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Newly Taken With: Park Bo Gum


It’s official, you guys. I am officially very much taken with Park Bo Gum.

Which, if I’m being honest, is a sentence I never thought I’d write.

I mean, I’d always found him pleasant enough, and on the extreme end of pretty, with his perfect skin and beautiful features, but to be officially, undeniably, strongly, hearts-in-my-eyes smitten with him?

Now that’s something I never saw coming.

What is it about this boy-man? ❤


1. The Non-encounter: Gaksital

I have to confess that the first time Park Bo Gum graced my screen, I paid him no attention whatsoever. In fact, when I recently discovered that he’d been in Gaksital (a show that I loved, no less), my first reaction was, What? Where??

But just like my non-notice of Lee Jong Suk in Prosecutor Princess, the evidence speaks for itself.

Park Bo Gum was indeed in Gaksital, and he did very good job of the role too, by all accounts. I.. have no memory of it whatsoever. I was too busy being blown away by Joo Won‘s compelling performance. Whoops.

2. Ooh, hello: Wonderful Days

The second time Park Bo Gum graced my screen, was in 2014’s Wonderful Days, a show that I watched mainly for Lee Seo Jin. This time, I definitely noticed him. I was even somewhat taken with how he played Young Lee Seo Jin.

But his character was written to be the stiff, mostly uncommunicative sort, which made him relatively inaccessible. Plus, I forgot about him soon enough when Lee Seo Jin showed up to take over the adult version of the character. I mean, I’d always had a soft spot for Oppa ever since I saw him play a hawt gangster in Lovers (2006), ahem.

3. Mixed feelings: Cantabile Tomorrow

I had mixed feelings about Park Bo Gum’s character in Cantabile Tomorrow and about the show itself, so I guess my feelings of ambivalence just sort of extended to how I felt about Park Bo Gum as an actor as well. I thought he was solid, but I didn’t feel like he was all that special. (I’m sorry, Park Bo Gum-sshi!! I take it all back now!)

4. Sitting up: Answer Me, 1988

Many of you would know that I first sat up and took serious notice of Park Bo Gum while watching – and loving – Answer Me, 1988.

More deets in the (epic) review itself, but long story short, not only did I come away from the show convinced that Park Bo Gum is a very talented actor, I even found him occasionally rather swoony. I mean, those kisses were delivered very, uh, competently. Ahem.

I am completely guilty of hitting replay more than once. Or five times.

4a. Ooh, he sings!

In the thick of watching Answer Me, 1988, I chanced on this completely adorable video of Park Bo Gum singing Jingle Bell Rock with his Music Bank co-host Irene, complete with dance choreography, excellent pitch and the most spazz-worthy cheeky face. I also am completely guilty of hitting replay more than once. I think I must’ve watched this clip about ten times. Not even exaggerating, you guys.

Unfortunately KBS World doesn’t allow me to embed the vid in this post, but you can watch the adorable on YouTube here – so that you can spazz right along with me.

Squee!! Isn’t he just completely squishy-spazzy adorable???

5. Involuntary hearts-in-eyes: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Despite the spazzy adorable, I was relatively quick to move on after Answer Me 1988. I mean, I’m a big-hearted fangirl with lots of love for all the adorable puppies. So I.. sorta filed Park Bo Gum away as one more adorable puppy in my collection of adorable puppies.

Little did I know what was about to hit me, heh.

Several months passed, and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds dropped its Bombastic trailer, which is how Park Bo Gum effortlessly turned me into a squealing puddle of goo in a minute and 20 seconds flat. The audacious dance moves; that cheeky face; that bone-deep groovin’ sense of rhythm; I could hardly believe how good he was.

And just coz we can, let’s watch the awesome again, shall we?

Eee!!! So Cute!!

Those of you who’ve been following me on Instagram would know that beyond that trailer, I am completely blown away by and totally smitten with Park Bo Gum in Moonlight. He’s just completely hitting it out of the ballpark in literally every area.

From the comic beats to the weightier emotions, Park Bo Gum consistently nails it and then some, and I find myself completely sucked into his character and his world. He not only makes Yeong feel like a living, breathing, real person, he makes it so easy to engage with Yeong’s emotional landscape, with his remarkable gift of morphing microexpressions. I feel like I never have to guess what Yeong is feeling, because Park Bo Gum’s amazing control, combined with his wonderfully expressive face, practically spells out – very specifically and oh-so-eloquently – every flicker of emotion for me.

Just take this example of Yeong’s shifting expression in episode 8. This entire range of expression plays out on his face in a matter of seconds, literally.

Seriously, how is Park Bo Gum this good??

Add on the swoon factor – and he is so very handsome and melty as Yeong – and I’m toast. Very happy, very smitten toast. ❤

Augh. Flail.

EDIT: I’ve written my review of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds! You can find it here. 🙂


As with all the galleries on the site, I’ve put in several rounds of intense research (oh the hardship!), to present to you what I feel are the best available shots of Park Bo Gum. I’ve found that beyond the sunny, smiley Park Bo Gum that I’d felt most familiar with before, there are many other shades of Park Bo Gum to admire. And since it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture of Bogummy, what with his perfectly perfect features, there are, uh, a lot of photos in this gallery.

As before, wherever possible, I’ve included HD, wallpaper-worthy sizes. So sit back, hit play on this breezy, lovely little song by Vanilla Acoustic, and soak in the awesome with me, y’all. ❤

나 요즘 – Vanilla Acoustic

Boy Next Door

Because Park Bo Gum’s got such a strongly wholesome boy-next-door sort of image, it made sense for our appreciation journey to start here. I love how clean-cut and approachable he comes across in these photos. It literally feels like he could be living next door to you; y’know, if your next door neighbor happened to be impossibly pretty, with perfect features like this.

My favorite shots in this set are the 2 cat photos, because kittyyyy~ ❤ And Bogummy looks just as cute as the kitty too. Squish.

I also really like the 5th and 6th photos. In the 5th shot, he looks like he’s literally peering into your door’s peephole after ringing your doorbell, heh. And in the shot after that, he looks like he’s welcoming you into his home in turn. Yes, I’m taking this boy-next-door thing quite literally, heh.

Perfectly Pleasant

Before being hit with Bogummy Fever, this was another major impression I had of Park Bo Gum: that’s he’s just perfectly pleasant, at all times. In the thick of Bogummy Fever, I still find this to be true, and here are a couple of shots that I couldn’t categorize any other way.

If I had to pick a favorite, it’d be the last shot in this set. He looks so fresh, squeaky-clean and wholesome, and that little smile just gives me warm fuzzies.

Cheery Adorable

Still on the relatively familiar side of things, here are a few shots of cheery adorable Park Bo Gum. I love how, when he smiles, he looks genuinely happy, like it’s all bubbling up from deep inside. Love.

This first shot is my favorite in this set. The white T and blue jeans come together to add a touch of rugged to his clean-cut boyish grin that I really, really like.

Devilish Cheeky

Now this is a shade of Park Bo Gum that I’ve only recently come to know, and I must say, I’m digging it a heckuva lot.

The degree of naughty varies across the set, but the wicked cheeky is present in all of these pix, and I love it. It amazes me somewhat, that the naughty-devilish-cheeky becomes him this much, since he also wears the clean-cut wholesome vibe so well.

I find it hard to pick favorites in this section since I love this vibe on him so much. But I do really, really like this first pic; that gaze looks so perfectly cheeky, and the way his hair kinks upwards like a little pair of baby horns is just right on the money.

I also love the shot of him in the light gray sports jacket and the slightly mussed-up hair. That gentle smirk, and the subtly bedroomy eyes, just come together in a swoony package of sexy, seriously. ❤

A touch of rebel

Given how majorly wholesome and pleasant Park Bo Gum’s image is, it was surprising to me, that he wears the touch of rebel so well. Of course, as I see more of his acting range on my screen, I’m much less surprised – he just seems to be able to pull off any vibe, really. I must say, though, the corner of my fangirl heart that’s got a soft spot for bad-boy rebels, is quite pleased, heh.

The touch of defiance varies across the shots, but in every one of these, I found the tinge of steel in his gaze unmistakeable.

In terms of favorites, I had to pick the second gif, just because it’s hard to beat Park Bo Gum in motion. For an actual picture, it’d have to be the one where he’s wearing a gray jacket and just squinting into the distance. Love the slightly mussed up hair and the subtle strength in his jaw. It just says Understated Rebel, to me.

Smoldery Intense

This section is a close cousin to the touch of rebel in terms of his intensity, just with less defiance and more sexy. I mean, tell me a year ago that I’d soon find Park Bo Gum sexy, and I would’ve thought you were crazy. But now, I’m completely on board with the sexy, and flailing enthusiastically to boot. Let’s just say, I geddit now. 😉

Tis extra hard to pick a favorite when Park Bo Gum’s smoldering in every pic, but I must confess that I’m extra taken with the simmering hot in the Elle shots, even though I really don’t like the gray shirt & shorts combo. But, maybe it was the hot that necessitated the shorts?

Serious & Intent

Compared to the previous section, this section is basically less sexy, more serious, but with the same intensity – and I dig it just as much. I don’t know what it is, I think I like Serious Park Bo Gum more than Smiley Park Bo Gum – even though, make no mistake, I think he’s got a lovely smile. Somehow I feel like I’m seeing closer to the real him, when he’s serious. But maybe that’s just me.

My pick for favorite in this section is the black and white shot of him, with his elbows resting on a table, his hair a little mussed (I’m noticing a trend here – I seem to like his hair mussed up), and an unmistakeable strength and intensity in his gaze. Likey.

Pensive Thoughtful

This section is in the same vein of serious, but a little less intense, and a little more reflective. And just like serious Park Bo Gum, thoughtful Park Bo Gum makes me feel like I’m seeing beyond the smiles and cheer, just a little deeper and closer to the real him. Again, maybe that’s just me. 😉

My favorite pic in this set, is the one of him in a cream turtleneck and dark gray overcoat, where he’s leaning against the wall, his hair a little mussed (again! I think I have a definite weakness for his mussed hair), and his expression pensive. So beautiful. ❤

Dreamy Sensuous

This could quite possibly be my favorite section to rule them all – I mean, it’s pretty darn hard to beat Dreamy Sensuous Park Bo Gum. Even Cheeky Park Bo Gum and Touch of Rebel Park Bo Gum combined can’t quite take him down, heh.

If you read my Answer Me 1988 review, you’d already know that I find there’s something very sensuous about Park Bo Gum’s lips. I mean, yes, they are sexy in the kissy sense, but honestly, it’s way more than that. They are so tremendously, meticulously expressive, that all he has to do is smile a slow smile, and I’m toast, just at the lips. I kid you not.

Now, add on the luscious dreamy vibe, and I’m double toast.

