Dropped: Thumping Spike 2

Considering how little I knew about Thumping Spike (essentially, only that it exists, and that Song Jae Rim is in it), I was, to say the least, surprised to find myself actually watching Season 2 of this show.

I guess chancing on someone’s positive comment on this, plus the fact that I’m an incorrigibly curious cat, plus the fact that I dig Lee Won Geun’s eye-smiles, meant that I really had no choice but to check this out.

For the first few episodes, I even thought I might really like it, too.

Behold the eye-smile.


In case you’re anything like me, and hadn’t heard about this little web series, here’s what it’s about.

Shy & studious Da Woon (Kim So Eun) enters Dae Han University where she (a) encounters volleyball captain Yi Ra (Sun Woong) and quickly starts to nurse a one-sided crush on him, and (b) meets volleyball pro superstar Hae Sung (Lee Won Geun), who’s decided to give up his pro career to pursue his studies, and agrees to tutor him. Love triangle type things ensue. Volleyball type things also happen – although not quite as often as you’d expect, from a volleyball-themed show.


For the first little while, I actually found myself rather enjoying this show. I mean, sure, there were the usual web drama limitations, like short screen time and therefore underdeveloped characters, relationships and narrative arcs, and a general sense of predictability. On top of that, I wasn’t overly keen on Show’s broad comedic sensibility. But, I did find a bunch of things to like about this show, at least in the first few episodes.

Here’s a quick list:

  • The short 15-20 minute episodes are very convenient for when you’re too busy for a full-length drama, or feeling too fickle to commit to a whole hour of drama.
  • It’s light and breezy, with hints of heart.
  • Kim So Eun is sweet as Da Woon, and also gets to show some spunk as Da Woon’s twin Ah Reum.
  • Lee Won Geun is very adorable with his crinkly smiles.


By about the episode 5 mark, though, I started to find myself enjoying this show markedly less than in the beginning.

To be brutally honest, the biggest problem in this show is the writing.

By the episode 5 mark, it feels like this show is written for tweens, even though this show’s setting is college and the characters are in their twenties. Which, I suppose, isn’t the most terrible thing; I could’ve-might’ve stuck with this one if it’d just stayed consistent with that. The thing is, it gets worse.

By the episode 12 mark, this show feels like it’s being strung together by a bunch of (possibly drunk) tweens who’ve been fed a diet consisting solely of kdrama tropes, and are just imagining what college – and general human relationships – will be like, without the benefit of experience and the reality checks that come with.

Character logic is paper-thin, and sometimes severely lacking, as is logic in general.


There are so many things that I could cite as examples of bad writing in this section, but I’ll highlight just 3 things.

1. Da Woon as a character.

From being simply a sweet girl in the earlier episodes, Da Woon becomes a highly frustrating character to watch. She is overly timid to the point that I don’t even understand why the boys both like her. She consistently doesn’t speak up for herself, even if it means being dragged willy-nilly into a dating relationship by Yi Ra, when she no longer actually likes him. Worse, instead of telling him that she doesn’t want to date him anymore, she chooses to play along, and even forces herself to be artificially bright and cheerful when she’s with him. But, why??

2. Things happen lightning-fast and with very little supporting logic.

Like in episode 12. In a short span of a few minutes, Hae Sung’s dad applies for him to drop out of school without his knowledge; the news of Hae Sung dropping out travels quickly but very clumsily to Da Woon; Da Woon suddenly confesses her feelings for Hae Sung, saying that if he’s not there in school, she doesn’t want to be either, and she hugs him, not realizing that her so-called boyfriend Yi Ra is in plain sight. It’s enough to give you a case of drama whiplash, right?

3. The OTP.

As we get deeper into the show, Show unleashes an onslaught of sudden dating relationships and accompanying uncool behaviors. In episode 14, it’s bad enough that the story jumps from Da Woon’s blurted out confession, to Hae Sung’s lack of one, to them suddenly dating and holding hands and kissing; all giant leaps that have no logical context to hold it all up, and all within a few short minutes too.

To make matters worse, Da Woon ends up having dating relationships with both boys at the same time. Even if Yi Ra had been boorish and hadn’t let her speak, she needs to have set the record straight and broken up with him before dating Hae Sung. And Hae Sung going ahead to date her, after Yi Ra has stated that he wants this whole thing to be settled after the competition, is just supremely uncool.

To sum up, I had 3 main problems with this OTP:
(a) they got together too suddenly and with hardly any context.
(b) both of them were being unfair and untruthful to Yi Ra, who trusted them both. Very uncool.
(c) I didn’t think the chemistry between Kim So Eun and Lee Won Geun was very good, unfortunately.

