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Dear kfangurl: What are some dramas I can watch with my mom?


amethystwaves writes:

Dear Kfangurl,

I’ve been an active reader of yours since I got into K-Dramas, and I just have to say how helpful your reviews are to figure out whether a drama is worth my time or not. Your humor is very similar to mine, and I just love reading your in-depth explanations about what makes the dramas I love so squee-inducing. WITH THAT BEING SAID, we have a pressing problem at hand. I am a teenager, and because I am stuck at home with my parents and two brothers, we have been watching a lot of TV. My mom has expressed interest in watching a K-drama with me, and while I love her to death, I am not super inclined to have her watch me scream over a hot Korean man.

So, my question to you is: How can I enjoy a K-drama with my mom without it being weird? Also, what do you think are some good dramas to watch with the family?

I would love to watch one with her, and she’s not bad about watching kissing scenes and the like with us, but how can i do it without making it awkward? Anyways, sorry for unloading my familial insecurity onto you. Thank you for always being a reliable source for laughs, insight and good drama recommendations.

Happy watching,


..Not just with Mom, but the whole family too. πŸ€“

Dear amethystwaves,

How very cool, that your mom has expressed an interest in watching a kdrama with you! Not all of us have this chance to watch kdramas with our moms, and I can say from personal experience, that it can not only be a fun thing to do, but it’s also great for the relationship. Imagine excitedly talking dramas with you mom, not just during the episodes you watch together, but in between as well!

I’ve put some thought into your concerns about sharing the kdrama screen with your mom, and I have a couple of broad ideas.

I’m far from having all the answers, so as always, everyone, do feel free to chime in with your insights and sharing in the comments!Β πŸ™‚


1. Dramas you’ve already seen

I feel like as you and your mom get more into the groove of watching dramas together, that you’ll both get more comfortable expressing yourselves as you watch together, whether it’s squeeing at a romantic development, or crying your eyes out at the heartbreak on your screen.

For start, though, I feel like this is a safe approach because if you’ve already seen the drama, you’d already know that you like it. And, you’ll also know:

(a) whether or not this is the kind of story your mom would enjoy, and

(b) whether there are scenes in the show that you’d feel uncomfortable watching with your mom

2. Dramas with male leads that you’re able to contain your excitement over

I think it’s safe to say that we don’t squee equally over all the male leads in all the dramas that we watch, so if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to contain the squee, then pick a show which features a male lead that you’re quite confident you’re able to contain your squee over. If you can squee internally, and keep it at that, for a particular male lead, then that show is a pretty good contender, I think. πŸ˜‰

3. Dramas where romance isn’t the only point

There are a good number of enjoyable dramas where romance is either not present, or not the main point, or at least, not the only point. This could be anything from action-oriented dramas, to family dramas, an underdog drama, or an ensemble drama with so many characters and side stories, that there’s a little something for everyone.


With the above parameters in mind, I’ve come up with a list of possible dramas that you could consider, in no particular order.

Of course, this isn’t exhaustive, so please feel free to add your own suggestions, everyone!

Prison Playbook

Not heavy on the romance at all, Show serves up lots of warm found family feels, peppered with corny humor. Who knew a prison drama could be this warm?

Review is here.

Father is Strange

Lots of lovely warm family feels, with romance sprinkled in via Mom and Dad’s adult children.

Flash Review is here.

Five Children [Five Enough]

A heartwarming story where the emphasis is less on the mature romance, and more on the merging of our leads’ families, when they decide that they’d like to make a life together, complete with children from their first marriages.

Flash Review is here.

SKY Castle

Not a romance, so no worries there. A compelling look at the high pressure lifestyle kids endure because their parents are intent on them getting ahead in school and in life. These are dysfunctional characters in a dysfunctional world, but it might actually foster some healthy discussions with Mom, since the show allows perspective from both parents and children. Also, a very compelling watch with many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Review is here.

I’m Not A Robot

A little romance that leans funny, cute and endearing rather than seriously swoony.

Flash Review is here.

Are You Human Too?

So much fun, with the right ironic lens. I imagine it would be fun to lean in and embrace the weird, together with Mom, while admiring the handsome sweet robot. πŸ˜‰

Review is here.