In terms of favorites, I have to say, the pair of black and white pix of him on the bed, being all sleepy sensuous, win the grand prize for getting a.. visceral reaction outta me. Ahem. But big shout-out too, to the very last pic, coz it’s just so, so beautiful. He’s so, so beautiful. ❤

Sharp Suit

I love a man in a sharp suit, and Park Bo Gum proves that he cleans up real nice. Better yet, this section showcases Park Bo Gum in almost every variation that we’ve seen so far – cheery, serious, dreamy, smoldery – just wearing a sharp suit. Now who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? 😉

My fave is this first pic for the wonderfully bright smile he flashes. Also, love his hair away from his face (see, it’s not just the mussed hair that I like!), and the tux has such gorgeously clean lines.

Another pic I really, really like is the second to last pic, where he’s sitting on a stool wearing a gray suit. Love the strong gaze and thoughtful expression. Also, love that his hair is swept off his face and yet, it still possesses a touch of muss. Again, eating my cake. Chomp.

Rugged Wholesome

Another lovely surprise (for me, anyway), is that beyond the whole boy-next-door vibe, Park Bo Gum does have a rugged side to him. I love these photos coz they showcase both facets to him; he’s still completely clean-cut and wholesome, but there’s also a distinct touch of masculinity and strength about him. Ooh. Likey muchey.

My fave in this set is this first pic. The sweater isn’t exactly rugged – in fact, it even looks a little snuggly – but the strong gaze and the assertive jaw sure are, and I love the strong-yet-snuggly vibe.

Sporty Athletic

I love an athletic man, and these shots show that side of Park Bo Gum quite nicely indeed. Given that we mostly don’t get to see his strong sporty side very much, I can only say, God bless Montbell for choosing Park Bo Gum as their spokesperson.

I really like the second pic of this set, coz he looks a little bit fierce – plus, I’m digging the bare arms too, heh. Y’know what, scratch that; all the pix of him in that sleeveless (read: bare-armed) hoodie are wins for me. I also really like the second to last pic – again, coz of the intense, fierce sort of vibe he’s channeling. Very nice indeed.

Hints of skin

It’s likely that the world isn’t yet ready for Shirtless Park Bo Gum, so there isn’t a Shirtless section in this gallery, I’m afraid. However, there are a couple of shots that hint at the, er, possibilities, that I thought you guys would be interested to see.

I love the second pic for his bright smile and fun vibe, and also, coz it showcases his biceps really nicely. Cough. Also, love the third pic for how much fun he seems to be having.

Geek Chic

Bogummy looks adorable in glasses, and I love this section just for how cute he looks geeking out in ’em.

My favorites are the cello pix, coz I love a man who plays music (ok, I don’t know if he plays cello, but he does play piano), and the open-collared white shirt, combined with the black vest and pants and that gravity-defying hair, is just all kinds of quirky-cute sexy. ❤

Quirky Cute

Sometimes magazine photoshoots have really odd and quirky concepts, and these are just a handful of shots where Bogummy had to work a weird one.

I like the last pic for the way he looks like he’s about to eat his hand – all while that deeply V-necked sweater shows us a hint of chest. Ahem. What a tease.

Candid / Casual

I love candid/casual shots coz they allow us a bit of a closer peek at the real person behind all the styling and packaging, and looking at Park Bo Gum’s candid/casual shots, I’ve come to 2 conclusions. 1, that it’s probably really hard to take a bad picture of him. He looks great pretty much in every photo. 2, that he really does seem as wholesome, sweet, cheery and nice as his image indicates.

My fave is this first pic. I have no idea if this is really him in high school, or if he was in uniform for some event, but I really dig that intensity in his gaze and the mussed up hair. How does he look this good, even candid??


All in all, I must say that I’m more impressed with Park Bo Gum, the more I see of him.

I mean, besides the glorious pretty, there’s also the melty-swoony and the outstanding emoting when he acts. And he sings! And dances! And swims! Plus, he looks completely comfortable with a sword, and even wields it with style. Seriously, is there anything Park Bo Gum can’t do??

Maybe not. Maybe there isn’t anything Bogummy can’t do. After all, he easily and effortlessly took me from pleasantly indifferent viewer to full-on flailing puddle when I wasn’t even looking. 😉

It’s just what he does. ❤

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  3. Thank you so much for including that video of Bogummy singing and dancing to Jingle bell rock it is the most precious and adorable thing in the history of adorable things and I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed till now. Literally made me keel over squealing from cuteness overload😂


  4. I have taken a lot of interest in Park Bo Gum while watching I Remember You. I first come across I Remember You because of Seo In Guk, he’s an amazing actor like always but Park Bo Gum’s performance is splendid. I fall in love right away, and now I’m checking his other works. Currently downloading Love in the moonlight and after that I’m gonna try Reply 1988. I’m a bit hesitant to watch Reply 1988 though, it doesn’t seem like my kind of drama. Anyway, thanks a lot for that lots of pictures, love it, love you ❤


    • Ahjusshi Fan!! HUGS! Long time no see!! How ARE you?? 😀

      I have been loving Park Bo Gum in Moonlight so much, seriously. I think you’ll be very happy with his delivery in the show – and the show itself is very good too 😉 I also loved Reply 1988, which I liked the most out of the Reply series. If you’re in the mood for very well-done feel-good family-type drama, Reply 1988 is very much worth checking out. I loved it so much that I was inspired to write it a monster review – and you know I don’t often write monster reviews these days 😉 I hope you do find yourself in the mood to check it out, it’s one of my top picks of 2016, and possibly beyond. ❤ Plus, Park Bo Gum is very good in it too, heh.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I finished Love In the Moonlight and it’s official, Park Bogum has bought a 3 storey bungalow in my heart. He’s gonna stay there for a long, long time it seems. He’s awesome, I don’t really find Love In The Moonlight appealing but I stayed anyway, because of him. I’m currently watching Reply 1988 and at episode 15 already. Seriously, I never thought I’d be this invested in the drama, at all. This is the first time I love a drama so much but I don’t want to marathon it. I don’t want it to end. I even downloaded it to watch it with my parent when I’m going back to my hometown next week. I can’t wait to share this drama around. I watch for Park Bogum, but I stayed for the whole neighborhood.


        • Tee hee! A 3-storey bungalow! I can totally see why, AF, he’s truly awesome and adorable and lovely, and I must confess to him also occupying a big corner of my fangirl heart!

          Ah, it’s too bad you didn’t love MDBC, I really liked that one! But, YAY that you’re enjoying AM88, it’s so, SO LOVELY. ❤ It’s truly my favorite of the Answer Me series, and I never wanted it to end, long episodes and all. I’m sure your parents will enjoy it too, it’s just so heartwarming and heartfelt. Augh. ❤ If you’re up for it, you can check out my monster review for AM88 here. 🙂 HUGS!


  5. Do you guys know how i’m able to get a letter to him by any chance?


  6. This was utterly hilarious – in the best way possible! You had me giggling and your commentaries are spot on! Flawless looks aside, he is the most humble and well-mannered celebrity/person I’ve ever come across, and it’s so evident based on all his interviews and the kind of compliments that reporters/schoolmates/canteen vendors and other celebrities give him. It’s gotten to the point where I’m reevaluating my own capacity to be kind and polite to others. I definitely look forward to more posts of yours! That gallery was crazy detailed and organised hehe 😉


    • Tee hee. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Miel!! And that you felt the feels of my fangirling, ahem. Can you blame me, though? Bogummy is simply 😍😍😍 and I can’t get enough of him. And yes, he IS fabulously well-mannered and humble. It’s quite remarkable how he manages to be so humble while receiving so much fan attention and love. I love him to pieces in Moonlight and will be posting a review of it soonish – hope you’ll enjoy that when it’s done! 🙂


  7. Omo omo! With all those posts in FB, I know you’re really taken with Gummy bear. But I always thought this was “just” a Pure Pretty post. Never had I thought that THIS IS A BIG K-LOVE post! Not until I came back here to check on something. Omo, he’s up there with THE ELITES! Now, I can better comprehend the FB posts. Aww!

    Don’t worry girl, you’re not alone not remembering him in Gaksital. I must have notice him given his pretty, but I guess it’s only until those episodes lasted. Nothing solid to mark there, I guess. Was he the neighborhood boy who wanted to join the police force idolizing Joo Woon’s character? His role as the cello prodigy in Tomorrow’s Cantabile is where I started to take note of him. Haven’t you seen I Remember You yet? Well, if you haven’t, you should. He played a different character there. His prettiness was preventing me from totally believing he could do what he did but he did rather well.

    By the way, I came back to check if you’ve heard his acapella of My Person? Just in case you haven’t, here goes


    • Tee hee! You made me laugh when you said he’s up there with the Elites, kaiaraia!! 😂😂😂 But yes, he’s definitely up there. He’s just SO GOOD at what he does, and I never tire of watching him on my screen. Plus, he can be so melty when the occasion calls for it. Like in Moonlight. I just LOVE him as Yeong. Eee! 😍😍😍

      I haven’t yet watched IRY – I did start on it long ago, but I wasn’t ready to let go of the mental association with Taek, and decided to wait for another time to watch it. And then Moonlight came along, and now the mental association is with Yeong. 😍 I will definitely watch IRY though. Soonish. Once I’m ready to move on from Moonlight and have more Bogummy on my screen. 😁

      Thanks for the link to the a capella version of My Person, I hadn’t heard it until you posted it!! He does sing well. So talented, sigh.. 😍😍😍


      • I’m sure you’ll enjoy him in IRY too. He was pretty in TC but I realized he’s more than just a pretty face as Min. Though I think Taek is the character closest to his real life persona in some way. Watch him in 2D1N, you really should, and you’ll know what I mean. And if you’re done with them, you might want to see his cute sing and dance routines in Wonderful Mama, though I did not finish that one.

        Yes, “he’s just so good at what he does”. He works hard and he has the talent. That’s why in just five dramas I’ve seen him in, in each one, he’s delivery has improved. Plus he’s quite competitive and enjoys what he does. I guess this is why, as you’ve said, he has a certain glow that comes from within that radiates towards the people watching him and draws them in. 🙂


        • I haven’t seen him in 1N2D yet, but I will definitely check it out! I’ve seen him in YOF: Africa though, I watched several episodes of that before getting sidetracked. He really is like Taek! 😆 I’ve seen several of his singing slips from Wonderful Mama, so I think I’ll skip that show. Unless I go into Bogummy withdrawal, that is! 😅

          I love that he works hard and enjoys what he does, and does it well. I love a guy who’s great at his craft, and takes pleasure in it. And I feel like he does take pleasure in acting – which in turn makes him a pleasure to watch. 😍

          Liked by 1 person

          • And he’s good to watch in reality shows. His competitiveness and naivety are a perfect recipe for fun. I just realized that after reading articles about Gary leaving Running Man and the thought of Joong Ki coming back to the show came up. I watched Joong Ki’s Running Man episodes missing him while he was in military service and he ain’t fun at all. Hahaha…. Just saying…my apologies.


      • Oh, I just remembered one criteria to be in you Biggest K-Loves list. Have you dreamt about him yet?


