Flash Review: Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

Funny story, you guys.

When I first decided to dip my toes in Jang Ok Jung, I happened to tweet about the terrible Mandarin that the Qing characters spoke in episode 1, and was quickly greeted by a flurry of concern from my dramaland friends. Consistently, pretty much every single one of them advised me – strongly – to drop the show while I could, assuring me that it was for the better, since I’d only get frustrated with the show in its later episodes.

I gladly complied, and congratulated myself on having dodged a dud drama. I quickly poured myself into some other drama, and promptly forgot all about Jang Ok Jung.

That is, until many months later, when I was doing some spring-cleaning on the hard disk where I’d saved this drama, and decided to randomly click through an early-ish episode (I think it was episode 5), just to be extra sure that I wanted to delete the drama from my collection.

Well. Imagine my complete and utter surprise, when I happened on a scene that actually piqued my interest. I soon found myself devouring the drama with the help of my Fast Forward button, and I was hooked.

Hook, line and sinker hooked, I tell ya.

The Fast Forward Technique

To be sure, I don’t always consume my dramas using the Fast Forward button. I only use it if there’s a lot of stuff in the drama that I’m not interested in. Like excessive histrionics or melodrama, or a whole lot of politics.

In this case, I basically used the FF button for all the political stuff, coz I personally don’t care so much for politics, and I wasn’t too interested in all the court politics that were necessary in this show.

I zoomed in on the OTP, both individually and together, and added a sprinkling of other stuff that I found interesting, and that worked really, really well for me.

Essentially, this approach created just enough context for me, to allow the emotions and the romance to land with weight. Coz context is so important, really. An absence of context would have basically equalled an absence of feels. And I was definitely in this for the feels.

Using this approach, I fell oh-so-hard for the OTP, and inhaled the entire 24-episode show in just a few days. Which, really, isn’t that hard to do, when you’re employing the judicious use of your FF button. 😉

The Lens

In order to enjoy this show, any expectation of historical accuracy kind of has to be thrown out the window. I mean, the entire premise of this show is to re-imagine the story of Jang Hee Bin (Jang Ok Jung), and what “truth” might’ve been buried in the pages of history, right? Which is why an open mind and a loose hold on history is so important to enjoy this show.

With this particular lens on, I actually really enjoyed the questions the show raises:


  • What if Jang Hee Bin hadn’t been the evil woman history paints her to be, but a victim of political machinations?
  • What if Jang Hee Bin had simply been a woman ahead of her time, with strong, modern, independent sensibilities, and a strong drive for personal agency?
  • What if Jang Hee Bin’s entry into the palace had not been for power, but for love?
  • What if Jang Hee Bin had fallen for King Sook Jong, without realizing that he was king?
  • What if Jang Hee Bin and King Sook Jong had been sincerely, deeply, profoundly in love?
  • What if Jang Hee Bin had died, not for her crimes, but for love?


I found the show’s treatment of these possibilities fascinating, and more than that, I loved the kind of OTP this treatment gave us.


This scene here (above), is the exact scene that hooked me into checking out this show.

I wondered why Yoo Ah In’s king wasn’t in his royal robes; why he looked so pale; how Jang Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee) came to be in his orbit; why they were out in the mountains; and exactly what sort of relationship they had, that he’d be reaching for her and asking her not to leave.

I settled in with my trusty FF button, and let this OTP sweep me away.

I loved how swoony Yoo Ah In was, as an in-love king. Yoo Ah In’s delivery is outstanding, and he really sold me on how smitten his king was, over Jang Ok Jung. And despite not being what I would consider an extremely strong actress, I thought Kim Tae Hee did very decently as Jang Ok Jung.

Together, this OTP had a pretty fantastic chemistry that I really enjoyed. Combined with the show’s gorgeous color palette and high production values, sighing over this OTP was a very pleasurable experience indeed.

Here’s a small screenshot spasm of the OTP, just to give you a flavor:

And you know what, this OTP lingered with me, days after I’d finished my watch. Considering how I’d fast forwarded my way through large chunks of the drama, that’s saying A Lot.


Much as I adored the sweet and swoony OTP moments, it was this couple’s profound love for each other, that lingered with me.

In the end, he was willing to give up the throne for her, in order to save her. And yet she loved him too much to let him be dethroned for her sake. Which is why she chose to die; for love.

It was only at this point, that I finally understood the show’s title. Jang Ok Jung, which was her name as a woman, and not her royal title of Hee Bin, chose to live in love – and die, for love.

Augh. So very moving that thinking about it still gives me chills.



Worth checking out for the moving, epic OTP alone.



