it should come to light that Yoon Seo was dating, that it might turn into a scandal, and knock her career back into the gutter again.

BUT. Having said that, my preference would of course have been for Jung Rok to talk it out with Yoon Seo.

E13. I think it’s lovely that even though Jung Rok was the one who broke up with Yoon Seo, she still cares deeply for him, as a person.

When she realizes that he’s taking on the case again, and that it’s controversial and he’s all alone, she reaches out to him in the only way she knows how – which is just the thing that he needed.

The files to the case, other research around similar cases, and a note to cheer him on. That vote of confidence, that she knows he will serve justice, is clearly a sweet, comforting balm for his soul. Aw.

E14. It’s true that I feel bad for Yoon Seo doing all the hard work reaching out to Jung Rok, with him continuing to tell her that they can’t be together, but it’s also true that she could’ve told him earlier, that she knew why he broke up with her, and wanted to start over regardless of the risk to her career.

That would have been more effective and to-the-point, than making him lunchboxes and asking him out to dinner, while he was under the impression that she didn’t know that he never wanted to break up with her.

Regardless, I’m glad that she tells him that she’s more worried about losing him than about losing her career, and I’m glad that he lets her make that decision, finally, and kisses her.


Special shout-outs:

The Always office gang

I think I might be developing a distinct soft spot for quirky office gangs, since I very recently remarked that I loved the quirky office gang in Romance Is A Bonus Book too. Happily, the quirk doesn’t feel try-hard to my eyes, and I found myself growing affectionate of this eccentric bunch.

I found it amusing that CEO Yeon is a closet super fanboy, and I found Mr. Lee (Park Ji Hwan) an endearing incongruous mix, of hardened ex-detective on the outside, and aspiring poet on the inside.

Most of all, though, I liked the lashings of burgeoning friendships among the ladies.


I love how, in episode 8, Yoon Seo is genuinely concerned for Attorney Dan and Secretary Yang (Park Kyung Hye and Jang So Yun), and it was a lovely, poignant beat, when Secretary Yang, on hearing that Yoon Seo isn’t actually on friendly terms with other actresses and doesn’t even know their phone numbers, promptly offers her own phone number to Yoon Seo. Aw. 


The burgeoning bickering loveline between Attorney Choi and Attorney Dan

I must admit, it took me a little while to get on board with these two characters, mainly because it troubled me that Show poked fun at Attorney Dan (Park Kyung Hye) for her looks and for the way she falls in and out of love on a regular basis.

However, it did console me that Show poked fun at Shim Hyung Tak’s character just as much.

Also, it soon dawned on me that both Park Kyung Hye and Shim Hyung Tak were both totally hamming it up in their roles, and that their bickering connection, over-the-top and overdramatic as it was, would soon blossom into an equally hammy and over-the-top loveline.

I soon learned to roll with this arc, and as the love blossomed between these two, I couldn’t help giggling, in spite of myself. By Show’s end, I found myself actually looking forward to scenes featuring these two lovebirds. Who woulda thunk it?


Here are just a couple of highlights of this comical pair.

E8. Attorney Dan falling for Attorney Choi amuses me, even though it’s very predictable. I like that despite their prickly relationship, he wastes no time in standing up for her when her cafe owner boyfriend disses her.

So it’s completely understandable that Dan falls for him in no time, what with him flashing his abs and catching her mid-fall. The romantic in her won’t be able to resist, heh.

E11. Attorney Dan taking the hit for Attorney Choi, and the following hearts in his eyes is quite funny. It’s great to see the super self-absorbed Attorney Choi being so discombobulated by his mortal enemy. Snerk.

E12. Attorney Dan proposing a dating contract with Attorney Choi is hyperbolic and dramatic and quite perfect.

E13. The romance between Attorney Choi and Attorney Dan is great comic filler, with him not being able to feel anything for her during their contract, until she dramatically saves him from an oncoming motorcycle and makes his heart race – just as she then promptly falls for the rider, coz she’s the type who gives up easily, snort.

It’s ridiculous and hammy, and quite a nice entertaining diversion from Show’s angsty stretch.


Lee Sang Woo as Se Won

Lee Sang Woo as Se Won crept up on me in the most unassuming, pleasant way, and I found myself warming up to him despite finding him quite uninteresting and bland in Show’s early episodes.

Mostly, I really liked how offhandedly persistent Se Won is, in being friends with the reticent Jung Rok. Even though Jung Rok is prickly and sometimes downright unwelcoming, Se Won just refuses to let it get to him, and lets the cold treatment literally glide off him like water off a duck’s back.

By Show’s end, I found myself very fond of Se Won, and happy to root for him, to have all of the happy things, which is quite the turnaround.

Here are a couple of Se Won highlights which I enjoyed:


E7. I am amused at how Se Won explains dating to Jung Rok in terms that he can understand: a trial. HAHA. So weird, but so perfect.

E8. I’m warming up to Se Won in an absentminded sort of way. I don’t look for him, but when he’s on my screen, I find him warm and easygoing.

I like how he’s taken it upon himself to be Jung Rok’s dating coach, and I also like how he doesn’t seem to hold the past against Yeo Reum and actively takes every opportunity to show her that.

E14. Tee hee. The more I see of Se Won, the more he grows on me. I love the way he mediates between Jung Rok and CEO Yeon, like he’s kind of casually bumbling through it, but really getting the two men to defend each other. Sneaky, and very effective.



