Pocketful of Sunshine!

Good mornin’, Sunshine!

You might’ve seen the Sunshine Award making its rounds in the k-blogosphere lately. Well, today it’s my turn to join the sunshiny fun!

But first of all, let’s get some context. (You guys know how much I love my context!)

I did a bit of poking around, and found that the Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

D’aw~ That’s so nice, isn’t it?

Thanks to Snow of The Drama Corner for nominating me as a positive inspiration!

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog
  • Put the award button on your blog


1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not watching dramas?

Hur. Does making a detour into movies and variety count as “not watching dramas?” Coz that’s what I do when I’m not watching dramas. As many of you know, I’m currently a little fixated with Hong Jong Hyun in We Got Married. And that’s not watching drama, I swears!

I mean, just look at him:

You are my sunshine, you handsome, handsome boy <3

Alright, fine. Other than watching stuff on my screen, I also like to eat. And play the keyboard. And sing. Usually not all at the same time, although it’s been known to happen. Ahem.

2. Which is your all-time favorite movie in the following categories: [1] Thriller [2] Romance [3] Comedy.

Wow. This one’s pretty tough. Coz I don’t watch that many movies. And I certainly don’t tend to go for thrillers when I do.

[1] Thriller

If I had to pick one in this category, I pick The Sixth Sense. I thought it was well-written, and cleverly executed. Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis are both excellent in it too.

[2] Romance

If you’ve read my Liebster posts (here & here), you’d know that When Harry Met Sally is a favorite of mine. For the sake of adding something new to the mix, this time, I pick The Lake House, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

I watched this before I discovered kdramas. This was a time in my life when I felt particularly vulnerable, and I was really taken with the movie’s theme of love overcoming all odds. I watched it several times, and cried every time.

[3] Comedy

Omigosh. This would have to be Dance ‘Til Dawn, a fantastically cheesy retro movie circa 1988, starring a whole bunch of famous Hollywood names, before they became Hollywood names. Can you match the faces to the names that you see in this movie poster?

The movie itself is so much feel-good fun that I’ve watched this multiple times, and it’s always given me a good case of the giggles every time. If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend it!

3. Your favorite book

One of my all-time faves is Little Women. Such a classic.

For something a little less classic, I really like this one that I read recently, titled Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen.

It’s the memoirs of 14-year-old Maya as she does a year-long experiment where she follows the advice of a popularity guidebook written in 1951. It’s quirky, earnest and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. Best of all, it’s a fun, easy, yet thought-provoking read for anyone, at any age.

4. Your go-to drama

Gosh. I don’t actually have a go-to drama, to be honest. When I need a pick-me-up, I go with what my mood dictates.

Even though I don’t have one single go-to drama, I will name several dramas that, to me, qualify as feel-good, comfort food. Those would be Goong, Coffee Prince, Pasta, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Life is Beautiful & Ojakgyo Brothers.

I’ve totally lost count of how many times I’ve watched Goong. Ah~ memories ❤

5. In your opinion, the best drama couple is………..

Wow, tough question! There are so many drama couples that I would rank highly, for their chemistry, for the way the actors bring the characters and their relationship to life, for the emotional resonance and the feels.

One of my faves is Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince. So natural, so adorable, so sparky!

Another of my faves, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk in School 2013. Coz I just LUFF ’em together, that’s why. Not a romance, but such a great pair all the same. ❤

Yep, I love me some bromance!

6. What is the best smell in the world?

I’m gonna hafta say, the smell of stuff baking. My mom bakes, and whether it’s bread, cake or pies, when the goodies are baking and the smell wafts through the house, it’s just so, SO yummy.

See, I did say that I like to eat when I’m not watching drama. 😉

7. Your dream pairing for a drama.

Wow. You’re asking a lot of hard questions today, Snow!

I have so many dream pairings, honestly. It’s partly why we now have Dream Dramas as a Thing on the blog.

One of the things that Lady G and I were joking about recently, is how we should have all the guys with strong brows play brothers. Coz y’all know how I love my men with strong brows!