  8. Oh my god that music video!!! Ok you’ve got me hooked. I wanna watch Moonligt!



    Damn this kid is a powerhouse of acting talent. I am always so taken when the script lets him show multiple emotions in a moment. I just stare at that moment again and again, wondering however he does it so naturally. I would also lile to thank Blossom Ent for turning him into an actor rather than just a composer. Acting IS where his talents lie, for real.

    He’s pretty handsome, I don’t deny at all, but his acting will always be why he’s my first (and so far only) puppy.

    I love the 1 Night 2 Days guys like nothing else, but I must admit that I was melting over Bogummy while I was recapping those episodes with him guesting, HAHA.


    • Yes, I so agree, that PBG has amazing talent when it comes to acting. He makes it all look so effortless, even as he’s pulling out a seriously amazing range of emotions. I haven’t checked out the 1N2D eps of Bogummy guesting yet, but I think I’ll save those for after Moonlight, when I need fresh Bogummy on my screen! 😉


  10. I totally agree with you. We all have the same thoughts. There’s no end with all the compliments about Bogum. I really like your reviews and other posts but this one is what makes me squeal the most. I am a certified bogum fan girl as well, I never knew who was Bogum not until I’ve watched MDBC. I hope to see more of your reviews and blogs 🙂 Keep up the good work. 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Airiane!! Bogummy Magic is real 😍😍😍 I will be checking out I Remember You after Moonlight wraps, so I might possibly be writing a review on that sometime. In the meantime, if you only just discovered him in MDBC, perhaps you might want to add Answer Me 1988 to your list. I loved PBG in that one! You can check out my AM88 review here, if that helps! 🙂


  11. Thank you for the post and the HEAVENLY pics..This was the best 10 minutes of my day 😆😍😍Lolzz

    I need to get some oxygen before i go thru the pics a second time..pretty sure some of my brain cells died the first time around 😂😂


    • Lol. I’m glad to have supplied the highlight of your day then, Vandra!! 😀 And yes, there is just so much Bogummy Pretty in here that I totally understand the need to gaze more than once! 😉


  12. The unreal amount of “squeee” this post causes me to have is crazy. I’m so excited to be able to follow his career. He is breathtakingly talented. I would die happy if I had a constant supply of dramas staring Bogummy.


    • Ah, I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Mickichan!!! 😀 PBG is truly talented, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the chance to watch him on my screen!! I don’t know about constant supply of Bogummy dramas (we all wish!), which is why I see myself reaching for a rewatch or two, between his projects! Happily, I haven’t seen IRY yet, so that’ll be next on my Bogummy list, when Moonlight wraps its run (sobs)


  13. Bless you for this post ❤

    It has been years since I last commenting on any drama related stuffs, and has mostly been a silent lurker. But the Park Bo Gum effect is too strong for me to resist, and so here I am, heh.

    Like you I first notice him in Wonderful Days, and I am surprisingly taken by his performance as the young LSJ. One of the most memorable scene for me was when young Dong Seok confronted his mother for taking out his saving. I am surprised how he could his own when acting with such veteran actress. I think I replayed his scenes more than LSJ's scene and had wished to have more flashbacks just to see him a tiny bit more. Unfortunately, there were (and still are) too many fishes in my fangirl's ocean, hence at that time he was just one of those talented actors that I like but not necessarily obsessed about, by which I mean those actors whose dramas will get the privilege of me checking the first few episodes no matter what the plot is about.

    Because I was not yet obsessed with him, I didnt even bother watching his next project: Cantabile Tomorrow. My crush for him that time is not enough to overcome my refusal to see anyone else beside Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki-senpai and my general indifference towards Joo Won (which ironically changed after Yong Pal, a drama that I could not convincingly said I like).

    Then I Remember You came. I decided to check the drama because of Seo In Guk, and stayed for the whole thing for PBG and their epic heartrending bromance. PBG's performance in that drama completely blew me away that I started to doubt my moral compas for praying a happy ending for him so darn hard. It's that drama that introduced me to his impressive micro expression that could switch from vulnerability to chilling in a matter of seconds. And it's that drama that made me notice that PBG is not only cute, but can also be such a breathtakingly beautiful man. As unbelievable as it might have sound, I noticed PBG for his acting first and his looks second. Sure, he is cute and pretty but there are so many good looking actors in dramaland, and I also tend to be quite blase towards overly pretty actors (which is why it took me years to warm up to Lee Jeong Seok). I think the first real realization of how beautiful his face is came to me towards the end of the drama when he suddenly flashed a smile during his date with SIG. I remembered feeling stunned at how gorgeous he looked. There's something about his smile that just made the world feel like a place worth to live in. I think he needs to patent his smiles and sell them, cause they can save the world, haha.

    Just when I thought I will have to wait more before I could see him gracing my screen, Reply 1988 happened. My initial crush turned to budding love become a full on fangirl (or fan-noona?) love. I think what made this drama special for me in terms of PBG, I saw the sexy in him for the first time that turned my old jaded heart into mush. For the first time in such a long time, I felt like a teenager crushing on her oppa even though he is younger than me. This drama propelled me to start collecting his pictures, watching all videos and movies of him. The fact that he is such a sweet pure guy in real life despite his personal hardship, made me love him even more. And usually I like my man to be a bit more on a rugged side, but PBG made nice guy worthy of spazzing again!!!

    When I think I could not love him even more, Lee Yeong fell on me like a manna from heaven. And now here I am commenting and spazzing left and right about this awesome boy. I guess PBG magic is real!!!

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment and the incoherent babbles. But who can help not to flail over him? Besides he deserves every love that he currently has and more. Thank you for the awesome post. I have loved your site for quite a while and this post made me love it even more. Thank you again!

    PS: While I am at it, just want to say how much I love your review of Nirvana on Fire. I grew up watching wuxia and chinese period drama (though I am not chinese and cannot speak the language), but it's been years since I really enjoyed one. NIF has brought me back to love this genre again.

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    • Tee hee! Thanks for sharing your PBG fangirl journey, bajing!! Indeed, Bogummy Magic is REAL. I totally identify with your slow-but-sure journey to spazzing over Bogummy! It took me a while to see the swoon too, but now that I see it, I flail, So Much! 😍 I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post – and that this post enabled us to squee together!! 😀

      Also, YAY that you enjoyed my NIF review as well! I LOVE that show, and it’s simply a masterpiece, and the more people who come to know its awesome, the better!! ❤ ❤


  14. Ok, so..wait. *composes self*

    I happened upon this wonderful (genius!) site of yours a couple months ago when I was busy stalking Woobs and Jong Suk. God, scrolling through your entries on those two satisfied the hell out of me. So, a billion thanks to you for that kfangurl! ❤

    I've only just now got myself into this world called 'any actor other than Lee Min Ho' as I'd been stuck in the Boys Over Flowers repeat and revisit mode since 2010. I have no idea why I only bothered to do this now when actually I had been exposed to dramas much earlier than BOF like 'My Girl', or 'Full House' and even the ones that came out that same year like 'You're Beautiful'.
    I dunno. I think it really was that I gravitated towards a particular actor in BOF's case and I sincerely wanted to follow him anywhere he'd go next. But life happened, and I thought that I didn't have that 16-20 hours to spare for anything really. But last year I finally had some free time, and it's been crazy. O_O

    Jumped into Heirs, then was not so in love with LMH after (Shoulda gone with City Hunter first, and I will always regret that), so I found KWB and fell so hard and fast I couldn't believe it (shame about UF though, tsk tsk), watched School '13 right after, went even crazier for Jong Suk (I'm curious to know what you think of W-Two Worlds, though I haven't gone through all your posts yet maybe I'll find something about that somewhere here).

    Now I'm trying to watch as much as I can, especially the highly recommended ones, and now I'm really appreciating everything Kdrama from the story/writing, directing, music/scoring, even the hype, the whole community on the web, and not just the actors anymore. So you could imagine how Moonlight Drawn By Clouds has me completely falling head over heels for it. I love everything about it so far.

    Now with Moonlight and discovering Park Bo Gum, I've really felt that frustration that I wasn't able to witness him starting out and getting to this point. Because he's just such a good actor (and sooo beautiful *dies*) that I can't accept that I've missed out on him all this time. I'm making up for it though, I'll have tons more research to do now and even more dramas on queue once Moonlight ends. I really suspect I'm gonna be admiring and loving this kid for a looong time. I'm just totally a goner. You have no idea how this PBG entry has made me so happy. I just remembered reading your posts on Woobs/Jong Suk and came back hoping you'd have one for PBG and omo! that's exactly what I see at the top, front and centre of your blog??? You're heaven sent! Thank youuuuu! More power to you and your team, and this wonderful gift of a blog site <3<3<3

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    • Aww! I’m so pleased that this post made your day, lizzie!! And, welcome to the site! It makes me happy that you’ve been enjoying the posts so much. 😀

      Don’t feel bad about being late to the PBG party.. I’m a little late myself, given that I only really paid attention to him this year, and haven’t watched IRY, which is reportedly one of his landmark performances. I take it that I just have more fresh PBG to satisfy my fangirl curiosity, and am saving it for after Moonlight wraps. You could think of that way too, that you’ve got lots of lovely PBG to fill your screen between the end of Moonlight and his next project! 😉

      Same thing with being new-ish to the wonderful world of kdramas.. You might be a little late to the party, but that just means you’ve got so many lovely drama gems to choose from! Let me know if you’d like some drama recommendations, I’m always happy to point you in the direction of more dramas! 😉 I haven’t finished W-Two Worlds, so it’ll be a while before a review comes out, but you might be interested in checking out my Full List of reviews here. I hope that helps!


      • To kfangurl: Sorry kfangurl to ‘jump in’ on your convo here, but I want to chime in and agree with you on what u said about ‘being late to the PBG party’. I, like you and lizzieb, am also late as well, and I only got into him this year like you, after watching this latest drama, MDBC. So, yay we’re both late to the PBG party together! *hi-5* (and the fact I never watched IRY either)

        Speaking of more ‘stuff’ on Bogummy, I found several blogsites ppl posted on him and grabbed lots of goodie pics and videos you can’t find anywhere else. (i.e. making of footages, photos, etc.) including one that also lead me to this one: Now, after you get into it, this is their homepage so all you have to do, is continuously scroll, and keep scrolling for all the Bogummy posts she’s done. I think this fansite is dedicated to PBG so, you should have no problems finding LOTS n’LOTS of stuff on him. Thought I’d share with you what I found along ‘Bogummy’-way. (since we’re all taking about him, right? haha) It’s like, let’s follow the Bogummy (yellow brick) brick road! lol (Ok, bad pun. 😄😛)

        But, ‘oh my’ at this gif, what I found just now… *dies* So beautiful, so sexy! 😍😱❤️ I request an extended cut to this! j/k 😍😛😁👍 I’ll just put this gif on repeat and STARE. (continuously staring) hahaha No worries, I’ll make sure to BLINK while I’m at it. (hehe) But, now I know what to put as my ‘new’ gif profile pic on FB. (all my TVXQ sisters will end up telling me, what happened to Changmin now? lol) Either that, or I can change my WordPress profile icon to this gif instead. *wink* 😄😛👍

        And…when you said, “…that you’ve got lots of lovely PBG to fill your screen between the end of Moonlight and his next project!”, ohhhhhhh I got PLENTY goodies of him right now ’til Kingdom come if that’s what. lol *hi-5* I’m serious! After reading your post on him, and watching Bogummy on screen to this drama to the current episode on Viki, I swear to God it was as if a tornado swirled inside me, all the while looking for this stuff about him. Granted, he won’t catch up to everything I have on Changmin and TVXQ, but it’s getting pretty close. lol (no joke) I have about as much things on PBG now alongside Changmin. ❤️ Shucks, they’re both my biases in my life! haha (ahem) One is a Kpop idol and the other a K-drama celeb. I’m sure there’ll be more guys in the future that’ll satisfy my thirst, but I doubt none will ever come close what I feel for these two in my life. They’re all I CAN fit in my heart at this point. 😛 Sorry, I don’t have room for more. No thanks. hahaha I’ll leave them all for you and the rest of the fans out there to steal instead. hahaha j/k

        Here’s one fansite I go to for graphics/wallies regarding the K-drama world. This page I’m sharing with you, is from just Moonlight Drawn by Clouds wallpaper graphics, and she makes them using Photoshop. They’re so breathtakingly beautiful and professional-looking, and I’ve used some as my cover banners for my K-drama FB Forum. (of course, I credit her and share the link on posts I make if I share her pages) Here’s MDBC and enjoy! ❤️ When you go to the very bottom, click ‘older posts’. It should lead you to more of her earlier episode graphics from this drama.