Like I mentioned earlier in this review, Show isn’t perfect, and there are some things that I wish could’ve been done differently.

I kinda half count the legal stuff in this basket, coz while I’m not well acquainted with the law or with legal proceedings, I have a pretty strong suspicion that the version of drama law we see in action, would likely cause a real lawyer to fight the urge to poke their eyes out.

But, I won’t actually give this an actual section here, and just count it as one of those things you kind of have to accept in this drama world.

The angst around Se Won’s past relationship with Yeo Reum

From early on in the show, we are introduced to a distinct angsty vibe between Se Won and Yeo Reum, with a broken relationship, unspoken history, and a good amount of industry gossip all in the mix.

I must confess that I had very little to no interest in this narrative arc, and every time Show turned its focus to this ex-couple, I zoned out a little bit.

I did have more warm feelings towards this couple towards the end of my watch, but I credit that to Se Won worming his dorky way into my heart, more than this arc’s own narrative merits.

I could’ve done with a lot less of this.

The screen time we spend on Yeo Reum’s work angst

Kind of related to the above point, Yeo Reum really didn’t interest me much as a character, and worse, I kind of didn’t think she was that good of a prosecutor either, given some of the behavior we witness, like [SPOILER] in episode 7 , where she purposely decides to ignore evidence that would work against her case. [END SPOILER]

Because of things like the above, I generally didn’t feel sorry for her even when she was sad and wallowing, but at least she seemed to agree with me in that she didn’t seem to like herself all that much either.

As with her loveline, I softened towards her in Show’s final stretch. Again, this had more to do with my affection for Se Won than with my affection for her personally.


This was mainly a fluffy episode filled with lots of cuteness, to make up for the OTP separation that we endured, and I ain’t gonna complain about that.

Also, while it was fun to see our main couple all giddy and happy as they begin their relationship again, and indulge in the thrill of dating in secret, it was the last bit of the episode that really got me.

I love that Yoon Seo decided to tell the office gang that she’s dating Jung Rok, whom she likes very much, but even more than that, I love where the sentiment comes from. The thought that Jung Rok’s always asking her if she’s ok, and the question on her mind, of whether Jung Rok’s really ok himself. Aw.

I love that consideration that that confession stems from. That makes everything even more sweet and special. And I love that Jung Rok gets to bask in the congratulations and well wishes of everyone – even if CEO Yeon has to cry about it for a bit.

It’s clear that Yoon Seo’s grown a lot since we first met her. She’s overcome lots of obstacles, and she’s reached out to go after what – or who – is important to her, and I love that she’s enjoying the fruit of her growth, both professionally and personally.

Also – Omo. The way Jung Rok leans in to Yoon Seo afterwards, his voice low and ragged, asking if it’d be ok if he crossed the line that night, and then follows it with slow and sensuous kisses, is – gulp – so swoony and melty. Flail.

The coming together of Attorney Choi and Attorney Dan doesn’t disappoint, with hammy jealousy coming to the fore, to force a confrontation and confession out of Attorney Choi.

His very increasingly sheepish countdown as he waits for Attorney Dan’s answer is endearing and funny, and her delight in hugging him and telling him yes, puts a silly grin on my face for this ridiculous and silly pair.


There really isn’t a lot of plot movement in this final hour, with pretty much all of our screen time dedicated to serving up variations of cute, lashings of mild or momentary angst, and tying up everything in neat happy bows for just about everyone.

I thought it was pretty great that Yoon Seo went back to Always to help Jung Rok for a day as his secretary; that was a nice echo of their earlier days working together and falling love, which I liked.

Good-natured goof Se Won gets his happy ending, moving in with Yeo Reum, and then surprising her with a marriage proposal which she gladly accepts.

Attorney Choi gets all jealous at the thought of Attorney Dan giving her phone number to another guy, only to be smitten all over again, when she tells him that she falls in love with him dozens of times a day and therefore has no time to fall in love with anyone else.

Hee. These two dorks.

Poor Mr. Lee gets gently rejected by Secretary Yang, and I’m really quite sad for him, coz he’s such a sincere, earnest man, who cares so much for her. I can only hope that he’ll get his happy ever after someday, with the right person.

I do enjoy the fact that Jung Rok isn’t swayed at all by the rumors swirling about Yoon Seo and her co-star while she’s away for filming. That solid trust between our OTP is definitely one of my favorite things about this show.

Yoon Seo’s drama does well, and she receives lots of praise for her acting, and lots of love for her comeback. To celebrate, Yoon Seo informs her agency CEO that she’s going to do whatever she wants now – and proceeds to publicly debut Jung Rok as her boyfriend, at Yeon Entertainment’s 10th anniversary party.

As the camera flashes pop earnestly, we hear our OTP’s exchange in voiceover:

Yoon Seo: “My heart and my sincerity. Will others see them too?”

Jung Rok: “I’m sure that they’ll reach the hearts of others… just like they reached me.”

We don’t see how the media and fans react to this coming-out of their relationship, but like Jung Rok, I believe that Yoon Seo’s sincerity will stand her in good stead, and that her fans will come to love and support this pair of lovebirds, just like the rest of us have. <3


Light, feel-good fluff with a good amount of heart.




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6 months ago

I must say that the only thing that I didn’t like was the older, divorced lawyer rejecting the paralegal because she does not believe love lasts… I got the feeling they just wanted to be “contrarian” in not giving them a happy ending, and it’s hard to see why she would believe that, given that she does not seem to have the same opinion regarding anyone else’s relationship… her just “giving up on love” is pretty sad/stupid, I would have hoped she would have a character growth arc and realize that she too does deserve a second chance.

