Announcement: Breakup Probation, A Week episode notes!

This is becoming a bit of A Thing on the blog, but just in case you didn’t know, every so often, I like to cover a mini series as a bonus on Patreon, with the notes for the first 3 episodes made available to everyone, and here’s the announcement for the next bonus show I’ll be covering!

Previously, I covered Scripting Your Destiny and Mad For Each Other, so you can check out those bonus notes too, if you’d like.

For now, let me tell you a little bit about these latest bonus notes!


I picked this show because we’ve been enjoying Yuri so much in Bossam, over on Patreon, that I thought it would be nice to also check out another of her projects from this year, as a community.

It’s bit of a change of pace, as this show has a more overtly poignant and almost melancholic feel to it, compared to the other bonus shows I’ve covered so far, but I’ve gone ahead to check it out, and I do think it’s a solid watch. It feels quite interesting to start the story where our OTP is feeling the stresses and difficulties of everyday life quite acutely, and our story is designed around them rediscovering their love for each other. I feel the overarching theme of true love should appeal to most, and I also think some of you would enjoy the fantasy element to this.



You can check out this little show on Viu here. It’s 10 episodes of 30 minutes each.


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Basically, I will be covering Breakup Probation, A Week on my Patreon’s Adblocker Tier (US$1), which means that, once again, my Adblocker Tier patrons (I see you! ❤️) will have episode notes for a dedicated show, woot!

Because I really don’t have the bandwidth to consistently cover a 6th show on Patreon, this isn’t a regular feature. However, I thought it’d be fun to have this sometimes, as a bonus, when there’s a short format show that’s interesting &/or meaty enough to make decent episode notes for. This way, there’ll be an occasional fun addition to the access to all E1 notes that this tier already enjoys.

Keeping in mind that I don’t want to disrupt the current 5-day cycle that I’m keeping on Patreon, I plan to release episode notes for Breakup Probation, A Week notes on the same day that I release episode notes for Bossam.

Of course, since all Patreon benefits are cumulative, this means that patrons on every tier will have access to these notes. Thank you, my dear patrons; I hope you all like this little bonus. ❤️


As a bonus, I thought that it would be fun to give public access to episode notes for the first 3 episodes of Breakup Probation, A Week. This means that even if you’re not currently a patron, you’d still get to have a glimpse of what the Patreon experience is like. Yay? 😃

If, at any point, you would like to join me on Patreon, simply sign up to be a patron (my Patreon page is here). Your support would mean a lot to me. 🥰

You can also read more about all the whats, whys, and hows of helping this blog here. ❤️


Like I mentioned earlier, I have a 5-day cycle going, on Patreon, so episode notes for Breakup Probation, A Week will also be updated every 5 days. For your easy access, I will link episodes 1, 2 & 3 below, as they become available.

Episode 1

Episode 2 (available from 12 September 2021)

Episode 3 (available from 17 September 2021)

I hope you guys enjoy! ❤️

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