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Dropped: Meet Me @ 1006 [Taiwan]


There were two main reasons why I thought I would enjoy Meet Me @ 1006.

The first one was, several of you spoke fondly of this drama, which piqued my interest. So I looked up the show online, and saw lots of other positive comments from other viewers as well. Which made me think, hey, I might like this one too.

The second one was, I’d watched C-movie How Long Will I Love U on a flight, which sounded like it had a somewhat similar premise, and I’d found it warm, sweet and funny. Which also made me think, hey, I might like Meet Me @ 1006 as well.

Sadly, after 10 episodes of this show’s 26, I’m gonna hafta say, I’m just not feeling this one, I’m afraid.


I had a bit of a jerky start with this show, but decided to keep going because I thought the premise was intriguing and promising, and well, I’ve learned that some shows just need a bit of time to settle.

Over the next 10 episodes of my watch, though, I found myself trying – but failing – to really get sucked into this one. Essentially, I liked the idea more than the execution, with this show. I found logic rather lacking as a general rule, and the characters, rather inconsistent and, to be honest, rather hard to like as well.

Personally, I did not enjoy the writing in this show, and would count it as one of this production’s weaker links. Having said that, however, I guess I should state for the record that lots of fans loved this one, and, many of those fans are of the opinion that the writing in this show is pretty stellar.

Which, I suppose, boils down to this: if you like this one, you’ll know it pretty fast, and if you don’t like this one, it won’t take long for you to figure it out either. I’d say that isn’t bad?


Given my personal trajectory with this show, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the shorter list. Here’s the quick spotlight on the things that I did manage to enjoy, during my watch.

1. Show has a polished feel to it

The production values in this show are pretty high. I thought the stuff in relation to the time-meshing was nicely done, and I found the split-screen treatment of the parallel timelines particularly effective. It made me feel like care and effort was put into creating this show, which I liked.

2. The timeline-meshing hijinks can be quite funny

Drama humor can be a hit-or-miss thing for me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself giggling at my screen on occasion, during my watch.

Here are 2 instances when I found myself genuinely amused by Show.


E2. Jia Le’s (Nikki Hsieh) encounter with Zhen Yu (Lego Li) in the tub is cringy and hilarious. Given that Zhen Yu thinks she’s a ghost, I can only imagine how he must’ve felt, when her foot crept up his leg, lol. Also, Lego Li’s reaction faces in this scene are pretty great, and that helps to up the entertainment factor.

E7. I find it amusing that Zhen Yu is so annoyed with his past self, as his memories get refreshed, but has no control over what his past self does. Hee.



As you’ve probably gathered by now, there was a fair bit that didn’t work for me, during my attempt to watch this show. In the interest of keeping things fairly concise, here’s what didn’t work for me, in four broad categories.

1. I didn’t find either of our lead characters very likable

To be honest, for a good chunk of my watch, I didn’t find either of our lead characters very likable.

Essentially, I felt Zhen Yu is portrayed as too aggressive and too abrasive as a general rule. There’s a hard edge to Lego Li’s vibe which I found a bit too OTT than was called for, which didn’t help. Generally, I feel like Show is making Zhen Yu abrasive just to show how edgy and fierce he can be as a successful lawyer, but it’s too much for my taste.

On the other hand, Jia Le is shown to be a volatile combination of emotional and illogical, which means that she often jumps to unnecessary conclusions, and then gets overly defensive about said conclusions, to the point of being pig-headed. I found this particularly unimpressive, since Jia Le is supposed to be a reporter. [SPOILER] In episode 6, when Zhen Yu tells Jia Le that Cheng Hao (Ryan Kuo) gets killed after his wedding, Jia Le refuses to even entertain the thought. I thought this was unnecessarily stubborn and shortsighted. I mean, if there’s even a remote possibility that your good friend is going to be murdered, maybe give the guy from the future the benefit of the doubt? Ask him for proof, perhaps? But she does neither, and I found this frustrating to watch. [END SPOILER]

By episode 10, Show takes this down a notch; Zhen Yu finally shows more of his softer side, and Jia Le finally stops accusing him of lying. However, for me, this was too little, too late. I still found it hard to like or root for these characters, and the odd narrative choices (which I’ll talk about next) didn’t help.