Thirty But Seventeen

A sweet rom-com with a strong found family theme, this one gave me lots of warm, fuzzy feels.

Review is here.

Let’s Eat

A bit uneven in the writing, but the food porn is glorious, and don’t Moms usually have an interest in food? It’s also a story of community, since our characters who live in the same building are brought together by food.

Review is here.

Let’s Eat 2

The food porn is less glorious in this one, but the romance is better written. Plus we still get the community feels, from people in the same neighborhood sharing food.

Review is here.

Terius Behind Me

Such a fun spy show! The romance is very restrained, and the cute and funny is amped up. Plus the kids are really cute (when they’re not being naughty).

Flash Review is here.

Answer Me 1988

Augh. Such lovely warm family and community feels, both among the kids and the parents. Should be fun for the whole family, I think.

Review is here.

You From Another Star

A romance that’s extra fun for the alien fantasy, and our comedically gifted female lead. Plus, Show does bring all the feels, while bringing the laughs.

Review is here.

Bad Guys

An action-packed ensemble drama that feels kinda Robin Hood-esque, with the bad guys being deployed to catch badder guys.

Review is here.

Familiar Wife

A heartfelt and fun do-over drama where the romance is handled with relative restraint. My mom enjoyed this one a lot.

Flash Review is here.

We Married as a Job [Japan]

Such a fun little contract marriage drama! Our leads are polite dorks, so any romantic interaction is also very politely handled. Very cute.

Flash Review is here.

Arang and the Magistrate

Yes, there’s an OTP (Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah are extremely well-matched in this), but this is also a story of individual quest for identity. The world-building is excellent too; one of the best in k-fantasy world-building, I reckon. I thought that would be interesting for you and Mom to explore as well.

Review is here.


Personally, I’ve found that having a chat with Mom before settling on the show, really helps. I describe what the show is about, and Mom gets to ask questions, like, is it funny, how many episodes is it, etc.

I also find that allowing Mom to pick the show according to her mood helps too. Sometimes she’s in the mood for something light and funny, sometimes she’s in the mood for something warm and thoughtful. Flowing with Mom’s mood works best, so, if Mom isn’t feeling it after a few episodes, ask her if she’d like to switch to something else. And then have the initial conversation again, listing possible shows, and chatting through which ones sound good to her.

I hope this helps. Have fun!

Love! ❀


Warning: probable closer mother-offspring relationship ahead! πŸ₯°


1. If you feel that I missed anything, or if you have your own insights that you’d like to share with the rest of us, do tell us about it in the comments!

2. Do you have a question of your own? Drop me a comment here or on theΒ Dear kfangurlΒ page, or send me an email!

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  2. UPDATE:
    Thank you all so so much for the many amazing suggestions, I enjoyed looking through your suggestions and the discourse was very interesting and offered tons of insight. But… *drumroll* WE HAVE A WINNER (er, sort of.) We have decided that we’ll watch Healer, because she liked the synopsis/trailers, and I’m fine with it because I love that show to DEATH. On the off chance that she isn’t feeling it, (which, I mean, I don’t think would happen cuz it’s Healer, but it’s up to her) we have a small runner up list of shows, which include When The Camellia Blooms (she liked the trailer and is apparently in a crime mood, so) or Signal. If she doesn’t like any of those, I’ll move out. (Just kidding, i’ll keep going down the list.) But wish me luck, keep giving me those wonderful recommendations, and enjoy the weekend/mother’s day!! I hope you all are safe and healthy :))

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    • Eeee!!! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited that you guys are starting with Healer, it’s one of my favorite kdramas ever! ❀ I can't imagine Mom not liking it, but still! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the update, and please keep us posted, Amethyst!! I feel like we're all holding our breath, waiting to see if Mom will embrace dramas and become a fangirl with you! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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  3. Oh I enjoy reading the stories on this page! So timely since Mother’s Day is coming up. To those missing your moms, I hope the memories are comforting and those who have their moms, may you enjoy drama time (or any type of time) with them!