6 months ago

I have to disagree on one point, namely that I did *not* like him “backing off” and letting her decide whether to tackle her stalker, particularly when, as you pointed out, he was worried about her safety.

It’s perfectly fine to tell someone you love things that they don’t want to hear, and there is a hierarchy of importance here: not making her feel uncomfortable by challenging the wisdom of her decision vs risking her physical safety. If he did not speak and the guy ended up assaulting her he would have been an objectively worse fate for her and he would surely have had something to regret and blame himself for.

Thanks to kdrama deus ex machina, he was around when the psycho entered her house, but what if he was not? Again, there is a rational, objectively correct course of action here, it’s not a shade of grey or “up to anyone’s opinion” situation: the correct decision would have been to not ignore the problem, but deal with it as soon as possible, instead.

Still, since the situation was resolved quickly and I generally like everyone involved I was not too bothered by it. But if him not being willing to press the issue while being worried lead to her getting assaulted (in a world without him around to save him), it’s unarguable that it would have been pretty stupid to say the least, and stupidity is not something I would praise.

Su San
Su San
10 months ago

Thanks for the spot-on review and comments. This was SO cute. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na were perfectly cast. Yoon-Seo was expertly portrayed by the talented YIN. What I loved was that the over-the-top, “pink cuteness” was never a negative characteristic or a joke. Everyone–men and women–around her loved and accepted her innocence and her love of pink and her femininity.

A Reviewer
A Reviewer
1 year ago

“If you were a fan of the Lee Dong Wook-Yoo In Na pairing in 2017’s Goblin” – this was the reason we watched Touch Your Heart… we were not disappointed at all.

What a show. Really enjoyed this show, not sure why Yoo In Na doesn’t get a lot of leading roles, she is really good.

1 year ago

This show is like purified happiness. Great to watch if you want something light and cheerful. I’d expand on your brief note on Ep7 where Yoo In Na drunk calls (and drunk confesses). This is just so good, the most adorable drunk scene in a kdrama ever. I think that must have been what director-nim said for her to do, and then she nailed it. Just plug this into YouTube if you want 3 minutes of happiness:” Touch Your Heart – EP7 | Drunk Love Confession “. Bookmark it for a rough day. I totally want to get the tipsy Yoo In Na voice for my navigator in my car. “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you (whispers) turn right onto I95”. I’d be lost all the time but wouldn’t care.

Huong Do Thien
Huong Do Thien
2 years ago


I watch this drama because of your article about “dramas that warm your heart”. I really enjoy this show !!!!!!! Thank you so much !

I jumped to this while I was watching Ode to joy, don’t know if you’ve heard about it before. It’s a nice show but just so “real” about life and Chinese society nowadays with a lot of problems of each person. It’s a good show but it gave me headache by following the storyline of each character. Then finally, I’m happy because of watching Touch your heart.

I totally agree with your grade B+, Touch your heart is really adorable but somehow the storyline is a bit easy, problems are solved quite quickly. But I found that it’s not simply a romcom/chick flick drama; the way it reveals laywer’s world and celeb’s world, each legal case and especially the one about mother-daughter relation of secretary Yang, the way Jung Rok and Se Won try to do right things even though it could harm their career… It makes the drama more interesting, makes us remember it as more than an easy love story but along with some lessons and value about life.

I particularly appreciate the relation between CEO Yeon and Jung Rok, when the story about 5 years ago is revealed, how the CEO couldn’t stop Jung Rok but then tried hard to solve his career, let him work at Always and then this time, even though he is angry ofJung Rok’s behavior but once again stays by his side.

About the couple, nothing to say more. I enjoy thinking that they are the reincarnation of Goblin and Goblin is also one of my most favorite K dramas. But in Goblin, they have a sad story and half of the movie, they are not happy 🙁 . And as you know, when LDW plays sad, he looks truly deeply sad, his watery eyes OMG 🙁 . I’m happy that in this show he doesn’t have to play many sad scenes phewww. YIN is brilliant, and LDW also did it well. I appreciate how he well expresses Jung Rok, a bit nerd, straighforward, serious but so honest, and an introverted person as you said, the way he talks, the way he smiles haha, like sometime he feels fun and want to laugh but end up with a shy smile OMG :))) , it’s truly the personality of Jung Rok.

I remember the scene when Yoon Seo reads over and over again the one-line letter written by Jung Rok and can’t help feeling happy about it, it’s so true because I was exactly like her, in the exact situation when I fell in love. Anyway, I feel like Yoon Seo is like the sun, the wind that come and stay in Jung Rok’s life 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Huong Do Thien

That’s great! I’m so pleased that you gave this one a try, and ended up liking it! 😀 And yes, what a great reunion for Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na.. a happy ending, after the sadness of Goblin! 😉 Oh, what a lovely sentiment, that Yoon Seo is like the sun in Jung Rok’s life! So apt, since she’s so cheery and bright! 😀

2 years ago

Great review as always Kfangurl! I really enjoy your reviews because you often pick up things others don’t and I generally agree with you!