2. The writing leans odd, to me.

When I say this, I’m referring more to characterization and relationship development, rather than the murder in our main story, since I didn’t get far enough for Show to reveal the real details around the murder and how and why it happens.


Basically, I found the development of the relationship between Zhen Yu and Jia Le oddly paced. We spend what was, to my mind, a disproportionate amount of time with them at bickering odds, with Zhen Yu trying – and often failing – to get on Jia Le’s good side, so that she can help him reverse the events that lead up to the murder.

The way Zhen Yu is shown trying to get into Jia Le’s good books is also oddly creepy. I mean, stalking her on Facebook and making her crème brûlée because that seems to be her favorite dessert, then serving it with a forced, overly bright smile, seems like a strange and suspicious tangent to go off on, when you really just need her to have a reason to trust what you’re saying. If I were in Jia Le’s shoes, I would be suspicious, too.

There’s more of this flawed logic at work in our story, which I’ll talk about in the next section, but for now, I just want to say that Show spends too much time on this kind of bickering, and then suddenly shifts gears in episode 10, where we get tropey rom-com moments and giggly hearts-in-eyes between our leads. I personally felt some narrative whiplash, with that one.

What made it worse, is that in episode 10, Zhen Yu and Jia Le decide to work together to prevent the murder, which is due to happen in 10 days, in Jia Le’s timeline, and the plan they come up with is, to put it bluntly, really lame. Instead of coming up ideas on figuring out who Cheng Hao’s killer is, and working to get to the root of the problem, they decide to intercept Cheng Hao on the actual day of the murder, so that the planned events do not take place. But uh, the killer could just kill him the next day, amiright? Headdesk.

After feeling satisfied with this “brilliant” plan of theirs, our leads proceed to get all flirty with each other, complete with bashful daydreams and blushing giggles. I mean. This feels highly inappropriate to my eyes, because they don’t have that great of a plan, and they’re both trying to prevent their loved ones from catastrophic events. Who in their right minds would be in the mood for flirty coquetry, right?

I just found it all very weird.


3. Logic in this drama world is inconsistent and iffy

I found that one really needs to suspend disbelief with this show, and by that, I mean, beyond the fantastical time-mesh premise. There were more than a few times when I found myself feeling puzzled over why characters behaved the way they did, or why things were written a certain way. Clearly, the narrative choices were made in service of prolonging bickering between our OTP, padding up our story, &/or paving the way for certain events to happen, but.. that didn’t make them any more believable, unfortunately.

Here’s a handful of examples, just for the record.


E3. Why is Mu Si Ming (Xie Da Kun) handling Zhen Yu’s case of faking evidence? That seems weird?

E3. There’s a flaw in Zhen Yu’s logic. There’s no need to get Jia Le to like him before she’ll help him. As long as she knows that Cheng Hao is at risk – and Zhen Yu can easily provide evidence of that – she’d help. Zhen Yu doesn’t even need to know that she and Cheng Hao are close. He knows that they are connected through judo, as 师哥 and 师妹, or as they say in kdrama, sunbae and hoobae. That would be enough for her to want him to not die.

E4. There are so many things that could be avoided if Zhen Yu would just be more direct with Jia Le. For example, when he saw Cheng Hao’s picture on her laptop, he could’ve just said, “Hey, that’s the victim in the case that ruined me,” and that would’ve gotten her attention real good. Instead, he makes up this whole story about how he needs Jia Le to bring Ji Rou (Aggie Hsieh) to the apartment so he can explain some misunderstanding to her.

E6. It would’ve been so easy for Zhen Yu to prove that he was telling the truth to Jia Le about Cheng Hao. Just pull up the case on his phone. Instead, Jia Le accuses him of lying, and all he can do is look helplessly at her.