This means that I basically couldn’t quite root for the OTP, and that, as many a drama fan would know, is a real killer.



The one single thing that kept me going for as long as I did, was – you guessed it – Lee Won Geun’s crinkly smiles.

The rest of the show was swiftly going to pot for me on a quick downward spiral, and even though my brain was quickly growing disgruntled and demanding that I drop this show, my heart wobbled and my resolve, well, dissolved every time Lee Won Geun flashed his trademark melty eye-smiles – and he flashed them pretty gosh-darn often.

..Which is how I made it all the way to episode 16 of this hot mess show. That’s some Potently Powerful eye-smiles right there.

Behold said potently powerful eye-smile.


Given the profound power of Lee Won Geun’s eye-smiles over me, it says A Lot that I couldn’t bring myself to watch the last 4 episodes of this one, even though each episode is really only about a quarter of a regular-length episode of drama.

Basically, by episodes 15 and 16, I was starting to think that this show might just be the worst-written show I have seen, ever.

The whole stabbed-by-a-crazed-fan thing is already nuts, and Hae Sung could’ve reacted in so many ways – seriously, so many! – but he just had to block the stab with his precious volleyball-playing hand. Okayyy.

Even more nuts, is the aftermath of the stabbing. The stabber begging for mercy at the police station gets played for comedy, and Yi Ra readily sends Da Woon to Hae Sung’s side at the hospital, with barely a scowl, because “he can’t hit a patient.” And then, Hae Sung refuses a second surgery despite the risk of paralysis, which is so stupid I can’t even. Then Hae Sung’s dad begs the doc on his knees to save his son’s hand, even if he can’t play volleyball again, and suddenly, Hae Sung’s relationship with Dad gets magically mended, amid voice-over thoughts that perhaps Hae Sung was the one pushing himself all along – never mind that not so long ago, Dad was the one who was fighting with Hae Sung and trying to get him dropped out of school without his knowledge.

Headdesk. Just, SO little sense-making, seriously.

That’s when I knew that it was time for goodbye, melty Lee Won Geun eye-smiles or no. I just couldn’t take the bad writing anymore. It wasn’t that the eye-smiles lost their power; rather, it’s that the badness of the writing just got too big to overcome, even for the best of eye-smiles.

I’m sorry your eye-smiles weren’t enough for me, Lee Won Geun-sshi.

Still a wonderfully melty, potently powerful eye-smile, though. <3

19 thoughts on “Dropped: Thumping Spike 2

  1. whenfinish

    I thought Go Yi Ra was a funny, animated character. Every time he appeared on screen he just made me laugh, he’s like that goofy friend in your group. That said, he’s literally the only reason I stuck to this show even though I’m loathing it (watching episode 14). 100% agree with you that the OTP has no chemistry at all. Sure, we all knew that Hae Sung had underlying feelings for her, it was poorly executed and developed by the time he confessed.

  2. Lady G.

    You voiced every thought I had in my head watching this. Especially this one – “which is so stupid I can’t even.” hahaha! I didn’t last as long as you did. I felt like I was watching Saved by the Bell – When they were still in Junior High!

    College? Yeah right. I also loved Lee Won Geun’s eye-smiles. He looks like he could be Choi Jin Hyuk’s younger brother. I love his eye-smiles too. I also thought Yi Ra was a cutie too. Baby-face.

    And the female lead irritated me with her indecision. In trying to be so “nice,” she was actually being very cruel to Yi Ra and stringing him along even though her heart wasn’t in it. So, I don’t know what happened at the end. I’m going to assume her feisty twin winds up with Yi Ra because she’d liked him all along. And I did get up to a part where was attracted to her when she changed her tomboy look. So there’s that.

    And was the stalker one of those nutters who were sneaking into college every day? Since you said it was treated comically, I’m assuming it was the skinny one? She had more hate on the lead girl.

    1. kfangurl

      Haha! Yes, it did feel like they were behaving in very juvenile ways, for college students! This one was a real hot mess, past the first episode or two. The writing was so full of holes, and forced the characters to behave in such unrealistic ways. And yes, I found the female lead’s behavior very frustrating indeed. All that indecision in the name of niceness and gentleness. That just didn’t work for me.

      Also, you’re right, the stabber was one of the girls who was sneaking into school everyday. It wasn’t the skinny one, it happened to be the bigger girl, if memory serves. But honestly, the set-up was super random, and the execution was just so ridiculous that even I had to bring my watch to a screeching halt. Lee Won Geun’s eye-smiles are potent indeed, but even then, they weren’t enough for me to put myself through even 15 more minutes of this stuff, lol.