    While I don’t watch dramas (or much TV with my mom) since I got married and moved out (also she’s not a TV watching person), I did bond with my mother in law over Kdramas. In fact that’s how I was actually introduced to Kdramas – In the first year of marriage I lived with my in laws and would watch dramas with my mother in law, and we would chat about the storylines. They were the 100 episode family drama types with dubbed in Chinese as they were screened on Chinese TV channels. It was quite funny to watch all the rich guy poor girl amnesia and truck of doom tropes! Also when I missed some episodes I would go online to find them and was shocked to realised they were actually speaking Korean πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    As for recommendations I would include Misaeng (workplace drama, you could talk about work life!) and maybe My Ajusshi purely because I love that show and it has mature but ultimately hopeful themes and the male lead’s voice is woahhh. Though you may want to consider the fact that it has adultery in it. I would second the recommendations of Prison Playbook and My Brilliant Life (movie) – My Brilliant Life will make you both sob and you can talk about how it’s like to be a parent and growing up. May you have wonderful watch times with your mom and Happy Mother’s day!

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    • It’s true that it’s so timely! The question came in at just the right time! πŸ˜€ That’s so cute, that you bonded with your mother-in-law over kdramas! It’s such a great thing to share, honestly. And yes, I do remember my mum watching those kdramas dubbed in Chinese too! That’s how I started as well.. it was ironically jarring for me to switch to the Korean dialogue later on, even though I was finally hearing the actors’ real voices! πŸ˜†

      Oh, My Brilliant Life is definitely one that will make you want to hug your mom. A great recommendation! ❀


  4. Thank you all so much for leaving me such good suggestions!! I’ve watched a lot of these dramas and so can see where you all are coming from on why’d the be great to watch with my mom!! We do have a development though. I asked her about it, and she’s informed me that she is fine with a ~little~ steaminess. So with that being said, you can alter your reccomendations as you’d like!! I’m currently trying to find a drama with a lead actor that’s her style (aka older and sexy, which is kinda the complete opposite of me lolol) so if you have any reccomendations based on that that’d be great too! Also, looking through these comments has me tearing up, sending love and hugs to you all!!

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    • Good dramas with older but still good looking actors:
      Designated Survivor: 60 Days – a great political thriller about a scientist who ends up becoming a temporary president of the Republic of Korea after most of the ministers and the president are killed by an explosion. Ji Jin Hee is excellent in this drama.
      Mad Dog – a thriller about a cool team investigating insurance fraud. Much more interesting than my description. Great story about friendship too. Yoo Ji Tae will make your mom happy, and there is Woo Do Hwan for you!

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      • I’ve heard some good things about mad dog, so I think we might start watching that! (I don’t love Ryu Hwa Young, but I think my love for Woo Do Hwan will see me through and Yoo Ji Tae does seem very her style, so I think it’ll be a great watch.) Thanks so much!!!
        (btw I forgot I had a wordpress account so I’ll be using that from now on lol)


      • Tamra the Island has a funny and touching mother-daughter relationship. There is a romance there too, but very sweet and pure.


    • Oo.oo! I forgot Sung Seung heon’s last drama The Great Show (romance (if you can call it romance) but no kisses) and an oldie but goodie – My Princess. I only remember one kiss and it was swoony but not because of any “chemistry” so much as the fact that it was SSH and a bit of fancy angles and slo-mo camera work. And Kim Tae hee was enjoyable as the modern day displaced/long lost princess.


    • Hm.. how about Healer..? I mean, you have Ji Chang Wook, Mom has Yoo Ji Tae, there’s some steaminess, and lots of rollicking action and heart-melty romance to go with? πŸ˜‰


      • I thought Healer was probably the sexiest Kdtama I’ve ever seen. Besides showing them in bed, under the covers, with BARE SHOULDERS [!!!], and “after”, JCW certainly made us believe he was quite “thirsty” still. As is, can’t get enough *ahem* water.