E8. Special collector bottles of wine would not be kept on the kitchen counter, so it’s not at all realistic that Zhen Yu left that box of wine in the kitchen, only to be seen by Ji Rou.


4. The legal/court stuff seems questionable

I’m far from a legal expert, and I am not at all familiar with how court proceedings are carried out in Taiwan, but a lot of the legal / court stuff seemed unconvincing to me. Almost every time Show served up a court scene, I found myself struggling to connect with what Show was trying to do.

Here are just two examples that stood out to me extra.


E5. It annoys me that all the legal stuff in this show is so emotionally driven. People talking out of turn in court, people accusing the defendant without concrete evidence, outbursts from everyone, and an interview to sway public opinion. Really?

E7. The law stuff is just so out there. The court scene was obviously padded up to amp up the drama, but was so.. lame, in the end. There was no need for all the left-handed / right-handed stuff, since Zhen Yu had video footage to prove that a third person entered the room and killed Xiao Wei, and then left the room. Also, that whole guitar tangent was ridiculous, and it was also unrealistic for the prosecutor to have relevant left-handed articles about the defendant on hand, given that he didn’t know that Zhen Yu was going to bring it up during the hearing. All of it is so bizarre.



Over the course of my watch, I found that I was not very compelled by anything Show had to offer; neither the murder cases nor the OTP connection. The logic stretches bothered me too.

At the episode 9 mark, I’d toyed with the idea of dropping the show, but because the episode 10 preview indicated that Zhen Yu would soften up, I decided to hang in there to see how that unfolded. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I was unconvinced by the sudden overt feelings between our leads in episode 10, and rather weirded out by the general narrative handling of characters and events.

As a silver lining, my various recent failed attempts to love dramas that others loved have honed my dropping instincts at least somewhat; I could sense that I was never going to love this show as much as everyone else. And I’ve decided that that’s ok.

To all of you who loved this one, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to love this one too.. Please love Show extra for me, ok?

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30 thoughts on “Dropped: Meet Me @ 1006 [Taiwan]

  1. Ah, yes, a Taiwanese drama with an abrasive male lead, a female lead so dumb I wanted to stab her, and a selection of eye-rolling romance cliches strung together haphazardly. So of course I watched every episode and kind of remember it fondly for some reason.


    I’m struggling to remember.

    *runs off to see things she wrote about it at the time*

    Oh yeah, THIS

    “this drama was brave enough to have a Nice Guy character and to portray him as being the bad guy and to use his behaviour to shed light on the main antagonist in a way that made it clear they were both wrong. Zhen Yu may have spent an inordinate amount of time wanting to “protect her” but he never suggested she stop investigating, he never tried to control her and he even recommended she get the help of his nemesis. Basically, he was not so much tsundere as he was an Anti Nice Guy and the show gets props for that”.

    But I also wrote this about the female lead:
    “I really hate her interpretation of the character. She pouts, she whines, she delivers all her lines like a 5-year-old trying to explain where the last chocolate chip cookie went. And/or trying to get the last chocolate chip cookie. I guess we’re supposed to think that he finds this endearing. It’s everything I hate about how Asian dramas portray women as perpetual children.
    Instead of finding 2017 Zhen Yu “a jerk”, I loved him because he seemed to have little patience for her simpering.
    I admit she did get less annoying in the back half. Or maybe I just got used to her.”

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    • Haha, I just found this comment I wrote too:

      She’s outraged, OUTRAGED that a defence lawyer would defend his client but thinks it’s completely acceptable for a prosecutor to cynically use the media to try to influence the verdict. Not only that, but she agrees to do help said prosecutor and broadcasts a smear piece against the defence attorney trying to do his job. He just had to explain the justice system, the presumption of innocence and sub-judice to this moron

      If she’s not pouting, she’s petulant. I feel like I’m watching a five-year-old.

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      • YES. I found it so bizarre, that a reporter would get so upset and accusatory at a defense lawyer for defending his client, who, by the way, hasn’t actually be proven guilty?! I just found it all very hard to swallow. 😝

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        • In her defense, she was pretty stupid. LOL.