Case in point – the show’s treatment of Attorney Dan. I HATED how everyone poked fun at her because of her looks and how she was shown falling and failing in love so much. Other reviews I read kinda just glossed over this but it really irked me. I also hated how it was shown that she wasn’t a good attorney and couldn’t get many clients. I wouldn’t have minded so much if Attorney Choi was the same way. But in comparison, Attorney Choi just came across so much better – had many clients/was second best in the firm, dressed well, others found him good looking, etc. I really enjoyed their romance together, but I really disliked how Attorney Dan was portrayed as not as much of a catch as Attorney Choi. Idk – I would’ve liked it better if the show gave Attorney Dan something – like maybe her being the second best lawyer. Am I making sense? Idk

And I also liked how you pointed out that break-ups aren’t always mutual. Yeah it would’ve been better for Jung-Rok to talk to Yeon-Seo before breaking up, but like that’s not how it always go. Although I didn’t like the breakup, I totally understood why Jung-Rok did what he did. Although, this may partly be because of how much I liked Jung-Rok as a character LOL.

Anyways, on the whole, I found this show SO cute. I think touch your heart/reach of sincerity is such a good title – because you really do feel the sincerity of each character and they are heart-touching. I found myself so pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed the show!

The only things that really confused me was (a) the stalking arc with Yeon-Seo – I felt that it ended so quickly despite the build-up. Idk, I’m not mad about it because I liked seeing Yeon-Seo happy, but just confused. It felt like it would be a major plot-point and was resolved in a second and (b) the resolution of the domestic violence murder case – I felt like that was so random?? Like I see where the writers were trying to go I guess but there was so many logic leaps you had to make that it didn’t make sense. Like it made no sense that Im Yoon-Hee knew that Park Su-Myong would confess to the murder. And her previous husband was told to be a abuser and yet she seemed to be the boss during the murder scene. And how did she manage to forge and use her dad’s body as her ex-husband’s body? Just so many logic leaps that don’t make sense and (c) the whole purpose of Yeo-Reum. She was just so boring and didn’t really add much to the drama. What was her purpose – besides being Se-Won’s girlfriend? Which on that note, you don’t even get a full background on their story so why include it? Like??

That said, still enjoyed this one very much! Thank you for the review!

2 years ago
Reply to  guptasaab

Hi guptasaab, I’m glad you enjoyed this review! 😀 And YES, I so agree with you about Attorney Dan! I really didn’t like how they treated her character, and I agree, it would’ve helped if they’d made the really competent lawyer instead of Attorney Choi.

Yes, that stalking arc was quite weirdly handled, I agree.. it was built up like such a big thing, and then just fizzled out so quickly. It felt quite anticlimactic to me too. The arc with Yeo Reum was rather underwhelming too, I agree. I think there was supposed to be some history between her, Se Won and Jung Rok, but it became a non-issue in the end. Maybe it was just to tease the audience?

I’m glad you enjoyed this one, despite its various shortcomings. 🙂

2 years ago

Hey KFG! I’m done with this show and… it was cute fluffy but not my favourite? Perhaps my tastes aren’t so rom-com-ish anymore (gasp!) I fully agree that the right viewing lens makes a huge difference. I tried to watch this (before Life On Mars) but I gave up and came back to it after LOM. I really enjoyed the first half of the show but got a bit bored in the middle, skimmed over most of the angsty breakup (whyyy the noble idocy trope! Though I could understand it but still…) and came back for the last 2 episodes for the cute and fluffy.

I mostly agree with your review just that I did feel more for the Se-won and Yeo-reum storyline – I guess I was cheering poor Se-won on to get his girl back! Though I felt it was done in too much of a hurry but that’s understandable as they weren’t the main couple. Yoo In-na is amazing though, I too rarely love female leads but she stole my heart here, so adorable and sweet without being overly so. I really like the Always Law Firm office gang, they did remind me of RIABB and (a little bit of) the work gang in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (the sound effects are definitely like WWWSK!) Did feel sorry for Mr Lee being rejected but it was more true-to-life and her rejection was at least gently and nicely done. And if I’m not wrong at the Yeon Entertainment party I heard him being introduced as “Our new attorney Lee” so hopefully he was promoted! And Secretary Yang was smiling at him – I’d like to think that they remained friends despite the rejection.

Altogether this was a cute watch and would definitely fit the bill if someone wanted a cute, fluffy, sweet show.

On a side note I saw your other comment – thanks for the recommendation, I will check out Heartless City! More JKH (I mean, good shows :D)? Anytime! Hehe…

2 years ago
Reply to  MC

Hey MC! I agree, this one isn’t a top show, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed it for being the sweet little truffle that it was, but it was never very meaty, throughout. 🙂 Maybe you just weren’t in the mood for something so light? I mean, you ARE loving Heartless City.. I assume? 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Indeed a sweet little truffle! As for Heartless City – that show makes me love JKH as an actor even more (if possible). Haha. The rest of the show – I left a long comment there as usual! (don’t need to reply to this, you have way too many comments to deal with!)

Arabella Victoria
Arabella Victoria
2 years ago

I just finished watching “Touch Your Heart” and I agree with everything that was written in Kfangurl’s review. Yoo In Na is my favorite Korean drama actress and once again she shined in this series. Lee Dong Wook matched her appeal and he was an excellent male lead. He truly fulfilled his male role when he protected her against the stalker. I found myself wishing for such a man in my own life. And, when he asked, “Is it alright if I don’t protect you tonight” at the end of episode 15 my heart swooned.