        Sorry…I’ve one more link to share with you as well I found, and it actually might interest you, unless it’s info you already know. After reading this person’s post, I didn’t realize or know a lot of the background info, including the costuming info, and fashion info that went into this drama. This person is so technically detailed to even the littlest things as their topknot accessories, and where each accessory came from, and relating to each episode, etc. etc. 😱😳😯 That’s when it dawned on me, there’s just way more technical fans out there who really know so much stuff, my goodness! I’ll just call them a ‘technical geek’ when it comes to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ info on dramas and K-drama celebs. 😛😄 Beware, it’s a very long post with LOTS of photos and photo-stills, as well as packed info.



  15. All this and you haven’t watched I Remember You? My, you are in for a treat!

    First saw him in IRY and he took me by surprise because at that time, he is still quite an unknown actor. Then came this rookie, who I may have mistaken for an idol because he is so handsome, and he just blew the screen with his acting. Those micro-expressions and eyes – who knew by the end of the series, we would all fell in love and sympathized with the ‘monster’ (as of the title).

    From his talent showcase in IRY, I knew he would go far. Fighting PBG!


    • Yep, it just happened that way – as they say in kdrama 😉 I did start IRY after AM88, but, I just couldn’t say goodbye to Taek and decided to shelve IRY for another day. After Moonlight wraps I’ll probably give my heart a bit of time to linger with Yeong, before I get back into IRY. And yes, I do believe I’ll be in for a treat – everyone says that his performance is absolutely riveting!


  16. OMG, Bogummy effect is REAL!! Too real!! I never realised he was young LSJ in Wonderful days until I read this. Never realised he was in Gaksital. Didn’t think much of him in I Remember You except he looked too young for the role. Paid attention to him in Reply but didn’t like the fact that they twisted the husband plot coz it was too clear that that hub is JH (for me at least).

    But Moonlight I started watching with minimal expectations. I just didn’t want to believe that the whole PBG (in fact i used to think his name was Park Go Bum!) hype is real. The first dancing teaser where he was too cute to be true. I know he’s cute and really sweet coz I watched Friends Over Flowers (for RJY). But seriously, how can a person be so perfectly sweet! And all those photos you posted….SWOON, died & went to Bogummy heaven

    I think he’s the CUTEST puppy around in K-ent currently, and I’ll gladly watch/follow him in anything. But I very much look forward to him after army service. They really do turn boys to men. He’s gonna break more and more hearts! Will probably ‘die’ again then


    • Aw. I thought the writer was pretty balanced in how she presented the why of the eventual hubs in AM88.. I didn’t love all of how it was handled, but I easily bought the reasoning behind the choice itself. You can check out my review here, if you’d like to know more about my take on it. 🙂

      I do agree that Bogummy is the most adorable puppy ever, and I’m definitely looking forward to watching him develop his craft on my screen. I’m far from ready to send him off to MS, but I do agree that MS has a way of turning boys into men. That’s definitely the silver lining of sending the boys off for 2 years! 😁


  17. Park Bo Gum is my ideal man in every single way…I never realized he looks good in literally every picture either but it’s true he really does, that smile opens up the heavens and I swear I hear angelic singing lol


  18. The words “safety warning” should appear in the title of this post, my poor little heart. He’s so beautiful to look at, and his massive talent and down-to-earth personality making him look even hotter. *breathes deeply* Please watch I Remember You, he is beyond amazing in it.


    • Tee hee! I guess a safety warning is appropriate – sorry if I inadvertently gave you a heart attack, Leo! 😆 But it’s a happy heart attack, I think, since it basically just results in lots of hyperventilating over lots of wonderful Bogummy? 😍 Yes, I will definitely watch IRY; it seems that he’s too amazing in it to miss!


  19. All the while I promised myself not to fall for any guy born in the 90s…. But this noona can’t help it with Park Bo Gum. You’re right,, he is all charm in Moonlight. He is kind, responsible, smart and fun in 2D1N I’m lucky to catch him on KBS world. Spazz…. Melt… Squeeee…..!!!

    Thanks a lot for all the beautiful pic and facial category.


    • Glad you enjoyed the post!! And, I so know what you mean, Andechi!!! I never imagined that I’d be swooning over him either – partly coz he seemed so young and boyish. And yet, here I am, happily flailing at his every cheeky smirk, and swooning at his tender intensity. 😍😍 I will save those 1N2D guest episodes for after Moonlight – I’m sure I’ll thank myself later, when I’m out of fresh Bogummy on my screen! 😁


  20. Confession: I’ve been silently spazzing since the end of Reply for him, so naturally I watched and read whatever PBG related things I can get my hands on. Started with I Remember You, then YoF, then Reply again, then some of the BTS of Reply and his Vapp with Hyeri (so cute if you have not seen!) even his scenes on Tomorrow Cantabille and Music Bank when he was the host. MuBank is recorded on a Friday (Thursday night my timezone) and I made sure to get on Twitter to see fancam pics of him walking to the KBS studio for the taping. He would always make sure to smile and wave at his fans, and even the casual pictures of him are so radiant, it’s unreal!

    The more I read about him, the more I thought he can’t be real? But he is and it adds to his charm. I’m usually a very cynical person especially when it comes to celebrities, but I can’t help but continue to wish for his success since he seems to be a positive person on top of being a very talented actor, and a handsome one at that. Like what’s not to love about this guy? He just radiates sunshine.

    TL;DR There is no cure for this virus, ever.


    • Yes, he is quite unreal, isn’t he?? But in the best way possible; I do love that earnest, sincere humility, and that radiance is a real thing! It really seems like it’s impossible to take a bad picture of him, and I looked at a LOT of pictures for this post! 😆 I’m happily nursing Bogummy Fever too, and I feel ya – it’s impossible not to spazz, really. 😍


  21. Spot on Girl! Well-written + all the photos.. ughhh!! can’t get enough of this Bogum Syndrome. Fangirling mode is soooo on..

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  22. thanks for all the photos! i first noticed him in youth over flowers. he’s so considerate with others. i was taken aback by his attitude and i first thought, is this guy for real? im so happy that he really is a good guy. beyond his good looks, he’s got a big heart. it really shows in his face, he always radiates, i mean literally.
    i know he’ll make it big in the future not just an actor but more. now that im watching love in the moonlight, he’s so great at acting. i dont think anyone can give life to his character more than him. His expressions are beyond compare in every scenes. he captures the audience with just 1 smile.
    im really hooked… cant explain it but i really pray for his success in all aspects of his life. continue to support him and make him known all around the world.

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    • I get what you mean, chewybubbles!! I find him so endearing in his sweet, earnest attitude, which just makes his amazing talent seem all the more precious. I look at him and I just can’t help rooting for him, to have ALL the good things. ❤

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more either on what you’ve stated about PGB. I’ve heard numerous accounts on various fanblogs and the like, all about his inner personality and character in real life, esp toward fans and media, etc. Even in interviews he does, he’s got such a sweet/professional disposition about him, and one that you can tell he’s so genuine toward others. That’s what I love about him so much, including as an actor in general. You don’t find too many who’re like that. I dearly hope he stays this way and doesn’t change. ❤️ He’s so endearing and genuine/honest.

      And his smile is so breathtaking, isn’t it? 😍😘 (esp when he winks…ugh! lol) 🙃😛😎👍❤️


  23. Heart-in-my-eyes smitten — that perfectly explains my love for PBG. I really liked him in I Remember You (and the bromance with Seo In Guk ♥) and Answer Me 1988…but it was Moonlight Drawn By Clouds that converted like to LOVE. He is just so awesome!!


    • I haven’t seen IRY – I so need to! – but I get what you mean, snow! Like, I loved him as Taek, but it was Moonlight that took that love and turned it into ❤LURVE❤. I can only say, Thank God for Moonlight! 😂 And yes, he really is so awesome, I just can’t get enough! 😍😍

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  24. Brace yourself…sort-of LONG comment coming below… (sorry) 😓😛😄

    You know what now? First of all, I’m always looking forward to reading your funny/quirky/exquisite writing on all the posts you do, and I must say, after stumbling across this one the moment I signed into my WordPress account, I have to say I’m SERIOUSLY wanting to watch Park Bo Gum on my TV screen instead of finishing watching ‘Moorim School’. *dies/flails w/you* I’m serious! The heck with ’Moorim School’. lol I’ve decided to watch ‘Love In The Moonlight’ drama instead. *continues dying* 😅😁

    Do you know I hadn’t finished watching Moorim School yet? And frankly speaking, I can put off watching the rest of it until AFTER I’ve finished watching ‘Love In The Moonlight’. lol 😛

    At first, I never knew who Park Bo Gum was or what his name was. I did, however, used to see his face around the Net on FB a few times on some friends of mine (their FB walls), fangirling about him. At the time, I wasn’t interested. Then, when I started seeing the drama reviews and teaser pics about ‘Moonlight’ drama, I had to find out more about him. Your photos aren’t helping much AT ALL! lol In fact, your review just sealed my attraction completely, and made me swoon so much over him!!!! 😍❤️😘😉 Sorry, Changmin! 😓😭 (the TVXQ idol I’m biased and in love with)

    Park Bo Gum can be my husband’s friend in some of these photos because of how casual-looking and guy-next-door-looking he looks. (especially in casual clothing) See what you did to me? I don’t think I can’t sleep tonight, without dreaming/fantasizing/thinking about Park Bo Gum! haha *ahem* 😛😅😍❤️

    I totally agree when you said you loved Park Bo Gum’s smile the most. He’s simply gorgeous, casually-sexy, and attractively handsome in majority of the sports and casual photoshoots. His winning, beautiful smile, is one of the main reasons and stand-out features I love about him to begin with. 😉😎❤️👍

    Second, I always love a good-looking Korean drama celeb in a business suit, and seeing PBG wear suits, gets me every time. He looks so smashing wearing one, that it makes us wish we could all have co-workers like him to work with in an office, doesn’t it? *dies thinking about it* I think I’d practically ask him out on a dinner date if he was my co-worker! 😄😛 lol I wouldn’t want him to be my boss though because with bosses, you really can’t ‘go there’ or flirt with them in that way. Not for me, anyway. It goes beyond my morals/values and professional ethics in the business world, and with bosses and upper management.