So this family would be made up of Woob, TOP, Lee Min Ki, & now Hong Jong Hyun too. It’d be like Ojakgyo Brothers, where each brother gets his own love-line. Can you imagine the explosion of glorious Brow Pretty on my screen???

Meet the Brow Brothers – aren’t they just a collection of Yum? <3

While I’m at it, I’d cast Kim Yura as Hong Jong Hyun‘s leading lady, coz they are already so cute together on WGM!

I haven’t decided on the leading ladies of the other brothers, but I’ve always thought that Jung Eun Ji would be wonderful playing opposite Woob.

8. Your favorite character from Friends 

I like ’em all, but if I had to choose, I’d pick Phoebe, coz she’s so quirky and funny. Besides, who can forget Smelly Cat?


Yay! Now my turn!

I deliberately thought of bloggers who specifically bring sunshine to my life. I mean, this is the Sunshine Award after all, right?

In each of their own special ways, here are my nominees for blogs that positively and creatively inspire others:

Muchadoboutlove doesn’t have a lot of time to blog these days, due to her hectic Real Life schedule, but when she’s inspired, she writes the most amazing posts about Korean history and culture, including Korean family & kinship terms, the intricacies of traditional Korean clothing, court attire, ornaments, and even the social strata in the Joseon era. Her passion and dedication is amazing, and I’ve learned so much from reading her posts!

Kakashi and her team bring so much laughter to the blogosphere with their tireless squee-caps, that it’s become a total Thing in the k-blogosphere. Their special brand of snark & squee has resulted in an explosion of page views, and they are fast becoming a Force To Be Reckoned With in the k-blogosphere.

I’ve followed Grace’s blog for a while now, and one of the things I really enjoy about her is that she consistently looks for ways to affect others positively. Her regular giveaways are often sweet and generous, for no reason other than to bring some joy to readers. Her personal musings are often heartfelt and thought-provoking. And her efforts to be inclusive and to give the spotlight to others in whom she sees talent always brings a smile to my face.

Jaime is one of the warmest, sweetest people that I’ve met here in the blogosphere. Her enthusiasm, and her willingness to share, help and learn is such a bright spark in the dramaverse. Health and family issues took her away from the blogosphere for a season, but she’s fighting her way back to good health, and to good times here in dramaland as well.

Michele is literally one of my dearest friends in all of dramaland. Our blogs focus on pretty different things – I’m more about the dramas and I’m also a little more sweeping with my k-love, heh. Michele’s more about kpop and her love is much more specific and deep – which is why I might not have talked at length about her blog on this space.

Having said that, Michele is a wonderfully positive force to those around her. An example that comes to mind is, about a month ago, I was blown away to learn that she was offering MBLAQ love packages to those who wished for an autographed copy of MBLAQ album Broken but didn’t have the means to get one. She literally sent autographed albums, complete with photo cards, to fellow fans around the world, as gifts. No strings attached. She paid for the albums and the postage. And I know for a fact that she didn’t know most of the recipients personally. Now, that’s positively and creatively inspiring others!


To my lovely nominees, here are your questions!

1. What’s your favorite kdrama?

2. Your favorite k-movie?

3. Your favorite thing about blogging?

4. How do you balance blogging with Real Life? Assuming that you have a Real Life 😉

5. Which kdrama character (does not have to be a lead character) would you like to date in real life?

6. Which kdrama character (again, does not have to be a lead character) would you like to be BFFs with in real life?

7. If you could re-cast any kdrama, which roles would you re-cast, and with whom?

8. If you could say one thing to any actor or actress in k-ent, who would you pick, and what would you say to him/her?

…And that’s it!

To everyone reading this post, I’d just like to say, thanks for the love. You guys are part of the sunshine in my life too! ❤

Now, stay cool, and just keep on shinin’!

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Jaime the Drama Noona
9 years ago

Chaebol! You almost made me cry with your sweet and kind and lovely words. Thank you ever so much for the lovely compliment and the nomination! I promise my answers are coming soon 🙂

9 years ago

Hey, Kfangurl!