        • OH YES. I remember that very, er, fondly. πŸ˜… I wonder if the amount of sizzle is too much for a first attempt to watch with Mom? Amethyst did say Mom was up for some amount of sizzle.. 😜

          Maybe When My Love Blooms would be a better pick, except it’s still airing and we therefore don’t know yet if it’s a good drama to recommend! 😝 But the older pair-younger pair arrangement means that there’s eye candy for both mom and Amethyst? πŸ˜‰

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          • Yeah, I think she should go with something tamer than once Healer was “awakened” so to speak. The same goes for What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? *fanning*

            There’s plenty to choose from with the shows that just have romance “indicators” like Reply 1998. I think somebody recommended My Sweet Terrius (I think that was the title). I loved it but was so disappointed… not one kiss with So Ji sub. (I wonder if that’s cause he was seriously dating at the time. Go ‘head Mrs. So Ji sub. Put that on lock down 😁)


            • In terms of why Terius was so restrained with the romance, I tend to think it’s because the female lead character is newly widowed, so it would’ve been a little too soon for her to be all romancey with Bon. I actually think they did a nice job of keeping the romance restrained, yet meaningful. πŸ™‚


    • Hey Amethyst, it occurs to me that Life Is Beautiful would be a great show to watch with Mom! It’s warm, lovely and cozy, so even though it’s long, I’m confident you won’t want it to end. And there are couples of various ages, so there’ll be eye candy for both you and Mom. πŸ˜‰ And there’re beautiful shots of Jeju Island, since the story is based there. Hope you will consider it! πŸ˜€ Also, do let us know what Mom picks in the end!! I’m so curious to know! πŸ˜€


      • Plus, with your mom saying she’s open to a bit of sizzle – maybe Mom’s not as conservative as we thought. Here’s a show with tons of action and intrigue with pure love even though the couple rarely shares any screnes together – My Beautiful Bride. I guarantee she’ll be in love with the sweet Banker before it’s over! Once she’s got a bias… hook, line and sinker! Ha!


  5. I didn’t catch the significance of Amethyst’s question until I began to read the comments made so far and they are so touching and beautiful about moms that then it clicked that Mothers day is upcoming soon.πŸ˜’πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ’”πŸ’•πŸ˜


    • Yes, Mother’s Day is almost here.. Amethyst really asked the question at the perfect time for us to appreciate our moms more, this Mother’s Day. ❀❀


  6. This post is so long that kfangurl might just put me out this time!
    Okay, you guys, I have short-term memory issues so if any of these do have steamy kisses, please let me and amethystwaves know.

    @amethystwaves in cases you don’t already know and you’re interested in any of these titles, you can click on to see the synopses and who’s starring in them:

    1988 (touching family life and retro neighborhood life)

    The Good Doctor (no romantic scenes) Guy with autism fights for respect from other doctors at his hospital.

    Sunkyunwan Scandal makes you 😊 and every one of the leads went on to become huge stars.

    Mystery Queen – middle-aged housewife Sherlock Holmes type. First season is great but I would not recommend the second season.

    My Beautiful Bride is awesome but does have quite a bit of violence.

    Personal Taste is fun with only one kiss which takes place in public so not really hot. Girl mistakes guy for gay and invites him to be her roommate. (Why this isn’t hot, I’m not sure but I still liked it.)

    Psychopath Diary – (very funny to me) Guy loses memory after witnessing a serial killer committing murder. He finds the killers sick diary and thinks its his own so believes himself to be the serial killer!

    Remember aka Son’s War – frustrating situation but his acting (non-satisfying ending. imo)

    Rooftop Prince – zany time travel fish-out-of-water comedy. If your mom is old enough to remember the 1970’s show The Monkees, then she’ll like this.

    Autumn in My Heart aka Autumn Faery Tale (old school classic melo but all mature women love Song Seung heon (and Won bin); and once you catch mom squeeing over her own bias, then you won’t have to feel inhibited when you watch other shows with your bias. πŸ˜†)
    If mom does fall for Song Seung-heon, then try East of Eden next and then When a Man Loves

    Chuno (this also may get mom to pick a few biases of her own) WARNING! Abs of thunder and manes of glory on most of the men throughout the series.😊

    Six Flying Dragons – historical adventures and wuxia swordfighting

    Nokdu Flower is like a history lesson but it’s not boring

    Defendant (serious; no romance; ML falsely accused)

    Mr. Sunshine is “romantic” but not in the way we think of boy-girl touchy-feely romance today. I can’t even remember if there was a kiss at all. It’s more romantic in that epic way of cinematography, heroic, artistic, old-fashioned storytelling. Loads of serious drama with bits of comic relief moments here and there.