I also found the quirky romance between Attorney Dan and Attorney Choi fun comic relief. The actress displayed a desperate female vibe that would have been tiresome in less capable hands. Attorney Dan found the perfect man (Attorney Choi) who needed and thrived on that kind of behavior due to his mommy issues. I was rooting for them to succeed as a couple and I am glad they were able to make their relationship work.

I felt sad that the office manager and office secretary were not able to act on their attraction. The office secretary was obviously still dealing with past trauma and I would like to think that one day she would be able to see that the office manager truly had her well being at the forefront of his mind. I’m also glad that the prosecutor couple were able to resolve their differences and get married.

This was a sweet and wonderful story with engaging characters headed by Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook. I’d love to see them featured in a future drama.

2 years ago

Hi there Arabella, glad you enjoyed this show; indeed it’s a sweet little story, and Yoo In Ah and Lee Dong Wook match very nicely in this. I agree that these roles suited them very well. 🙂 And yes, the romance between Attorney Dan and Attorney Choi was quirky and amusing indeed. 😀 I agree, the not-quite-romance between the office manager and secretary was very poignant. I was rooting for him; he’s such a kind and caring person. I’d like to think that things would work out positively for them one day as well. 🙂

Carol Toppo {CARMA}
2 years ago

Hey thr. I recently watched Touch Your Heart K-drama n I really recommend ppl to watch it who like sweet light hearted Romcom. All actors, esp Dong Wook and In Na, also Lee Sang Woo and Son Sung Yoon really did comendable works. The plot and story line is tight and intact with no loose-ends. Good one. Considering the work atmosp in the Law firm, actors like Jang So Yeon and Manager Oh Eui Shik did good work of potraying the figure of loving and caring individuals. I reflects the bonding of collegues really well. The balance of emotions and work in respective spheres are highlighted good way. Overall 9.5/10. Enjoy and thanks for making such adob drama.

Khamsamida. 🙂

3 years ago

I hate that the main conflict of the story (involving Oh Yoon-seo’s ex-boyfriend) would end just like that. For me, the substance of the series was lost after that conflict was resolved.

3 years ago

Completely agree! Such a light, fun, and feel good show. Plot light, but Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are everything you would want in a rom-com with cute bickering and amazing chemistry. Just a fun series all around 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Kay

Glad you enjoyed this one too, Kay! 🙂 It really is such a warm, feel-good watch, isn’t it? I loved the OTP and their endearing, adorable ways. <3

3 years ago

I agree with you on all counts. Wonderful review and revisit for me. I gained a greater appreciation for Lee Dong Wook. I liked him in Goblin, but not in Hotel King. The scenes you mentioned really helped me see his acting chops. I was glad because I thought he was such a nice person in Roommate.

3 years ago
Reply to  lotusgirl

Aw, thanks for enjoying the review, lotusgirl! <3 I couldn't get into Hotel King myself, so I feel you on that one! I also thought he did very well in Scent of a Woman (2011). Have you seen that one?

3 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

I haven’t seen that one. I’ll have to check it out.

3 years ago
Reply to  lotusgirl

It’s a romance, but with a bittersweet bent. But, Lee Dong Wook’s very appealing in it, and there’s a very schmexy tango scene that you mustn’t miss! 😍 Alternatively, if you would rather just see the tango scene, you can indulge right here:

3 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

WOW, Wook! He keeps surprising me. I’ve always been distracted in his earlier roles by the big pompadour and too too red lips but this video – *gulp*

And isn’t that Kim Sun ah? I didn’t know she was in Hotel King. I thought his costar was Lee Dae hae. I adore Kim Sun ah.

I started Hotel King a few years back but the child abuse in episode 1 (or 2?) made me drop it.

Now I think i’ll be trying to binge it before the new batch of shows come out at the end of this month.

3 years ago
Reply to  Beez

I think i got confused about the two shows. I’ll definitely be checking out Scent of a Woman

3 years ago
Reply to  beezrtp

Ah yes, it is Scent of a Woman! 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Beez

I KNOW RIGHT??? He’s smokin’ hot in this video! I couldn’t look away, and then had to hit replay again – and then again. 😅

3 years ago

I just finished watching this show last night. Stumbled upon your very detailed and lovely review because I was itching to talk about the series with someone. I loved what you wrote, and I think I pretty much agree with everything you said. I’ll leave it at that 😀

One thing I’d like to comment on: Jung Rok’s reaction to seeing the article about Yoon Seo’s ‘dating’ article was just, ugh. I loved that he was worried more about how thin and pale she looks, and didn’t care about the rumors. So much trust. I read a lot of romance and many conflicts stem from jealousy and misunderstandings, which weren’t that many in this drama. Some might not like it for the lack of excitement, but the warm fuzzy feels the show gives me is what I want.

P.S. I only saw a few episode of Goblin myself, but might look for clips to get more insight on the connection between these two shows. My sister said there’s quite a few references. I also loved the cameos of other actors.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kat

Thanks for enjoying this review, Kat! <3 I'm so glad you found me! 😀

Yes, Jung Rok's reaction to Yoon Seo's dating "scandal" was just so grounded and trusting. I LOVED that. <3 I see healthy relationship dynamics more often these days in dramas, and I consider that a Very Good Thing. I didn't get that far with Goblin myself.. I think I watched 10 eps before wandering off and never made it back. 😛 I think it works for a lot of people though, so you might like it more than I did. 🙂 Being able to pick up on the references would make for a fun second watch I think! 😀

3 years ago

And yes that iconic “Bus stop scene” Oh man what a heart tugging and wrenching scene it was. It made me cry and yes it showed how much Jung rok loves his girl. <3 <3

3 years ago
Reply to  soumya108

That bus stop scene just shot an arrow through my heart; it was so well done. <3 Beautiful, poignant, just all-around gut-wrenching, but in the best way.