I just wanted to let you know that I also nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Since you’ve already have received a nomination, I won’t ask you to answer my questions. But if you still feel like answering them you can do so in my comment section, here’s the link: http://saryre.blogspot.com/2014/10/you-are-my-sunshine-aka-sunshine-award.html

I gotta warn you, though. My questions are a bit more..unusual

9 years ago
Reply to  Indigo

Aw~ thanks for the nomination, Indigo! ❤ You are so sweet to think of me ^^

Will head over to your blog to take a look at your unusual questions! Smooches.

9 years ago

Heh, so you picked Phoebs as your fave ‘Friend’ too. 🙂 Another nice and informative post again, btw.

You know that The Lake House is a remake of a Korean movie from 2000 called ‘Il Mare’, right? I haven seen the American version but I loved the Korean one. It was probably one of the first Korean films I watched after I’d discovered dramas.^^ Seems like eons ago now, sigh.

9 years ago
Reply to  Timescout

Yay that you enjoyed the post, Timescout! 🙂 Phoebs has always been a favorite, though I do have soft spots for the other characters too.

I didn’t know about Il Mare until much later, actually! I’d always planned to check it out, just to see how they compare, and then never got around to it. It’s funny how I’ve only seen the US version, and you’ve only seen the Korean version, and yet, we both love the movie. I should watch Il Mare sometime, just to see if I respond to it in the same way as I did the US remake. 🙂

Lady G.
9 years ago

The Lake house, omg, love that movie!! “This never happened before” by Paul McCartney is definitely going to be my wedding song. And I’m dying with laughter over the brow brothers! That would be a totally amazing and hairy drama!! Hey, remember we were talking about that on FB last year I think, I even wrote a big scenario for the brothers. Something sparked in my head at work and I gave them all characters and love lines, but now we have to add Hong Jong Hyun! LOL.

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Also, congratulations on once again getting a cool award. This blog is a ray of K-drama sunshine. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

You love The Lake House too?? I must say, we have excellent taste! XD That movie got me right in the gut, I tell ya. I remember going right back to the beginning of the movie, once I got to the end. It really lingered with me. ❤

Yes, don’t the Brow Brothers look fantastic when they’re lined up in the same frame like that?? 😀 I remember you had a big scenario for them, tho I can’t remember the details right now. I think LMK was the Big Bro taking care of the others. We can make Hong Jong Hyun the shy one, in keeping with his personality. He’d be the quiet one who rarely opens up and is often overlooked by others simply coz he’s so quiet. His arc could be a story of how he eventually opens up, not just to his brothers, but to his lady love as well. His true personality will get to surface more and more as the story unfolds, until he finally settles into his true place in the family. D’aw. I’m smiling just thinking about it! ❤

Thankies for congrats, and I just wanna remind you that you are totally contributing to this particular ray of kdrama sunshine 😉 Next time one of these awards comes knocking, I’m totally gonna get you to play too. Just sayin’ it now, so that you’re prepared when it happens!

Lady G.
9 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Lake house is amazing, Time Travel, which you KNOW I love, and that sweet, clean, epic romance and the way it’s played out is awesome.

Yes, you got a lot of my scenario down. LMK was the oldest, a lawyer I think, and Woobie was the brother leaning toward bad boy/gangster tendencies, TOP was the idol singer who had to pair up with a spoiled K-pop gal, Ahh, all these brother dramas! Love them. I think because I’m enjoying watching my nephews grow up together, only a year apart. My youngest always says, “He’s my ‘brudda’ I love him.” With that New Yawk city accent. LOL.

Thank you, I’m really just along for the fun. 🙂 Trying my hardest to get this next Ddrama finished. It pretty much is, but who told me to write so much!? lol
I’ll be honored to do one next time. And I’m sure there will be because this blog rocks!

9 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

Tee hee! I just had a thought. Maybe we could stick TOP’s idol singer character into a reality show like We Got Married, and he’s paired with the spoiled kpop girl, whom he has to get along with for the sake of the cameras. Lol. I’m giggling at the meta XD Aw. Your nephews sound ADORABLE. I bet they bring a lot of sunshine to your life! I love brother dramas done right, and I haven’t actually watched many of those. Mostly they’re just awesome in my head. I did love Ojakgyo Brothers, though. If you’re in the mood to watch a brotherly sort of drama, you might enjoy that one.