          You know, I was asked the other day when I first coined the term ‘pot plant’ for a female lead who has no agency. And I first officially used it in my SUFBB post on db last year. But looking at what I wrote about this show, I think it was my first use of the term. At some point she buys the male lead a pot plant to “keep him company while she’s gone” and I remember posting this was a surprising level of self-awareness from her as a character.

          I honestly don’t know if she actually got better or if I just got more tolerant. I will say that later in the drama when she was telling the past Zhen Yu things so that future Zhen Yu would remember them and he was flipping out about it (“I”m not a cross-time instant messenger service for you!”) I found it quite funny. When the show used the time travel properly it definitely upped its game.

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          • Lol. I guess it does help to think of the female lead character as just stupid, rather than wonder at her lack of logic! 😝

            Thanks for that snippet about the cross-time instant messenger service thing, it sounds quite hilarious actually! 😂 I mean, it’s not enough to entice me into giving the show another try, but it does lift my impression of it somewhat, which is always nice. 😉 Also, HAHA, at the self-awareness of the potted plant! Your sarcasm can be so cuttingly entertaining! 🤣

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    • You never cease to surprise me, Dame Holly! I honestly didn’t imagine that you’d have watched this one, let alone come away with fond feelings for the show – despite wanting to stab the female lead! 😆😆 That’s so incongruous, and so hilarious! 😂

      That’s a very interesting take though, that Zhen Yu is worth liking, because he had no patience for the female lead’s irrational behavior. A case of “an enemy of my enemy is my friend?” 😆

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      • I just like to keep people guessing…. 😉

        As bad as they can be, I sometimes have a soft spot for Tdrama if I’m in the right mood. Despite its clear and obvious flaws, this one was ambitious for a Taiwanese romcom and sometimes I give show’s credit for trying to do something different, especially in a market where the average product is the same show they’ve been making for at least the last 5 years.

        i would honestly like them to be a bit more ambitious, although from what I’ve heard about Before We Were Married it’s possible they are (I haven’t seen it yet).

        For me though the appeal of the show in retrospect was around the male characters and the way in which the male lead was allowed to be abrasive without any tsundere or Nice Guy nonsense. Coming down very heavily against Nice Guy characters was a welcome change from a drama landscape that often portrays abuse – whether physical or psychological – as romantic. Zhen Yu was many things but he was never controlling or manipulative. He was what it said on the tin.

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        • Heh. You’re doing a fine job of keeping me guessing, for sure! 😆

          I get what you mean about giving a show credit for trying something ambitious. It’s why I gave W a kinder overall grade too, because it was daring and different. I didn’t like where the show went in its second half, but I still had to give it props for trying. Too bad I didn’t have the patience to see 1006 through to the end! I do have to concede that it was ambitious for a TW drama. And you’re very right – Zhen Yu was what it said on the tin. Love the way you put that! ❤

          I tried E1 of Before We Get Married, and I didn’t like it enough to keep going. I’ve still got it downloaded, so if I change my mind and want to check out E2, it’s there. But I felt like Show was too try-hard in terms of wanting to present itself as cool. And I also didn’t care for the male lead basically imprisoning the female lead against her will, within the first ep. For sexual favors, no less. Of course, he doesn’t go through with it, but really, I think any male lead who starts off like that is a real hard sell. I can’t see myself turning around to root for him, honestly. And I found Puff Guo’s acting particularly uninspired. It felt like she was acting the exact same way as when I last saw her in 2013’s Just You. :/ That said, there are legions of fans for the show, so I might just be the odd outlier here. 😆

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          • You’ve hit the nail on the head about the first episode of Before We Get Married ( at least as far as I’ve heard). It’s the reason I never started it. I’ve had people tell me the drama does get better but just as many warn me that I won’t like the first few episodes. Nonetheless, some people I respect tell me that if I persist I’ll enjoy the drama overall so I have been tempted by it of late. If I could just get out of the Thai BL hole I seem to have been sucked into.