    I know kfangurl already listed Five Enough aka Five Children but I feel it has everything for all ages – up-in-age parents; mature middle aged couple stumbling upon love and getting together for their second marriage; just starting marriage couple in their 30’s; and two couples in their 20’s. Mostly it’s a fun (but lengthy) watch.

    Baek hee has Returned aka Becky’s Back – a fun and quirky look at local islanders instead of the big city folk who live in Seoul. And it’s only 4 to episodes. One of my absolute favorites.

    If mom likes an array of genres, you can find it all in Chicago Typewriter. Great acting, time travel, ghosts, freedom fighting, rom-com. Show has it all, although be warned there is one very smokin’ hawt kiss. Kdrama style – the couple is standing up. πŸ˜‰ It’s the danger, the urgency, the built up frustration that gives it it’s hotness (plus Yoo Ah-in’s acting like it’s hawt, makes it hawt! But it’s only one 7 seconds or so scene)

    Greatest Love – witty dialogue that Kdrama writers do so well

    A Love to Kill – Ultra melo. It only had one kiss scene (that I recall) but depending on whether you love Kpop star Rain is whether you’ll tolerate the kiss scene or try to keep from throwing up). For the record, I love Rain to pieces.

    King 2Hearts -rom-com but I don’t remember any kiss scenes. But show has character growth and lessons in loyalty.

    If you can get mom to watch a movie or two
    – A Werewolf Boy is so touching and the romance is very sweet but hands off and it has Song Joong ki.
    – Always (Actor So Ji sub. Need I say more?)

    I hope mom gets addicted and you guys can enjoy many K dramas together. I’m so jealous!

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  7. My mom loves scripted reality shows and thinks they are real -_-Β°. There is no other person in my life I have so little in common except my niece. Probably that is the reason why I’m the black sheep even though I’m the dutiful daughter who always helps out. Sometimes I think an alien dropped me in this family. *rotfl*

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    • Tee hee. Your mom is so cute. I used to think that reality shows weren’t scripted too, so your mom’s not alone! πŸ˜† Also, YAY YOU, for being a helpful daughter! Your family is blessed to have you. ❀


  8. Hi Fangurl. These are really good drama suggestions in yet another stellar post. I cried reading the subsequent responses remembering my Mom. Peony you are so lucky!

    Family watches are best so I have been on a mission for years trying to get mine to watch NIF (yes, I am starting from the top lest I lose them) with me for a good while now. I regularly review NIF and Longest Day in Chang’an with my son-in-law who has shown some interest. I use the time when he and I practice Chinese calligraphy together to make my best ‘pitchs’.

    Also, I put together a plan with what else – food! I added a lot of Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese meals to the menu and then would discuss drama references. Now everyone is proficient using chopsticks and we each have our own set. I then got everyone to regularly go with me to our area’s best Korean restaurant where I share what knowledge I have gained on Korean food from watching dramas (Soju references are most appreciated). My son-in-law now makes a mean Pa Jun and my daughter and I make our own wontons together and shop together at our HMart down the street (yes, I am so very lucky!).

    I envy those who can watch with their friends and family because you have someone to talk with, cry with, swoon with and get mad at the bad guys with (looking at you Jeon Kwang-Leol/Lee In-Jwa). I have faith that one day I will make a breakthrough because KDramas and CDramas are so worth it.

    Happiness to all of those who post on this blog who have the good fortune of being able to sit with their Mom and enjoy these shows. I also salute anyone who has managed to get their familial/friends non-believers to believe. Enjoy these special times together.

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    • I keep restarting NIF -(I can’t just pick up where I left off with this darn memory of mine. I’m okay if I watch straight through without any days/weeks of interruption). But I just can’t finish episode 1. It’s just not “grabbing” me. But then I’ll read somebody talking about it and vow to watch it and the same thing keeps happening. I usually fall asleep on it.


      • Hey Beez – I can understand that. The first few episodes move lightning fast and they are full of multiple key references to future events. When I first watched it I got so confused that I had to go back to the beginning and re-watch the first three. I also think you have to like political intrigue to really enjoy it and not everyone does.