Here’s a quick teaser:

Here’s an extended trailer:


This one’s more spoilery than the others, but so full of OTP swoony goodness:

14 thoughts on “Flash Review: Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

  1. Jiyuu

    I’ve always had a huge soft spot for Kim Tae Hee and can’t resist checking out her shows. I never ever learn though, from IRIS to Yong Pal to this, all of them disappointed me (I think I watched Love Story in Harvard too–for her and my love of Kim Rae Won). To be fair Jang Ok Jung isn’t a bad show, but her character’s decisions pained me. So much so that I dropped this at episode 15 just a few weeks back. Glad I saw your review of this, I think I’ll go back and check the last episode at least. Maybe~

  2. neve

    I’m a bit conflicted about this one. I agree that the OTP makes it worth watching, but it is also the reason I’m getting a bit frustrated that they’re drifting away and will eventually and tragically end as history recorded. I’m four episodes away from the end, but I’m not sure I want to finish it. Ok Jung’s scheming and really bad decisions are also getting on my nerves; are they supposed to make me feel sorry for her? It just leaves me cold and indifferent, and thinking that she probably deserves whatever’s coming. Sukjong’s reactions are rather cruel, but expected. And the new concubine is another major annoyance, I just can’t. Should I drop this show?

    1. kfangurl

      I thought Show did a nice job of turning it around by the end, to showcase the depth of their love for each other, over and above the plotting and dubious decision-making. I was very moved by the finale, but.. well, not everyone enjoyed this one, so it might not work for you. 😛 If you’re hating it, there’s no point hanging on. But if you can find it in you to give Show a chance, then it might be worth sticking it out to the end?

      1. neve

        I finished it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. At first I thought it was Ok Jung, but then I realized it’s Kim Tae Hee’s “meanie” face. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t feel anything for her character. Choi Suk Won’s face is even more annoying. The only saving grace was YAI’s perfect face lol… Yes I’m biased but he made me want to finish the show.

        1. kfangurl

          Ah. Yes, I can see how Kim Tae Hee’s “mean face” might’ve affected your watch. I guess this is partly expectation? Coz I’d always felt rather underwhelmed by Kim Tae Hee’s acting, but found her more, uh, natural (for lack of a better word) in this. I’m thinking that my already adjusted and admittedly low expectations of her acting helped me to look past any of her delivery flaws so that I could just enjoy the story. I thought she and YAI shared good chemistry, and that helped. 🙂

          1. neve

            KTH is the Kristen Stewart of Korea. Nice to look at but they only have two facial expressions: smiley or scrunched up. I find KTH’s acting very one-dimensional. My theory is, their chemistry is an illusion because of YAI’s intensity, it kind of sparks up everything it touches. I recently read somewhere that his female leads mentioned his intensity and how it challenges them and pushes them to react… Perhaps that’s what I saw in JOJ. I think he has the best chemistry with Kim Hee Ae in SLA. That was so… hot. *fanning self*

            1. kfangurl

              Yes, it’s very possible that an actor draw out depth and intensity from his/her co-stars with their own, and I’ve no doubt that YAI affected KTH’s delivery positively 🙂 I do agree that his chemistry with Kim Hee Ae is of the extremely molten kind. I was suitably mesmerized. 😉

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  4. cloud9

    It’s a good thing you did a whole lot of fast forwarding. Good drama but it got painful to watch when Kim Tae Hee turned evil.

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. Yes, I definitely remember fast forwarding significantly more in the later stretch of the show! Much as I love what I love about the OTP, this is a drama that I wouldn’t have lasted through to the end, without my trusty fast forward button! XD

  5. Lady G.

    It looks like Yoo Ah In is becoming King of the Sageuks now. 🙂 Maybe one day I will check this out. Good review! I like Kim Tae Hee, she has this adorability and charm that overcomes any weaknesses in her acting and I’m cool with that. You know, like I said years ago, she’s the Korean Anne Hathaway. lol

    1. kfangurl

      You know what – since you kinda like melos and this does become quite melo in the later stretch, this show might just be your cup of tea even without the use of the fast forward! 🙂 Also, I never thought of Kim Tae Hee and Anne Hathaway in the same breath, but now that you mention it, they do have a similar toothy sort of charm. You have a way with spotting “types” across cultures!

      1. Lady G.

        Thanks! I’ll see if I add it to the growing list. lol. Still going strong with my year list and not straying from it. 😀 I like doing that, it’s pretty fun. lol.

        1. kfangurl

          Yay that you’re enjoying your year list! ^^ I am easily distracted when it comes to that – and I’ve got the neverending drama list to prove it! XD


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