3 years ago

Hello fangirl your review is wonderful and hit all the right notes. I just finished watching touch your heart and I couldn’t agree more with you on this one. I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it until the last episode. What I have experienced with my Kdrama experience is that when it is a romcom then the storylines are often cliche and till you reach the end you tend to lose interest in the final episodes.

I am not a patient viewer when it comes to story development and if I start losing interest then I just fast forward it but not with this one. Touch your heart kept me hooked till the last episode with all the cozy and happy feels and I really liked it. I just loved the character sketch of the leads I mean how genuine and earnest they were. The intelligent yet emotionally clueless Jung rok and the bubbly yet naive and innocent Oh yeo seon was such a delight to watch.

The comic timing of Yoo in na was quite a surprise package for me and I couldn’t stop but laugh at her antics. OMG how lovely she is. As per our male lead he was no less than a delightful watch. The 360 degree turn that his character took once he is in love with his girl was fantastically amusing. It was hard to digest that how could a person like him change so much once he is in love. My favorite scene was the one where Yeo Seon invites him for her scene rehearsal anticipating some romantic outcomes but she fails hopelessly as Jung Rok was unable to take any hints and was seriously engrossed with her practice sessions. I mean how sweet yet dorky he was in that scene.

The thing about Touch your heart is that it is a common story line but the way it is presented it just steals your heart I mean it did stole mine. <3 <3 <3

I will definitely like to re watch it some other time and I know i will enjoy it yet again.

3 years ago
Reply to  soumya108

Ah, I’m so glad you loved this one too, soumya! 😀 Thanks too, for enjoying the review. <3 This show really is that cozy, warm kind of watch that manages to get under your skin. This one was aptly titled, coz it just had a whole lotta heart, and that lifted it from being just any other rom-com, I felt. Yoo In Na is fantastic, and I'm so glad she got to play the lead in this. If you haven't seen it, I do suggest checking out Queen In Hyun's Man. Yoo In Na was lead in that too, and she is adorable in it. <3 A bit of suspension of disbelief is required, but it's a very solid show that I would recommend. 🙂

Rozilawati Kasran
Rozilawati Kasran
3 years ago

Love your review. It’s fair and as I felt while watching TYH. I tried watching other shows to understand what’s the hype with K-drama but could never dive in. I stumbled upon TYH and found my first love. After 2 months, I still couldn’t move on. TYH has that ernestness and sincerity from plot development to character portrayal to the execution of acting by all the actors, especially YIN and LDW and CEO Yeon to the beautiful navigation of the directing with all the sound effects and scene change that it’s hard to pinpoint why I am so drawn to it. I have been rewatching scenes -both sad and funny – and still get affected despite watching them a few times.

3 years ago

Hi Rosilawati, thanks for enjoying the review! <3 Yes, this show has an earnestness and sincerity about it, which I definitely count as one of its charms. I'm glad you found this drama and that it captured your heart. 😀 I also really enjoyed Romance is a Bonus Book, perhaps you might like to give that a try, when you're in the mood to explore other kdramas a little bit? 🙂

3 years ago

I just finished this one up though I had to do some judicious skipping toward the end. I think YIA hard carried this drama. I’ve seen LDW in various dramas and he’s a solid actor but whether due to the writing or the performance, it took half of the drama for me to kind of get this guy. I’m glad he wasn’t an arrogant jerk or even the tsundere type of guy, but it took a while to get that he was just an earnest, serious, clueless guy. I felt like he was playing that type of person in kind of a stereotypical kind of way and maybe because I’m married to a guy like that, it didn’t quite work for me for a while.

I used to have a hard time with legal dramas because they are ridiculous, but I’ve learned that most legal dramas in k-dramaland are actually just in a legal setting. Lawless Lawyer was an action drama and this drama is a rom/com etc.

So this was cute and the romance worked better than I thought it would but most of the side stories fell flat for me and seemed kind of like filler. Still glad I watched it. I dropped Goblin, but I like that this couple had a re-do.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kat

“…most legal dramas in k-dramaland are actually just in a legal setting.” And good thing too! Because as you said even when they are set in a serious legal setting, they’re still ridiculous. Similar to American tv legal shows. For instance, as you may already know, there’s no such thing as “a surprise witness”. lol I’d have to google to see if the courts used to actually allow that back in the ’50’s or something because it was certainly a staple in legal shows like Perry Mason. That was always the suspenseful highlight of that show.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kat

Yes, Yoo In Na was definitely the MVP of this drama, I just loved her in this role! 😍 It took me a while to warm to LDW’s character too, but I think I possibly warmed to him earlier than you did. Overall, this show had an earnest sort of vibe to it which I enjoyed. The side stories were generally hit or miss for me too, but like you, I’m glad this couple got a re-do as well. And also like you, I never finished Goblin! 😂

Also, you’re right, almost every drama setting is mostly just that – a setting for the main romance. It took me a while to get used to it, but now it never surprises me anymore 😆

3 years ago

A feel good show and awesome to see Goblin together but what was the point of the stalker? Didn’t seem like it made much of an impact. Most shows would have him escape and come after her again to heighten the drama. I like the fact that it made her into an advice giver and not the usual actress that has no experience. She seemed to have answers for most of the firms questions and could help. Great review.