    But even so with his so-called ‘rebel-look’ to him, somehow…I’ve slightly differed with you there. Like, I can’t seem to picture him in that way at all. Even from the photos you’ve shared, he’s got a slight baby-face/look to him, that he still looks innocent, even dressed in leather jackets and the like. He actually looks hotter and sexier in those type of photoshoots! (not rebel-looking) And, even if he tries to look more serious in shoots, it just makes him that much more gorgeous and handsome. 👍❤️

    For me, I love his wholesome-to-goodness looks THE BEST…by far, hands down. It makes me wish I was his girlfriend or close female friend! hahaha 😄😛

    Those dreamy-sultry looks…oh God, don’t even go there. 😍😜 (ugh) Like I’ve stated above…with him dressed that way, he always gets to me every time. (besides wearing business suits)

    Now, the geeky-look…I also dig Asian guys wearing glasses. *dies* My hubby wears one every day. It never dawned on me about glasses on my hubby, because I’ve always known him wearing one since we were kids growing up. It didn’t made me swoon over him just because he wears one. Strange, but true. 😛 lol With my hubby, I fell in love with him beyond his glasses. Idol/drama-celebs like Park Bo Gum and Shim Changmin (my TVXQ Kpop idol) however, I was attracted to their sex appeal first n’foremost. (personalities/inner-character, second)

    So yes, you can say I’ve eagerly become VERY smitten-toast toward Park Bo Gum just like you. 👍😉 And frankly speaking, I’m very proud and happy to say that I have too. 😎❤️ (I hope you don’t mind, I’ve grabbed majority of all your photos from this post on him.)


    • Hee, I am so pleased that this post has had such a.. profound effect on you, Reiko! 😉 I fully support your move to put Moorim on pause and move to Moonlight. Honestly, I dropped Moorim, I got so bored. Whereas on the other hand, Moonlight is making me literally squee – OUT LOUD. Which, seasoned fangirl that I am, I rarely do these days. Ahem. And that’s all thanks to Park Bo Gum. ❤ I honestly think that watching him in Moonlight will make you love him even more than these admittedly lovely photos. He's just really that hard to beat in motion. 😍

      PS: Thank you for the lovely compliment on the writing!! funny/quirky/exquisite – now that's something you don't get told everyday! SMOOCHES 😘😘

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      • Actually, today I finally finished watching ‘Moorim School’ now. (yes, all 16 episodes) And, I have a very opinionated reasoning as to why I think people should watch it and/or continue to watch it. But, I shall leave that comment of mine to your post on that drama instead of here. Don’t worry, it’s actually very positive one. 😉 (and one I hope you’ll also take into consideration)

        I’ve noticed you rarely fangirl in delight like I do. 😛*blush* So yes, it is a rarity, but a good one at that. You should continue to do so too, ya know. It’s not awkward if you do, even if you’re older in age. On FB, there’s so many that fangirl like crazy who’re my age (late 40’s) and older, so it’s not uncommon. (esp. toward Kpop idols, etc.)

        I’m certainly HOPING that watching this drama will make me SWOON over him even more than these photos! 😍😎😘👍 I’m counting on it! lol *hi-5* Oh gosh, I bet his voice must sound ‘swoon-worthy’ as well, huh? *wink*

        Re my comment on your writing: awwwwww you’re so welcome too, my dear! 😉*hugs*✌️❤️


        • Yes it’s not everyday that my fangirl instincts are ramped into serious gear, so I should definitely soak in the feels now that they’re here! 😉 It’s not that I feel awkward.. I believe one can fangirl at any age. It’s more that it’s not everyday that my heart is truly taken. ^^

          I’m so sure you’ll enjoy PBG even more once you start watching Moonlight! And yes, his voice is lovely ❤

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          • ah yes…I’m assuming so for you. (the first part of your first sentence) 😄😊👍

            Speaking of ‘feels’, I just went on the Net again yesterday using my phone, and I was looking for the same PBG photos you had on this post, just so I could have them on my phone now! 😍😎😱😍💋 I’m using 1 of my favorites of him as my wallpapers. (my lock wallpaper) 😄😘😝✌️❤️💘💕 Changmin is still my regular wallpaper on my phone. 😛 You know that won’t change for me. 💋❤️💘😉😎👍

            Now, when you said, “…it’s more that it’s not everyday that my heart is truly taken^^…”, again that’s SO TRUE! It took me a LONG time, before I recognized Changmin completely took over my bias list and he’s knocked U-Know out of contention (my pedestal) as my #1 bias in TVXQ since 2014 now. 😱😑🙄*rolls eyes* lol I think and KNOW my heart was TRULY taken (every day, mind you; and still is! lol) and on-going ’til this day. And I don’t regret it one bit. 💋❤️💞😉😎👍

            How is his voice, really? (sorry to ask such immature/nonsense questions 😔) Is it on the deep, low side or similar to someone like Song Joong Ki’s voice, or like Hong Bin (from Moorim School), or as young-sounding like Lee Hyun-Woo? (also from Moorim School) ❤️


          • A close friend of mine on FB, on my K-Drama/Movie FB page…she said that ‘I Remember You’ may sound like a romantic drama because of the title, but it’s not. She said it’s more of a crime-type drama with a suspense/thriller-type theme to it. So, she said don’t let the title deceive you. 😛😁😉😎👍


          • I’m still going to watch IRY though. 😛 But, only AFTER I’ve watched LITMoonlight and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo dramas FIRST. So, it’ll be: LITM, SHR, and IRY…in that order…on my drama list to watch. ❤️👍 My list is A LOT longer than this though. (just an FYI 😄)


            • PBG’s voice is on the deeper side, and quite lovely, in my fangirl opinion 😉 Although, I’m sure you’d have found that out by now, if you’ve started watching Moonlight. And the fact that PBG’s made it to wallpaper duty on your phone in any capacity, is a Pretty Big Deal, in my estimation! 😉

              Yes, IRY is not a romantic drama at all, and is more of a suspense thriller type thing with serial killers & investigators and everything. I’m planning to get back to IRY too, just to see PBG’s reportedly (by all accounts!) excellent performance in it. My list is also extremely long, so you’re not alone, Reiko! 😆

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              • Actually, now my order of dramas to my list has changed. lol Well, for starters, I’m already on Ep 11 on Viki w/MDBC drama. I’ll watch IRY right after this one ends. Then, I’ll watch SHR after those 2. (last) 😛 And, there’s a particular reason as to why I don’t care for Lee Joong-Ki either from ‘Scholar’ drama.

                From some reliable fan-sources of mine on FB and the like, some friends of mine who’re fans of his, have told me how he’s snubbed Changmin a lot on the set, behind the scenes and on breaks. But the moment Changmin’s fans showed up, Lee Joong-Ki acted super nice toward CM and his fans and stuff. It’s a turn-off for me when a K-drama celeb acts that way, and especially toward another celeb’s fans, etc. It’s one thing to act stuck up toward his counterpart, behind-the-scenes when fans aren’t around. But, to all of a sudden act nicey-nicey when fans show up, and act ‘wishy-washy’ like that, I don’t like it one bit. I dig celebs who’re genuine; not fake. And Lee Joong-Ki sounds like a fake to me. (sry to say) I don’t know if my friends read it somewhere he’s this way, but that’s what they’ve told me.

                Re Bogummy’s voice: Oh God, I LOVE HIS VOICE, judging from watching all the way to Ep 11 now. I’m finally caught up! (yaaaay) Took me forever in doing so too! lol I’ve watched back-to-back on a lot of episodes over this past weekend. Let’s just say I was ‘hooked’, right? *nudges u* 😛 And then, their my #1 romantic couple of all time! *swoons*

                I also loved how Hong Ra On danced as a gisaeng for the Crown Prince’s 40th bday celebration that one evening. Remember how she suddenly decided to take that gisaeng’s place because that other girl went missing? Apparently, those Eunuch’s who’re in power and don’t like the Crown Prince and his Royal family, wanted that gisaeng to go missing, sitting in a palanquin all while this celebration was taking place. So, because Hong Ra On didn’t want that girl to be missing and the entire dance to look ‘out-of-place’ and disgrace the Chinese King who came to visit, Hong Ra On took the girl’s place and did the solo dance instead. And, that dance she did was breathtakingly beautiful! The way Crown Prince Lee Yeong looked/gazed upon her while she danced, was also not to be missed. I loved every second of that part.
                [END SPOILER]

                [And the fact that PBG’s made it to wallpaper duty on your phone in any capacity, is a Pretty Big Deal, in my estimation!😉]
                Oh God, I’ve LOTS of wallies of him to choose from on my phone. *blushes* 😛 He also made it on my K-drama FB page cover banner tonight too. 😉❤️ I’m using this photo for it.

                [Yes, IRY is not a romantic drama at all, and is more of a suspense thriller type thing with serial killers & investigators and everything. I’m planning to get back to IRY too, just to see PBG’s reportedly (by all accounts!) excellent performance in it.]
                ah yes, friends have told me what type of drama it is as well. I wonder if he’ll play a serial killer or something in that one? 😳😱 I hope not. 😣😓 After loving him in MDBC, I seriously hope he won’t act as a baddie for IRY. 😞😠 Oooooh, now that’s hope for me when you said his ‘excellent performance in it’! *cross fingers*

                [My list is also extremely long, so you’re not alone, Reiko! 😆]
                Well, at least I’m not the only one then in this arena. *hug* Probably more yours than mine though. 😄😁👌


                • I haven’t heard those rumors about LJK, so I can’t comment.. but I hope those reports are just misunderstandings. I like to think the best of people wherever possible, and so I’m going to assume that it’s possibly some kind of misunderstanding, unless other information comes to light.

                  Glad you’re enjoying Moonlight so much, and Bogummy in it! That scene that you described is very lovely indeed. ❤ (I'm adding a Spoiler warning in your comment, for the benefit of other readers that might not be caught up with the show)

                  Yes, my watch list is crazy long – in fact, it multiplied in several different directions once people realized I was branching out into China and TW dramas as well; everyone started sharing their recommendations with me, and I faithfully took notes – now I have a list that I might never manage to finish watching! 😆


                  • Re LJK: I hope so too, they’re just rumors or misunderstandings by fans who may not like him or something. 😓 I, too, am like you and like to always think the best in people, including idols and K-drama celebs. I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt in things that happen to them, either on the set, how they act toward their fans and co-worker peers, media/managemnt/interviews, in public, etc.