            Also, as much of a soft spot as I have for Just You and it’s goldfish antics, Puff Guo’s tendency to shriek her lines is a turnoff too.


            • Hm.. given that the drama is only 13 eps, not liking the first few eps sounds like a rather large proportion of Show to endure before it reportedly gets good? 😅 And given that each ep is more than an hour, it also sounds like a lot of meh to get through. 😛 Also, yeah, Puff’s got a very standard way of acting, which involves sort of barking out her lines in the same vocal pattern, while flailing a little. I found it endearing in Just You, thinking it was her interpretation of the character. But seeing the exact same delivery in Before We Get Married just felt rather meh, honestly. If you do end up checking out the show and liking it, let me know – then I might be more tempted to brave the subsequent episodes myself! 😉😛


          • I feel the same about Before We Get Married. I really wanted to find a good TW-drama to watch and it’d gotten so much buzz. I think I might have made it to part of ep 2 maybe, but I really didn’t care for the ML’s actions. And the whole cheating thing is not my cup of tea, so it was promptly dropped.


            • Ooh, hi5, Owl Star! 😀 When everyone else was raving about Before We Get Married, I thought I ought to check it out, and I felt so blindsided by how disturbing and unsavory I found E1. Apparently it gets better after a few eps, but currently, I’m not inclined to watch several more eps, if those eps are similar to what I already sampled in E1. 😝


  2. Well, kfangurl it is okay! Honing those dropping instincts is very important.

    For me 1006 had many of those little quirky things that I like. The time travel element will always drag me into a show and there are some fantastical happenings towards the end of 1006. However, I agree our male lead was a bit much to start with.

    This week I dropped The Lies Within. After an intriguing start, I hung in there between eps 6 – 10, hoping against hope that the things that were bugging me would suddenly disappear. However, in the end I went “I can’t take it any more!” I also dropped Miss Lee after two episodes. Talk about a wasted opportunity for what should have been a great story.

    Then we have When the Camellia Blooms, which I like a lot – despite the, yet again, hopeless male idiots. It has become meandering and drawn out, along with some convenient plot elements. However, the acting makes it work. In other words: I think 16 episodes would have been just fine instead of the 20 listed.

    As Doctor Who once said: “We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”, and: “What’s the point in two hearts if you can’t be a bit forgiving now and then?” We definitely need two hearts watching what we watch 😜

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    • You are more forgiving of a viewer than I am, Sean! 😉 I found the logic stretches a bit much for me, even in the context of Show’s fantastical premise. In fact, I was perfectly ok and good with the time meshing and the Pegasus as the connection. I was just bemused at character behavior, especially at how the female lead was so prejudiced against the male lead, despite being a reporter by profession, and him just doing his job. It didn’t add up, to me. :/ I will endeavor to learn from you, and be more forgiving going forward. 😉

      I don’t have The Lies Within or Miss Lee on my list, so I’m somewhat relieved they don’t seem worth adding to my list, heh. 😅 I do intend to check out Camellia, so thanks for the heads-up on the hopeless male idiots and the meandering. I’ll try to keep that in mind – and be more forgiving about it! 😉

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      • I don’t know if I am really all that forgiving as a viewer Kfangurl, but there are times when I can see what the storytellers are trying to do and so I hang in there. This week I chewed my way through the US Show Goliath. Season one was very good. With season two, I dropped it half way through – I found it rather pointless. However, season three came back with a vengeance, and so I watched all of it. Unfortunately, I won’t risk Be Melodramatic though (despite another wonderful review by you) on the back of how WWW ended up for me 😱

        Vagabond has finished and I liked where it ended up. Whether there is season two or not remains to be seen (there is going to be gnashing of teeth by many if there isn’t). My Country is nearly finished – well, I need to watch the final episodes. It might be an emotional tough watch though. I can’t speak highly enough of Catch the Ghost. It just appeals to me 😜

        Chief of Staff 2 is playing a blinder (better than CoS 1). Where will Shin Min Ah go after this?She is playing such a mature and perfect role. Then there is Psychopath Diary – what a great twist on the serial killer storyline. It is very clever. My guilty pleasure though is: Never Twice. Yes, it’s 60 episodes, but I’m drawn in with a very good cast – both young and old. It brings a smile to one’s face. I hope it can go the distance!