        It simply may not be for you Beez. I have been stuck on episode 2 of Bridal Mask for several years now. Sigh, I go back to it every 6 months or so and every single time I can’t get to the third episode. I know it is worth it so I have faith and believe that I will get there some day…


        • @phl1rxd I only got around to Gakistal last year and – psssst – don’t tell kfangurl – but it didn’t quite hold up for me, but I can see where it was probably pretty exciting back when it first aired. I did enjoy the beginning and the latter episodes, but the heroine being kidnapped, by the same people multiple times with the same plan, for the same reason, then letting her go and then lather-rinse-repeat kind of messed with the middle eps for me. Another, totally shallow thing on my part, is Joo won does nothing, not a thing, for me. Yes, slightly embarrassed 😢 but unless it’s a totally serious piece of stellar writing, my interest/enjoyment is all based on what I think of the male lead. There’s a few exceptions to that rule.

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          • The best part of Gaksital is the bromance-turned-vendetta between Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. Captain Shunji is a captivating anti-hero. So is the Second Female Lead. Music is also excellent.

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            • @Snow Flower – Park Ki Woong. See, another on my zero pulse-o-meter. (I can’t help the shallow). Now had it been Song Seung heon (yes I know he’s considered a hand towel by everyone else) and So Ji sub; or Joo Jin mo and Hyin bin – I’d have been lapping it up. 😜


          • Hahaha, ok, I can accept that Gaksital may not have aged so well. It was great when it aired, but I can imagine it looking much more flawed now. πŸ˜†


    • Aw, you sound like you’re doing a great job drawing your family over to the drama side, even while finding novel drama-related ways to bond with them! ❀ It's so cool that they're now proficient in using chopsticks!! They're unwieldy for many, including native users. I used them wrong for years, and then retaught myself how to do it right, when I was 12. πŸ˜„

      I truly hope you'll succeed soon, in getting at least your son-in-law to watch NIF with you; even my dad who never ever watches dramas, loved NIF and binge-watched it in (what was for him) record time. I have confidence he'll get there! πŸ˜€ May you enjoy lovely drama time with your family soon, phl, and in the meantime, you guys already sound like you're having lots of fun, with the calligraphy and food jaunts! πŸ˜€

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  9. So many great suggestions. I vote for My secret Terrius or Terrius behind me of these. Those kids are just too fun! Plus I love the neighborhood network! I would also add something like Healer. Who wouldn’t love it? So much depends on your mom’s taste though. Being a mom of a teenager, I can say that you might be surprised at how much your mom will enjoy watching kdramas with you. I’m in the middle of re-watching (for me) Healer with my daughter now. So much fun! It’s a nice bonding experience.


    • @lotusgirl – I would have recommended Healer too but. I think that’s probably the most explicit I’ve ever seen for Kdrama. I’m not knocking it. Healer might be my #1 show. I say “might” because there are a 3 other shows and I can’t choose which one out ranks which, other than to put them in categories of #1 current day; #1 saeguk (two saeguks that I can’t decide on which gets first place); #1 slice-of-life weekender show.


    • You called it, lotusgirl!! πŸ˜€ Now that Amethyst says that Mom is open to some sizzle, Healer was the first show to come to mind! πŸ˜„ Now I’m honestly so curious to see what Mom picks, in the end! πŸ˜…

      Also, HOW FUN, that you’re watching Healer with your daughter! 😍😍 Best bonding experience ever! πŸ˜€


  10. I have watched a few shows with my mom and my family as a whole. Mainly, my Love from the Stars, You’re all surrounded, W, and While you were sleeping.


  11. I lost my mom long before I discovered the world of dramas. I have often thought about dramas she would have liked. She liked history, and swoony romances, and tragic anti-heroes looking for redemption. She also liked suspenseful mysteries, sarcastic humor, and satisfying endings. She cried when the hero died and when the villain changed his ways. In my childhood and teen years, I loved watching movies and TV shows with mom. Back then I thought that crying during movies was too embarrassing, so I did not do it. Now that I am an adult, I cry too, and imagine my mom crying with me.

    I realize that so much of my taste was shaped by my parents and my mom in particular. I think she would have liked the tragic hero’s path to redemption in Chuno, the nostalgic humor in the Reply series, the passionate love story in Secret Love Affair, the dark suspence in Heartless City, the male bonding in Prison Playbook, the history lesson in Mr. Sunshine and Nokdu Flower…in short, my mom would have been a total fangirl.