                    Oh gosh, I’m so sorry about that happening! I really forgot all about those things, and my apologies for not being keen enough in adding a spoiler alert to others who read comments, etc. Thank you so much for noticing and doing that for me. ❤️👍😉

                    Funny you should mention that about Chinese dramas, because over last week, I came across a former Chinese drama box set I own (Prince of Lan Ling) and I still hadn’t been able to watch it, due to the wrong region the dvd’s are for it. *sigh* 😓😣 My hubby said he couldn’t hook up our all-region dvd unit, because there’s not enough usb ports on our TV now. 😱😭😓😠 But, when I came across the drama one day on DramaFever while doing a search on the latest dramas, I was so thrilled to find it on there, finally! So, now I don’t feel as though I bought the dvd box set to waste. (I bought it long ago in Hawaii.) So, after MDBC, I Remember You (w/PBG), and Sacred Heart: Ryeo, I’ll watch: 1) Prince of Lan Ling on DramaFever, 2) Ice Fantasy on Viki, and 3) My Vampire Boyfriend.

                    My friends on FB on my drama forum page, started suggesting I watch some Chinese dramas too! Wow, both of us sure have an uncanny way of having ppl tell us things at the exact moments at times, huh? 😎😉👍😛 Way cool. 👍😛


                    • Lol. It’s funny how you’ve got several Chinese dramas lined up – coz so do I! I just (today!) added the C-version of Scarlet Heart to my collection, as well as Love Me If You Dare, and Love O2O. I do want to watch more Chinese dramas because I’m keen to improve my Chinese, but kdramas are my primary focus here on the blog, and there are just too many kdramas coming out for me to actually watch all the shows that I’m interested in. Literally, too many shows and not enough time! 😝

                      Yay that you found your show on DramaFever though – that sure is handy! I don’t get DramaFever where I am, so I am not familiar with the convenience of having DramaFever. 😉

                      No worries about the spoiler thing – we all forget sometimes!

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                    • @kfangurl: Ohhhh what’s ‘Love Me If You Dare’ and ‘Love O2O’? 😳😯 Wow, those dramas sound very interesting. (hmmm 🤔)

                      Oh wow, you speak Chinese lang? Lucky you. ❤️👍 As for me, I only know how to speak ‘a little’ bit of Japanese lang. (only enough to ‘get by’…😛)

                      Ohhhhhhh yeah, tell me about it. *grunts* (when you said ‘too many kdramas…too many shows and not enough time) Yup, I can attest to that! 🙌 *hi5* 😅😂🤣😛🤛🤜 *fist-bumps u* I hate that happening too. 😓

                      Actually, because of our ‘hiccup’ that occurs when watching DramaFever (w/cable network), I’m now having to D/L ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ kdrama onto my comp and watching it from my comp screen instead of watching it on our TV screen. For some odd reason, DramaFever AND Viki…do that to our cable network now and actually stagnate while watching Asian dramas! (and if all 3 of us in my family are using the Net at the same time) *cries* 😭😫😓😣

                      Viki NEVER used to do that to our TV before. Not until recently, when I wanted to watch ‘Strong Woman Do Bang Soon’. *sighs* 😓 So strange too, it happened all of a sudden. Maybe like, several weeks ago, or a month ago. That’s when I noticed a big change that occurred w/our cable network whenever I watch a kdrama on Viki now. It never did that to me before, while watching from my TV. Only lately did this start happening. 😓😭 My hubby wonders maybe Viki’s kdramas started changing the resolution sizes in HD-format to the dramas, and decided to accommodate more wider format width-sizes, I dunno. So, perhaps that’s why our cable stagnates when watching all of a sudden. And, also to accommodate the new TV’s that go ‘beyond HD’…like, 4D or whatnot where the screens are like a concave-shape so the images projected on HDTV screens come more real & lifelike to the eye compared to before. It could be a number of reasons. But, point blank now for me is, it SUCKS Viki changed like this whenever my family wants to use the Net at night and I want to watch something at the same time. Now I’m going to have to watch all my dramas during the day, when both my hubby is at work and our daughter is at school. *sigh* Oh well. lol


  25. Thank you for your blog. Please try to watch all of his tv guestings like 2days 1 night and youth over flowers. You can see the real park bo gum.. He ia so nice kind and respectful.


    • I will definitely check out his 1N2D episodes! 🙂 I did check out YOF, and I have to agree that he’s super sweet. I loved how he was so apologetic to his kidnappers, that his car was small. SO CUTE, seriously!! 😍


  26. Moonlight has been my first encounter noticing him but I sure am glad I did. I definitely won’t be missing out on anything else he participates in from now on.


    • Aw, gotta love Moonlight for allowing us to see and enjoy the magnificence of Swoony Bogummy 😍😍 I do highly recommend AM88, coz he’s so endearing and adorable in it.. I’m hearing fantastic things about IRY as well, so do put those on your list! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know! 😭😭 I am so grateful this drama exists and it came at the right time too. He really is swoony, I watched the cute video you mentioned of the jingle bell rock cover and his facial expressions gave me such life. 😆 I want to see more of him so I’ll definitely add them to my list! Thanks for blessing us with this post as well! I enjoyed looking at all those pictures! 🙏😃


        • Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the pictures, Noel!! 🙂 I’m super grateful that Moonlight exists too. I mean, I loved him as Taek in AM88, and would’ve been perfectly content to have kept on loving him as puppy Taek, but I am over-the-moon pleased to have my expectations of Moonlight and PBG blown out of the water, and I’m completely thrilled to be a spazzing puddle of goo. 😍😍 And yes, isn’t he super adorable in that Jingle Bell Rock video??? It was even more enjoyable watching this while knowing him as Taek, since Taek isn’t the naughty-cheeky sort. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          • Totally! I am really loving his character in Moonlight, especially because he makes such good facial expressions that just draw you in. 😍 I can’t wait to check out his other work …although it’s probably dangerous since I’m already this deep in love with him already . 😂😂😂 hahaha I do love the naughty-cheeky sort 😆😶 but I am always grateful when an actor can take on a variety of different personalities/roles.


            • I’m learning that PBG has a very solidly wide acting range – I completely believed him as Taek, and now I’m completely believing him as Yeong, and those two are such different characters. I think you’ll enjoy checking out his other shows.. I know I’m saving IRY for after Moonlight’s over. For now though, I just want to revel in his Yeong ❤ ❤

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              • That’s a good idea, I think I’m going to wait too so I can really enjoy his performance as Yeong! Although, I’ll be sad to see this character go… 😥 I can’t believe we’re already beyond the halfway mark! I guess the plus side to having just discovered him is that I’ll have plenty of material to watch when this is over. \O/


                • Exactly!!! You’ve got way more fresh PBG saved up for after Moonlight than most people, and that’s pretty awesome, if you think about it 😉 I also like to limit my watch of an actor to one at a time, so that I can get more fully immersed in their character of the show that I am watching. And right now, getting fully immersed in Yeong seems like a very, very, VERY good thing indeed! 😍

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  27. Bogum is just so gorgeous. I wanted to watch Reply 88, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I watched the first two and the husband hunting drove me crazy. I never got over how Chilbong was cheated in R 1994, so I just said eff it. However, I noticed that Bogum was getting a lot of love after the show ended, so I said I have to check this guy out. I didn’t start watching MDBC until the first 6 episodes were completed in and I saw that it was getting rave reviews. I am so happy that I started watching this sageuk.

    Bogum is life-giving and his visuals are unreal. His microexpressions are nothing short of sorcery. He is able to convey a multitude of emotions within seconds….this is an amazing feat for any actor to master, especially one so young. This guy is so talented. Also, I just love looking at his face. It’s so beautifully symmetrically. He has a gaze that can melt metal and all of his features just come together beautifully. He’s just got everything going for him. I can see him having a long, successful career as an actor because he’s the perfect combination of looks + talent + great personality.

    I’m not the fangirl type, but after episode 7 of MDBC last week, something magically shifted in me. I’m officially a fan(girl) of PBG. He’s fantastic.


    • Oh, congratulations on attaining fangirlhood, shantelle!! PBG should be proud. 😉 Just so you know, the husband hunting in the first 2 AM shows drove me nuts too, but I am happy to report that AM88 handles it wayyyy better, and it’s an overall better show. Plus, PBG is super endearing in it. I loved him in it, so much. 😍 I hope you do check it out, it’s a lovely watch when you’re in the right mood!

      Wow, I must say, I love how you describe PBG and his acting ability.. I so agree that it’s almost like sorcery, his ability to morph his expression in such detail AND with such clarity. That’s just amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing much, much more from him 😍


  28. Hehe!! so you also caught the Bogummy sickness; welcome to the club Kfangurl, you are not alone!! 😀
    I have not much to add because you already said everything. Bo Gum is so adorable and charming; the more I see from him, the more I love him. Thanks for uploading all the pics and the videos so I could enjoy them again *-*

    For me it’s a bit funny to witness all this buzz about Bogummy these days, since I was already taken by him long ago. I see that you did not watch I Remember You (Hello Monster): he took me by surprise there and I was totally smitten. He was hot and his acting was superb. From that moment I turned into a fan and my fever for him was really high…It’s my favorite Bo Gum drama so far and I recommend you to check it out, you will not be disappointed 🙂


    • Hehe! I am so not alone!! Bogummy Fever is EVERYWHERE now! 😄 Glad you enjoyed the pix and vids! And yes, I am convinced that I need to prioritize IRY, thanks to you and to everyone else on this page who all agree that his role in IRY is his best yet. Considering how impressed I already am by his acting, I don’t even know what to expect! But I totally expect good things! 😉


  29. You CAN’T possibly make this essay-length devotion to Park Bo Gum without mentioning I Remember You! His’ Min is legendary! 🙂


    • Um. That’s coz I wasn’t writing about PBG’s filmography, so much as I was describing my personal exposure to him. So since I haven’t seen IRY yet, I couldn’t write about it? 😉 I will check it out tho – everyone on this thread has been raving about his acting in it, so I need to check it out! 🙂


  30. Bless your beautiful fangirl heart for the pictures. My eyes have been incomparably blessed today.

    Welp. Someone save me, I’m falling into this bottomless pit called Park Bo Gum. (Then again… DON’T. Hahaha.) Really, how can anyone be this perfect?