3 years ago
Reply to  Vekster

Thanks for enjoying the review, Vekster! 🙂 Yes, this one was a feel-good drama, and was a great reunion for Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook. 😀 I don’t know why they threw in the stalker either.. I think it was to make our straitlaced lawyer wake up to his protective instincts, but it did feel rather shoehorned in there. 🤷‍♀

3 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thank you and I appreciate your replies to our comments. Good to know the author can take time to respond to her fans. I want to add the one side character that really stood out for me. That character is Attorney Choi. Every scene he is in is so hammy! I enjoyed every scene. if there was a drama devoted specifically to his character with other characters from this show in it, I would watch it and of course if it involves Attorney Dan! Also, I was glad the two prosecutors ended up together again but that was such an obvious outcome since he was relentless on his intent in the first place.

3 years ago
Reply to  Vekster

Hi there Vekster. 🙂 I do try to reply to all comments, but sometimes I can be a little late with replies, depending on what else is going on in Real Life. Thanks for your patience!

Oh yes, I loved Attorney Choi! Shim Hyung Tak is such a ham, I always find him hilarious and all kinds of endearing. I loved him in the original Let’s Eat (2013), which is a show that I liked very well, in spite of its shortcomings. If you like food porn and stories about people finding community, I suggest checking it out. 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thanks For recommendation. Let’s Eat? Food porn? I have heard of it and know it has some sequels. I decided to start watching Search: WWW due to my IT interest. I have to constantly remind myself that Le Da Hee was in I Hear Your Voice. I do like the fact she trains in martial arts in Search since I do train in some myself, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. Judo was used in Her Private Life (really enjoyed that one, another feel good show). Cool to see it being trained on a show and giving it exposure, not that the Asian arts need exposure.

3 years ago
Reply to  Vekster

I think the food porn in the first Let’s Eat is the best, while the overall writing is better in Let’s Eat 2. I’d still recommend Let’s Eat over Let’s Eat 2, if we’re looking for good food porn. They eat so deliciously in that show, it was glorious to watch! Let’s Eat 2 is better for the romance, but because they swop out the leading lady, it was too jarring for some viewers. Let’s Eat 3 suffered from meh writing and the leading man’s sudden enlistment to the military, and so it was unceremoniously cut short and therefore had a sudden end. I wouldn’t recommend Let’s Eat 3 personally, unfortunately. 😛

Glad you enjoyed Her Private Life, I did as well. My review is freshly up, and you can check it out here, if you feel like it. 🙂

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Yoo In Na is a delightful, and very talented actress. I was very pleased to see her back at her best for Touch Your Heart. Like you, I didn’t last long with Goblin, in fact for me, I bailed out at the 15 minute mark in the fifth episode.

As for Lee Dong Wook – yeah 🤗 He was so one dimensional in Life. I found that he was so suited to his role in Touch Your Heart. The moment that spoke volumes to me and would ensure I would watch Touch to the end was when Jung Rok says to Yoon Seo he would like to start over and give her another chance – it’s a very powerful acknowledgement of what a decent human being he really is underneath it all.

For me, Ep 13 was almost a tipping point. I really did feel that such a change in their relationship wasn’t warranted. Still, we got through it all and we managed to see further how the broken hearted Yoon Seo who wants a life with Jung Rok without all the nonsense.

As for the comedic attorney couple – yes a big tick (in fact she is turning in some great physical comedy in My Fellow Citizens. Her timing is flawless). With the secondary couple, it was a strange situation. It was almost like the writers were going down a certain path and then went – nope, we are going to keep it dull and make sure there is no interference with our primary lovebirds. It’s strange, given who the actors are.

At the end of the day, a brilliant OTP with some fine comedic moments all round and a dose of pink that would be very popular in my own home (I roll with quite a few pink items, but have always drawn the line at having pink cars).

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Glad you enjoyed this one too, Sean! 😀 Yes, Yoo In Na is truly a delight in this, and I agree, that moment Jung Rok asks to start over was a very heartwarming one. Such a decent thing to do, and also, it takes principles and guts to come out and admit you were wrong about someone. That did very much endear his character to me. 🙂

Like you, I didn’t like the late stretch so much, and the secondary couple was really weirdly written, I agree. But I was happy to have the comedic attorney couple, they brought a lot of levity and distraction that was very helpful indeed! They both hammed it up so much! 😀

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I enjoyed revisiting this couple through your review. I’ve loved Yoo In Na since Secret Garden and always wonder why she doesn’t get the same opportunities as Ha Ji won, Park Min young and Shin Se kyung. It seems the latter two are never off my screen but go from ending one project to starting a new one.

I even liked Lee Dong wook in this one.

Thanks for the revisit of this drama. 👍

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Yay that you enjoyed this show too, Beez! 😀 I hope this will give Yoo In Na more good roles; she’s lovely when she’s allowed to shine. <3 I loved her in Queen In Hyun's Man as well. <3

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Hi Fangurl!

Super review as always and I love the bullet points ’cause I am a bullet point kind of gal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this drama as well. Yoo In Na was absolutely fascinating to watch and she just knocked it out of the park. She was uber feminine and downright adorable. I have always loved her in all of her roles especially in Queen In Hyun’s Man – that re-watch was better than the first watch. She also does very well with quirky roles.

One thing that struck me right away was the great color palette – from her clothing to her apartment to the ridiculous pink pillow in the office. Kudos to the set designer and wardrobe folks for complimenting her character so very well with color. Excellent job!

