Pure Pretty: Song Joong Ki

In the last little while, something rather interesting happened.

Basically, in all the various ways that you guys could get in touch with me, y’all were reaching out, and asking for the Exact Same Thing.

Over Facebook, Instagram, and even over email, I received a number of hopeful, enthusiastic, rather ardent requests for Song Joong Ki to get some lovin’ on this site. Talk about being adorably united, you guys. 😉

Being the compassionate and helpful fangirl that I am (heh), I promptly dived into some appropriately.. intent (and rather glorious) research. My own growing fascination with Song Joong Ki didn’t hurt, of course.

And now, by popular request, I hereby present to you the loving Pure Pretty spotlight on Song Joong Ki. I hope you guys find it worth the wait. 🙂


To be honest, this Pure Pretty turn of events took me by surprise.

I mean, I’ve had a strong affection for Song Joong Ki for a long time, but my most vivid memories of him are of his cute and playful side, which he showed off so delightfully in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (review here).

It’s true that he also showed us excellent shades of intensity in Nice Guy (Flash Review here):

…And in his extended cameo in Tree With Deep Roots (so good!):

…But it really hasn’t been till Descendants of the Sun, that I – along with almost every other drama fan (or so it seems) – am sitting up and paying serious attention to the Song Joong Ki sexy. Ahem.

I mean, seriously. What can you do but spazz, when Show blithely serves up this (very shirtless, glistening) shade of Song Joong Ki?

Gulp. So gloriously, deliciously sculpted.

Not gonna lie; I definitely wished a little harder for touch technology to be a Thing, while drinking in these scenes, heh.

But! That’s not all! Show also gives us this:

Song Joong Ki, looking absolutely badass in his army fatigues, beret, and Ray-Bans? Add on the confident, sexy swagger (which he delivered, so well), and my eyes couldn’t help but glaze over with, uh, Very Deep appreciation. Flail.

And then, there’s the intensity!

I love that we get intensity in spades. Whether it’s of the romantic kind:

…Or the Staring-Possible-Death-In-The-Face kind, Song Joong Ki brings it, and brings it magnificently.

Spazz. Spazzspazzspazzspazzspazz. 

It’s no wonder we all need a shot of Song Joong Ki Pure Pretty.. I mean, all the better to appreciate him with, yes?


I’ll admit that I embarked on my research with a little bit of apprehension. I mean, what if I couldn’t find photos that accurately reflected Post-MS Joong Ki 2.0?

After all, he’d spent a good chunk of his career playing up his sunny boy-next-door side. Would I be able to find enough intensity on the interwebs to match the sexy on our screens?

I needn’t have worried. I’m happy to report that there’s a lovely range of Intent Joong Ki photos to balance out the Cute Joong Ki offerings, and I’ll be sharing a fairly balanced mix of the two. As usual, I included wallpaper-worthy sizes wherever possible.

Are you ready? Gaze with me, y’all. <3

Clean-cut boy next door

I figured it’d make sense to start with Joong Ki, clean-cut boy next door, since that’s the version of him that we’d gotten to know first.

I do enjoy my clean-cut boys next door, and Joong Ki looks wholesome and very approachable in these pix. In fact, in some of ’em, I can totally imagine him actually living next door.

My favorite photos in this set are the first and last ones. He looks wonderfully fresh-faced, and yet, there’s a touch of gravitas and purpose in his gaze; a combination that I like very much indeed.

A touch of ‘tude

I couldn’t resist making this section even though it’s a small one, because even though he’s technically still styled as the clean-cut boy next door, there’s a distinct touch of attitude in these shots.

My favorite in this section is this first shot coz he looks simply adorable in those dark glasses.

Intent Smolder

Now, switching over to a completely different shade of Joong Ki, let’s bask in the intent smolder, shall we?

I love these shots because they are full of intensity. He levels his gaze right at the camera, and it often feels like he’s looking right at you; right into your soul, sometimes.

I love the customellow shots where he’s got part of his face obscured by the collar of his coat; even though you can’t see his full face, his piercing gaze more than makes up for it. So strong, so unrelenting, and so intense.

I also love the last pic in this set. His eyes are arrestingly beautiful in that shot. Love.


Smirky’s a look that Joong Ki doesn’t seem to wear all too often in the photoshoots – so far. Given his very competently sexy smirk in Descendants, I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon see a lot more smirky Song Joong Ki in photo spreads.

I’ve gathered just a few smirky shots from the interwebs, and thought it wouldn’t hurt to supplement this section with a couple of screenshots from Descendants.

It’s.. really hard to pick a favorite, coz I realize I am rather fond of Smirky Joong Ki.. but I think I might like the second pic just a smidge more than the rest. He looks so casually fresh, and the smirk is so gentle, along with his gaze.