  31. Just for sharing kk. The first time I saw Bo Gum was when I started fangirling Song Joong Ki. They have pictures together and I just thought “oohh that guy is cute” but I was so into Joong Ki that I don’t give a damn on any other actor lol. Then DOTS ended and I’m seeing news about this new drama, Love in the moonlight. I was first caught by the plot which is gender bender. I’m really like that genre because it’s always fun to watch (the adventure of hiding an identity lol). So I researched more about it and found out that Bo Gum is the male lead. First I was in love with Joong Ki then I became interested with his friend (that doesn’t sound right, but yeah! lol). Every episode of Love in the moonlight I’m seeing how good he acts and every now and then I’m seeing bits and pieces of his personality. Now I’m totally smitten. ❤ ❤

    Thanks for this article, I have learned a lot more of who baby Bo Gummy is. Gomawo 🙂


    • Aww.. don’t feel bad towards SJK, just take it that you’ve got a lot of love to give! 😉 At least, that’s how I justify having so many k-loves in my k-lovin’ heart! 😂 Yay that this post helped you with your Bogummy appreciation.. He IS very cute and so fantastic at the acting as well. And handsome. And sweet. 😍


  32. His acting in Hello Monster is the best for me. Award-worthy. He definitely stole my heart there although the drama itself didn’t get much attention (the drama is good plotwise, if you like more mystery, less romance and if you have eyes for seo inguk). His acting there made me feel like a protective mom.

    Anyway thanks for this article. I agreed on lots of things. And of course the pictures! Gosh, they are a handful but please keep us posted for more more. Am I the only person who can’t get enough?


    • Yes, I’ve heard how amazing he is, in that show. I will definitely check it out! Or should I say, I will definitely check HIM out? 😉

      And no, you’re not alone.. I think we ALL can’t get enough of Bogummy!! 😍😍


  33. A: So what is the caused of Nelly’s death?
    Doc: Gummy fever!

    LOL – that’s how I feel XD

    I noticed him for the first time in Wonderful Days and I fell for him immediately. I was sad that his onscreen scenes were short. I did not watch Reply 1988 but looks like I will have to now. His presence in Moonlight really got my attention. I fell for him immediately on the Bombastic clip and from then on… My life went spiral to hell. By the end of this show, I may be on my way to six feet under. Exhausted from all things Gummy. This is no Gummy fever anymore… He’s the death of me! And this post. Thank you for this post. Now I can stalk him legit lol ^^

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    • You didn’t watch AM88?? Ooh, that’s nice coz now you can watch it and enjoy it fresh! I loved AM88 and PBG in it, definitely worth the watch. Legit loved it, way more than the other AM shows, even though I did like those too. Save it for after Moonlight!! You’ll thank yourself later 😉 Gummy Fever Forevah~! 😍😂

      PS: Glad to help with the stalking, m’dear *bows*


  34. It’s clearly a BoGummy pandemic out there, Kfangurl! 🙂


  35. Honestly, now because of him I think I will have to go back and try to watch Answer Me 1988 again, because I kind of stopped watching after the second episode. It was really quite boring and I have never been a fan of any of the Answer Me series, I finished 1996 but was annoyed with the main character girl the entire time. To me, that series does not really have a draw. But, I Remeber You is when I first saw Park Bo Gum, I have not really watched his other works, but, I did find him really awesome in this drama. But, after I started watching Love in the Moonlight, I fell hard. Now, I can’t watch him in a scene without fangirl screaming.


    • Oh, I loved PBG in AM88, So. Much. ❤ ❤ Of course, I'm loving him even more in Moonlight, but I do recommend AM88. It's my favorite of the 3 AM dramas. Perhaps you just need to be in the right mood for it, and maybe splitting each episode into 2 parts while watching might help too. I personally feel it would be a pity to miss it. I think AM88 is an all-around better show than the other 2 AM shows, and PBG is so very endearing in it too. 🙂 I've heard that IRY is a must-watch, so you could consider that too. And I totally get what you mean about fangirl screaming – I have legit squeed out loud while watching Moonlight. Guess Swoony Bogummy just does that to ya 😍

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  36. Well, that was a whole lotta pretty in one post. *g*

    PBG was in Gaksital?! I’ve no recollection of him either but then I never even finished the drama as I got grumpy at some point and dropped it.

    I guess it was Wonderful Days I first noticed PBG but IRY was the one that made me sit up and really take a note. He was that good in it. Chillingly good, I’d say.^^ He truly is a talented young man (and by all accounts a very nice human being in rl). I’m looking forward to seeing what he does/accomplishes next.

    I’m behind with Moonlight but hoping to finally catch up during the weekend. Mystic9 ended so I have a spot for Moonlight now, though it’ll be the only drama I’ve time to watch these days.


    • Hee! A lotta pretty coz PBG just IS that pretty. It’s the very first thing I noticed about him, way before I caught Bogummy Fever. I just couldn’t get over how pretty he is. And, I even wondered if the pretty would get in the way of his career.. Like, would he be limited in the types of roles he could take coz of his extreme pretty.. And here he is, proving me so very wrong. He’s amazing and fabulous, and I love watching him. Loved him so much, in AM88, and thought that would be the pinnacle of my PBG love. And then he goes and levels up, in Moonlight. Boy’s definitely talented – no, GIFTED – and I hope to see much, much more from him. ❤ I'm caught up with Moonlight as of last week's eps, but I'm traveling this week for work and won't have the time to watch this week's eps early. Sob.


  37. I could probably do an in-depth study of Bo Gum’s micro expressions and come out of it deliriously happy. He is so talented in showing (not telling) us what his character feels that I usually have to rewatch those few seconds of expressions because they’re so amazing. His eyebrow movements alone deserve an award! And his eyes are so damn expressive! Mix it in with perfect muscle and lip movements, then it doesn’t seem like acting at all. If you’ve not watched the BTS of Moonlight photo shoot where PBG reaches to touch KYJ’s cheek, then I highly recommend it because you can just see how PBG just seems to turn on a switch to bring out that aching and tender look on his face as he stared at KYJ. It’s such a gorgeous photo too, with the soft colours and light and the beautiful actors. It’s the reason why I decided to watch Moonlight in the first place. Bo Gum is such a gem! It’s just – his FACE – when it does those things – it’s so – UGH PARK BO GUM!

    My favourite Bogummy is the happy, smiling one with teeth and hints of dimples. He’s just so sweet and humble in real life that sometimes he seems so unreal, almost like a caricature of someone who’s so good and flawless that they almost come off as having no personality whatsoever, but watching him in YOF Africa, fan videos, interviews, 2D1N, I’ve come to realise that he’s genuinely a kind person with layers underneath him. He’s surprisingly shy and quiet, soft-spoken with his deep voice, but always ready to smile and laugh and have fun. I love the melody of his speech, by the way. I’m not sure if it’s a local accent or just him but it’s very distinct.

    Anyway, this is already too long even though I could talk (or write) about him for ages. Thank you for the pictures (right click-save)!

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    • ALSO, I forgot to mention, HANDS! Bogummy’s hands are sexy and masculine and perfect! Such a contrast to someone who can sometimes be surprisingly delicate and feminine. Plus, his massive appetite is charming! His open-mouthed smile is also just so unfair, and his EYES! Haha I’m just throwing random characteristics about him that I love (which is all of them).

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      • Hehe! Your overflowing love for Bogummy is so cute! I loved reading your spazz and adoration. And you’re right, he does seem to possess an inner switch of some sort. I haven’t seen the BTS that you mentioned, but I’ve seen him turn on a dime in certain roles/scenes, and it’s just amazing to me. He’s so talented and I just can’t get enough of him now ❤


  38. you are a total fangurl!!! luv it:)

    for me his best work would be as mentioned by above commenters, i remember you. he was really good as min:) the drama has great writing, amazing cast all around, so win-win!!!


    • Hehe! I am a total fangurl, aren’t I? Guess at some level I knew that when I picked my screen name! 😂 Wow I’m hearing so much about his IRY performance, I must absolutely get back to it. I started it for a bit, but it was just too soon after AM88. I couldn’t bear to see him as anyone but Taek and shelved it with plans to get back to it. For now, though, I don’t want to see him as anyone but Yeong 😍😍😍, so IRY will be stored up for later!


  39. Omg omg omg!!! Kfangurl you have just done all of us Bogummy fans a HUGE service by putting together this collection of his photos into one page. Thank you!!!
    His acting has matured and I’m so glad that in Moonlight he is able to showcase the breadth and depth of his acting talent. Those microexpressions as you rightly pointed out, show that he is a thinking actor, with the ability to flesh out a character’s emotions so realistically and draw us into his world. He is so boyish, kind and charming when he appears on variety shows (Youth over Flowers in Africa and 1D2N), which I suppose is his real self. Then he immerses himself in these acting roles (especially I Remember You) and you wonder how he does it? What hidden depths does he have to draw upon to bring those tormented characters to life? So at odds with that angelic face and aura of his!
    Anyway I hope he has a long long career ahead of him. He seems to be genuinely nice besides being impossibly handsome, and I’m sure many people will be rooting for his success and looking forward to his future performances. I know that I for one will be a fan of his for a long time to come!

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    • Yes, that truly is the darndest thing about Park Bo Gum; that he’s so sweet & gentle & innocent in all the glimpses that we get of the real him, and then, when he’s in character, he pulls out all of these fiery, deep, intense emotions from goodness-knows-where, and completely SLAYS it. I’m honestly starting to think he’s an acting savant. Like, he’s basically genius at it and doesn’t need to do the same draw-from-past-experience thing that other actors need to. I’m with you in anticipating a solid, long, amazing career in acting for him. He just seems born for this. And he does seem genuinely nice to boot! LUFF HIM. ❤❤

      Also – I’m so pleased to know that this is a huge service to the fangirl community! It makes me feel so philanthropic! 😉😂


  40. Thank you, Fangurl!

    As always, you continue to to raise the bar with another well thought out, thoroughly researched article (ahem!). It’s well-deserved; he is absolutely mesmerizing in Moonlight!…….and I’ve added on I Remember You, too.


    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed this, Mary!! I do think this might be one of the most robust galleries on the site – Photobucket says there are a total of 208 images in this post! But as you said, it’s absolutely well-deserved. PBG is just SO GOOD. 😍😍


  41. Love your constructive Bogummy spazzing


  42. My first encounter with Park Bo Gum was with I Remember You. I couldn’t believe myself that I was rooting for his character despite of what he did to about a dozen people. Granted, that was also the purpose of the drama, but Park Bo Gum brought that character to life.

    The second time I saw him was in Answer Me 1988. I will forever remember him for that first line he ever uttered in that drama. I bawled when he said, ‘Everyday. I miss my mom everyday.’. I vividly remember the turn he did before uttering that line. And then he took that time to say the words. I felt everything he was feeling that time. He delivered that line perfectly.

    In his current drama, he managed to bring depth and substance to an otherwise cliché character. On the surface, this a high school romance drama. But what I did not expect is the level of maturity it had. And Park Bo Gum (as well as the other leads) is showing both the fun and dark side of being in love at a dangerous time.

    What I’m saying is this, Park Bo Gum is indeed talented. I can’t wait to see what else he can bring to life on screen. It’s difficult for Korean actors/actresses to find dramas with challenging characters, but this young man was able to find them in three consecutive dramas. More than that, he managed to pull them off every darn time. So, kudos to him.


    • Darn it. I used a different name. I normally used Gelai in another forum.

      I also follow you in IG, my username there is also different. It’s @gelsagustin. I should just keep one to make it easier for everyone.