Also enjoyed CEO Yeon who made me laugh out loud on several occasion – laugh out loud funny.

I admit that I was one of the ones who felt so happy to see these two together again after their roles in Goblin. I truly loved Goblin and have watched it several times. These two really have a natural and warm synergy on screen. However as the drama progressed I slowly began to forgot about The Reaper and Sunny and began to care about Yoon Seo and Jung Rok.

This drama is filed on the “What to watch when life gets too cruel” shelf right next to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. Sometimes we all just need a shot of sweetness.

Thanks for the great review!

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Thanks for enjoying the review, phl! <3 And yes, Yoo In Na really knocked it out of the park, she was this show's MVP, she just carried so much of it and made it work. On paper, her character could've easily come across as too cutesy, but in her hands, Yoon Seo was so adorable yet relatable and believable. I love her. 😍 I agree the color palette was very nicely done. All the pinkeu-pinkeu was adorable, and fit Yoon Seo and this drama perfectly. <3

I didn't manage to finish Goblin, but I'm glad Yoon In Na and Lee Dong Wook got a chance to act as a couple again. I really enjoyed them together in this. <3

charlayne (@moose_on_skates)

I was waiting for your review for this drama yay!
I enjoyed this drama, to the point of live watching it, which I hardly ever do simply because I don’t have the patience to wait every week for new episodes 😭. But I couldn’t help myself with Touch Your Heart, especially after hearing Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook were going to be our leads 😍😍
I definitely think that the OTP relationship was the best and strongest part of the drama; every time they popped up on my screen, I would light up!
Just the perfect dose of cuteness and fluffiness, I could watch those two all day. ❤❤

3 years ago

Aw, thanks for waiting for this review, charlayne! <3 I'm sorry this reply comes so late; I've been distracted by work travels and with writing other reviews. 😛 It really touches me that you'd anticipate a review, thank you for your support and trust! <3 Yes, this one really is a sweet little watch, and the OTP was definitely one of Show's big highlights. Overall, it was just so warm and sweet, in spite of its shortcomings, that I can totally see why you'd want to watch this live even though it meant waiting for new episodes. A perfect pick-me-up at the end of a long day. 😍

3 years ago

Thank you for that very good read 😊
I kept nodding at the screen, haha. We have a lot of similar feelings about this show, down to how at first I wasn’t into Se Won, but really warmed up to him as he became a love-concelor, so I ended up even warming a bit to his romance-bit with Yeo Reum, that got me dozzing off at the start.

A lot of the moments you picked are also the ones I loved, soi t was like going through moments I like again. The notes, the moment when Jung Rok finally breaks at the bus stop (T.T), Se Won explaining relationships in court terms, all the little attentions Jung Rok had even before they actually got on well, the proactiveness of Yoon Seo,…

I loved Yoon In Na as stronger-than-she-seems Yoon Seo, and I loved Lee Dong Wook as perfect-boyfriend Jung Rok (seriously, he’s a drama character I *actually* could see myself dating). His « slowly but for a long time » line is one of my favourite romantic lines ever. Probably because I think I’m also a slow person ? It’s such a perfect line. And the kisses, all the kisses ♥

The separation, I had a harder time than you to accept because, while I did not dislike those episodes, I felt it didn’t match Jung Rok’s evolved personality to react like this. I didn’t mind the episodes so much though (despite the end feeling a bit rushed to me, so maybe spending more time on the conclusion instead…), and I liked that bus stop scene a lot, so I’m glad we got it.

Also love the friendships at work, how proactive and strong Yoon Seo was, how the OTP was so considerate of each other… All in all, I really enjoyed this drama a lot. There are a few things I minded, but it did not really detract from the fun, and the cute, and all the fluff. I’m very happy to have watched this as it aired. It was my « happy place » each week 😊

I loved reading your review, it reminded me of that happy place.
Thanks 😊

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Ahh, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the drama, Mila! <3 I'm stoked that we feel so similarly about this show – right down to Se Won and his loveline with Yeo Reum! 😆 That's so funny!

Oh my, yes, Jung Rok's line about slowly, but for a long time, really gave me all of the feels! 😍😍😍 That's so in character, and so sincere, and it really speaks to what I want in a significant other as well – longevity of the heart. And the sincerity that backed it all up, just melted me right in the heart. <3 You're right, it was just perfect.

And, YES, Yoo In Na is just wonderful as Yoon Seo. 😍😍 I rarely fall in love with female leads, but I was totally smitten with Yoon Seo. Just so lovely and sweet, and so adorable in her ditziness too. Very few actresses can pull this off convincingly I think. Park Bo Young definitely is up there, and I'd say Yoo In Na is up there too. I'd love for her to get more meaty roles as a result of this, coz she's been playing secondary roles for a while now, even after being lead in QIHM. I LOVED how disarmingly proactive Yoon Seo was, and how that just broke down ALL of Jung Rok's defenses, in spite of himself. 😋 And OMG yes, that bus stop scene just gutted me. That one single shot of Jung Rok looking up at the screen across the street, his eyes gaunt and filled with tears, just made my heart cry. 😭😭 SO well done.

Yes, there are things that aren't perfect in this show, but it really was a great little happy place. When I was feeling under the weather, I still managed to get sucked into an episode and feel all happy and cozy afterwards, which is saying A LOT. I'm so happy that you loved it too! <3