Take your time on the Ddrama – coz I’m of the opinion that awesome is worth waiting for 😉

9 years ago

Loved your answers ♥ It’s always a pleasure to read your posts…

I didn’t know you sing and play keyboard…wow…!

I love When Harry Met Sally and thanks for the new recommendation of Dance ‘Til Dawn…will add it to my list and I watch a lot of movies….so I’m happy to include one more 😉

You should watch Hong Jong Hyun in Dating Agency Cyrano….he is so cute in it…the only thing I’ve watched him in… 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  snow

Aw, thanks snow! I’m glad you enjoyed this post! You were the instigator, after all 😉

Yes, I sing and play the keyboard. I’ve played the keyboard for years, and only started singing more seriously in the last 5 years or so. I’ve still got a great deal of room for improvement, but at the same time, I’m also really pleased that I’m singing much better now than when I first started 🙂

Dance ‘Til Dawn is a hard movie to find, but I really hope you manage to get your hands on it, it’s such a cute watch! XD I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, and I’d still watch it again today. I’m just distracted by all the k-goodies around me, is all 😉

Cyrano is on my list! I’ve heard mixed responses to the show, which is why I dragged my feet on checking it out. Now though, the Hong Jong Hyun pretty is definitely pushing it up the priority list. It’s a shallow fangirl reason, but well, whatever works, right? XD

9 years ago

Awww…thank you, kfangurl! I got the chance to read this post during my lunch break today. *hugs* I’ll start working on my “acceptance” post this weekend. 😉
Congratulations on your nomination!

9 years ago
Reply to  Gracie21

Aw, I’m so glad you had a chance to check out your nomination despite your busy schedule, Grace! ❤ No hurry on posting your acceptance post, but I do look forward to reading all your answers! 😀

9 years ago

Nice post! I’ll be a dutiful PA/Secretary and let Grace know about this ^^

9 years ago
Reply to  Mawiie

Thanks Mawiie! You’re always such an efficient lil secretary. It must be some of those special ninja powers at work 😉

9 years ago

I have to open and read while the wifi is having a good signal…congratz for being nominated and the i love song you embeded. B1A4 is one the new boy groups that i am into. Before that sunshine song i love their Lonely song…heee!!😀kinda opposite of the Sunshine.☺

So this is what the sunshine thing is all about, honestly for a non-blogger like me it is something new. So when i saw your post over fb i got curious. Something has to feed my mind and have to find an answer right away…so this is like the liebster thing only the word used has a friendlier manner plus the title signifies a brighter approach to the reader.

I am super delighted with all your answers. It’s like i could relate to some of it. You mentioned the movie The Lake House i love that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock romance drama. That movie has deeply moved me. I also love the Friends show, i remember how the castings and the shows made me crack every week then. Those years when i still in love watching American series and i am not yet super aware of any Asian dramas or shows and K-ent is not yet fully introduce here☺

But it changed the moment k-ent stepped into my world, it is then i begin to read and explore on the netz out of loving k-ent. I came knowing your site because of Gong Yoo and i am glad i did and through you i came to know more about other bloggers that share and write about their passion on K-ent. And with that the ray of Sunshine shines on us as well😄. May you and your fellow pal bloggers continue to Shine!😉😜😀

9 years ago
Reply to  evez

Yay that you love the song, Evez! 😀 And yes, this really is a much different song compared to Lonely. I went on YouTube to check it out when you mentioned it, and it’s quite the sad song! It’s got a nice groove, but I think I much prefer this happy Sunshine song ^^

YAY that you also love The Lake House too! I remember I was on a long flight, and I watched the movie at least twice on the same flight, I was so moved by it. I haven’t watched it in quite a while, but I still do have a soft spot for the show.

Yes, the Sunshine Award is quite similar to the Liebster Award, in that it helps bloggers and readers get to know one another better. If not for these questions, I’m sure I probably would’ve never mentioned a lot of the things that I do mention in the post. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the read, Evez. Big hugs to ya. You’re one of the rays of sunshine on this blog too! ❤