        • Hi SKF – Just finished Vagabond as well and really enjoyed it. A second season would answer a lot of questions and I really appreciate Lee Seung-Gi’s acting ability. Still on My Country – only up to episode 8 – but I had been pushing it to the side. I have decided I can only concentrate on one sageuk at a time and will get back to it now that Tales of Nokdu last episode is over.

          I looked up Catch the Ghost and 9:47 into episode 1 and I am already hooked! Love my police shows. Looks good enough that I will drag out my laptop to watch on ODK.

          Took notice that you are watching Never Twice. I did watch the teaser today and debated on whether or not to take the plunge. The cast looks great so I may try it. Thanks for the recommendations.

          Also – it looks like 2020 may be a good drama year. I am looking forward to it.

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        • Tee hee! It’s ok Sean, you don’t have to watch Be Melodramatic if it doesn’t sound like your thing! It’s more slice-of-life and quirky than Search WWW, and the quirk can sometimes be laid on pretty thick. So if you’re not into it, that could be a deterrent as well. 😉

          I’ve still got a number of episodes of My Country as well.. I was following it closely, but found it emotionally a bit tiring, so I opted to take a break, to gather more emotional energy, heh. I’ve heard lots of good things about Catch the Ghost and Chief of Staff, but I’m still in two minds about checking those out, because they’re not my usual preferred genres. I am learning though, that stepping out of one’s comfort zone drama-wise, can be a very good thing. I didn’t think Designated Survivor would be my kind of show, but I’m watching it now, and felt sucked in right away. I wouldn’t have guessed! 😀

          I’ll wait to hear your verdict on Never Twice.. After Mother of Mine, I’ve become more wary of trying the longer shows. 😅

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  3. This was barely a blip on my radar, I guess it’ll stay that way! With so many dramas on the to-watch list, it’s actually quite helpful to see what you drop so I can definitively cross it out lol. I haven’t seen a TW drama I’ve really liked in years. It’s a shame because they used to be so good.


    • Glad to be useful, lol! 😀 Yes, we really need to help one another, so we know what to keep on our lists, and what to cross out. I honestly don’t think you’re missing much by not watching this one. 😛 I haven’t seen a good recent TW drama myself, but I’m told that The World Between Us is worth the watch, despite the heavy topic. I have it on my list, but have no room on my overflowing drama plate right now. 😅


  4. It’s been a loooong time since I watched a cdrama but I thought I’d try this because I liked Lego Li so much in In A Good Way. This, though, it just doesn’t work for me, I can see why you dropped it.

    btw if you have the time for kdramas, please do check out The Tale of Nokdu! It’s not reinventing the kdrama wheel, but it’s got a fresh spin on the classic ‘crossdresser sageuk’ tropes, and Jang Dong Yoon+Kim So Hyun’s chemistry is positively electric. Also, he makes for an absolutely gorgeous pretend woman – and a convincing one too, he doesn’t look like some drag queen caricature when he’s dressed as a woman. And even the supporting characters in this drama surprise and intrigue me!

    (I’ve been rooting for JDY to score a full-length romantic lead role ever since If We Were A Season and rooting for him in general since Solomon’s Perjury, I remember saying two years ago on your flash review that I totally believed he and Chae Soo-bin’s characters were the OTP there and I still believe it lol)

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    • I can’t say Nokdu is blowing me away in its back half, but the first 8 at least is some of the most enjoyable kdrama I’ve seen since my Fellow Citizens. Tale of Nokdu’s first half is practically Shakespearean and its elements of comic farce are a joy.