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    • OMG….that was so lovely….don’t worry…I am sure she is watching it all with you somewhere nearby u…
      I don’t have my mother and not sure of her taste as well….. but my taste sounds very similar to your mother’s…..
      I am all for crying buckets in drama and movies and books….I guess its ok and it means that we are real humans with emotions…
      And u put across her taste so beautifully…….kudos to u….

      I do agree with tastes being aligned with parents because I haven’t spent much time with my father but after so many long years gone by I do find that sometimes some of my story/movies/music likings resembles so much to what he saw/listened or would like to see/listen…..after all we have inherited their DNA….and DNA mapping is real I guess…

      Happy watching….

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      • Thank you, Princess Jasmine. I am sending hugs to everyone who misses their parents and loved ones.

        My dad is alive, but far away. I think my taste for adventures, swashbuckling, fairy tales, mysteries, and political thrillers comes from him.

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    • Aw, it does sounds like your mom would’ve been a total fangirl. 😍 I’m sorry that you didn’t get to watch dramas with your mom, Snow Flower. πŸ’” But I’m sure she would’ve watched as many as she could with you, if she’d had the chance. Hugs to you, my dear. ❀

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  12. Ohh I love this. I find this highly relatable, because I watch everything with mom. Yes, everything. When I was a kid and didnt know about this wonderful thing called “you can download dramas from internet”, I watched whatever foreign dramas that were subbed/dubbed on our TV channels. Sometimes mom joined, sometimes she had to cook, for TV won’t wait till she finishes cooking and settles down for the day.
    The 1st drama I downloaded was Moon Embracing the Son. You know, those silly Youtube episodes where the drama is only 1/4 of the screen and the rest is the wallpaperπŸ˜‚. I simply had to find whatever Eng subbed ep available because my country did a crappy job with dubbing that drama to the point I couldn’t bear it. From then onwards…it’s the bunny hole we all know, which I willingly fell into..dragging my mom with me.
    Now I have the ability of pausing and replaying and most importantly, watching whatever the time I choose, I could share this joy with mom whenever she’s free! I couldn’t leave her behind. Plus, she’s always been the biggest influencer of my book/drama tastes, she taught me how to pick the best things, and she’s my biggest critic-buddy. I wanted to repay.
    I watched Two Weeks, Arang, Rebel, all 3 Answer Me series, Age of Youth, Dear My Friends, Goblin, Chief Kim, SKY Castle, Weightlifting Fairy, Red Moon Blue Sun, Life is Beautiful……and I enjoyed each second far more than enjoying by myself. Even though I had to live-translate the Eng subs, meaning I had to nonstop speak for 1 hr daily, I found something indescribably lovely in sharing what I enjoy with someone who had very similar tastes. It simply doesn’t feel right anymore if I watch something alone lol. We cried together, we gasped and had dainty-ladies-over-delicate-teacups style appreciation over poetic and elegant elements of sageuks, hated villains together.
    She also rolls her eyes whenever I squee at swoony male leads and we don’t look at each other and pretend we’re not watching together when a steamy scene happens, or she suddenly goes to the “bathroom” or “check out that noise outside” or “check out that pan on stove”🀣🀣🀣, leaving my younger self to enjoy it in peace lmao.
    I also used Life is Beautiful to slowly and painlessly pry open her mind towards LGBTQ world, for she’d been a passive homophobe due to the culture. At the end of those 60 episodes, I found her subtly smiling and Tae sub-Kyung soo scenes. It truly felt like a victory, even though it was just a meager start.
    Having finished The Untamed together 2 months ago, now I’m starting to fall down the Cdrama hole, and I definitely intend to drag my mom with me. Can’t wait!!!
    Amethystwaves, I wish you ALL the best. Have a blast! I know you will.
    Hello again kfangurl!πŸ‘‹ I hope you don’t mind too much me hijacking your answer-post. I couldn’t resist. (Sheepish smile)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awww, that is SO lovely, Peony, that you watch everything with Mom! ❀ And this is absolutely not hijacking – we're all here to share our ideas, AND our stories, and it was lovely reading yours! I'm so happy for you, that you share dramas in such a special way with your mom. ❀

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