The strong gaze

I consider the strong gaze a close cousin to the intent smolder; just, a little less sexy, and a little more fierce. I do love the strong gaze on Joong Ki.. it gives his vibe a bit of an edge, and also reminds me of his character in Descendants.

I love the fourth shot in this section; there’s strength not only in his gaze, but in his jaw as well. He looks tough and unwavering, and I dig that a lot.

I also love the last shot in the set; he looks so rugged, and the side angle lends an offhanded coolness to the overall vibe of the shot. Likey.

Rugged handsome

Also very much in line with his character in Descendants, is this section, where Joong Ki gets to show off his ruggedly handsome side. And I do very much love his ruggedly handsome side. 😉

These photos showcase a casual sort of toughness that I find very appealing; it’s a strong, manly, effortless sort of energy that I feel very drawn to.

I really like the shots of him in the khaki jacket and the gray beanie.. The strong Autumn colors give the entire atmosphere a warmth that melds really nicely with the rugged vibe that Joong Ki brings.

I also love the last shot. The composition of the shot feels as strong as Joong Ki’s gaze, and it just fits together really well, I feel.

Pensive thoughtful

I’ve always had the impression that Joong Ki’s a really smart guy, so when I look at these photos where he’s varying degrees of pensive &/or thoughtful, I can’t help thinking that he’s probably thinking about Pretty Important Things.

I generally love the shots in this set which show him wearing an overcoat. He exudes a lovely gravitas in them that I really like. But it’s probably not just coz of the coats; it’s probably at least partly because those shots look to be taken more recently.

I really like this first shot; that backlit effect makes him look so dreamy and ethereal that he looks almost magical. I also love the last shot. He looks so distinguished and sexy.

And, special shout-out to the photo that showcases him brooding in a wet t-shirt, with glistening bare arms, and guyliner. Yum. You’ll know the one when you see it. 😉

Playful cute &/or quirky

On a completely different note, here’s playful Joong Ki, sometimes with a touch of quirky. He looks adorable and all kinds of delightful in almost all of the shots that I find it hard to pick a favorite.

I do love this first one coz he looks like he’s having such a good time. And I love the third pic of him with the straw in his mouth – it’s just the right amount of cheeky and mischievous to make him endearing.

Sharp suit

I love a man in a sharp suit and Joong Ki’s no exception; the sharp lines become him nicely.

My favorite shot in this section is this first pic. Just look at how he’s literally glowing with health! He looks so handsome and strong. Melt.


So here’s the thing. There are pre-Descendants shirtless pix of Song Joong Ki on the interwebs, yes. But, none of them are quite as.. satisfying (ahem), as the onscreen hotness in Descendants.

Which is why I thought the best thing to do, would be to share all the shirtless screenshots I’ve managed to gather so far, while watching Descendants.

All of these are my favorites. Were you expecting anything less? 😉

Snuggly cozy

Another favorite section of mine is this one, where Joong Ki’s all snuggly cozy. He literally looks like he’s ready for some cuddles, which, yum. 😉

I love this first pic coz he looks all ruffled and a touch undone; such an alluring mix between smoldery and cuddly. Sexy.

And of course, I love all of the shots where he’s lounging around shirtless in bed. He literally looks like he’s just woken up and is now just having fun with the camera.. and you. Ahem.

Sunny adorable

I feel like this section needs no introduction, because Song Joong Ki’s sunny and adorable so much of the time. I actually feel like this is likely a big part of his real personality.

I love how his face lights up when he smiles wide, and he looks like he might literally explode from smiling so much. I love the mussed-up hair in this first pic, and that I-could-burst look on his face in the second pic. Cute!


Since Song Joong Ki was away in MS until only fairly recently, and since we pretty much have MS to thank for the newly-sculpted hotness we’re seeing on our screens, I thought a (very) quick section acknowledging his MS stint would be nice.

Doesn’t he look handsome in that uniform?

Casual candids

As many of you know by now, no gallery of Pretty on this site is complete without at least a few casual &/or candid shots. I really like these shots coz I feel like Song Joong Ki’s a genuinely nice guy (pun not intended!), and we’re getting to see that shine through.

I love that he looks so handsome in a suit, even in these candid shots. And I love that last shot of him; his smile is so real and he looks like he’s genuinely amused.

Plus, love the pic of him with a baby, coz Song Joong Ki + baby = cuteness overload! <3

And last but not lease, I love that pic of him with Kwang Soo, coz, bromance!