      • Giggle. Yes, that WOULD totally make it easier to identify you, Drawde!! Thanks for identifying yourself! 😁

        And I completely agree with you – Park Bo Gum is a very talented actor. He just melds into the character, and brings it to life. I loved him so much as Taek in AM88 that it was literally impossible for me to keep watching IRY, which I started soon after AM88 ended. I couldn’t see him as anyone BUT Taek, and I shelved IRY for another day. Right now, I can’t see him as anyone BUT Yeong, and he is totally adding dimension and depth to the character. In the hands of another actor, I feel like Yeong would be a completely different character. And that’s skillz. I can’t wait to see what else PBG will show us, going forward.


    • I Remember You is by far one of my favourite kdramas. While SIG (ommo SIG and PBG in one show?! It is the dream). I think he really got the character’s essence. We knew what he did was wrong but at the same time, PBG made us believe the pain so believable… and might I say, forgivable? The show is criminally underrated (that is a very bad pun, sorry) and I always suggest this one to my friends when they are starting out with dramas. I am waiting for Moonlight to end so I can dramathon that one and I have wayyyy too many dramas on my plate rn and waiting for them to air every single week is so painful but I just keep looking at his hamster cheeks in stills and they make me want to jump onto this train as soon as possible. Fighting!


  43. this is the quality content I signed up for yasssssssssssss but my head is spinning he is too beautiful T_T;

    thanks for your hard work! we’re blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, I’m so glad you’re loving this post, Storia!!! 😄 He IS so beautiful, isn’t he?!??? He’s almost unreal in how beautiful he is. 😍😍 Also, it occurs to me that a spinning head is even more reason to go slow with digesting the post, on top of the abundance of Bogummy awesome, heh.


  44. oh yes the Bogummy fever is taking over the k-world. It’s the one disease I’m happy to fall under. Oh so many pics of him, it seems he has been going from one shoot to another the past years, but it’s great for the legacy. (and the gallery is cruciating, thank you very much. Can’t look at it too long, I physically get hurt of all the intenseness). He’s still so young, so much he can still do. It worries me a bit, because to be at a ‘peak’ at such young age, it can go down very hard. But let’s hope it doesn’t go that far. And I’m very sorry for all the SJK and LJS lovers, but this guy may receive all the awards this year, as far as it concerns me. This boy-man is a diamond!


    • Yes, it’s true. Bogummy Fever is a real thing, and it’s taking over the k-world. I’m not worried for him about peaking too early (yet, anyway), coz he just seems to have so much substance and talent up his sleeve. I feel like my understanding of his ability is expanding even as he unveils it to us onscreen, and I’m not sure that he’s done unveiling what he’s capable of. I feel like he’s a little bit like Joo Won in that sense – almost like an acting savant, and able to pull out amazing depth of emotion that consistently rises to the occasion. Admittedly I haven’t seen all of his work and perhaps am not an experienced enough fan of his to make a terribly credible statement, but that’s where my gut is at. I love SJK & LJS, but I really wouldn’t mind Bogummy getting more recognition and love. He really is a gem. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  45. hey!

    i’ve been following your blog for a while and wlecome to park bogum madness 🙂 if you have the time, binge through “hello monster/ i remember you”, that is when i became his fan, he gave an amazing performance


    • Hey there, sia! Indeed, it’s Park Bo Gum madness. I just can’t help spazzing, he’s just so awesome. I’ve got I Remember You on my “to be continued” list. I started it after AM88, but couldn’t continue after the initial eps coz I just didn’t want to see PBG as anyone but Taek. 😁 I’m sure I’ll got back to it after Moonlight’s over and I’m craving more PBG on my screen. I did hear that he did a wonderful job of the role. 😊


      • i had the similar reaction, after IRY i could not see him another role than Min 🙂 AM1988 is the next one i’ll watch while waiting for moonlight to finish (i prefer binging series than live-watching), and yes He did an awesome job in IRY, made me an instant fan (lots of steel glint in his gazes during IRY) , and thank you for compiling all the pictures, was a perfect way to start my morning 😀


        • Oh my, I think you’re going to love him in AM88.. Boy stole my heart quietly but surely, which is a feat considering how his character is introduced later than the others, and has relatively less screen time in the beginning as well. He is such a talented actor; I just love watching him on my screen. 😍

          I’m so happy that you enjoyed this spazz-fest, sia! 😀


          • he is talented isn’t he, i look forward to your review of IRY, 🙂


            • ps i stumbled across this website cause of your review of NIF, and stayed cause your reviews often let me decide what to watch next and i always look forward to them, thank you for blogging and enlightening people like me who are lost in the endless world of kdrama’s and never know what to watch or skip !


              • Aw, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the reviews, sia! 😀 Yay that NIF led you here (NIF ROCKS), and Yay that you’re finding the other reviews helpful too – it definitely motivates me to keep on writing ’em! And yes, I will definitely watch IRY and write about it at some point. Most likely after Moonlight has wrapped and I’m needing more Bogummy 😉


                • if it helpts with the motivation, i’ll try to comment more often 🙂


                  • Hee! I’d love to chat more dramas with ya, sia! 🙂 The added motivation is a great side-effect, but not the main reason I enjoy comments. It’s just great to get to know fellow fans, and to have like-minded people to chat dramas with. ❤


                    • 😀 i don’t have many people to chat drama’s with … thanks so much ❤


                    • Aw, I know how you feel. That’s the reason a lot of us start to blog, actually.. It’s coz it’s so hard to find people to chat dramas with in real life! I have friends who watch dramas, but they don’t have the inclination to talk about it in the way I’m interested to talk about it, and so I mostly talk dramas with online friends instead 🙂 So, if you’d like to talk dramas here on the blog, I’m more than happy to chat! 😁


                    • hey! somehow i cant reply to your latest reply -_- strange, but yes i would love to chat drama’s with you, just need to find more time to watch (which is also why i binge when i do have time ):)
                      oh if u ever want to watch an incredibly fluffy drama Love020 (chinese) is pretty good, it dragged a tiny bit toward the end but it put an eternal smile on my face and lots of fuzzies in my heart , because no weird breakups, no weird second leads, not too much drama, just lots of fluffy stuff 🙂 , next one on my lost is AM1988, can’t wait 😀


                    • Ah, it’s possible that we just reached the maximum possible number of replies to the comment. I’ve got it set to the maximum number of levels, so I can’t increase it any further, I’m afraid. 😛 But, a brand new comment works just as well, so no problems there!

                      I’ve finally put Love O2O on my list, after so many recommendations, including yours! I just added it to my collection today, and will check it out soonish, when my drama plate clears up a bit. Did you get around to AM1988 yet? I LOVE THAT SHOW, and I really hope you like it too! ❤

                      PS: I’m so sorry for the late reply – October was a crazy hectic month! 😝


  46. Wow!!!!!!! How many pics is that?! My finger is tired from scrolling and I haven’t even given all the pics a good look yet!! Amazing. Will be back tomorrow to look more. I had a couple of eep squeals on some. Yes. Lovely! Thank you for sharing :):)


    • Lol. It is a LOT of pix, isn’t it?? According to Photobucket, that’s 208 images of Bogummy – no wonder your finger is tired just from the scrolling! 😉 Take your time to soak in the awesome, lyricalpeach; there’s definitely some squeal-worthy lovely in here! 😍


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  48. EEEEEEEEEEEE *swoons hadr and passes out* finally!!! Will write more when I come to 😀


    • You should check out 2 Days & 1 Night, he’s in three episodes back-to-back. There was one game he was supposed to take off his short, but he decided just to bare his back 😦 sad sad…


      • *shirt not short lol… I’m finally kind of conscious enough to notice the typo 😉


        • HAHA! For a minute you had me wondering what kind of stuff 1N2D has been up to!! 😂 Thanks for the tip on 1N2D, I will save that for when I’m craving for more PBG on my screen. For now, I’m drowning in dramas (can’t keep up!) and real life demands, and have no bandwidth to spare. 😁

          Glad you enjoyed the post, neve!! So.. was this worth waiting for after all? 😉


          • Frankly I’ve only ever seen PBG in Moonlight… Yes I was late to get on the bandwagon, but I don’t regret it. Moonlight is such a glorious introduction to PBG 😍😍😍 I’ve only ever seen him in that Instagram pic with YAI, SJK, and SHK and thought he was cute, but had no idea who he was. Then I saw the posters for Moonlight on my friend’s FB timeline, and was intrigued by Kim Yoo Jung. Then I saw him in all his hanbok glory in full HD, man I fell hook line sinker 😍😍😍 I think he’s the best-looking man in hanbok I’ve ever seen. I thought YAI was the best, and LJK second, but they’ve been relegated to second and third place now. Although my #1 love is still YAI 😉 Back to PBG, he looks so regal and resplendent in hanbok, almost like a painting. His demeanor and inner glow brought the hanbok to life. He has this ethereal quality about him, I sometimes can’t believe he’s a real human being. And that look on his face when he was about to kiss KYJ, omooo I squeeeeeeed so hard 😍

            In 2 Days & 1 Night, and I thought he couldn’t be that nice IRL! He’s too perfect; his manners, kindness, and his glowing effervescence can’t be real! Even the show’s hosts kept falling under what they call “Bogum Magic”, for real!!!

            I’m watching Hello Monster now, to get a glimpse of younger PBG in a completely different role. It’s a riveting watch, I’m on E4 and I’m enjoying it. I can see how his acting has matured in such a short time, he’s so much more nuanced in Moonlight.

            Thanks for the post, it truly was worth the wait! I have so many PBG wallpapers now 😀

            Drowning in dramas seem to be the theme in my life too. I’m watching several things simultaneously, and I’m losing so much sleep it’s not even funny 😦

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh yes, PBG looks wonderfully resplendent in hanbok, doesn’t he?? 😍😍 I think his lovely height does add oomph to the beauty, and that’s something that’s a touch missing with SJK & LJK, who are not as tall. A lot of it is also how he’s able to bring life to his characters, AND his inner radiance that shines through, even as he does so. Love. ❤

              Glad you're enjoying Hello Monster/IRY.. I've heard lots of good things – even that his performance in that show is his best yet! I haven't seen it myself, save for an early episode or two, so I can't comment on that yet. But I will definitely check it out later. 🙂

              Yay that you found this worth the wait, neve! And that you've added to your PBG wallpaper collection 😉 Hope you'll find a way to get more sleep though! I love my dramas, but I've learned that sleep is important too 😁

              Liked by 1 person

    • Seconding the 2D1N episodes! You can see all parts of him – cheerful, sexy, sweet, shy, cheeky, fun, daring, so damn kind – throughout the 3 episodes. And hearing him laugh and seeing his smile for nearly four hours will kill you.


      • Aw! That sounds like a fun watch! Thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to check out his 1N2D stint!! Later, when Yeong’s no longer on my screen & I need more PBG, I’ll definitely be seeking it out! 🙂


    • He cannot drive very well!! Lol


      • HAHAHA! You’re right, there IS something that Bogummy can’t do after all! 😂 But he’s really amazing at so much more than I expected, so my awe still stands, even though he really could use more practice with the driving, lol.


    • yes park bo gum to my country


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