  3. Viola

    I’m confused.

    Did KSE do this WHILE doing Our Gap Soon?

    I checked and they seemed to air at the same time. This would not be a big problem, say in Hollywood (Jen A filmed Bruce Almighty, I think, and Friends simultaneously), but we all know the crazy shooting schedules of Korean dramas.

    1. kfangurl

      Since Thumping Spike 2 was co-produced by Korea and China, I believe the show was entire pre-produced. That’s probably why KSE is able to appear in both this and Our Gap Soon at the same time 🙂

  4. Akisa

    I honestly liked season 1 (which I admit,was a pile of cliches and some cringe) but I had decided not to try out season 2 ,because I had watched an extended preview on DramaFever (which pretty much summed up the entire show in 5 mins) and decided not to try it out. Reading your review just made me very sure about never watching it.Thank you so much,your reviews are so reliable!

    [What you said about Lee Won Geun’s smile is so on point,at one point it almost lured me into watching this xD]

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! You were smart to avoid this one, Akisa!! This was just SO bad, fabulously melty eye-smiles notwithstanding! 😝 Out of curiosity, I dipped my toes into Season 1, but I must’ve used up too much cheese-and-nonsense tolerance with S2, coz I only managed about 3 eps before I got tired of it. 😛 Perhaps another day, after I’ve recovered from this one! 😆

      1. Akisa

        It took me time to adjust with the cringe,and like the female lead,so when I had gotten used to it,it turned out to be a nice watch indeed ^_^ I hope the next time you try it (if you are planning to), you will be able to like it better XD

        1. kfangurl

          Lol. I like that – adjusting to the cringe. Yes, I can see how that’s needed! 😂 I do like the female lead Hwang Seung Eon, but having recently loved her in Love For A Thousand More, I found it hard to shake her character Mijo from my mind every time I saw her on my screen in TS. Have you seen Love For A Thousand More, btw? If you haven’t, I think you’d enjoy it! 😊

            1. kfangurl

              Since you’re a fan of Hwang Seung Eon, and since she totally rocks as the central character in Love For A Thousand More, I do think you’ll like that one very well! 😀

  5. -S

    Oh no, I a Drama Fever trailer that made the show look cute and was interested in checking it out as a light watch. But I think if it’s too frustrating to watch, I’d better skip it. Thanks for the warning!

    1. kfangurl

      You’re not missing much, S, truly! I love Lee Won Geun and his insanely cute eye-smiles, but this just wasn’t worth the pain. 😛

  6. mint

    Wow, I was thinking of watching this because of Lee Won Geun’s irresistable eye smile but I guess I’m lucky I didn’t hahaha
    Thanks for this, at least I can see his eye smile without actually watching it xD

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. You’re welcome 😉 His eye-smiles are very dangerous indeed. I mean, he got me to watch 16 episodes of this terrible thing – if you don’t call that dangerous, I don’t know what is! 😆

  7. Kat

    I think most tweens could have actually written a better show. I casually meandered through the first TS, and can remember very little about it, but it was better than this one. (Yes, I know that’s not saying much.) I think I fast forwarded through about 3/4s of this one after the mid-way point. I’m not shy about dropping dramas so I don’t know why I bothered. I know this was made a while back, but all I could think about at some point is why is Kim So Eun stuck doing this? She’s a solid actress and I’m fine with it if she needed the paycheck, but it’s sad that she’s not getting better offers. I know it’s hard to pack a punch in a web drama, but what annoys me is the writers/producers didn’t even try.

    1. kfangurl

      Haha! Yes, now that you mention it, I do think you’re right – most tweens probably would have written a better show! 😆 And yes, it does feel like they didn’t even try, with this one. As the show progressed, things made less and less sense. I hope Kim So Eun gets to work in a better project. Apparently (almost done airing) Our Gab Soon’s not too bad, and it’s a reunion for her and her WGM hubs Song Rae Jim, so maybe that’s something to check out? I haven’t checked it out myself though, so I don’t have an opinion on it at the moment.

  8. Timescout

    Well, I didn’t watch S1 but read some of the hilarious recaps @ The Problematic of the Unproblematic, so I’m pretty sure I’d have given S2 a wide perth if I’d know it existed. I feel for you… 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Haha! Your comment made me giggle, Timescout! 😆 I absolutely know that this is something you would’ve given a wide berth; it wouldn’t have survived your sharp discerning eye and ruthless dropping hand! 😉


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