You’re sure turning out to be even more awesome than I thought, Joong Ki-sshi. All I can say is, thank you for coming back to us after MS.. It felt like a really long time, but it definitely feels like it’s been worth the wait.

I am happily and completely blown away with your newly upgraded gravitas, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your very talented sleeves. So keep on bringing it on, Joong Ki-sshi. Coz we’re so ready. <3

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5 years ago

Reblogged this on KDrama Feels.

6 years ago

Ah. So very very very satisfying. I think my bf might get jealous lol

6 years ago
Reply to  tellitforreal

Ahem. Maybe your bf doesn’t need to know about this 😉 Glad you enjoyed the Song Joong Ki spotlight!

7 years ago

Thanks so much for this Pure Pretty. Didn’t you see Wherewolf Boy ? That’s pity there,s no mention about this movie SYK was amazing !!! 👁👁

7 years ago
Reply to  DLT

Hi there DLT! You’re right, I hadn’t watched Werewolf Boy when I wrote this post. The good news is, I’ve now watched it AND reviewed it, so if you’d like to take a read, you can find it here. 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Thanks so much 🙂 I have just read your review on Were Was lf Boy and appreciated it !

By the way, I wonder if what people, like me, love most in SJK, is the extremely expressive and intense look in his eyes which transfigured him at the best miment in each movies and delivered us a sexy boyish man, although his facial features are at 1st glance not so manly as for other actors.

7 years ago
Reply to  DLT

I’m glad you enjoyed the review of Werewolf Boy, DLT! 🙂 And yes, I’m guessing that SJK’s expressive eyes are definitely at least one of the reasons for his popularity. He’s incredibly talented and dedicated, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new opportunities present themselves to him now, thanks to the insane popularity of DotS! 🙂

7 years ago

A Pure Pretty post that comes just at the right time! What a perfect way to get my fix of Joong Ki awesome:) He’s really caught my attention with all the intense smolders and badass coolness he’s serving up in Descendants. Can’t wait to see more of him on our screens, cuz I do love a manly man;)

7 years ago
Reply to  cinnamonxspice

Oh I do agree! I love a manly man as well, and I am so deliciously surprised by how SJK is so manly swoony in DotS! I look forward to each week’s DotS episodes mainly because of him. I mean, I am enjoying Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won very well, but the reason I practically jump on each new episode is purely SJK! What can I say, the fangirl heart wants what it wants! XD Glad you enjoyed the Pretty, cinnamonxspice!! 😀

7 years ago

This post made my day, thank you so much! I could easily spend the day looking at Joong Ki <3

7 years ago

Hee! As could we all.. <3 Glad you enjoyed the post, S! (I just popped on over to your blog to see what's the best way to address you – I was about to mangle your screen name to animefan! XD )

7 years ago

Whoah! Cute and funny as usual, chinggu. I realized next to the short haired clean cut Joong Ki, I like the the messy, ruffled hair style best. Oh, and that favorite shot of yours in wet shirt and the other one with a garbage truck on the background were shot here in the Philippines.

I’m surprised you haven’t seen A Werewolf Boy. You should find time, really. It such a heartwarming movie.

7 years ago
Reply to  kaiaraia

Oh really! Song Joong Ki was there in the Philippines?? I’m sure lots of fans were thrilled to have him there! And how cool, that your country’s featured in this shot of Pure Pretty! 😀

Thanks for the endorsement of Werewolf Boy.. I don’t watch as many k-movies as I do the dramas, so Werewolf Boy managed to slip away from me. That, and I’m a wuss with scary movies and the word Werewolf implies a bit of scary? 😛 I’ve heard so many good things though, that I really ought to check it out. 🙂

7 years ago

awwww!!…thanks for that mighty power of yours! <3 😉 ain't that magic of yours supercoooool?…seeing the gif instantly is daebak!!!..and ..isn't he like a cute puppy there with lots and lots supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thing???…happy to have a fangirling thing with you again kfg…<3 <3 <3 hope t o visit the review page again and be able to read some…"Innocent Man" is one that i am eyeing for 1st but i guess i need me to download it just in case the net betrayed me…lol!…;)

7 years ago
Reply to  evez

He does look adorable in the gif, which is why I couldn’t help but use my powers 😉 Innocent Man is.. not bad. I liked it better in some stretches than in others, but overall, I’d have to say that Song Joong Ki’s excellent performance in it makes it worth a watch ^^

7 years ago

Just wanting to share a gif of pretty SJK….well, i also like Jin Goo here…i love the stoic and emotionless face of his in the drama….so manly and yet you can feel his sincerity. One thing i love in this drama is that i am being entertained by two male leads with opposite awesomeness. Capt. Yoo Si Jin and Sgt. Seo Dae Young are giving me a diverse element of character representations. I do love their bromance part. I remember SJK and YAI in SKKS but i find Yeo-rim and Geol-oh more adorable tho.. <3 <3 <3 🙂 😉 🙂