    • Hi5 that this didn’t work for you either, Skylilies! 👊🏻 If you’re looking for a Chinese drama to check out, might I suggest The First Half Of Your Life, if you haven’t watched it already? It’s just so sophisticated in its handling, and mature in its themes. Very well-acted too. For a TW drama, I’m told that The World Between Us is very good, despite its heavy topic. 🙂

      As for Nokdu, I do happen to be watching it! 🙂 Jang Dong Yoon is the most appealing that I’ve seen him, and he IS very pretty as a woman! I’m pleasantly surprised by how well he and Kim So Hyun work together. I’m a little bit behind, but here’s hoping that I’ll like it to the very end!


  5. My first finished Taiwanese series and I totally liked it. Well I can’t argue with your opinions. It’s your opinion.


    • Hi there Jae, thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this show; it’s true that we all react to shows differently, and one man’s meat can totally be another man’s poison. Also, you’re not alone in liking this one – the general positive reaction to this show was why I even tried it in the first place, so you’re in good company. 🙂


  6. Hahahaha….can’t agree with it since it is clearly one of my all-time-favs. I’m a sucker for any SciFi vibe in stories and this one has enough for me. I liked all the characters very much and how everything turned out. Yeah, it had a few plotholes but what RomCom doesn’t? I just felt sorry for our “cruel” lawyer that he died at the end and his “disgraced” self came back. Probably because I like him more. The story with his twisted besty I liked very much since it made sense. There was only one thing I disliked: the actress of the 2nd FL. She was so much praised by fans and entertainment industry for her acting but for me it just feels weird because I can clearly see her acting instead of impersonating her role.

    I can agree with the court system but since I’m a foreigner I have to accept it and take it as a given.

    One of the best ideas was the heroine sending her lover messages through his past self. I was laughting my head off then.
    You also dropped the show before EP12. The ending of it was the turning point even when it was logical from the beginning.

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    • Darn…now I need to retwach that show since it brought back so much good memories…*runsoffforhavingashortnightsleep*.

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    • Hi there Usi! Wow, I didn’t realize this was one of your all-time faves! I’m bummed I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did, but I’m glad you have enough love for Show for the both of us! 😉 I do agree with your assessment of the second female lead’s acting.. It did not strike me as particularly amazing, so I’m surprised to hear that she was so widely praised for her role. But then again, I didn’t finish the show, so I might have missed some crucial scenes. 😅

      I didn’t get to the point of the heroine sending her lover messages through his past self, but the idea sounds quite hilarious indeed. It’s not enough to tempt me into continuing my watch of this show, but it does lift my overall impression of the show, so thanks for that! ❤ I hope you enjoy your rewatch! 😉


  7. Hi Fangurl – so sorry that you did not enjoy this. I loved it and while there was a lot of cray-cray for some reason this drama synced with me. There were cringe -worthy moments (the brother in most of those) and they waited just a bit too long to soften the OTP but I stayed for the time travel and by the end the OTP chemistry had really heated up. For me the scene on the back steps was one I will always remember.

    I understand the feeling you get while watching a drama where the OTP does not work for you. It seems to drag on forever. I felt that while watching My Lovely Sam-Soon. So many fans loved this drama and I actually had a strong negative reaction to it and could only make it to episode 11. Go figure!

    Appreciate that you at least tried to watch it and I enjoyed your review as always – thanks!

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    • Hello phl, Yes, I truly enjoyed 1006 and agree the later episodes came back with a vengeance. The use of the paper Pegasus as the connection really appealed to me.

      As for My Lovely Sam-Soon, I didn’t even last one episode. I tried several times, but I just couldn’t get passed the male lead’s character and Sam-Soon’s situation.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there phl.. Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t love this one too. I remember you speaking fondly of this one. But yes, sometimes a certain show just doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, and the watch experience becomes quite the drag. As for My Lovely Sam Soon.. I watched it, but I didn’t manage to love it as much as everyone else seemed to. But it’s ok.. there’re so many dramas to choose from, there’s more than enough to satisfy ALL of our varied tastes and preferences! 😉

      Thanks for enjoying this post, even though I didn’t echo your sentiments on the show! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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