I also like the 2nd couple here, other fangirls are raving about their stories. While their romance is as interesting as the first, to be honest, i love the Si Jin and Mo Yeon tandem more. I think i am okay with Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yeon. Others don't like her here but i do find unfeigned feelings on her part….Just us let finish this 16-episode drama and see…but yesterday, i have read something that made me say oh no!!!…maldoendwe!…this is the sad part if the drama is pre-filmed and being put up in the market…I mean, i am okay with with some spoilers but knowing the biggest is the troubled part!..;( ;( ;(…i am hoping that there is no truth to that…;)

7 years ago
Reply to  evez

Hee! Thanks for the cute SJK gif, Evez!! I’ve used my powers as site administrator to make the gif show for everyone to enjoy – with great power comes great responsibility after all! 😉

Yes, I do love the bromantic relationship between the 2 male leads.. Very different in tone from the bromance in SKKS, but at the heart of it, the mutual regard and care is as intense, I think. I also think I know what possible spoiler you’re referring to.. And I’m with you in hoping it’s just a rumor. *crosses all available limbs*

7 years ago

How have you been Kfangurl?….hope you’re okay as always! and sorry that it only took Song Joong Ki for me to visit again your lovely page….The 2nd quarter of last year isn’t so good and my rl drama plus work has made me away from any blogging sites lately…i need to slow down a bit coz i can’t accommodate all, sigh….i need to cut down streaming and visiting any k-ent sites….though honestly DotS has made me comeback on streaming….in my previous drama viewing habits i stream mostly 3 dramas but i cut down and learn to choose. DotS entices me and got me on hook because of Song Joong Ki. His portrayal as the Alpha Team leader Capt. Yoo Si Jin captivated me. He’s sooooooo gooood!…I really love him in there, if there’s any special reason in the drama DotS it is because of Song Joong Ki! He’s so awesomely perfect in any aspects, from the looks, from wearing an army uniform, from doing his role…it’s all in there… I am happy that this comeback drama of his presented him as the perfect lead…..meaning, there is no way i will fall in love with 2nd male lead heheheheheheheheheheh!!! <3 <3 <3 😉

7 years ago
Reply to  evez

Lovely to see you around the site, Evez! 🙂 I know life’s been extremely hectic for you, so it’s always a bonus when you’re able to pop on by. And, yay for me, that you’re so enamored with Song Joong Ki, since that means your definite presence on this post! 😉 I have to agree that Song Joong Ki is quite captivating in DotS.. He’s THE main reason I look forward to the show each week. I’m also really enjoying Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, and I might be slowly coming around to Song Hye Kyo in it, as well.

Glad you’re making time for DotS to bring some drama relief in your busy schedule – looking forward to spazzing more with you, as we go! <3 🙂

7 years ago

thanks for the photo spammmm!!! was going crazy over him and re-watching innocent man. so handsomeeee <3

7 years ago
Reply to  cloudandsea

Glad you enjoyed this shot of Song Joong Ki Pretty, cloudandsea! 😀 And I can totally understand the desire for more SJK on your screen as well! 😉 He’s very awesome indeed!

7 years ago

Love Song Joong Ki! I can’t wait to check him out in Descendants of the Sun. A wonderful collection of photos 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Kay

Glad you enjoyed the gallery of Pretty, Kay!! 😀 I must say I am happily blown away by how schmexy Song Joong Ki can be – that’s definitely a big draw of DotS! I’m still fairly indifferent to the story, coz 6 eps in, I’m still not sure what Show is gunning for, in terms of a main narrative. But the Song Joong Ki awesome is making up for any shortfall in narrative, AND I am very much enjoying both second leads as well. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won are both excellent. 🙂

7 years ago

* cant provide a cool comment so will just remain silent and appreciate *

7 years ago
Reply to  1sunnylady

Hee! Your comment made me think of that classic song “Silence is Golden” XD And yes, sometimes it IS all we can do, to just sit back and soak in the Pretty! 😉

Mary D
Mary D
7 years ago

Well, I think you’ve outdone yourself with this Pure Pretty; such a generous helping of Awesomeness!!

I fell in love with him in The Werewolf Boy, and never looked back…..

7 years ago
Reply to  Mary D

So glad you enjoyed this shot of Pure Pretty, Mary!! Song Joong Ki IS awesome.. Even more awesome than I’d originally thought! I really ought to make some time to finally watch The Werewolf Boy. I’ve heard so many good things! 🙂